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The Banner-Democrat. (Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La.) 1892-current, June 12, 1897, Image 2

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P'ub'ibher anrid P'r,>lr irtc r.
,UiGW1;iTI'I'I)ON r210 P'PlR YEJAR.
_.. - _ 2- ---L -- 2-T-- Z-- -_- =_--- ---L-
The cetiinated lohse'. in tile Stat:
by tihe teOCi lt C,:d arc: I l ui.i ,n
$1,775.0Y0, Aran ':-a $.L:12',00
Miysissil,p i Ed,220,,)00; total $11.
The Bank for S:win,"la, of Nev
York City, has $52,000,0100 on de
posit, made up (of siall ::noults, n
one necotft beiu:g ,ilovoed to run (o c
$1,000, and the bulckl having 120,00
single ac..unmts.
The cighth annual encampnment e
the Mississippli State National Guarn
will be held at Vicksburg, commen
cing August 28th. The H1ill Cit
" will make preparatlons to entertain
large number of visitors.
The new charter recently adopted
makes Greater New York the secon'
largest city in the world. Londo
comes first, with a population c
4,225,000; Greater New York next
with 3,200,000; and Paris. third
with 2,500.000.
The closing of the Conrad break
a few miles below Baton Rouge
with twelve to frteen feet of wate
rernuing through, has been success
fully accomplished by the heroi
. work of the Yazoo & Mississiplr
Valley Railroad. This system not
have their track in condition and ar
running through trains from Vicks
burg to Memphis.
The Daily States says that th
Democrats of New York and Ohi
have wisely concluded that the issue
which divided them last year sha!
not keep them apart this year, con
sequently they have agreed to pu
aside national questions and to mak
tie fight against the Republican
strictly on State and municipa
issues and thus get their full part;
strength to the polls.
The police jury of the parish o
Red River has adopted an ordinanc'
prohibiting persons buying and trad
ing for cattle from re&o ing the
same from the parish until such cat
tie shall "have been inspected by i
justice of the peace, the marks anu
br4nds taken, as well as the namel
of the parties buying and from whon
bought, and recorded in a book tt
be provided for the purpose.
The N. O. States says tnat "oul
long-time friend, Judge Gunby
editor of the Monroe Bulletin, ha,
imbibed a violent hatred of thb
Democratic party. All The greal
achievements of the Democrati<
party, all its services to constitu.
tional liberty, all the glorious memw
ories have ceased to claim his admi.
ration, and now serve only to pro.
Voke his wrath and tip the arows oe
his venom with abuse."
Four hundred ,orkmen were dis.
charged from the Westinghouse
shop. at Wilmerdmg, Pa., on the
1st, for lack of work. The work
men tore down McKinley's picture
and trampled it under their feet, and
destroyed the banners ind insignar
that were put up in the shops before
the late election. McKinley's pros.
parity boom is being found out rath
er lahite, but if this thing continues
much longer, there will be nothing
"eft-oi the Republican party.
SUrbana, Ohio, was the secene of a
day-light lynching of a negro ravisher
on Friday tast. The militia of the
city were called out to protect the
wretch from the infuriated citizens,
and the soldies went so far as to fire
into the mob, killing four; lut this
only. inflamed the already mad
crowd, who overpowered the guards
and securing the bruit, stretched him
toa limb of a tree. It is the same
in the North as it is in South-and
the ravisher meets mhe fate he de
Mr. T. G, Peyton, a well-known
Virginia gold democrat, thus sizes up
the present situation: "It seems to
me r:ow that those of us wro contrib
uted to the success of the republican
ticket have been tbevieodae of a conf
.euce-game. As 1 vieW it now, a
very great mistake was made last
Novembelr. It would have been
much better for the country to, hive
elected Mr. Bryan. I have not be
come a convert to free silver since
*i-e election; my belief in sound
money is as stros as ever, but I am
satisfed that' if Bryan had been
elected, tth country mould have
recovered morq quickly from the ills
that have aIctt"d " .• .
S It t ratl.'r a sur'rir e ton us t'tt
r IheeLevee hard lhis not met ·ini(
the hligh water flht to) 0iCon, oer
the situati.to , a ccrtaiu Ihe no t 4 .
ithe l1:L amn l .rovidle for tile -k!;
iOt m i-t-k.i t , th ," 1i'tntn )f th,;
Board , ill he 1 at' or lim i teld, i?:t
a anii: fa ti art o I thi ; \eanr ' rc;V -
ilcl are nalrcaily Ipl g'b l] fT!,o w : I
it ohe and: the t,; u:, intcr .mt on ;L(,
,,liis has to le paid ,)!I, a, ,; t,
'ue ti i: year :, o te..o tl;t t Ith of
the capital ,t:ck of tilhe l,!eo s i )e"
rowed w'. Eli-t be re-illir-e ; i iuw,
ever, a, the l ver C m 'li l - i, to
meect in :e :Yor nk oni t;e 4t If
this month to nake a!lo'tent-i for
the ru\vr, we had cxiected that t:,he
Levee B c aLd would inav, teot hlefer
thii. tine to aiprhint a iblltg itono to
rel)resent thetn before tie 1',) i '
llission, Iilut Sio far it llas r.,t tef < i
l1oe. All the Levee Dvnrd.- in 3,
sissiipi and Arkan:as have srome
time ago appointed their dtcle.ation.s;
G(overnor McLanrin of Mi :iltssilii
Lawyer Percy of Greenville, and
several others t ill replresent tile
Issaqnena Levee Board, lult our
board has not yet chosen a "delhga
tron. As the meeting is to tr.!.
, place on the 24th instanft, it is hi(,
time that the delegates that are to
go should know of their aijpoiit.
niient, so as to consult among them.
selves, agree on a iplan of action and
prepare their data. \e, of course,
I have no suggestion to make to our
1 Levee Boai'd, but we would like to
. ee our local commissioner, Mr. J. E.
, anrcdell, be one t,f the appointees.
'F r:ly he Is one of the oun ge:t
meauLers of the beard, blut diu!:.
the last high water fight, lie made
for himself as a Cmmnissioner a
record that any older melmber minight
be well prond of. We have that
limuch confidenee in him that we
would feel secure if the iliterests of
the levees of our parish were repre
sented by him before the commiis
sion. His pleasant address, his
wonderful energy and tenacity, his
clear and logical way of presentui,
- a statement are so well known that
all of us would feel that in his lanJ.s
our interests would be safe.
At this juncture, we cannot afford
to remain idle; the levees on both
sides of the river above us are to be
S raised several feet above the grade
1 of last year, and in conisequence a
- great deal of work will be needed to
t put our own levees u1) to that grade,
and since the means of the Levee
Board are so limited this year, e
need all the help we can cot from
the River Commission. We know
that our lpolice jury las the greatest
confidence in Mr. Ransdell'P talents
and ability, and we think that in
case the Levee Board should fall to
appoint him as one of their r(lpre.
sentatives before the River Conl:nii
sion, that it would be nothing" lbut
proper that they send him as the
representative of this parish. No
better man could be chosci.
Since putting the above in type, we
have received the following notice for
A meeting of the Board ofConilis
sioners for the Fifth Louisiana Levee
District, is called to convene at DIeltra,
La., on Wednesday June 16th, 1837.
F. L. Maxwell, l'resident.
A. T. Lane, Secretary.
Lake Providence, La., June 2, 1K;,7.
Thie lion. Mayor and BiardL of Aid
ernmen of the town of Proilceuce con
vened this evening at 8 o'clock inll
regular session.
Present-lion. E. J. HIamley, Mayor;
C. R. Egelly, Secretary; Aldermen
Beard, Purdy, Schneider and Fousse.
The minutes of the urevius session
were rea:d anid approved.
The trensurer and city mar.h;al pre
sented their reports for the iointh l ,f
!May, which were refcrredl to the finance
eommittce for examination and prolper
auditing. Similar cl:aims against the
town were prescnted and also rieferred
to the same committee for exa:mination
and aplproval.
Aldermnen Purdy andl Fousse, wIlho
were lappointed a special commrn:tee crn
constructilon of a fire cistern a:t the
corner of First and Sparrow streels,
reported that they had contracted with
Messrs. Jno. W. Cooke and G. W.
Black, for the construction of said cis
tern for (he price and sulm, and upon
the terms and conditions mentionedt in
the contract, being , 220, layal'e in
the manner contracted for, whlereuaon,
Alderman Egelly introduced tle ,fol
lowing ordinance, which was adopted,
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen of the town of
Providence, la., That tie agreclnint
entered into by and between ,ldermen
Purdy and Fousse, acting :as a conl
mittee of this board pursuant to its
resolution and Jon. W. Cooke and G.
W. Black for the construction of a fire
cistern at the junction Qf Sparrow and
First streets in said town. (siid agree
ment having been signed in duplicate
on the8th Iday of May, 1897, and pre
sented to this board for action) be and
the same is hereby ratified andt con
firmed, and that the sum of $220.00 be
incorporated in the annual budget of
expenses of the town for the current
The Finance Committee iledl the fol
lowing report, which was adopted, to
wit :
Lake Providence, La., June 2, 1597.
To the Mayor and memnbers of the
Board of Aldcrmnen:-We, your Finance
Committee, report that we have exam
ined the report of tihe Treasurer and
find that he lhad on band in cash at
date of last report
The sum of ............ .......153 SO
That be has received since from
For fes........................... 10 00
Fortaxes 8i6 ................ ... . 11 75
For llcenves 1897.,.............. 47 50
Making.a total of... ........ ..222 tl
Thathe hal dtlsbrsed as pei vouch
era the sum o......................210 .i
Leaving a balance ot............ $11 50
W\e have also e1aminell d the report of
t'o -Ltarha:l & 'f:Tax C. iector, and find
I Ilit he has er!l'tc il :and. turnetId )Ver
to t he 'te'l'irr tie amoutnts r)(ported
\Ve I:ve )lso examined and ap
pro'vel t!e follo-,v n ' e'nim;:
I\V u, iint. niarhail. I iiollth',-a.. i50 00
.I s (;on:r:l, r is':ration ailnd poll
b , k .. ... ..... .. . . 00(
SL : r. ., eoai il..... .. 14 14
. .4 10
I (, is t .td. >atia utry . .. ... .. 3 GSq
.,-i t :11 1 il1!:,'u ,, niSht ttuar-!:d l 1 0t0
, ... ..... e 'le6 .!t
isr,- t rttil. y 1116a lblhitted.
.nn I Peard.
V. 1. l o nrd. It,
C . I . I.: lly,
fin0..ce Con uittee.
'T':r ,eh iii , ful rtl:ir lll is tsh '
liar. ti. upo n ':ion of AIl,. B-ard, ad
i,'urne,! uauti: the .t xt r(g.ular session.
u'1:1iii ri n Io lr
r. J. IIAMILFY, M:.try.
T'he WIV. E. PBicyt(, Club met thi. day
at the residece of 11v. ('. Mahe. A
q'uiorun' prr ent.
On motion, ,Mr. J. S. GCu:narl, Rev.
C. bMahe and Mlrs. T. J.Jat herree were
utnauin'iui.ly electedl rei pete iv.ly I'r edi
lent, Vice Pr esident, andl Secretary
antd 'Treasurrr of the Club.
On mot ion, Mr. N. FIou,n was ap
pointed a iinn::ittcee of oliCe O roads
nHrl lri!dgea .
O)It lloltion, it wasv lnalnimnoUsly re
solved that onivy members of lhe club
or gm:e'ts of the club,, wouhl partici
Ipate ill the pairades of lie clrub
On motion, it col0ii itt e of three
inclnberc, to wiitcli tIe 'residcent was
added, w.as appoilited to locate a track
in Now l'rovilence and get it fixed at
the exipcnse of the club. The Presi
dent all.poiinted i1ev. C. Vahbe, and
Me:-sr. Sbhilds and FouCse.
Oin mllOtioi, the club adjourned to
i'. ....  :r ; jl, l piaradc day, to
mcct af the residenco oif rc'. l", c al
whet'c apllcation for mrunmbers!i!p wil
be recciveid cvery Tueslday.
J.1. S. (Guenard, Presidcnt.
Mirs. T. J. ,aothotre, Secretary.
LIlPre1s lcriptions or home receipts
of ilny kind, lroperly conio. undc i at
Caip!.ell & Cliaze's.
Impmovable Property
Parish"'ef East Carroll.
IiY virtuc of tb17 autbu rity -(,st 'd in mn '
by lthe ('o i ttii n : ind ia, s of the Statec
of Louisiana, I will ]proc, t to st ll at the
pt] in ip al td l r o0 (I ' it) , '-h s in w hife !
dl(,h ), w itd hil tih e h . L; ; n hI u ' , tr lu d i( 'ial
I:dk', l .tgi ni i.i: a; ( , ,U ''00 .. 11.,
JUlY 1'1,7,
: (dl collu'! lii;ng on c w l et Cli te'. ,i · ·lr '
until saitd Isl ire coii:,tic', ::ed i iiovble t
prtperty oil a hit0 i.ltxc, alreI i ;" d e to tlhe
St:te oh Lou~tia a, the ilh ioi i:cn' Lic
IDistrict, and the i:i 'lh of 1-::A tll to
enta'te the col'et'ion 'f tax s "-: .s"d
fo r th e ',e a , Il ,G an d _ i , - , i to,.c tl. . :111h l1
Ir" t fc o m 01 t c of mat ut t lit ' nE "c1 .l
I' law iuntil p. it': int of .si: t It:. ', 1 s.t
ani, les at' t1h1 rat: 1of2 1 i r ci t 'lln jt I loth
ulnti pa. id :, -alltc: s. TIhe noilt i i_ , t . -' dd
tilinqu ,t x,-Tay r,. tihe amlotiu t ,f taxes
due by (( c n t:li nci -t -l.aet of u it years,
anti the n ol' ii i 1ohl lio :r t lert t - s, i to
am ll to be oflered for I :ic, :- lullo0i , to
Beldern, Mrs. ILcuev. , t Ward.
Risitlence and lots 8. 9 ml-d 10 and 10
ct off of lot 7. blck l, town ,f
I'rovidtuce, L i. T'axs 1ti9t , ;17.1;0.
)celony, T'. 1I. ',tie 'n place, S0
acres, 1st ward. Iing :n II uIndihilid
i inte'rest in ti:i . A oft IV of see 2v,
1and 1 e .j sue 7. t 19, n r 12 c. '1'axis
1896. OG.10.
Klienpetre, WXin. Aliungtlon ptal-:
ration. 10 acres. 3th ward. l ing a
strip of hlad if I iifnrlini wiith to li
cut ofil firom the northi side of lot 3 of
the original Arlington plantatiot., be
ginning on Iou ilProv idoence at timo n
e coltner of s'ie oni the Ibal of ,ail
laiyouI; th(ne ni Iiur .g nit;lh along the
middle of the to:d or ldu e leading to
the lsland il-ie:' crih 17 degrees, w
3i 50-100 chains to the back li1e . of
stid lit No. 3- thencelt aloe said .back
line s 7 degreis w to a plint on said
'ack line frim wlich a Ito ran south
17 .) dmgre,-s ,, and F'rallel to lhe n
lOundir'ty lini of liiit No. 3 to Povi
dence biyo'nI will cut off nlm:th of said
parallel line the qua:~tity of 1 ncres;
thence,. lin~e said- bar:lot north 22
20-i00 !hains s.i-st to p!,ce of begin
ning. Taxes 1896. 22.10.
O'l)onnoi, Clias. I.Twn ol Provi-i
lence, 3wd a eint igi lots i18, 19 "nd
20. block 3 of tte 3 d dhition to town
of lroidie'c. 'i :axest 1826, 1'2.60,
Pirvis, MS. M. G. Town of Provi
deuce, 3d wu!. One lot i, n thin Davis
additon town of l'roeviil' e, fronting
I30 feet on Sparrow s rI, t ald uI liing
baek to the ohl V. AI. Purdy residence.
Taeos 1896, 73cts.
Wardl, Jenlil. Tiw'n of Providence,
3d ward. Vlcant lot 3, blocik 1, ])avis
addition town of 1'rovmdluce. Taxes
1896. 73cts.
. alkloer & Stein. l2and 95 or An
drews land, 800 eces. ui ward. the ing
lots 1 and.2, sec 7d. fract sec 16, t 20.
uti 13 and 14: lot 3 of st.25 of t 20, n
r 13 e; lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 anod 8 of sc
7 and fat- see IS of t "'0, i r 11 e.
Taxes 1896, i10.10.
Vitkowski, L. L. Ashton, 900 acres,
5th ward. Beinm an undivided half of
lots or fractional sections 1. 2, 3, 4, 5
suid 6; all of sec 9 and 10, and all ef
ree 8 lyiisg east (if Ilvyou Macon, t '3,
tir 12 e. laxes 15;6. 1060,0. Taxes
Witkowski, Josephine. Ashton,
500 acres, 5th ward. Being lots or
tract sections 1, 2, t, 4. 5 and 6, and
all of see 8 lying vast of Bayou Macon,
Fnd all of sections 9 and 10, t 2:3, n r
12 e. The same being ail undivided,
half of the above. Taxes 1893, $84.00.
Greenwood. Heirs of Messrs. Evans
George place. ,38 arres. 2d ward. Be
ing an undivided two-thirds of the se
Spd w ofne1, sot:nw see SOC
il of sect1~ the n w t of s wI and n
ui ofLe isee 1", t'19. nr 1~J e.
'axes 1896, $18.00.
Lachs 10 Co., S. W. Island 92. 3001
r acres, 4th ward. Being the s e } s e
Ior lot 18 of t 21, it r 12 e. 'I'axes
1t96, 53.s,5.
Newnian, I',ilore. Wash iplace, 272
acres, 2,1 ird. Being lot 5. e I of n,
w ; :'o' w I of itn } ,-.c 25: ie of s w
| .e 24-,t . n r 11 e. T axes 1X96 .
N ew m an, Al-l wr. ('.. pl .oo . 17-:
::cres. : tl v : 1wd . lici i t rhe -' ' f s, .e
;.5. "Rod 1 ' :.ws 1 :. l e Io , wi l bi k
ntt il :) t I xi'i'i'n iii' - f 'lit
of Jo.a's Bixa,u.:rnl the no e crnr (t
t e.V nI w ) if ,1, stection, t 21, 11r T I
N e ,+Tnant. I -"i;1 r ,. lantuit ]L .-c .
ii r'e's, , x rt. lh 'intg hec of
sec' -!. t , r 11 e. :an; I :in tn divil'd
half of frnctieutw d -,c 1'.". ann, ali of that
Slart of fract io :.t see 19 l.}nig it of
ni: av n' o 'I'ensas, t 2t), I r 12 e. l x s
N vwinan, lhihore. Conn place, 50(_'
ices. 31 w3a'rd, 1'it_, the c('tn lpl:an
l:tliox, frontinit ' oil tIe Mississipc pi
ri i er, boiui le'ld :l ove It; the ilaitifa a
p!:we, belotw by hant, of ,Jno. Mc'uhire
,t nd II L 1)esono, 'nd the r,,:r I' l:tn s
f Jr-.. F. RllanSdtell. Taxes 1li6.
• 112.509.
Wiite, Ir . MIary A. Matscotte
place. 45.0 acres, 1st ward. BPeinti s
see 4', a parlt of firactional see 4.9 and
itl of frc:eit on'l se 50, t 18, n r 12 o.
Taxes 18G, ".5.10.
On this dbay o(, Sale, I ill sell suclh pcr.
- tillnof :d p'rorrty as eacih deltor w'ill
'.,:!it out, antld ill Ctye the debtor will not
polit cut s Illiient property. 1 will wit nout
Iurther dtitlay. ' .col the least quantity of
-id Plropelrty of at:y dtbtor, which any hid
tier will buy for the amount of taxes, ite'r
.t oand cst due by ,-aid debtor.
Th-e sale will he without ainy :ppraisc
nm(it.J or cat ill in legal tender bnr y of tihlt
Unit'd Slatles, and the proerty sold shall
Sie redeemable at any tIne for the spICe of
one ittar by payim the ic i gi'veni with ''I0
per clent penalty : nd costs atled.
3 Shieilil and Tax Collector parih of East
Carroll, L.a.
Pro ietl cnce, La., June 5th 1x97.-6tt.
S'otic e to Mortgage Cred
Lake Providence, La., June 5. 1597. )
lia conformity with Section, 03, Act ,5 of
1,'ss. nutie is lh lrebyh given to' all plarties
holding mortg:ores upon real estate in the
I tritlh of East Carroll on wilteh taxes for
tiie yea rs 1,013 and 1851(. have not
been paid, that I will begin the sale of same
t the Courilt House door, on aturday. the
hIlth. day of Julc, A.t).ls)97, and that a itnl-.
Ser of pieces of properiy so deliqui ettl are
now being a'tdv Irtised in this newspaper io
'mtiiormity with the law prep rttory to
such isle. The attention of tthe mortgage
c reditors is especi tlly called to tl is.e advcr
tisentels of tax stiles, and they :.rc warned
to ta'ke -u.h steps prior to the tale as uu.,
lie Inecessry to protect their rights.
J. W. )UJNN.
h"i.1 and ex-oflhcio Tax Collector. East
C :r:a.il. larish, La.
Sherifl'sf Sale.
I.;ta! of Li., lsi:[nal , l iarih of East Ciarroll,
. et.t :th 1il,ict Cou rt- el er. 1e er
& Co., ve. I). F. Pieck and J. . litar
ht r.-No. 4:;).
liy irttu re of a writ of Fi Fa to me
di'ietd by tie Ifo r.r: Ii Se cieventh ilstr'ict
Court fit' tlt pu . i ;l, of 1::-t Carrell afort
ai'. in the : ,%e entitlt' 0u lc, I will pro
.I cc d Ito .t .lulir l Cl ion, Lit t'h. d r
Sof the cit h' l' , in tl heiltI to I f !'ioti
tlient'. a t C:r' i f':tish, tLa.. on b:t'llr
. day, tLe 1 ;hi, d.,y of .J;tly. 1 h; . it ,,t tw . the
loirs lr rS t t'1d b 2 la:w. :, i !Le irgl,' . th
anti iatiret.t of dt. fPeck and J. We. lBar
her iin mll! to the foln oing decri'ed p ropi
l e'Ity, to- it :
AI and sini,-t btl the w::th tl et ,,i of
L.et i i h,::k I of the. to'-. of 'i.' viti:,ce.
l C , ing c front eof ' fret on Lest o-treetr
Sld runnings c ac l it t',wee. n par.'Il t -
, I f'et, with all tie B ulin s and s ilng proF l -
:ren's theroon aidall lhre a itht.. wae ands
I privl.eges thereto belon ;itg , a eizd in t;,;
it, r.t :nItn iett.
J. .W. I N. Lehcraerlle.
Shwrlitt. otfice, i'rovdhence, La., ,tlne i,
JThe r'videce oraps and String ands
will fbgrnim lih't cnss the sle at d asonlfJibe
ttor ,e.
i. F. MIIC(LE.L, Leader.
11 tying completed the lithei and haling
.imated tlee valt of all tral a xn d lert o -
al property ion Ihe I ari-th in acordan ie
Swithi law, ntes ate hereby glioe that Iy
i ~ will retnlasin open ror inspection and
Cepretsion at my ofice for ad period of 2
days, bcginlling on the 10th day of Jtun,
1697. W. ('. McRAE,
Spst Assessori East ndcrroll irbsh.
Lalrte rovi,.en e, l0 a., May.:L, l,)7
At a meeting of the Lake Providence
Liumter Co., herl F'b. pth inst. the Board
iof Dirctors agrered on the followiea prices
i'or }ln u it r i to-wit : lin h
Ct ples. belled ding, rough, 10 per m.
'ypress d l'es .ed sidingA 13 per in.
Cti pres T. & ai . filoring and ceiling, best
I grade, ' 17 per m.
Cy prtess oT. & G. flooring and cetilingc nd
xShinhs, 2nid grade, i2 per icn t for
wil Thcse pla ces are sor lhmber at the
E. J. AM LEY, M :aer.
ftice o tarishcuaerintendent oif Schols
ql'art rly examrl inatot of t eahers wi tho
rhy 1e desirocs el procuring certificates
itlh a view of becoming applictt th for po
sitines in the lusli schools of this parish,
wllr take ltlae at the school hose at Lake
'roidfonre. condraenting on Trusday, Julya
1ceti ate. o'clo(k a. m.. and closing on .uly
The i'anc-hs snt which teachers will ce
of qualiiaeatoon wio ide based lpon the
npaber o, peints made throughout the
writtei upon single sheets and pledge at
tachei to eact
The examination will commence prompt
Ily at .9 o'clock a. m. and close at 5 o'clock p.
m. of e.ch day. Any additional informa
tion will be clheerfially furnished on appli
cation at this oflice.
(HAS. R. EGELLY, Supt.
I now ready with a line lot of Brick
fo." sale for cash. P'iet to suit tho
times. Call at oticec of Company. No.
5 Levee street, far prices.
,INI). W. COOKE. Manager.
Lake .'rovidence, La.
*.,.. *o. .ý, Lake and. Levee' Streets, LAKE
x Dealer fin
The finest line of Clothing carried in the city. Ladioes Dress Goode,
I iat, C:3 , Boots and Shoes, Maoaintoshes and Hunting Costs; Trunks,
SValises and Bags.
SI ZCALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
President. See and Tre
The Providence Lumber Co.,
ClIPITfL STOCK $0,0,00,
Cypress. Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dressel
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
ST11 in Fa y GROCERY ,E
Dealcr i'n F io fwmily Crrc +-:.' anIr a!! fMade o F
and n aut; at, M ea, MOl atrd rlk'r, Winc - Liq.r8 and Ci;a., .
o IIay, Corn ant O a. ,Fi, d:. :Lc or.
S Oecrai ! ..c o, ..= c and ilant.tion EuppliC&s
Wie vi, Lino! s e C i d. CAI before purch1asing clwh1ero.
S. DE AL.I IN....
. e JONES,
* * *R*u* oRun, uroUITS
O ur :, Me lt anu: d Meal. Wine.L, - a8 I'!n ndio Ofgjare . A
ý ChLeap;ý end Firs -cuss Gros: yp H oune. ýýý
..........VICKIUIG, MISS.........
-Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finist,
and All Building Material.
Cheapeet Place in the South. Write for priers before purchasing elsowher
. W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : : Louisiana
a frout of two chains and sixty-six linkF. on
the iake road. next to the property of Mr.
.. C. Bats. This i. Ievyond a doubt t'.
fnest five acre bui;ding lot io Eiat Currvol
V'or terms, apply to
hIeal Estate Ireal rs.
Lake Providr - n'eV. L.,
January :i. 'w;.-tt.
Wanted-An Idea upR
Protect your Idesq: they mad brlnZou wealth.
Write JOHN WDD)EIItBURN ^ CO.. P~ tnt Ator
eyJ, Waahlngton. D. (?.. for thber S1.S1 ur~lO otu
Sd Ita t oWa to IA d j .voenttow t wantd.
gCamptbell & Chaze have increased
their stock drrigs and sunjdries, etc..
jad r:an meet calls for anything in their
Infobrmation for t1io
iTh flloving is the sL i e of tai
Y. & M. V. I. I:.. t::.ii' cecct frot.
Sept. (1 .
leave V icks u . :,t 1 1 .1 :t :. , .:vri
at New Orinc s 1(,:;- . :0.
'1'rain 1 1 vil l,', e , \:V it:.t-',urg )'t00
a. Ini. and arriveC New Ocrns 5::1h, p..
T'rain ` will lc' ' vi N ( Orleans 1.20
p n. and arriv(' V i 'hknh r 11 )i p. nm.
Tr.ain Na. 22 will iC Netv OU
i:'an: ait 8..')i. i . and ar i e at Vicks.
!air. at 5 5:7 p. m.
Metmpilk:i:s iivt 101 ---r1' :ti No 5 wi'
i av( a·t'7i i a 7.5: i. Nt.::nd it
at Vie..buir r at :.. In.
N o. :,; i ! lea I 1 1i phi, t t:-15
m. and ,:l : .: . t G: '
T ' . . 'T ( I " . 'f
12.01 in. and .rive at .i i '..: aat
t r. .  ,a j1:1. :1, .".: M,-1 t' :, m i, ..
A11 !r:.i run m f:i'v
'c iL ii :,'ti..i i : H to at'i e & ,
V\ riit to
W J !. L' !:N'1, C. 1'. A.
Lakel Providnc -c - L:
Keeps on hand a large assorti llent of
Burial Caskets,liew, Plain and Orna
Iuntill Metallic(hta.ee la.d WoodenL
Cofihuns Made tatd Trittimed to O:t
[april 13-1)-y1
Chas. Swvoflord,
House, Sign ant Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hangiiig.
L ike P'rovidence, La.
AWyona ond-ng n it ch nd deaCrition ma
ri3.Ikl aao.rtain. froc, whleth or lar ioveriti n sl
Wranbl iedI. Co-- ln Idatlitns tltretntly
lotet your ii' thae 1m Way brhir yto wealth.
wIstsnt JtOun tthrIuR.h Mo CO ,i atnt AttorV
acdulist fl, two hundre tlo wat
r ,ly oc ,.attIc j'ol ual . wtrik!j, thrtmit,(3.(ti tl f$ar;
3i 1 ISruodr ny. Pew Yorlk.
FA Ilic nt. (t :inchil, Lke P.rnv
dcice. r~ ki:r, :nd All
-IWay LnTiF MERig
q r."nly W'cientific rur , whether a,, $3J)J:ntil fy
'TIbe Sy ift mandl L. Catuli Steamerl
- CITY Or. A V. N it,
In t lite. i f I Jl a tEnilgle.
Yaster, . (ilclrk:
Li avlcrveryWuhae af B-lh to vpte..
Pa tsitn:g .ak en Pr ou'irlec o Fri."rd:, ioonl cobi.g
dowin " ti!mi pra..e. ~airtiriy ie .inli' goithilt h IuI
,ngmltc fv',to I'rovi,.clt, to 'Vickitir : tm . ricnot
tri e , cly .;:.
$t. r . o m a" tp+i~ n Cli' odfd

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