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JAMnEs N. TLI1:NJ:i ,
Publikiher and I'r.,prietor.
Saturday, June 1., 1807.
Th'e bill in the Legi:lature of Ar
kansas authorizing the issuance of
$500,000 in l,ouis for the construc
tion of levces in that district has
passed both Houses, and it is under
stood the governor will sign it.
Mr. Uriah MIl,aps of Monroe,
chairwtm of 1the drouth relief com
mittee, has made his repirt to Gov.
Foster. It shows that E£00,000 was
raised in money or supplies. The
great Tunes-Democrat alone raised
The loss in ancreae from the late
overflow in the districts of Arkanrýas.
Ljouii:ina andi ll i.sisippll is now
estimated at only 10 per cent; or ,)
per cent of the ovetflowrd lainds have
been replanted in cotton since the
water went down.
It is now said tl:at the waters from !
the Conradl break did not do the
damage that at first was thought.
The Mancha:c lake and large swanmp
lying back of the breaki being dry.
helped wvc y much to carry off the
large volume of water.
The Senate by' a vote of 42 to 19)
adopted an uacudment to the Tariff
bill plicing raw cotton on the dluta
Ile list at 20 per cent advalorcm.
It is the first time in the history of
tariff legislatiou that a duty on cot
ton has been incorporated in a bill.
An exchange wonders why it is
that we have so many old maid
school teachers, and the N. 0. Herald
says that that conundrum is easily
solved, and also demonstrates their
wisdom. That they do not want to
give up a forty dollar a month job
for a fifteen dollar a month man.
The city of Shreveport has been
selected as the place for holding the
annual encampment of the State
mihtia. We think Baton Rouge
should have been the place; but as
the progressive, wide awake city of
Shreveport has been named, we hope
that the encampment will be a suc
Henry Gardes, president, Walter
W. Girult, carshier, who wrecked the
the American National Bank of New
Orleans, and whose trial has been
going on for the past four weeks be
fore the United States court, were
found guilty. For once in many
years the "silk stocking" thieves
have received their just deserts.
Lional Adams, the New Orleans
lawyer, who had no supcrgr in the
State, and who is charged with cor
ruptiou and" malpractice in connec
tion with the Heart case, will now
have to face ,he accusations against
him before the tribunals of the State.
He was once a power in the city ring
The floods, the earthquake shocks
and the very extreme cold spell
throughout the country in the past
few weeks, has causedl the Picayune
to ask the question: 'Is it a warn
ing?" and says that these physical
disturbances and abcrrations may be
but harbingers of the tremendous
convulsions in the intellectual, moral
and spiritual worlds that are being
prepared for, and are to take place
at no distant day.
M.--- -
The Sundry Civil Bill that has
recently become a law, carries with
it about $2,885,000 for the improve
ment of the Mississippi river from
Cairo to the passes. The "Dirt
Mover" of Memphis, says a very
large portion of this money will be
expended in enlarging and strength
ening the levees, raising them above
the grade line of the flood of 1897.
'1The Mississippi River Commission
meets in New York on June 24, to
make the allotments for the ensuing
Gov. Russell, of North Carolina,
has been requested by Gov. Culber
son, of Texas. to appoint eleven dele
gates who will be sure to attend a
cotton growers' convention at Galves
ton August 2. "The purpose of the
convention," says the Raleigh corre
spondent of the Baltimore Sun, -'is
tS devise and regulate concurrent
legislation in the cotton States; to
relieve the cotton industry from
speculation and gambling influences
which oppress it, and to suppress uu
-lawful interference with the cotton
trade. It is particularly aimed at
.dealiags in futures. Gov. Russell
4 41 appoint the delegates, and feels
great iutereakI £he conve.utou." j'
l'" -,da"  -,
N. O. "Tin me-len mcral ]
TIhe flood in the lo er Nissiip
,pi this year was ti. ,e grealtc L e (er
known here. E,Sc) I11isi- 1,i .l',,-I,
it i .s s.ail, has its own lccnulaii'ls
:in.! dlistin;ctive features, a:,l tl-at of
1[97 ' al li(.:'re',t froum its lpred ces
sors. \VIhen all the data about it
have 1bee collected, and its history
i., fully written up, it will furuii h us
with the un.st i,* restln, itnforma
:ion on the subject of the river,
that will materially ail us in solving
problems that have hitherto soiue.
what worried tlhe engineers.
One of the marked features of the
late flood was the fact that the river
was higher everywhere than ever be.
fore, and broke the record at all
points romn Memphis down This
has never been the case before.
The maximums at different points
have not come the same season.
Thus. wiile New Orleans experi
enced the highest water known in
1893, at Natchez and Vicksburg
1362 was the big flood year, at
Memphis 1890, and at Cairo 1883,
and the other towns had still other
years to look back to as phenome
nal. Thui there was no standard
flood year to measulre by or comn
p'are with. One part of the river
counrtry Ahen it spoke of the big
nlon-l rcferred to 1,56i, another to
1:=9O, another to 1803. All is
chalg-zed now. We iave a standard
-the ilt:od of 1897-- which will go
in r.c., thirnuhout the lower Mis
si,ý'ipli as the highest water ever
kn;own. The record of maximum
lti:h water at the leadling river
tolr nI, the date when this occurred,
the height of 'ater reanched and
comlarionu with previous years are
as follows:
w ater
M3X:i- since
Inuit. 1, 71.
tCair).XMlarth 2. .............1.0 5217
Memphis. March 19 ......... 3..2 .3.60
lelenai, A pril 3 ............. 51.3 4,'.10
Arkansas Cily. March i 2..... 51 4 5
Vick ,-hurg. April t1 .........32.3 49.05
Nat'hriz,. April 29............4! .8 45.~ O
Ited ltvcr L'dilg, May 13 .. 50.2 4,.'7
aitrl, e's, May 13 ............. 1. 49.'90
Bayou Sara, May 14 .........43.3 42.23
IonaldonvIlllC. Mlay 13......:2.5 30.600
New Orleans. May 11 .......19.6 17.90
Without going into ante hbellum
history, and taking only the record
as comu1,ared with the highest water
known since 1871, we have the fol
lowing excess this year over the
iumaximum record of the past:
M em phis ....... ........... ...........1.1;0
lleh us .......... ......................3.4)
l rhaun as Ct). ....... ..... 2.40
ick ............... . ..... ... .2
N atlchez .... ........t........... ....1.20
IRed 1iiver Lauding .................... .3;
lIk/'brc 's ............ ...... ..... ......... 1.10
.i ou Sara ...... .... ................ 15,
I)oi:ald-onville .............. ......... 2.21
New Orleaus ...........................1.0
It will be nticed that t(,e excess
was the greatest between llclena ,tl
Vickstburg, where crev::-.s were
most numlerous, and that both above
and below the crevasse centre,
although the record of previou'
years was broken, it was not as badly.
broken as these. Wherever the
levees held, although there was just
as inuch water in the river, the Mis
sis:ippi did-not rise as high, com
pared with previous years, as it did
in those stretches where the levees
Another feature that is very
marked and significant is seen in the
time it took the crest of the wave to
descend. We have some previous
figures on this subject, but they are
all changed by the exf:cricnce of
Days tlhe
Dis- crestot
t3111CC W1C
from :took
New to de
Orleans. scend.
Jeimphis ....................7t23
feleuma........................647 13
V'iktI'i urg. .................... 5 13
Natchez .................... 263 13
led .tiver Landing ..........20O 14
It took the crest of tile wave if
teen days to travel thIe short distance
fromin Memphis to IIeleua, 76 miles,
but then there were crevasses on
both sides of the river to inilterrupt.
From Ieleia to Vicksburg it took
thirteen days, and from Vicksburg
to Bed river t'ventv-seven days to go
154 miles, or six miles a day. In
all, the flood wave took fifty-fivc
dlays to go from Memphis to RIed
river a distance of 52O0 rmiles, travcl
ing at the very slow rate of ten
miles a day, or less than half a mile
an hour, although the current of the
river was so much more rapid.
We all know how rapid the
decline was from Red river down,
where the levees held. Indeed, the
maximnum high water was reached at
nearly all points south of IPd river
within a few days of each other,
the fact being that the channel was
so scoured out at New Orleans that
when the flood wave, which- had
made itself felt at Red River land
ing May 13 and at BIayou Sara May
14, reached New Orleans it found
the river well able to hold it and
caused no rise here whatever, but
simlply kept the river stationary.
With the full data it will be pos
siblc to show how much more rapid
Iy the river discharges itself with the
levees than without them, and how
niuchli larger a volume of water it can
care for without overflouw. The
facts will be a strong proof of the
value of levees in reducing the dura
tion and height of the flood when
theAse levees are built strong enough
to hold.
Mr. James M. Foster, of Caddo
parish, is said to be the most exten
sire cotton planter in the world. He
has under a single fncie over 11,000
,f land and his annual crop cx
ccds 1o,000 bales of cotton.
The late storm in Texas amountedl
to a qularter of a million of dollars.
the farmers were the sufferers.
Archbishop Janssens, of New Or
leans, the great Catholic prelate,
w, ho Mft New Orleans on Friday last
for an exten:dled trip through Europe,
dict at sea on Saturday wlhen only a
few hlunlred miles out. The remains
(of the Archblihop were returlcnd to
I New Orleano , twhere great aorrow
was felt by all classes of citizens.
The New Orleans States says that
Archilishop Janssens had taken a
firut arl cd nlurinog ho!d upon tthe
nffectious of the peop'o of this city,
and they had cause indeed to con
gratulate themselves for having
received, with every demonstration
of -joy and respect, on Sunday,
Sept. 16, 1888, the famed Bishop of
Natchez. whose signal merit had
securredi for him deserted promotion
to the archiepiscopacy of the import
ant diocese of New Orleans. In no
other years have so many churches,
orphan asylums and schools been
reared to the glory of God.
Excursion Tickets
via the Yazoo and
Mississippi Valley
Itailroac to the
0e teu111
----A T--
For the above occasion Excursion
Tickets will be on s.de from Vicksburg
as follows:
$20.70 for the round trip. on sale daily
until October 15, good returning until
November 7, 1S97.
$15 20 for the round trip, on sale daily
until October 15., 1897. good for return
twenty days from date of sale.
$11.05 for the round trip, on sale
Tnesdaye and Thursdays of each week
until October 26. 197. good for return ten
days from date of sale.
For turther particulars, such as routes
and schedules, call on the tIndelrsigned
Yazoo and Mulssissiltpi Valley Railroad
ticket ncent at your siati lut.
1V. I). BILNT, C. 1'. " T. A.. Vicks:burrz
Win. Murray. Div. Pass. Act., New Or.cane.
Juo. A. Scoit. Diiv. Pass. Aeent, ieltphbls.
A. II. HA NSON. G. P. a.. C(hieazn.
W. A. KEL.LONIi, A. G. . A. Louisville.
'rPrescriptions or home receipts
of any kind, properly comntuiddlcl at
Campbeil & Cbaze's.
Zm pable Property
Parish of East Carroll.
BY virtue of the auttority vested in me
by the Constitution atnd Laws of the State(
of L touiian.t. I will proceed to sell. at the
prinlipal door of the Co urt-house in which
tie Civil District Court of said parish is
held, within the legal houirs for Judicial
Sales, beginning at eeuven o'clock a. m.,
JULY 1807,
and continuiing on each steceeding tldayns
until smassl ales are comtpleted..all imauovable
property on which taxes are now due to the
Slate of Louisiana. the ilth Louislana Levee
District, and the parish of East Carroll to
enforce the collection of taxes assessed
for the vernts lste antd Irh; together with all
interest from date ofliatlurity as prcscribed
by law until paymeit of sa:iid t:xis, cost
atld Ices at tie rate of 2 er cent per month
tintil paid and all costs. T'he names of said
delinquent tax-payers, the amount ol taxes
due by each oit :he assesnient of said years,
andl ithe itllitovable property sseeCedI to
enachi to be ofilercd for saic, as oullows, to
Blcden, Mrs. Lucey. 3d Ward.
Residence and lots 8, ' and 10 and 10
cot off of lot 7, block 10, town of
Provideqc, La. Taxes 1896, $17.60.
Delony, T. II. Stevens place, 80
acres, 1st ward. Being an utlndivided
t interest in the w a of w , of see 26,
andn e see 27. t 19, n r 12e. Taxes
1896, $6.10.
Klieupetre, Wmu. Arlington plan
tation. 10 acres, 8th ward. Being a
strip of land of uuiformi width to be
cut off from the norIh side of lot 3 of
the original Arlington plantation, be.
ginningon Bayou Providence at thebo n
e corner of same on the bank of said
bayou; thence t'unnaig north along the
mniddle of the road or lane leading to
the Island place north 87 a degrees, w
25 50-100 chains to the back line of
said lot No. 3; thence along said back
line s 7 degrees w to a point on said
back line from which a hne ran south
87 . degrees e, and parallel to the i
boundary line of lot No. 3 to Provi
dinco bayou will cut off north of said
parallel line the quantity of 10 acres;
thence along said bayou north 22
20-100 chains west to place of begin
uing. Taxes 1896, $22.10.
O'Donnel, Chas. Town of Provi
dence, 3d ward. Being lots 18, 19 and
20, block 3 of the 3dtl dlition to town
of Providence. Taxes 1896, 2.60,
Purvis, Mrs. M. G. Town of Provi
dence, 3d wardtl. One lot in the Davis
adlition town of Providetnce, fcont;iul
30 feet ot Sparrow street nldl Irunninlg
back to the oIl V. NI. l'urtly resideuce.
T'axes 1896, 73ets.
Ward, Jennie. Town of Providence,
3dl ward. Vacant lot 3. block 1, Davis
hlsfition town of Providence. Taxes
1s96. 73cts.
i alker & Stein. Island 95 or An
dr'ews land, t00 nacrt. 2d ward. Bcint
lots 1 and 2, asc 78, fract scc 16, i 20.
n r 1:3 and 1 ; lot 3 of sec 25 of t 2C, n
r I3 e; ots 1. 2. : . 5. 6 and 8 of see
7 and frwct weC i`; of t 20, ni r 14 e.
Taxes 1'U6, "10.10.
Witkowski, L. L. Ashton. 900 acres.
5!I ward. lHei ng nt olidhd ie htalf of
lot? orf 3rettioitnal lO ,n ], 2. , I. r.
ait!d 6; an'. ofl -ce 3 ml 10t . e:n:! l of
-re 9t ' lin east of ii -),m ) l',n, t 23.
nr 12 e. 'i'xca 1. , l1.,0. T:axcs
1893, a 1.10.
¶Witkowski, J,s:thline. Ashton,
'.;U a'cres,s 5th wi:rdtl. l;hiig lots or
flr:ltt setiious 1, 2, 3, 1. 5 andtl , :Intrl
:11 of s'ie 3 lying east of l:3ayoi Macon,
an0d al of sections 9 and 10, t 2:3. i r
12 e. 'Ile same being an utodivided
half of the above. Taxes 1893, $84.00.
Grcen:woold, Hlirs of Messrs. Evans
George placi, 638 n:cres. 2d ward. Be
ie au nondivided two-thirds of the s e
t ;andl w of no i . A of n w } see 3.
all of sec 10, the n w j of s w } and n
w } of s e see 11, t 19. n r 11 e.
Taxes 1806, 8:48.00.
Lachds & Co., S. V. Island 92. :300
acres, 4th wardl. Being the' s t sec
or lot 18 of t 22, n r 12 e. Taxes
1896, s3 s5.
Waite, Mrs. Mary A. Mlascotte
place. 450 acres, 1st ward. Being s A
see i4, a part of fractional sec -19 and
all of fractional see .51, t 18, n r 13 c.
Taxes 1896, 180 10.
On this day ot-Sale, I will sell such por
tion of said property as each debtor will
point out, andt in case the debtor will not
point ct sullicient.-property, I will wit lout
tiurther delay. sell the least- quantity of
s::id property of ally debtor. which any bid
dter will buy for the anmolunt of taxes, inter
5 st and cost due by s:dl debtor.
The :,lc will be without any appraise
ment, for cash in legal tenter morcy of the
United States, and the property sold shall
be redeemable at any time for the space of
one year by payin tIhe plic given with 20
per cent penaliy and costs added.
J. \V. DUNN.
Sheriff and Tax Collector parish of East
Carroll. ILa.
P'rovidnuce, La., June 5th 8I97.-6t.
Notice to Mortgage Cred
Lake Providence. La., June 5, 1S97.
la conformity with Section, 6.3, Act 85 of
1885. notice is hereby given to all parties
holding mortgages upon real estate in the
parish of East Ca.rroll on wnich taxes for
the years 1S9'1 and 18Wt, have not
been paid. that I will begin'the sale of same
at the Court House door, on Saturday, the
10th, day of July, A.:DU.:197. and that a num
her of pieces of property so delinquent are
now being advertised in this newspaper in
conformity with the law preparatory to
such sale. The attention of the mortgage
creditors is especially called to these adver
tisements of tax sales, and they are warned
to take such steps prior to the sale as may
lIe necessary to protect their rights.
Sheriff and ex-oflicio Tax Collector. East
Carroll. parish. La.
Sheriff 's Sale.
stat of Louisi.ona. i'ariah of FEst Carroll.
Seventlh Distrct (' ourt-lecer. Mever
& Co.. vs. I). 1.. Peck and J. W. liar
ber.-No. 4"0.
y viriture of a w rit of Fi l"a to me
directed by the I!ounor:l,ýc Seventh District
( ourt 1,r the p-r'ish of -:a t Carroll afore
aid ii the an ti i ntiled ciuse, t will pro
teed to scll at pu liCe 'i\ntion. at the door
of the .'ntl Lo1 -. ill the loswn of I'rovi
denve' -at C'rroll ;aristh, la.. on Satur
day, the llth d.: o ,It iV. 1o )7. hetw .ell the
hoors prescril.c,! he tlau. Ail the ::-ht, title
aid t illtr t of . F. Peck and .1. i W . iiar
her in and to the following describcd prop
Crti . to-wit :
,All nId s1in~tu!lr the south 2J :,et oil of
Lot 8 i I :cek 1 of 1th town of Providence.
r:1; ing a front of *I f et eonl Levie street
and running back betweien parallel lines
10) feet. wiiil all the :,i;ildiings and improve
nments tirc-eon and. all itbe rights. ways and
Dli leces thereto belonging. seized in tthe
:shbove Stitlt.
'Ti rIns of Sale cash with the benefit of
J. W. DUNN. Sheriff.
Siherif"s olfec, Providence, La., Juce i,,
Thile Providence Brnass and String Bands
will !urtnish first class music at reasonable
rates. !leadquarters at Juo. W. Cooke's
I. F. MITCHI1ELL, Leader.
having completed thie listing and having
estimated the values of all real and person
al prolperty In the parish in accordance
with law, notice is hereby piven that my
lists will remain openl for inspection and
correc'tion at my ol1iee for a period of 20
days, btginning on the 10th day of June,
1lLt. W. C. lMcRAE,
Assessor East Carroll Parish.
Lake Providence, La., May 29, lb97
At a meeting of the Lake Providence
Lumber Co., held Feb. 15th inst. the Board
of D)irectors agreed on the following prices
for lumber, to-wit:
Cypress cabin lumber, $12 per m.
Cypress bevelled seiding, rougli. 810 per m.
Cypress dressed siding, 813 per m.
Cypress T''. & G. flooring and ceiling, best
grade, $17 per m.
Cypress T. & G. flooring and ceiling,2nd
grade. $13 per m.
Gum cabin lumber. $8 pecr m.
Shingles. all he.rl. 82.50 per m.
Shingles, 2nd grade, 82 per nm.
1.TCThese prices are for lumber at tihe
mill: when telivered, the hauling will have
to be added.
E. J. I1AMLEY, Manager.
Office of ParishSuperintendent of Schools.
Lake P'rovidenee, La., June 3, 187.-The
q.iarterly examination of teachers who
may be desirous of procuring certificates
with a view of becoming applicants for po
sitions in the pliblie schools of this parish,
will take place at the school house at Lake
P'rovidence. commencing on Tuesday, July
lt, at 9 o'clock a. m.. and closing on July
2d. 1897.
T'he branclles it which teachers will be
examined willt consl-ist of those emblraced in
the 1st, 2nrd and 3rd grades, and eertifIeates
of qualification will be based upon the
number of points made throughout the
entire three grades, 8) points being neces
sary to olbtain a first grade certificate.
7 for secoud grade and 65 for a third grade
Appllicans presenting themselves for ex
amination minst provide themselves with
paper, pen and ink, and aniswers Imust be
written upon single sheets and pledge at
tachled tor eachil
l't1e cxanllation wilt commence promnpt
yIv at 9 o'.leck a. in. and close at5 o'clock p.
n. of eclh dcl. Any an:litional informa
tion will be cheertully furnished on appli
Scation at this oflice.
t(HAS. R. EGELLY, Supt.
BI:GEON, : g, BRI;I0, .
T II: 3
Acme BLric3 Oompany
I.s iow ready wvith a litle lot of Brick
for sale for c:ah. Ptices to suit thi
'ilcs. Call at oflice of Con;pany'. No.
5 Levee street, for prices.
JNO. W. COOKE. Manager.
Lak:e Providencs., La.
| Lake and Levee Streets, LAKE
Dealer In n 1
The fnest line of Clothing carried in the city. Ldes Dres GoeL,
Ht, CapBoots and Shoes, Mackintoshes and Hunting Oaste; Tunks
Valises and Bareg
CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere:
President Se. and Trea
The Providence Lumber Co.,
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and freee&
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads,
*P I
P The Only Family GROCERY, I
* 0
S. A. A. M3'EAI, Proprietor, a
* *
* Dealer in Fine Family Groceries and all kinds of Nruite
* and Naut, Meat, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and Cigarse, *.
Sflay, Corn and Oata. Fine Keg Deer. O
Cor. Lake and Church Ste, Lake Providence,
r ....DEALER IN....
i Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
COencral Merebhandise, Groceries and Plantation Supplies.
Wincs, Liauors and Cigars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
Levee st, Lake Providenoe, La,
Flour, Meet and Meal. Wines, Liquors and COigars. A
Cheap and Firss-clse Grocery House. j
......... VICKSiURG, r[MIBI.........
-Manufactunrrs of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior PFlnsh,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purobasing elsewher
.MOmnOM ommemoemmommonmmo
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : : Loulsiana.
a front of two chaius and sixty-six links. on
the lake road. next to tbe property of Mr.
J. C. lass. This is beyond a doubt the
finest live acre buildiug lot in East Carroll
For terms. apply to
Leal Estate )Dealers.
L:ke I'rovidence, La. I
January 16, '%.- t.
Wanted-An Idea ,,"'
Iel wDLWhtoufl. D.Cc. tor telfr lpJIIS O
and lbS$ of two humli anyostwme
,Campbell & Ch nze have increased
their stock of drugs and sundrics. etc.,
and can zneet calls for anything intheir
Ii C1 "
Information for the
The following is the srbedule of the
Y. & M. V. R. R., taking effect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 6 will
leave Vicksburg t 3.10 a.m.and arrive
at New Orleans 10:35 a. m.
Train 21 will leave ;Vicksburg 8:00
a. m. and arrive New Orleans 5:30 p.
Train 6 will leave, New Orleanse4:20
p m. and arrive Vicksburg 11.50 p. m.
Trai, No. 22 will leave New Or
leans at 8.05. a. nm. and arrive at Vicks
burg at 5.55 p. m.
Memphis Division-Train No. 5 wil
leave Memphis at 7.bC6p. m. and arrive
at Vicksburg at 3:00 a. m.
No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:45 a.
m. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45'p.
Train No. 6 leaves Vicksburg at
12.01 a. m. and arrives at Memphis at
7.10 p. m.
Train No. 24 will leave Vickabtrg
at 7:35 a- m. and arrive at Memphis at
5:30 p. nm.
Alll trains run daily.
For information as to rtes &c.,
write to .
Your Ticket Agent.
Vicksburg, Miss.
Lake Providence - - La
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Boudal Caskets, Now, Plain and Onma
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Order?
(april 13-81-lvl
Chas. Swoflord,
House, Sig aid Omenmtal Painter,
Buggy Painfing and Paper IIa
Lake Providence, La.
Wanted-An idea n
AnFor eleni a Grecville, Lake s opt v
dee. Vicksburgee whth a pdCm
Wpv ?Ondne a.i Cmdinea-to
O neegcry foor M A
rI In Potiae eof Ba
trip o o nly $ t:. h h "an
3411 Uroadway. Neer Yrk.
For Ileleun, Greenville, Lake 'ov
dlccce. Vicksburg, apd A04'
Way Landings-
The Swift ant Elegant l
tri only ,p:.

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