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.-- ....- - ....... . - co!
publisher and Proprietor. the
Saturday, April 17, 1897.
- -wo
The Levee'Problem, Le
Commerchal.lerld ] res
Proof of the inability of local author
tics and hcal resources to haundle this the
great task, the explise of building the cot
levcis successfully, has come after in
piany, years of trial and great cost.
Government aid has e:tabled the dis
,tricts to carry the Ianrtha~n just far wh
enonugh to make :seccess indispensible. eff
'Ihe only altrtuntive how,w is abandoln
nent ft of the task and very much of the the
-otintr3 that has w ,bent cleared up :and go
the credit of.the loc:l boards have been 111h
either exhaustted. or s ria:n,'d to the
last degree. This is aseuredly true of
th. lower Mlississippi district, the most tar
ntltieted of all; and by a cruel irony of sai
fate the mait populous and highly im- sa(
1pov,l. The iw ople have not only
itated themsclvtes most heavily, but the tht
" four caant.ics it enbraces are loaded rot
with a bonded debt of over a million da
Sdollars. Hleretofre. during the whole
existence of this board: its credit has ho
been maintainetd: luspite of all pro- ke,
vions disasters, there has never been a
default in meeting an obligation. la
But tthe must depend in future on the
government for flood protection. And thi
their present low state is wholly due to to
the government works erected pn the Sa
levees directly opposite. There in the
past six years the river commission has tal
expended nearly four dollars, for every we
one laid out In the Mississippi Levee
District. This policy of the commis
-slao has wrought widespread loss and
stin. and is-surely a strong argumentt
In favor of sole government charge of Su
,&e levees, and on a scale st1ilcient to
extend protection to all. mi
--  . - -
We get mail only three times a week th
by the boats since the crovasses in of
Mlssissippl. and yetterday morning we P
Went to the post offilce expecting to got c
a three days' mail, which we should c1
a have gotten. We were anxious to get so
New Orleans papers, as it is our only
wdy ofgettiug news of the high water. ti;
But what was our disappointment wihen te
we got only Mohday's papers, and cI
Tuesday's and Wednesday's Papers T
were left belhind. The citizens were
angry, and an Informal meeting took of
place at Guneard's drug store and the ti
following dispatch was addressed to It
the Post Master at Vicksburg: tr
Lake'P'ovidenee, La.. April 16. 1897. a
C. C. Floweree, P. M. Vicksburg, Miss.: 0(
" We received only Monday N. O. pa- -r
pers to-day. Why did we not get in
'uesday rid W.ednesday's? Part of ri
eur mallearried by every trip of boat.
E. J. HAMLEY. Mayor.
J. W. DUNN, Sheriff. of
,If it was the first time this thing had P'
happened we might afford to be pa
tibkt, but several times since we get s
" our mail by boat, a part of it is carried
by and brought back to us next morn- re
sng. and, when we complained we were hI
told by a certain agent that our com- fl,
plaints "can't do him any harm*" It w
would be strange indeed if the mail of tli
a thousand people living in Lake 01
Providence shaould be carried by and o1
iletly submit to ib They are deter
muined this time to get redress if it is to O
be gotten. If it Is not the failt of the it
mall agents they should help to - find e
out where the fault is. la
There are one hundred and ninety d'
prisoners confined in the ilel ot Or- la
leans parish who are waiting trial.
JusticB grinds slowly. II
Last Friday the river was higher i,
than ever known at New Orleans. tl
That great city has'at felt the wave t
yet, and when it does, which will be b
about to-day, they will want more
than any three feet of levee, without
several breaks take place before the ,
water reaches there. t
Now that we have highl water we a
are waiting patiently on the City .
Item of New Orleans, to make its u
dirty squeal that Gov. Foster should 1
be hell responsible forit. The Gov- a
ernor is held responsible for every
calamity that .falls our State by
the unsavory clique who run the tl
The Councordtia Sentinel says that a
the levees throughout the parish are a
all in excellent condition, and have u
been raised and strengthened to stand
not less than fifty-two feet of water, I
and proboably will be able to stand
the water now cominig down on them. a
We hope that the people of that *
parish will be successful in their P
noble liTht against the 'flod.
The enginecrs calculate that the t
erevasese in the Arkansas levees,
from Helena to Laconia Circle, thir
teen in number, are carrying off a
third as much water as is conveyed
t the chbannel of the river. Add the
ive crevasses in Mississippi and
: ise above Helena to this and the
:.; swt had been high and strong t
ewough. how hig wonhl the river be -
-tdy? Mr. Taylor, member of the
• pa isidpp iver Coumiselon, safs
twhtim...1 I bitt we dolbt hit
The river this week has risen about
7 tenths, and is now almost to the
height reached betpre the breaks oc
curred in Mississippi. How high the r
river will go before the levees again
commence to break is the question.
Work was ordered suspended on
the line above and below our town on
Monday for the reason that it was be
"unnecessary," when in our opinion in,
and the opinion of the citizens that tr
the forces should have been doubled
instead of being ordered to stop Vo
work. Mfr. Ranadell. member of the adl
Levee Board, ordered work to be Bo
continued, and on Tuesday work was bo
resumed. The reports from along
the upper part of the parish are en
couraging and so far, the levees are hel
in a remarkable good condition. Fil
Along the lower part of the parish, at
where the levees are feeling the an
effects of the water ruening out of Be
the Yazoo, the reports were not so '
good Thursday morning. Along the
illawara and Salem fronts the water z
is entirely over the levee for a dis
tance of three or four miles. It is
said the water is over the first tier of th
sacks in a great many places, but wi
that with plenty of material and bar- to
rows, (that only arrived on WVednes- th
day.) the people are confident and
hopeful that they can successfully T'
keep the levee from going. th
A note was received by us yester- ct
(lay morning from Salem, stating
that the Illawara levee was thought
to be alright, and that the work on T'
Salem levee was showing to an advan
tage, and if work could hold it, it cl
would never break there. I
The Mississippi Floods.
t J
I Sugar Belt Vindicator.].
The Eastern papers are now com
menting on the great floods in the
Mississippi valley and the extent of
the suffering and ot the destruction V
of property excites surprise in that c
part of the coantry. A' discussion j'
t is going on concerning what practi- g
cal remedies can be devised and ap- C
plied, and we trust it will result in R
some good. S1
An article in the Boston '"Adver- A
tiser" refers to the vast size of the o
tel ritory subject to inundation, in- r
1eluding 15,000 square miles in v
L Touisiana, 7,000 in Mississippi, -4,- `
600 in Arkansas, and 2,800 tn Mis- F
souri, an area as large as the States c
of Massachus'etts, Vermont, Connec
e ticut and Rhode Island combined.
In Louisiana alone the flooded dis
trict in an ordinary season produces
a cotton crop amounting to 1,500,- tl
000 bales, valued at $75,000,000.
This is but one of the items involved ,
fin the proper contrQl'of the greatest E
river on the continent. Y
The Boston paper, like many ii
others giving some thought to the J
problem of Mississippi floods, is not
clear as to what should be done to
stop the work of devastation. It
suggests that the time may come v
when some great system of storage N
" reservoirs will be constructed to p
e harness the force of the spring over
flows. Such a work it truly says,
would probably cost a sum larger C
than the amounts already expended S
on the levees. But the object is one A
of immense importance, with a hear- C
ing on national growth and prosperi- p
ty. It is well known that danger.
ous floods in the Mississippi, and in
its principal tributaries, the Mis- v
Ssoumi, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumber
lalnd, are recurring more frequently .
than in former years. The aban- E
donment of the rich river bottom
lands is out of the question, and the
resources of engineering are quite
equal to the task of protecting them.
If the means are provided engineers
can do the rest in America as well as 5
in IIolland. A decision as to how
. the means shall be raised will lead
Sto a speedy settlement of the other
e branches of the subject.
When thle cost of a flood in the
Mississippi valley is reckoned up it
will be seen that the wealth destroy- t
Ced in a single sea-on would go far I
towards preventing the invasion of I
thousands of farms, with loss of life
eand distress among multitudes com. I
vpelled to abandon their homes to the I
s waste of waters. If each family
d thus afflicted could state their losses,
and add themi to the damage in
flicted upon plantations, the aggre- .
gate would nothe complete. .There
'S would still be the cost of relieving I
i the sufferers, whiich the public cheer
fully bears, but they would rather 1
use the money as a preventive if that
were made possilble. Communities
ealong the Lower Mfississippi have
not been backward in spending their
ownI means to augment the govern.
ment appropriations. The results
r, thus far are incomplete and .unsatis
Sfactory. Inge as 4he Mississippi is
Swhen the spring floods pour into it
Sfrom different quarters of the cor
ir ass, it can be held under control,
and, considering the magnitude of
the interests concerned, esuch is cer
tain to be the final solution of the
" Aom9 Briok ompany
Is now ready with a fine lot of Briek
Sfor sale f-r cash. Prices to suit the
Itimes. Call at ofice of Company, No.
5 Leves street, for prices.
Je JO. W. 3OOKE. Manager.
Lake Providepe, La,
SJ. S. iuenard keeps the orignls,
1ge1 s Dlas. ticsheaonrs Atatise.tic.
Lake Providence, La., April 9, 1897.
The Hon. Police Jury of East Car- C
oll rmet this day in called session. be
Present-H. H. Graham. Phil Mc- thi
'l rire. D. Qnuays and U. A; Voelker.
Absenrt-.Rot. Nicholson. President. in
The President being absent. Mr. pr
Quays was called to the chair, who
stated the object of the meeting to
be to consider the advisability of lend
ing the sum of $5000 to the Fifth Dis
trict Levee Board and for the trans
action of routine business.
1 The following resolution of Mr.
> Voelker was read and unanimously er
adopted: ve
Resolved, That the President of this
Board be and is hereby authorized to
a borrow the sum of $5000 at 8 per cent. ir
per annum interest from date. payable m
in two years from April 15, 1897.
Resolved furt her, The he be and is
e hereby authorized to loan sane to the
Fifth Louisiana Listrict Levee Board
at 6 per cent. per annum interest.
Kesolved further. That in consider
e ation of the said loan to the said( Levee a
f Board he obtain a warrant from the
President of said Board for the said A
sum. bearing 6 per cent. interest. ni
e Resolved further, That he be author- h
r 'zed to endorse the said warrant to the
I Tender of the said sum of $5000, and th
that he issue two certificates of in- it
debtedness for $100 each. payable on
f the 15th day of April, 1898 and 1899, FI
It without interest until after maturity,
to seculre the payment of the remaitining
2 per cent. intereset on the $5000 au- T
* thorized to be borrowed.
d On motion of Mr. McGuire, the
Treasurer was authorized to pay any
claim for levee guarding" approved by
the member of the Police Juror in
r- charge.
a The Finance Committee made the
following report. wnich was adopted:
Lake Providence, La.. April 9, 1897. h
D To the Hon. Police Jury of East Carroll- tI
We, the Committee on Finance, re
commend the approval of the following It
it claims, presented at this meeting: P
Frank McGuire, loan ......... ...$1046 70 C
Yancey Rell. quarter salary........ 30 00 E
E J Hamley. quarter salary........ 50 00
W H Hunter quarter salary ...... 2 (Si
Banner-Democrat, quarter salary.. 62 50
J W Dunn, ...................... 3 00
, telegrams .............. 1 60
. salary ................. 41t S
, sundries ............... 00
e salary ............... 41 70
, , attending court ....... 25 00
in V M Purdy. jury clanim ............10 00
N Fousse, pauper burial .......... 4 00
at C A Sumpter, nails ... ............ 10
n. D ' Quays, levee guards .......... 46 GO
pr diem ................. II 70
LI- H H Graham, pr diem............. 7 80
C A Voelker, pr diem ............. 7 80
Phil McGuire, pr diem ............ 4 50 d
Robt Nicholson, pr diem........... 5 70
School Board. poll tax.............. 45 0.
A C Handley, levee guard ......... 22 50
CR Eg.lly, jp salary ............ 25 00 1
e G-M Franklin. inquest............ 10 00
. Phil McGuire. sundries............ 60
levee guards .......... 282 00
II WH Fisher, jury ................ 4 00 1
-W E Long, coroner's salary....... 18 75 c
Wm McCulloch, levee guards ..... 49 10
I Frank McGuire, coal ............... 25 0
es C P Ruple, levee guards ........... 45 70
,e Henry Dickerson, constable ....... 6 25
J E Ransdell.salary................ 25 00 c
is- $2085 80
We recommend the payment of the
following approved claims, and that
the Parish T'reasurer be authorized to
0. warrant for samue:
d Frank McGuire....................$1 70
st E J Hamley............... ........ 50) n I
Yancey Bell ................ ...... 30 00 1
W H Hunter....................... 25 00
ly Banner-Democrat .................. (2 50
lJe J W Dunn ............... 300 1
ot. ......................... 41 60
to " ............ ....... .... 1 00
................ ... 1 00
ne V M Purdy........................ 10400 t
N Fousse............. ............. 4 00 t
C A Sumpter ..................... 10
to P D Quay ......... ................ 146 00
............. ......... 11 70 t
, H Graham .................... 7 80
' Phil McGuire...................... 4 50
er CAVoelker ....................... 7
d obt Nicholson ................... 5 7
School Board..................... 45 00 4
ne A C Handley....................... 22 50
ir- CR Egelly ..................... 25 00
GM Franklin ......... ...... 10 00
- Phil Mtc~ulre .................. 2 0 6
r. W ...................... 2 2 00
W Tl Fisher....................... 4 00
W I E Long......................... I8 75
It- Wm Mcculloch ................. 491 10 '
SFrank McGuire ................... 25 00R)
C P Ruple........ ................ 45 75 t
lyJ ERansdell ...................... 25 00
n. H Dickersoun..................... 6 50
m Total ...... ..................$20-85 30
he Respectfully,
C. A. Voeler,
Phil McGuire.
rt. Fiuance Committee.
rA Thie Board then adjourned to imeet
as subject to c:)ll of thie President.
P. D QUAYS, Pres. Pro-Tem..
Levee Board Proceedings.
be Delta, La., Wednesday. April 7, 1897.
it Pursuant to call of the president the
Y- board of commissioners for the Fifth
ar louisianta levee district, met at I)elltaH
of La., this dlay.
Tfe There were present, F. L. Maxwell,
m- president; .A. S. Colfharp, Madliso
he parish; J. Steit, East Carroll parish;
lv C. C. Cordili, Teslas parish; J. B.
Hiserodl, Cotcordia parish; A. 'T.
e, Laie, secretary.
tn Absent--B. B. Parham, G. C. Gold
re- mat and J.E. Ranedoll.
5re A quorum being present the board
ig proceeded to business.
er. The following resolution was offered
ier by C. C. Cordill, seconded by'A. S.
tat Colitarp and unau:imously adopted,
es to-wit :
Resolved, That the president of this
e board is authorized to receive loans
er from the different parishes coinstilut
in- ing this levee district-five ihousand
Its dollars or more from each parish-aid
is- to issue to the presildent of the police
is jury of each parish a warraniit of this
it board bearing 6 per cent interest pays
m- ble out of the revetinues of 1898 or sub
Ssequent years;, and thai the mo~tey
of loained by each parish shall be ex
pended by the boa-d of commission
tr- ers of the Fifth Louisiana Levee Die
the trict on the levees along the front of
the parish lending thie money.
C. C. Cordill, F. L. Maxwell, A. S.
Coltbherp, J. Stein and J. B. liserodt
being present each voted aye on- said
The follo ring resolution was offered
p by J. B. 4liserodt, seconded by J.
Stein and unuaniuously adopted, to
bk wit,:
the Resolved, That ghe president of this
Jt. board be authorised tb borrow a sum
not exceeding ten thousand dollars to
Sbe naed in makinug a high water ight
L on the levees of the Fifth Louisiana
lAevee districk
itas, Be it furlber resolved, That the
reveans eosi. bsse4 kor' the year
1597 over andt above warrants already
drawn he pledged to pay said. loan.
J. B. Iliserodt, C. C. Cordill, A. S.
Coltharp, F. L. Maxwell and J. SLaet,
belug present, and each voting aye on
the passage of said resolution.
On motion of C. C. Cordill the meet
ing adjourned subject to call of the
F. L. MAXWELL, President.
A. T. LayE, Secretary.
Lake Providence, La., April 7th, 1897.
'I he lion. Mayor and Board of Ald
ermen of the town of Providence con
vened this eve at 7 o'clock in regular
Present--Hon E. J. Ilamley. Mayor
presiding; C. R. Egelly, Sectv.; Alder
men V. M. Purdty, W. iI. Schneider
and N. Fusse.
Absent-Alderman Jas. Beard.
The minutes of the previous session
were* read and approve].
The Finance Contmiltee filed the fol
lowing report, which was read and
T ' I, the lion. Mayor and Board of
Aldermen-We, your Finance Com
mittee, beg leave to report that we
have examined the report of the Treas
e urer and find that he had on hand at
the date of his last report on
March 3. 1 ..97...... ............. $350 84
n That he has receiver since
For licenses 1597.......... ... 33 50
For taxes 1896 ...... ............ 33 25
SMaking a total of ............R $417 50
- That he has disbursed as per war
rants.............. ................ 11 10
Leaving a cash balance on hand ot..530-2 49
Y We have examined the report of the
y Marshal and Tax Collector, and find
n that he has collected the above amount
($66.75) and paid same over to the
We have examined and approved the
following accou:ts and' recommend
their payment:
W A Blount, Marria salary . .......$50 00
b llanner-Democ'at, quarter printing.. 21 25
Purdy & Sc.ineider, coal oil, etc..... 22 80
o R C I Ergelly... ................. 15 O0
East Carroll Opera House. rent...... 15 00
IGoza McWiltams,. March Salary...... 15 00
t Mrs. .1. G. O'Sullivan .......... 5 00
E.1I amley. sundries ............... 1 50
DN Fousse, sundries.......... .. 8 00
Sl Total claims approved and ordered
0 paid ............... ...... ?. 153 55
70 All of which is respectfully submit
u ted.
V. M1. Purdy.
0o W. It. Sihcider,
0 C. R. Egelly,
70 Finance Committoe.
Committee on resolutions relative to
50 death of the late secretary, Danial
70 O'Sullivan, fihlet their repIort, which
was read, 'Ia!opted, ordered spread
00 upon the minutes and the committee
00 discharged.
Alderman Egelly, who had been ap
00 pointed to represent this Board in ac
75 ceptance of contract of lease between
10 the East Carroll Opera House and
0 Bnildinz Association Lt'd, and the
2 town of Providence for the occupancy
00 of the Opera House, filed his report ac
'3 companied by the lease signed in du
he plicate. which report was adopted and
at lease ordered filed.
to Alderman Egelly offered the follow
ing ordinance, which was adopted :
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
00 Board of Aldermen of the town of
00 Providence. La., in regular session
00 convened, Thhat in accordance with the
00 provisions of the charter of said town
F6r of Providence, an election is hereby
65 ordered to take place on Monday, the
00 7th day of Jnne, 1897, for the purpose
00 of electing municip'al oflic.rs of the
00 town of Providence. La. The officers
00 to be voted for consisting of Mayor,
i Secretary. Treasurer. City Matrshal and
7; five Alder nien; and the Mayor be and
80 is hereby instructed and authorized to
') issue his proclamation therefor.
6, Be it further ordained, That the
00 Supervisor of Registration be and is
50 hereby instructed to make a new and
00 complete registration without delay.
60 after due notice by publication in the
o0 official journal, of ,ll persons residing
99 within the corporate limits entitled to
Svote "t said election in accordance
0n with the provisions of Act No. 137, of
7, the acts of the General Assembly of the
00 State of Louisiana, approved July 9th,
-0 1896, and that this board furnish to
30 said supervisor a registration book anti
blanks in accordance with said act.
Be it further ordained, That the sum
of $20 is herelry approplriated. payable
et out of ainy fundts in the treasury nat
,.therwise appropriatid, as a compen
sa:tion tio be paid said suplervisor iiu1),n
completion of said registration and de
livery to this board at the expiration of
the time specified in saidt act No. 137.
for the registration of said voter3.
Upon motion of Alt. Fusse, it was
he runnimously resolved, 'lThat thIe Ceme
rtih terv Commissioners be and they are
Shereby relu"sted to tdeposit the map of
the Providence Cemetery at the Gue
all, i'rld drug store in the custody of con -
m nissio::er J. S. (;uenard, for thie con
1 veniernce of persons who may dtesire to
15' purchase lots in the cemetery.
SThlere teing no furthrer busiuess,,the
boardl adjourned until the next regular
Id- session, bteing the first Wednesday iun
May, unless otherwise specially con
rd vened.
E. J. HAMLEY. Mayor.
etl C. R. EGELLY Secretary.
ed, MiPrescriptions or hIome receipts
ofany kindi, lroperly compounldled i.
his Camplpell & Chaze's.
S At a meetiing of the Lake Providenee
LrLumber Co.. held Feb. 15tJs Inst. the Board
is of Directors sgreed on the following prices
fy- (or lumber, to-wit:
ub- Cypress cabin lumber. $12 per m.
SCypress bevelled siding, rough, $10 per m.
C'yprecss dressed siding. $13 per m.,
ex- Cypress T. & G. flooring and ceiling, best
os- grade. $17 per m.
)s- Cypress T. & G(i. flooring and celling,2nd
of grade, $13 per m.
fGum cabin lumber. SP perm.
S.ongles. all heart. $2..50 per m.
S hhinles, 2nrd grade, 82 per in.
od ~-"'rhese prices are for lumber st the
mill; when delivered, the hanulg will have
aid to be added.
E. J. HAMLEY, Manager.
Iis a tront of two chains and sixty-six links, on
ura the lake road, next to the property oe Mr.
J.U Bast. This is beyond a doubt the
to nest fve acre buiding lot o Enas Carroll
ghi parish.
sa k'or terms, apply Ito
Real Estate Dealers,
the Lake Providence, La.
ear January h&. ').-tit.
. * Lake and Leiree Streets, M
Dealer in
SThe finest line of Clothing carried in the city. Ladies Dres Goods,
9 Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Maekintoshes and Hunting Coats; Trunks,
Valises and Bags.
9 CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewherei
S. R. ANSDELL. Se and Treua
Predent. and Te.
The Providence Lumber Co.,
C1geTfI., STOCK * 150,000,
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
The Oniy Family GROCERY,
*~l S. A. MNTEAL. Proprietor.,
Dealer in Pine Family Groceries and all kinde of Fruits
and Nut* , Meat, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and COia-s,
" H ay, C orn and Oa! s. F ine K eg eeer. * -
S. W. GREEN, i
Ccr. Lko and Church Ct0., Lake Provideno,
.... DEALER IN....
1 Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
, General Merchandise, (G:oceries and Plantation Supplies.
Wines, Liquors-and Cigars. Call before purchasing esewhere.
I, Le'wee3 st, La.ke Prouidellnoe, La,
17lour, Meat and Meatl. Wines, Liqoors and Cigars A
SCheap and Firs<-cans Grocery House.
. ....vwx.' uCKE$H RE, MFrI3........
-Manutacturore of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
SCheapest Place in the South. Write for priors before purehaunla elsewhre.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, ] Louisian.a
Because the imitations of I)r. Tiehe
nor's Antiseptic smell and taste ike
peppermin is no proof that they are
"just as good" as the original, simou
pure compound that bas given univer
sal satistaction for ten years. You
may know Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic
by tht trade miark. J. S. Guenard
always keepa it for sale.
Wanted-An 1 rIdea --U .
aJgi-Campbell & Chaze have increased
their stock of drugs and sundries,. etc.,
and can meet calls for anything in their
Informnation for the
Tbe following is the schedule of the
Y. & M. V. R. R., taking ;effect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 5 will
leave Vicksburg at 3.10 a.ui.and arrive
at New Orleans 10:35 a. m.
Train 21 will leave Vicksburg 8:00
a. i. and arrive Now Orleans 5:30 -p.
Train 6 will leaveNoew'Orleans 4:20
p- min. and arrive Vickshbrg 11.50 p. m.
Train No. 22 will leave New Or
leans at 8.05. a. in. andtarrive at Vicks
burg at 5.55 p. nm.
Memphis Division-Train No. 5 wit
leave Memphis at 7.55'p. in. and arrive
at Vicksburg at 3:00 a. inm.
No. 23 will Leave Memphis at 8:45 a.
min. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
Train No. 6 leaves Vicksburg at
12.01 a. m. and arrives; at Memphis at
7.10 p. m.
Train No. 21 will leave Vioksburg
at 7:35 a- m. and arrive at Memphis at
5:30 a. m.
Alll tr:.ins run daily.
For information asgto. rates &O.,
write to
W. D. BRENT., C. T. A.
V icksbnrg. Mies.
Lake Providene - - I.
Keeps on hand a large assortment fI
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Oma
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Ordct
[april 13-89-ly1
Chas. Swoflord,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging.
Lake Providence, La.
Wanted-An Idea I to -
Write JOAN -R ) Pgttt rrrn
e Wehbnlon, D. C.. for ber $i.80 prie Oser
and 11s two hw Ird invetionsl waniW.
80- TFI 14 AEDI AIIA .
Anoe le Asat a eanmt nee on es,
38la n1 *freAdwaur an 1ýerk.an to
uFrlellmena, Greewnv" mlle. Lke r
Cr dpa omtmette. ck toanda Arlly
Sconfidential. Oldeet ageme7 co gSeerdus petta
In AmPerla. We bave a Wae cle.
L.a0esix mone .r ufeeei, 91 andtl, '
PssloS taLken threeuoh nras. a gon
LBOO5 oN PATNTs ient free. Adlb,
MUNN & Co.
361 Broedway. Now fe k.
0 For Hlelena. Greenville, Lake Prow
S densce. Vicksburg. and All
i The Swift and ieglant Steamer
In Place of Bald Eagle.
--PA.L. Curszms, L.P.Cuxx ,
. | Master, Clerk.
" evee every edotgdmmy ats p. ..
P eefrng Lake Pwv4tmeee on fr)de rmon ,oing
r ldown and tp'as Saturmiy s nine iotng uoO
-;Pergr4e froN P1i*f.r to irJetabg 6; rajiO
utrip~ ney 8

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