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"fl ~ g hE Y SATURDAY AT last si
ON_ _ -- - a ba
1P+ t 4and sOpietoeo. rible
dEV, - - November 9, 1895. Demi
.Announcements. New
S ..........................15 00 Natic
l ct Atorue' . . ... .... ......... .... .....
eor se r .. .............................
fhaf i 00 an rnit fS oo
he. . o ............... pa if itl
C rover . . . . . ..ý. .......................... 0
uatiesotl the Peace.... . ...... . 00 man
oa slaii es .............. ...... ............
0P3 SENATOR. reso
I respectfully announce myself to
he voters of East Carroll and Madison dent
that I am a candidate for Senator of the c
the 26th Senatorial District. subject to tion;
e action of the o Democratic party. nes
W. M. MURPHY. crani
I beg to announce that I am a can
didate for State Senator composing the dene
parishes of Madison and East Carroll, ta
subjeet to the action of the Democratic ocral
party, and respectfully solicit the sup
port of the sufifragans.
L. K. BARBE.& New
oE JUDGEo. Kent
We are authorized to announce of c
Judge F. F. MONTGOMERY as a can- He
didate for re-election to the office ofith
Judge of the 7th Judicial District, sub
leet to the action of the Democratic silve
party. mea
I be
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for District Attorney of the 7th T
Judicial District, subject to the action asse
of the Democratic party. he
o103 Zp xn' ATVmIR tion
I hereby announce myselt as a can
didate for re-election as Representati ve
In the Genera! Assembly of Louisiana, pan
subjeet to the action of the partlt sho'
Democracy. C. 8. WYLY. thrc
. POE .SHrz. only
We are authorized to announce Mr. rise
J. W. DUNN as a candidate for re- val
election to the office of Sheriff of tte
pariah of East Carroll, subject to the $24
etlon of the Democratic party. $25
of I
We are authorized to announce Mr. two
iANCEY BELL as a candidate for the par
oifon of clerk of the 7th District whi
urt, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself as a can- Wh
didate for re-ekctiou to the office of pro
Clerk of the 7th District Court, snb- ell
jeet to the action of the Democratic i
Party, and ask the support of the
voters of the parish. ass
" J. D. TOMPKINS. ass
We are authorized to announce Dr. res
W. E. LONG as a candidate for re- val
election to the office of Coroner of pr(
East Cirroll, subject to the action of St
the Democratic party.
We are notloerized to announce Mr. on
C. .L EGELLY as a candidate for re
election to the office of Justice of the
Peace of the Third ward, subject to Ca
the action of the Democratic party. an
S the
The State nominating convection lie
will be held at Shreveport on De- de
eember 18th. is
Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt, who tol
har become the wife of the Duke 18
ofet Marlborough, is worth more than Si
her weight In diamonds. 45
Four hundred and fifty thousand
Hcycles were sold the past year for
$187,000,000, and the factories are "'
mot able to supply the demand. •
_ L- --
Durrant, eharged with the murder
ef Mis Blanche Lamont, has been
adjudged gluilty by the jury at San
Francisco, and will suffer the death
The slow burning at the stake in Jr
Tyler, Texas, last week, of the negro wi
eanry Billiard, who assaulted and so
mudated Mrs. Bell, deserved his of
Ifte. kt man, white or black, who pl
:eammit such crimes, should be put at
to death in the most inhuman man- a
nor. t.
OvIe at Mountgomery, Ala., there
is a smart book agent who conceived N
the Id. eo having Bibles printed to
euft the tasmte othe' colored people, o
eand had the angels In the "god O
book" made blactk and oe pliced
em early every page. He is selUng
the BIble as fast as he can get them
The DemOeratle Exeuative Com- I
mittee of Riclland parish, by a vote .1
ot 13 to t, has decided on "mixed 1
primauis," to be held on Tuesday a
nert.- "tay.ave ignored the plhas .
Jlid dlar by the Stat Central Corn-.
i" ldbe, and will allow negroes and
'.-~aple to vote at the Democratic
" !th world celehkted crimlnal, H
t S..iLlae was oeerleted in Pila* 1
n eatuirday last of murder
.+. iT iS .i',t+4'ge. for killing Bena..
STher Is ano tellmng
.4' (,.¶
+.+;+++.+.:+,,:..+ >. e
The Repet los *itovy op Toas
T last shows tht soS Sthing Isa Vong,
and that the Demooratle party is iP
a bad wan; T,.. lose Kentacky,
Maryland and New Jersey is a ter
rible blow, and one that the Dem
ocratic party will feel for sometime.
We believe with the Vicksburg
- Post, that "the disasters to the
. Democratic party in the important
elections in the States of New York,
New Jersey, Maryland and Ken
tucky, to say nothing of Ohio and
Iowa, will render it necessary for the
National Democratic Convention
next year to nominate the strongest J
00 and most available man in the party,
a if it hopes to achieve success. The
se man for the time, the only man in
- the party with whom we can have a
resonable hope of victory, is Presi
,n dent Cleveland. Cleveland has given ..
of the country an admirable administra
to tion; he has saved it from the busi
ness disasters which the free silver
cranks would have brought about,
n- and he has the respect and confi
he dence of the people of the United
11, States, Republicans as well as Dem
tic ocrats. Cleveland, as the Democrat
ic Presidential nominee, can carry
New York, New Jersey, Maryland,
, Kentucky, and a sufficient number
ce of other States to insure success.
um- He can also carry Mississippi, not
withstanding the recent insanity on
tic silver. The elections of Tuesday
mean Cleveland's nomination."
7Lh The Crowley Signal says that the
ion assessment rolls for the several par
ishes of Louisiana for 1895 have
been completed and the total valu
tions given to the public a few days
ago by the Auditor of State. Com- -
na, parison of the rolls for this year
t' shows a considerable reduction
throughout the country partshes,
only twelve of which gives a higher
lr. assessment than in 1894. The total
rO- valuation of all property assessed is
the $249,621,419 as compared with
$251,091,849 last year--a decrease
- of $1,469,930. A comparison of the al
Mr. two assessments show the country res
the parishes to have fallen off $3,333,863 Ar
rict while the parish of Orleans has ad- the
the ded $1,964,333 to its assessed value. pas
,,an While the past year has not been as vol
of prosperous as could be desired. the res
,nb existing conditions throughout Lou
the islana do not warrant a decrease in Ge
assessments. On the contrary, our Lc
3. assessments are entirely too low. It of
were far better that assessmr.ents rep- ai
Dr. resented something near the actual an
re- valuation of property, as has been
r of provided for under the laws of our at
n of State. Only by doing this can the tii
rate of taxation-be brought down to
a level with other states without seri- of
Mr. ously affecting the parish and state n
the revenues." The assessment of East th
t to Carroll should not have been lowered, an
and it was no fault of the assessor th
that it was done. We did not be- vi
tion lieve that the conditions warranted a
De- decrease in assessments in our par- d
is! and do not believe it now. The
who total assessment of East Carroll for
)nke 1894 was $1,125,370, and for 1895, se
than $1,105,925, or a reduction of $23,- o
for The Times-Democrat says that
are "both Raphael and Zadkiel, the
London astrologers, predict earth- v
rder quakes and great storms for this
rer month. The first, after predicting tl
n calamities of various kinds, says:
" 'The most serious is the plresence
in the middle of the mouth of six,
planets in the sign of Scorpio, with n
ke in Jupiter near the square aspect. This
egro will produce terrible earthquakes in ii
and some places, with an appaling loss
Shis of life; in this country great atmos-a
who pheric disturbances will be frequebt, ,
put and wrecks will be many. It will be a
man a month long to be remembered in a
the annals of many countries."
there Zadklel gives the following summary
evd as "the voice of the stars" for
SNovember: "The chief phenomen- r
ple, on of this month is the conjunction
of Mars with Sature in Scorpio 11
ced degrees 84 minutes in the afte=noon
of the 15th. As this conjunction
them takes place in the sign particularly
associated with earthquakes, a great
convulsion of nature is to be appre
Com- hended very shortly. In China andl
a vote Japan the worst effects will be fidt.
nized The East will be full of violence, if
e sday not war, for Mercury and the moon
plas are close to the conjoined planets,
Com- and Uranus is also in Scorpio. The
Sand men of Jitv.erpool are advised to safely
eratlo guard their city and the docks, etc."
As both of these so-caled prophets
base their predictions on onscientifle
s, . data, our readers need not be in the
Pia lest alarmed at their guesses-for
rd gae aes t ey r, pure and simple.' ''
Shas The New Orlekans mint has been
..al . qkid, a4 srtyaseven employes are
bame a set softslojb The amual
Wt assing th, milt is $181.014.
Handsome Smyrna Rug.
We have them in Various ?att rou and Sizes--same on
both sides.
15 BY 27, AT 15 CENTS,
18 BY 32, AT $1,00,
21 BY 42, AT $1.50,
26 BL' 54, AT $2.00,
30 BY 60, AT $2.50,
36 BY 72, AT $3.50.
W. N. WHITE, Agt.
The Suffrage Amendment. Has
At the last session of the Gener
al Assembly of Louisiana a joint T
resolution proposing amendments to wou
Article 185 of the Constitution of hav4
the State relatve to suffr~ge was tasy
passed. The amendment will be he
voted upon in April, 1896, and desa
reads as follows: peo
Section 1. Be it resolved by the line
General Assembly of the State of mrat
Louisiana, two-thirds of all members sall
of each House concuring, that an iliz
amendment to Article One Hundred acte
an3 Eighty-five (185) ot the Consti- by 1
tution of the State of Louisiana, be grel
submitted to the electors of the State him
at the next election for Represen-a- the
tives in 1896, to read as follows: in
Article 185. Every male citizen ciei
of the United States, by birth or froi
naturalization, who is twenty-one ces,
years old, or upwards, possessing,cbhi
the following qualifications shall be or
an elector to vote at any election by he
the people, except as herein pro- bra
vided. of
First. He shall be an acmual re.i-:
dent of the State one year next pre- bin
ceding the election at which he tag
offers to vote. the
r Second. He shall be an actual cot
Sesident of the parish in which he vic
offers to vote at least six months chi
next preceding the election.
Third. He shall be an actual aft
resident of the ward or precinct in to
which he offers to vote at least era
thirty days next preceding the elec- gri
e Fourth. He shall be a registered co,
- voter. pre
a Fifth. He shall be able to read inj
the Constitution of the State in his in,
mother tongue, or shall be a bona cri
fide owner of property, real or per
sonal, located in the State and as- p,
x sessed to him at a cash valuation of rei
h not less than two hundred dollars. ce
s Sixth. The General Assembly at ti
n its regular session in 1896 shall have w
power, by a vote of two.thirds of all th
the members elected to each House, th
' and approved by the Governor, to G;
t, modify, change or amend this ;1
me article of the Constitution, and such op
a modifications, changes or amend- ,
,, ments when so adopted and ap- p,
proved shall become a part of the bl
y Constitution without the publication G
r and submission to the popular vote St
- required in Article 256 of the Con- tb
in stitution. II
Li G. W. BOLTON, of
n Speaker of the House of Represen- D
,n II. R. LOTT,
ly President Pro Tempore of the Sen
at ate.
e- A true copy:
4 T. S. ADAMS, Iw
. Secretary of State. ci
Mrs. W. B. Meek, who relides at
Camp touville, Cal., says her dai.h.e i
Swas for several years troubled at limes n
he with severe cramps in the stomach, and g
l would be in such agony tba' it was
necessary to call in a physician. av- E
ts ing read about Chamberlain's Colic, c
Aic Cholera and Diarrhoea 'Rencwy she d
he concluded to try it. She found that it t'
or always gave prompt relief. It was
r, seldom necessary to give the second
dose. It has not only saved us lots of E
worry and time." she says, -.but also r
den doctor bi16. It is my opinion that I
are every family should have a bottle of
!t uis.remedy id the house." For sale by I
J. S. Guenard.
as ComniiteC a Girevo s li;- Will
tak~. a
-- gate
The Southern people could and Mai
ould have forgiven and 1 e.::aps
ive forgotten the polt:cal spos- tee
Rsy of GeueralLongsteet, but when
ec ndulges in harsh, unjst and un- C
eserved criticism of (reue:al L.ee, go
is fate is forever sealed wi h the
eople South of Mason a::d l)izon's
ne and North ot it also, for that
ratter, for General Lee is univer
lvy regirded th-,: hont the civ
ized world as the subhimest char
eter and greatest Generial produced wO
y the civil conflict. It is to be re. -"
retted that Gene:al Loingstreet-- Chi
imself tottering upon :he brink of cat,
be grave-should have attempted, re
a order to cover up his own defi- po
lent military record, to detract Ca
rom the brilliant and geneally suc
essfl ca: cer of :lie great :.,)onhe; n
bieftain. lie will gather no new A
ir additional l:ure!s himself nor will GC`
re tarnish those which encircle the -
row of the greatest military genius
if the 19th century. A political
Lpostte and ,enegade, who sold
eimself for a mess of official .ot- 5th
age, should not attempt to asperse '1
he reputation of the great Southern b
,ommander, grand in defeat, as in in
victory and whose memory will be do
3herished and kept gi en in the
hearts of the Sounhern eop'e long S
after his traducer has been consigned
to the receptacle of oblivion. Gen- -
eral Longstreet has committed a
grievous mistake and he will so dis.
cover, if a kind Providence sho.ul St
prolong his life until his :forthcom
ing booK has been subjected to the
incisive scalpel of the relentless a
The disastrous termination of the
Pensylvanla invasion, by the Con- oa
federate defeat at Gettysburg, is as
certainly due to the incapacity or i
treachery of General Longst reet, as
was the overthrow of Napoleon at sB
the battle of Waterloo, chargeable to ar
the cowardice or disaffection of
Grouchy, by his failure to intercept
Blucher. General Lee himself rec- _
ognized the cause of his defeat, but
with his usual magnanimous nature,
preferred to suffer in silence the
blame, rather than to charge it upon
General Longstreet. No, No! the
Southern people can never condone
this unwarrantable assault upon the a
unsurpassed military achievements ti
of their idolized hero. - Alexandria r
Madison Journal: In accordance a
with the rules adopted by the Demo- n
cratic Executive Comm*'ee of Madi
son parish, for the selection of dele
gates to the Judicial and Senatorial 1
convention to be held at Delta, Louis- A
iana, December 4th 18^5, authorizinug
me to give credentials to the dele
gates, named by the candidates for '
Judge, District Attorney and Senator
who received a majority of the votes I
cast, at the Democratic primaries held
October 15th 1895, the following can
didates having each received a msjori- i
ty of the votes cast at said primaries
to-wit :
For Judge. F. F. Moaltgomery ; for
District Attorney, W. . Holmes; for
Senator, W. M. Murpb and the said';
candidates bayvro selected the follow
ing named delegates: R. D. Wade,t
IC.L. Gilmer, Dr. Win. Kelly, W. P.
Sevier, J. J. Doudas, A. Kell, H. R.
Lucas, A, O. Hlandley, J. M. Jolhnoa,
'6eo. Spe*ert, A. S. Cokbarp, W. D.
Wilkinson, Ii. B. Holmes, J. L. Wilson to
and J. 11. Gilfoil.
I hereby appoait said fifteen dele- WI
gates to cast the fourteen votes of thi
Madison parish at said convention in W
accordance with the instructions and Ns
rules adopted by the parish Commit
tee on he 27th of September, 1895. do
Chairman Executive Committee of Ci
Madison parisb. Al
Fui uitule at Wholesale 'Prices. Fl
We represent the largest manufac- B
tuircs of Hiousehold Furniture in the
world, and sell to anybody at factoiy
prices. All lhipinleiis direct from the
Chic'ago f::ctory. Otr large furnituro
catalogue matiled to any address on St
receipt of 6 cents in stamps to pay
postage. Our special Baby Carriage
Catalogue, showing 63 new styles, jl
iu:tlh d free. A mucri an Furniture
Age'ncy, ltil Profit Smashers C
Gi:culn, K:n:sas.
I For Lease.
1 The Wihson Point plantation, containing $
- about 1800 acres.
e The Cottonwood plantation, containiung
about 1700 acres.
Both i laces are well improved and are
a line cotton lands in a high state of cultiva
Address :
e lt itS. K. T. McCUL.OCH, Ad'nix.
Lake Providence, La.
Nov. 9, 185 lm.
a Constable Sale.
d State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll.
Thiild Ward Justice Court-O. J. Byer
- lie vs. Bolen Branch-No. -
e By virtue of a writ offi fa to me directed
by the Hon. Third Ward Justice Court in
1s and for the parish of East Carroll parish,
Louis'ana, I will proceed to sell at public
auction at the door of the Third Ward
e Justice Court in the town of Providence
1- on Saiurday. November 23, 1895, between I
t the hours prescribed by law, all the right,
:tile and interest of Bolen Branch In and to
ur the tollowing described property, to-wit:
is One hay brown mare mute named Top,
seized in the above suit.
Terms of sate--cash with the benefit of
.O appraisement.
W. H. Hunter, Constable.
Constab:ce' olice, Providence, La, Nov. 9,
t 18953t.
e, Judgment.
Seventh District Court, East Carroll par
ish, Louisiana-Mrs. Florence D. Blan
1e ton, wife, vs. L. L Davie, husband.
ao No. 866.
This case coming on for final hearing,
he and having been duly tried and full proof
ts having been submitted of plaintiffs de
mand. and by reason of the law and the
ta eviderce teing in favor thereof, it is there
fore ordered, adjudged and decreed that
the community of acquets and gains here
tofore existing between the said Lewis L.
Davie. husband and Florence D. Blanton,
wife, be and the same is beleby dissolved;
and hencetorth there be separation of prop
erty uetween them: granting to the said
ice wife the right to resume the ad
10- ministration and control of her estatq free
from t he control of her husband aforesaid.
It is furlier ordered, adjudged and de
le- creed that the said Mistress Florence D.
mal Blan'or. w;:e as aforesaid. ;:ave judgment
s- against the said L. L. Dante. husband. in
.:. amin of e:even uitudred and twenty-five
US 30-100 dollars, with iutieest thereon ate
le- per cent. per nonum from the 28th of feb
or muary, A. D. i879 until paid. and for the
further sum of two hundred and twenty
lor ive doPerrs. with lilke rate of interest from
es March 31st A. D. 8lis(3.
aid It is furthermore ordered, adjudged and
de,,eed that the general mortgage ac
knowledged bvthe said L. L. Davie. hbus
i- band, in accordance with article 3349 of the
ies Revised Civil Code of Louisiana and all
laws of this State on the subject. said mort
r gage being of date July 8th. 1811. and re
corded in this parish in Mortgage Book
for ,*Y", fl-Io 670, be and the same is hereby
aid reconaized and ordered enforced in favor
- of said wife for the aforesaid sums, with in
i terest, to take effect from the tkh of July.
P. Done.read sad signed a open Couft tit;s
R:130th day of October, A. It 13N.
OfA, Judge 7th Jud. Distrlt.
L). ProvideuM s La., NIov. .8. 9j- _.
t.0oee "..bp t W
ý'~ :fit l wl-L0 lft 1 a l +{.unrd11=4sofmer .'; llýJ arf. 2I, U 4 ''; I'fzQ
owu Da.iD Sfr the mon who lures' a bdred or twnhuud:ed dollars up it u1u to
$100(ini or bmor by the o Mh. o a ti e.uspt ofpetjotsend.
lit &iase an caftharthOSS who mhao lar yrmesirrot 4ro i l eromtoeqrrsLe spaUSouipht3
I"ltfli5plon a'f ptaeo who live awaY ChcgO n lhv*vt irokah. rokers.wLe toroUgp
unde2rstal syuiinib'trucino l..
Our plan does not risk the whole amout invested o' any Li d. but corers both de o thai
our Daily Market Report fall of money.ma'Ini polnteint. ALL RF.1C. Our DNaaul ezxplaia
niar;In trading fully. IhestefeserneU s in rega, d to our standing and stceets.
For further information address
THO ,Akb & 00., BankeO s and Brokes,
241-242 Rialto Building, Qhioago, sl
...... pOPRIETORS O THE...
We are prepared to furnish the traveling public with the best Carriages,
Buggies and Saddle Horses.
Sp)eialE Rates to Commeroial Msen.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company,
The Ollest Compny in the United
Sttes, ~n the LAEST in the Wold,
i'YUp to December 31st, 1892, it had paid to its policy holders
$348,466,167.86, which is double the amount ever paid by any ether
Louisiana and Mississippi. Nbew Orleans, La.
3Lale ProviaSrdenoe, oea
***** *
If you have any intention of going sa
to the North and East this fall or Cc
winter, you should advise yourself of T
the best route from the South and
West, This is the Louisville and gi
Nashville Railroad, which is running St
double daily trains from New Orleans tii
and Memphis through to Louisville, an
Cincinnati, Nashville, Birmingham, fo
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delphia, New York, Chicago, Detroit
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Pullman Sleeping Car Service through.
Special low rates made to Atlanta
during the continuance of the Cotton L
States Exposition. For particulars as
to rates and through car service, write l
T. H. KINGSLEY, Trav. Paus. Agent, Dalls. P
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JNO. EILNETre, .Div. 1'ss Agent, Now d
Or:eans. La.
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Lake Providence, l:a.
For Sale or Rent.
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is for rent for 1306. or for sale. Will also
sell a Drug Stone outfit, a lot of household
terniLure and farming impliments. Ad
Dr. R. W. 8EAY,
. Lutchber, St. James, La.
Court Terms.
d The jury termsof the 7th District Court
e arelixed for the first Mondays in Januatiy
n and June.
t, The civil terms are fixed lor the second
Mo Mondays in March and October.
P' Jury ternms to begin on 4th Mt'ndny' in
January autlJune. Givil tt itus o I(Eg'ion.
1st lMoondays in April and NovelteLi.
g, Jury terms to begin on 8rd )Monday. In
Felbuary and July. Civil terms to beginr on
4tw Mondays in April and Novenmbrr.
- By order of his honor, F. F Mountgonery.
Judge 7th District Court"
J. D. Tompklns, Clerk.
'r W.L.Doul.AK
o 8 E$ aQ
le- And oils a oriltke ta
be Gentlsmea la, dles, Des
re- and Si ese ar the
nat Best In the World.
L. se dseritpfve advrkMtb
meat which appeas ta this
nd- W. L.
ree DOUGLAS. 5rO335
id. with namme and pedoe
de stamped oa botom. seold 
the Ohaberpa*In's 15" and Skn Oinatment
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d Hands Itching Peis, Burns, Frst Bats,
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the TO Oasu OWN*aS.
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e every Sa:turday sth p.m.
Spassing Prvideuce going up Tuesday
mornin. leltu.in ,. pr;ag l'rovi
w dence going down tie ~true evening.
Tis steamer l.eif, es the i;:ht to
Le pass all lantdi ngs thnt tbo caltaiu may
counsider nnsate.
6nim OF MN.1U "Ii.1
rew sale by an 3w
W. Eoe sem mefr mek weM
w0 0 Ia. o 1 ne Sa r b llu
toi Prop, Phil's Saloon,
dNo. 8 Leve at reet, 3 doors from corner
Dealer in
W- in, liPoN and Cigr,
and sole agent in Provideuce for the
celebrated brand of
ty Made by the Live Oak Distillery of
Cd incinnati, Ohio.
Ti'e pur'sl RYe wiNik y on the market,
and ueoel 6y thte U. S. guveiwument for
on. medical I,urploses.
Also Peobles OLD CIlr]IT in case, 20
years old.
on age anar
~. si umse noo s
roaaAt o l Int ot tate umt .
t1 i asped eaopr Sn 1a rIsth.
Orat Work, 78 pp., on lBook-kee$utg.
Lta ddt: 050. 50111.3£ 3033.3.. s
Liske Providence * * n La.
SK.eps o a d a large ar sortr, eat of
- Barial m. New rj* and Otm
y m, e . d . :' ac LLu I i.o iopde
e Colina mae tWAd " oimirnod to w'rdM.
S(apr f18·i4Vl
pe d~ r~~pt ~ ·o~L~ll

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