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---- - Trt
Saturday, April 24, 187. & M.
L. K. BAR EI?:{, usinA
St. L
Lake Providence, La. chant
C. F. DAVIS, you I
ATTrotNEY -AT-LAW, to al
Lake Providence, La. or I
Local and Parish News. A.
-- --- Ills.
Glorious weather. W
A whole week and no rain.
The assessorshbip is in the dark. Miss
Fishing parties are all the go now. T
The farmers are chopping out their off
The finest line of summer underwear carr
at White's. wva
Qur friend Shields goes filhiug out sam
on the lake.
The Acnme Bick Co., are building a fir
another kili.
The boys are bringing in long It
strings of tish. man
Another outlet right across the lear
river from us. son
The town election is not exciting of h
much enthusiasm. the
Magnificent sunshine weather, and ninj
just the kind for,crops. nl
Phil McGuire is agent for the An.
heueer Busch keg beer. T
The pretty line of ladies shoes at Pro
White's, are going very fast. love
Very little freight is being received whe
at the city front landing. wat
The levees continue in excellent Pot
condition along the front. rivy
What is the matter with Capt. red
lWhittington? loe's all right. ts I
There is some talk of bringing out
our friend Johnson for Alderman.
The water is falling slowly. Much tak
better than a rise at the same rate.
The jail after being empty for nearly 'ral
two months, has now two boarders.
We are now getting a mail down
from Greenville, via Arkansas City.
The bass and trout are now striking the
at the spinner. Now is the time to go
Father Mahe has gone down to the the
overflowed country to see about his
The merchants had smiles on their
faces last Saturday, who say business ri
was good. La
The citizens of Enast Carroll can of
show what they can do in Lighting It
high water. in1
The farmers want rain but say that pc
they would rather do without It right
about now.
Mr. Williams, reporter for the great d
Times-l)emocrat. was a visitor to our in
town this week. Ic
Even a slight decline in the river, it II
natters not how little, takes some pres- w
ure off the levees. ni
Chess Cary, a colored man, raised in at
our town, died at the hospital in Ic
Vicksburg last week. ri
Our friend Dave Gilmour seems to
have no opposition for the clerkship
of the town. lie is lucky. p
If the water will only go down in it
time, our neighbors can make a full na
crop of both cotton and corn. 11
Quite a crowd went over the river h
on Wednesday to see the break as soon n
as the news reached Providence.
T'rhe school boys are now practicing ,
base ball eh e "ry evening., There are
some good ball tossers among them.
There is no man on the river more
popular thana Alex lerrou, the doctor
on board of the steamer Annie Launrio. i
Business was very good in town on
Saturday last, caused by the labor
belug paid off for working on the
The upper rivers are all falling,I
which gives renewed hape and cour
age. A few more days aldour parish
will be safe.
Fully 100,000 sacks and 350,000 feet
of lumber have be c used ont the
levees in East Carroll parish in the
past five weeks.
The two receiving ntd forwarding
firms useo the govermlent barge for
roceiv.inlg freight. Each firm uses an
end of the barge.
The high water is absorbing the'
town election. As soon as the water I
commences to recede, then electionI
talk will commeuce.
Messars. C. D. BeDnton & Co., of
Bunch's Bend, have a few hundred
bushels of cow peas for sale. See their
notice in another columu.
Major L. K. Barber was In from the
Bend on Monday aind reports cottcu
and corn utip. We were glad to learn
that his health is much improved.
Sam McNeal has moved his grocery
store from Levee street, next to J. W.
Pittnman's on Lake street. Sam has a
pretty staud and keeps fresh groceries.
A giorions.thing to think that our
parish has escaped the breaking or a
levee. We have seen the terrible
effects of overlows and the ruit that
they bring.
Some of the boys say the reason
oar friend Dunn could'lnt see the deer
Iu the jail enclosure was that he had
been down to the barge and looked at
the river water.
The operation performed by Do.c
tora ArtaOd and Bernard on Fred, the
sot of Hotn. C. R. Egelly, on Monday,
wee sueceseful. The little fellow stood
It like a man, and we hope to see him
out soon entirely recovered.
Mr. Clifton Davis left last Friday on
the CI(ty of Savatnah to go in the em
ployment of thie government tnder
- Mr. reiwn. No snore capable person
ii.: ir" Davis could be found, and
' jui t klepo.i to be a fine acouuntant.
K.. - '- :, - . . •. .
Train service inaugurated by the Y. The
& M. V. R. i. and I. C. systems is ap- Pro-vi
preciated by the traveling public. By mont1
using the above lines you can go to Prii
St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Cincin- numb
nati and all points east with only one Rosie
change of cars and this change is made Turne
at a Union Depot in Memphis, where Levy,
you get a solid vestibule train through
to all the above points. For tickets Sec
or information call on local agents or Numi
address tendt
JNO. A. SCOTT, EMemphis, Tenn. nor ti
A. 11. IANSON, G. P. A., Chicago, Berm
Ills. Lula
W. A. KELLOND, A. G. P. N., Good
Louisville. Ky. Woo
1. Di. BRENIT, C. T. A. Vicksburg,
Miss. Fir
-- -- INull]
There is no need for anyone to send tends
off for clothes when they can be pur- nor t
chased right here in town. Max Levy 1,Y,
carries a pretty line. If yoi can't find ar
what you wan't in stock, Mr. Levy has lin,
samples to select !from and will send
off and have the suit made for you by Hi
on r<
a first class tailor. 19; r
It is with sincere regret that the ley.
many friends of Mr. Robt. Nicholson Atice
c learn that the water from the Madi- T'
son crevasso has covered one or two tard'
g of his places. It is to be hoped that the
the other plantations that he is run- inati
d ning will escape, and that he will 14th
make a large harvest. pare
t. thin]
The river commenced to fall at puPi
(t Providence forty-eight hours after the clos
levee broke at Biggs in Madison parish, TI
d which shows conclusively that the wor
water was banked up between this by
it point and the mouth of the Yazoo clod
river, and as soon as the break occur- a h
t red it commenced to flow, which gave wor
us the fall. Higt
it It is said that the water from the bra,
h Biggs crevasse in Madison parish, Is phy
taking somewhat of a different direc- Gen
tion than was thought. It has covered Bot
Ty allulab and is up above Omega and turi
spreading fast. There is no doubt but CI
that the water will back up into our nin1
parish and that several places along plo
og the line of Madison may go under. C
go to I
Arkansas was first to suffer from oth
he cat
.e the effects of twenty some odd breaks, alsi
then Mississippi, and now comes rvi
Louisiana with two on the Mississippi the
river front and several on Bayou '
Lafourche, which will inundate a part tue
n of the tine sugar country of our State. fe
ng It is only a question of how nmauj an"
more that will take place and at what
at point. the
Mr. II. B. Thompson came up MoU- liE
at day morning on one of the govern
ur ment steaumers and inspected the
levees along the front above town.
It Ile told us that he thought that they
'es- were perfectly safe, but that a great hr
many times the lcees go where they an
in are thought to be the strongest. lie
I tleft 'Tuesday morning for down the
river. th
to. ni
hip We were gll to see that our worthy ol
postmaster accepted the suggestion I
in made by us lust week in keeping the ut
full mail back as long as possible during LU
the time that it is handled by the p<
ver boats. Mr. Taylor will close the up at
0011 mail at 7:30 p. m. and the down mall ki
at 8 p. m., which will be a great con- at
i venience to the business men of our SI
toare i.
ore The water now flowing down
tor Bayou Macon from the break at the
ri head of the levee system, has filled that
on stream, and now that It has met the
h water from the break in Madison there a
is no doubt but that it will fill up
Swanr lake a:id the many bayous anud
u low places in the swamps and flow In.
rish to the lake from Baxter; but we hardly
believe that it will inundate any culti
feet rated land from this source in our
the parish.
All those interested in our public ti
school should read the report furnished p
fno us by Prof. Dudley. A public exami- p
anI nation will be held on the 13th and
14th of May and It is the duty of par
the cnts to attend and see what progress d
ater their children have made during the,
tion past term. Isham, the bright son of
Mr. and Mrs. Jans. Beard, will be the
of first graduate under the course of
tred study adopted by the Board of Educa
heir tion.
Our Madison friends. and those in
t t thle other parishes, have the sincere
earn symnpathy ofour parish. Tb'ey worked
hbrd, and they Can truthfully say that
cer it was not their fault that the water is
IV. over their lauds. Their crops were
as a destroyed and their plantations almolt
ries. ruined, but they will never give up
our and will go to work again with
of a renewed energy, and soon forget the
rible terrible destruction. They have done
that it before and will do it igain.
ason We understand there is a petition
deer being circu'lated to ask a redunotion in
had the Mayor's, Secretary's atd Treasr
etr's salaries, which we hope will not
receive many signers. If.there was a
Ith great reduction asked and the amount
oday, would effect any one person it would
stood ne a diflerent thing, but what is it to
him the udividuai tax payer? Itsealipply
nothingI It isa' generally theoe who
Lyon get up these kind of petitions who
a m-r would not work for a small salary and
eder generally are the kind who grab all in
emsight, atl expect public oluort to)o
wt. ork for almoit nothing.
.' ·
The following is a report of the
Providence Graded School for the
month ending April 16th, 1897:
Primary Department.--Number on
roll 23; average daily attendance, 21;
number neither absent nor tardy. 7:
Rosie Fousse. Annie May McKee,
Turner Bass. James HIealey. Mertie
Levy, Vail Montgomey and Theodore
Miss May Beard. Teacher.
Second Intermediate I)epartment.
Number on roll. 22; average daily at
tendlance, 19;; ilninhler neither absent
nor tardy. 10: Irene Millikin. Roberta
Bernard, Nettie Fousse. Julia Murphy.
Lula Lester, Essie Whittington, Henry
Goodrich. Joe Montgomery, Wiley
Wood and Louie Levy.
Miss Dessie Bell. Teacher.
First Intermediate l)epartmeut.-
Number on roll, 23; average daily at
I tendance, 20; number neither absent
nor tardy, 11: Isaae Bass. Eddie Ham
liy, Conery Purdy, Tom Montgomery,
Lonnyv McKee, Julia May Burney.
Mary iBlount, Katie Davis, Mina Frank
1lin, Carrie Fousse and Sammie Lewis.
Miss Mauad Tay for, 'Teacher.
High School l)epartment.-Number
on roll, 2t1; average daily attendance,
19; neither absent nor tardy, 7 : Bloss
Ashbridge. Isham Beard, Martin Ham
eIy. Elodie Brown, Pearl Burney.
u Alice Fousse and Isabel Montgomery.
Total number neither absent nor
o tardy, 35.
The school will close this year on
the 14th dlay of May. A public exam
ination will be held on the 13th and
II 14th in all the departments, and the
parents are invited to attend. We
think it would be encouraging to the
it pupils and gratifying to the teachers
to have you c.all once before the school
closes and see our work and methods.
J, This term completes the third years'
e work under the course of study adopted
is by the Board of Education, which
course provides for eight grades-in
cluding all the common branches-atid
a high school grade of three years'
e work. The Iranlches included in the
high school grade aroe as follows:
Higher Arithmetic. Elementary Alge
e bra, Higher Algebra.-through Quadra
ties, Plane Geometry, Physical Geogra
phy, Natural Philosophy, Physiology.
- General liistory. Civil Government or
Ad Bottouy, Rhetoric, American Litera
Id ture, beginning of Latin-Caesar and
J'The pupil who completes the above
r named branches will be awarded a di
pg plotma.
Our Superintendent has done much
to put the school on an equality with
other high schools: the Board of Edu
cation has adopted the course of study, -
;s' also rules and regulations for the car
 rying into effect the work laid out by
pi the Superintendent and Principal.
oi 'The assistant teachers have dne all in
irt their power to bring the school to :
high standard of excellence; and we
te. feel too, that we have had the support I
10' and co-operaiton of the patrons.
)at WVe hope to see many of the parents
out to our examination and to hear
the final essay delivered by our first
)u- high school graduate. Cl,
I- B. F. DUDLEY. Prin.
Abe e
ley Mayor namnley's butcher shop was
eat broken into on Saturday night last
rer and the cash draw robbed of about
lie $25.00. Willie Boice, who runs the
the business, discovered on Sunday that
the place had been entered du:ing the
night by the back door being prized
111) open, and immediately informed Mr.
ion (lanmley. No clew could be gotten at
the until Mr. Hlugh McGuire named Bud
ing Love, colored, as the one whom he sut
the pected, and he was immediately
uP arrested and placed in jail. lie denied
nall kt:nowing aunthiing about the robbery
on- and uas as "innocent as a lamb."
our Sheriff Dunn and Mr. Hlamley went to
hisr-ooi to makoea sear chand were
only a few moments in finding the
t0 money, tied up in a handkerchief in an
old umbarela thrown behind the door, w
hat and the money found tallied with the
hee amouut btolen. Love still denies his
Sguilt, but as he Is known to be sickly ci
up and is very seldom able to work, there fI
in- is no doubt but that he committed the h
dly robbery.
l This is the first time that a place of
o business in our town has been broken
our to for years, and the prompt arrest p
of the guilty person who committed 8
blic this robbery will have a tendency to
hed prevent others. It was a pretty good d
ani- piece of detective work.
and -- --- -- - -
par- Mrs. Martha Hlamilton left on Satur- d
es day evening for New Haven, Mo.,
the where she intends nmaking her home. a
U of Mrs. lIHamilton has passed througha 1
the great many sorrows sinuce her residence
e of among us, some twelve or fifteen years.
uca- Her companion for eare passed away
since her residence here, then her noble
o in son Jason, who was highly respected
c re and popular, then her other three sons,
r red Columbus, Alvin and John, ead three
that daughters-lu-law, ~ho are all at rest
er is in our beautiful home of the dead on
eere the banks of Lake Prpridence. May
moot her remaining years, in her old age, I
* be spent in happiness, and believing in
with Him, who does all thiugs for the best.
t de Mr. JAs. aff, who has been with
Judge W. G. Wyly for the past twenty
years as his stock man, and who owns
Llion the Lickskillet place in the swamp, had
in I the misfortune to lose the dweHling by
atr- fire on Sunday last. It was one of the
1not before the war houses and somewhat
r a finer than those erected on plantations
oount to-day. The house was occupied by
oould acolored family who rent the place,
it to and were at church when the fire hap
ply pented and cannot account for it. The
wwo colored family lost everythlfIg they
h o posessued, Including a barrel of pork,
y and barrel of tour and a barrel of meal,
al in and are now left wlthout anything.
r to Mr. Noeff has ordered lumber and will
creet aunothe house immediately.
WHITE'S ....
We invite your attention to our
display in our Show Window of a
line of . . . .. .
These Goods are well made and
will give you satisfaction.
ALPACA COATS AND VESTS, $2.50 to $7.50.
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DUCK VESTS, $1.50.
DUCK PANTS, 36 to 44 WAIST, AT $1.75.
W.N. White, A i.
The Vicksburg Tailoring Company,
agls`es ~~uits-to Order for
$18, $2O, = $as, : so.
Three thousan: d di!Vtrent patterns to select from. We haandle no ready made
hig. 26 South Washington St., Vicksburg, Miss.
M. A. HALE, I'roprietor. E. A. IIALE, Manager.
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I and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises. Ladies',
Misses, ChildrcL's and Mon's Shoes. Overshoes for all. Grooer
ies and Plantation eupp!ies.
n Services at Grace Church to-morrow
r, will largely embriace the service as it
e was on Easter day.
s The water from the Madison parish
y crevasse is taking a different course
e from what the engineers thought.
This is only another time that they
have been mistaken.
>f Services at the Methodist Church
to-morrow (the 25th) although not the
date of the regular appointment, as the
paster has been detained from other
d appointments by high water.
We learn that asi~.ge water is now
doing a great deal of damage to the
plantations along the front of the
levees, and that the cotton and corn
do not look anyways encouraging.
D., The river reports continue better,
,e nd the last one received showed a
fall at every point north of Providence.
If it can only continue, there is a good
e chance yeC for the overflowed sections
s. to make a crop.
Ie Grand musical programmes were
rendered at the Episcopal and Catho
lic Churches on Easter Sunday, The
s9, churches were beautifully decorated
ee and the sermons were in keeping with
ast the day.
o The steamer Carroll returned on
ay Monday from the Illawara and Salem
e, levees, and says that the work of s-v.
in ing that part of our levee system was
carried on day and night without any
rest to anyone.
th Mr. Eugene Platt, the all around
ty man of Vicksburg. is an accommod
ting gentleman and has been a great
ad help to the people living al:'w, the
ad river in seuding dispatches at:e, an
by swering telegramni.
at The Annie Laurie on her trip up
Tuesday, had a cabin full of passeu
te gers out from Vicksburg to see the
by big river and the crevasso near Green
cC, ville. The river at its present stage
is s sight worth seeing.
'he The city ticket office of the Y. E M.
tey V., R. R., is located in the J.oe Fox
rk, book store, Washington street, Vicks
a, burg. Mr. W. D. Brent is a popu!ar
gentleman, who will take pleasure
ng in giving all the information Ie-.
sill aired. Call on him when you expect
to travel.
At the annual meeting of the con
gregation of Grace Church on Easter
Monday, tbo following oficers were
unaniornously elected for the ensuing
year. Mr. W. II. Benjanmin. Senior
Warden; C. S. Wyly, Junior Warden;
Vestryman Messrs. W. S. Brown, W
C. McRae, T. S. I)elony and Fred
Schnelder; Treasurer, S. Paul Jones.
The Yazoo & Miisiseippi Valley
Railroad is now open for business from
Memphis to Cleveland on the Vicks
burg division, and no doubt in the
next ten or fifteen days will have the
road in condition so as to have trains
running between Vicksburg and Mem
Services at the Methodist Church
the first and third Sundays of each
month, at 11 $. um. and 8 p. mt. Sun
day school at 9:SO every Sunday; mid
week service every Wednesday at 8
p. n.
Polite attention to all customers at
The Quick Intelligence.
Of Vicksburg and the vicinage it
realizing that our stors is the place to
buy the very best in CLOTHING,
Will you try us, and agree with the
many ?
Send us your orders.
Money back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt atten
Vicksburg, Misq.
Registration Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the registra
tion book for the Town of Providence will
be open at my office in said town from
Monday, April 19th to Monday the 7th day
of June, 1+7, the date fixed for holding thbe
- election for municipal officers of said town.
Under Act No. ~9 of 189f;. providing for a
new registration, it is nece sary that every
B one desiring to vote In said election shall
- register anew.
register anew.J S. GUENARD, Assessorl
. Providence, lta.. April 17th, l$i17.
AThbsp gaideoSlE feo a doea w aesed en ncOtdd mdolhr'
bicyles. OBn a CosaIn-Lhs olt-e of Fl-noor Slgire.
,ný Thyc had ..ae abls tri: pat larly the Calsn
ba kider. Bassehur*stoAWImc* , being IeS the y5
and wisiang to buy asaew ias n a89 o te E
to a Londoni daler. Tb.he SCn l ttey bi gqht a.. The
...L $IO and $0i . one of the many ro •
of Coleabia slperkpnty,.oa_ yea oarra thae ir wA
economy in
00 ALlKE.A
HARTFORDS, 60, 40, '45
Btsr than almost any ath bcycis.
POPE 1M9ANUFAcTURING CO., Hartford, Conn.
Grestest Bicycle Fare q Ih tdw Woord. Mor th.an 17 Acmsoi Floor Space.
asncks or d s In al mos t evs o y Oc and town If Coeambies are not -ropry e -.
san sd Ijrre vfiatr, let us know.
Billiard & Pool Room Parlor,
PHIL M CUIRE, Proprietor, s .
Noxt to M[ax Lee's i"g Clothing $to"e,
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Case Goods, full qnarts-Old Bonrlqn, 80 years 9d W.B
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  Ira charge for jugs. .
Anheuset-B0scb Keg Beer,
--oDqalers in
r anoY mod. TLoilet A'o1io ,
B Pacr tsiein, prernpti O .1 Z r ob tliZ.e
Ei'Physicians prescriptions sarfsuyl cowesp.u d iftr . ho"r, a("3
or night, by a registered Phrn~,set o e
- [MBER : .iMIER. IM.IER ,
ir ---LAKgr 'OVfP D E, LA.-
rued I ams now prered to gi all or;ders for
om5- in a prompt and satisfactory marnier at lowest pricee for Crm 4I
te prices before purcbasing elsewhere. Noainmber isshjppye f?.ro
the My Cotton Gin is the oomplete Monger syutemI a5nd my g1R*)u6':·
are very low. -
rams iA liberal shar.f eth ce is s o .
Ga 8 uuenard Drug-cur2v:1.;
rs at 4
zoe. a Goeneral AJ5olrt~me, &ot Fre1
ge Ilng Prescriptions a speelal by &
and Toilet sad Fasey AlfttdL
* tre Landreit's B
rom C Ti
tom Rritolhing mad Rlukhl
nor. * I
I~ai rrc Job w i

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