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Pibltsbes and rroprietor, lie
Saturday, May 15. 1897.
S--- Th
A recent dispatch says that nego- De
itation sare pending looking to a era
peaceful solution of the Cuban ques- his
tlon. no
Spain wasts to give Cuba home in
rule and autonomy, but' the Cubans the
reply that nothing short of indepen- pol
deuce will satisfy them. TI
The crest of the high water is now irn
passing New Orleans, but Major ou
Richardson says the levee line ar- all
ound the city will hold all right. l'l
Veleitino has fallen into the hands Pe
of the Turks. Greece is being grad- a
usily whipped by the Ottoman horde. the
The Tennessee Centennial is in of
full blast and draws large crowds. Ui
-......... the
A fareweil banquet was tendered set
Ambassador Bayard on the 7th. inst. su
by the American iooiety in London
on his retirement from official duty. so
Mt. Bayard will leave England a TI
very popular man with our British E,
brethren. His successor is Col. Hay. w
mannssma-me to
The basar fire in PIrls last week
was one of the most fearful horrors e
that ever occurred in a European m
city. Over a hundred ladies were hi
butarned to death in the abort space m
of twelve minutes. Most of them e(
wire the lowse of the French nobil- P'
Ity. ei
The Cuaban fought thirty-four tl
bastiee on the had. Instant and came is
e t vietorifo tn a majority of them.
Th does not look like the "upri- ii
.Ig quellyed very fast.
< a n hbdly hope to copquer
the Cubias now. The island is too
Sfar to ro
greassasa 8. T. Baird was see.n
p~tialy'Ji Newr Orleans by as repor- a
- ,ir~ad aid thai he believes the Un- t1
tsttes will soon take charge of b
Isvee question. He said there is t'
seiftiment among congress- I
senators that the levee sys- ,
ld be maintained by thet;
ment, and that very ii
si pQaion of Congress t
saom step in this direction.
+ a o Jastremaki, who was t
. uflted Consul to Peru by Presi- c
'#, Clevels=d three yars ago, is at j
Se a short vist. - He says Peru I
"h a beautitl country, with an excel- a
Ieat climate; that it is a fine field for c
Ameriean enterprise' to work up ae
magnificent trade, which i at pres- 4
eat monopolised by European coun- j
tries. The sugar industry there is
In a depressed condition, owing to t
empetition with the beet product of
Europe. .. _ ,"
Demoeray has begun to revive
some slace the preasidential election.
This bs evideno by the late munic
ipaleleotions in the cities of Chicago. 1
U4Detroit, and in the states of'
.Obk[ew Jersey and Indiana, 1
wei greaot bemocratic victories
sim aeved. Republicans insist
s eml-beal issues were the cause
·e victories, but a series of
163owiag each other so closely I
 omething more important
i. than mere local issues.
Stide of Democratic senti- I
tb , inastant the Senate, by
V4t·4 to S6, refused to ratify
a uarbitration treaty be
theUnited States and Great
i which was negotiated by
Onay and Sir Julian Paun
" The rudes of the Senate re
a raajority of two thirds for the
ion of treaties. Both of our
, Messrs MeEnery and Cat
Weted u n favor of the measure.
..t the treaty was due
to tlhe opposition of. Senator
SeTi s,. 'ho made a strong
?p the Sesate against ratify
Sagreement. It is a matter
whether or not the treaty in
btb Would have suited
ernmebt, even had it
SSenate. This puts an
t!o iy .iu~r toaiwrds an arbitra
hiSimeS the two couan
Wu~e time to some. And
Fet Amrglo-Samon nations
snubwlith bomeon ancee
* *mou tongue and almost
lasessets canneo come to
i eemus t on a qsable basis of
b dispute., it is a matter
whether the oth
u,*ur do s.o, whose lan
A considerable portion of the
r- la press is assailing Senator
?. I). McEnery for his position on
.he tariff, and express themselves as To
being much surprised at the view
le takes of this all.important '1
question. They say that if they me
had known his views before he was ses
elected by the last Legislature, he I
C. l
would never have become Senator.
This is all foolishness. The Times- j
Democrat says that in the Demo- 1
cratic caucus held the night before t
his election, Judge McEnery an- the
nounced his views in a speech to the the
caucus, in which he said "I am also 10'
in favor of raising the revenues of
the government from a tax on imn
ports rather than by direct taxation. Bo
The plan of Hamilton, approved by Co
VWashington and Jefferson, was to inc
impose a duty for the protection of ton
our industries, taking it off gradu- cas
ally as they could meet foreign com- T.
petition. It was by pursuing this
plan of lHamilton's that the great Fii
Pensylvania Democrat, Randall,
alvays managed to get in the Tr
Democratic platform a clause for
the protection of the. iron industry
of Pennsylvania. If elected to the
United States Senate, I will pursue M
the same line of policy in order to th
secure the proper protection for the to
sugar interests of Louisiana." in
This is plain enough for any per. Lb
son of intelligence to understand. W
The Legislature knew Judge Mo- I
Enery's views on the tariff when be o
was elected, and it is too late to pre- w
tend ignorance of his position. Be- P'
sides, S. D. McEnery is not the
man to conceal his opinions, nor has
he ever been afraid to speak his
mind. lie has the courage of his
convictions on every question of
public policy and is fearless in the
expression of them. Every Louis.
iani~n knows from past experience
that the old Governor never shrinks o
in the defence of his principles, nor a
curbs his tongue for fear he might It
incur censure in some quarters. u
As outlined by the T..D., Senator s
McEnery favors a tariff bill that will r
bring in to the government enough a
revenue to run it without being b
compelled to issue bonds to fill up s
a deficit treasury, thus increasing ii
the national debt and imposing new a
burdens on .the people. IIe says
that the tariff bill should protect I
American industries, but insists that
whatever clause of protection it con
tains should be free from sectional- l
ism., and devoid of any provision i
that will protect the trusts. What t
he demands is a tariff equal and fair a
to all, protecting no section of the
country or class of people to the pre
t judice of any other section or class.
i Its duties must not be prohibitive,
aimed to keep foreign products out
r of our market, but intended to as. I
s sure revenue at the same time they
- give the necessary protection to
- American interests.
5 Senator McEnery favors the pro.
J tection of sugar. Sugar needs pro.
i tection. In Germany and France,
under the bounty system, the beet
e sugar industry of Europe has been
so built up, says the T.-D., that it
- can be sold in England and the
United States for less than it com
, mands at home. Rice also needs
, protection against the rice raised by
, Coolie labor in China. Senator
t McEnery stands committed to the
e protection of these two great Louis
,it lana industries. Some Democrats
y say that Judge McEnery ought to
it vote for protecting sugar and rice,
. but slhould oppose protection in any
i- other form on any other class of
goods. This is the sectionalism
that is a great curse to the country
Y to-day, against which the old leader
Y from Ouachita has taken his stand.
He is a patriot, and is not willing to
protect his own s~tate and her inter
' eats, refusing at the same time to do
the same by his sister states.
SThe Banner-Democrat has the
a greatest confidence in the ability,
sincerity and integrity of Senator
MoEnery. It considers him one of
the finest and purest statesmen
Louisiana has ever produced. He is
not the man to couch and cower be
neath public opinion. His views
or are not moulded by the public, but
in he draws the pubhlic to his own opin
ed ions, by the fearlessness with which
it they are expressed. If ever the
an Banner-Demoorat is compelled to
Stake issue with Senator McEnery, it
in- will do so from an honest difference
ad of opinion on questions of public
mhe poly; and at no time will it ever
eS- acouse him of treachery to his state
est or the great Democratic party whicb
to be loves so well,'and for whose in
of terests he has fought all through his
ter eventful life. His policy is plain to
tb- eveyone, be does not coneeal it.
in- His views on the tarifE arbroad and
ral statesmanlike, emtirely free from
that spirit of sectionalism which is
bape of modern legislation.
nator M1cEnery is a limited pro- L
:tionist, and at ihe same time a cri1
and Democrat.
Lake Providence, La., fMay 5, 1897. le
The Hon. Mayor and Board of Alder- Le
en of the town of Providence con- Sat
nedl this eve at 8 o'clock in regular D
asion. Gal
Present-Hon. E. J. Hamley. Mayor; Go
t. Egelly, Sect etary, Aldermeu V. 7
Purdy, Jas. Bears' and N. Fousse. He
Absent--Alderman W. H. Schneider. Fr
Upon moti:,n of Alderman Purdy. Ji
r reading of the minutes of the pre- M,
ous session was dispensed with, and St
e Mayor was authorized to approve Pe
em as reco;ded.
The Finance Committee filed the fol- Al
wing report, which was adopted: Fr
Lake Providence, La., May 5. 1897.
To the Mayor and members of the (Ct
nard of Aldermen:-We your Finance H
immittee report that we have exam- g
ed the report of the treasurer of the C
,wn, and find that he had on hand in H
sh at date of his last report- i
ie sum of.......... ...........$ 302 49 V
bat lie has received since "for ac- R,
counts of taxes 1896............. 6 J
ino0....... ............ 10 00
319 14 Q
hat le has disbursed as per vouch- I
ers the sum of ............. 166 34
Leaving a cash balance of...... $152 80 ,
We have examined the report of the
larshal and Tax Collector and find di
cat be has collected and turned over
the Tleasurer the amounts reported
a said report.
We have also examined and approved
be following claims presented to-wit:
Vhich claims we recommend be paid. $
V A Bloust, salary as Marshal for
April . ........... . ...... 0 0
los McWilliams, night watchman
salary for April............ .. 15 00
V K Spurlock, special levee guard. 44 00 -
'urdy & Schneider, coal oil' for
April..... . ................ 7 35
SFousse. cleaning hire engine...... 3 00
tanner-Democrat, printing levee
proclamation............... 2 00
Making a total of .......... $119 35
Respectfully Submitted.
Jas. Beard.
V. M. Pordy.
C. R. Egelly.
Finance Committee.
Upon request of a delegation of citi
sons of the town who appeared before
,he Board, the following Ordinance was
affered by Alderman Egelly and un
animously adopted to-wit:
- An Ordinance prohibiting -tlaap4.
ing of .benches, settees, chairs, or boxes
used as seats, upon the sidewalks or
streets within the business portion of
the town, on Lake and Levee streets;
requiring the removal within 24 hours
after notification by the marshal of all
benches, settees, chairs or boxes used
as seats now upon the sidewalks or
streets prescribed herein, and prescrib
ing penalties for all violations thereof
and providing further for the enforce
ment of this ordinance:
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen of the town of
Providence in regular session convened:
That it shall be unlawful and it is
hereby made a misdemeanor punisha
ble as hereinafter prescribed, for any
person, persons or business firms to
obstruct the side walks, or streets of
the town by placing thereon to be used
as seats, any bench, lawn settee, chair
or box for seating purposes within the
business portion of the town on either
side of Lake street and on the vest side
of Levee street.
Be it furthepordained, That it shall
be and it is hereby made the duty of
the city marshal to notify all owners of
property where benches, settes, chairs
and boxes used as seats as are now be
ing used, to remove, the same within
24 hours after notification by him so to
do, and upon the failure to do so at the
expiration of said notice verbally given,
it shall be the duty of the city marshal
to file an affidavit in the Mayor's court
for the arrest of all persons contraven
ing the provisions of this Ordinance;
which warrant he shall .execute prompt
ly by causing said violators to appear
before the Mayor for trial.
Be it further Ordained, That for all
or any violation of the provisions of
this Ordinance, the party or parties so
ontravening shall be deemed guilty
of a imisdemeanor and upon trial and
conviction in the Mayor's court the
party or parties so contravening shall
be fined in a sum not less than $5.00
nor more than $25.00 and costs for the
first offense, and in default of payment,
imprisonment in the town jail for not
less than 10 days, nor more than 30
days; and for the second offense the fine
shall be not less than $10.00 nor more
than $50,00 and in default of payment
imprisonment for not less than 20 days
nor more than 30 days.
Be it further Ordainede That this
ordinance take effect from and after
its promulgation in the official journal.
Upon motion of Alderman Egelly,
Adermen Purdy and Fousse, special
committee on construction of fire cis
terns, were authorized to contract with
the Acme Brick Company for the con
struction of a suitable fire cistern to be
made of brick, to be placed upon the
corner of First and Sparrow streetsup
on the best terms possible.
Upon motion of Alderman Purdy,
the Street and Bridge Committee were
authorized to purchase two additional
street lamps to be placed one on the
corner of Second and Scarborough
streets, and one on the corner of Second
and Levee streets.
A petition signed by citizens and tax
I payers requesting the fixing of salaries
for the incoming board. and other
officers, reducing the salary of the
Mayor from $200 to $100 that of the
Treasurer from $120 to $756 per annum,
was read. received, and upon motion ol
Alderman Purdy, laid on the table for
the reasons, that the said petition
should be presented to the incoming
board for action, as this board has nc
authority whatever to fix salaries for
the incoming board.
r Upon motion of A'blerman Purdy
the office of nlghtwatchman was order.
ed discontinued in so far as paymeni
of salary is concerned, to take effecl
-from the 1st day of June of the presen
s year. _
There being no fu'ther business the
Sboard adjourned until its next regulal
Ssession, being the first Wednesday i,
SJune, unless otherwise specially con
a E. J. IIAMLEY, Mayor.
C. B. EG.xLY., Secretary.
List of the jurors drawn for the June l497
criminal term of the lIon. 7th District
court for East Carroll parish. La.
Andrew Powell 1 Aaron Suttleld 2
Ben Fleming . 3 TS Sitton 4
F Mb Taylor 3 0 H Sutton 3
Nat Wilson 3 Isaac L Lewis 2
J G Oldtield 3 8 E Overton 3
Henry Franklin 3 Philhn Bullin 3
Levi Frisby 2 Joe Washington 4
Sam Gibson 2 Robt Lowns 3
D B Pond 2 Wm Fore 4
C A Williams 2 Gus Strother 5
Sam Goodwyn 3 M M Goodwyn 5
Goza McWilliams 3 :has Scott, Jr., 2
Willson White 1 Ben Speaks 4
Tom Godfrey 5 Chas Staples 3
Henry Lee 4 Milford Knox 4
Freeman Locket 2 Wm Young 2
Jim Irwin 2 Jonas Russel 4
Max Levy 3 Dolph Reese 5
Ssndford Tyler 8 Wm Hogan 2
Steve Pullin 3 John Boatner 4
Pet Walton 4 Peter Jackson 4
Robert King 3 Nelson Wright 5
Henry Smith 2 Henry Jones 5
Alex Stephens 5 J C Plttman 2
Frank Smith 3 Gentry Jones 5
e (has Ward 3 Eli Johnson 5
W H Benjamin 2 Abe Williams 5
Henry Johnson 2 Wm Mathews 5
Sig Wolf 1 T J Powell 3.
e C A Seeghers 3 Abe Wyatt li
n Mose Sargeant 1 Andrew Griffin 3
Henry Cronninger 2 Andrew Suttleld 2.
Burl Oley 2 Gas Turner 4
9 V Montgomery t-J B KerlIn 5
Robt Gilliard 5 Aaron Jpheson 2
6 Jesse Powell- 2 Chas Johason 2
)0 Jonas Soott I Parker Gaines 1
- J N Morgan 3 Ben Griffin 2
4 Geo W McKee '3 E M Noland 1
Frank Moore 2 Wright Foster 1
I hereby certify that the above is a true
and correct copy of the original Venire List
now on file and of Record in my office.
e Witness my seal and signature this 6th
d day of May A. 1)., 1897.
r Clerk 7th District Court.
id For Sale.
. Two hundred bushels of Cow Peas, at
$1.25 per bushel.
C. D, BENTON, & Co..
00 Brunette P. O., La.
Lake Providence, La., May 8, 1897.
S Sheriff's Sale.
State eDouisiana, Parish of East Carroll,
00 Seventh District Court, J. W. Cooke
&Co., vs. M. E. Massee,-No. 307.
35 By virture of a writ of Fi Fa to me
directed by the Honorable Seventh District
Court for the parish of East Carroll afore
said, in the above entitled cause, I will pron
ceed to sell at public auction, at the door
of the courthouse, in the town of Provi
dence, East Carroll parish, La.. on Satur
. day the 22nd. day of May, 1897, between the
ire hours prescribed by law, all the right, title
'as and interest of M. E. Massee in and to the
following described property, to-wit:
One Lot of ground at the S E corner of the
property of Mrs. Jane Waddill, Tutrix. In
g, Tljg .Tpynapf Providence. La. Southwardly
es along Levee street 60 feet. Westerly at
right angles to Levee street One Hundred
or and Forty-Five feet. Thence 60 feet North
of wardly to S W corner of said Waddill prop
*ts; erty. Thence along the South line of said
irs property to point of beginning-seized in
the above suit.
all Terms of Sale cash with the benefit of
led appraisement.
or J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
S heriffs office, Providence, La., April 17.
ib- 1897.-t.
of T 3El
is Acme Brick Company
ha- Is now ready with a fine lot of Brick
oy for sale for c:ash. Prices to suit the
to times. Call at office of Company, No.
of 5 Levee street, for prices.
sed JNO. W. COOKE, Manager.
air Lake Providence, La.
ide Registration Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the registra
tion book for the Town of Providence will
of be open at my office in said town from
i of Monday, April 19th to Monday the 7th day
irs of June, 1897, the date fixed for holding the
election for municipal officers of said town.
be. Under Act No. 89 of 1896, providing for a
hin new registration, it is necessary that every
Sto one desiring to vote in said election shall
the register anew.
J. S. GUENARD, Assessor.
ren, Providence, La., April 17th, 1887.
ear In accordance with provisions of the
Charter of the town of Providence, and by
all direction of the Hlon. Board of Aldermen,
Sof an election is hereby ordered to take place
on Monday, the 7th day of June,
S 1897, for the purpose of electing a Mayor.
ilty Secretary, Treasurer, City Marshal and
and five Aldermen.
th All persons who- may desire to vote at
Ssaid election are required to register and
procure proper registration papers in ac
5.00 cordance with Act No. 137, of the Acts of
the the General Assembly of the State of Lou.
ctisiana, iaa.approved July, 1894.
The supervisor of registration will cause
not his office to be opened on Monday, the 12th
30 day of April, 1897. at hours to be by him
fue fixed and place designated in accordance
with said Act No. 137.
iore Given under my band and official seal of
ient the town of Providence, on this the 10th
lays day of April, 1897. J AMLEY, Mayor.
this C. R. EGELLY, Secretary.
At a meetin of the Lake Providence
Liuncber Co., held Feb. 15th inst. the Board
with of Directors agreed on the following prices
con- for lumber, to-wit:
o be Cypress cabin lumber, $12 per m.
the Cypress bevelled siding, rough, $10 per tI.
Cypress dressed siding, 113 per m.
111- Cypress T. & G. flooring and ceiling, beet
grade, $17 per m.
ry, Cypress T. & G. flooring and cell!ng,2nd
grade. $18 per m.
wereGum cabin lumber. $8 per m.
onl Shingles, all heart. $2.50 per m.
the Shingles, 2nd grade, $2 per m.
u~Th "hese prices are for lumber at the
mill; when delivered, the hauling will have
cond to be added.
E. J. HAMLEY, Manager.
aries FOR SALE.
[the a tront of two chains and sixty-six links, on
rnl, the lake road, next to the property of Mr.
o J. C. Bass. This is beyond a doubt the
finest five acre buildinglot in East Carroll
a for parish.
ition For terms, apply to
Real Estate Dealers,
o no Lake Providence, La.
Sfor January 16. '96.-tf.
urdy, Spring and Summer Samples.
rder- Mr. Walter Goodwli wishes us to
nent say that he bhas Just received his new
afect line of Spring and Summer samples,
esent and invites his friends to call and take
a look at them. On account of the
Sthe newtariff, clothes are much cheaper.
Uy in United States Engineer Hardee
c sn- ays he regards all danger now as
or. practically passed on the front of
Tensas and Coacerdia parishes.
,,.."- -, Lak e and Levee Steets, LAKE
The @t onee o1 oohibsg t M mm aft. i a Doe. 9804
1 ALL CA ON ME Benore Purchening Elwhere
g S. RAISDE.I. .
* "eelease. OUR v vTTe
The Providence Lumber Co.,
Age" ea....
OprrR ii $DQSOOQ.
Cypsees. Red Gum. Red Oak. Wte Oak, Ash. Cyc.norCe Rough and
Lumber, Blain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
e and Barrel Heads.
e OJtREbSLQPOS B QITL Lake Providence, La.
I The Only Family GRdMERY, _
S8. A. M 'NE1 pi etOW,
De1aer in Fine Family Grooedxs and all Unds of nuits
and Nouts Moet, Meal and Flour, Wincs Liquore ad OI, a
SHay, (orn and Oat. Fine Keg Beer.
Co.. Lako and Church Ste., Lake Provldeno,
... .DEALEU N....
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
Genorel Merchandise, Groceries sad Plsantatou Supplles
Wines, Liquors and Cigars Call before purchasing oeerba e.
Levee St, Lake Proridence, La,
Flou, Meat and Meal. Wines, Liquows and Cigas. A
Cheap and Fires-cehs Grooery House
n.. IonnoIoi* [email protected] lOUOnouon-
.....,...vxoHSDUUs , Mn.........
-tManetsotoieg os
ISash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish
and AN Building Material.
Obepest Paeo in be sothoa. Write for prices before pruashsag hewhas
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission MHrchanth
New Orleans, Louisiana
Because the imitations of Dr. Tiche
or's Antiseptic smell and taste like
peppermit is no proof that they are
'just as good" as the origfual, simon
pure compound that has given univer
sal satistfaction tor ten years. You
may know Dr. Tichenor'a Antiseptic
by the trade mark. J. S. Guenard
always keeps it fut sale.
Wante-An Idea g
wCampbell & Chase have increased
their stock of drugs and sundries. ctc.,
and can meet calls foranything lttheir
Information for thO
The following is the schedule of the
Y. & M. V. R. R., taking.effect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 6 will
leave Vickshburg at 3.10 a.m.and arrive
at New Orleans 10:35 a. m.
Train 21 will leave ;Vicksburg 8:00
a. m. and arrive New Orleans 5:30 p.
Train 6 will leave·Now Orleans 4:20
p mn. and arrive Vicksburg 11.50 p. im.
Train No. 22 will leave New Or
leans at 8.05. a. ni. and arrive at Vicks
burg at 5.55 p. m.
Memphis Division-Train No. 5 wil
leave Memphis at 7.55l'p. i. . and arrive
at Vicksburg at 3:00 a. inm.
No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:45 a.
Sm. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
Train No. C loaves Vicksburg at
12.01 a. m. and arrives at Memphis at
7.10 p. m.
T'ra No. 21 will leave Vicksburg
at 7:3 a" mi. andtl arrive at Memphis at
5:30 a. m.
Alll trains run daily.
For information ats to rates &o,
write to
W . D. BRIENi, C. T. A.
V icksblrg, Miss.
Lake Providence - I.a
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Colfins Made and Trimmed to Order.
[april 18-89-ly1
Chas. Swoflord,
House, Sip and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging.
Lake Providence, La.
. Wanted-An Idea ,- ,,
fig D the, NOu .l
as Rrel
A27 3S S e d mintS i dbmempUa mi
T. p-robably e wee , esu 1e s wem an ta
in Amerie. We have a l.0°i'ua i
mpei"al noDee In the
o a emte e. et ma'eeope an
MUNN & 0o.
,1 Broadway. Now ferk.
For Helena, Greenville, Lake Prov
a dence, Vicksburg, and All
Way Landings
bk The Swift and klegant Steamer
* In Place of Bald Eagle.
A. L. Crmms, L. P.Cuoxxs,
Master, . * Clerk.
Leave ever7 Wedne5day at a p. .
O l., aasig lake Ptvidence on Friday noon golag
hbeir down and1 pO Yatanide ;evenin g up
Pa .Providence tO Vickburg ; ron
TWp only. a.

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