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publisber and Proprietor. their
- - - - - They
Saturday, 'May 20, 1897. ,had
It will cost nearly $250,000 to re- anoti
build the Biggs and Reid levees in "1
Madison parish. and t
S. D. McEhery, the U. S. Senator along
from Louisiana, turns out to be are c
first class Republican. en
Now that Maurice Hart has been they
acquitted, it may be the cause euse of the man
N. O. City Item suspending. whit
The Christian Endeavor Society, prot
which is to meet in San Francisco mus
next month, will consist of 900 dele- our
gates. It will.be one-of the largest Sete
christian meetings ever held in the sngg
hnited State. Vic
Senator Gray, of Delaware, and of t
other prominent Democrats, who boa
stayed away from the party on ac- tlor
count of the 'silver issue, havethe
returned to the fold. jri
Every Republican Senator is a tp)
millionaire severaltimes over. The tire
poorest among them are McMillen, wit
$10,000,000; Elkins, $10,000,000; the
Proctor, $6,000C000; Hale, $1,500,- I
000, and Aldrich, $1,000,000. ro
During the month of April 757,- goy
799,527 pounds of sugar, valued at the
$14,747,139, was brought into the the
.United States from foreign countries. bel
This heavy importation is caused by lin
the fear of the new tariff bill be- Ca
coming alaw.
'A few days ago it was discovered bil
that five cannons had been stolen tal
,from West Point. They were tro- a
phies and considered very valuable, a
having been captured during the '
Mexican war. This speaks well for we
the great military school. wi
__..__________ fu
It is strange that with two such C(
large crevasses as the Biggs and th
Reid, Ltat only 20 per. cent of the
cultitated land in Tensas and 25 per
cent in Concordia was inundated.
It is gratifying to learn that the
water is fast disappearing in these an
parishes and planting is progressing PI
nicely. tb
The Senate has passed the Mor- a
gnu resolution granting beligerent R
rights to the Cuban patriotas, by an o'
overwhelming majority, and the to
'measure is now in the hands of the si
House, or Speaker 'Reed, who will et
do everything in his power to kill the al
resolution. The Czar is powerful ci
and the country waits. a
.....e--a---me- b
The Republican State, League of il
Louisiana met in New. Orleans on fi
Saturday. The following delegates
will attend the national Republican j
league convention, to be held in De- 1
troit July 13, and 14 ,nd 15: Ex- l
Gov. Win. P. Kellogg, P. F. Her-C
wig, A. H. Leonard, J. B. l)Donnally,
L. J. Lo.wbert, O. C. Blandciin, L. J. g
Ilour, D. A. Lines and O. V. Wag
ner. .
The levee advocates are much
elated over the fact that with a
stretch of nearly 1200 miles of levee,
lwith the highest water ever known by t
three feet, that there is not much
over a mile of crevasses fram Arkan
sas City to Net Orleans. Too much
liLjise cannot be given the United
Stattshoffcers for the judicious man
ner in which.they worked with the 1
Louisiana levee officials.
: Weregret to see that the Orleans
Levee Board has postponed action in
regard to giving railroads the right
to bulld,their tracks on the levees
arousd the city. It would be a big
burden off the tax payers, when it is
S laken into eonsideraiUQn that the rail
roads using the levees would keep
them up at their own expense. Give
tbema this privilege, which is little
enoough, for thebs amount of money
spent by them in keeping the water
eut of New Orleans during the pree
eat extreme high water.
McKB eyr the "advance agent
- r ; prealty," bea failed with his
proasperity boom, od the country is
S.a worse condatiW than ever.
* New Ysrk werld ssyu that) e
prosperity has ' not eoi. The
- ristal that might have been wrought
M as not been wrought A new pra
jbhas bten inhacted upon industry
maud mew barriers have been erected
ia7 .t at o ommrce. The fault
The Tenoas Gazette Suggests a Levee C
Convention at Vicksburg. La
T T aThe H
The Tensal Gazette in the course of the pi
of a vigorous article makes the fol. to-day
lowing suggestion: dent.
"Thisbverflow, however, has not Presei
shaken the faith of .the people and dent; C.
their leaders in the levee system. ors W. I
They know that dirt when piled S. Mifil
high enough on scientific principles and J. I
can hold back the Mississippi floods. and T.
T'hey also reflect that they have not The I
had such a water since 1882 upon ject of
- their lands, and according to the law xinutet
of averages we should not have read an
another for a number of years. Con-i
n "What we have to do is to pull intende
to gether and repair the broken levees to the I
and enlarge and strengthen them all school
)r along the line. Our levee boards oln
a are composed of the best citizens~ tlhroug'
men of large and valuable experi- for the
ence as to the business with which Constit
!n they are charged. They are to a that tl
man loyal to the idea that the levee might
system is the only means through vision
which this Mississippi Valley can be nance
y, protected from ruin. receiv
",Considering that prompt action ent
must be had in the near future by eete
e our authorities for the purpose of W H
st determilng what shall be done, we C. H.
he suggest that there will be held at would
Vicksburg as soon as the water has Superi
passed away a conventi6n composed on the
nd of the members of the various levee The
ho boards of Arkansas, .Mississippi and filed h
iC- Louisiana, the object of the conven- ter en
tion to be a thorough canvassing of up to
the situation within their respective Conn
jurisdictions as to the ability of the er au(
I property holders to raise by taxation The
the money necessary to put an en- the to
'he tire levee system into a condition to receiv
en, withstand any flood, basing it on order
)O; the records of 1897.
O,- If they find they cannot do so To
from 'the resources at their com- Boart
mand, suppllemented by what the of Ea
7, governmenit so contribute through mitte
Sat the Mississippi River Commission, have
th the policy of wisdom will be to take urer,
the proper steps to bring the matter Octol
sea. before Congress in December on the whicl
by lines suggested by Gen. T. C. whicl
be- Catchings, of Mississippi, when he oofnr
announced that at the December Frc
ession he would bring forward a on hi
red bill authorizing the government to That
)len take charge of the levees and perfect Tron
tro- a system which would absolutely sou
protect the Mississippi Valley lee
against overflows. ror
the -"If our own people, whose homes
for would be protected would show a Les
willingness to help themselves to the on
fullest extent of their ability.
inch Congress would be more apt to take Fi
and the matter in hand." Less
the Bu
per The. Kingfisher Story Receiving Intel
ted. More Confirmation. S:ati
the A good many of our readers, we
hese suppose, are familiar with the -'Lake Thai
sing Providence Jingfisher story," which in as
the last three weeks has been going
the round of the press, and which has
found many doubting Thomases. In let
lor- a few words the facts are these: Mr. 11
trent R. II. Hamlin of' Bunch's Bend, in tax
an making his round as inspector, found poll
one day on the land side, two feet be- port
the low the water level, a hole in the levee acct
the six feet deep and three inches in diam- '
will eter., at the junction of the Wilson Point ing
anti 'Opossum Point levees. He thought app
l the at first some one had been trying to mei
erful cut the levee, and he put a watchman B F
near the place. For two days this man S B
saw no one but a bird going near the Pur
hole. Mr. Hamlin then set a steel trap
e of in the Lole and caught in it a king
a on fisheri. Mr. Ransdell, on Mr. Ham
lin's invitation, went there to investi
gates gate, and found things as told by Mr.
lican Hamlin. The Picayune and Times
SDe- Democrat got hold of it, and since that
Ex- time at least half a dozen letters have U
come here asking about the matter. an
Her- Mr. C. Landaur, the special high clo
ally, water reporter of the Picaydne, tele- 5
L. J. graphed this week to his paper con- asc
cerning the matter: re
ag* *,In speaking of the story relative to the
the king6fisher, Msjol Thompson, who, up<
after satlisfying himself of the truth- pi
much fulness of the bird at Lake Providence, in
ith made inquiries relative to the habits of pri
the bird and received full confirmation gi
levee, of the affair. He had frequently seen to
an by this bird, whibch is quite pretty both in na
muc shape and plumage. It is by no
means scarce, but its habits were not cli
rkan- generally known, even to the frequent- na
much era of the woods and swamps, and it
Inited was a standing word among the hunt- Pr
ers that a large reward would be paid pr
man- for a kingfisher's nest. It appenars sci
h the that the nests are made in deep holes.
from 4 to 16 feet in- depth, which are thi
excavated by the bird with great to
rapidity. These holes are sometimes as
rleane straight, but frequeptly have a bend in so
;lon in theni near the end, where the excava- re
ht tion is widened into a miniature room,
rip or cave where the bird deposits it eggs. p
levees It was probably from the fact that a de
a big hole would be a difficult thing to pro- $
n it is duce that the large reward has been t
offered for thei kingtisher's nest. The Si
ee goare laid on the bare sand and are
keep of a clear crystal whiteness. This th
Give bird is very tenacious of the location p
of its nest aid vill return several b
Slittle times after it has been robbed of its
money eggs. This habit accounts for the fact p
water that the levee guard who trapped the ol
bird near Lake Providence was en
e Pr..- abled to do soreven after he had closed th
the orinfee made by the bird. The w
sclenttific name of the bird is Alcedini. di
agent doe, and the species found in this per- h
ith his tion of the country is thoroughly
aquatic and are fish eaters."
etry is Mr. Hamlin has since then paid d
ever. special attention to kingfisher holes,
and he has found several n the levees
and caught another bird that had made
Tia bole 8 feet'deep.
rre.ght We think that every kingfisher
should b.killed and a reward ofered
for the detruection of this bird. b
adnstry a
erected Mr. Frank Constant has purehased
e fault the magniceint jack *YKiog Cotton,'
isan- from Col. F. L. MaxweHll. King Cot- a
version ton took the premium at the Vicksbnrg
tea for Fair. Write to Mr. Constant.
Uposs gIS Atbra v /ine, for charbon,
at the Gueard droug store.
Lake Providenep, La., May 24, 1897. " The
The Hon. Board of School Directors Provide
of the parish of East Carroll, convened month
to-day At noon at the office of the sec- Prim
retary, pursuant to call of the Presi- roll, 25
dent. numbe
Present--Ion. T. J. Powell, Presi- Rosie ]
dent; C. R. Egelly. Secretary; Direct- Hardei
ors W. H. Benjamin, James Beard. J. J:mes
S. Miflikin, N. Fousse, W. N. White Wilsor
and J. C. Bass.
Absent-Directors Vail Montgomery Seec
and T. B. Goffe. Numb
The Presideut briefly stated the ob- tendat
ject of the meeting,, after which the 14:. ý
minutes of the previous session were Nettie
read and approved. OSull
Cowmuuication from theState Super- tingto
intendent of Public Education relative rich.,.
to the holding of a convention of the Thom
school directors in the city of New Louie
Orleans on July 13th and 14th, in the
interest of the public school system Firs
throughout the state, and providing Nunit
for the election of delegates to the State tends
Constitutional Convention. in order nor
that the school interest of our state Julia
might be represented and proper pro- e:'y,
vision made for the future mainte- Mina
e nance of our public schools, was read, Mont
received, and upon motion of Director Hami
a Benjamin the following LXrectors were Bears
elected to attend said convention, to
wit: T. .1. Powell, W. N. White and Hi;
W. H. Benjamin, with the addition of on re
e C. R. Egelly, superintendent. who 18; n
t would also be in attendance at the Ashb
4 Superintendent's Convention in N. O. Jesse
d on the dates named. MeK
e The treasurer of the school fund Kati(
d filed his quarterly report for the quar- ery.
ter ending Dec. 31. 1896, and also one tard'
f up to and including April 15, which
reports were referred to the Finance
e Committee for examination and prop
ie er auditing.
no The Fiuance Committee then filed I1
n- the following report which was read, dida
to received and adopted,. and the claims Prot
in ordered paid, to-wit: vote
Lake Providence. La., May 24, 1897.
so To the President and members of the
i- Board of School Directors of the parish
he of East Cartoll
Gentlemen-We, your Finance Com- Tb
h mittee, beg leave to report that we rat
' have examined the report of the treas- sto
ke urer of the school fund, dating from
er October 1, 1896 to April 15, 1897,
he which is supported by proper vouchers
C. which report we find correct and ie
le eofnmend its adoption. 1
er From said report we find that he had estli
a on hand- witl
Oct. 1, 1896-Cash bal. on hand $ 442 03 list,
That he has received corr
,ct from the following day
,i sources
Poll tax tronftax col
ley lector ............ . $ 715 00 Lal
Parish collected ju
rors and witnesses 167 00
yes -
a $94S 00
th ess collectors com.
on $775.00......... 28 5 903 25 A
ty. Lui
tke Fines from District of I
Court.............. $130 00 for
Less com. 20 and 10.. 3640 93 60 Cy
Rent of school land, Cvj
Bunch's Bend..... 40 00 Cr
ing Interest und rom2728 7
State .............. 7
State apportionment Cy
slet quarter........ 928 20
--O Go
w5135 81 Sh
ake That he has disbursed Shi
Sin as per vouchers.... 4703 11 M
ng mi
ing Leaving cash balance to
Ihas anis bands April
in 10th of............. $432 70
Mr. We find further that the sheriff and -
in tax collector has paid over to him the
und poll tax and fines mentioned in the re
be- port of the treasurer, and are properly M.
ivee accounted for by that officer.
am- We have also examined the follow- 1
oint ing accounts presented, which we have Ch
ight approved and recommend their pay- di
g to ment, to-wit: on
an B F Dudley, examiper .. ............$9 00
San B Kennedy. .............9 Se
Mrs. Emma Pope for fuel.............. 7 00 v
the Purdy & Schneider. for lime.......... 1 25
trap e-- a
g- $26 25
- Respectfully submitted, c
sti Jas. S. Millikin, tt
Mr. Jas. Beard,
es- J. C. Bass, hi
that Finance Committee. ds
ave Upon motion, it was resolved that fl
inasmuch as the school session would
igh close in a short time and the teachers th
tele- of the white schools being desirous of d
con- ascertaining whether they would be
reappomnted for the ensuing session, c
e to the board after considerable discussion
ho, upon motion of Director Fousse, who -
-th- placed the name of Prof. B. F. Dudley
ne in nomination for reappointment as
t s of principal of the Lake Provldence white
ition graded school voted upon the resolu- a
seen tion, which was adopted. Ayes 4,
th in nays 2; 1 excused from voting; A
no Whereupon, Prof. Dudley was de- H
not clared elected Principal of the above F
dent- named school for the ensuing session.
id it Upon motion of Director Millikin,
iunt- Prof. H. F. Mitchell was re-appointed
paid principal ot the Providence colored 9
ars school for the ensuing session.
oles, Upon motion of Director Millikin
are the election of white teachers of the
reat town and country schools and also the
times assistant teachers in the town colored
ndin school was deferred until the :;ext
cava- regular meeting on July 7th.
-oom Upon motion of Director Millikin.the I
eggs. pay of the 3rd assistant of the Provi
hat a dence white graded school was fixed at 1
pro- $40.00 per month, to take effect from J
been the commencement of the ensuing ses
The sion*
d are Upon motion of Director Millikin.
This the Superintendent was authorized to
ation purchase a gold medal to be presented
iveral by this board to Master Isbam B. Beard,
of its who will graduate at the close of the
r fact present session on Friday the 28th day
d the of May, for general deportment.
s en- The Superintendent announced that
closed the quarterly examination of teachers
The would take place on July slet and 2nd,
edini- due notice of which would be given by
pr- him through the oflicial journal.
nghly There being no further business the
board adjourned to meet on Wednes
paid day, the 7th day of July, 1897.
holes, T. J. POWELL, President.
levees CatA.-R. ErGELLY, Secretary.
made Registration.1 Notice.
fisher Notice is bereby given that the registra
fered tion book for the Town e Ptbvidenee will
be open at my ofce in said town Jrom
Monday, April 19th to Monday the 7th day
of June. 18097, the date fixed for holding the
chased election for ticpal ofeers of sald town.
ion,' Under Act No. 89 of 186. providing for a
new registration, itls necessary that every
J Cot- one deairlaig to vote Ia said election shall
ksbnrg register anew. . UE D, ae
Providense, La.. April 17th; 1887.
1rbon, ,Anthrax vaccine for charbo, at
the Guesard drug store.
The following is the report, of the
.s Providence Graded School for the
d month ending May 14, 1897+
Primary bepartment-Number on
i- roll, 22; average daily attendence, 21;
number neither absent nor tardy, 9:
i- Rosie Fousse, Jennie Gilmour, Maidee
t- Harden, Josie Senders. Willie Hamley, -
J. James Heealey. James Wilson, Willie
te Wilson, and Theodore Whittington.
Miss May Beard, Teacher.
y Second Intermediate Department
Number on roll, 20); average daily at
b- tendance, 20" neither absent nor tardy.
ie 14:. Annie Bell Beard, Pearl Fisher,
re Nettie Fousse, Irene Millikin, Gertrude
O Sullivan. Lela Taylor, Essie Whit
;r- tingtot, Julia Murphy, Henry Goo'd
ye rich.,Jeff Fatherree, Joe Montgomery.
he Thomas Wilson, Wiley Wood and
,W Louie Levy.
he Bliss Dessie Bell, Teaqher.
!m First Intermediate Department-
ng Number on roll. 21; average daily at
ite tendance, 20; number neither absent
ler nor -tardy, 12: Adeline Williams.
ite Julia Williams, Marguerite Montgom
ro- e:y, Narciss Kennedy, Carrie Fousse,
te- Mina Franklin, Mary Blount, Tom
ad, Montgomery. Sam O'Sullivan, Clum .
tor Hamilton, Eddie .Hamley and Carroll
ere Beard.
to- Miss Maud Taylor. Teacher.
mnd High School I)epartment-Number
i of on roll, 18, average daily attendance,
ho 18; neither absent nor tardy, 10: Bloss
the Ashbridge, Icey Beard, Percy Brown,
0. Jesse Gardham Martian Haniley, Dee
McKee, Willie Moore, Alice Fousse.
Ind Katie Keunnedy and Isabel Montgom
tar- cry. Total number neither absent nor
one tardy, 45.
Lich B. F. Dudley, Principal.
led I hereby announce myselt as a can
,ad, didate for City Marshal of the town of
lims Providence, and ask the support of the
voters. Respectfully,
97. D. F. PECK.
om- The Providence trass and String Batfds
will furnish first class music at reasonable
w rates. Headquarters at Jno. W. Cooke's
rom H. F. MITCHELL, Leader.
hers N otice.
Having completed the listing and having 4
estimated the values of all real and person
Sat property in the parish in accordance
with law, notice is hereby given that my
42 03 lists will remain open for inspection and
correction at my office for a period of 20
days, beginning on the 10th day of June,
1897. W. C. McRAE,
Assessor East Carroll Parish.
Lake Providence, La., May 29, 1897.
l)3 25 At a meeting of the Lake Providence
Lumber Co.. held Feb. 15th inst. the Board
of Directors agreed on the following prices
for lumber, to-wit :
93 60 Cypress cabin lumber. $12 per m.
Cypress bevelled siding, rough, $10 per m.
40 00 C ress dressed siding, $13 per m.
C ress T. & G. flooring and ceiling, best
728 73 grade. $17 per m.
Cypress T. & G. flooring and ceiling,2nd
908 20 grade. $13 per m.
-- Gam cabin lumber. $8 per m.
135 81 Shingles, all heart, $2.50 per m.
Shin les, 2nd grade, $2 per m. .
703 11 l These prices are for lumber at the
-- mill; when delivered, the hauling will have
to be added.
E. J. IIAMLEY, Manager.
1432 70
f and
he re
)lowV- In accordance with provisions of the
have Charter of the town of Providence, and by
pay- direction of the lion. Board of Aldermen,
an election is hereby ordered to take place
on Monday, the 7th day of June,
9 00 1897, for the purpose of electing a Mayor,
9 00 Secretary, Treasurer, City Marshal and
7 five Aldermen.
1 25 All persons who may desire to vote at
said election are required to register aqd
2 procure proper registration papers in ac
cordancewithl Act No.137, of the Acts of
the General Assembly of the State of Lou
ibiana, approved July, 1894.
The supervisor ol registration will cause
his office to be opened on Monday, the 12th
tee. day of April, 1897, at hours to be by him
I that fixed and place designated in accordance
would with said Act No. 137.
Given under my hand and official seal of
achers the town of Providence, on this the 10th
s day of April, .J. HAMLEY, Mayor.
ession, C. R. EGELLY, Secretary.
udley JURY LIT.
cut as
white List of the jurors drawn for the June 1897
reso- criminal term of the Hon. ~i:h District
court for East Carroll parbs. la.
Andrew Powell 1 Aaron Sutfleld 2
as de- Ben Fleming 3 T S Sitton 4
above F M Taylor 3 G II Sutton 8
ession. Nat Wilson 3 Isaac L Lewis 2
J G( Oldfield 3 8 E Overton 3
Henry Franklin 3 Phillan Bullin 3
ointed Levi Frisby 2 Joe Washington 4
oloredSam Gibson 2 Robt Lowns 3
DB Pond 2 WmFore 4
C A Williams 2 Gus Strotber 5
illii dam Goodwyn 8 M M Goodwyn S
of the Goza McWilliams 3 Chas Scott, Jr., 2
ilso the Willson White 1 Ben Speaks 4
colored Tom Godfrey r, Chas Staples 3
Henry Lee 4 Millord Knox 4
le .ext Freeman Locket 2 Wm Young 2
Jim Irwi. 2 Jonas Russel - 4
ikin.the Max Levy 3 Dolph Reese b
oi Sandford Tyler 3 Wm Hogan 2
Steve Pullin 3 John Hoatner 4
fixed at Pet Walton 4 Peter Jackson 4
;t from Robert King 8 Nelson Wright 5
ing ses- Henry Smith 2 Henry Jones 5
Alex 8tephens 5 J C Pittman 2
Frank Smith 3 Gentry Jones 5
rized to Chas Wardl 3 Eh Johnson 5
esented WH Benjamin 2 Abe Williams 5
. Beard, Henry Johnson 2 Wm Mathews 5
e of the Sig Wolf 1 T J Powell 8
C A Seeghers 3 Abe Wyatt 1
8th day Mose Sargeant 1 Andrew Griffin 8
it. Henry Cronmnnger 2 Andrew Sutfield 2
Bed that Burl Oley 2 Gus Turner 4
teachers V Montgomery 8 J B Kerlln 5
Robt Gilliard B Aaron Johnson 2
nd2nd. Jesse Powell 2 Chbsa Johnson 2
;iven by Jonas Scott 2 Parker Gaines 1
1 J N Morgan 3 Ben Griffina 2
s the eo W McKee i E M Noland 1
de Frank Moore 2 Wright Foster 1
I hereby certify that the above is a true
and correct copy of the original-Veiire List
ident. iow on file and of Record in my office.
Witnessmy seal and signature this 6th
day of May A. D., 18.7.
)tice. Clerk 7th District Court.
registra- *L
mae "'" 8 , willIants .
7th day
Iding the T m t .
id town.
ng for a 0Brink ompany
tn l Is now ready with a fine lot of Brick
for stle for cash. Prices to suit the
5e5er* times. Call at ofice of Cowgpany, No.
S6 Levee street, for prides.
arrbo, at JNO. W: iDOKE, Manager.
Lake Pruovidence, La.
S- Lake and L.evee Stait L .g .
. ýptPROvxIDCa, x A,
besler in
the inune line of lotahing ieared in th city. Ladim Dus Good,
&EttaJps. Boot and Shoes, M]celntehn t and Hunting Cost; Trunks
Velis s and Bag
SCALL ON M Beforoe Purchasing Elsewheres
ubPrPlin a a rtyre,
r .an. Barrea ads,
The Providence Lumber Co.,
" CgIITPL 5TOC' !' 5iOOOQ.
on- -DfAfRS 3**m
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak. Ash, Cycamor.e, Rough and 1)ressd
- Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
e CORRESPONDENE T Lake Providefce, La.
e The Only Family GROCERY, TS p
* S. A. MNEA.L, Proprietor . at i
Ice a
SDealer in Fine Family Groceriee and all kinds of Pruits p
Sand Nuta, Meat, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and Oiare, B .e
m. * Hay, Corn and Oats. Fine Keg Beer.
e. W. GREEN, 1
Cor. Lake and Church Sts, Lake Providence, I
V1- ....DEALER IN ....
ac Clothing, Boots and Shoes, K
aGeneral Merchandise, Groceries and Plantation Supplies.
ad Wines, Liquors and Cigaras. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
Levee St, Ljake ProYidenoe, XeA,
S . Flour, Meat and Meal. Wines, Liquors and Cigar. A
3 OCheap and Fires-class Grocery House.
4A. D. & s. SPENGLER, AGTeS.,

2.... ..........IC......B. R , BRI e1.........
5 -Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purehadlag elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
SCotton Factors & Commission Merchants
ds 6th Loulslana.
New Orleans,
urt. -L - - - - - - - -9
a frot of two halas and4 rAty4iz dlnke. on
the ltae roj ad.ext to the p 7poay of Mr.
J C. Bus.flat bSoud s doubt the
*flet As. saet buildgi s lota to E"rCattl
For teas.. I to
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Information for the
The following is the schedule of the
Y.- & M. V. R. R., taking effect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 6 will
leave Vicksburg at 3.10 a.m.and arrive
at New Orleans 10:35 a. m.
Train 21 will leave ;Vicksburg 8:00
a. m. and arrive New Orleans 5:30 p.
Train 6 will leave Now Orleans 4:20
p" m. and arrive Vicksbnrg 11.50 p. m.
Train No. 22 will leave New Or
leans at 8.05. a. ni. and arrive at Vicks
burg at 5.55 p. m.
Memphis Division-Train No. & wil
leave Memphis at 7.55 p. mi. and arrive
at Vicksburg at 3:00 a. nm.
No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:45 a.
m. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
Train No. 6 leaves Vicksburg at
12.01 a. m. and arrives at Memphis at
7.10 p. m.
Tran No. 24 will leave Vicksburg
*at 7:3 a" mn. and arrive at Memphis at
t5:30 a. nm.
Alll trains run daily.
For information as to rates &c.,
write to
W. D. BREN,. C. T. A.
Vicksburg, Miss.
Lake Providenee *O
Keeps on hand a large aseortlent of
Buridal Caskets Now, Plrain and Ora
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Order
[april 1-89-1yl
Chas. Swoiford,
Horu, Sip and Ornamental Painter,
V Buggy Painting and Paper Hain
Lake P'rovidence, La.
0 Wanted-An idea -* ,
itsMUNr CtO. mý "
*tFA 1oe
Islelsl E ,, fno tati m mvOer
ta i$throe C.
,peoa notce to the '
361 S Bresdway, New &trk.
n.I] vz rI.lS . AmI xzm PACET
- For Helena, Greenvil)e, Lake Prey
u deuice. Vicksburg, and All
Way Landings-.
S The Swift and Elegant Steamer
gmk I , CITy oF SAVANN A,
Jn Place of Bald ,agle.
- A. L. OcMxI*, *L.P.Cmemias .
Miater, OCerk.
eued ) wln i w seaas y at a p . m.
]paaidng IAkiTeIebEucE @Jda7 ioooPIbSM
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