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St also app* to a means of relief f as no. | ]
Inre-4f phuical--awhich produces the Caron.
tetasm is a prolific -cnu of aon In its S
oCtet tnifluntfatorY or c'hittic htraim. But it rho U
-ay' he annihlated .t itS elith witl Hlstetetr's
stomiah Bitters. whil, h. r::t1niIe iktl poisns in
sermcs aimeL's tlittle: s i a ýutrtatn source
of relief. Sul
Milwaukoo unionists are already planntag
for IMay Day celebration. TEXT:
What Is Tetterimed tour bunt
It is a fragraot. unctuous olitment of great I b:ite
cOAlug.anbheatl gpiwer. ilgood forTettsr, real the
Ilingwrorm. Lteou andl all roughtc hes'mn. Recaltsl
It stup alin o ark' . lt, at, ,g u e at ¶tolpr iY b3,t hir
,ried wi l:polt$l ety cu i'r evan the Vro° chronle over 100
t-ero. tO. ton.t at aItSt' s b re o miy tall for a in
cents in stamnps. .I. i. Chune iaava-aanmh,a". 1 tI
.... . ...... ip on lt
('.atoe, m(.. loit httuhempl'lyl1 at tmprov- Ihousesil
ing roads. L.t Aknlow " nt will out theamo a greftam
etrt he work. o rbter'a
I0er;t ,I. -0 w waiser nov
The l ren ;o.i of A4a:,o tt one rov ant b-tiween
Era In v.l c,,atil4r-. a" r '. the ptantt The roll
So[ the buildinfl on° *' 3 lWS iInlila td tht
dlsevert. It pr forim try o* the v and te
Irae be-ll terCu iht er ancIttleon' has bhe- dart" f
li - e wotrld . tn i owner that mukeiat
oin san, yersf Hne fist, hte p lr plumes.w
o . l ltfi t th0 wIt e hcn from .la,
ia anti at n.flltftt, to sell it the Atub - from dle
Throutit eiteh.i'v' advert 6dnk an.d persona city, ribt
t the merit' of the dclrb'e Aiabastitinse ae at the ti
H r , auh.dloly clhtl that l thee eop ti t o f der ia:r
gCatIllfr thee 'o:,l and wl. taw ' n.cb € anlyhO at
to l I.1thei r walla toit ;.  oaI 1.snling of at yoeiry.
isl Inumt, but a fewart ot. Tt', itlet gain Chillle
dlenwesrteted th-t merit wil. ntand teat inks
nf, .titrer.s of tr.t-elns arLcte4 will lOe sup- wet a
1o9 ted by the s '.ope. inti on e
Oe towardtI. 610o . etfy Ii
're readers of thIs paper will be pleases Io tion, tI
learn that there  at least ire dlrared disease ow t t fl
that c eiues Lisa been able ho (tre  n all its home D
in.5s, and that is Crtarrlt. Iall'o C a r car ve of a
Cuin is the only pieitiro tute now kitown to
the e.leal fraternity. (e'atarrh eing a tcostl. Oilim
tuilonal delucas. requires ta cunUtoto.luti thoe nlrts
trcatment. Ulali' 'ararrlt CureIs take later- rao!nd
,ially, acsttg dict ly 10po the i bloo"d amtd - slipper)
c,ue suarfacs of the syetem, thereby destroy- on
ItOg tie fotutatitlon af the disea'e, and giving brlde.1
the patient strength by iulldiug nup the oo- tIra,
Littilon and Rahsltmg nature indolng itn d
workt. The jroprietors have an mniuch faith thetre
itt cur:ativ lotweri that they offer One U onos er
stred Dollars for any case that it falls tOOur. rtverls!
enpd tot list of tcstlutinlale. Address hoapi
F. J. Cllon Y & Co.. TultO, Q t. htior (
Fll4 by DrML pji rs, iL e mIeSt!e
4aYlsim'.l l'Lo ere the It wlhomes
Anngust Chronicle: eorghti can ,ny dy
raise better hogs and cattle than the dear :
West; better turnips than Nova Seotle, graveet
and at least equals Maryland in terra- w .ed
pin and oysters. I1cr fish supply Is tvilow
superb along the coTast and In the wn- But
ter courses of tle l!laud. aEperts hichnum
say that she has a gell belt siuporior tiem
to that of the Pacific 'tNates. HIer poe- un ire.
tum nnd 'tat,,rs canlot be surpassed. no fi
11er peaches do not challenge tloe of ISoler
California or Delaware, buit ear;;ly stanr
lake first rank, and if her Indian peach oftfer
were revived there would be no kind Until
of comparison. Texas raises mlore cot. eil:
Ion, but Texas Is nowhere In n:tIma- ncr.
fncture of the fabric in rivalry wlth Eva
(leorgia. We regret to say that Geor- the ti
g!a is delinquenl in one thing--she ap- them.
parcentlY prefers to pIatronize produttlc with
away from home, when her own home an I
Industrles are just as good and can be ron
bad at better rits. I their
A Bsltiilors newsplaper says that a fonul
contributor recently senut It mangled 1,200
copy of Whlttler's "Barbar:t I'rletchie" were
for publicatiou, wlLhh ;tote to tle effect mi
that it was an entirely original cota po- there
o bition irthe
On My Brother's Foot and White mhe.
Ewelling on His Knee si h
Kept growing worse in spite of medical treat- t-op
meurn. I often heard of nures ILy Hood's Ser- sLil
saparilla and persuaded my mother to give it th Il
tohel. Buon he was able to waik rabot athe ati
MasnAiu. Aurora, I ndlana.. Remember the
Hood's Sarsaparilla 0nati
e the beat-thbeOn True tlood P'uil'er. clit
ood's Pih farm oithe ItooZ's .araspa r ý'
The Basilida, have their name from St, ihna
Basil, their founder. - they
NTo-Te.o-lae for Fifty (:Cents. of -
Over 400,000 cured. Why not let No-To-Ball so
regulate or remote your deslre for tott^'o? wh
Raves mosey, makes health nand manhootld bho,
ure guaranteed. 50 cents and . .ur , a all str
druggists. at
A co-operative summer resort mary to e- W
tabllshed by the Altruirn Club, of Cleveland.
FITZstopped free ant permnn: ntly euretd.No ']
* taterrld ad ays use olsDa. LttS Gin.a wh
NravulIrroaqt.Frto 42 trial bottle nnt troat- t
lee. bend to Dr. Klinc. 9J1 Arch St., iPhli,ta. t
drs. Winslow'asoothla g w dhi p for children t
teething. softensth gums. oeduees inilamnm- oi
Ueon,nlayspain, curoe winlcollc. We. abottle. ln
Wag# bilious or oostlve, oat a Csvv-ret
candy cathartic; cure guarutcil; 10e, 25o. th
The abbot take his name fromthe PSyrlao
word abba, inelnuing "father."' st
rtsh try a 10c. box of Cascarets. the finest
liver and bowel regulator ever made.
Methodists tre so allel hobecanse of their
methodical forms oat church government. th
Caschlrrv tomulnate liverd kidnoys and r i
bowels. Never sicken, sweaken or gripe; 10o.
- - -~ w
Thoe Buddhlist took S:htir name Irot lid- n
ha bout 00 . C. ti
Wehave not bien withaout Pleso's Cure oy it
mamption for t y.ars.--Lzzo e , olhtZ r. i
. i u,,tty .bu. P.rr.,t a .-i. s
clhu e,. t re. P. V ssaa·itiNt, Aleon, IU. hilu. Ot. St.
camtly of Kittcen and qanlrrel,
On the farm of Amos i. Collins, near
BranbrIdge, 0., dwells a moat curious- r
ly asaorted family, presided over by a
demure house cat. bSeveral weeks ago r
'Tabby gave birth to a pair of healthy
kittens. When old enough to get about
they went on a foraging expedlt!ou li
a wood near by, accompanied by the
mother. In their journey they d!scov
ered a gray squirrel's n10t, in which
twd young equtirrels lay sleeping. The
curiosity of the kittens was aroused,
and they soon made friends w-i:h the
equirrebl, and while the mother cat sat
contentedly on a log kittens and squir
r-ol enjoyed a frolic. When it finally
became dusk the cat quickly took one
of the squirrels In her mouth and car
ried it to the farm, returnlng for the
other one In a few minutes. The siqu!r
ee are now safely housed wlth the
kittens, and the cat watches o~v the
children of her adoption as carefully
as over her own offspr!ng.
Vegetable Sicilian
Beautifies and restores Gray
Hair to its original color and
vitality;, prevcnts baidneas;,
1 cures itching and dandruff.
i+-- A fime hair dpssing. +
Pp~~i~~nu If -
REV. DR. TAL . tno hePm
" time-hot
-  " I battle.
IRnt bO
the . Umi1eat Divine's Bernea, Dw humilist
Uvlered In Washlgtto. m den
"- " •whop
en o4 t
Subject: "A Mlghty Warfare. 1a.smok
w-- aved HI
4 with defes
TIXT: "In the name of Go, we - P' Thronge
our banuers."-Ps:dlts xx., 5. May.have And b
I hate war. In ourboyho or of some Then si
real the biography of Abatr young hearts Theg'
Revrlutionary hero upr we had been born
bai.t high and we .elor the glory of strik- Again,'
over 100 years a. For rusty swosls hung it is custo
ing down a "ris and bullets cut.out of log ing from
up on tlia,-nichl they w'tr lodgedduring the from thi
hiouseslfe we hat unboundel atnmiration, nalt for en
greasome public day. clothed in our grand- .j tih en.
.Ether's sol ·terly :tºcouteraneut:, we felt a baner u
brave as Garibtti or Milti te. We are' the religi
wiser now, for we n+akt a vast distinction speclable
b-tween the poetry an I the prose of war. irowed
The roll of drums, and the cal of bugles, tidze! ts a
andl the chamtnun of steels fo'ming and to to an
pawing for the battlt. a huhndrd thousand inc". R
muskets glittering amuon. the dancing reepeet.
plumes . "Gos Save thu, Kiung" wavlnu up effort it1
from .lainnets and trum:ped; an.d rung. back nImted I
from deep defiles or the arches of a prostrate single cif
city. d4 it:not capitals of kinedloms illuminuated or laws
at the tidichr. general; retrnuing home un- the relig
det ia:nming arches nut showering arnar- dih , whe
anths and the shoot of enmpires--ih.t is a:'r h ur
poeirn to t'.. i.
Chilled an half blanketed, lying on the the fpio
wet earth, fee:t ore with the manrch uand hi t uud
bleeding at th slightest touch, hunger piul- oat fI .v
ing on every fit)er of flesh or attempting to and tiat
satIsfy itself with a scanty ant spoiled ra- tidl:yt
l tion, thirst licking ip the ditw or drinking tho t]ish
s out of filthy ant tramped pool, thoughts of no:w has
Shome and kindred faraway while just oir the sohoteu
h eve of a deadly strife where death may leap sjienco
I on him from anyone of a htnudred bayonets, fortress
it the closing in of twe tmies now changed to nthe erld
r- a hundred tholuaned manias, the ground point to
w slippery with baood and shattered tiesh fall- by H;,!
en onhe writhing un5er the hoofs of un- lWhat
Sbridled chargers mnddeted with pain, the long to
ta dreadfutness of night that comes down when The we
In the atrino is over,tesatruggtleofthewounde- bh t sle
i. ones crawling out overthe corpses, the long pul:,ing
Srfeverish agony of the crowded barrack aut inl sat
hospital, frotm whose. mattresses the frag- i,orosen
tentsof noutn seni uptheir groans, the only the for
music of carnage and butchery. deotate had on'
homes fromn whcl h fathers and hue.bndsand The Lo
brothers nadl ,ous went off, without giving fsui a
any dying message or sending a kiss to the upon it
be dear otis's at home, t mbled iutotheso tdier' a neiv
In, grave troneh, ant houses in which a fewI * *.~r
weeks before unbrotkn family cir:les re- there .
l joicei now plunged int the grant sorrows of w that V
Is widowhood and orphanage-that is prose. throug
ra- But there Is now on the e.trthl a kingdom nuach
Swhich has set itself up for conflicts without aehlie
number. In its march It tramp;leo no grain- Christ
lOr field: It sacks no cities; It iupoveriýhos trops
0O- no t;reasuric; it fllts no hiospitals; it bereaves O:sur3
ed. no families. The courage and victory of they u
of Solferino and Magenta wthout carnage- the 0 Tley
kingdom of Christ against the kingdom of groun
ly satan-that is the strife now racing. We will suppo
ich offer no arntmstlees. We will make no treaty. in the
Ind Until all the revolted nations of the earth It is
aý lisbiit again to King Emmanuel 'in ,emar
trthe name of God we will set up our ban- suppo
1:11- ner." the tc
'ith Every army has its ensitci. LTng befre ttnde
the time when David wrotem the text they : tl
were in use Te hosts of Israel displayed
ap- them. The tribe of Benjamin carrie a a la,
Ict with the hnscriptiion ci a woif. the tribe o0,' . h
ine Dan a representation of cherubim, Judah a uit
be lIon wrought into the groundwork of whitc, We
puarle, crimson ant blue. Huel flags front tie h
I their folds shook uire into the hearts of such salva
numbers as were in the lHeld when Abijah field.
it a fought araniust Jehorno. and there were igno!
tled 1,200,000 soldiers, ond more than 5 o0,010 ct eo:
ble" were left dead on the field. Th -c et.signs I nd
gave heroism to rsuh uns'brs :'s were as- Brai
fect nmuble i when Asa itught against h grab. and I g:ori
ipo- there wore 1,5e'),+00 troops in the battle. The hetar
Athenians carried an inscription of the owl, ay t
which was their embtem of wisdom. The n tic
flags of modern nations are familiar to you Ioins
all, and many of them so ina propriate for time
the character of the n:tions they represent and
it would be impolitic to onumerate them. c cut
These ensign are streamer; borne on the ly r
point of a lance and on the top of wooden noer
shafts. They are carried in the front ant that
rear of armies, The unroll fronm the main Chri
stra topgallant masthead of an admiral's flat- by I
,Sar- ship to distinguish it among other ships of u re:
ive it the same squatron. They are the objects of to it
it the national pride. The loss of them on the fluid wh
Star- is ignominious. mb-a
KARY The three banners of the Lord'shosts are has
er the banner of roclamatio, the banner of pri
recruit and the inner of victory. WYhena ran
la nation feels its rights infringed or its honor tha
Insulted, when its citizens have in foreign ust
eir. climes been oppressedT and no ndemnity has ene
been offered to the inhabitant of the republic eva
or kingdom, a proclamation of war is uttered. ma
On the tops of batteries and arsenals and pla
custom houses and revenue offices flags are the
m St. Immediately swung out. All who look upon pre
them realize the fact that uncompromisinR had
war is declared. Thus it is that the church of
of Jesus Christ, jealous for the honor of its Th
a-Bae sovereign and determined to get btck those per ,
d * who have been carried off captive into the to
hood * bondage of satan and intent upon the do- aun
kinastroetion of those mighty wrongs which hi
have so long cursed the earth and bent upon hbu
t we- tpo extension of the Saviour's reign of tht
eland. mercy, in the name of God sets up its banner ev
of proclramation. the
re.No The church makes no assault upon the sh;
GnraT world. I do not believe that God ever nde na
Itreat- a better world thanthts. It is magnitecent in rti
ila,'a. Itsruins. Let us stop talking so much against we
the world. God cpronounced it very good at G:
lidren the obeginning. Though a wandering chilo m
ammo- of God, I see in it yet the great Father's vi
bottle tneaments. Though toe sed and dtriven by tu
the storms of 6000 ynairs she sails bravely ve
Lisrret yet, and as at her launching In thebeginning tb
25e. the morning sters anug together end all the Sy
sons of God shouted for joy, o at last, when a e
ris coming into the calm harbor of lo's mercyv. a
she shall be greeted by the huezas of glorified a
nst kingdom. Itisnot the worldr against which re
amwe contend, but its transgressions. What- it
ever Is obstInate In the will, degrading in A
oftheir passion, harmful in custom, false in frlond- ti
ft. ship, hypocritical in profession-aganlst alt G
this Christ nmakes onset. Fri false profes- ti
y and sion he would tealr the mask. Frontm o pre- T
lIe; 10o. sion he would tear tbe rod. Fro pride he h
Pwould rend off the piu es. iFrtm revenge he rp
a fuid- would exorcise the devil. While Christ loved v
the world s' much he diedto save it, he hates a
sinso well that to eradicate the laset trace of I
'nre or its pollution he wir utterly consume a
Haflaul. the continents and tho oceans. At the gate
Sof En the declaration of perpet5 uial enmity e
was made asy inst the serpent. The tumult I
nm Arti roundrabout Monnt Sinal was only the roar
u orr. e1. and iash of Godh's artillery of wrath atainst
sin. Sodom on fire was only one of tod's
rrel* waming bputllels announcing hostility.
as, near Nineveh and Tyr Anel Jerusalem in wiul 1
turlous- ruin mark the track of Jehorah's advance
er by ment. They show that (rod was terribly in
Searnest whetn he announced himself abhuor
eks ago rent of all iniqaity. They make us bilievy
healthy that, though nations ielligerent and revenge
at about fnl m sign articles ofA peace and come toan
amicable adjiustment, tIhre's shall to no cease
lton tion of hosttilittes between the forces of light
by the and the forces of darkneos until the kilng
d!sot- doms of this wertd have become the klong
ibhbdom of our Lord. Agtrighted by no oppo.a
h tion, dIscouragedo by no tem nrary defeats,
iI. o shrinking fron no exposure, every man to
arouswe, his posltioo, whlle form the tops of our
dith the scioolbouses an I churches and seminaries
r cat sat and asylums "in the name of God we will set
ad quir- Th o ar nprofessors who have a very
it finall correct idea of what Christians ought to bh.
took one Tou have seen members of the church who
and a- were as prou s Ahab und lied as badly as
Ananias and who were as foul hypocrites as
for the Judas. Yon abhoralithet. Yout sayfollow
'he qu!r- ens of Christ ought to be honorable, humble
wlth the and self denying and clhalritable and patient
over the and forgiving. Amen e they ought. Come
into the kingdom ao 'hrist, :ny hearer, and
carefully bajust that glorious Christian that you have
described. Every church hIt enoegh stingy
_____ men in it to arrest its charities, and enough
proud men in it to grieve away the Holy
Ghost, and enough lazy men in it to hang on
bohial till its wheels, like Pharaoh's char
iots. tlrag heavily, and enough worldly man
to exhaust the patience of the very elect,and
ang onugh snarly men to make appropriate the
Bible warning, "Beware of dogs." If any
ER of you man on the outside of the kingdom
expet to make such Christians as that, we
do not want von to cones, for the ouroh has
Gray a eBady a million members too many of just
hr and 't1 kind. We do-not want our ranks
d crowled with saes when we can have them
mnets; fAll with zonarts.
Tb-re are men now. as It Chriet's time,
'druff. poassssed of seven derils. In some instances
it useesue as though at conversion only six of
thess Cvii solrus were east out, while there
&. Nt.· rewahis siil one in the heart-the devil of
avaries5 the deslt of last or the devil oL
ride' Mea of thte wold, If you vould be
hearerat*4 *e e b pewer @4
It is eahnisa
It s15 betfOr heis el
the gospel, now is the tim.eA, in terrific at Dinbtr, I
no mean ensign I lift at of a Saviour's -morning -m
time-honored flag. Irehem to Calva y. his sword,
battle. Dragglel Jk,ht, the spears of a his men up
humiliation fq an the hands bt men fill of th
Rent by hell~ m be eruelfied." With this Let thine
maidene4i' bloeding hand the $yviour the ear of I
who heights of our sit. With this He litter day
en ed the walls of perdition, and amid its sheath thy I
smoke and fame and blasphemy He battle! In
waved Histriumph, whle demons lhotled pnrs evedy
with defeat and heaven every chem
Thronged His ebarlot wheels tower, upol
And bore Him to His throne, cabeb, upol
Then swept their golien harps and sang. mock, far
The glorious work ti done. mountain,
Again, when a grand viotory hafbeen won, thle plaudi
it is customary to announce it by flags float- od we wi
ing from public buildings and from trees and My subje
from the matts of ships. They are the sig- test we. are
ne! Ior eulogy aun- rejoining ant t fe..t.vlty. All we wa
ii th entsig which th church hosts its a fore I sit d
banner of victor. There was a time when this great
the religion of Cbrist was not considerd re- not so ign
o:table. .Men of learning and position it. "It m
irowiaed upon lt. Governments anathrm:- know it, b
tizzd! its supporters. To be a Christian was royalty wi
toi to am underling. But mark the differ- crow of
oe~r. Religion his compelled the world's beavers In
reapoct. Iutltelity, in the tremendous ness-eveC
tffort it his made to crush it, has compli- you are
meoated ito power. And there is not now a or how
single civiltzel nation but in its constitution sharp,Oor
or laws er proclamations pays homage to ,estors.
he religion of the cro.-. In the war in In- any rear
,ii't, when sir Arehi-"ald Campbe!l found, in I offer yo'
i th 'ur oft daeieor, that the men he orderel ensigns.
:o the field were Intoxicated, nut nskl for a word n
the pious men rwhem the Chriatian Havelc:k who wilt
ha 1 under his management, he said: "Call It were m
oout aI'tvo'veoi.s :lluis. They arenever lrunmk, "nyr here
uand -Irav'oe w i ahlaVys ready." Tai t Chris- eneageel
Sti:bly wale g.tiierd ts firsitro!,thies from toot ltni
toe tisherr:ien,' huts on the shore of Galilee i ng Chri+
now has S:tno'oSaI s:trength thrown upon Its LE yptlan
.ihouetlcre and has irried off the gates of Youa kn
S.-ienco qd worldly power. We pout :o:tothe trainedl t
fortreses ad standing arktui s and navies as instead o
the evidenc of the church's irogrens., We upon th
Spoint to the man whom Christ has redeemed crusdre:
by Hs;a blood. n the
What if arsenals and navy yards do not be- These m
e long to the church? We do not want then. hCitst m
ST'rhe weapons of our warfare are not carnal, throvine
but sltintuiol and mighty through G idto the pieoes ii
' tulling down of stroughole. The fworld t ihomar
in- stitan havre no idol of the strength annd unard's
- heroism which Gtd ccli yet let out against anriunn
y the forces of darkness. As vAt they bhao to powd
Sha'ld only oue rouuil fr.om tha flt regiment. fold cut
SThe Lord of Hostes wili soon appear In the matter.
ig flpin at the Beal of his troops. DIoen Christ h
1' on i that when Got inp o ires the sct Ul with me are
a niv Iife he puts in it toe principle of render.
gi .av.:r g giv t." In all ; ai o',f tie chure The I
I thre have bee ihoe3a who hane ha-l a faith before t
r' that was almost equal to sight, looking grat b:
through persecution and reverses with as ones,
'rm tuch expectation as thrucohi palpable Godgre
ai achioevments. There have been men fo thoe bait
a- Christ who have acted as dil the favorite b in saaL
|1 troops of Brien, :atack' .i bIv Fitzpatricic o! Lind crc
'eS O sry. The wounded so:diersbggo t that general
of they might entir thee ight with the others. by tlel
e lThey said, "Let stakes bl stuck in the medanl
of joun I arnd suler each of us, tied to and their
ill .tpported Oy one of these siakes, to battle persnc
'Y. in the ranks by the slde of a sound man." largely
h It Is saiti that 700 or 8)0 men, pal3 anti wealth
in tnaiated fro:n former wounds ;h ni thus wicw!k
3- supponrtd by the stakes, struggle l through one dce
the combat. This has It been that multi- prevolo
ire ;ct'. of the chit Iren of ide, though feel- for one
eIy -;n therst:oes weak anl woutnded-Pr- 1 Coed I
e  ( iv btoy, pruiapb in csta:e, per-hapsI I 1 battle
Ssr,, le--supord.e 1 bW the staff of Go l's prtom- squitr
i ,?. have warred it up to the h:lt in the sub- legioou
h a iuaation of a world of wick,' Iinei. b!aekk
tc, We arc mighty in this canes, for we hav, strugg
|0: the help of the plont dead. M- .s-ingtr of Scat
nch salvation from h;gh lheavtn.t hey visit i trills
ljah flLi. They b-,lnd behind us to keep us from s ilt1
erI ignomini)oua retreat. They go before us to iiet se
010 ncnourage us in the lrlf,. The MCheyaes, sti i
ga And ethe Pavos, And the Martyrs. and thle of ien
as- rainerds. an uneouiite: mul.titude of the { in the
nd i gorifled, are our coadjutor=. fa-y! you crown
I heard the Swiss tradition? The hrdsmen tyrant
)Wl, tay that three greeot leaders of the Helvetic a
Tho n ltlon, though seen:ingly dead, are only tiu
you l-ing down under the ground in their Old of Oi
for tme dress, refreshing th:eselves with sleep, on
ecut and that If at any time the iiborties of their- domi
eO. cno!try are in dancer they will immediate- IG
the ly springto their feet an drive back the la ya
de u enemy. May I rot hveo the thought Pr.
ani that if ever the church of the blessed ing p
nain Cirist shall be threatened with deteructlon or Go
as- by the fobs which seem to great for her sonv i
s of lrengh the Lord himself will not only come soun
Sof to the delveranne, but those great ancients bnsn
fluid who have seemed to be sleeping among the Ange
,lead shall immediately hear the trumpet willr
are st of the church militant, and,full armed, the
er of spring back to their old positions in the
ten a ranks of God, with the battlecrr, "-More
tnner than conquerors through Him that loved r
reign uCo ' Although we have already much to W
o has encourage u in the work of the world's a
ublic evangelization, yet we must confess that
ored. much of our time has been consume) in
and plautint our batteries and getting reakiy for Pol
Sare the conflict. We have not yet begun to the I
upon preach. We have not yet begun to pray. We ia
ising have not yet begun to work. On the coast "in
lurch of heathendom are missionarY stations.
ofits They have scarcely yet begun to aecom- not
those pish what they propose. It takes some time dt
the to dig the trenches and elevate the standard PP
to de- and direct the great guns. From what I
rhv hoar I think they are about ready now. Let
upon but the great Captain wave the signal, and
n of tile ringing of celestial weaponry shall quke in
uer every dungeon of hell and sound up among ens
the thrones of heaven. Pagodas and tempes ihil
n the shall tumble under the saond and besotted ar
made nations shall fly from their idols ant super- has
tent n etitions, shoutlnd like the confounded thu
galust worshlpers of BaaI: '"The Lord, He is the nt
oost atGod! -The Lord. He is thb Godo!"
l We onot aloneto the fli. We baye in- S
tvers inibie allies in the dumb o!ements of na- v
ra by ture. As Job said, we are in league wlth the
ravely very stones of the field. Thesunby'day and
Ining the moon by night, directly or indlreotly, an
altthe shall favor Christianity. Tee strns In their me
when courses arc marshaled for us. as they fought itE
mcy, against Bserh The wInds of heavenare now art
loriled as certainly acting in favor of Christ as in
which reforation times the invincible armada In
Whai- its prIde approached the coast of England. Ito
in in As that proud navy dlrecte~ its guns against
frilhnd- le friends of Christ and religious liberty.
inst all God sanid unto his win-is, "Se:ze hold of
rofes- tireleo." and to the sea. "Swallow them."
oree- Thie Lord, with his templs:s, dashed their elf
ri hulls together and splintere~l them on the
tugehe rock. until the flower of Spanish pride and str
it loved va!tr lay crushed among the waves of the ,
,e ba seanboach. All are ours. Aye, God the ny
rae' of Father. God1 the Son an-i Gt0 the Holy (Ghost on
onsume are our allies!
he gate 'ho Mohamme-lans, in their struggle tohe
enmty subjugatle thoworl 1, had passages from the he
tumult Koran inscrlbe-I on the blades of their secimt
se roar ters, and we have nothing to fear if, lip- ii
iisalsi proachine the infidelity and malice that op- b
IGod's pose the kingdom of Christ. we shall have ul
ostliy. glittering on our swords the wordls o David w
i tvuito ih'e giant, "I co:e to thee in the name o
dvance- the lord of Hosts, the 0od of the armies el ji
brly in I'rael, whom ihrou Icat defied."
Now the church goes ftorih bearing pra'
halley-i cious seed, ut aftCr awhile It Wiil h e
svhieaf binding, and rea-r angels shall shout
toe loan the harvest home. Niw it Is tents and march a
10 COsit' tug and exposure, but then, in the ranks ot
of light rost rate Iniquity and on the very wale et
'e king- heaven, iin the nar* of Ood we will set u
so king- our banners."
opoa- The enrth sendie up its long, deep groan 01
defeats, -pain and clinks the great chains of its bond
-t to ae and reie by the voice of sea and land
of our and sky, "How long, 0 Lord, how lon'?"
minanies There was a triditlon on the other side.of
e willst the water that the daughter of Lir was
transformed Into a bird of the air and that
a very vhe wandered for hundreds of years over
·bt to h". river and lake until the arr;val of Cbr s
inch ho tianity and that at the stroke of the
dly as first cathedral bell her spirit was freed. -i
icits s Uncounted millions of our race by the
y follow- powerof sin and snean have been transformed
humble into a state of wretchednes, and they wan
4 patient der like the poor daughter of Lir. ut they
-hi. Come shall alter awhile he released. bVhon the
arein and great chtur.h of ChrIst shall in those dark
you hmva eneth lands from Its tower ring out the glad
gh stingy Itldngs of the goepel, then millions of wan
dI enough ilringsouls shall find rest In a Saviour s
fle Holy pity and a Saviour's love, transoorted front
a bang on the kingdom of satan into the kingdom of
h's car- God's dear Son.
Ey and by you would hardly know the
Byrtit if you satw it. The worid as a whole
priate the shall bhasgrcatly improvedl asthe Individual
If any heart by conversion. Ftgau, , leaving its
kmtrickery, will go to work fra honest living.
s tht, we Knavery shall begin to maka righteous
hurobhas bargains. Passion shall answer to the eon
yfoetrot of reason. Seoffers shall bo changed into
mr worshipers and skeptics into Bible lovers.
have Christ shalt begia Hts reign on eartb.
Whether Ha shall descend on 'to the
let's time, earth in person and estahiish a govern
instances ftent at Jerusalem. 1 cannot say, but
eli ei of it will ha an era of more than Angousi
Ite there splendor. That is enoueh. Knowfin thli, we
is devil of can ne-rdepair. we se e the church
s dvil of Christ putlg on he bauhtiful gn tafM~
ethe u on osephera' 0huwdlwhoosmand l
befor his sicok aed faminze oti n soldies r
at Dnr, saw the sun ron out of the
-morning mist and, pointing to it with
his sword, auttered a prayer which hurled
his men upon the oruaned roe like a skyI- ,
fill of thunderboltsn "Arise, 0 God!
Let thine enemies be seattered." With VIMT TI
the ear of ftIth I catch the sound of the
latter day glo. y. Churoh of Christ, un
sheath thy sword and this moment into-the
Sbattle! In the name of Christ, march on!
Upi onevery e shool and hospital, upon every
I byaifr's de'' and merchant's counter, p II
tower, upon shepherd's hut and woodsman's
cabS, upon ship's deck and sa;lor's ham
mock, far out on the sea and high up in the m
mountain, before-the gaze of nation, under t
tl e plaudits of heaven, "in the natme of ed a
lGod we will set up our banners."7
t My soabje t h taught you thatin this con
test we, are not wRhout enslirns and colors.
All we want now is men to carry them. Be- We od
fore I sit dowel miut pro pe to each of ai life early
tlh. g.reat honor. Becoming a Christian is elose it.
t not so ignoble a thing many have thought transpired
a I it. "It makesa mau stoop," you say. I rein in ar
Sknow it, but it is only the stoop of an heir 'o knpwledg
s royalt who on his knees is to. receive a rogr
r- crown of dominion. We want stanulan d etter lif
s beavers in all pnulpits n il places of busti-of lie: r
is ness--everywhere, i do not ask you how old Lgenc.
l- you are nor how young, how weak tween the
a or how strong, how dull or how ceded the
in sharp,n;,r what your home-, nor who your a- leap forw
to cestor'. Without any condition, without halt. We
- any reaerve.in the name of the G1ol of Israel. neods ne
in I offer ou the honor of carrying the ehurlh's tion, but
i ensigns. Do not bh afraid u the assaults of winl Cetl
o a wod whose rtiks you desert nor of devilst One
:k who will oppose you with Infernal might. the toy t
all It wore more b'.es.e Ito fall here than stand Just
, ~gyrmhere else: It were more of an honor, rator fr.
is- enngaged with Christ, to bs trampled under- n cll
foot ltin e this army of banners than. onpts-hen to at
lee in,. Christ, to be burie' 1 like Edward l., in even neos
its E :ptlan porphyry. dren o o
ofh Yoe know t ancient times el'tphants w--re in my ct
the trained to fight and that on one occasion. honor wi
as instead of attacking the enemy, they turned my chor
We upon their ownerl , and thoublands wer soitetyn
led eru d under the strokes of their trunks not dese
:no the mountain weight of their step. of my 10
be- These mighty opportunities of work for were leIs
an Christ may accomplish great thins in over- the pav
la, throllng the sin of the orld andi bealng t o ee.
the pieces its errors, b-t if we do not wield le e. T
ri them aright these very advantages will in a n
tad ungard'd moments turn terribhly upon us frento
st aniundertheir he els of vengeance grind us for altl
- to powder. Reiected blessings are seven
, fold curses. We cannot compromLs e th's
the matter. We cannot stand aside al. look on. no
en t Christ has declared it, 'All who are not with o
lt me are against me." Lord Jesus, we cur- i igrli
of reunder. liians
rol The prophecies intimate that there shall e to t
ai1h before the destruction of tho world be one best e
|!ng gruat battle between truth and unrighteous- of liber
a ness. We shall not probably see'it on earth, fall bac
able God grant that we may se it, bending from tionary
for thebattlements of heaven. On tho side of onthe
rite sin shall bo arrayed all forms of oppression others
L of and cruelty led on by ifamous kings and and Cl
Sgenerals; the votaries of pic anism led on onro
more. by their priest!; the suenet5s 0. iloham- and thi
the mcedanism, following the command f Bul
nod their sheiks. Aind gluttony and intern- ior
atI wi perince and iniquity of every phase shall es b
an." largely represented on the fielt. All the ao
tntv wealth and spien=o-r tl powr and glory ofi . l
thus wlckeJOnS shall De caeaentratco thart speech
h one decisive spot and, maddenedt by ,0 ten
ii- previous defeat, shall ather themo aerls un what u
feel, for one last terrlhle ashan. Wtt~e htire te, te
-per- C:,d Ior their cause al b'asp~amy for tu no a
qule Inat,. cr' they spretlai out ove the earth in rowed
rot- n squ're beyond squtrr atn;. iiSlon b3yiue rmed
oul- legion, while in romn overhanleng clout oe fruit
I blacknes foul spirts of hell wate ts I ame not
iesot e strille l of sin and earkne"s. fo ommoun. -
-r. of( Scattered by the blasts of Jehovh'se ns- ea
it th trite plunder and sin an.l eatan.t, forcetatI
Irom i shal qit the field, .M theroar of the co- travel
Sto fliet sound through the universe all worlds trvel
yae, I sllal listien. The air ishall b. full of wings Ot y
td the of heavenly cohortt. The work is dono an on a
A t ..th.. .
f the in the presence of t hworld reclaimed fcr the Io
you crown of Jesus ane d amid the crumbling o Pe
Ismen tyrannies and toe defeat of satanic force 5mpa
Ivetlc and amid the sound of heavenly acelana
only tiouti tie church eanlsteC un in the Image moies
i of ourold of ord, atr with the crown of victory be
sleep, on h:er hean l l the scepter and I
their dominion in her haniti in th name, o That
dinate.- God shall set up her banners. Then lusa
iek the lays shall become Mount Zion, annd ye Th~
tought Pr r.ctiso forllao. ano · te oceans the walk- s trt
,sesedt I lug plce of Sinn who i.r 1o the wave crers a
cetion ( of (}alie. and the greet heavens become a them
or lier hon:tdingh )ar. which shall strike back the to
come sound of exultation to the earth till it reo
clents bounnI naatn to the throne of the Almighty.
g the Angels of the An~ oalvpee. fly, fly! For who l
u lpe will stand in thu ayt.f hy might or resist per
armed, the sweei of thy wing? , r
in tb-i eryt
n th - --- "
' 15ore tod;
loved rUt LiqUttR SETL.te UeiI D IIE. Tar. e C
werh t',v) ue t put the liarir tfCurcfle under soceial
or h , s re:iu tos to cerve 'those concerned in Lun
,h, it a, our e,.:.-is. ,, imust educato our lo
'i for tpeopleI te o ulerstdRtil the eVil w) ritingls '
gn t tthe poison upon the hu:n systm that thy the
:r. We may e iictelllgent in reputiiatin its tisc.
We must securc ellectiv prohibition legisa- oul
Seooast ion that its otpenly offerr temptations may
aaom-r not capture the weak or thoughtlessu ein al
S eatime drstrov the victitos of habitual or hereditary
tandard appetite. o- ne
what li s
w. Let A I.C.eoa tIeos fiv ottcLTi . t ha
t ni, ande M. Laouecrt-lxs, who takes an :at~i_ prt asE
lqu ake in the Lrtrug-!te thgainpt alholism.n, is now f
abmone .nlo..e- in -tomou~ ttalintg its iunfluence on
,emptes t:hildrc. O)n groing .thildren its (fetsby
besotare artiesuirl te :smnable. 31. Lancerenllx
Sssuper- tas el.sely studied tao young girls fromn an
founded thirteeu to'fourteen born of alcoholic litr- she
le is the Ctet. aol nacustomea to drink a litre anti ia tir
hf of wine per 'lay oneo the a,e o, thr.e ea
a ae in- year. They are victims ot viaslral lsiJns fsi
o f na- tvl~i.oi (I nicoholsm, anti present all the ml
wth the s'igu s o welt-maritetl "inaantilism." These L
avdany and-as conlIrm itth. re-suits of experiments on
directly, anima1-. Te .stuntedl growth freqtuently we
in their met will:, cipcciaily aittellg retrnis. the irs
ty f ought incrrcasing numher: e ot weak, sicKly ," i"ildret, thi
tare now arreste t:.lilk in thelr moral anti in their no
tst as i Ithrsi,.al Oveloitnitt. and th, inidrtah of
madats In ,,ri:ne, :ire all no ble tul al tIme door of alco- ji
England. oliilsn.-.NewYotk [,2i.clr. wI
aagin iast "h
hold of av.so"S so F ri'SIN!0 TAME pLDOcI5.
them. gtinu lte pledge, ili. your protest against TI
tee their strong drink. It is time for every thoughtful Li~
on the person to eter a solemn protest anst
trrde and strong drink. Rhich is every year inqicting In
s o f the such awiul havoc amni the human_ race, hi
Oo ol thu Woi- can be indifferent to the woes it brings na
ely (ihost on hIeasle and homes all over our land. T
Sign the plcmgs'; it will benefit your £1
u nggle 10 health. AlCohol is not more necessary to
fom this healthtian any l or chemical or medicinal ci
lelrrcin- agent. It excites the heart, hidors diges- H
tr it, ilS tion, disturbs the Ilver, and stupefios the i
e that a P brain. It gives a momentary glow and stim
haa i hays uh but you have to pay for them after- 1
o ofDavid wart by an inevitab!o ie-iscning of vital heat
te name o ni animal power and mental force. Even
arm~ies In moderate quantitiea it acts as 52 irrit-Dt d
nud a poison.
ii he the Sit down aili calulate how much you spend
hai lisho per day-in drink, not only for yourself hut
mdm darch- n;o for those whom you treat. It will
errauks o amount to a respectable cum in the course of
ry wal'eCi the ysr. Add to this the money you might
•ill set u eara in the time you now lose. A-dO to this
all the sums squandered wastefully in the
iP groan 0' company into which habits of drinking lead
iiitsbond- you. And when all is put together, would
a ad land it not mate a ni,:e nest egg against a rainy
ow lon g?" day, or for illness anti ol' age? 1
her rideo. f Sign the pledge: It will kPtop you from
i wlr its temptation. You nave no intrntlon of is
Irand that coming a drunkard; you scorn the thought.
years over Beut there is a risk of your becomiag one, so
of Chr s long as you tamper with the drink.
ke of the Sign tile pledge; It will Ie a definite start
was f fied "lng jiD'int in your Ilstory3. In all efforts af
co by ther a better lire it is well to have soito land
raasrormed matrk or timemark to which to look back
they wan- andt from which to date.
r, but they Sign the ple-lg; it wiil save yoim time.
W Whhn the fow many days in the week dtodrikerd
soseeddlr- spend in the saloons, at bars, anld 1in soia!
itthe tlad drinking, wohic is tinano worse than w.-led?
ons of wn- Sign ite pledge; it wilt be suffi ,:et an
Saic-tou rp'ser to those wh-o lt-mp: y)o to ,rink. There
oorded from is no Answer a man ca:t 3iro so good as
nIngdo o of t;ls. There tnr, ome nc mn tho ment have
a ro:eson to give others feCi doing as they do,
f know the ant here is a cilet. str:i:i.:;r.f Rnuaswer
Ias aawwole 'or refnuin, to, drink: "I h ty,- cigne the
l lavi ng its Sign the pledge: It makes a strong oblig:
enestli iag. tion If a person siimply meteak a r.:solution,
a rihhteous he feals at liberty t.o -sithdcraW from it if hle
rtothe hen- c',ooses, but if he roakes a soleau pomiotis
hnneed intoto which he has put his hand, he cannt
onon arh. Sign the pledge; it Cakes it easier for
on ,,. t-e ether atdo the san.o We ireae creaturs of
agoovr n-fa shion; we cannot help it; we are made s,.
tt say, but WR!at one does oth-orA-a.' e?t to tde.
ai n anglIP S~ng the, op!eidg'; it wilI ho;t great help to
rinrthl i, we you. nnelgebor na- your _eaicer brotste.
athtchu ch rcany a man h i been save.1 bcause some
mii gasmen other man gave hti eamnpls attd 15tPtL"O•
,aa~s ,s6 hU 9 ~lJraet*ooo
. R1aim al,
to be cow
MaJo Warren's Trip to Florida Was a
Moral Mistake According to the
7hllosopher's Standpoint.
We o;d people are thankful that we began
I life early in the century and have lived to
close It. No such period of progress has
ttr'anpito d since the world was made.' rog
rem in art and science, the diffusion of
knpwledge and the spread of Chrltianitv
Spro-eteri invention a oorsatrivanc. for
better liring and the comforts and peasue
of life: progress in mental and moral tntel
ligence. There is no equal comparison be
p tween the lset sixty years and any that pre
ceded them. Progress has made a gret
leap forward. and seems to have come to a
t halt. We ,annot imagine that the world
, heeds anything more in the way of tnven
i tion, but it will In a few years, and then it
will come. A kind Providence never fatls
s its. One by one the doors are unlocked
the mysteries of nature are revealed. Ther
rd Just fifty years ago I was chosen a junior
r, ator fromr the Phi Kappa oeletyin Fnk- hnr help.
r- ln cellrhe. It was esteemed a great honor Lynn,
- then to .e one of the four, and I am proud bottle
in even now to tell my children and grandohbi
dren about it. 'fhcre were forty-four of u store.
in my class and I was one of the four. The Mae
n honor was not for my oratorY, but more for to
Smy scholarship and popularity among my what
s0ciety members. Idid not xpectit,I
not deserve it, and I was grieved that some and si
Sof my low-couuntry classmates whom I loved 'Dc
or were left out and I was chosen. In that day inkh
tr the Fsavaunah boys were not popular n coI
f- legs. They were l.,ooked upon as swells and pack
aristocrats, and from then until now nothh - ily g
in g in the way of honors or oifices has been years.
us given to Savlnsah. I have lamented this that
u for all th-xe years. There are no nobler po-e
e pie ip all the ate than tav annah people. I
admfre them and respect thema and whenever
i one of them of~trs for ofice I am for him on
Sgeeral prIueipyiee The good principles, the
integrity of the ohl Hluguanots, and Care,
liaiani who settle in that r, g :: :las descend
Iil e to their loelcriy and tl, v ylre still the
e best people we have in the siat. The cradle
Us of liberty was there, and if <' r we have to
h fall back on men to perpetuate our revolu
m tionary psrinciple, Ihad rather depend up
Sof on the old-time people of pvannah than any
ion others I wa in college with ohn Screvon
and and Charley ardee and Hieryr Law and
on Monroe Melver and mane from savannah,
am- and they were the best boye wcP l.d.
o But I started to tell that t'h ý:jjcCt of n+y
' unior orators peeh s ch .e A Hundred
o ecars Hence." It was a prophetic spesci,
o and, of course, I got my father to help me 2
write it. All the boys do that. It was a good A
to speech and made an impression, but I have
often thought how little we then knew of P
Swhat was4 to happen in the next ltfty years.
t No telegralh, no telephone or pon grat i, -
i' no air- rakes on railroats, no antil3Sut!:
Sin remedies in surgery, no X rays. no electric
Slight, no oil stoves. nro refrigerator cae, no
last fruit or vegetables from Fl!orita or Calior
nia. no ice factories, no elevators ro llicyclet,
- no manufactured fertilizere. My prophe'ict
ens h was not pr~pheti.r though it dii tell
tohat ass than
tn  lrt than fify yars trhe I coi le won.d
was travel in the air on flying rracliicr, . Ji.
s fty yearr ago I traveled to college at Athen THE
u1 on a mule train from Union Point and
,r thought I was doing pretty well, for we awsr
ag o perched on the top of a cahlose and had Asbes
orce ample time to peruse the country on both
sot- sides as we jogged along. It was only forty
milem but took all day to make it. I rcmol -
tor bet that I had on boots-home-made bootsg- -u
°; and I wore straps to keep my pants down.
ofo hat wa th fwashion then--leather tnraps
al that were buttonedonthe inside of thepants.
Sthe They kept the legs of the pants down so
walk- straight that the kn~,epan made a depression
ress and looked like a goose had laid an egg in
tm a ther. What amomentous event it was for a boy
iy the to enter college. At that time it took three
it r ears to go around the world, but this was a
ight ir tgerthing than the world-bigger to me
,r who " lggerto my dear mother who had long r
resist herished the idea that I was to either be a
preacher or a president. But now I am al- /
itost alone and have been neither. Alemost e
erybody I then knew is dead. Briseoo and
e Cody and Ferrell and Thornton and Mont
gomery and Henry Law and Grant and the
sncial tug boys, and not long ago Willoughby
eo, LumpEkin died-the boy whom I especially
lv3e, i ,ri for hti' was alniways lovable and true.
ingt Chess IHoward and Jim Warren arc still in
it t the land of the living where peace may be
i sought and pardon found. Chess is always
f R a en'ial and kiud, and I had hopes of Ji,7
i ni arren for lie is as solid as a rock and has
citr been a governor's secretary for about twenty
years. With pride I hliave pointed to him as
one among the few who have prospered and
maintained tl:ir integrity. But of late a
e hange seems to have come over hint. He
, art has been to Florida on a vacation and hast
Sno fallen from grace. oBut few ien can go to
no e o n torda and tell the truth afterwards. I, see
rectsby h the peris that Jim-the steady, unecit- -
rnai sble Jim--har gonet off after Florida gods
'i ron and writes back that ho caught a string of
t s ar- sheeahead n antda cnlcr eel in a foge--ust
e ant trea out a linre in a T:npa bay l rt chnd
lo hro caught a whole strlng, thininwg that . he wtrd
oS fishing in the water. ,ut ioun out, hen the
all t iedthe lifted the s itewabl a mile trom the
hes inlet and had breen fishing in the fog. It
cutson beats Bud Kernodle, who swore that the fish
qunt. were so eager that re had to g lt behind a
le, the tree to bait his hook. I expected the like of
iiildrcii, that from Kernodle, but from Jim Warren,
never. I have been referring my graixdrons,
S of to hin as an example of truth and integrity
0 ace Jim and I are aut the same age, and T
wanted us to go along down togemtier and
have the ana eRpitraph, but therc is no rE.
. amce on a man wlo goes fishing il Florluin.
asglins The devil, who is the father of liars, must
byhie there orF thereabouts.
ai n Speaking of the old times, I wth r~mstnat
lneaictn g s about the advantages that we veterans
irartalc have over the present rising generattion,who
irtru g never knew the want of moder infnvention.
. The.o e young people who were born in an
ant your age of eletricitvy nd newspapers and books
casay to without number aiid store clothes and bicy
nedicinaclel. Con.rast sweetens everything. A man
mrs diges- who was reared poor can all ihe bettor enjoy
efio the riches. A prisoner app'reciates Ilborty. A
and sIm- sick man enjoys good healthwhen it comes
er after- to him. We read of a man who after years
vitalheatof confinement in a gloomy dungeon was so
to. Even overjoyed at being suddenly released tmat he
a lrrittt devoted All his earnings to buying the birds
in every e-age that he saw and giving them
tt l "I was a pri.oner yswellf; he said, "and I
it wit bnow how it feels."
cr of But habits are like chains, and we old men
still stlckto the ways of our fathers. Tester
you might day I bought a home-made basket from an
-Id o tis olddarky. and I had respect for him just
lly In the bcausesohe continues to make baskets. Io
said that nary one of his hlidren or grand
er, would children knew how and didnt want to know,
but that lie could vearn a quartet of a do.lar
y from every night and not miss the time.
ion of be. And now the spring is upon us again, and
.e thought. the robins are on dress ,arade in our
lug on, grove. The pe-nehtree are budding. The
plum trees are in bloom, anti all nature is
ite srt- putting on her v-rnal robes. Everything
o.'forl af- that is artificial charges and decays, but
sn-tie l- Dame Nature is the same in tier rotations.
loe. biCk Sprint: follows winter now just a.s it did
thousands of years ago, when the poet said:
"mim tIm'. 'The wiuter is over and gone. The time
a-dr~uksrd for the siegiing of birds has come. anud
i etnal the voice of the turtle dove I1 heard in the
intriel~ land."
MS :ehi na- May it bring ps-,'c and comfort to aln who
Ink. There are in tlistr-c.. -- l'rLL AIP, to Atlanta Con
-· ROo d is atlJutton.
A mal!l boy's d,.-lnition of demagogue Is
ong oblign*s follow.-: A vessel that hodts wine. gin,
rcialtitio, whisky or any other liquor.
nt I peonies ive tllstingoijhed pmystiAlghtt of Oar
lie cannot mamy--Drs. Buuic, aule, IIoffman, Fordl
and Pick--arc tot a abstainers.
easier forThe Chmris:iun (' nim-unoaith statls that
crathrea of t tm Emhlish Woman's Tempernmas Asie)Sia
re tlion has 7ts.'0) pt'c~l;.l woiu-n i.atbalsners in
v-et help to Arm Ensmllh physician says that in his
Cr broiieS. ti~cetnt of zIJ c:i',L· of setrlu: ffrr rith
bangs some out aloholo there tra- a ma-rtalIy of two per
fernt, u t thee per es. In hot"
wbew' ab -'--' "
eA prse IadAet-A wWpoma thP e st hetin .urnsI0i1
Lition ad hurri.d to the . .t. hsptitL eneminationhorbody 'aitone
tobe cosenrd h tbh mones o csed by the hs y e injection of morphine.
This mere wreck of aw wm adtbec once held an honorable and lucrative
S o a position in a large publishing house in
S New Yirk. Her health began to fall In
stead of taking rest and medical treat
ment, she resorted to the stimulus of
The hospital physicians discov
ered that her primary trouble wal
an affection of the womb, which
could readily have been cured in
the first stages.
If, when she had felt those se
- vere pains in the back, the terrible
\t headaches, the constant sense of
fullness, soreness ald pain in the
pelvic region, she had used Lydia
E. Pinkhanms Vegetable Com
pound, it woild ha':e dissolved and
passed off that polypus in the
womb. and to-day she wordli have
been a well woman sitting in her
it office.
' Why will women let themselves
d go in this way? It seems passing
It strange that a woman like this one,
So highly educated, and so well placed, should have de
pended on morphine, instead of seeking a radical cure.
There is no excu.t for any woman who suffers-she need not go without
S Thelp. Mrs. inkhao e stands ready to help any woman; her address is
r Lnn, MaXrs. Wite to her; it will cost you nothing. In the meantime get a
d bottle of Lydia E. t'inkham's Vegetable Compound at the nearest drug
Sstore. l'fe following letter from one of your sisters will encourage you :
S Mnsae. US:RTnA LE1IAnl., No. 1 Erie St., 27th Ward, Pittsburg, Pa., writes
or to Mrs. Pinkham : I can hardly find words with which to thank you for
S what you have done for me. I suffered nearly seven years with backache
no and sideache leucorrhea, and the worst forms of womb troubles.
a d. Dnotors failed to do me any good. I have taken four bottles of Lydia E.
o Pinkham'. Vegetable Compound and one box of Liver Pills, and used one
d package of Sanative Washo and now can say I am well aend have been stead'
Spackay gaie oing fl Sanh; atie Washtoter and heartier now than I have been for
en years. I am recommending your Vegetable Ctompound to my friends. Again
SI thank you for the good health I am enjoying.
o14 I` 2 50 DRUGGIS0S
mtie 50 t rs. (macmistS are e ides Lass
DsUbU'Ii~ A U GURIAJIBBDtlo. s ever rriperlerip Ut-ea sy- .a trat resal5.I.
w of pie ad booklet free. Ad. STYRLING iaNEDI CO.. Chieae. Moetreal. Ca... orTAew Sort. _
ve Pamphlet. "Suggestions for Exzierir Decoralt tion." Sdmple card nd Descriptive Price List free by mais,.
had Asbestap Rooeing, Bulding Felt, Stem Pekhlag, Boiler (oveeeriug re .lF tf Painte Eto.
Asbeatoe Non-CondflCtilgi aad IEleCirleal ItMlatl 01 nntaertal.
fnR- 87 Maiden Lane, New York.
ofs- ooICA(*O 40 O24I Randolph St. PHILADELPHIA: 170 k LT North 4th St. iOSTOb: v7 S . Peal s1j
itraps - - - --+"
Rn so
zgg In
was a
to lm
r boa
am as
ri and and g ,i
ont- s.
A lady from North Carolina says: "My
s SSter has used
himsystem well regulated. She was a sufferer
e from yspepsia and indigestion for several
rain In years.
is a necessary and important
ingredient of complete fer
tilizers. Crops of all kinds
require a properly balanced
manure. The best
contain a high percentage
of Potash.
SA;1 :ibout P'tash--the result of its use by actual es
0 netissm t .:a the best tarms in the United States-is
trld ii. a i:ttie 1,,,, k whiLh we 1otblrsh and will gla~ly
O mailfr;. to andu Lrmer in Amneris who will vrite frit.
-93 Nasau St., New Yesk.
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cent' a p"stiud. fisieed id of thie Itavis ijuipived
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Ibi. Tonn.
Altabastne does notrequire ton take o
i to res. does not lbLXsr ¶n bu9t ie.IiogI
r tby I esal f ritert foroo dwth
it gU$ ma tJ59 ýº N.,h4b cd M
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