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;A Cat with. as Odd Appe#tt,
An odisnary cat's bill of f!a is quite
k-mplete when It contains In tl first
course saucer of milk, in the second
a slice, fender mouse, and in the third Ae
a piece of custard pie. But Frances
. Iolden, of Omaha, had a high-toned
cat that bore the odd name of Okoboji,
whlch Insisted on having an extra
course of erab salad. Last summer,
rwhen she and her brothers and sisters
were out camping, they gathered a bas
ket of lively little crabs and poured A
them out on the tent foor. Okoboji, Jo
being near at hand, came sniffing up.
like the danty cat she was, and all the
boys and girls were e·rprisbd to see tic
tier walk right. Into the midst of the D,
wriggling mass. Some of the crabs to
•caught hold of her tall. of her whis- W
kers and of her fur, until sae was fairly it
alive withthem. Okobojiseemed to en- i
joy It first rate, and played with them w
as it they were mice. Presently, when hi
she was tired of the fun, she sat down ia
and calmly ate all the orabs up, one w
after another. Whoever heard of a cat
.with such an odd appetite? 91
He MNet the Greatest of Them. ill
Grigsby-When you were abroad di bi
you go to see any of the autocrats or i
despots? di
Strandby-No; I went abroad in st
search of novelties. You know that I
have had a long experience with jani- tk
tors on this side of the water.--Boston c
Itasily Recoslizable.
Miss De Style--Fancy! There is Mme. ta
Paris, my milliner, in the riding class! 0
Mr. De Style-Where? Oh, yea. That h
must be her on that high charger.-New f
York Journal.
Just o..
Little Boy (writing composition)-I
want to use that saying that's in our f
copybooks, but I can't remember it all i,
-"Man glories In his strength. Woman
glories In-" What's the rest, I won- I
Little Girl-Let me sere. "Woman b
glories in her-her hat." c
imposslble. P
He-They say there is a skeleton in a
the Hamiltons' closet.
She-Bosh! They live in a flat- o
Brooklyn Life._
A book agent never gets too proud to
speak to you.
Comfort Coste4O Cents. g
Irritatingl, aggravating, agoniin Totter, ,- r
semn, Ringworm and all other tcing scln dis- f
eases are quickly cured by the use of Tetterine.
Jt Is soothing, ootliug, healing. Csts 50 cents a8
box, post paid-brtngsecomfort atonce. Address
J. 1. Shuptrine, Savannah, Ga.
Microscopists say that the strongest micro- F
scopes do not, prohiably, reveal the lowest
stages of animal life. "
_o._o- _e for _i__ty Cent_ .
* Over 400,000 cured. Why not letNo-To-Bat
regulate or remove your desire for tobacco?
Saves monoy, makes health and manhood.
lure guaranteed. 50 ounts and $1.00, at all
The British mint coins half a ton of pen
atnes half-pennies and farthiln weekly.
Wazx bilious or costive, ext a CaO aret
eandy cathartic; cure guaranteed; 100, 25e.
Few men ever live up to the expectation
of either enemies or friends.
FIT stopped frtg and per.nanentlycurd.No
lftsafter A st day'suse of Da. KLIxZ's Onatr
Nzavzstisronas.Free $2 trial bottle and treat
ise. Send to Wr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phila,Pa.
I ean recommenA P'so's Cure for Cooamp.
Son to Sufferers from Asthma.-E. D. Tows
enS, l. Howard, Wis.. May 4. 150.
"Ms. Winslow's doothing Syrup for children
athing. softens the gums, reduees inaflmm
tis,allayspain, c:roes wind colic. 25. a bottla
IIow's TI
We ofer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
y asr e of Oatarrh tLat cannot be cured by
naS's atarrh ,ure.
TF J. UIntaY & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned have known F. J. Che
se for. the east 1 )-ers, and believo hint ner
ýylolyhonorable In all buainess trmansations
and Itasuetall able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their finrm.
Wassr Tatsax, Wholetsal Dragists, Toledo,
W,0 e KAwns & ManvIS, Wholesale
~isjl's otarrh Cure fis lken internally, act
dg ireetly upon the blood and mucous aur
af the syteml. Testlmonlals rsent free.
Mk1'S r'aiy t ills are the beut.
On Our Boy's Nock Crew
Larger and Larger
atil we became alarmed. In May we par
chased a bottle f lood's ariaparilla and the
ahbild Legan takinrgft. ogave ourson HIood's
asaplrtie t nnttil the sore was entirely hae:d.
He i nowperemnuanently cured." W. Q. Knna.
Sam, Mileelysg, Pa. Remember
Hood's "parilla
thebest--ln fxthe One True Brod Pnriter.
besd's PlHs rhe,.oloul, ,' .
Siilnkl rl & Co.'s Fiaros,
,ms moST foLrA or AALL
Sct. ligars.
Guarsated all Leag Harusa Filler.
KSeidle r[ Co.'s Solicitor,
* At lOot.
Is a soest Faveorite with loyee
- r HIas Clas 64ods.
Bwr o sE.
'spbistrtbters to E sa E. Yiamlppt
Bubbles or Medals.
*Best sarsaparillas." When you think of it how contradio.
tery that term is. For there can be only one best in anything-one
best sr aparizla as there is one highest miountain, one longest
ri e deepest ocean And that best sarsaparill is----? ....
There's the rubt You can measure mountain height and ocean
S depth,but hortest sarsaparilla? You could if you were chemists.
.Bet theado ye Deed to test it? The World's Fair Committee
tesld itS,..and thoroughly. They went behind the label on the
b. le. W~ut did this sarsaparilla test result in? Every make
' o ( s 'llj shat oa t of the Falr, .apt Ayer's. So it was
that A ee was the ony sarsaparilla admitted to the World's
h. committee found it thebest . They had noroomfor
r thbtat was not the best. And as the best, Ayer's Sars
m oee d the medal sad asardsdue its merits. Remember
e nt best" is a bubble any breath can blow; butthere are
' *d* Nsuch bubbles. Those others are blowing more
; o"it. % I h' bubbles since the World's Fair pricked the
ai e but Ayer' Sarsaparilla has the medal Tbh
the medal proves it gold. - Thepia that Picks
- -""s It wind. We point to medals, nota~ iSe
The bat. senaparilliaArkm
6c M
Srmhe aes Boee Cated--.Long May Se P
Live sad Lns Live the B eamedy to St
Which She Owes Her Life.
From the Gazette. Meadeile, Pa.
The following interpetlng interviews o- a t
ceroing the efficacy of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People, have lately been re- A
ceived at the offie of this ne per: tne
The first embodiesaeo0nveritm withMrs. and
M. A. Wnitely, the widow jf the late Rer. tire
Jonathan Whitel y D. D., dtemigt div.ne
of theMethedist denomination. Mrs. Whitely say
spoke as follows: tur
"I consider it my duty to tell fqr publica- tun
tion the immense benefit I have derived from in
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Three years ago I
was stricken by paralysis, and lay helpless
for months. I was at last advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which after many mis- Opt
glvings I oncluded to do. as I had lost faith thu
in all medicines. The first box helped me
much, and the continual use of the pills has
worked and is working wonders. To-day I 3an
have driven twelve miles without fatigue. I tui
cannot say too much in praise of Dr. Will- an
lams' Pink Pills for they have done me a
world of good."
Mr.Jobn W. Beatty, who is a contractor
and builder of Meadvillo, of the highest re
sportability, says: t
"Although I have passed the meridian of \
life, I am glad to be able to say that I have
but little or no use for medicine of any kind. l
But my wife is not so fortunate. During the sit
last few years she has been a sufferer from til
dropsy and disease of the heart, and at times n
suffered greatly. A few months ago she be
han taking Dr. Williams' 'iuk Pills for Pale fel
People and has been greatly lieneflted by ,a<
their use. She experienced a numbness and
coldness in her limbs and at times could
scarcely walk by reason of poor circulation oil
ofthe blood. All these unpleasant symptoms si
have disappeared and I conufiloently hope to
see her a well woman are long. I will alto de
take the liberty to speak for a brother-in-law an
of mine, G. W. Myer, who resides at Shenk
leyvilie, Mercer County, Pa. So great was
his affliction by reason of erysipe.as in the trl
face and a general breaking down of the yes- a
tem that last winter he was given up to die. ts
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People have
made him a new runa and ie is as one ree
cued from the very jaws of death."
Mr. Prentice Fry, cf Meadvlle, testifies as
"My wife and daughter have been falling It
in health fur some time and the treatments at
of physicdans in their cases have been fruit
-leas. o much has been said of Dr. Wl:liama' Ill
Pink Pills for Pale People that I resolved to to
try them, and myself and family will always c
be glad that Providence threw such a medi
cine in our way. The pale faces and wasted CO
dheoks of my wife and daughter have disap- to
peared, and the ruddy glow of health has o
appeared. Pea cannot record my feelings ina
the matter, and all I can say is that I trust
all who ate bowed down by the heavy hand tt
of physical infirmity will learn that there is ti
a remedy that cures and places suffering
humanity where they can enjoy this earthly
existence. God bless the maker of Dr. Will- s]
tams' Pink Pills for Pale People." ii"
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contaln, in a eon
densed form, all the elements necessary to
give new life and rlchnets to the blood and le
restore shattered nerves. They are an un
falling specitil for such dis eice as locomotor
ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' danoe, a'
sciuatica. ne.,ra,ia. rheumatism, nervous tl
headacho, the after effect of la grippe, palpi- r
tation of the heart, pale and sallow com
plex.ons, all forms of weakness either in
male or female. Pink Pills are sold by all r
dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt
of price, 5f cents a box or six boxes for $2.50,
by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Com
pany, Behenectady, N. . a
A Snowball.
I Teddy never meant to do it. But "
when Tom threw a snowball, what
1 could he do but squeere up another c
and toss it back? And how could he a
t know that naughty ball would hop A
right over Tom's head and go smash! 0
a right through the window of Miss a
Priscilla Prim's millinery shop. But ii
there was the broken pane, and the t
r glass scattered all over the ladies' bon- 1
t- nets. t
- Tom dodged around one corner, and i
D, Teddy around the olher. When Miss
a- Priscilla looked out, the street was as I
empty and still as it there was not one
in little Sy in town.
a "I got off Ietty well," thought Ted- t
15 dy. "If she caught me, she'd make me
pay the whole eighty-seven cents."
SNobody but Teddy knew how many
by errands he had run and how many
paths he had swept and how much can
dy and popcorn and butterscotch he
us had not eaten to get together those
fa- eighty-seven cents. Aisoe n as he could
1o, earn just thirteen cents more they were
all to go for the little steam-engine in
the toy-shop window.
t- Just five minutes later Teddy stepped
into Miss Priscilla's shop with his little 1
red savuwings-bank in his hand. He emp
tied it on the counter, and out came
rolling such a swarm of dimes and nick
Sels and pennies! Miss Priscilla was so
surprised that her eyebrows went right
up to her little gray curls.
"Say, I fired that snowball," said
Teddy, bravely. "0So I ought to pay for
r it, 'course, you know."
he "Well, you are an honest boy"' said
Miss Priscilla. "But you are dreadful
. careless."
r Teddy went past the toy-shop win
dow on his way home, and he could not
help just looking at the little engine.
3 But he was not sorry for being honest,
sr. not a blt.-Youth's Companion.
h To Recall His Youth.
The old man sighed as he took the
golden-haired, laughing little boy on
his knee, and stroking his shining tress
"Ah, ho- much I should like to feel
like a child again."
Little Johnny ceased his laughter,
and looking up in his grandfathet'r
face, remarked:
"Trhen why don't you get mamma to
spank you?"
Prince Louts Lucien Bonaparte'a
great phltological Ilbuary has been sold
to a London bookseller, as the efforts
to raise money enough to buy it for the
SGuild Hall Library were unsuccessfur.
Its r
Europe to-day contains 560 miles of ed o
electric railway, with 25,000 horse- wet
power and*1,747 cars. In the United me
States there are, according to the latest rho
figures, 12,133 miles of road (more than here
twedty-one times that of Europe), w th fifty
a total of 34,971 cars. all t
A St. Cloud Hotel bellboy in Boston itse:
tried to,burn the hotel the other day-- eoen
and negrly succeeded--'because be was of a
tired of his Job." The Boston Journtal is
says that that boy "evidently'has ait fa- war
ture before him." If he keeps on set, tke
tiug fires it will probably be just that in I
kind Of a future, too. reqt
A distinguished astronomer A the (4
O0ty of Mexico has found indicationi eral
that the planet Mars is inhabited by upo
persons of a high degree of Intelligence, que
ani that they are excited over solme- wae
thiapor other. Perhaps tlhey have had met
an election, and are rejoi-ing over the kno
downfall of their opponents. sold
The hlorseess carriageias thus far pe
stuck to city streets and country high- ton
ways and has kept off the railways. so0
HBt the managers of a well known to
steam rai'way in France are having chi
three of its freight wagons equipped Jo
with means of se:'-propulsion. A dif- mo
ferent type of motor wril be tr;ed on t yo
each one. of
Aulnt Sal'y Carroll, who died tie
other day at 3tacon, Ga., in her ninety- hay
sixth year. was a railroad switch-teu- cat
der for many years. During the onv sev
and until a few years agh she did t::e I
work alone, and though there were 100 lail
trains to pass each day, she never h:il
a switch mispaced. 8he is said ttowe
have been the only wonman in tie in
United States to hold sus-h a position. li
One of the latest uses of the ltoit.;ci lai
ray in surgery is almost aisational. lar
It is noth:ng less than cthe perform- tin
anee of an operation with no otlu:r ni
light than that proceeding from -he re.
mysterious ray. A chlid had swavol - o ti
cd a coin. The fluoroscope made hte lt
coin visible and enabled 'the physicians
to grasp and withdraw it from thi ha
esophagus with instruments. Every h i
movement of the instruments wEithin ts l
the throat of the patient was clear ttl
I risible to the observer.
"The Wayside lin" at uJ'lhury.,
Mass.. made fatuous by Longfellbw. m:
has passed into 'the hands of Samuel e
H. Howe, of Boston, a genltleman of te
I leisure and means and antiquarian be
tastes, a descendant of the orgiLatl i.
owners of toe tavern. lie wl convert
the btfilding into a permanent mene- ilt
ral of the poet. It is already a sht'ine
to which hundreds Of literary pilgt'rn:i a
I resort, year by year, in constanrty inl
t reasing numbers. It will be filled w
with articles of historic interest, oal re- ev~
stored, as nearly as posible. to toe t
condition it was in when the poet a
wtote his verses. cc
t At a recent meeting of a medicial so- bi
r ciety in Germany a physician reported di
Sa curious experiment made by himn t
p -with 'the rays. lie had hear; of an- to
! other man who had become bald-In con- ti
is sequence of exposing his head to their I
it influence. Not long afterward the doe- w
e tor had a patient, a child, who wa u
t- bothered by an excessive growth of !v
hair on Its back. Thereupon he eut- ti
d ployed the X rays for depilatory p.'i- 11
is poses and secured gratifying results. o
s Photographs were exhibited 'to the so- I
a cloty showing the condition of the p.-, Ib
bient "before and after 'taking" thi' r
I- novel treatment. The pjhysician's
t name was Freund.
A man can have revelations from
y God if he wishes, and not thereby give
I any one a right to call him crazy, the a
- Supreme Court of Iowa rules. The de. I
e elsion was rendered in an action to
recover for libel. Plaintiff had insl- a
tuted proceedings to compel a creamery f
e to cease operations on Sunday, an
nouncing that he took this action in a
obedience to a reVelation from God.
One of the proprietors of the creamerT ,
Is therefore, circulaed a repot't that t!t,
plaintiff was insane. The sanity of the
Sman favored witla revelations was e il
talbls~hed 'to the satisfaction of the
t court by medical testimony, and the li
jurlous report was adjudged to be mi1
id licious as well as unfounded and not
or privlleged.
Under a new order established by the
id Province of Quebec the entire unoccu
ul pied territory of the province suitab:e i
for fishing or huntting wiri be divided
a- into tracts of terirtory varying from 200
ot to 400 square miles each, and these in
e. dividusal tracts will be leased to
it, sportsmen at certain fixed annual reunt- I
ale. The leases will carry with them
the exclusive right to hunting ani fish
be lng and to trapping the fur-bearing
an animals. One who leases a tract of
s- land for hunting purposes will contrbl
it absolur.tely, having 'tne right to fence
tel it, to employ wardens ~for keeping othler
people off, and in every way to maui- t
ar, tain his exclusive privilege upon it. i
t' The non-resident license being abol- i
ished, the lessee of a tract will halve
to t'he right of inViting all his frilends to'
share in his privilege without cost to
him or 'to t'hemselves. The terrisory
Scomprises all of Ilbrador, a part of
r Gaspe, and a part of Ottawa Super~or.
he urbriggen, the SwYis guide, recently
ut fcceeded in climbing to the summit
of Mount Aconcagua in 'the Andes, a;
tabinig an altitude of 24,000 feet, which
is the greapst yet reached. The Swiss
peaks have been scaled one after au
other. The Wetterhorn in 1854, Modie
Rosa in 1855, and the Matterhorn in
1865. Mr. FreshftleM l scored 'the first
great vk4tory when he climbed I brucz
(18,526*feet) in 1808, but long before
that Gerard had climbed to 19,410 feet
on Porgyul in 1818. In Asia there are I
four eolossal mountains which still de- i
fy aS efforts. Mounft Everest (29,000.
feet) lies far beyond the reach of ma'-.
Dapsang (28,700) is almo.t equally in
axeessW-e. Tagarma (25,800) and Kahn
Tengrl (20,0Q0) have yet to be scaled.
Similarly, in Afrjea, the highest mrun
tale is still a virgin; alnd though
Mount Cook (12,3401 has been cirmbed
In New Zealand; Charles Louis (20,
000) stilt remains unascended in New
Guinea and seem~ ltkely to remain so.
There is a new Maxim gun, and the
Eaglih are happy. It is just as dead
ly , Just as autonmatic, Just as igeniou%
sa bse ether guns, but this one ttns a
aspeelal eharfa for Briton -who fAgtn
with bgsrs Africans who Igh't with
,rmws and asenr-4t weighs only
tweatuty.fve pmds, sad ean e eurled
inag. The villainous Ttte machine wltb n11
fts revolving shoUted canvas is monat
ed on a tripod which, too, weighs but
twenty-live p.unds. Thus, gun and
mounting aggregate onj:y fifty pounds.
This is astoun3ing when it is remem- BE(
bered that it can kill ilth one bullet
fifty or sixty men per second. It can
projedit (00 bullets per minute, and does
all the work i:self, Fring and reloading
itself with faultless accuracy and hid- SC
eons certainty. "The enormous utility
of a weapon of this sort," says an Eng.
tish writer, "especially In such 'little His
wars' as Brltatin is compelled to under
take on the borders of her possessions
in India and Africa, is too obvious to
require cominent." I
Genera'l M'iles, as cyumnnaniding gen- wif
eral of the army, bras just been cal:ed and
upon to de-ide a somewhat delicate nea
quesion in which military discipline not
was muixe.l up with moral and sent:-. ert
mental considerations. As is well the
known. the ar.ny authorities regard a it di
'oid'ier married as a soldier marred, es- to p
peca ly if the soldier is a private, and "if
t-omuanding utofficers have often gone and
so far as to refuse permission to wed tans
to the men under theoi Re.ently a i
chaplaini out in Fort Assiniboine, in Gles
Montana. joined in the bonds of matri- was
muony a ,rivrate stationed there anu a loni
young woman who was working as a der
domestic servant for the faintly of one doti
of ihe officers. No permission for the nrt
wedding i:i:l been granted, and none w'
had been asked. Next day the post his
commander reprintn-led the chaplaii ser
severely, declaring that his art was un- tan
authorized and improper. The chap- tint
lain resented this, and appealed to the exc
adjutant gcneral. from whom the ":t. cth
went to Gtneral M'iles for final action. in,
in rendering his decision. General sey
Miles says: "rThe course of the chap.- ty
Slain appears to be fulgly warvrnted by tn
law anid regulations. W'hiie the objte- on
l0ion to soudiers marrying is well recog- vihi
hnized, it is not prohilrited by law or m
regularions. and the military nuthoti- n
ties are nut. therefore, warranted in in- me
What is called a "hygienic. house" Br
i has just been built by, a Dutch physi- he;
clan. and il:ustrates rather forcibly the is
possibiliy of preventive measures be- col
ing worse to undergo than several na!-. h'
tdies. Tihe walls of this extremely he
modern andi scientific dwelling are at
made oflara:lel plates of ground g'ass pi
Sseveral inlches apart, with a concet- tn
trated souttion of alum or salts of sod:t br
i between thenm. These plates are fixed lot
Sin meutal frames, by wlmit:h they are
f built together. The roof is not tranf- n
Slucent, and is made of materials 'wich to
e are impervious to heat, thus keeeing
out the ,unshine and holiding in the de
d wanrth of thie rooms. Tie house is be
entered by an u-nderground door, to rig
c which a stair leads. The air also en.'
e ters underground, and passes through gi
t a microbe tin'ter of cotton wool and gly- if
cerine. It circtu'ates through the roomns
by means of gratings, and escapes uu- rig
d der the roof. The house is heated by th
n the sun, except when a stove 1s found w
i" to be necessary. The salt solutions be
n- tween the I)pane absorL the beat by nt
it I day and give it forth at night. In sum- o
- mer the air is cooled by its passage a
Ia underground, and Itempers the tropical p
of warmth of the cbimate. The iTluminua- w
"t tionu inside is diffused fromn all parts of
"''the walls, but there are no windows h
Sout of which the innaueltauts can loos, w
anti it is difficult to see how they will o
be able to endure life in a p;ace so hor- it
s ribsy wholesome-and dull. a
Strange Case of Rejuvenation.
e John Adamds, ,who lives at Tucker:n, t
he a little village in Kankakee County, d
le- i I'Siois, is giro'ng younger every dat. i.
to He is t.w eightmy-tive yeiars of age, a
and tun?' very recently he was more t
r ftbe titan mos't men of his tima of r
- life. But during the paat few months a
:.. a reintarka.lwte change has taken place. v
d. While before ha was nearly blind, lie
Las now rtlecovered toe enuire tse of
h:,s ey es, and is sole to rlead the stnall
. cst print n-ieh g-reat case. Iis tec';'h r
.h ia:il gone. but recentily he has cut
ae n entdre ncw set and has suffered as
Smuch in ite process as has any baony
i- while teething. He was nearly bald,
o with a .<reall fringe of w'lite hait
au a.'ond hs hend, buit receuniy his uair
has grown again. It is of a dark
he brown coor, and seem1s t~o be growing 1
cU- very rapidly. 'Ilie effect of the chranges
e is to matke him appear to be not more
ed thtn 12itety-flve years of age. I
H0 is face is as yet unchanged, but
in- Me. Aitims beleves that in course of
to i time it a'~l d,.o be rejuvenited. As
u.' it is, ht wsrinkled skin and his snow
m wittXe beail form a remarkable con
II- Itrast to the rest of 'ihia haiid.
ag ,An,.-incr Slrange feature of tihe case
of lis that Mr. Aslmns is bccoming
rul strouger. W'hie hlie was, until recetrt
toe ly, even Imore fee~.te 'than most nien
ler of his years, he has become quite
'J- strong, an'd can lift a cow with ease,
It. and is one of the ntst atthleticl men in
sol- h: nmiigtirbothod.
ve IPhysicians are at a lois to account
to for the remarkable transformation.
to Mlr. A~hmls lhimself cannot give any
oI reaonl hr it. lIe has been foCow.,ng
of the same rJutue of life for years, rls
;or. ing at 5.30 o'clock eTery mornting und
t ry l-oakfasrtng at 6. Mr. Adaams ttoe~lnot
nit use tea, ouee or any etsaulntit ami
a;- does not ztnoke t~tbreco. He is 5 feet
lich inches In .height and weigirs 198
i ou lnids. Befo-e h$ biegan ;to grow
au- 'ounger in aoppeara:ce he weighed
m'e only 112 poun~s.
ir-St A Crease-Stain Framed.
nrs 8'r Js'hu Btiown, the great Iron
emaster .f ShetIin.d, 1,hione death hias
t ju~dt ocuerrred, owed Iihs 'Gtae, says a
are Ioaon c,.rresimpomsdent, to a visait paid
Sle- by the Prince of Wales to Sheffetul at
the 'ihne when he 'held 'the positTon of
n I. MeSter Co.ter and Mayor of tlhat grreat
in- manufauitrng <gl cty. On lhat occa
ahi ctna the I'lnce s.ayee at Sir John's
hle-I. Iose and, w.iite wutrehing a game
Sof ,tlia~r, ds after dinner, happened to
u lean bhis flilstrios head ag.iat tihe
ibed wgni, on whidh 'he left quite a Iatge
(20,- ized grease sirain. On Sir John's at
New ttenalon beCag cop.ed to this ater tihe
2 0. Pri(ce's departaile, be caused it to be
the covreed htieh gSOs tnd ruroundeld
lead- by a beasilfll gcfd flaume, while a
iou, dersejqion bdjw rela'tej, in uotra.
as a loyal lagage, that it ~i h'bere that
Ag-A the head tof England's future * king
with redeeorated and rep1Jpered tlree, bun
only a one 'as ever ben ntSWed Uo t(etac
re4 r to emave ala goblden trame O" I
His Wife Keeps Him on the Uove-Medl- V
tates on Woman's Rights, Grip
and Rlheumatism.
I like to work when I feel like it, but my
wife likes me to work when she feels like it, any
and so between the two I have to work me'
nearly all the time. Yesterday I was grunt- «,
ing around with rheumatism, but she took a
notion that it was a good day to take the die,
verandah trellis down and clean away all cay
the old dead vines, and thought it would do
help me to get warmed up by exercise-and stol
it did. She knows-she has heard me try
to play off on grippe and rheumatics before
-vou can't fool the woman you have been iat
living with for 48 years-so I got the ladder ens
and climbed up to the top and cut away the am
tangled web and trimmed the running rose
vines and the wistoria and Virginia creeper
and then tore away the old canes and in
cleaned up all the trash and burned it. It all
was a big job. for the verandah is 50 feet
long and I had to move the old rickety lad
der a dozen times--several times I got sorter pc(
dizzy and liked to have alln,ljut my folks of
don't believe I am as old as I am, and they Dy:
never will believe it until I break my arm,or
my leg, or my neck. Then I reckon they Y
will te sorry. A man never grows old to t
his own family; no man is a hero to his own po
servant. The servant knows him too well,
and just so my wife won't admit that I am
too old to be useful, and she keelps me trot
ting around. She gives me precepts and
examples, for she is never idle-makes up
the bed, cleua:! up her room, puts out the
washing and distributes it when it comes
in, mends my clothes, darns mf stockings,
I sews on the missing buttons, hides
my best pants to keep me from work
ing in them and scolds me ever and
anon about my carelessness. Shlle ketps
on making little garments for the grand
- children and still llndst time to boss me in
the i.ower garden and go to the milesionary
meeting, and writes letters to the Ioys. She
never reads until almost I'd t!me, but next
morning can tell us all the aeu;s worth know
ing, andi has her opinions alctlt ('lcveland
and McKinley and Lyman Abbott and Dr.
Broughton and female suffrage. I read to
her the recent vote in parliament about that
and asked her what she thought of it.. *
"Well," said she, t'I don't care to vote, of
course I don't, but if the femae sufftrage will
Slessen fema;e 'sufferage,' I hope It will pass.
It makes my heart bleed to read at'out these
heartless men deceiving and betraying fool
I ish young girls who trusted th mi-what a
s pitiful scene it was-that ruined girl follow
_ ing that man and his bride into the parlor
ears in Atlanta. and in her presence up
c braiding him with his infamy. And just P1
d look around all over this country at the le;
t young married women who have been aban- R
doied by their unprincipled husbands, and
- now have to work and toil and almost beg ne
h for a living for themselves and their little th
g ones. If a jury of women could try these ye
deceivers and these faithless husbands they bt
e would be sent to the chaingang, where they
is belong. If a young man embezzles some of
o rich man's money and runs away, the judge fr
and the grand jury and the newspapers
ake an awful fuss about it and send tele
1 grams all over the country to catch him, but ti
- if he ruins a woman and breaks her heart pl
s and makes a wreck of her life it is hushed it;
up and nothing is done. I am not a woman's tb
f rights woman. She has rights enough, but
y there ought to be some way of avenging her Is
d wrongs." re
'That is a fact,and my opinion is that her
wrongs never will be avenged until she is t
'Y not only empowered to vote. but also to hold
. office in schoolrooms and in the government ni
of the towns and villages. The age of gal- ti
:e lantry and chivalry towards woman has
nl passed. This is the unfeeling age, and
a. woman has to shift for herself. Thirty years U'
of ago she worked at seventeen o'eulpations, g!
and now at 130, anti gets about half pri,e for a
V9 her labor-half the price that the men get
i, who do it no better. I am ashamed of my "
ill sex, and I never buy a shirt for 50 cents but h
what I remember that a poor woman made a
ýr- It-made it in some garret-worked all day
and part of the night.
"With fingers weary and worn
With eyelids heavy and red." c
And yet these lords of creation pretend b
:i, that if woman is allowed to vote she will get e
down in the slums and lose her purity. She p
is down in the slums now and would get out v
Y if she could. I know women who are at
r,' work for less than a dollar a day and have a
re to support themselves and their filtle child- b
of ren out of it, while their rich employers sit
high up in the churches and say amen and
hs amen to the preacher's prayers. I know
e. women, goodt women, accomplished women,
le whom men have ruined by neglect or aban
donment, and allthey can do is suffer and I
of le silent. I know women whoto unprinci
11- pIled husbands have been breaking their
lh marriage vows ever since they made them,
and still they pass and repas~hn in the com
munity as gentlemen. But this is the same
as old story-who cares!
oy N6w it is said that although the woman's
I, suffrage bill has passed the house of com
Smons by a large majority, it will be'gnonmi
uiously killed in the house of lords-why, I -
ir should like to know? The lordts are not a
rk senate whose age and dignity might correct
Ig hasty or unwise legislation, but they are a
pamperedt purse-proud nobility. The most
; of them are and many of them have as many
re wives as Brigham Young ever did. But the
time is near at hamnt when woman wi:l be
enfranchised in more ways than one. The
laws of marriage and divorce are'better in
Of England now than ours. They are governed
As by the church--by the ecclesiastical courts.
It takes no little time to get married. The
matter is considered and discussed openly
on- and freely before ari engagement is made.
It must e a union that is fit to Lbe made and
ae the bands must be published and announced
lug from the pulpit for so many Sabbaths pre
'vious to the ceremony. ' onsequently there
tare no elopements-no runaways, and of
ten course not so imany divorces. Inconsider
lite ate young people used to run away td Gret
na Green, in Scotland, andbLe married by
se an old Scotch blacksmith, but those marri
I ages were declared illegal about forty years
ago, and now it is a crime to be married
ut anywhere save in the church after the bans.
have been published. Great solemnity is at
on. iached o othe ceremony. But here anybody
ny can run away with anybody's daughter and
; be married by anybody in any
sort of fashion and get loose when
rh ever they take a notion. The
and whole business of marriage and divorce
nst should be renmdelled by colngress and made
uniform in all the states. It makes me sick
to read those divorce advertismeneats o law
yet ers in Chcago: "Divoraw s obtained with
198 out attracting attention," But the devil is
now u'ichalned and the thtunsand years are
out.--BILL AnR in Atlanta Constitution.
People who drink the stan lard modler;to
dose of alcohol in whisky, wiuo or beer, tatIk
ing it twice daily, aro never fro Irom
n- alcohoL It requiroes twenty hoturs for a
moderate dose of liquor to be 6hlminated
from the system. From the insurnc.e stand
sa point, continues Dr. L . i. Kloc'y. alcohol
,id "shortes life" it drant fI any qmnmtity
whatever. The daily use of a n moderalte
I at quantity has a greater effIt to shorteon lire
3 Of than the periodical use of as exeivnte
rent qUpanlily.
ecmin i TRIC HE TAD.
hn's The lanchester (Englaun) City Noes has
apne ublished so 's startingll revelations, show
- I g thetrlclke to which brewers and publi
te cans resort to oncourago the Sunday trade.
lite I-t ay-:
e "Sunday is the great day for pushing the
at- driak business. Sweets, orangesa, cak,ap
ples, etc.. are gtiven to children. Cigars are
te given to adult Threapenay-bits are plsed
a be in a oertain number of the pots of liql.r,
ded 'An extra pull at the beer pumps, amounting
open to e olf per eent. more Itqaor than is
asked or plid for' is aotber ladneesment.
tii 'At some places at the pint pots are retllie
ia tree, whle at ther places a R.satlon or two
gallons amr contributel by the bariender for
tin to oompany i whieh to ddinkb hrhealth.' "
tm The trath of those mtatements mayh as
ach sumed, as they have ·never been deaied. Tie
COity Newsro rounadly ehargts the bresasr with
--~ - r
7~ C~-',&
On Timi,
And very early too. That's what any one should
be in treating one's aelf for inaction a the kid
neys and bladder. The diuretic which expert.
ence indicates as supplying the requisite stima
latlon to the organs without exciting them,-ts
Hcstetter' Stomach Bitters. Don't delay: kid
ney inaction and diseases are not far apart.
For fever and ague, dysFepata, consupation,
rheumatism and nerve debility, also, use the
England has eight times as many miles of
railway as the United States.
Woman's Nerves. j
Mrs. Platt Talks About Hysteria.
When a nerve or a set of nerves supplying
any organ in the body with its due nutri
ment grows weak, that organ languishes.
When the nerves become exhausted and
die, so to speak, the organ falls into de
cay. What is to be done? The answer is,
do not allow the weakness to progress;
stop the deteriorating process at once I
Do you experience fits of depression, alter
inatin" with restlessness? Are your spirits
easily affected, so that one moment you laugh
and the next fall into convulsive weeping?
,Again, do you feel somethinglike aball rising
in your throat and threatening to choke you,
all the senses perverted, morbidly sensitive to
light and sound, pain in ovary, and pain es
pecially between the shoulders, sometimes loss
of voice and nervous dyspepsia? If so, you are
hysterical, your uterine nerves are at fault.
You must do something to restore their tone.
Nothing is better for the purpose than Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound; it will work a cure. If you do not understand your symptoms, write to
Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., and she will give you honest,
expert advice, free of charge.
BMas. LEvI F. PLATr, Womleysburg, Pa., had
a terrible experience with the illness we have
just described. h1ere is her own description of
her sufferings:
"I thought I could not be so benefited by any.
thing and keep it to myself. I had hysteria
(caused by womb trouble) in its worst form. I
was awfully nervous, low-spirited and melan
choly, and everything imaginable.
" The moment I was alone I would cry from
hour to hour; I did not care whether I lived
or died. I told my husband I believed Lydia
E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound would do
. me good. I took it and am now well and
t strong, and getting stouter. I have more
color in my face than I have had for a year and a half. Please accept my
thanks. I hope all who read this and who suffer from nervousness of this
kind will do as I have done and be cured." .~ -
Petrified Bodied.
Three bodies, all of which were more
or less petrified, were taken from St.
Philomena's cemetery, on Troy Hill, Al
legheny, yesterday, by the workmen
who are transferring the bodies to the
new cemetery at Ilomewood. One of
the bodies was that of a girl, about 10
years of age. All of them had been
buried about tlirty years. The bodies
of the man and woman were petrified
from the thighs down. *
The best specimen of the three was
that of the girl, which was in a com
plete state of petrification. A peculiar
ity about the body, however, was that
the limbs were hollow, a condition that
is very seldom found. In removing the
remains from the grave the workmen,
who were careless, broke the body in
two. All three were placed In a box
and taken to the new cemetery, where
they were reinterred.
The body of a man was also found
upon which there was a superfluous
growth of hair. That of the head was
almost nine inches long, while thte beard
was fully a foot in length. The hair
had a vigorous and lifelike appearance
and had undoubtedly attained its
growth after the body had been dead.
On account of so many sight-seers
congregating In the cemetery, a rule
has been passed to exclude all persons
except those who have first secured a
permit entitling them to watch the
work. The undertakers of Allegheny
are now the principal spectators.-Pitts
burg Times.
Counterfeit silver dollars as good as
the genuine, so far as intrinsic value
goes, are said to be plentifully in circ
lation. They have the right ring, but
are coined by the wrong ring.
in this Paper and increase your
/i Business.
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The PaIBsans niekname the pawn-b
"aunt," the Londoners call him 'unele
Jaos try a 10o. box of Cascarets, the anes
liver and bowel regulator ever made.
One crow flying alone is a sign of foul
weather, but ii crows fly in pairs expect aine
CAcsonS stimulate liver, kidnys and
bgwels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe; 10e.
When birds ceasn to sing rain and thunder
will probably occur.
oice and Coasty  ddr ,,1
(ter wý Lo hand oeameled Gold plated
Jorumlrf to Mil tot ur amqs
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ted :' b A m TATS & Co.. ti et Bw o. l.Y.
s a vigorous feeder and re.
sIponds well to liberal fertiliza
tion. On corn lands the yield
I increases and the soil improves
if properly treated with fer
a tilizers containing not under
* 7% actual
a Potash.
e A trial of this plan costs but
'little and is sure to lead to
profitable culture.
All about Potash-the remults of Its by actusi en.
Spertinent on the best farms in the United Staten-is
told in dlittle book which we pullis and will gladly
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tv N.LLs N.

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