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-- .,.
Slturday, May 8, 1897.
Lake Providence, La.
Lake Providence, La.
Practicing Physician,
Omce at Campbell "& Chase Drug
Store on Levee street.
Burgeon and Practicing Pysician.
(Obstetrinc a specialty.)
Will respond to all calls, day or night.
Office at Bernard drug store. Residence
next to Metodist Chure
Payment for medical services must
be made at the close of each month
A. ttoZ'neyf at Larr'.
Lake Providence, La.
Practices In State and Federal Courts
Local and Parish News.
The pot's 'er bills, let 'er bile.
Its politics now for a while;
And Hamley, Fisher. Peck and Blount
Are all out on an omce hunt.
Now is the time to get a treat
From every candidate you meet;
Make good the time, boys, for in June
You'll hear 'em sing another tune.
Lay in cigars for all the summer,
You festive dood, you fly-time bummer; a;
For that's the style these days, you know,
And what's the style is all the go. g
Don't neglect to register. ti
The riv er continues to fall slowly. W
Town politics warming up a little. fc
The health of the town continues re
good. h
Mr. C. F. Davis can now be found at of
his office. oi
A few drummers have commenced
to come in.
No May pic-nic this year; too much w
bigh water. ii,
Leo Shields wants to know who sent 9r
him that letter. sil
Our friend Hurley says that he keep a pr
fresh ice on hand. a
The good rains of last week gave the By
crops a growing start.
The finest kind of cow peas for sale
by C. D. Benton & Co. Na
Beautiful dock pants, just the thing 27
for summer, at White's. Es
Services at the Catholic and Episco- -1
pal Churches to-morrow. fe
The children of our town are now an'
having sport crayfishing. He
Sg'Anthrax vaccine, for charbon, oft
at the Guenard drug store. we
Some one is bound to get left in the
shuffle in our town election.
There will be no services at the una
Methodist Church to-morrow.
White and Levy's trade on Satur- Gil
day last was all that was wanted. Ali
This wyll be about the last week R.
that steamboats will come in the canal. Mo
Elodie, the little daughter of Capt. o
W. 8. Brown, has a handsome bicycle. at
Mr. Chas. 8. Wyly's little home on Ega
the lake Is one of the prettiest in our tici
The feed stuff that is sold every
week by the landing keepers is im. all
moene. Dei
The municipal political pot is begin- roll
ding to "bilen pretty freely on the Nom
Atreets. last
Several of the boys of the second stes
ward now come to town on their wha
or s
Has the time slipped by for the retn
drawing of the jury, for the June term friei
of court?
Some of the boys stuck to alpacas
.nd straw hats during the cold spell of O
lust week. bull
Mr. Max Stockner went to Vicks- the
burg on the Ruth last Wednesday This
morning. of fi
To build up our town we must pull is a
together. A divided house is bound Whi
to tumble.
There is plenty of water in the Hall
eloughs and boyous in the back part cet
of the parish. n
Mrs. T. J. Powell has been quite ill A d
all this week. We hope the good lady
will soon recover. corn
The dike placed at the ends of the are
Shipland levee on the Misaissippi side, vicin
are about to give way.
There were one or two fuses among requ
some colored people In the lower part rz
of town on Sunday night. tiz
The river gauge now registers be- ao
low 41.90 the highest water known llo
previous to the 1897 stage. posit
Mrs. K. W. Constant returned from slighi
1ot Springs last week on the Savan- electi
-sL much improved in health ever
The eandidates are sawing wood. Mr
bney bate to part with a V. It iscash eight
In edvamee, or no announeement, even
We heard a prominent plnter my that I
e Mudey that he never saw the his
oeUtlok mor promising for crops. lm h
O.r type, BUrest, roaunded his 21st The a
Hllieste lest Wednesday. He is a
ti.dllgst sad ladnrrious colored- lad
euad W m aske · good ,sa. we c
Mr. Prank Plttmnu retarned from
Q mdl. Mils, last Tueday meruaig, Mr. I
leakin g ae Idlde, sad reedy for our p
samer eeqmuete, which sm to be
ea flye b pf· ert of time. Gld a
k~trSmy0*esklreak marhi
TIain service Inaugarated by the Y.
& M. V. R. R. and I. C. systems is ap
preciated by the traveling public. By
tsttg the above lines you can go to
St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Cincin
nati and all points east with only one
change of cars and this change is made
at a Union Depot in Memphis, where
you get a solid vestibule train through
to all the above points. For tickets
or information call on local agents or
JNO. A. SCOTT, Memphsl, Tenn.
A. II. HANSON, G. P. A., Chicago,
W. A. KELLOND, A. G. P. N.,
Louisville, Ky.
W. D. BRENT, C. T. A. Vicksburg,
a Miss.
Mr. Fred Shields, a popular younug
gentleman and first class grocery clerk,
is now behind the counter at Hill
Bros. This may keep Fred from the
tennis grounds and cause a few sighs,
ght. but he will get over it in course of
dence time.
must Mr. W. C. Mcltae, the new assessor,
to uth bas secured the services of MF. Clark
N. Hall as his deputy. No better per
son could have been selected and
Clark can be depended upon to do his
work up to the handle and in first class
There is some talk of extending the
Sifts school term another month, and in
stead of closing next Friday extend
ing it to Julie. If there is money on
hand to defray the expenses of another I
month we think it should be done. I
We are off for a two weeks recrea- t
tion, and during our absence Mr. S. B. I
Kennedy will have charge of the Ban
ner-Democrat. Mr. Kennedy is a first
class newspaper man and the citizens b
appreciate his ability; besides he will c
now. give you poetry way up in G.
The merchants have begun to close n
the dry good stores at seven o'clock, e
which will be kept up until the fall h
season opens. This is a good thing
ttle. for the clerks, as it gives them more
Cues rest and more recreation. There is tl
hardly enough business at this season
I at of the year after dark to pay for the
oil consumed.
ced The levees all along the East Car- it
roll front have been standing the o1
ach water very well this week. There con.
tinues to be a slight fall which has
ent greatly alleviated the danger of the 1
situation. The chances are that the II
present ficod will pass off by degrees N
and we will escape an overflow. If bi
we do, we will owe it to the banquette
the system.
ale R. E. Korkam, the weather man at m
New Orleans in his report dated April
ing 27th, says "in the upper river parish
East Carroll to the mouth of Red river
co- -more or less damage is being in
flected by the Biggs crevasse waters ti(
ow and by back and seepage water."
Here is another U. S. government
official who don't know a thing in the
world what he is talking about.
she The Fisher supporters held a meet- gr
ing on Tuesday evening and nomi- of
he nated the following ticket: For su1
Mayor, W. Ii. Fisher; Secretary, D. W. GC
or- Gilmour; Marshal, W. A. Blount; ter
Aldermen, C. R. Egelly, V. M. Purdy. hie
ek R. L. Hill, R. J. Walker and Vail en]
al. Montgomery. Our frieuds"will have no'
pt. o muster more voters than they had his
le. at their meeting. Messrs. Purdy and doi
on Egelly.will be placed on the other ha
ur ticket. of
ry Publisher J. N. Turner, owner and ma
a. ll around manager of the Banner- mel
Democrat, Lake Providence, East Car- self
u- roll parish, Louisiana, Township 21,
be North Range, 11 East, made his escape rn
last Wednesday morning on the
Id steamer Ruth for parts unknown, reg
ir where it Is said he goes for his health(?),
or something else. He is scheduled to ush
e return in about three weeks. Hlis old con
m friend and faithful servant, the B.-D., trut
wishes him a pleasant trip, pub
>f Our city fathers have decided to thin
build another cistern at the corner of He
,. the Opera House and post office. SPR'
y This makes the fifth one of a system any
of five, located in the center. There expi
II is a cistern at Hill's corner, one at or tl
d White's old corner, one at the Catho- and
lic Church and one at the Firemen's Ish
e Hall. The one proposed will be the But
central one, which will afford protec- to b
tion to a large portion of the town. be
A double cistern at the Opera House ly a
corner would be a wise thing, as there sugs
are so many houses in the immediate stra
vicinity. in tl
At the solicitation and urgent py
request of a majority of the prominent spc
citizens of our town, Mayor Ilamley me,
has yielded to the pressure and will his
allow his name to be used for the aw]
position again, and there Is not the
slightest doubt but that he will be re, S
elected by as large a majority as he ed ot
ever received at any previous election. the c
Mr. Hamley has served the town for time.
Ieight years, and it cannot be said, whet
even by the few who are opposing him, or uc
that the town has not prospered under frie
his administration and the hoodlum'
ism has not been entirely broken up. Th
The afairs of the little city are in good P
shape, and why a change is necessary
we cannot see, except that it is the more
same old cry of uonts against the las.r" Ohur
Mr. Hamley will be t-elected, mark Th
our prediction, keep
Garden truts le eeres ·e theL
marhet, er
Y. Mrs. Laura. ophia Tebbetts entered
ap. into eternal life on Friday evening,
By March 6. 18f.
to She was born on her father's plan
tin. tation in Claiborne. county, Miss.,
one March 14. 1816. In 1841 she was
ade united in holy matrimony to Hiram B.
sere Tebbetts. M. D.. a native of Northfield,
igh N. H., and lived for many years on
ets Concord Plantation, near Lake Prori
or dence, Carroll Parish, La. Four child
rea were born to them, of whom there
un. are still living Hiram W. Tebbetts, M.
go, 1)., of Los Angeles, Cal., Mrs. Howard
F. Hill, of Concord, N. H., and W. B.
N. Tebbetts, of Denver. Col.
Mrs. Tebbetrs was taken ill with
arg, acute bronchitis and attendant compli
cations, under which she rapidly de
clined until she passed into the true
hug life beyond, surronnded by comfort
rk, and affection, and sustained by the
aill assurance of continuity with her God
and Savior.
Lhe The following is taken from the New
he, Hampshire Patriot, published in Con
of cord, N. H.
There are now only a few living in
this parish that knew this kindly' lady.
or, who was many years ago the central
,rk figure of the home-life of the Concord
hr- plantation, then one of the most beauti
ful and comfortable homes of Carroll
Jis At the close of the late war Dr.
sas Hiram B. Tebbetts sold his plantation,
and removed with his family to Con
cord, N. H., his native State, where he
he had provided a lovely home for them.
nu In this beautiful city their children
d- grew to man's and woman's estate,
and married.
) Dr. Tebbetts died some years ago,
er leaving his most devoted wife to mourn
his loss. She had her children to com
fort and solace her, and lived anew in
a- their families to whom she was most
B. warmly attached.
n. Notwithstanding her long absence
from the South. she. to the very last,
Smanifested the most lively interest in
is her old plantation-home, and all the
It people who were once her friends and
Those of us who knew her will
e mourn her loss with sincere grief, and
extend to the bereaved ones the most
11 heartfelt sympathy.
__. H, B.
e .Authrax vaccine for charbou, at
the Gueuard drug store.
To trap the unwary-make no allur
oing announcements to catch you just
e once.
The GUARANTEED value we give
in our matchless SPRING CLOTII
NECKWEAR--and your money
f back, if you want it, Is protective
Will you try us, and agree with the
many ?
Send us your orders.
Money back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt atteun.
Vicksburg, Miss.
The citizens of East Carroll are
gratified to bear of the appointment
of Mr. W. C. McRae as Assessor to
succeed Mr. J. S. Guenard. The
Governor could not have made a bet.
ter appointment. Mr. McRae has all
his life been one of the most fearless
supporters of Democracy, and has
never failed to respond to the call of
his party. No man in the parish has
done more Individual service than he
has; and in his appointment the wishes
of a large majority of the people have -
been gratified. A hard fight was
made by both sides, and his appoint
ment Is i triumph, not only for him. t
self, but for his friends also. Democ- 1
racy believes in rotation in office, and mei
in East Carroll the offices rotate pretty ie
regularly about every two terms.
The "'Copy Hook," a paper pub- Epe
lished in the interest of newspapers cs
cou!d'nt have said anything more
truthful than the following: "T'I'he R
publisher of a newspaper has one tion
thing to sell and one thing to rent. eve:
He has the newspaper to sell and the
space in his columns to rent. Can plan
uanyone inform us why he shourd be will,
expected to give away either the one brig
or the other LIe can if he so chooses, 4
and he does, as a matter of fact, furn- cath
ish a great deal of space rent free. C.r
But it does not follow that he ought our
to be expected to do so. It ought to TI
be recognized as a contribution, exact- fie
ly as would be the giving away of the
sugar or coffee by a grocer. But, M
strauge to say, it Is not looked upon groi
in that light at all, yet everybody fie
nows that the existence of a news- pol1t
2aper depends upon the rent of its Mi
pace and the sale of the paper, au a Nep4
nerchant's success depends on selling shou
is goods instead of giving them and I
sway." I
last 1
Several of our planter friends jump- famil
d on us for saying that In some places M
be cotton had been worked the third bere
Ime. Of course we did'nt know Fishs
rhether it had been worked over once u wele
r not, and we referred them to our In
read Hugh Montgomery. Inter
The Board of Aldermns met in Eas
egular semsioia on Wednesday night. Th
'roceedings next week. the
The Town Couucil has added two bons
more street lamps, one at the Catholic been
hurceh and one at White's old stCore. npp
The School Board have decided to Mr
eep the Providence publio sbool last
-pen tlR May 28th, in order that reper
rOf. Ddley might complete tie Ifelj
mrsl d atedhs he he bal~l *terge stand
Wre At
i the FINEST mae.
t This department is in charge of a lady who iLTES
n- ZR D HITS, for Ladles and isses.
ST ITE and ickbuOLORED rgTILaoRS frin the CHEmanyST to
:i- M a ethe FINEST made.
o- ARTIFICIALS and RIBBONS, in great variety.
Three thousa department ipatterns into select fharge ofno a lady who thoroghl
posted in this line of business. Your inspection invited.
T. JN. Powel l, Ag
The Vicksburg Tailoring Company,
18, Street , s $22Provide, Lous2na
Three thousand different patterns to select from. We handle no ready made
M A GHAE226 r soouth Washington St., Vicksbuarg, Miss.
M. A. HALE, Proprietor. oE. A. IaLE, Manager.
T. J. Powell,
Levee Street, laike Providence, L.oulsiana,
.... DEALER IN....
Fine Clothing, Hats, Caps,
and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunki and Valise Ladies'
Misses.Children's and Men's Shoes Overshoes for all. Grocer- £ $ ý
tL. a.Anthrax vaccine for charbon,
at the Guenard drug store.
The fishermen have been quite un
merous this week, but unfortunately
the fish are scarcer than the poles and
Y lines.
There will be a meeting of the
Epworth League at the Methodist
Church to-morrow evening at 5
Rev. Mr. Parker's eloquent sermons
are appreciated by the large cougrega.
tions who go to hear him on Sunday
This has been an ideal week for the
planters and they have worked with a c
will. The prospects were never
We have a very lengthy communi
cation from Mr. S. T. Jackson of West a
Cerroll, and cannot publish it until d
our return. a
The Glee Club are learning some a
fine quartettes, which will be presented -
to the public at some future day when
the water subsides.
Max Levy's busineas continues to
grow. It is bound to, for he has a
fine stock, everything cheap and he I1
polite to his customers.
Mr. Frank Constant was up from
Neponeette on Monday. He was
showing his fine samples of clothing s
and took in several orders.
Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Vincent, of
Greenville, came down on the Iutlh dl
last Wednesday morning to visit the "C
family of Mr. J. W. Pittman.
Mrs. Sam Blum, of Greenville, is of
here visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. do
Fisher. "Miss Ruthie" is always a he
welcome visitor to Protidence. * u
In another column will be found an
Interesting article written by Mr. P
Chas. II. (jofe, a. former resident of at
East CarrolL Bead it and enjoy it. rt
The water is low enough now for
the landing keepers to use their ware. er
houses. One of theme, however, has
been completely wrecked--Sclincider's
upper warehouse. " ap
Mr. bantzler came up fromQultpost
last Wednesday on business. He 18
reports everything going along very -w
afeely in the far g line, atl"ir
standing the high watr; it
Mrs. Troup Jones- returned from
Greenville on the Ruth last Tuesday
Send in your cards, candidates; it
I don't cost much, and money is cheap,
you know.
Mr. Morgan Hamilton, of Mayersa
ville, passed down on the Ruth Wed
nesday morning and said that the back
water was receding slowly from the
town and adjoining country. 4
Mr. T. B. Davis is no longer in the
sheriff's office and will now pay his
entire attention to his plantfng inter- I
eats. Mr. D. has played the city dude
long enough, he says, and will now be- a
come a country jake agatu.
No doubt our friend Guenard will
keep in kindly remembrance those
who signed his petition for assessor
and gave him personal letters of en
dorsement and then turned around
and did the spme thing for the other
applicants. They are buns.
For Sale.
Two hundred btiliRki of Cow Peas, at
$1.26 per bushel.
C. D. BENTON, & Co.,
Brunette P. 0., La.
Lake Providence, La., May 8, 1807.
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana, Parish of East Carroll,
Seventh District Court, J. W. Cooke
& Co., vs. . E. . Massee.-No. 307.,
By virture of a writ of Fi Fa to me
dlreetUd by the Honorable Seventh District
.Court for the parish of East Carroll afore
said. in the above entitled cause. I will pro
ceed to sell at public auction, at the door
of the court house, in the town of Provi
dence, East Carroll parish, La.. on Satur
day the 22nd, day of May, 1807, between the -
hours prescribed by law, all the right, title -
and interest of M. E. Masee in and to the
following described property to-wit:
O'ne Lot of ground at te 8 E corner of the
property of Mrs. Jane Waddill. Tutrix. in
the Town of Providence, La. Southwardly
along Levee street 60 feet. Westerly at
right angles to Levee street One Hundred
and Forty-2lve teet. Thence 60 feet North
wardly to 8 W codner of said Waddill prop.
erty. Thence along the South line of said
property to ponat of beginnalg-seized in
the above suit.
Terms of Sale cash with the benefit of
J. W. DUNN, Shernf.
Sheriff's oice, Providence, La., April 17.
a Amnbras Vacelne, for charbes
it the ueeaurd durg jore.
4897 Coý. bia Bicycles are macf 5 per cent. Nickel
Steel Tubing. We control the e rproduction of this
tubing and use it usively in
• -- TOALL
HARTFORDS, s75, s60, ,50, '45
POPE MrPO. CO., 'ea.eg.j, o0. m. .
afa . w e..a. lel..bus eass. s! asr . s e sf.s.
hI o.in, wady to t oat ad a but up a ra smal1f msie m. s.._
io n pto od m od eat by ma e a rape of ie s-mt stamp.
a Billiard & Pool Room Parlor, l
PHIL M CUIRE, Proprietor,
oxt to Maxi Levy' I 3Irg Clothiptg to ,
. Lake Providenoe, , Louiaiana,,
Choicest brands of Whiskies, Brandies Wines a ger and To
baoco. Keep on hand; Live Oak, pure Bye; Mem his Olld b
pore Rye; I. T. Rippey, eziorted and reimported; J. Pepper,
S and-made sour mash Bourbcn; Jockey Club, hand-made sour
mash; Melwood, pure Bourbon, spring '91; Bobinson County,
pure Rye; Beechwood, pure Rye.
Case Goods, full quarts-Old Bour'.on, 20 years old; W. B.
McBrayer, Old Taylor, the cream of Irish whiskey in jngs Imn
ported; Windson Club 1880. This is the hoibest and must seletL
stock of this class of gbods- ever brought to this market No e* *
S~tra charge for jugs.
"A. flE, S AhOlser-Busch, K ,.eg _,-ý
CAMPBELL & cHAZE, Prop's.'
-Dealers in -
Drugs. Miedoioae. ascnd Ohlomoaif,
Fanoy and CTollet ..&Lrfilies,
Spong es, :Etuholea antd Pisol,,"xe g .
Paints, CilM aind T Va aie
CI'Physicians prescriptions carefully compounded at all hours, day *
or night, by a registered Pharmacist.
I am now prepared to fill all orders for
in a prompt and satisfactory manner at lowest prices for VASE. Get my
prices before purchasing elsewhere. No lumber is shipped from my mill.
My Cotton Gin is the complete Monger system, and my ginning rates
are very low.
asA liberal share of the puablic patronge is solcited.
Respectfully, H. C. MoGUIRE,
Guenard Drug., Store
A. Goenerzal nAssortnt of Pan
Yish Dzags 4iwys on Sat,
Filling Prescriptions a specialty by as £poerlMedasb dull
----4icesed Pharmeil---
Painters Supplies of al JkadA.
Tollet and Fancy Astlce. Pore Os]dls,
Landreth's Garden Seed.
Copper, Tin and. Sheet-iron, Ti Peti l
britehlaA sad seluTtesks l-eek and assIn" tk
@eekSe ANN KUsERYW [email protected]
aCr)et wee et werl deesites seemprair deenL~-- ··

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