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Matturday, June 5, :897.
L;ke Providence, La.
Lake Providence, La.
PrEcticirg FgPysicicr,
Oflce at Carpl:ell & (Iaie Dr.g
Store on Levee st reet.
W. I). BELL,
Surgeon and Practicing Pysiciar.
(Olstetrics a specialty.)
Will respond to all calls, day ormght.
Office at B]ernard drug ttore. ResideLce
next to Altodist. Chure
Payment for imedic:tl services must
be madle at the close of each month
A.ttorney at L.arw.
Lake Providenfe, La.
Practices in State and Federal Courts
'Loc:al and Parish News.
Vote right.
lHot summer days.
The election Monday.
The river is w:thiu its banks.
Col. Buckner was up on Monday.
Services at the Churches to-morrow
The parish jail tills up as court gets
You need not vote often; it is not
Phil McGuire has started his im
The crops are suffering very much
for moisture.
As the dull season comes in, local
news begints to get scarce.
The pump driven at the Fisher
corner was a good move.
It is allfired hot, and the indications
point to an extreme suenmer.
Mr. Phil McGuire is having brick
pillows put under the Pittman store.
Business on Saturday last put a
smile on the couutenauces of the mer
Chbarley Whittingtou is going to
build something on his lots on Lake
Pretty lawns and organdies in the
latest patterns, are now on show at
Take our advice and save your
money. You might need it for a
rainy day.
Master Nimo White was welcomed
home from school on Thursday by his
parents and friends.
The rain on Thursday evcning eCme
in the nick of time, and the crops will
now flourish and grow.
Mr. Geo. 'McKee will have a brick
wall placed on the west side of his
store, which is a first class idea.
Very little business is done after 7
o'clock, and it is quite a recreaitiou for
the clerks to get nff for the evening.
Undertaker Fus.e sent a casket
down to'Neponset on Thursday f:. r
the little child of Mr. C. A, Williams.
The dull season is now apon us,
and the merchants cannot expect much
business until the fall trade opens up.
On account of the election on Mon
day, there will be no court, except to
convene and adjourn until next day.
It seems that the fine sport of fish
ing Is fast playing out iu our beautiful
lake. From what cause we do not
It looked like all the drummers in
the country struck our town this week.
They are already filling orders for the
fall trade.
We have'nt heard lately of the hotel
that Mr. C. R. Egelly wa going to
erect.. We hope that he has not given
up the idea.
Several of the colored children of
our town, who have been attending
Satight University at New Orleans,
have returned.
Purdy's large and line warehouse
down on the river bank, is almost a
total wreck, caused from the rough
river during the high water.
There is not a particle of doubt but
that some one will be ready to take a
voyage lup salt river after the counting
of the votes on Monday evening.
The many friends of Mrs. r. J.
Powell are glad to learn that her con
dition is greatly improved, and that
the good lady is fast contalescing.
The kids will niow have time to hunt
plum orchards and till up on green
fruit, which is enough to twist the
stomach of a brass monkey into knots.
Mr. Waitles Brown will please accept
our thanks for an invitation to attend
the commencement exercises of the
State University and A. & M. college.
On Monday the town election takes
place, and the voters of our town, both
white and colored, should vote for
those who will make the best officers.
lev. Mr. Parker, by his eloquence
and mnasterly subjects always has a
crowded church. To-morrow evening
his subject will be "Future Punish
It was with many regrets that we
learned on Thursday that Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Williams had the sad mis
fortune of losing their youngest child,
a boy ten monatha old.
The Leathers is the only New Or
lens packet that stays with unsluring
the summer, and .the owners 6f this
boat abeuld not be lorgotten when the
itll boslnse eomuweuces.
TheM merhebants ont Lake sltrebt who
are keeping the street sprnlukled int
froant of their stores, are doinog a good
thing, and it will be a blessing during
he loug .botsummer days.
We regret to leatres that EZassael
B.;o s er of our go~od clored fresds.d
v' ,yrF ti;k, withVery little hopes of
Sid ll agge learn Of Liis.
Train service inaugurated by the Y.
d M. V. II. R. and I. C. systems iseap
preciated by tbe.traveling public. By
using the above lince you can go to
St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Cincin
nati and all points cast with only one,
change of cars sind this change is made
at a Unice Depot in Memphis. vhiere
you Eet a solid vestibule train through
to all the above points. For tickets
or lnformation call on local agents or
JNO. A. SCOTT, lMemphis. Tenn.
A. 11. IIANSQN, G. P. A., Chicago,
W. A. KELLOND, A. G. r. N.,
Lnuisville. Ksy.
W. I). IBRENT, C. T. A. Vicl:bthrg.
Now that cummer is fast -approach.
- Ing and the warm season will soon be
here, a:l premises- and out houses
should he cleaned up and whitewaehed,
whichl will add very much to the ou
ce joyment of good health.
at It is said that our daily mail will
th resume cperatiou in about ten days.
Three mails a week and as irregular as
. they have been coming to us, don't
suit the peop!e, and we are anxious
r, for the time to conmo hen our daily
mail is once more established.
Mr. Charley Whibttigton has pulled
Is down the horse shed next to the Fire
man's hlall and is putting it up on the
lot that the electric light plant occu
pied. Charhl y is a hustler, and with a
little time we hole to see him have
his railroad.
lion. J. E. IRansdell and wife return
ed from Hlot Springs yesterday even
ing. The many friends of Mr. Rans.
ts dell- will be glad to learn that his health
is improved very much during the
month at the Springs, and that he is
n- now ready for the arduous work be
fore him at Ibis term of cou'rt to com
:h mence on Monday:
A person was heard to remark on
al Saturday morning last that it was a
,r pity that the Banner-Democrat was
the only paper in town.* The man
Is who made this remark was never
known 'to subscribe for a home paper
!k in his life, and if a nowspaper had to
e. depend on his kind for a living, it
a would'ut run but a very short time.
In a little paragraph in our last Issue
o we menutioned that a lady -was found
: sick and bad received attention from
the Kings Daughters, which we since
to learn is a mistake and that she did
not need the assistance or charity of
tr the Kings daughters. It was not our
a intention to do the lady an injury, and
gave the local as it was given us.
is r. G. C. Martin, representing L.
Landau & Co, Grocers, of St. Louis,
te dropped in on Monday to see us, and
1I to say that he was replrcseutitg one of
the best grocery houses in the "Future
k Great." Mr. Martin is one of the 1(most
is popular drummers that visits our
lown and never leaves without captnr
ir og a book full of orders. We wish
him good luck with his now house.
et The young rcee: who attend church
on Sutlnday nights, should remember
that othecss go to the place of worship
b for the purpose of listening to the
p. minister, and that their disorderly con
a- duct is aunoying. As they generally
o take the back part of the church and
y. cannot be' seen by all, we think it
would be a good idea to call names,
ul which we will do the next time we see
such conduct going on.
n We took a trip across the river on
SSunday last on board of the little
steloamer Carroll, and found that the
el lands that only a week or ten days
o ago were eutirely submerged by the
n waters of the Mississippi, were dry
and that the crops had already been
planted. There is no doubt that good
Scrops will be made and that the depos
ite left on the land will be a blessing
e to the old worn out soil.
b The closnlug exercises of our public
school on Friday evening last was a
it pleasing entertailument. Every child
a did 'rcmarkably well, which showed
credit upon themselves 'and upon th
Steachere who had the undertaklng in
1- hand. The exercises closed the most
It sueccessful year of our school, and as
we said last week, we hope to see the
it same corps of efficient teachers in
MrsR. Johnson in her last bequests,
d left to Mrs. Grahanm,Col. W. W. John
e son's silver spurs which were present
e. ed to him by his command for gallan
t try on the field, the headed pouen
b presented to him by the Chiefs in the
r Confederacy, and the sword captured
in conflict from the enemy. These
a relics will finally be placed in Memo
g rial Hall, New Orleans, the South's
B- Battle Abbey.
The "military company will haye
d their quarlerly inspection and muster
5- to-morrow evening. It is to be hoped
ls that every member of ibe company
who possibly can attend, will be pres
Setit. There is very little interest now
Staken in the company and unless pmne
e thing Is done we are afraid that at the
end of the tour years. which )i verr
o near up, the East Carroll Guards will
Sbeathieg of the past, we regret to
say. ,
We notice in the N. O. paper thatb
l five convicts Jjmped from a fast *eov
. Irig train near pouldeotvIl. lasi
f week, and amngathiem was Celet*a
a* Nela , seat Iup for tom years fromo or
perl~s. -
Craps-seven or eleven, all for the
amount of 5cts, has claimed another
victim, and Willie Hall, a young
colored boy, an innocent party, was
to the unfortunate one..
in- There is a crap game run on the sly
le in town, and on Saturday night a week
re ago it Ra.g in full blast, when a dispute
gi arose bet ween Jake Wright and Mat
etc Douglass over a uickle. Wright- slip.
or ped out~ide and secured half a brick
and returning to the door let it fly,.
o, and instead of s-trikig the person in
tended, Willie Hall received the terri
ble blow on his jaw bone. It knocked
Ihim downt. but in .a few moments he
recovered anl after a little while went
to his ionte, which is in the swamp.
L.- On Saturdla last Doctor Bernard was
be called to see him and fonund him suffer.
Cs nlog with lock jaw and a very high
Ol, fever. The Doctor had hardly re
Du- turned to town before .he received
woird that he was dead. Wright was
ill immediately placed in jail.
s. Everything possible should be
a, done to break up this low vice
u't of gambling and the persons run
us ning " the games severely 'pun.
;y ished. But in the past it has been
shown 'to be an impossibility to
make a convictiou-even white people
ed being known to perjurethcemselves on
e- the witness stand to save the guilty
parties from a heavy find or the peni
u tentiary. Let the next grand jury
probe the matter thoroughly.
We learn that Capt. J. B. Donnally,
once a popular and highly esteemed
n. citizen of our parish, is an applicant.
for the position of Collector of the
Port at New Orleans, with the chances
strongly In his favor of receiving the
Capt. Donnally was popular here,
among Democrats as well as Rlepubli
cans, and he is just as popular In the
city of New Orleans, where he has be.
on come one of the leading citizens.
a The appointment of Capt. Donnally
as by the President to the first position
art in the Custom house of our State
er would be hailed with delight, because
er he is capable, upright and honest, and
to is far superior in every respect to
it Wimberly, who is considered an un
scrupolous politician and who is being
ti opposed by the leading Republicans of
td the Stafe. The appointment of Capt.
m Donnally weuld be an honor to his
cc party, which is badly needed just
id about now, in Louisiana.
Td To trap the unwary-make no allur.
ilg annouccncemuts to catch you just
L. 'The GUARANTEED value we rive
, itn our matchless SPRING CLOTII.
SN ECli,'EAl; --and your money
re b::k, if you wait it, is protective
Ulr donevy ack if not suited.
r" Mail crtrers receive prompt atten
•ic Viki , urg, Miss.
r light marshal MAWilliams came
across a suspicious looking individual
te the other night and placed bitm in jail.
Ie is a very heavy 'negro and is wear
ing the shirt and shoes worn by a
convict. The shirt is marked
'1"6"' and below this '-31" in stencil
Swithl a circle aroutndl it. lie refuses to
Stell where he is from, but there is no
doubt that he is all ecaped convict,
on from either Mississippi, Arkansas or
ie Loutisiana. lie gives the name of
be Henry Latchie.
That is a pretty good joke on one
Sof the town candidates, who has been
,ecanvasiug for votes. lie tells each
d colored voter that if they vote for him
. that thley canr get half of anythitg he
has, and that whenei'er they find them
selves a little cramped for cash to call
on him-aftcr the election! I le told
ieI a colored man that if he had only one
a $10 bill left that he could get half of
d it; and you ought to have seen that
d nitgger laughing at the liberality of
, some white folks, who are knowu to
in be otherwise tItan liberal.
Sam Morris. a Ithard working colored
eman, had the misfortune to loose his
horse on TucBiday morning. Morria
n thinks he died with bydlrophobia.
ile says a dog was killed last week in
s, the field with all the symptoms and that
i:- he thinks his horse was bitten by the
t-. animal. Several dogs were also b;tten
a- before he was killed. This is a heavy
en loss on Morris, and we hope that he
he will succeed in getting another.
The mail boat'on her Tuesday trip
se was fully twelve hours ,ebind tinme
0- reachinrg Providence. This is very
i'a anuoying when it is taken into consid
eration that we are only getting three
mails a week.
e Miss Emma, the accomplished andl
r attractive daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
d W. D. Bell, arrived on Sunday moru
y ing last from Macon, Ga., where she
- has been-atteuding Weslytn College.
w Miss Emma was welcomed home.
re- The programme exeented by the
be little girls and Uoys at the closing
exerelses of our school ot Fridlay night
l last, was highly enjoyable, and there
Swas not a parent present who did:not
a! appteciats the eWorts of the teachers,
iMr. Millerand family of Mayeraville,
It habeve located" in our town and' are
.- domicied in the Franklin dwelling on
"tt Hlood street. Mr. Miller is a hard
orking ntra., sad a, gsd eaupater,
p and we ca reemmedi him to the
. citiseus qfodr (pwn atid -cotarv.
Women love as well
as do men, a
If you will spend a minute or two
exnmining our handsome line of
Tans, you will be Convinced that
we have just what you want,; and
that the style, fit and price are in
We have B, C, D and E widths;
in all the late colors and toes.
Beginning to-day our show window
will lecture on Shoes, until further
Lake Provldcaoe, La.
The Vicksburg Tailoring Company,
IMis .era stu1ts to Order for
2"8, a $O20, a $22, a 4 0.
Ti:ree thousarnd different patterns to select from. We kandle no ready made
226 South Washingion St., Vicksbnrg, Miss.
M. A. HALE, Proprietor. E. A. DALE, Manager.'
T . J. Powell,
Levee Street, Lake Providonce, Lonialana,
....DEALER IN....
Fine Clothing, Hats, Caps,
9 and Gents' Furnishing Goode, Trunks and Valises. Ladis',
SMisses, Children's and Men's Shoes. Overhode for all. Grocer
ee and Plantation anul3pliee.
Through the tangled mazes of life's
pilgrimage,. we meet sometime with
choice souls, whose individuality is so
marked-and the impress, made on
thoso, who enter the inner penetralia
of their influence is so enduring, that
we are justified in speaking a more
than '*Requiescat in pace" when they
fall asleep.
Such was Mrs. Johnson, born on
the Woodstock plantation in Carroll
parish-daughter of Mrs. M. A. Bar.
ton and Col. Warren Magruder Ben
ton, she grow up a child of love and
indulgence, on the death of her mother
became an heiress in her own right.
She was educated at Dr. Falls' Semin
ary, Frankfort, Kentucky, where she
was wooed and won by Will Warren
Johnson. nephew of ex-Vice President
Ricl d Johnson, and heir of Col. Matt
C. Johnson of Lexington, eminent
jurist and banker. Their union was
one of mutual devotion. She followed
his fortunes with almost unparalled
loyalty throughout his checkered -life.
In the beginning of the Confederacy.
when he was Ajutant to Gen. Albert
Pike in the recruiting service in the
Indian Territory. she made her home
always in the wake of the army.
Cast in the heroic mould there was
no daring too intrepid for her to do, in
defense of her rights or her prmnci
ples. Her soul wvas at war at all times
with falsehood, wrong and inuastice; a
soul generous, hospitable and kind-
scornful of petty calculations-and
scornful of being scorned. Her high
spirit could not brook a moan action.
She would not have stooped to reach a
crown, if thereby she despoiled a fel
low creature. She worshiped the su
preme good and loved, with pu:' ionate
devotion, the beautiful in all its forms.
She had a marvelous pity and yearuing
toward the weak and helpless, and
trod the earth with a springing step,
lest she might crush a worm. Her
sense of justice was unflinching, and
paramount to all self-interest antd am
If her own comfort, or that of oth
ers, required labor at her" hands, she'
performed the duty with such lofty
drignity, that the action itself became
id izied asud'beautifnl.
,i'endship she eountcd a holy thing,
and once bestoued./she fanned its lire
with constant loyahy. Her hatred of
sham. hypocrits and cant. were so
great, that her devotions were often,
when others slept, lest she might be
seen of men. -"
She bore all life's burdens with
Spartan heroism. The secrets of her
soul were not laid bare to the indiffer
ent gossip, but her friends knew the
rich treasures of her nature; how, that
her sentiments were refined to the point
of pain. She has been known to ride
through the primal forest all the day, g
singing with the birds and holding
high communion with the very genii
of the woods. She lived close to
nature's heart-and kept its fountains l
pure. So was her pride of birth and
famil± great. As she lies by her fath- a
or in the last earthly home, we can
truthfully say, she has been faithful to
the trust, and the escutchoon is un
Her charities were a free-will offer
ing to the creator of her great nature.
Many widows and orphans now -tread
rosier path- because of her- help and
comfort. If all of those who have felt
her benefits should cast a rose upon
her grave, poor mother earth would be
hidden in a mantle of bloom. She
practiced every prudent ecoonomy. that
she might transmit an unencumbered
estate to her grandchildren. Her mis
sin accomplished, her tired heart is at
rest, and no sentinel is needed at ktie
"Our acts, olr angels are of good or ill
Our fatal bshadows that walk by Us still."
Notice : Ierely given thait tie town else
tLon. called for Monday. June 7, 19,7. will
be held at the courthouse.
O.J. Hurley.
W. (;. McRae.
-W. E. Dune.
Supervisors of Eleetion.
Lake Providence, La., June 1, 1587.
Mr. John Donavam was ' given a
hearty hand-shake by his legion of
friends on 'tuesdsa. [Te reports crop
and busiuess good in the lower end or
the parish.
S -- ' I II I Il I
Special Notice.
Spedial Order. o. 10.
Atjuntatt's Omice, Camp No. l,U. C. V,,
Lgke Providence, La., Jase X, 180 -Ail
comrades of Catp No. 193, U. C, V. aor
hereby commanded to assemble at Bead.
qrlarters on Tuesday. June 8, lt7. at noon,
for the tranesetion of important business.
A full attend'ece is requested. -
By order of the Ccn mrander.
Cats. It. Fti.LLT, Adjutant.
Thire gma men na. riE` pa welr pnded new hnJred do&Lh
.lCic. Oa a pl _-.0pe a of w sed a k wn high -gads
maBaufaCT They hab l a i erieltd "i-pariiey the Co..l.
is Mir.. Balisi teil nIgt.itldca, beob late in the year- .
and wi i ~ buy ..ir eW Aims1t9--Ser.sBo a.t.ir We ,
to a Loindo deTar. ;Th icyle oagsSS The -.
oltes $4o.nd as,* eeoUwy. pat ,s manway , _"
d Colmbis suieaidty. yow ook a ye& thse is ",'
econmay la
HARTFORDS, ". . 60, ."50 ,4
se mthen smos, any oaer bi veise.
acle F to te Wor1l4. Mestn 17 Aacw eo P-ler SpUea
raedbw or dcailes toaem A St Isaw If Calumblas ar at per
sft=70M oiou y tiat ue s seow."
Billiard & Pool Room Parloro
PHIL MICUIRE, Proprloeor,.
oext to Ma Iey.r's 310u Clothing Stose,
. ..sLAKE and- LVEE STRRaTS...
I Kke Pwro'vidence, ' f.ouiBsa.U,
Choicest brands of Whialie, ' Brandies, Wines, C gars and i
Sbaco. Keep on hand; Iive. Oak, pure Bye; Memphis Cl b
pure Bye: l T. Bippey, exaorted and relmported; J. . Pepper. -,
Shard-made sour mabh Bourbaon; Joekey Club,~ hand-md ad ~a
mash; Melweod, pure pourbon, spring '91; Bbbinsaon County,
pure Bye; Beechwood, pure Bye.
Ce4 Good, full quarts-Old Bgqrbon, 20 ears old; W. H.
MeBrayer, Old Taylor, the eam of Irish whiskey nnjus, im
ported; .Windson Club 1880. This is'the oboieast and most select
stock of thialass of goods vr brought to this market" No e.
'r charge for jugs.
2, , . ". "-.
fi - Auhmtsu*-Buie c eb Bar, *; a I· '
CAMPBLtt, &i I ZE, ?rop's
-Dealers - n -. . 4
Ir • g-. Mod6 ..' ,,h.- . +--
P'zitnoy icu Wii1EWt 3tItt a .es
P"Physiolans prescriptios carefully tom pounded It all b-re,e
or night, by a registered Pharmacis. " -
I am now prepared to fi61 all orders fof .
in a prompt and sntiiarctory manier at Idwest prices for
prices before purchasing elsewhere. No lumber is bshipped frol
My Cotton Gin is the.complete Moner systerm, mnd g
are -ery low.
agrA liberal share of the pfblio potrongc is soleteted.
Respect..lly, I. C -c "it
-~~ ~ _- 'iiI----
Guenard Drug :.8tg
A. Geeral unssoitmen t of Pa
YFesh gqiSi , R
Filling Presclplion, a 'spelelilt by e tz i
-ilceased Pharaosw st.
*Toiletls-t a Fy AeP5t
. udreth's
+ " • < _ • '+ .: • " , >c+ .. _-. ..,., : ··  . + -- .. : -
.+~~~~~~~~~~~~~r' . ..,;:.f:+;,._.(;7;:.:'t k%:-.

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