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- - -- The f,
LAKE it PRoVi :IENCE a. . timely at
--.. e:s of E.
JA, - ":s N. Tt,:N ** ,ut for t
pnitlsher and Proprietor. fatal to
QLtBSCIII1'TION : $c2 00 l'i.l. YEAiR. causcl a
Saturday, JnualY 23, 18)7. • PEo!,
. . . away.
Mr. ]Money, of li-sissippli, has i eluare
pltaced hinseli in a bad light in bc- It has I
tri.yO, Consul Lee. r;eaded
N W. Fuiibanks of Indiana will South a
be tie fiat Bepullican U. S. Senator mules at
to represent state in ten years. i rea CO
The farmers over near :lonroe are terrible
begging for meat anid meal, but they ing to t
can cumre to town and spend money reletiti
for liquor. prepara
The House Coniv'uittee on elec- sidles to
tious, declared that Judge Beattie pyf hI
was not elected to Congress in 1894. 'retnas
Mr. Price is to he congratulated. I Wl
Governor Bob 'I'aor of Tennes- pariss
see, says that if it was in his power for ano
he would give every Democrat an soon a
office, every Republican a pension lshould
and every negro a railroad pass. for th
He don't say a word about the qprim
-'opulists, but we suppose he would 1forew.
give them sheol. We
to tiIn
The Pacific railroad funding bill lead i
was defeated in the House of Repre- the cui
sentatives by a vote of 132 to 168. 1plantel
We wonder how many of those 132 by exp
were purchased by the rotten cor- to do.
.and et'
poration. This is the concern that aliber
caused Icon. C. J. Boatner to lose belie
his seat in Congress. low lo
-- be bu
Corn is now selling on the farms places
of western Kansas for 8 1-2 cents a timely
bushel; and there are thousands of pest.
people in the western part of Louis- We
lana l ho are so poor that they are iplaut
not able to purchase a bushel at this for ite
price-all on account of the drouth vie'i
and the failure of crops.
-. . a_-' i i t The
The Levee Board of Mississippi at
its meeting held in Greenville last of the
week contracted with the Great point
Southern Telephone Company for parist
the ci,.ostruction of a telephoue line claims
along its entire levee front. This is have
what the Levee Board of the Fifth His d
Louisiana District should do. tfre p
for es
P. F. Herwig is now chairman of Demc
the Republican State Committee. for Lt
Ills crowd di1 one good thing, which mous
was the complete turning down of is)l al
the negro Demias, of St. John parish,, dorse
who had to skip out from that parish bly t1
- for fear of being lynched by'the in- appl
- furlated white people during the last Mr.
State election. with
the e
if Texas was a lake and France an Parir
island, an exchange says, the island to re
could be placed in the lake and not but
be seen from any point on the shore. nobl
The United States has a population parr
of 70,000,000 of people, and yet the
entire population placed in Texas TI
would not make that State as thickly beet
settled as Massachusetts is to-day. mis
The turning out of three old Con
federate soldiers by the Citizens r
Leage of New Orleans, and filling pari
their places by ward strikers and don
wral politicians, is a contemptible of
piee of business. This reform pari
crowd are receiving the censor of the
City press and its citizense. They A
arse not half as good as their prede- ian
eassors, the old city ring. lyni
SDown in Morgan city a few weeks cstr
Sago the city council of that town ap- kno
polated a committee to examine the hen
. flues in the different buildings, and the
: h -eib paper of' that town says that a are
bit dozen defective ones were foun'l eve
I :+t sooner or later would have been pal
au~i case of the destruction of the as
patce. Nearly every fire we read of not
l caused by a defective flue, which in
sbhws that they are carelessly' co ly
$ Xh Mansfited Journal say that ha
m Tbtas wants a new constitution. wh
S: rka4nsas is agitating the question. go
Mi 'itiasippi and Kentucky have re- of
smtly adopted new constitutions, and at
-.1k*nan needs one more than any ti
U la the Union." You are right, to
' Isi.las needs one, and needs one raj
"badly. There are many reforms that P
wohul redoand to thefood of the tol
*tate it .we coaok bnly get the right a
S ofi_ O mem and not politicians, to
i6c1BQse the conventiotn. i
Ta .twas qiite a compliment paid n i
o,. C J. Seiatner by Sysker Reed, as
i: n e gP p* im ia ilber of the b
ga-.. 4" tesriiitts . Ways and tl
iMea-, to. LU tbe vacancy caused
b il- est4:Mfd e- Cri s "p. It is to
·~~~dHY ~ VI
o.~k *~ ~t~rbI tr 5
The CnaI cn.
The follwintll note o' w;l::ii Thef t
r takeii from the 'l'ensas (;azette i' cstate tr
timely alI we suggest to the farm- office fo,
e:s of E: t Carroll to be on theloouk- r. ill
,,it for this disease, that proved ( ough sI'
fat.1a to such a large nutnher of siderati,
-tt'"k in our parish, and which Mrs. I
causedl a great deal of expense and of Pro
worry: t
Peol,!e are prone to forget dan
-rrs and l!s after they have passe(l , naton
away. \Vhile they afe threatening, utiuon
men are active and energetic enough. Wmn.
I- t has u,,t been long since that ing.-,
dreaded disc ase, chart,on, made its burg tic
iapearance in many sections of the Conside
i! South and played" havoc with the L i.
or mules and cattle. While. it was on, Lot 1 it
s. great consternation prevailed, and it o0 cas
would naturally be supposed the Stew
re terrible experience would be a warn- Reese.
ey ins to the people to guard against a in, 36
ev repetition of the evils. on tern
The New Year has come and Abri
preparations are being made on all Melvill
.C sides to make a crop. A fresh sup- acres.
ply of mules are being secured and J asa
many horses have been brought into acres
'Tensas duoing the past fall. A. S.
It would be well if the country oux p
press would sound the note of Consid
warning to the farmers to get ready w.
ser for another siege of the charbon as proper
an soon as the grass springs up. It pitalf
ion should be kept before the people, and
s. ifor the flies will come with the ;35 c
the spr.ing breeze., and when they come 6 and
uai they will spread the poison as be- 6 of
fore. to tow
We will take occasion from time ,,5 fi
Sto time to republish some of the J. I
ill leadoing remedies recommended for Blocs
ire- the cuare of charbon. Most of our town
68. planters, however, are well fortified I and F
132 by experience and will know what tai
o, sto do. mill the old horse troughs :,Io
hat and stables should be disinfected by block
Lae a liberal application of lime and car- prove
ose bolic acid. anvy tenants use ho- An:
low logs to feed in. These should ris to
be burned as they are breeding of Se
rms places for the charhon fly. By ings
s a timely action we may escape the er of
of pest. -rae
Suis-. We would be glad if some of the Traci
are ,lauters who used Pasteur's Lympnl Na
i for the chiarbou last sprung woun anot
thi write us a short article giving their ten a
nuth views of that remedy for charbou. sicder
pi at The St. Landry Clarion speaking man.
last of the failure of Gov. Foster to reap- Pr- v
reat point M. L. Swords assessor ef that F.
for parish, says that "Mr. Swords had Builb
line claims upon the office that should not tow a
is have been ignored by the Governor. men
Fift His dashing fight in this parish for OI
the party, for Governor Foster and tic
for everything that bore the stamp of erat
n of Democracy, risking life and liberty H
.ttee. for the cause, made him the unan-i- el
thich inous choice of the party in this par- tIv
n of ish above anybody else, and his en- Pro
irish, dorsement for the office was proba- imp
arish I bly the strongest ever received by an a1
e in- applicant for an appointive position. here
e last Mr. Swords retires from the otlice the
with the best wishes and gratitude of
the entire Democracy of the Empire
ce an Parish." Why the Governor failed
sland to re-aploiut him we do not know;
but we do know that it was this man's '
bore. noble work that helped to save his any
lation parish. He deserved to be rewarded. due
et the - out
rexas The express office at Minden has go
aickly been moved to Sibley. Minden h
lay. must be on the down grade when it h
can dispose of its express office. ti
tizeus The Police Jury of Madison
flling parish, at their meeting on the 6th, bel
Sand donated $500 to the drouth sufferers of
optible of Jackson, Lincoln and Uniongl
reform parishes. ait
of the . ml
They A Chicago newspaper places Louis- u
prede- iana at the top of the list for 1896 m8
lynchings, which is an infamousm
slander. The Baton Rouge Advo-c
weeks cate says that lynchings are not un-,
Wn ap- known in Louisiana, but thank au
ne the heaven, we have been so far spared gr
a, and the brutal and depraved crimes that a
that a are committed in cold blood almost vs
f ounl every night under the shadow of the of
tebeen paper that printed this infamous io
of the assault upon the good name of a so
read of noble and generous people. Rapists SI
which in Louisiana are very properly
Y con- lynched, but we have never yet pro- fe
duced anything that in point of in- o
ay that human depravity will come up any- t
itution. where sear the Holmes case in Chica- p
aestion. go. When Chicago purges herself k
a ve re- of her Haymarket affairs, her Cr'onin A
ne,and atrocities and her Holmes villainies e
n any then her papers may be in a position o
right, to lecture Louisiana about lynching
ed a one rapists, but even then she will not be
m m that permitted with impunity to wan
I of the tooly and maliciously exaggerate e
me right such occurrences.
ina, to Brother Hicks has made a deeided '
improvement in the Progress, that is
et paid neat and pretty. With such a man
er Reed, as Hiieks at the helm, the Progress is
r of the bound to be. a success. Good luck
y. and to him anod his paper.
caThe police jiry of. Concordia -
Sparish at their last meeting adopted
ai s o a orlinance offering a standing re
wterm ward of ffty dollars for the appre
1a,,o [email protected] arrest ot peruons who
-- m by hoseagaed of the extles 5of
-~ &Ai I
! RE.%L II$TATE "[RANS i' -S.
A bou
Thle following is a list of the real a
estate transfers on recoirdl in the clerk's only.
Vflice for the month of 1)ecember: behind
. Mrs. Isadore Martin to Mrs. Minnie on.
i W. Gilmour.-Rsidcnce on Scarbor- 1,es·
ongh street. town of Providlence. Con- t;re,-n,
f sideration, 4350 cash. lans ,
Mrs. I. E. Brown to J S. Gnenardl. Rcp,,I
-LotI 16 ifi block 1. addition to towItn onSnt
of Plrovidence. Considcration. $400 We V
onil trl.n s.1
J. W. Dunn, sheriff'. (for Key Pitt- KIgner
nan) to P.uget Sound Nat. Banik.-- aftefr rC
iortion of Afton plantation. Consider- last We
ution. 1100 cash.
Wiln. 11. Chuffe to Solomon II. Well- TblF
it logs.-John Points proprtt'v in Faux- inr Vic
burg addition to town of Providence. for a
e Consideration, '60 cash. tells us
ie Wn. H. Cha-life to Josheu Chew.- on ijnst
Lot 1 in block 8 of Fauxburg addition Chat
to totwn of Providence. Consideration, again
e $50 cash. don't
Stewart. Gwyvnne & Co., to Eliza York
Reese.-Ellendale plantation, contain- with a
ing 368 acres. Consideration, t4000 it a
on terms.Slci
1 A1 Abraham Blum to Sig. P. W olf'- his ho
illMelville plantation, conttiuing 350 with I
a cres. Consideration. $7500 on terms. has b
1( Jsse Powell to Eli lhollowy.--'Ten knows
toacres of land off Sec. 14. T. 20. Con- Sai
sideration, $3235 on terms. S
A. S. Caldwell to J. (. Wyly.-Dee- $00
ry sou plantation, containing 850, acres. and L
of Consideration, $8500 on terms.
1 W. S. Brown to R. L. Hill.-The house
as property inherited by the Charity Hos
It pital from Mrs. N. 1). Ingram on Davis The
Sand Morgan streets.. Consideration,
he 350 esh.
Win. H. Chaffe to Amy Owen.-tots The
6 and 7 and the E. ( of lot 8 in block con, p
3. 6, of the Fauxburg Arlington addition this 1
to town of Providence. Consideration, No
me 25.00 a lsh. are as
:le J. L. Davis to Thomas K. Wilson.-- cide
for IBlocK of land in Davis addition to of th
mr town of Providence, between Morgan 1 cmeeti
ed and First streets. Cousideratiot. $150 their
hat esticc
ha Lake Providence Building and Loan havit
Association to Mary A. Gla.-Lot 1 of rcsig
b block 1 of Davis addition with im- l oon.i
I- provements. Consideration, 200 cash. andI
lt- Ann Davis and Daisy and Mary liar- In tli
uid ris to Jos. . Rusdell.-- (of N E j tiefec
ig of Sec. 13, T. 20, NR 12, E, contain-lthe c
By ingj 0 acres. Consideration, surrend- in til
the er of notes. prac
Irt in Davis to Mrs. N. II. Egellv.-- five
the Track of land on Lake street, town of llail
b Providence. Consideration, "3o50 cash. i sacn
plIJ Nat Murfee to Daisy Lewts.--Lots 9 two
',' and 10 in block 8, of Fauxhurg Arling- was
ieir ten addition and improvements. Con- eigh
o. sideration, $50 cash. pars
llamley & Millikin to John OCle- Ct
man.-Lots 19 and 20 in block 12 of his t
Hamlvy & Millikin addition to town of Jacb
ap- Provildence. Consideration. $45 cash. tl tI
that F. R. Bernard to Lake Providence out
had BiBuilding and Loan Astciation.-Lots rnt
1 and 2 of block 2 of 3rd addition to I Chu
not town of providence, with improve- tMe
nor. , ments. Consideration, $600 cash. out.
fort Dessie Bell to Walter D. Goodwin.- ire I
One acre of land on the lake road on A
and which the ice factory stands. Cosild- thit
ip of eration, 350 cash. zet
erty Hamlety & Millikin to Lake Provi- tak.
rani- deuce Building and Loan A ss-ciat ion. vi
-Lots 2 and 3 in block 1 of the Ham- wit
par- lev & Millikin addition to town of tin
en- Providence. with all the buildings anid l)at
'oba-. improvements. Consideration, .800 1Vt
an cash. tpe
an Haml'y & Millikin to Hanna Shep- 1te
ion. herd.-Lots 13 and 14 in tlock 14 ot
flice the HIamley & Millikin addition to, tc wn is 1
e of of Providence. Consideration, $45 on wit
terms. sill
ire' ---- bha
ailed How To Build Up a Town. tie
aow ; - W
nan's The true secret of the growth of Ian
e his any place is mainly owing to the in- i the
rled. duceiments and encouragemenet held anil
out to straugers to settle among theni. hbu
n has ...,,i- h
ha Enconuragp active and worthy men, hs
nden whether they have any money or not. rl
e it 'Their labor alone is worth Itoney. ab
Stimulate every legiticiate enterprise itdi
ison by giving it all the friendly aid ia your
ion power. Cultivate a public spirit and si
6th, belp rour neighbor; if he is iu danger tir
erers of breaking down, help him up. If he fri
n'ion gets fairly down before you know his ja
situ nation, set himn on his feet again, his
moisfortune is to be pitied, not blamed, i
outs- and his talent acid labor are worth w
1896 money to the community. Besides, it
m aous may some day be our turn to need a
Advo- corresponding sympathy. Let us
t on-o speak well of our neighbor. Talk well tl
thank anud encouragingly of our town, of its ii
pared growth, its prospects, its advautages,
s that and, in short, cerything likely to ad
amost vance its welfare. Stimulate the cause 0
of the of education by giving a helping hand
mmous to its advancement, also to all neces
of a sary publio buildings.--Vermillion u
apists Star.
operly As there are several barb-wire c
et pro- fences within the corporate limits of
of in- our town that should be removed, we
Sany- thought that it would not be amiss to
Chioa- publish the following from the Ope- 1
herself lousas Clarion. so that our Board of
Crroin Aldermen might pass as ordinance
lainies to do away with the wire fences in
osition our town:
ahi "At a iiceting of the town council
nnot held Wedncesday nigiht that body
n wt- passed aI ordinance prohibiting the
a erection of barb-wire fences within
gerate the corporate limits of the town of
Opelousas, and making it compulsory
decide cd tupo those already having fences to
that is take them down. A barb-wire fence
in a town. and especially along a side
e m s walk, is extremely daugerous to both
txels uc man and beast."
d Inc .
An excbhange says that a doctor
pco daia prescribed whiskey tcr a patient and
ed instrocted him to keep it up until be
otngere- d ha to quit. This order
vrie gi-ven five years ago, and the
S Wh atit~ bs been dodging the doctor
of an qvei a: c.
W4G*8Cambell Cbaue be vl iNerdisedf
-hir tsteie of augs rad sahdries. .e
J{d d iEa a $t , aflt t y ar tythit ia the itr
About 10 o'clock on Tuesday there
was a fall of "sleet for a few mniuutes
only. 'The sun was peeping :out from
behind the clouds while it was going
e on.
Mssfrs. John W. ('Cooke and S. W.
(ren, who were down inl Ne'W O -
.leans nttnctdatg a Il.ecting of the
, lcpul'1iant State C'on nitilee, returned
J on Sundsy.
We were glad to see Judge Mont
gonmery able to be out on Monday
after retninlhtig at houme nearly all of
. last week try)ing to shake off the grip,
w hich ihe was successful i:: doing.
- Mo=srs. Quinn and Couhen. two popu.
tarin Vicksburg drutumers, were in town
e. for a few days. Our friend Q.uiinn
tells us that O'Neill would be up shortly
-on insurance business.
n Charley Whittington skipped out
agaitn at the close of last week. We
don't k. ow whether it was to New
York or Greenville, but he is back
00 with a nice lot of stock.
Sheriff )uun hAs been confined to
- his home for the past eight or Len dti, as
50 with. rheumatllsl. Mr. Yancey Bell .
Is. has been running the office, who
on knows everything about it.
Sarrah Howard, colored, secured
ee- $400 at 25 per cent. from the Building
e. and Loan Association at its meeting
on Monday evening. She will erect a
he house in the lower part of town.
js The Australian the More Danger
on. ous Man. of the Two.
olts The New York Evening Telegram
,ck compares Corbett and Fitzsimmoniis in
ion this way:
uil, Now that Corbett and Fltzsifmmons
are actually matched. and only an ac
'.- cident or a square back-llown by one
to of the principals can prevent themn
an l meeting iin the ring, a comparison of
1501 their recrirds will not prove utinter
estitig. FitzimtnIorns is the champion,
oaf having acquired the title after ,orb.tt I
1 of resigned in faitor of Maher. Ftmtzinm
imr- tOtis andtl Mater fought for the honor
ash. and the Australian woni in a round.
lar- In the past few years Filzsinimons has
E i defeated nearly every heavy weight in
im- the country. Ile knocked out Maher
end- in twelve rounds and one .round. Ile
practically knocked out Choynskl in
5.- five rounds. lie kntockod out '.Jin" I W.
n of lHail in four rounds, and gave the
•Ishl. s tne trcatmwent to '.Dan" Creedou in
its 9 ,two rounds. His latest achievement
ing- was to knock out '" lom" Sharkey I1t
'ou- eight rounds and lose the $10,000 1
purse on an alleged iuul.
yule Corbett's best perfurmances were
2 of his sixty-one round draw with Peter
iii of Jackson, his defeat of John L Sullivan
•ash. in taventy-one rounds, and his knock- f!:
fence out of Charley Mitchell in three
Lots rtinnds. Ini his last battle with
tn to CItboynski the latter was beaten ini
rove- twenuty-seven rounds, but knocked
out. lie has outpoiuted all the mtnt
in.- lie has met.
td on At the present time Fitzsimmons is A
Sthirty-four years of age and at the
t zenith of his powers. Ilavting always
oli- taken excellent care of himself, his
hiou. I vitality is utimpiaired, and combined
Harm-i with great sireugth and speed is a hit-I
Ln of ting power not possessed by any other I
s and pugilist in the cnuatry. Chanrey
8S00 White, an expert onl ring matiterpC
speaking of Fi:ziiuttous' Litti..g abili- C
Shep- ty sav:
14 of "Ol:her pugiists, wh\en an oppooent
tc wn is tited, may deliver the knockout
15 oit with the right, but in the case of Fizz- -
siiltnIons it takes tno dif l'erence hicit
hand be hits with nor, what sort of
n. blow Ie delivers. It may be straight, ,
swing, u ppercut, or hook, but wh it it I ph
lauds the other fellow goes to sleep." I
wth of Corbett's suppoi ters assert that he is to
he in- the more clever in the useof his handlls, to
Sheld aid a insist that lie will w in on science;i A
the,. but the Ast ralian's friends declare ii
Sthat to put out clever il'arrers like I,
men, lilall, Creedon atnd Cheoyuski in a few
r not. rounds is better evidencuce of sciCtitfic
toney. ability than the cautions slpatriug i-t
rprise dul.-ed in by the Califori'n.iu.
i is held by the admirers of thetp
, out forier chamnpio that he will jab Vitz- m
it and snimmous contitnually and gradnally c
l anger tire out iris mian,, but the Australian's
If he friends retort that he is quite as strong
o his as Corbett, arid is himself no iovice at -
w hi jabbing.
iin, his It is the general cpiniiioni that the
samed, battle will be a long one, as Corbett
worth will play a ,aiting kgame and keelp
iides. it away as long as possible from Fltzsitn
ed amo",' dangerous fists. c
a As regards weight, Corbett wills
et us haveconsaiderably the best of it, but in It'
1k weli all other respects the men are well
of its matched.
e cause Oh ! the grippe i the borrid old grippe
When once behas got you be won't let you
nees- There's paren in the head; there's pain in
the back;
miion Then pains all over-O, what a rack I
You'll cramp at the toes, and run at the
rb-wire Oneminute you're hot, and the next most
mit of You'll cough awhile, and then go to 1
H Bave pains lou the lungs, with spells of
mmiss to wheezing.
e Ope The quinine, whisky and hot-lemon tea
eard of Will make your head feel like you'd been
dinance You'll e a stereeed on chest and aide.
ne es itn And feel like the witches had taken you to
councl You're restless at night. ad can not sleep.
You haven't an appetite for anything to eat.
t body e has no mercy tor young or od;
8o beware of him. all you who have a cold.
lg the -The Natchez Democrat.
wi in lere is a copy of an announcement
lown of said to have been found postled on a
opulaorf Lawrence oenunty, (Ark.,) Church:
fences to "There -will be preaching in this
r nce houtse, Providence permitting, Sunday,
gse andi there will be preaching whether
d or not on Monday following upon the
to both subject, "le that helieveth and is bap
tised shall be saved, anid he that be
liereth not shall be damntted, at pre
Sdoctor ciselv halt past three b'cloek in the
;ient and afternoon."
antiul he FOR SALE.
nd the a tront of two chains and aixty-aix llUnks, on
Sdo tor the take reoad. net to the property ol Mr.
flnest five acre bihding ot lo ies laroll
ruincr * L KIN hRAMLEY.
retRe ate Drs,
g ,n tei "e,4
dDealer in
ýY The finest line of Clothing carried in the ait. Ladies DIag o
1ats, Cape, Boots and Bhoes, Makintoahes and Hunting cs;
I Valises and Bags.
CALL ON ME Before Purchasinq W..eewho
°. I. a~sltý
e g. t. RANSDELI. . lse. a od rZ"
"ag Pr t. ouR MOTTOr
The Providence Lumber Co.,
am (LIMrt D.)
CR ITIL STOCK w *50,000,
Be- _-.DEAIa.RS IN-
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
id. CORRES.ONNCPEG SOLIGITED. Lake Providenee, La.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louislana.
.. . . - -- - - -- i
A. D. & 8 S. SPENGirLER, AGGS.;,
S..........VIre seBTrU r, Mxxilal..........
-Mmnutaoturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds. 8tain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before parohlaing elsewhbe.
/ .r.m . mIanama1g ma1·ameM1W1W
Strayed or stolen.
Strayed or stolen from the Henderson T
plantation on Saturday, Janiuary 2, 197, a pr
hay Horse. about 15 or I hands high, aIi
Slarge mussels, white spot in orehead. fore- N.
top clipped between ears, long tail almost wh
touching the groud. little swaied in hack.
A liberal reward will be paid for his de
livery to J. Stein & Co., at Henderson, La. Lal
.Ian. 23, "9.
On the evening of the 11th, from my D
pasture in Bunch's Bend, a large black
mare mule, about 163 bands high. Mouse
color around mouth. branded on hip "'B.
A.;" In good order. A liberal reward will
be paid for her delivery to me.
Brunette, P. O., La.
A few hundred sacks of planting cotton
seed. None better in this section. Very
prolific. Early. and will not fall out. My
crop is nearly double last year's yield on a at
i smaller acreage. $10.00 a ton and $8.00 in
I lots of five tons.
Also a few hundred bushels field peas. i*
I Apply ti me at Brupette, La., S
or to O. J. Hurley, Lake Providence, La.
Nov. 14 1896-lm.
Sheriff's Sale. I
State of Louisiana. Parish of East Carroll,
n Seventh District C(ourt-State of Lou
isiana versus D. F. Peck & Co.-No. 416. u
By virtue of a writ of Fi Fa to me direct
ed by the Hon. Seventh District Court for
ie the parish of East Carroll aforesaid, in the I
above entitled cause, I will proceed to sell n
at at public auction, at the store house of D.
F. Peck & Co., in the town of Providence,
to East Carroll parish. La., on Saturday, the
6th day of February, 1897, between the
of hours prsceribed by law. all the right, title
and interest ol D. I. Peck & Co., In and to
the following described property, to-wit:
One lot of metchandise and store fixtures
en as per inventory on ile in my officlee-seized
In the above stilt.
Terms ot sale-cash with the benefit 'of
to ppraisement. J W. DUNN. Sheriff.
Sheriff's offce, Providence, Jan. 16, 1897-4t.
at. Judgment.
Id. -
Seventh District Court. parish of East Car
roll, State of La.-Mrs. Eliza Madison
vs. G0, . Button, husband.-No. 417.
a This easecomingon to be tried in regular or
der and being tried on issue joined, and the
law ind the evidence being in favor of
plaintiff and against delendant. It is there
ay, lore ordered, adjudged and decreed that
er there he judgment in favor ot said plalintiff
he Mrs. Euize Madison Sutton, lagainst her
said husband, separating themln property
pi- and dissolving the community of aequets
be- and gains existing between them. It is
re- further ordered and decreed that the plain
he tift dobave lull and exclusive control and
mannagement of all property or effects she
may acquire and of all her separate earn
Ings free trorl the control of her said bus
band. That defendant pay all costs of thid
Done, read and signed is opes court, this
tag 5th day of January, lt7. -
, on F. F. Montgomety.
Mr. * Judge 7th Jud. Distriot.
the Atrneeop: - . clrk
rto 1. D. Impins, Clerk.
Providence, Jhs 16, h.-4t.,
'lip resriptions or ho5e teo eipMs
, of ny ik . propjrai ero!nlUded a
anrtublel . d aie's, ..
For Sale. i
I That desirable and centrally located
property on Lake Street. situated between
the Eclipse Stable and the new store of J
SN. Hill & Bros. To be sold in part or in
Swhole. Apply to
whole. Aly A. VOELKER,or to
C. 8. WYLY. a
Lake Providence, La., Oct. 10th, 1896.
Wanted-An Idea e
Write MJsoNme 8LrarttB I sot`
y D. c.. f o bteir drIv 8erim oaser
i Information for the |
The following is the schedule of the a
Y. & M. V. R. R., taking effect from e
Sept. 13.
n New Orleans Division--Train 6 will
leave Vicksburg at 8 a. m. jadd arrive
a at New Orleans 10:30 a. mi
' Train 21 will leave Vicksburg 8:00
a. mi. and arrive New Orleans 6:30 p.
Train 6 will leave Now Orleans 4:20
p- m. and arrive Vicksbnrg 5:65 p. m.
Memphis Division-Train No. 5 will
leave Metmphis at 7.30 p. nm. and arr:ve
at Vicksburg at 2:45 a. nm.
. No. 6 leaves Vicksbnrg at 12:05 a.
to. m. and reaches Memphis at 7:20 a" m.
Cto No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:46 a.
mhe M. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
mell m. and No. 24 will Idhve Vicksburg
D. st 7:30 a" m. and arrive at Memphis at
he 830 p. nm.
he For infornration as to rates &c.,
write to
res Vicksburg, Miss.
olYicksburg and Greenille Paket Co.
4t. Carrying U. S.-Mall.
atleaves for Greenville every
ar- Monday and Thursday a 1 pm
ort Steamer RUTH,
r of I Leaves for Greenville every
are* Wednesday and Saturday at
ati p. m.
her Firt class passenger and ireaght aeeom
erty modationS.
modatlon. J. J. POWERS, Supt.
t ti
she For Helena, Greenville, Lake Prov
ern- denee, Vicksburg.-and All
bue Way Ladinag-
The-Swift and Jllegant Steamer
this laa avaNa
et. In place of Bald Eagle.
A. L. Ct3xax ,  L.P.c t 's .
Master, " Clerk.
I assrt tr afc.tlu
apls 1oePer: ýý
Wi'J. &. P. Coats' Spool Cotton
at 45 less 7 per cent. This price is
to merchants only.
W. N. WarTE, AGT.
Lake Providence *
Keeps on hand a large assottat O.
mental Metallii Veeal .
Colmus Made and Trimmed to Ordet
f [april 180-191 .
Chas. Swofiord,
House, Sign and Omrspn it ,Ialr,
Buggy Painting and Paps t11gl ."
ed Lake Providence, La.
In Wanted-An Idea
a Ar etto
om isiomS
SON of SO deats an
i. tg ovn or r105 nW ear a A w-,
I ttlthe l.6lrobLd4 Uv
aoea work. ?N ea , asre n owedcetIsW.
: Me: e r,.o. Mout, , soIs ass
n eatm.se .
rve faberl .tate's o nd see Otms
Is aneqcllml for mTette
Rheuým, Aoad dore Nippta
a nd Itching Pibe sBu
m.Chrome 8uore Eye ant orn te Un d
S. GFor sele by dWorkgi ts at 6 cents pe lr.
1:20 O eS.SOU OW 1 .
rve aFor pltting a ahorsea healthy eO
s ndioneae try Dr. C mdy's condtiot Po
They tone the estem, ai dpplest, (o
Hand., loes oItching, rPelee oni, oFn,
idn Chro e ore Eyes and dnultoy wat Eys
new . ifo to an old or over-w pr ome,'
e per ,lyotTllo ggm _ a
is For putteeing a hoe In a fine healthy ethe
&c., lou ofapetits, relievo opt ee.iateo
S J.S. Guenard keeps the ori3g, g
quits a Be surea to eil for D. . T aeenor'
prabebly ptentsbie. C(ommulthoin U
AeonInttisep Oldyest rent i or .you ea
co m pushed off' o yWeu. Ti h "na d t
Patents trsenu rhough of in
I 31 Drosadwuv. New Tec.
.n. J. S. (',uar'l Peeps lhe orlgi

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