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Saturday, May 29, 1897.
Lake Providence, La.
Lake Providence, La.
Practicing Physician,
Crlce at Campbell & Chaze Drug
Store on Levee street.
W. I). BELL,
Burgeon and Practicing Pysician.
(Obstetrics a spesialty.)
Will respond to all calls, day or nght.
Office at Bernard drug store. Residetce
next to Metodist Chure
Payment for medical services must
be made at the close of each month
Attzornae at "Inaw.
Lake Providence, La.
Practices In State and Federal Courts
Local and Parish News.
Don't neglect to register.
Gilmour has smooth sailing.
West end should be opened up.
Our town Is surely on a steady
Bell will soon be at his upper land
log again.
The public school closed its session
The weeds are being cut along the
Town politics almost dead. It is
almost one way.
A few more days and the fiver will
be within its banks.
A regular flock of drummers struck
Providence this week.
At the Campbell drug store can be
found ice cold soda water.
A railroad would bring us a bank,
an oil mill and a compress.
Mr. R. L. lill will start the erection
of his fine residence next week.
With several ice houses in town
this simmer, ice ought to be cheap.
The high water fight of only a few
Weeks ago has almost been forgotten.
The thermometer has been reaching
the 80 mark this week. Summerish.
The crops In the Bunch's Bend
neighborhood, are in excellent condi
Hicks, the St. Louis weather prophet,
predicts very little rain for next
month. -
Dave Parker, the banner tobacco
drummer, is iu town this week taking
The opposition in coffins has
brought the price down to living
The School Board held an import
ant meeting oun Monday. See proceed
lngs elsewhere.
Guenard's soda water fountain has
started up with all kinds of the latest
summer drinks.
The nights continue very cool, but
the days are getting warmer as we ap
proach the summer.
Mr. T. D. McCandless, an expert ac
countant, is now bookkeeper at
Burney s large store.
Now that our parish has escaped an
overflow, things should look up, and
our town should prosper.
Mrs. T. L. Van Fossen and son
Harry, of the Bend, were pleasant
visitors to town on Tuesday.
Services at the Methodist Church
to-morrow morning at 11 a. m., and
evening at 8 o'clock p. m.
Miss Sadle Ilafford has been very
sick for several days. We are glad to
learn that she is much better.
Those pretty fitting duck pants you
see so many wearing, come from
White's. He has plenty more.
There were several fusses among the
negroes in town on Saturday night
last. Too much Pine's Magnolia.
By the first of the mouth the Y. & M.
V. R. R. will be ready for travel be
tween Vicksburg and Memphis.
Jake Sweeny, who has often faced
the mayor, was up before him agaic
on Monday. lie got five and costs.
Both cotton and corn crops are iu
very good condition, and on some
places corn has been laid by this week.
Col. E. W. Constant, looking as finue
aus silk, was up from Neponset on
Tuesday and gave us a plepsant call.
Mr. W. [. Benjamin, member of the
schbol board from the second ward,
was up on Monday attending a meet
The saw mill of the Providence
Lumber Co, started up on Monday
and will cut out a million feet of lum
Our city stores bshould close at 7
o'clock lth the evening during the hot
summer days so as to give the clerks
a rest.
The cistern to be built at the corner
of Second and Sparrow streets, should
help to lower the rate of fire insur
We regret to learn that some of our
planting friends report bad stands of
cottqu. We hope that they are mis
Our frIeid Tompkis' coOup around
near the eool house is a nest little
pla. e la eshappy with ibls do und
- Max Levy's trade eoattsee to grow.
It 1 only a queitql el a soBt- tIme,
who be will be among he le·_dle
CoL P. D. Qs ,ys"wpS -
S Mapo dap. He ,ol4 shri w.e
" iStag er, wac eom-. -sgt the.
Train service inaugurated by theY. A
& M. V. IL. R. and L C. systems is ap
preciated by the traveling public. By
using the above lines you can go to
St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Cincin- fc
nati and all points east with only one b
change of cars and this change is made
at a Union Depot in Memphis, where
you get a solid vestibule train through ti
to all the above points. For tickets v
or information call on local agents or p
JNO. A. SCOTT, Memphis, Tenn.
A. Ii. IIAltSON, G. P. A., Chicago,
Ills. F
W. A. KELLOND, A. G. P. N., y
Louisville, Ky. a
W. D. BRENT, C. T. A. Vickbburg,
Mr. Phil McGuire; our bustling and O
progressive citizen, has decided to
erect a brick store house on his lot
next to his large frame store on the
corner of Lake and Scarborough
streets. He will make a handsome
building with glass front.
Mr. N. Fousse, is meeting with suc- iI
cess in getting up a telephone ex
change, and only needs a few more
subscribers to make the venture e
assured. It is something that is very
much needed, and we hope that Mr.
Fousee will be able to work it up.
Prof. II. F. Mitchell, who has been b
re-elected principal of the colored town b
schcol, is no doubt the best man for c
the position that could have been f
selected, and who receiveid quite a u
compliment from Superintendent Egel
ly as to the progress and advancement 9
of his school. C
The many friends of Miss Emma v
Bell, the accomplished daughter of i
Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Bell, who has been i
attending Weelyan College at Macon,
Ga, will be delighted to learn that the e
young lady graduated with high hon- a
ors. Miss Emma stood second in a
class of over thirty.
The Police Jury at their meeting a
few days ago sent a poor colored
youth to the New Orleans hospital to
have an operation performed upon his g
eyes, who was about to loose his eye- a
sight and was almost blind. ; It is hoped I
that he is not too late and that some- d
thing can be done for him. I
Mrs. Max Stockner. wife of our
popular parishoner, Mr. Max Stockner,
left on Saturday evening for New
York, where she will embark for Ger- r
many to spend the summer with rela
tives. Hler many friends wish her a
pleasant voyage across the"briny deep"
and a sate return honie.
The cistern to be built at the corner
of First and Scarborough streets will
add very much to the protectiod of
t property in that section of town; and
it seems to us, lower the heavy rate of
insurance that is paid. It is a good
investment, and the town authorities
could not expend the money in any
better way.
The three young lady assistants in
. our public school should be re-ap- I
pointed to the positions that they have
a so satisfactorily held. They are home
t girls, are competent, and should re
ceive preference over any stranger.
t We believe that they need have no fear
and that they will fill the positions for
next session.
t The congregation of the A. M. E.
Church at their last Sunday services
3 collected over $90.00, which they
turned over to th, Building and Loan
a Association. Our colored friends are
t fast wiping out their debt, and as soon
as they get the church paid for, they
Swill bare it nicely painted and other
improvements made.
SMayor Hamley will erect a hand-I
some two story brick building on
his lots on Levee street in the near
Sfuture. He will have an iron front I
and large glass windows some
e thing like Mr. W. N. White's. If we
Shad a few more such progressive citi- 1
zens as Messrs. E. J. Ilamley and Phil 1
MeGuire it would not take long before
we would have a hustling town.
SMrs. G. W. Sentell, mother of Mrs.
L. K. Barber, and Dr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Dickson, sister of Mrs. Barber,
e of New Orleans, have been visiting
Ms. Mor Barber and family for the past
e week at their beautHiul home on the I
Bend. Dr. Dickson is a prominent
. physician, and has just returned from
SNew York, where he has been for the
past six weeks attending lectures.
The Kings Daughters, an organisa
tion composed of a number of the
christian ladies of our town, did a
noble piece of work the other day,
7 when their attention was cal!ed to the
couditiou of a white woman who was
found to be very sick. The ladies
secured a room and a nurse for her
j and made her as comfortable as possi
ble. Such a noble deed as this lives
f The Providence public school finish
e- d its regular sessiou's work yesterday
evening, And no doubt was the finest
of say previonus year. The exercises
Sheld at the (pera liesu last night
were creditable Indeed-to both the
children and teachers---and a large
I majority of the-patrols of the school
I are satisfed with the present corps of
istructors in the Providence public
V eho.l. Ther olesti4 again to tesch
wim be e4laetrfr to the etiseue of
oi town and -ountry.
On Wednesday at 10 o'clock, Mrs.
Alice Benton Johnson, of Grand Lake, I
Ark., died at the residence ofiher sister,
Mrs. T. J. Powell, in our town.
Mrs. Johnson had bean an invalid
for the past three years, and had come
here in the last-few months to receive
medical attention. She was the daugh
ter of the latte Col. Warren M. Benton,
who was a promninent citizen of our
parish in ante bellum days, and the
wife of Col. Will Warren Johnson of
Kentucky. She h:ýd one child, Mrs.
Frank Kronenbitter, who died a few
years ago, leaving three children, who
are now living in Columbus, Ohio.
The remains of Mrs. Johnson were
interred on Thursday morning at 10
o'clock in the Providence Cemetery, in
the presence of a large concourse of
friends of the family.
The spirited double team of Mr.
Mac Goodwin, which were hitched to
a light buggy, ran away on Wednes
day, demolishing the buggy and hurt
lug Mr. Goodwin and Master James
Pope. One of the reins broke and the
horses fluding out that they were free,
started on the run. Mr. Goodwiu and
young Pope were thrown out and
Pope knocked senseless; he received a
scalp wound and his shoulder and side
hurt very much, while Mr. Goodwin
had his face cut in several places. It
could have been worse, and their
friends congratulate them upon their
narrow escape.
The Board of Aldermen have done
several good acts lately in passing first
class ordinances; but there are other
very Important ones that we would
like to see them pass at their next
meeting. One ordinance is to prevent
any more unsightly buildings being
erected on Lake and Levee streets;
and the other ordinance, is to cause all
barbed wire fences to be taken down
and not to allow any more to be erect
ed. Towo such ordinances should be
come laws.
There are two or three of our ener
getic and live business men who are
never idle in working for the advance
ment of our town, and if something
does not turn up to give our pretty
little place a regular boom in the next
few months it will be no fault of theirs.
Their efforts should be appreciated,
and we believe that Mayor Hamley, the
leader of those who are trying to do so
much, will be elected to his present
positiou by a larger majority than he
ever received at any previous election.
A few weeks ago we inserted an
advertisement for Mr. J. S. Millikiu,
one of our largest planters, who had a
few hundred bushels of peas for sale.
He dropped in on us Monday to tell
us to discontinue it, and that if he had
a thousand bushels' he could have
easlly'disposed of them, anl all from a
four line adv. lie told us that he had
received letters from fully twenty-five
people, and that he was getting tired
using up stamps. Mr. Millikin be
lieves in printer's Ink.
We publish in another column a
circular letter from President Boyd of
the State University, which should be
read by the friends of the school.
rhe commencement exercises this
year will be of more than ordinary in
terest, as it is intended to have a
general re-union of the old cadqte--as
far back as 1865, and we learn that a
great many will be press at from all
I over the United States. The leading
men of our State to-day are graduates
of this school.
To trap the unwary-make no allur
ing announcements to catch you just
The GUARANTEED value we give
in our matchless SPRING CLOTHI
NECK WEAR--and your money
back, if you want it, is protective
Money back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt attet
Vicksborg, Miss.
The fifth annual statement of the
Building and Loan Associatfon now
being published in the Banner-Demo
crat, speaks well for the careful man
agement of that home institution.
The School Board at their meeting
on Monday selected the principals of
the white and colored schools aud
postponed the selection -of the other
teachers uutil their meeting in July.
Messrs. Leo Shields and Phil Long,
assistant U. S. engineers, left on Mon
day morning for Vicksburg in a skiff,
for the purpose of taking the level of
the river bbtween Providence and that
On Monday, Mr. Pinketon, who
clerks for Mr. J. W. Plittman, was
kicked on the leg by a horse, which
came very near beIng serious. He hba
to use a stick in both hands to navi
We eregret to learn that Mr. John 1.I
Keller, who has been at Hlot Springs
for sometime for the benefit ot his
Shealth, has not found any relief, and
that be will leave in a few days for
New Orleans.
The Mississippi Valley Railroad will
have their road in eonditlon to have
trains inoving from Vicksburg to
Memphis by the Seat of the month,
rwbleb dill bea big eonveuieue to the
travllag pnoblic.
You can save money and be better suited by getting
your Millinery from us, than. by sending away and getting'
something you dont like. Our prices are as cheap as you will
find anywhere for first-class Millinery. You have before
you, from which to make your selection, a variety of the Very
Latest Styles, which is much mote satisfactory than having a
stranger to make a selection for you. This aepartmpft is
presided over by a lady of fine judgment and exquisite taste.
YWe invite yOu to call and examine our
Ladies' Trimmed Hats, Bonnets
and Toques.
Ladies' an11d isses' Sailors, from the
Cheapest to the Finest made, 25ots to $2.00.
Ohildren's Hoods, Eats, Bonnets and Tam
O'Shanters, in Mull, Swiss, Lawn an1
Piquet, - - 5ots to $2.00.
EntEss Trimzmmed. T Order OnI
short Notice.
The Vicksburg Tailoring Company,
IMal1es S itLs to OCrder for
18., s 8D 0, : .82 , S ao.
Three thousand d:fferent pattL:ns to select from. lWe handle no ready made
226 " outh Washington St., Vicksburg, Miss.
M. A. HALE, Proprietor, E. A. HALE, Manager.
T. J. Powell,
.Leveeo Street, Lake Providence, Lounsliana,
....DEALEB IN.... g
Fine Clothing, Hats, Caps,
and Gents' Furnishing Good, Trunks and Valises. Ladies',
Misses, Children's and Men's Shoes. Overshoes for all. Grooer- or
iee and Plantation upplle.
We understand that Mr. John Wil
liams will soon move his undertaking
establishment from his old place to
Lake street.
Our friend Kennedy had wheels
they wer'nt out of his head either.
There is no use to tell this, as every.
body knows it.
Our friend Walter Goodwin has a
flue crop of both cotton and corn.
Hle told us that he would bring us in a
square or two to-day.
The Acme Brick Co., finished burn
ing a kiln of over 100,000 brick this
week, and will start immediately on
another kiln of 800,000.
Max Levy invites you to call and
look at the handsome line of clothinug
he is carying. Hle don't ask you to
boy., but only to take a look.
Our friend Will Dunn was in on
Sunday last. Hle reports the crops in
the swamps looking fine, and expects
a bounteous harvest in the fall.
Mr. Poindexter, the efficient sawyer
of the Providence Lumber Co., calme
up from Natchez last week, and is now
at his post ripping up the logs.
The genial and popular Frank Con
stant, representing the large clothing
house of Strauss Brothers, Chicago,
gave us a pleasant call on Tuesday.
Considering the cool nights of last
week, which has somewhat retarded
the growth of cotton, still the crops
are good on a niajocity of the places.
Our city authorities should paint up
the pump house on the corner of Lake
A Levee streets. Make it an orna
ment. It will be money well spent.
We would like to seq some energet
ic wide awake person put u$ _ first
class store on the !t,:s of Capt.- Purdy
on the corner cf Lake A Scariorough
A very large fout room dwelling is
being erected in New Provitence.
Twelve or ffteen houses have been
erected in that part of town in the past
,lhe patrons and public generally
congrattalate Prof.'Dudley upon hi1
re-election as principal of the public
white schooL .The bhord eould nol
have made a better seleetion, and owe
that gives more general satisfactlon.
A lamp bas been placed at the
Catholic Church corner and another
at the corner of Levee and Second
streets, now making seventeen street
With a railroad to reach Mer Rouge,
in Morehouse parish, it would only be
a short time when Lake Providence
would be a city of several thousand
Tom Wade, a_ colored man who
lived in town a few months ago, and
who never recovered from the beating
he received, died in the country on
Saturday last.
The Mississippi Valley Railroad
will soon publish their rates to the
Nashville Exposition, which will be so
low, that almost any person can afford
to take the trip.
Miss Ida Gardham has moved her
millinery store next door to Mr. T. J.
Powell's on Levee street, where she
will be pleased to see the ladies of our
town and country.
The many friends of Mrs. T. J.
Powell, the good and true christian
lady, regret to learn that she contin
ues very ill. Many a prayer has been
said for her recovery.
The Anchorline steamer, Bluff City,
blew out a cilender head on Saturday
near Henderson and was towed to
Greenville.by the Annie Laurie, where
repairs could be made.
Moving the benches from the side
walks has kndoked out the loafing
places of the loungers. It is a good
ordinatice if it is strictly enfbreed,
which we hope will be.
Would'nt It be a good idea to drain
the pond back of the Firemaa's Hall
ipstead-of waiting to the middle of
summer and then have to us up
several barrels of .lime.
Mrs. M. Louse Graham, of New Or
leane, arrived on Toueday to be at the
bed aide oat her sisters, Mrs. T. J.
Powell, who has been very sick for the
past two or three weeks.
Capt. Res, of. Alabama plastatio,
was lts s.asult on Snday Mst to drill
the soldiers. It a pitly- that others
do not take the tlaerest I the ' em
pany that ie does; G ld. Roa re
his crop . r, .goed.
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