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Publisher and Ptroprietor,
Saturday, June 24;, 1857.
Oflicial Proceedings of the Fifth
District Levec Board.
DELTA, LA., WeV iel:,day, .June 1, II,.
Purstu:int to call of it l'restildent,
the Board of CutlunlsL;itner of the
Fifth I,ouirtana Levee D)itrict met at
Delta,. La., this day.
There were prec:ct : F. L. Max
well. President, and A. S Culthiarp,
M1:lison paris!; J. E. R:i;,(1ell and J.
Stein, East Carroull; C. C. Cordlill and
G. C. Goldman, "'ens:a; . B. 1'arlham,
Concordia; A. 1'. laanc, Secretary.
Absent-J. B. likerodt, Concordia.
A quoiunm being present, the Board
proceuded to husil"-s as follows:
On.motiun of C. C. Cordill, the read
ing of the minutes was dispensed with.
Ou tmoti,n of C. C. Cordill, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Resolv ed, That a local assessment or
forced contribution for the year 1897
'of 50 cents is hereby levied upon each
and every bale of cotton of the crop of
1897.98 produced within the limits of
the Fifth Louislana Levee District; and
the tax collectors of the several parishes
comprising the said district are hereby
ordered to proceed with the collection
of same in the manner provided in in
structions heretofore given them.
F. L Maxwell. A. 8. Volthnrl,, J. E.
Ransdell, J. Stein. C. C. Cordill, G. C.
Goldman and B: IB. l'arham being pres
ent, each voted "'aye" on the passage
of the resolution.
On motion of C. C. Cordill, the fol
lowiing resuolttion was adopted:
Be it Resolved, That a local assess
sment or forced contribution for the
year 1897 of live cents per acre upon
all land situated within the limits of
the Fifth Louisiana Levee District, is
ihereby levied; and the tax assessors of
the several parishecs comprising said
districts are hereby ordered to extend
the same upon the assessment rolls;
and the several tax collectors are here
by ordered to proceed with the collec
tion of the same, at the same time and
in the same manner as other state and
parish taxes are oollected.
P. L. Maxwell, A. S. Coltharp. Jos.
E. Ransdell, J" Stein. C. C. Cordill, G.
C. Goldman and B. B. Parbam, being
present, each voted '"aye" on the pass
age of the resolution.
On motion of C. C. Cordill, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted :
Be it resolved, That pursuant to
Act No. 8 of 1888 and Act No. 112 of
1884, an ad-valorem tax of ten mills on
the dollar be and is hereby levied upon
all taxable property within the limits
of the Fifth Louisiana Levee District
for the y%%r 1897; and the tax asses
sors of the several parishes comprising
said district are hereby ordered to ex
tend the same upon the assessment
rolls, and the several tax.-collectors are
hereby ordered to proceed with the
collection of the saune at the salme time
and in the same imanner as other state
and parish taxes are collected.
F. L. Maxwell, A. S. Coltharp, Jos.
E. Ranadell, J. Stein, C. C. Cordill, G.
C. Goldman and B. B. Parham being
lesent, each voted "aye" on the pass
age of said resolution.
On motion of J. Stein, the following
resolution was adopted.
Resolved, That Heon. F. L. Maxwell,
President of this Board, and.Commis
sioner Jos. E. Ransdell, be requested to
attend the meeting of the River Conm
hission in New York on the 24th inst.,
andthat this Board pay their expenses.
On motiotltof Mr. Goldman, the fo11
lowing resolution was adopted:
Be it resolved, That the President of
- this Board be authorized to issue war
rants, payable out of the revenues of
1897, bearing 6 per cent interest per
annum, for sums aggregating nine
thousand dollars, or as much thereof as
may be necessary.
Be it lurther Resolvedl, That said
wart-ants be used to pay all outstanding
bills for high water expenses.
Mr. W. E. Burley appeared before
the Board and presented resolutions
adopted at a mass meeting of the citi
sens of the 10th ward oT Coucordia;
parish; statement showing total acre
age in said ward and number of bales
of oottop produced, also petition from
the 10th ward of Concordia parish ask
ing relief from payment of 5 cent acre
tax and cotton tax.
A commuaneation, and resolutions,
adopted at a meeting of the citizens of
the third ward of Concerdia parish pro
testing against payment of levee taxes,
were also recelved and read; whereup
on, on motion of Mr. Parham the fol.
,lowing resolution was adopted:
IResolved, That this Board views
with favor the petitions from the 3rd
and 10th wards presented by Mr. Bur
ley of the 10th ward'of Concordia par
ish, and hereby apploint 5 committee of
three oompomed of Major Richardson.
chief of State Engineers, and the two
Loree Commissioners of said parish.
who shall make a thorough investaga
ttou'ofthe situation and report in full
at the next meeting of this board.
Messrs. E. Hlunloy and Phil Mc
Guire presented the folhlowing petition
on behalf of the Providence and Wes
torn Railroad Company:
'To the Presideat and members of
the Fifth Louisiana Levee Board:
Gentleman:-On behalf of the Provi
deuce and Western Kailroad Company,
we desire to obtain a grant of one half
of the lands in East carroll parish
owned by you to aid said company in
constructing a Railroad from Lake
Providence into West GaOsrroll parish.
We understand that you have no
authority to make an absolutedonation
lfr a4 purpoee, hence we offer two
ad a half centos per acre for said lands.
We deire1. a delay of one
year, or on l i 1898, in which
to negom and begin the eon
strueios 14 road. and would like
ii g e s aid eomnpany, or its
se h rigfet to purchase said
" li~ 8it two sd a half cents per aere
a any tim pror to July 1st, 148;
Oavided, ttltif onstractioa of d idd
road is nit Legun by July 1Jt, 1J98,
said right is to he forfeited.
E. J Hanla'y.
r Phil McGuire.
Lake Providence, La.. June 10th, 1`97
On motion of lMr. SOtin. the follow
itug resolution was adopted,
iResolved. That the l'lcsident of tlis
Boa:ul i s authorized to sell to the Lake
'ruovidence anld Westcrnl itaihl ad
Co(Xinitpiy its successors or assigns, oine
hIlf : f all Ilie lalds own ed by this
District in E,ist Carroll parili at two
Sa:tlnl ione half rctlls per acre. as an aid
to t:r construction of a Railroad from
Lake iUt oiidncle Westward; provided.
that the dee'd to said la'nds shall not be
p:ssed iuntil construction of said road
n is begutoi; anid the right of said com
pany. its successors or assigns. to pur
chase s:aid lauds at said price shall be
forfeited unilss construction is begun
:and tile deed passed on or btfore July
Slst li88.
Proytided further, that the specific
half of said lands to be deeded to said
Scomipany shall be dtsigrnltcd by the
two conulllisimoiiers of East Carroll
parl:wh, aided by the prcsident of this
l Board.
On motion of Mr. Ransdell. the fol
lowing resolution was adopted.
Reaulved, That, Whereas, the late
I high water has demonstrated that a
large anount of levee work must be
dlonie in order to insure protection
against future floods;
. And, Whereas, one of our greatest
sources of revenue is from!t the cotton
r tax, which we think should be at least
7 one dollar per bale instead of tifty
I cents as now provided by law;
4 And, Whereas, we believe that the
f unanimous opinion of the people of the
ii district is in favor of such a tax;
· Therefore be it resolved, 1that ourr
v Senators and Representatives in the
· Logiah:turo are requested to have the
present law amended so as to author
ize this Boar:1 to levy a tax of one dol
lar per bale on cotton for at least ten
F. L. Maxwell, A. S., Coltlarp. .I. E.
SRansdell, J. Stein, C. C. Cordell, G. C.
Goldman and U. B. Pitrham being pres
cut, and each voting "'aye" on said
On motion of Mr. Stein, the follow
s ing resolution was adopted:
n lesolved, 'That the several menibers
f of the Levee Board be authorized to
sdispose of all lumber on all levees in
f the district, including the Wyly cre.
vase~ levee revetment, the latter having
served its purpose and to leave it there
longer would be an injury to said
On motion of C. C. Cordill, the fol
I lowing resolution was adopted:
i Be it resolved, That the President
of this board be authorized to use the
money realized from sale of lumber to
pay for articles belonging to the United
States Government lost during the high
On motion of Mr. Coltharp, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the President be and
lie is hereby authorized to convey by
f quit claim deed unto George C. Wad
dill, or his assigns. fractional n j of n
w ) section 2, north of Tensas river.
The undivided ) interest n ' section
t 3. s 1 section 3, wi of s e t section 4,
wl of n e section 10, t 17, nr 11 e.
on receipt of payment from said pur
chaser of the sum of $235.00.
t On motion of Mr. Cordill, the follow.
Snlag resolution was adopted:
e Whereas, The Kempe Levee on the
e right bank of the Mississippi river,
e about 658 miles below Cairo, and in
this Levee District, is an emubankenut
of great size and importance, prevent
ing the escape from the river of an it.
menso volume of its flood waters, and
the dvertlow of a large and productive
area in this and other levee districts;
Whereas, During the past thirty
years the constant erosion of the adja
cent river banks has forced the levee
line back a distance of nearly two miles,
and constantly into lower ground, se
that the maintainance of an etlictent
levee in this locality, with the renewal
of levee lines which have caved into the
rtver, lhas, within this period, involved
an expenditure exeeeding $1,000,000;
Whereas, Tile caving of the river
bank in the Kempe bend continues to
menace the integrity of the present large
and costly levee line built there by the
Uniled States;
Therefore, Be it (resolved by the
1 Board of Levee Commissioners for the
Fifth Louisiana Levee District;
1st-That we respectfully urge upon
the Mississippi River Commission the
importance of andertaking the revet.
mcot of the riyer bank in the Kempe
bend, in time to prevent the destruction
of the existing levee line. or the neces
sity for its renewal, which renewal, on
account of the low land any new loca
tion must traverse, can only be made a
greater cost than ever before, and
with a probably less elfficient embank.
2id-That the secretary of this board
be directed to transmit copies of this
preamble and resolution to the Presi
degt and members of the Mississippi
River Commission.
On motion of Mr. Coltharp, the
President and Secretary were author
ized to draw a duplicate warrant for
$134.75 in favor of the Ashly Company.
Limited, in place of warrant No. 2662.
The President appointed Mr. B. B.
Parham to act on the finance commit
tee in place of Mr. J. B. Hiserodt,
On motion of 0. C. Goldman, the
President was authorised to draw a
warrant in favor of W. M. Davidson, I
parsh treasurer of Tensas paribsh, paya.
ble out of the revenues of 1898, for I
$50000, bearing 6 per cent interest
from date, being for amountc f loan
from the parish of Tensas and expend-.
ed by the local commissioners during,
period of high water.
The Finance Committee presented
the following report, which was re
ceived, and on motion of C. C. Cordill,
the repot wais adopted.
Report of Finance Committee
Delta, La.,June 16, 1807.
To the Hon. Board of Commission
era of the Fifth Louisiana Levee Dis- I
triert :
We, your Finance Committee, beg to
teport as follows:
We have examined and approved
the following bills and recommend
their payment, tb-wit :
B F Boaney.....................$ 0 00
M- C ltharp........................ 2 00
GAW Colean C......o................. t 9
ViekLaburg levator Co.............. 7 17
3, 1) M uir ................ .......... . 22 25
W II Mlirdock ............. 40 . 50
Union (Oil Co ........................ 132 0
!t Ii Colthlrp ....................... 27 33
11 C cGi ire ..... .... ............ 141 56
uumphly Bros. ..................... 34 40
v T F Ward ......................... 47 2.~
Natchez Oil .Co........... ....... 742 30
SProvidence Lumber Co ............. 3,3 35
J P Parker ..,.................... N!
SAS t'ollarp ........................ 4 25
Id Aug lurelh ..... ................... Gs 00
1e A P'Martin... ................. . .12`S 40
L I l'arha .......................... 71 85
D DM blocum ,.................. 4:13 00
'o L 31 Daighorn .......... ......... 42 50
id N It Ul nter........................ 4t1 ))
tW 3W l ob.s ...................... 27 0)
J G Gordon:....... ...... ........ 8 49
Gib) on ., W atson................ . . S9 2v
e W 31 Davidson.. .................. !)2 00
d F II1 Curry. ....................... 3!7 GS
,1 W lang ham ............ ......... i '25
J W Ullcslpie ... ................. 8
t- Lever Bros Oil Mill ............... '7r
e " " . '" " ................ 1 00
,i Southern Cotton Oil Co ............ 323 F3
I Lowenburg . Co.................. 22 15
y Steamer Liberty................... G 00
s Total ................ ...t37 48
Ad Action on the following bills were
it. deferred until unext meeting of the
11 UBoard. for the purpose of obtaining ad
is ditional infornmation :
11 L Castlenau ..................... 00 00
J T McClellen................... 100 00
WV CU lcSsae .......... ........ 200 00
Sig Wolf....................... 17 25
to J El odges ............ ... ....... 26 30
Susan ilsou.... ............. ... 10 40
Mrs Emmua terlford .................. 270 0
in Total . ... ........ 7724 75
The following bills were r jected :
st S M Bush....................... 1n 00o
n It 11 Stebbins ............... . ... 25 05
Steb'lnes Bro ..................... 5 25
y. Total ...... ..................131 00
The bill of hi. F. Butler for twelve
Ic hundred sacks used on levees, is rifer
ic red back for further information :
We have examined the bouks, ac
'r counts and vouchers of the Secretary
ie and find the same correct. Respect
io fully submitted.
r- A. S. Cultharp.
1- 1. B. Parham
J. Stein,
On motion of Mr. Coltharn, the fol
". lowing resolution was adopted:
C. Resolved. That we approve the action
s- of the President and Secretary in the
id recent hi, gh water tight.
On motioi of C. C. Cordill. the
V- Board adjourned subject to call of tile
rs F. L. MAXWELL, President.
tW A. T. LANE, Scerctauy.
ig 8,.Authrax vaccine for chbarbon, at
re the Gueuard drug store.
at laving overcome the effects of the
10 high water the Y. & M. V. R. It. Co., Is
to now running all their trains, both day
and nighl tbotween Memphis, New Or- i
aM leans and intermediate points.
1- -
Queen Victoria's wealth is estimat
t d at $100,000,000, but it will never!
be known how much she is actually
a worth, Parliament having lately
passed a law that her will is never to
i be made public.
r- IttPrescriptions or home receipts
of any kind, properly compoundeid at
- Campbell & Chaze's.
t Immovable Property
y Parish of East Carroll.
=e BY virtue of the authority vested in me
s, by the Constitution and Laws of the State
Sof Louisiana, I will proceed to sell at the
principal door of the Court-house in which
the Civil District Court of said parish is
ii held, within the legal hours for Judicial
ie Sales, beginning at eleven o'clock a. in.,
SJULY 1897,
and continuing on each buceedlug days
until said sales are eomp!etediall immovab:e
lo property on which taxes are now due to tile
e Slate of Louisiana, the 5th Louisiana Levee
e District, and the parish of East Carroll to
enforce the collection of taxes assessed
for the years 1893 and 1896. together with all
ie interest fromn date of maturity as prescribed
a by law until payment of said taxes, cost
and tees at the rats ofS :er cent per month
until paid and allcosts. The names of said
U delinquent tax-payers, the amount of taxes
e due by eaheb on the assessmentof said years,
tand the immovable property assessed to
each to be offered for sale, as tollows, to
'C wit:
Belden, Mrs. Lucey. 3d Ward.
Residence and lots 8, 9 and 10 and 10
eet off of lot 7. block 10, town of
a Providence, La. Taxes 1896, $17.60.
d Delony, T. II. Stevens place, 80
c acres, 1st ward. Being an undivided
) interest in the w 4 of w-4 of sec 26,
d and ne ? see 27. t 19, n r 12 e. Taxes
is 1896, $6.10.
> Klienpetrc, Wmi. Arlington plan
tation. 10 acres, ,th ward. Being a
I. strip of land of uniform width to be
r- cut off from the north side of lot 3 of
r the original Arington plantation, be
r. ginning on Bayou Providence at the n
Se corner of same on the bank of said
bayou; thence running north along the
3. middle of the road or J:ne leading tt
t- thie Island pl;tce north 87 f degrees, w
t, 25 50-100 cbhains to the back line:i of
said lot No. 3; thence along said back
o line s 7 degrees w to a point on said
a back line from which a hIe ran south
, 87 1 degrees e, and parallel to the n
- boundary line of lot No. 3 to Provi
r dence bayou will cut off north of said
t parallel line the quantity of 10 acres:
a thence along said bayou north 22
I. 20-100 chains west to place of begin
g ning. Taxes 1896, $22.10.
d O'Donnel, Chas. Town ot Provi
Sdence, 3d ward. Being lots 18, 19 and
S20. block 3 of the 3d addition to town
of Providence. Taxes 1896, #2.60,
Purvis, hMrs. M. G. Town of Provi
dence, 3d ward. One lot in the Davis
i addition town of Providence, fronting
S. 30 feet on Sparrow street and running
back to the old V. hI. Purdy residence.
o Taxes 1896, 73cts.
d Ward, Jennie. Town of Providence,
d 3d ward. Vacant lot 3, block 1, Davis
addition town of Provideoace. Taxes
1896. 73cts.
! Walker & Stein. Island 96 or A
a drews land, 800 acres. 2d ward. Being
o lot-a 1 and 2, sec 78, fract lec 16, t 0,
n r 13 and 14; lot 3 of see 25 of t 20, n
r 13 e; lots 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6 and 8 of see
7 aund frot see 18 of t 20, n r 14 e.
Taxes 1896, $10.10.
Witkowski, L. L. Ashton. 900 acres,
5th ward. Being nal nidliided half of
lots or fractional sc'lioans 1, 2. 3, 4, 5
and 6; all of see 9 and 10. and all of
sec 8 lying east of Bayou Macon, t 23,
o r 12 c. Taxes 1896, l108.60. 'T'axes
1893, 18s.10.
Witkowski, Josephine. Ashton,
900 acres, 5th ward. Being lots or
fracIt seCtinus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 anud 6. and
all of sec 8 lying east of Bayou Macotn,
aiwl all of sections 9 and 10, t 23. n r
12 e. The same being an undivided
half of the above. Taxes 1893. (84.00.
Greenwoodl. HeIirs of Messrs. Evans
George place, 638 acres. 2d ward. Be
ing an undivided two-thirds of the s e
Sanid w j of n e 4, s j ofn w sec 3,
all of see 10, tl he nw j of s V and n
w f eofse se 11, t 19. n r 11 e.
Taxes 1896, $48.00.
Lachks & Co.. S. W. Island 92. 300
acres, 4th ward. Being the sCe see
or lot 1S of t 22, n r 12 e. Taxes
1896, [3.85.
Waite. Mrs. Mlary A. Mascotte
pllacet: 4.0 acres. 1st ward. Being s
sec 45, a part of fiactional sec 49 und
all of fractional see 50, t 18, n r 13 c.
Taxes 186, {8Q.10.
-On this day of Sale, I will sell such por
tion of said property as each debtlor will
point out, and in case the debtor will not
point oat sulticient property, I will without
turther delay. sell the least iquantity of
said property of any debtor, which any bid
der will buy for the amount of taxes, inter
eCt and cost due bysaid deblor.
The sale will he without any appraise
ment. for cash in legal tender mrey of the
United States, and the property sold shall
be redeemable at any time for the space of
one year by paying the prie- given with 20
per cent penalty and costs added.
.1. W. i)UNN.
Sheriff and Tax Collector pariah of East
Carroll. La.
Providence, La., June 5tha 1s97.-at.
Notice to Mortgage Cred-.
Lake l'rovidence, La.. June 5, 1897.
In conformity with Section, 0:, &t 8r5 of
1s68.. notice is hereby given to all parties
holding mortgages" upon real estate in the
parish of East C:arrQli 01 Which taxes for
the years t'° and 1896, have not
'een ta., that 1 will begin the sale of same
at the Court House door, on Saturday, the
10th, day of July, A. D.1897, and that a num
ber of pieces of property so delinquent are
now being advertised in this newspaper in
conlormity with the law preparatory to
such sale. The attention of the mortgage
creditors is especially called to tiese adver
tisements of tax sales, and they are warned
to take such steps prior to the sale as mlay
be necessary to protect their riglhts.
Sheriff and ex-oflicio Tax Collector. LEast
Carroll, parish. La.
Sheriff's Sale.
Stat of Louisiana. Parish of East Carroll,
Seventh District Court--Beer. Meyer
& Co.. vs. I. F. Peck and J. W. Bar
ber.-No. 430.
By virture of a writ of Fi Fa to me
directed by the lonorable Seventh District
Court for the parish of East Carroll afore
said. in the abo\ e entitled cause. Iwill pro
cred to sell at lublic auction, at the door
of the court house. in the town of P'ovi
dence. East Carroll parish, La.. on Satur
day, the 10th day of July, 197. between the
hours prescribed by h,w, all the right, title
and interest of D). F. Peck and J. W. Bar
ber in and to the following described prop
erty. to-wit:
All and singular the south 20 feet oil of
Lot 8 in Block 1 of the town of I'rovidence.
having a front of 2J feet on Levee street
and running back between parallel lines
150 feet. with all the bu!ildings and improve
ments thereon and all the rights, ways and
piivileges thereto belonging, seized in the
above suit.
Terms of Sale cash with the benefit of
J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
Sheriffs office., rovidence, La., Junch,
The Providlence Brass and String Bands
will furnish first class music at reasonable
rates. Headquarters at Jno. W. Cooke's
1F. F. 3ITCHELL, Leader.
Having completed the listing and having
estimated the values of all real and pereop
al property in the parish in accordaude
with law, notice is heraby given that my
lists will remain open for aspeetloc and
correction at my oice for a perliod of 20
days, beginning on the 10th day of June,
1S97. W.C. McRAE.
Assessor East Carroll Parish.
Lake Providence, La., Mat 29, 1897.
At a meeting of the Lake Providence
Lumbelr Co., held Feb. 15th Inst. the Board
of D)irector-s agreed on the lfllowing priers
for lumber, to-wit:
Cypress cabin lumber. $12 per m.
Cypress bevelledtdinag, rough, *10 per m.
Cypless dressed siding, $18 per m.
Cypress T. & G. tlooring and ceiling, best
grade, $17 per m.
Cypress T. & G. flooring and celling,2nd
grade. $13 per m.
Gum cabin lumber. $8 perm.
Shingles. all heart, $2.50 per na.
Shingles, 2nd grade, *2 per m.
g-These prices are for lumber at the
mill; when delivered, the hauling will have
to be added.
E. J. HAMLEY, Manager.
Oice of Pa:rishlSuperintendent of Schools.
Lake Providence, La., June 3, 1897.-The
qaarterly examination of teachers who
mnay be desirous 01of procuring certificatcs
with a view of becomning applicants for po
nitions in the public schools of this parish,
wtill take place at the school house at Lake
Providence.coimmencing on Thlursday,Juily
Ist. at9 o'clock a. na.. and closing on .luly
2d, 1897.
The branches in which teachers will be
examined will consist of those embracedin
the 1st. 2ud and 3rd grades. and certificates
of qualification will be based upon the
number of pqints made throughout the
entire three grades, 85 points befiag neces
sary to obtain a first grade certificate.
75 for second grade and 65 for a third grade
Appliean'ts presenting themselves for ex
amination must provide themselves with
paper, pen and ink, and answers must be
written upon single sheets and pledge at
tached to each.
The examination will commence prompt
ly at 9 o'clock a. m. and close at 5 o'clock k.
m. of each day. Any additional informa
tion will be cheertully furnished on appli
cation at this office.
Acme Brick Gompany
Is qpiw ready, with a fine lot of Brick
for sale for cash. Prices to suit the
times. Call at office of 9ompany, No.
5 Levee street, for prices.
, JNO. W. (00ZE,.Manager.,
Lake Providence, La.
*---*-"-- Lake and Le'eu Stzeets, LAKE$
Doaler in" i
The finest line of Clothing carried in the city. Ladies Dress Goodq,
aste, Cape, Boots and Shoes, Mackintoshes and Huntibg Costi; Traks,
Valises and Baga
CALL ON ME Before Purchaslng Elsewhere;
ftesdlenL ec. and Treaej
The Providence Lumber Co.,
CfI9ITfLL STOCK - *B0,000,
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
! The Only Family GROCERY, "
s 8. A. M'NEAL, Proprlctor,
* Denier in Fine Family Ororis aanJ n!l kLad o F Pritg
and No ts, Meat, Meal and Flour, Winee, Liquaor and Cilýar,
* Hay, Corn sned Oa's Fine eg Deer.
Cor. Lake and Church Sts, Lako Providonco,
....DEAtLm IT .... 9
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, (Izooeries and Plantation Supplies
Wines, Lkinors and Cigars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
Levee St, Lake Providenoe, Lra,
Floms, Mdea and Meal Wines, Liquors and Cigars. A
Cheap and Firas-clase Grooery onse.
* **--.* ''':' - --._....-- _ **.* i, .,..
. .........V.ICHISBUnG, MIzSS........
-Manufaoturers of
8ash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Chbepeet Place in the South. Write for prioes before parohasing elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : : Louisiana.
. a i i~.NN Wi, s
a tront of two chains and sixty-six links. on
Lhe lake road, next to the property of Mr.
I. C. Bass. This is beyond a doubt the
nest five acre building lot in East Carroll
For terms, apply to
Real Estate Dealers,
Lake Proyidedee, La.
snuery'16. 1e.4L.
Wanted-An Idea ,,,topIl,
Protectar I&M: tbE E may b Ias 4UOS t
W iwt o i. tll.o tbr Q., 7st oel
IgrCampbell & Chaze'have increased
their stock of drugs and sundries. etc.,
and can mnect calls for anything in thei,
Information for thd
The following is the schedule of the
Y. & M. V. R. It., taking :effect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 6 will
leave Vicksburg at 3.10 a.m.aud arrive
at New Orleans 10:35 a. nim.
Train 21 will leave 'Vicksburg 8:00
a. mi. and arrive New Orleans b~30 p.
Train u will leave New Orleans 4:20
p in. and arrive Vicksburg 11.50 p. m.
T:ain No. 2"2 will leave New Or.
Iians at 8.05. a. iii. and arrive at Vicl s-_
bur_ at 5 55 p. •in.
Memphis 1)iviiorn--rain No. 5 wil
leave Memphis at 7.55) . m. and arrive
at Viclsbuorg at 3:(00 a. m.
No. 23 will leave Memnphis at.8:45 a.
m. iand arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
T'rrd No. G leaves Vicksburg at
i12.1 a m. and arrives at Memphis at
I7 '; p'. i..
Train No. 21 will leave Vicksburg
at 7:35 a in. awl arrive at Memphis at
5:30 p. m.
Ali trir s run daily.
For information as to rates &C.,
write to
Your Ticket Agent.
Vieksburg. Miss.
Lake Providence . - 1.
Keeps on hanl a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, Hew, Plain and Orna
meut al Metai Cases anid WYooden
Collins Made and Trimmed to Order;
fapril 1-89-11
Chas. Swofford,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging.
Lake Providence, La.
Wanted-An.Idea t1g 1
Write JOHWN WEDDE BUm ay Y.....at
ney7s Waahngton. D. C.. for teir J ~if
sad 11et ot t nwo ttadl vlur v 'I~a
Anyone mding a sketch and d oegptle my
quickly astartatl. free, ynhetiur etmn ortima oI
4protaily patentable. Cormonotilloi an trletll
e, nfldentiL Ohlest ·gaeny1gr meomwng pates
in. AnwerlEi We hkve a wmeh|nglo oflcm
Ptents tan AT rouht free. AdCo. reeTss
1pe i notice iNn tYork.
aFor tili e Ilent, ratedn. laret Lake Prol
acty rctntlifi euruw. w eolly. tnr $4 4.34
Pl.,Oir morvn h Bplpofon Ooplcple arid
Curo o(i I'Alaw1r sontl roe. Addreal
3t1 Urodwav. New York.
For lllc:i , (;rc,ville, I,:,ki: i'row
Sd:ce. Vicksburg. and All
W:ay Landlings
k The Sn ift and Elegant Stcamer
In Place o ald Ele.
- A. L. Crommzas, L. P.CVNJaNs,
i Master, Clerk.
Leavaeverr Wcdr'e*day at 5 p. m.
SPassing .teke Pr" ideene oi Fri'ay nocul gofog
Sdown and easaes Satlnrday Cvenlfng'gftg u1i
SnPassage from Provflnce to Vickbuirg #; r,tiO
utrp ouly 8:

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