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- biber and ....
- - nce wu
..Saturday, June 5, 187. ge oi
following is the inscription on tlhe ul di
monment recently erected in Mount up their
ope Cemetery, New Yor, i me- settle w
ory of the Copfedterate dead : our orga
Se rtle-hberge purpos run, discusse
A nIghity DMothe turns,.OOs te:rs. among 1
Toll pingges he inecbttle years,on the
Lasment rceatl y ier et le onut whelmir
The farmof e C fee orgia will use orme
fertilisers to the .ntount of $7,000,
000 ,this year, and still ahwse farmers tonc
Fold good living on their land that the
- that has to be 'made so that it can and that
Pyuee crops. present
A German statistlcian estrutes ple or 1
that the United States pays annually it. TI
to European bankers 30,000,000 a
nterest on borrowed money anduse Soan
profths on investments Adlc. dividends on ci
.on stocks held by them. ie pee
The large majority of the papers pophe
of our Stato be madoe soating the hohl-can tu
'ug of the constitutional convention. . e
If the right kind of men can be t
selected, who "will be unselfish, am (ar
profits deal of good. can be accd- tl
pln stohed by a new constitutionhem. and it
he gtheorit of te pprs q
,og o te Francis Levee Board ht.eld n ot
I mthe igh at ind oemphis, Ark.,n ours
awk and elected ho ill be unselfish, e
sbod decbyded to request authority d it
Rani the legislature to issue. 500,- wouh
400 in bonds to be applied to the large
;, autrP of the St. Francis Basin. Y ad
The 'giving way of the levee at ou1ly
o. n . ad ,point, about ten miles be- and
low Baton Rouge, is reported to be a whicl
R g rio agk land the t'aterrrunning P 1
aasor 'wiflldamnage- a great many towl
ine sugar plantations. A great vol- 1,t a
Citre of water is'rushing through, but nit
the Mississippi Valley railroad is at and
work trying to stop it, which we hope we f
:the toad will be succesdul in doing. the
The Daily States says the Phila
delphia Record refers to a touch of pose
humor in the proceedings of the .I1
?Presbyterian General Assembly. In poif
the eolrse of a speech on a business Di n
topid, ei-Postmaster General Wlanua- oul
maker took occasion to say that he scar
.had never seg a perfect man, and but
be doubted very much if there had F
been a perfect woman. IHre a little, the
timid; shrinking body rose in tle the
beck of the room and. said she heard ..
of one perfect woman. When cu- of
quiry was made as to' this remuark- nec
able entity, she said: "It was my and
huslband's first wife." The "little,
.timid, shrinking body," clearly got ti
in her work. da
- - ---- '- . ,ate
SCapt. II. C. Newcomer has issued ,
a circular letter to levee c;;ontractors Lebo
in the Third district, in which he thel
says that i vinew ot the high flood f,,
this year, he thought it may e hi
advisable to adopt a, new provisional e
grade for the levee hees of three feet 1 e
above the higliest water this year,I haI
putting In. banquettea s where none -
. m inow4ailt. He wishes to inquire
. W hether the contractors will be
willinag - to include tlus additional
work ander their presncut con:tract
S. or enlargement of levee. Si
Unless they are willing to do the
- work at thbe same price, it would
'"hevo" to be advertised and rclet
ShereIfter, provided this new grade is
" dopted. t
The tfollowing tribute is from the
Itew* Y[ork Mail and Express:
ilirem in*bwhere visale a fiuer cx
Alp; h of old-tashiomtd American
o. k I id industry .than that pre
.l' jted b; h the farmers and planters
Ih the lower Mississippi valley,
. lhuods were recently swept i
;s .the great flGid. These un
victiams of misfortune are
4a ihard at work restoring their
4tae farms; vast areas but
Sc~ved first with the waters
,r~%eu a th the debris of the angry
be.a been reclaimed and are
Ilom eg with the, tender ver
:.0 budding corn and cotton,
Kii~~ whqle rvst region, which on
* :.i weeks" ago seemed like a
-aSolAatlon, is once more a
i in its promise of
1 Fir.'. orthe grit andi
wth'whi&' they have met the
aje destruetive overflow,
c heerfulness, confllenee
rth which they have in
askof rebuilding their
, the people of the
a~:i.re- deserving of
are Americans of
4 i disaster can
AT Tie Ti rs-Deincl. t is a.^ -,l't I :tr - , 1
'iv'(alte of hoiding tie (',;,ti - -
S t:onal .2 t:\cutiotil t. , . .' i .
edit: 1ia:. bo01' l (;.,, !'1
I n '.n e!' t,- t m (ntl:: ':e I 'i C plC • e
vote 'Ahether they waiit a co.'- to jI
ti. al ctonvention or n;ot, 1,1d at the les 0
sacme time, elect delegates to that ' axe 1'
conventim,n The Legislature, in- K
stead of calling the convention at tation. 1
once, which would have been best, strip of I
gave ample time for the people to cut off fr
Sully discuss the matter and to make the orii
)unt up their minds thereon, and also to t, ;iinil <
em- settle what changes are needed in e corner
our organic law.. bavou 1;
The matter has been more or less mide c
discussed in the press, as well as th i-t0
among the people, and the over. 2 i lot :S ,
whelming setiunent is iin favor of a l'nc
new Constitution. '.wk lin
use Some few protests have been flied y, ...
;:O,- 'gainst it, let there protests were I ;i . :
not backed with any argument ,f t', i
ionoient-it was the same old story paralli
land, that the people were not to be trusted, InlCC
can and that it was better to stand the 0
present organic law, faulty as it ts,
than take the risk of having the peo- O'io
antes ple or their representatives change tence,
ally it. This arguinment is un.lnmeloratic 20. blot
),OO and absurd, and a mnot remnarkable of Prov
one to6 preent to the lpeople; indeed, Pai
; we canl conceive of no more marvel- i-e ace
on t 1,s prop :: iton than an apealc toi J::io
;he people to vote down a constitl ;i- fet
tiolnal convention because they, the hack
rapers penile, are un:lt to frame a new con- Tax 's
hold- titutiun. T'hey must by their own War
ntioa. vote !eclare their unitt;ess for gov. 3d 11
Srnnic:t. :alditi.
To be This style of argumient will, of 1896.
ish, a course, not win; and it is now eer
,coml- tain that the convention will e held; P al
and it is time, therefure, to discuss lots 1
the qnestion of the changes needed r 1,3
d held in our corstitut:onal systemn. r 13
The first and moat Ire:,sig is, of 7 and
Ark., course, in our suff.itge, and this is Taxes
The of sunch tranu:;cendant importance that
thority it has been suggested that it alone arm w
$500,- would suflice. We suffer from a kll n
to the large ignorant vote, easily in;luened anitl 6
S by adventurers and demagogues, nd see
always a source of danger to the nr IS
State. These votirs interfe-e seri- 1893,
evee at ously witl democratic governmentI W"il
iles tc- and are reslponsibe for the .laws00
to be a which in many cases deprive the fract
~nning people of the right of electing their all ol
own oflicials. Several plans suggest and
t mvol them:clves of solving this problem, 12 e.
eat but a!l require a chancge in our Conu- alf
gh, but stitution. We have tried to modify
.d is at atnd alter it by an amendment, but Ge
e hope we failed in this; we can only make i
doing. the cbhfige with certainty by secur
ing a new constitution. all o
It is a mistake, however, to supi
pose that this is the only decect ii 'Taxi
touch our organic law.
of the 'The constitutional coinuiission a-A
lly. In pointed by the last Legislature, that or I
business of 1892-96, to go over our Constili:- Ib
Wnun- tlion and suggest amendments to .it,
t found numerous defects, ati that - N
that he scarcely a section of the C:onstitution acre
an, and but needed inmproven:ett. w}
ere had First among the branches nccding j
ea little, the attention of the "convention is
in the l the judiciary, which as at prc:er, t
constittttcdt is cinmbersoie, expeiii- :c
le hearn sive and slow. A general revision .S,
hen cu- of the entire judiciary system is t
rcueark- necessary in the interest of economy the
was my and quicker justice.
"little, Another change greatly needed is
'rty got the abolition of the ceutralized sys- 749
rl temwhich grew up in Republican se
days, andi which has been perpetu- hai
ated ,nnddr Demnocratic rule, wherpc-i
as issued ,y the Ipeople are ruled iby oflicials, !
utractors ,oards or comrmissions aippoitnted by
shich hel the.Governor deriving their 1ower
igh flood from him and reo2nsib!e wholly to
m isy e him and not to the pecol:ie. We tat
ovisionalhave seen the evil effects of this sys- nv
roio lten on many occasions, and lolitis ili
three feet creepinlg into matters with wfich it
his year, hl~ls no concern
mere none
to inquire grzyS 7,&% SAL 0 PF1p
additionl aVaba opet
con:tract Deli~n1quent. T
to do the LINGQ'ENT TAX-EBTORS. ti
it woudi Par ish of East Ca2?rrll. p
and rcct
gd i BY virtue of lthe uthority vested in me
grade is by the Col:siution an:d Laws of the :ttlce
I of Louisih: a. I will- proceed to sell at tic w
the Civil District Court of said parish is u
frm the held, within the legal hours for Judlcial ,
Sale., i,eginnii 'g at eleven o'clock a. m...
Express: jiN SATUILDAY TUE 1oth DAY O'1 p
Sliuer ex- JULY 1$,17,
American and contnuintg on each succeeding days
until ai4- s:iles are complecite. all hinmoVa
that pie- be pruloerty on which taxes ae IIow due
to the slate el Louisiana. the Filth Louis
td planters lana Levec District, and the parish of East
• p valley, Carroll to en!orcc the collection of taxes
passessed for the 'yar itio together Wih all
ntly swept interest fa1Qii date ofnitailiitYai ,,rescrdoed
by law until payimeCit of sid ta.es, ost
These un- and lees at the rate of2 ler cen per mon"th
rtune r ati paid aund aItCoste. The name o said
ortune rdelUinelt t'cx-payers. the amount of taxes
ring their due by eahson nhe asssen.mein of said yeara,
Seand the immovable property rssessed to
areas but e to be oufered for saie, as ±olloWs, to
the waters wit:
of the angry Buckneor, Mrs. E. I WVin Forest, 1st
ward, 1514 acres.
med and are Being a divided half of the Wnu For
tender ver- ast plantation, composedl of sections
and cottoan, 5. 52 and 53 and 46; w 4 see 47, s j
of sec 43'and a w of see 42 less 150
a, which on- acres sold by her to Stein & Ascheffen
emed like a burg. All'in township 18, a r 13 e.
)ae more a Tazesa1896, $163.30.
promise of Bjukner, C. B. Wiu Forest, 1675
le grit and seres, 1st ward.
igmt Beign a divided halft of the Winn
_ave met tre Forest plantation, composed of asections
ve overflow, 51. 52, 53 and 46; w 4 of see 47, a s of
, confldeace see 48 and s w" of see 42, towuahip
Shae n-18, t. 15 e. Taxes 1896. $185.48.
tid ing their - Banks, Tilghman. Pecan Grove, 32
ailing their cres. 1st ward. To be taken from
cople of the the' n e corner of fractional see 7, t 19.
deserving of r 14, formally a part of Pecan Grove
emericans of plantat'on. Taxes 1896, 48cts.
diTaster can Baldeen. Mrs. Luesey. - 3d Ward.
- esideice and Itas 8, 9 and 10 and 10
t I 1 1 h i', , T c i 1 - " . . .. ... .
,,,,, ,7 , , 7I, i'c. ' .'~ L F.
.4t w ar.. , .l,.
-t r'," I,"
e less 60 nowes s",d to Kate Lewis. v B ir
at Taxes 1 .96. 8.10. r edI
K11 lientr, W . Arl.igton la- ,
at lation. 1)0 acrs,. Sth "wird. Being : f the
sI, strip of l and of uniform width to le doner.1 t
to cut off from the north side of lot 3 of day. the
ake the original:d Ailtngton plantdioin, be- ounrs pri
to ginning'on Bayou Providence at theh n acr in nr
tii e corner of sam;e on the Han{k of said crty. to-v
bayou; ithelnce runnrng north along the All an
less middle of the road or lane leading to Lot h ina
sthe Iiand al:ice north 87 . degrees. W and runt
v2' 53-100 chains to the back line of 150 feet.
vers :id lot No. 3; thence :!oug said back mIats th
f 7 er a po.it on" a-i r abioves
ii.k line f'r:: wich :1t hoe ran south T'rm
ied I 7 0,-'."c- e, and p ai hiv to the p1 n iac
I .r-e c n '.:tV1 ! '.oo lit No. 3 to Prnv- stri
t fI :.:o I 'u i o ll t ,of ni ti.h of said
Lor , p ralicl ive, t 1 tqu n tuity. of 10 acres; -- -
ted tesnc aln*,i s:aid II.nO north 22 II2 C
the 2 -iU') elt,:ais v., ,t to l'act of hi , g n
Si lg. Taxes 1:'G, ,22 10. b
peo- O'Do:nel, Chas. Town oft Provi- 1 O"
In deunce, 3d ward Being lots 18. 1 i"and oiJud
ratie 20. block 3 of the 3d ,aldition to town (lection
able of Providence. Taxes 1l6, d2.60, rnte
IPcurv; Mrs. M. G. To;n of Provi- one ris
reel- docc. ;id w::rd. One lot in the Davis
10 aithion town of Providence, fronting Provi
sti 50 fe;t on Sparrow street and running
, the bac o to the old V. M. usrdy residence.
coit x 'axs 1896, 7cts. The
own V arud, Jennie. Town of Prov\ildcC, tiE. ,
goo. 3d ward. Vacant lot 3. block 1, Davis store.
addition town of Providence. Taxes
Ii, of 1896. 7Tets.
herld; H alker & Stein. Island 95 or An- iav
drews land, 800 acres. 2d ward. 1.i:g nsit:
lots I and 2, sec 78, frt se i, ft , t 20. with
c ndd 13 and 14: lot 3 of se 25 oft 20, n !oh.
r 13 e; lots 1, 2. 3, 4. 5. 6 and 3 of see clor e
is, of 7 and faent sec 18 oft 20. n r 11 e.
his i Taxes 189, ¶10.10. L
;e lust Latt
alone Witl:owski, L. L. A-.hin. 900 acre, -
o 5th ward. Being an 4iodivided halif of
mon a lot' or fractional sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
tne and 6l: all of sec 9 and 10. noi all of At
s,: nd see 8 lying cast.of U:;3 on M5eou,! l t 23, 0 ts
to the nr 12 e. Taxes lt, 10.G0. Taxes
a seri- 1893, 84.10". . i
let' Witkowski, Jse.,:ine. Ashton, a!t:.
e t 00h acres, 5th ward. ling lots o'r
t fract stectins 1, 2, 3.4, 5 santd . an C
their all of see 8 lying eas't of you Macon, ,.
nggest and ll of sections 9 '.:1,1 1. t 2. n r li n
oblen, 12 e. The suro e t- i .n undivided Si.
ir C hon- alf of the abrove. 'T'taxcs 1890(, c--84.b
Gnt, t recnwolod, ifrs of essr . Evans ito i
Sk George plac e, ..` c . rc . 2.1 war.I ' e. -
nrlug an undivided two-thirds (of the s e
tecur- Iand w  of c 1, 2 " fn w see 3.
all of sec 10, the 1 w I of sw and n11
to sui wl of sa i se 11, t 19. n r 11 e.
:attct i'Taxes 169, 31)J 0.!1
l;onp- a 4chs & Co., S. W. Island 92.. 300 C
tast t acrtes. 4th ward. Fingi,' a c see
re, tt or lot 18 of t z2, n r 12 e. Taxes '
o0st111u- 1t IN .05. tc
5 to .it,
td that - Newman, Isidore. WYsh place, :272
titttIon acres, 2(1 ward. Biting lot 5, e i of n
w andt v4 pof Iv sc '25; t' of sw fro
neding see 24, t 20, n r 11 e. ':xes 1396.
T 20.5.
ution is -
p iesct Newman, idore- Ca,lc place, 171
cxl iti- :cre, 2d war.. LBi:ig ti- 0 1 f t~:e
revision 1g5, and 14 acr:e lii::ng onl the wet.ouna;k I
,stem is of Joe's Bayou, ulid the n e corner tof
o the n w of si;d s:ction:.  21. un r 1I
,co e. Taxes 1396, 113. d8.
oeded is Newman, Isidore. Manning place. .
zed sye- 749 acres, 23 warrd. Bi-ng the e , of 1.
punlc an see 24, t 20, u r 11 c. ,ud an tndl vided
pcretu- halif of fractional sec 11. ::id all of that
pee- art of fi.ectio:l se-e 1!9 lyinlg n of
i layo,, u nT''ensas, t 2, uII r 12 e. Taxes
i I ar Ih
r jowler NwmanusO. yioor. Conu jicc. .00 1
bhloliv to I ncrc, iid ward. Ileiw; t1u Coono pa- -
.e We tation, 'fro;ti;- tie Mi.;siss ipi 9:
thiss yS- .ivcer. bounded -hivc by the Hag:,manal
itt place, below by land of .-Ion. Mc(.t:he 1c
hich- it t.alnd H L 1cem-o'n, ttl te ietl .y lut
S of Jos. E. Ilansdell. Tutcs 1896.
W:)ite, ', I; . M::ry A. Ma'ceAtte
- plcee. 40 acres, 1st wnt. Being s
e ey  e43, a :'rt of fractional see 49 andl11
all of fr::Ni:onal sec 590, t 18, I r 13 c.
Taxes 1i;3G. .50.10. v'
V S. liE- on this day ot Sie, I wil sell such por
TO OS. tion of.aald tI,"oerty as c.i , e wil
¶If o p l tolt ,:d,;din '.ase li~e doIl'.r wiA n I
tturhier del:y.. e,15 tili e lc~ "t Ii" '.ii i t 1
1a,, irr pcrl v of alny debtr. which any li- 1
sted in r-e der ii! buny ffr .lhe oIInllo t of ta.e~, inter
f the hute rt t.ndl crot dl:e !,a se;d ichtor.
sell at lie Tl'hesale wili whbii ,i io t a:;! apprn::' - i
e 'en whjh, mnet, for ea~h in I;:,l tenlcir moriV ot tie
d parish United Sttes, asd tie pr-perty sold Eshall i
lor Judicial bie rctee.,iii :1 any tine to: iyie ceace of
2ock a. in. o1e 5veer by paying toe Ire.. aa wa I
SDAY OF per cent pElnadty :t coast aO cU, .
Sheliff aud Tax Colhcctor parish of Ea t I
cdlog days- Carroll. La.
all inunowdac- Providcnce,La., June 5ith 1806.-Ct.
'ilth Louis
oniof taxes No t~
thrr Wiob all
are.. eoMt EAST CAItOOILL I'A-I' SH.
3i pIer moluthl
lamine ot satd ItE RIFFi AeD 'rAX COLLE.CTOR' OFIICE,
u not o ! taxes PARIrnH or EAST CARROLL,
of said year., Lar.ke l'osidnce. La...lus e . 1o3,7.
,sscssed to In con'ormity w'hl, hecr;ou, 63, A. g.5 of
i oollows, to- 188. notice :1s hereby .venl to all 1-.ties
holding mortgig'Ii ui-on real ertnie in tie
SForest, 1st parish ofErst Carroll rn wvichl taxes for
the years 1892. 1l93. 1 1 at i39 hliave not
Ieeb paid. that I w.l in( .iu I:esCeo s a. nie
ae Win For- at the'Court House du-,. on 6:,turday, the
o of sections ltIh, day ol Ju!v, .I)..1'.7, and that a num- I
see 47, a ber of pieces ot property ~n dleli,:quenit ar'e
4 now beih!g adv rlsed :ni t-is r.ewspsper in
42 loss 150 -cotormihy wih t he law peparato. y to
SAsef tfu- such sale The a-leutinsu o tlc mortgage
I i r 13 e. creditors is ePeca;ell - ,aled. to .isee adver
tieCments of tSax salTs. altl the7 are walrned
to take such steps prior to the sale as may
"orest, 1675 be nuecessary to pr'otc: their NiNtis.
. heriff'and ex-ollelo Tax Collector. tast
f the Winn Carroll1 par:ih,La. *
d of s fctions
ee-47 s 7sof I G BE CE R
22, town.bip
$185.48. *- -
:a G rov, 32 gOmO 0 '
a ikeen from *uV r
l seen 7, L 19 Iinow ready with a tine lot (If Brick
Peeeu Grove for sale for cas:h. Prices to duit the
8cts, times. Call at olde.cf Company, No.
.5 Levee street. for prices.
3d Ward. JNO. W. COOKE, M:nagecr.
Sl00 and 10 Lake Pruvidence, La.
't I i -I it .1 . t "C'
MI. r'ec. {, :1 .'
sj 7 t 1) F.l t'CK.
.. .
... r- et-r. .iney 7
& "r. . I). P . e.. d J. W.. Bar
St \r.-No. 4 0.
7i" Pv virture of n writ of Fi la to ime
ilirrected hv the IlOtritale Seventh Dictriet
Co::rt Ir il:e puisil of I:.st Carroll nfqre
S n. id. in the above eiitllhd cvatse. I will pro
e. -d to ell hat 1,ul,l! acUetton. at the door
of the court house. in the town of P'rovi
he dener. East Carroll parish, l.a.. on Satur
of day. the 11th day of July. I,97, betweenl the
be- houls prescribed by law. all the right, title V
en 1 er in an'd to the following dIserlbed prop
Saill I tt. ic-i-wA
ertlie ,All1 an ';c tlar tbo south 20 leet ofi ol
Loto in i1 ock I of the town of Providence.
to Li, ai front of 20) feet on Levee street
" and running back betweenl parallel lines
of 15o feet. with all the buildings and imtprove
rc'k [etrs thereon d nill the rights. ways and
pi lit tulees thereto belonging, seized in the
ol' 'rIerios of Sale cash with the betefit.of
o tpraisement" .T. W. DUNN. Sher:tf.
r i- s:,rit oflice, I'rov:ddi ee. Lu.. Jur~ie , 5,
Said 1;,7.-bt.
It 22 e istrationi l N o ice.
:t ,c is hIteley ,,iven that- the eisitra
tlt look 'or the Town of i'roviderce will
S'ro i n it my office int ailt teow i freon
tai onAy, pril to tonday t ii ;h (ivay
la d of ;e. E, . the late tiled 1ir to, i g the I
town tkirti I Ho nlMt:it: pal olEcera of seid town.
, Under AcAt SNo. ; of 1bt.l. pi o iding for a
rew re - ,-tratlion. t tis tnecos: Vy that every
I- eti- one dc'lringt tfvote in said eciction ,ball
J.s regiter . S GFNARD, Asscsoor.
tin-g Providence, Lia., Aprii l;th, 1I-7.
Tihe l'rovidet ce l' r,,:,s and String Bl.a.dt
will lt:rntish first el'ss mustl e at rieasonabile
lIoneC, rates. Hieadquartere at Juo. V. Cooke's
Tais 1"tore. F. Is. It;UtELL. Leader.
N otic e. C
r All- Iavitr. completed the lit!tng and hiaingg
lt -iug esittt:tc'l the v:leC ofL t all real ad per.-t c
" ^t 20. ,t 1, o pCrty in thle par;ih in a co ,id:ii . .
t 20. wits .w. notice is hereby g>ven tIhat my
t 20, n i:., will remalin open for inspection and
osef e corrct:ion at my eoffice for a period of 20
Se. id:;s, b4tiilttnl ou the 1bth day of June,
I" 1T. W.C. MeRAl.E,
Assessor East Carroll l'ariah.
Lahke I Provideitce, La., May 29, 18'J7
)erter, ---
h if --t 9
al t of At a eeii::nt of tlhe Lale l'rovidsrtue
1t 23, otnher Co.. ht I, Feb. ,th inst. the Hto ard
, :xes f IL;reetors necee,' on the foltlowing price
for I 1r. tto-wiv 2 In.
', . r(-- hevr ;led . m u nl, c '0 per m.
lets or C r. t' F, T.& ( C.ioO:hg and ccir.g, best
15 1 't . -17 ir in.
u i. r..,sT (;T C . nooring and t cllinl:g l
con1, r~i'rde. :13 per m.
n r ,n cabin lumber. cS per io.
v det S- t hi 6 l s., l heart. 2.I per inm.
S ii.:h'., "hd ,q'a Iade. '2 per m.
r4. t00 | . e prc is are . O ftr lntber at tie
mitnl; w'cn delverecd, the haullicg will h.ive
.val; to ibe ated.
reE . o E.J1. I I.\LEY, S1anger.
S11 c. I:NC;, LOUIrl ANA.
In a: eord:nce w ith prtt iasiof5 o1 the1
die"ion oi the lion. Coa li of Aiclt:rtt,
S i lC -n flretiou is hlcrel or'iercd to t.ile tlace
axes o; ;ilondsy, the 7th day of Joune,
e)7. lfor tne In pose "I. t Iltci._;iT : : . ,or.
c.:ct;,'.. ' tr,. tsl er, Ciy etal e' o itee'
1e 37'2 aye P I":1nC 11.
iace, pesIs who many desire to vote nt
Sc'f n aid. eler:ion are eqe rei tireti to :te i-ter nIt
f 1S W rocturei proper regi:t :i l l i 1ietS i tn ot
(te enrad i An t vtl otile Staite of lot
i 'ant ' eel . povrd July. 1`.4.
Tc C e ei Crvsor ol o ec'.itii on will ea se
Cuel, 171 iieso e to te 1l p cl on Mc.tIanv..l he i'tlhiu
S,," ! Ap l. l':t7t . at hi trs 10 te iv ihin,
-e ootk I I ta n I ,' e d ept .c a t eu i , '.e'uo "t. -eu
0 it h' Fsah Act NO. 1::;.
OMr: t tnder my hit. d atnd cii.:nal seal of
u r 1 h 00:'t n , :roid .e, on it;i' the 10th
day ol Ap:il, l',.
£. J. I:AMLEY. Mayor.
ig place A test:
Lo I . of C. It. :G I.LT, Seere: . rV.
.,di Cdltl JU Rj Y LIT ST.
) t 0 o0 Ii:t of thet iiros dr awn for the itc iel*. _
ri. 'i':;xca 'iitirtl terltu ot lie 1 , . .th IJliistct
lrt lor Ea:,t Carroll nat e;-l. La.
ee oO tdrcw o l l . e :0it luti .d 2
,n t p',rn- i "1 M'ta,,lor ;3 G 11 Su"tot 3
Mc(;tire , l~,i " by 2 Joe ashlingtol 4
Giu~t lo ut 1-tie Ie~il Ia.ec is 2
it : .. (G solitllo'S I' elveetoit
c 1S9t6. l)l I'ottit 2 i'ln Vote 4
ir 3 c. jim ,rwin 2 cu u'rete 5
itax Le;v,' :; 4.1 p i;oded 5
Sandfoa Titt '5r 3 a II( L Soltn n 2I
-uch por- S,'Ylllu V lille 3 ol I;otneLt 4
c 4tor wi:l et ry Il.c' 4 leter lctonox 4
|1r ]wito 3 Loc elt 2 iI Yon ri~t 2
im Iwi 2 ,ibute I!ussel 4.
l '.Tx ieuy Lm '.h ; lItei Reee 5
anuintiny lo Tyler 3 Wi liptmatn 2
ticl any ",id- il rank Smtth 3 Ocutry Jones 5
ft P t- i G Wiard 3 Eli Johnson i
o 't op 1! ctetrita 2 Abe W illit il tru
tor evol t ne oV It Veeine Litt
; i old shrtnl enry Jobrosoon 2 V'ni MNathew s 5
oe d ee offi oll, . 1 T . J Ol' lwc Kl
wi 'h~ i w0 bIt C A efclert 3 Alt- Wya-t "
c,. A t ?.os rgCt i And:'ew Griffin u
bUNS, Itenrv Cronnin er "2 Anud'ew Suttield 2
•inh o f it lturl Ilcy " 2 (i;us Turucer 4
s VMonltcoinerv i i Ji B Kerllu .
e o Pom t (,ttoide. 3, aron Johneon 2
____'__, t eh e lq owc i r2 Ce i ,so Jobeabeson 2
I Jon ae S rott 2 Prtc'r (it'e5ies
...... [e W tekTe 3 E M Notend 1
I ti M:::d'oo'e 2 Wnhtrht Foster I
s, r I o lo i v ecr!iiy tieitea t tihe ho.e. is a tiL-ae
t ::d cor i e. l. col e cl ithe o: iilnal Venire List
1tow to ile tc:;itl do; isecorif ilnt my olese.
n'8 OFICE.E. itoi i-al ao d tugnattre this 0h
te. " day of Mao Ad. D., 1"-:c7.
c: ,y tit5 Clerk th faDitr;ct ('equrt.
to all imrtieas
ctlter n in the
e ihB taxes for In otice.
ve ot Olice bt Parisb.htpoerinteude utof Scelools.
t mniotr, the Tie iProvidenti. Ila., Juue 3, 187.-The
Id thathum- a q.lDa.i'te'y een-tiutttton of teachers who
iqueti are Imtly bte desiroi. l procletrintg eertilteatce
wspaper iai' wiith a view of heroning arppisants for ppio
ewp peaaory tn iiteons I the pntilic Achools of titi parish,
tieara norto v.'til t.:lle 1lae ei alte school house atl Lake
: .o . ese auren- i'rovfde- ,cllol'uneneitig ott Tttesdy. .lJuly
e# are wrned Iet. til) o'clk, u. 0.. allnd ciooing on Juiy
a sale as may (1. ';7.
Tht e 1slwancbtP in whilch teachers will be
. DUNN examined will coitist o|lthoi- euuhnreedlIu
ollcc ltor. East Ihe ;st. 2nd nod trd •rdes. atd "eriincttes
of qunlitfcation will be bai-cd Ulton the
number of points wade throughouit the
e" Ire three giaes, lb potnts being neces
'5 for aeoz.d grade and t53 far a t:'r! Etrade
ceiifi ate.
Applicauta presecnting themselves for e
amiuatioti umst ein·vide tbemselves with
'o'l ol Br:ick written upon( single lheetla and pledge at
tteried to e'hi
to (it the The e'amination will commeuce prompt
:Oi tapiial, Nil. Iy at 9 o'fceek 5. m. We and (lose at . o':lock P.
io.cf eneh day. Any addion'I"forms
- tiean cvii e,Ch'ilculll y furnished on appli
r te.:nagc.- i eaoion at ;i:ia eliP .
uvieCnce, La.. i;fIAb. L.EGELLY, Supt.
Lake and Levee Streets, LAKE
"i ':Daloer in
tot'The finest line of Clothing arried in the city. Ladies Dres Goods,
teet Hate, Cape, Boots and Shoes, Mackinh and Hunting Trunk,
InesValinse and Bags.
[i tf CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere;
. E. pANSDELL,. Sec. and Treasi
The Providence Lumber Co.,
sor. (LMtTrED.)
CfgITLB K $TOCK0,000
alh... AL RS I -j
IOke' Dresse
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, hite Oak Ash, Cycamor, Rough and Dre
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
RSODe EC and Barrel Heads.
'L 1114
J an OLCTLake Providencc . La.
The Only Family GROCERY, V
* S. A. iM'NEAL, Proprietor, at Ne
® Delner in Fine Family Groceries and all kinds of Fruts i p
Sand Nu'ts, Meat, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and Cigar9. en
I Hay, Corn and Oats Fine Keg Beer. Mr
s emeaasesem-.seeaeaeaea
s. W. GREEN, 1 1
Cor. Lak, ; r:d Chiroh Sts., Lake Providonco, I
.....IrEALER IN ... F
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, Groceries and Plantation Baupplies.
Wines Liauors and Cigars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
Lerveo St;, Lake prov-ridenoe, La-,
Flou, Meat and Meal. Wine, Liquor') and Cigars. A
r, Cheap and Firse-clase Grocery Hounes
S ....... vI]IsBURG, xLs..........
2 --Manufaectureors of
Sash, Doors;, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
I and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purhobasing elsewhere.
he W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, Louisiana.
... ,, N, 4 J'i"'
a troul t of ttw chnitt and bisty38&x links. o!
eItbelake rovi. next to tIie rrperýtV o1 Mt
.I.C nnaJ· Vila is hc 0041i a doiib t ti
fnet Vve arec Juiding lot In EItst Cairo
pat irh
For term`' lvI n
Mil.L .EIN & dAJ LET.
1 ;c:11 Ert-tle I)ealera.
'- ake ic rov drnee, L:
Wanted-An Idea ,, ,
! Campbell & Cbhlze have i ner9ased
their stock of drugs and sundries. etc..
and can meet calls for anything in their
formration for the
[le following is the schedule of the
& M. V. R. R., aiking effect frony
At. 13.
New Orleans l)ivi mon--Train 5 will
ive V ieksblrg at 3.10 a.tm.and arrive
New Orleans 10:35 a. m.
'rain 21 will leave 'Vicksburg 8:00
mn. and arrive New Orleans 5:30 p.
Train 6 will leave New Orleans 4:20
m. and arrive Vicksburg 11.50 p. m.
Train No. 22 will leave New Or
ins at 8.05. a. in. and :larrive at Vicks
arg at 5.55 p. ni.
Mermphis Diviion-Train No. 5 wil
ave Memnpl:is at 7.55.p. nm. anil arrive
Vicklburlg at 3:(00 a. m.
No. 23 will leave Mcmnphi: at 8:15 a.
. and li e c at. Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
T'rain No. 6 leaver Vicksburg at
2.01 a. m. and arrives at Memphis at
.10p. m.
Tran No. 24 will leave Vicksbnrg
t 7:3 a min. and arrive at Memphis at
:30 a. nm.
AllI tir:ins run dai!y.
For iu'orl:Ation a; to rates &c.
:rite to
\V. 1. BRENT, C. T. A.
V ick. iburg.,Miss.
alatee P- oviidene- 1.
Keeps on hand a large assortttent of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna
menial Metallic Cases and WVooden
Collins Made and Trimmed to Order:
(april 13-89-IYl
Chas. Swoflord,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Paintinig and Paper Hanging.
Iak e Lriovidclce, La.
Wanted-An Idea PI
a n 1 o s o wh u dare d In v no n tl s w a n
l' V;ARS'
w Anyone sending a sketch and desealptlof ma!
quickly lac'tiL. ree, whether an Inkentlm.
probably patentable. CommunniattCmtlltSn Iy
in Amerlca. Weae a W asiflon t0"m 
Patent taken throuh Mana a Co.
srecldal notice In the
Qlx montbh. Speclmen copies a
i IJoK ON I'ATTS s ent free. Address
361 IBroadwar. New York.
I For llelena, Greenville, LIal:.' PI'ov
-I deuce. Vicksburg, and All
Way Landings-
The Swift. nod ,legalnt Steamer
Ia n Pinie of Bvld Elt'.
-- . L. Cr·uJINs, L.P r.Ci:JitaixS.
M. tcr, lerk.
Led ... . every WedaresdY at5 p. lm.
tO I':. .hrp'C saLe Pro.;-;,t 'e ou i Fr! noa noon goling
ei r d ,flflid 5U*&'b I,, l t... .iy, ew*.,,in, go,'ng u,
t 'I; ~- ' , Itflm lProVCndLt€¢ t) VictctLnt *'; roWD4
tirl;y'~c1 .r

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