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t; k g yu EvE SAtERDAY ATr the S
- Y 28th
AjuMg N. TtURNE. w1hic
panlhela knd Proprietor. meet
. meBSCRIrTION: *200 ER YEAR. Ti
,on tl
Satur lay, JanuSryj 16, 1897.
lanks cntioe to close their Nort
rs in the North. East and West,
while their presidents and ca'sbiers clum
bunt the suicide route. ard
j T i -
Mr. A. P. Martin, who has the her
;i contract on the Yazoo and Vick agr
. berg canal, has ad his time extend- in a
od four months to finish the work in. stru
S'he Ctton Exchangee of New One
' reans, Memphis, Vicksburg, Natch- for I
'Wes and Greenville are asking Con
gress to lay an impart duty on Egypt- whi'
Ian long staple cotton. to ii
Lady Scott, whose trial has been hop,
going oB for sometime in London, som
psleawd guilty of criminally libeling con
Il Russel,Lady Scott's sop-in-law, thet
and was sentenced to eight, months for
in prison. larg
'asst week Governo; Altgeld of
os, .pardoned thirteen convitse,
- ctf whom are considered the
oit pet of criminals in the United Riv
tes He has pardoned more
seers and thieves than any other I
SGovernor Foster has appointed Lecl
osers for, a large number of dik
s, leaving pnly about ten or of
y to be appointed. The dec
or. h5asgad a rough time of it, ad He,
tow catching h-1 by those who lad
Wh left. and
go tayfor Beattie has fled cob
of coantest agapinst Mr. R. F. we,
StarI seat It Congress der
the Thitrd. ltrict. Jpdge ra
has A' case° now :pesting ups
-- Iq si Price. We do but
beleve that he will be succeseef ul
~r. . S~_eott, the-.edle4"t and as
secretary of the Louisiana we
,plUuiy ohas' fieiled to pri
.es iith a opT of the rioceed- ba
St~e -leet of th Asso- rin
wMo.tu as held at Lake ol
in egitember last. " What is w
"matte' frited? , - pe
ýa pues jury of Richland parish am
tr P oetibg ilt week ordered an me
tlai decide whether or not La
-'Mfh l begranted for the sale TI
tstoxicaet jiquors. . Richland h
ti ow ' dry," and the people of
becom disgusted with prohibi- lic
bpeuse- they have found out
i t does not prohibit, and, that tb
Stigers and iqOt distills are Ti
ii wittm the knowing ones can get 1
ailfthe whiskey they want. It has to
been a failpre wherever tried. ch
'--mme-- -mm-- re
SThe Mansrled -Journal says that hi
he past.year was the most disas- bm
trouts since 860. "It was more dis
tens.thanp that year even, for old w
plastess tell us that, although they *
hade uooonr to speak of, they made ra
If~ireotton crop. The people are fr
..to be blamed for the financial p
Sto which they'are driven. -It t
tsp falt of theirs that hard,times a
S The farme.rs worked hard, lt
: rt inid were anxious to conm
.~tb theitr proiaises. The mer-e
pla., 4 well, ware liberal b
bi4'~s , wi thetb .ptomers,
* 't eay tiths epdeavoring to
aIsts. th..e reveres which b
* thees. pder tr sh a
I s thin 'lw. ne*a reproach the,
ta, ek~eti*g e~nditioan. The
is gloW on., but it
rleehe4 qutialy so the facec"
~ .$I S a 0l day in August t
4 eolae sbheet, ths N. 0..
IeA drCive StateS Auditor
q, "aoettom.' He care ass i
I t ttht piper has to say I
llbhimgoa. a dueks back.
a go:tried to get
of District At
salr i, but being
the dstrict attorney
a thig to do with
Sart'd opinion of
, D.C. O'Mal
gi- iptndr~ tl and a
ueaM that I wald
trt. very
said: "I
el any one
'Agricultural Meeting. meat
Thlieeleventh annual meeting of great
the State Agricultural Society will for tl
be held at Baton Rouge on the 27th, new
28th and 29th of the present month, RIM
which will be a very important
meeting, and we hope that some one Burt
from our parish will be present.
The Daily States in an editorial T tl
on the subject says: I
"There was never a more oppOr- T
tune time than now to secure immi- the
gration from the bleak Western and Con,
Northwestern Stes to this land of rhi
sunshine and flowers, where soil and
climate combine to make it the Stal
garden spot of the world. A num- J
ber of distinguished promoters of web
agriculture and immigration will be ion
in attendance, and will deliver in- Stal
structive addressee on subjects in agr
line with the purposes of the society. Lot
One of the most important subjects cou
for consideration, will be the organ- Sta
ization ot Parish and State fairs, the
while especial attention will be given we
to immigration matters. It is also edu
hoped to form a stok.-breekers' as- for
sociation. All the railroads 1ave hot
consented to give reduced rates, and imp
there should be a full attendance, des
for there is no subject that should so me
largely interest our people as those in
which will be intelligently dis- dot
cussed." inm
____ _ eat
River Commission and Revetments.
D ens
r In the press discussions of the Com- pal
mission's discard, from future tests ial
and operations, of channel control w
through any general plan of bank pro- Br
tectidu, such as revetment and spur
f dike appliances, there has been a lack
r of explicit statement of the motive or an
the extent and effect of the departure att
decided upon. With the Commercial- rot
d Herald this omission has resulted from I g
t lack of Ioch information as the Com- thi
mission repot alone could properly
and fully furnlsh. This report now g,
benlg at hand, we will supplement ac- t
cordingly a preyions article, which
was aimed to clear up certain misun
a derstanditgs growing out of a pars- Al
graph from the report of the Aecre- be
tary of War. In conveying knowledge an
g upon the subject as intimated, we will to
o but epitomise from the contents of the th
SComnmisielon's report. ar
In the first place it la well to state
the original idea of the Cqmmission
on this point, which we do by quoting
d as follows, from the report ; "If the
a works for bank protetiou originally
to projected had proved& sufficient, as it
was hoped they might, to hold the
I- banks of the river with permanence, a
. substantial improvement of the chau
nel throughout the worst reaches C,
Le would have keen possible by this time.
is When thefjiled to realize those ex
pedtations the problem became a new
one." As our readers generally are
3h aware the "worst reaches" selected for
application and test of the various Si
in methods of bank protection, were
ot Lake Providence and Plum Point.
Je There were others, bat these were the tl
id chief points of experimental zatio:.
Work there has rim through a series >
le of years, and at a cost of some mil
)i- lions of dollars. The result led to the
ut 'new problem" as stated in the above n
extract, which began to dawn upon r
at the Commission some years ago. t
re There has been learning and unlearn
et lag upon this vast and intricate lessons
at every period and stage of the efforts
as to protect the banks and correct the b
channel defects there by, in those e
reaches. Methods and appliance,
at have been modified and discarded as
s they were tested and failed. Revet
s- ment and dikes constructed with the
Sutmost'carse have proven insecure and
Id wasted, under the force of the current
asidthe nature of the soil of the banks. d
The coast with an ejer decreasing scale
d for labor and material, has gone up
re fromt a rt est linlate of eleven dollars
ial per running foot, to thirty. This point,
-t the reasons and causes leading up to
the couviction which was a disaippoint
et ment is argued by the Commission
rd, ably and elaborately. We will quote
from the conclusions: "From all of
these facts together it becaine appar- I
or- eat several years ago-not all at once, 1
ral but gradually, as facts accumulated
and the deductions of experience were
Sunfolded-that it was not possible by
any or alk of the methode which bad
sh boen employed, to accomplish such
hI permanent improvement of the river
from Cairo down as was necessary to
Smeet the orgent demands of commerce
the within any reasonable time to come.
5 * * * It was recognized
from the beginning of the Commis
eion's work that the construction of
e. works of bank protection and channel
cootraetion in detached reaches would
rust be subject to Influences more or less
o unfavorable, from changes ia nopro
tected bends above."
itor These apprehensions of the effect of
1 inoetees from above, upon. the un
say protected ends of works, have been
more than verifed. Says the report,
"the experience gained in those reaches
get (Latke Providence Ind Plum Point)
At- eemphasises the tact that it is highly
Important in any project for general
g and permanent bank protection to
Yeleave no unprotected reaches above
with the work done, from changes in which
aof mew conditions may be produced in
Simproved parts of the river." This of
course leads up to the coneclusion that
ad In any complete and permanent system
old of bank protection the work must co*n
meuce at or near Calro, and be carried
down stream .with substantial con
3: ftiuity. Thilie certainly a"eU w prob
bbl b em," to that of o ecurlg "sanbstantiat
SImprovemaent, through securing the
banks n ibthe worst reaches." The
cot Comioeion submits the facts and 
ery mates of eeos the time in hibch cota
.q pietioe may be expected, if soltion of
the aW- probles. be undertaker.
one Certatnly with the amouwtrof crrest
01 approprlatttnal, and with he- argest
id. t dulNd o l pr fbt immediate
-cominsstltras. mi o ther
means of general bank protection, as a TO1
means of channel improvement. Con
gress can, if it so electq with all the Tb
lights now before It, adopt legislation
for the Commissono to take hold of the erne
new problem, and make appropriations vene
aceordln gly.-Vicksbu rg Commoercial- Sr
Herald. Aide
Bureau of Agriculture and Xmmi- nel
gration. van.
- seCte
To the'Citizens of Louisiana: II
Baton Rouge, La., Decem'ber 28, 1896. wert
The eleventh annual meeting of TI
the State Agricultural Society will lowi
convene in Baton Rouge the 27th,
28th, and 29th- of January, 1897. Ti
Fhis meeting will be one of the most the
important that has been held in the Fini
State. harv
Just now the North and North- Tree
west are looking with eager eyes han
towards the South anxious to make The
homes in our sunny climate. No Tb
State in the South presents such For
agricultural resources as the State of
Louisiana, and no section of the
Scountry is susceptible of such indefi
nite development as our favored
State. To induce immigration to
the State, to give value to our lands,
we must develop along the lines of The
education, agriculture and immigra- et
tion, and these three subjects will
form the trinity upon which we `
e hope to build the future edifice of Ma
improvement in the State, and we tha
1, desire to laty the corner stone at this the
o meeting.
Your presence is earnestly solicited
in order that we may have the wis
dom of your valuable advice in shap. E J
ing the developments of these inter- t4
eats in Louisiana. We sincerely. Yal
hope that you will aid us by coming. C
s' We anticipate adopting measures Bae
encouraging the organization of G
I- parish and State fairs and give spec- .
Lu ial attention to immigration matters.
> We also expect to organize a Stock
' Breeders Association. We there
fore call nupon you and your friends vE
r and upon every patriotic citizen to CI
.e attend this convention. All rail- Ms
1- roads in Louisiana have very kindly
in given a fare of one and one third for. tor
u- this occasion. E
IV The city of Baton Rouge will
W give you a royal welcome and enter
The office of the Commissioier of
D. Agriculture and Immigration will w
e_ be the headquarters for all delegates
oe and visitors, and all are requestedy,
ll to report to this office and enroll
9e their names immediately upon
arrival. f
to Very respectfully, N
h President Association. A
e TaPRos. D. BOYD,
it President A. & M. College.
be W. C. STUBnS,
a Director Experiment Stations.
u- J. G. LEE,
es Commissioner Agriculture and In
ie. migration. tC
'x- Committee. ai
There were 1001 convicts in the in
us State Penitentiary on December 31.
ire - -- -`
it. France has increased her army by h
he the enlistment of 180,000 additional J;
lea men. R
ii The silver men will control the
the next House. There are twenty-three
on Democratic and Silver States to
go. twenty Republican States. L
in- -__________
n s Work on the Calcasieu jetties has b
the been resumed. It will cost the gov- t
os0 ernment $350,000 when finished.
ce, and will be of great benefit to Lake
e Charles and that part of Loutsiana.
thd The Monroe Bulletin says that
ent "we are reliably informed that the
ks. drouth, sufferers spent over one
ale hundred dollars for whiskey in West
ar Monroe on Tuesday. This is sim
nt, ply a shame and shows the absolute
to folly of human kind."
lo The Mansfield (La.) Journal says
o that Mr. H. C. Turman, a truck
ar- farmer living near this place, sold
ne, ripe watermelons on our streets last
eSaturday. It may appear out of sea
by son to our Northern friends for such
had produce to be in the market, at this
chseason of the year, but the incident
y tooccurred in Louisiana, the land of
erce sunshine and flowers.
Ized Going Back to Cotton.
a of Many of the planters .and tenants
unel who cultivated cane this season and
auld sold it to the refnlueries, are dissatisfied
less with general results, and as many as
pro- can, will engage in cotton planting
this season.
Ct of The prices paid tor cane have been
ou- low-uin many cases unreasonably low
been -and few of the cane growers who
port, sold their crop by the ton made any
hes money.
int) Under existnlug conditions, there is
gbly no competition among the purchasers
eral of cane,'aud consequently the planters
I to are forced to take almost anything
bove they can get for their product.
hich The endetncy is to always force
4 I dqwn prices and consequently an in
iisof dtustry that once promised to give
that remunerative employment to many is
,e rapitly being abandoned.
co fn- Those who purchase cane by tbhe ton
r ied make a very fair rrofit on their in
co vestment, but as they are unwilling to
S share even ia pittance of their profits
utitl wr4h those who sell, it will not be many
he year before all of the smil can.
The placeu wil he eonverted, iato corn saud
eo~ oO raSvas-Iberible South.
rgeust TOe e E lWwuya know the geuuiue
dlape orglinla fobaear's Atntiaeptle by the
5' a V oranuasrt .ggesiutyJ.1).Gneaard
~ cj~r- thei ·~gto9&ho~7atne
w··J-eII, baaeTa..
Lake Providence, La., Jan.6. 5t6 .
The Hou. Mayor and Board of Atd.
ermeq of the town of Providenoe con
vened this eve. at 8-o'clock in -regular
iresent-Froin. E. J. Hamley, Mayor;
Aldermen Purdy. Beard, Schneider.
Egelly and Fousse.
In the absence'of secretary O'Sulli
van. Alderman Egelly was appointed
secretary pro tent.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved.
The Finance Committee filed the fol
lowing report, which was adopted :
Lake Providence. La., Jan. 6, 1897.
To the Hon. Mayor and members of
the Board of Aldermen:-We, your
Finance Committee, report that we
have examined the report of the
Treasurer and find that he had on
hand at date of last report in cash-
The sum of.................. 131 68
Tbat he ha received since from the
Marshal and Tax Collector-
For account licenses ........ ..... 3 7
" taxes 1896............. 68 75
,, fines ............. .00
, licenses .............45 18
S taxes 1898 ........... 104 5
" licenses 1897 ......... 769 50
,1897......... 9500
,, taxes 1696 ............. 85 22
Maxing a total of.............. 1328 41
That he has disbursed as per vouch
ers the sum otf .................... 112 25
1 Leaving a balance of..........1216 16
B We have examined the report of the
f Marshal :and Tax Collector, and find
e that he has collected and turned into
a the, Treasury the amounts above re
, We have examined gnd approved the
following claims:
Pl ovidence Lumber Co....... .....$104 20
E J IHamley, Mayor, salary for quar
r- ter ending Dec. 18,'96............. 50 60
W A Blount, salary for December.. 50 00
Yancey Bell. salary quarter ending
Oct. 18. '96............ ........ 30 00
s Banner-Democrat, salary, quarter
ending Dec. 31, '96 ............ 1 25
(Goza McWiilams. night marshal,
- salary for Dec. '96 .............. 15 00
Purdy & Schneider, coal oil......... 7 41
N Fousse, per diem. ending Decem
b her 31,'96, 12 days ....... ........ 24 00
W H Schneider, 1Lt days........... 22 00
Jas Beard. 10 days .................. 20 00
IsV M Purdy, 12 days.............. 24 00
oC R Egelly,l days............... 22 00
1 Making a total of ...................- $389 86
Y We recommend the payment of the
)r following claims:
E J Hamley, registered claim 155...$ 50 00
11 . 162 .......... 0000 W
Herman Stein. " 147.......... 5000
•* 156 .......... 50 00
.. .' 157.......... 60 0O
,Df , 184.......... 50 00
S " 106.......... 5000
W 8 Maguire, " 160.......... 50 00
Be J N Turner, registered claim 158.... 21 25
165......... 21 U
Yancey Bell, 152........30 00
,ll 161.......... 10 00
,, ". 162...... ... 10 00
) , ', 163.......... 10 00
J.1S uenard, .' 154.......... 20 00
NFoueae, 150........ 85
$527 85
n, Also the above amount of.......... 389 86
$977 71
;e Respectfully submitted.
Jamnes Beard,
V M Purdy,
Chas It Egelly.
Finance Committee.
il- The Cemetery Commissioners filed
their annual report, which was received
and referred to the Finance Committee
to be reported upon at the next regular
he meeting of this board, to-wit:
To the Ilon. Mitayor & Board of C
1 Aldertnan of the town of Providence
We, your Cemetery Commissioners,
by beg to submit this, our annual report:
al January Sth, 198. cash on hand at
the time of last report....... ...$ 4 (0
Received since from Board of A!d.... 100 00
From sale of grave yard lots........ 37 50 st
hee$142 30
Disbursed for sundry purposes as
to per voucherse................... O 136 59
Leaving a balance on hand of ...... 5 71
We respectfully ask your honorable F
a body for an appropriation of $100 for i
ov- the current year s expenses.
ed. Respectfully submitted, C
J. S. Guonard,
ike C. Mabhe,
na. Johun Williams.
Cemetery Commissioners.
hat Upon motion of Alderman Egelly, it
the was unauimously resolved that. an ap
one propriation ot $50.00 be made by this
Board for use of the Cemetery Com
est mission for thie present.
im- Upon motion of Alderman Egelly, it a
ute was ordain'ed that inasmuoch as certain
discrepancies and errorsexist in the as
sessment rolls of the town creating a
difference in valuation as between the
sY s state assessments and that of the town,
uck that the Board of Assessors of the town
oold be and fhey are hereby instructed to
mast ake all corrections and deductions in
a valuation wherever the same may ap
ses- pear on the assessment rolls of the
uch town. and report the amounts- so
this deducted at the next meeting of this
lent The special commnittee appointed to
d of investigate the feasibility of opening
Morgan street filed the following re
port to-wit:
We your committee appointed to
confer with Mrs. Brock relative to the
ai opening of Morgan street, extending to
and the alley lying between the properties
a of Vail Montgomery and Dr. F. R.
sed Bernard, beg leave to submit the fol
;i lowing report of our proceedings in
the matter, to-wit:
We visited the ground and conferred
been with Mrs. Brock relative to the propo
low sition submitted to her, she being the
aowner of a portion of the property
a-t through which the street would pass.
We found that she was willing to dis
aese pse of her portion of the property,
se r but upon conferring with Mr. Vail
itere Montgomery, uwuer of the remaining
portion, your committee was informed
or e by him that he was unwilling to maike
a sale for the purposes named.
S- We cannot see what benefit the town
give would derive for the present in open
YY ing the said Morgan street as it would
en lead only to an alley, and furthermore
rothere are no buildingsor improvements
g i roing on in that portion of'toyn to
r to fistifn the expenditure by this Board
ot in opening said stteet for the present
m and the expropriation by your Hon.
ane d Body of tul property obstructing said
a opening, and recommend that no
oaetio be taken in the matter.
mtr- Having perforated the ductie assign
ed as we ask to be discharged.
Rleptic Respeoifully submitted,
sala c. R Egelly,
yth e - N. .us.
s aad Spei.Cormmiltee.
Upou tira 1o of Alderiate Purdy.
slde d Aldermusm gelly was granted atil the
nexb7I'Egalar meeting to flue sis report
ts C Boot. and Sho aeiatois ad Huattag Costs; Trbea
o 1 pmonnlnO .  Sn sa .,,**
- . E. RANSD .L. .•Sea. MLs Tre.
2 Psedet. S... ..a
The Providence Lumber Co.,
cPrRZR sTOCS N $50,000,
00 Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash. Cy-amore, Rough and Cs
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
00 OORRp. ISOND~NG3 SOICfiXD. Lake Providence, La.
w. B. Thompson & oo.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : : Louislana.
..........CvOEBssBGs , nxIs.............
-Manufaoturer of
Sash; Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Pnltih,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the 8outh. Write for prices before porebulsiag eleewh
*[email protected] I
submltting list of graded licenses for
transcription into their ordinance
There being no further business, the t
Board adjourned until the next regular a
meeting, being the first Wednesday in
February 1897. unless otherwise spec
ially convened.
E. J. HAMLEY, Mayor.
C. R. EGEL;er, Secretary pro tern.
For Sale or Re.t.
Alpha Plantation, Bunch's Bend. La.
Apply to Dr. B. W. Seay, Lutcher, La.
Strayed or Stolen.
From my place on the lake, a large black
sway-back horse, about 16 hands high, in
good order. Can be very easily noticed.
A liberal reward will be paid for the dehy
cry of the horseto me at Lake Providence.
A few hundred sacks of planting cotton
seed. None better in this section. Very
prolific. Early. and will not- fall out. ily
crop is nearly double last year's yield on a
smaller acreage. $10.00 a ton and $8.00 in
lots of five tons.
Also a few hundre4 bushels field peas.
Apply t) me at Brunette, La.,
or to O. J. Burley, Lake Providence, La.
Nov. 14. 1896-1m.
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana. Parish of East Carroll.
Seventh District Court-State of Lou
isiana versus D. F. Peck & Co.-No. 416.
By virtue of a writ of Fi Fa to me direct
ed by the Hon. Seventh District Court for
the parish of East Carroll aforesaid, in the
- above entitled cause. I will proceed to sell
at publcl auction, at the store house of D.
F. Peck & Co., in the town of Providence.
East Carroll parish. La., on Saturday. the
1 6th day of February, 1897, between the
hours prescribed by law. all the right, title
and interest of D. F. Peck & Co., in and to
e the following described property. to-wit:
F One lot of mtrcbandlse and store fixtures
as per inventory on file in my office-seized
in the above suit.
Terms of sale-cash with the benefit of
ii J W. DUNN. Sheriff.
g Sheriff's oice, Providence, Jan. 16, 1897-4t.
d Judgment.
n Seventh District Court, parish of East Car
roll, State of La.--Mr. Eliza Madison
i- vs. G.11. Sutton, husband.-No. 417.
d Thlascase:coming on to be tried in regular or
e der and being tried on issue joined, and the
law and the evidence being in favor of
plaintiff and against defendant, it is there
I lore ordered, adjudged and decreed that
d there be judgment in favor of said plaintifl
t Mrs  Eliza Madlseon Sutton. fsgalsat her
sidL~usband.-separatiog them in property
. sad dissolving the community of aseqtets
ii sad gains existing between them, It is
uo further ordered and deecreed that the plain.
til do have full and exclusive control and
management of all property or effects she
a. may acquire sad of all her separate earn
ings free tiro the control ofl her said hus
band. That defendant pay all dests of this
Dowe, read aid signed in ope court, tis
6th day ofJanuary, INTl. .
T.# Ti Cl.fs . "ta.
rt Flo a 16, 1iW,
=~ - y
For Sale.
That desirable and centrally located
property on Lake Street. situated between
the Eclipse Stable and the new store of J
N. Hill & Bros. To be sold in part or in
whole. Apply to
C. A. VOELKER,or to
Lake Providence, La., Oct. 10th, 1896.
Wanted-An Idea
protect) ores ,4d he. y oy wIag '
Write J&Wwand. zeaO m forthe *0i Oka
sa llst Otao nw udare trin 4o OI w4
Information fbr the,
The following is the schedule of the a
Y. & M. V. R. R., taking effect from s
Sept. 13. t
New Orleans Division--Train 5 will
leave Vicksburg at 3 a. m. and arrivei
at New Orleans 10:30 a. m.
Train 21 will leave Vicksburg 8:00
a. m. and arrive New Orleans 6:30 p.
Train 6 will leave New Orleans 4:20
p- m. and arrive Vicksburg 6:66 p. m.
Memphis Division-Train No. 6 will
leave Memphis a9,7.30 p. m. and arrive
at Vicksburg at 2:45 a. m.
No. 6 leaves Vicksburg at 12:05 a.
m. and reaches Memphis at 7:20 a" m.
No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:46 a.
mi. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
m. and No. 24 will leave Vicksburg
it 7:30 a" m. and arrive at Memphis at
5-30 p. m.
For information, as to rates &c.;
write to
Yieksburg, Miss.
Vicksburg and Grenvlils Packet Co,
Carrying U. S. Mail.
Leaves for Greenville every
E .- Monday and Thursday a p m
Steamer RUTH,
n Leaves for Greenville every
Wednesday and Saturday at
p. m.
e Firt class passenger and freight accom
It modations.
J. J. POWERiS, Supt.
Y For Ilelena, Greenville, Lake Prov
dence, Vicksbnrg, and All
Way Landings
d The Swift and Llegant Steamer
In Place of Bald Egle.
is A. L. CoUmnU . L. P.CUNn.
Master, Clerk.
owLeaves aura e as-- a oti ar t
alp baly~ *5.`
is-J. &. P. Coats' Spool Cotton
at 45 less 7 per cent. This price is
to merchants only.
W. N. WarrT, Aer.
Lake Provtdence
Keeps on hand a large assortment ui
ial Caskets, New, Plaith se Ora
mental Metali Cases sd Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Order
(april 18-85171
Chas. Swoftord,
iHouse, Sign and Ornamental Paltsr,
1 Buggy Paintig and Paper Hanging,
d Lake Providence, La.
Wanted-An Idea t
e.wtso.D. I . C, to / ti rS
a ot two amQ &av wme ml o
we anr r
-A A t
Sm M
or asH one. aa s
ie ain Qorwea,  a. ...
. r so rysn ~saO a s ti iassr
mre Work, 'J pp., eo Ne- .
20 Vses eM mued r
-e c+ambertain's :t.n Shla Orating. 9
. IForne le by at 5on
g For pWttig T borp e in A An healthy ea.s
kidne dis orers ad desroy wormsa givin
new ihfe to an old or over-wIrked hors
DO Cxa'ere1 Care OePsaames
ad Sapirr Wto s va tht I5m
Write  tlotn trody' Conn PotR rN Spvm
Thyt teSi nou se th ime d a
;t. WorU. IN o pp. me r c -aO.
asm u Bs. £,,. ..
e J. s. Gobr ensard keps tbe orisgins
Sgenuine Dr. hBenore Antieptli.
SBe Toure to eh t for )r. a itdd enor e
new life to an old or over-wat tor yoho.
SbaIs pe r pntge. Fet or ml batiny or
rery pd off Ne y. T e twoods aAe
f- AnIyone o es % eh, and dplf..tonm
qulo aby i .beola tasem
Patente take throughbr ann Co. reuuly
et. peulDel s ino the
361 Dwesdwaw. New folkow l.
SJ. 1. Guenard keeps the origins
heoa ~nl~) orll~tt*ol

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