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Saturday, June 26, 1&97. that th
- tot Po;
Local and Parish News. smell 1
-_- -----should
The hottest June ever known. C(ro
Five mill tax will not hurt any per- hot J
The University boys will now be in past ut
the swin. behiu
Pull'together anid we will have the favora
railroad. will b
. Our town should have a night
watchman. 1o0
Cotton blooms are a common thing York
in our parish. will al
Buildings continue to be erected in sioU it
and near the town. better
The prospects continue bright for a who c
large cotton crop. bly bc
Sprinkle around your prcerises with T'li
lime and carbolic acid. R. wi
The thermometer -bas reached the day t
hundred mark this week. in 12,
Services at the Methodist Church whicl
this morning at 11 o'clock. fr re i
Services at the Episcopal and Metho- the o
diet Churches to-morrow.
We regret to learn that Mr. E J.
Delony continues unwell. cient
The prettiest line of ladies shoes in li sc
town can be found at White's. Mout
Mr. C. F. Davis returned from tend
Vicksburg on Sunday morning. tirst
Our jail is almost empty, and it is to recur
be hoped that it will remain so.
Both Sheriff T)unn and Mayor A
IHanmley are sporting cnew buggices. in J
Shingling on the roof of a new deal
house these hot days is no soft job. a vt
Minn, the daughter of Mr. antd Mrs. wvo
U. M. Franklin, has a pretty bicycle. an o
Any man who is opposed to the shor
railroad tax Is an enemy to the town. citiz
Keeping the streets sprinkled makes tits
it cool and refreshing these hot days.
The next thing that ought to be mnia
done, is to extend the corporate limits.
"Old Sol" has been knocking the to t
spots out of things for the past few hi
days. wh1
If the small tax will be any induce
mont to building the railroad, let it be and
voted. Eng
Mr. R. J. Walker will start the erec- wil
tion of his model gin in the unext few Say
weeks. mid
Any person who is opposed to the E
5.mill railroad tax is an enemy to the
A lodge of the Woodman of the nig
World, has been organized in our eve
town. rest
0~'~` Y fru that our new marshal, Mr. tho
D. F. peck ,'w.Fisoon purchase a dwell- peo
ing in town. mu
The revetment work -sut in above fore
town by the government is hoT¶ttTe an
splendidly. of
Several passengers have missed his
boats lately by the hacknmau being a
little too slow. a
A great many cows belonging to z7I
residents of town have died In the past e
week or ten days.
The town was without ice on Su tat
day last. A pleasant thing these cool Ic
and refreshing days.
Beo careful of your stock and not ov
allow them to get overheated during co
the extreme hot weather. of
Two or three horses have succumbedi it
to the heat of the past few days. It is bh
terrible on the poor dumb animal. a
Peter BIullin, the indefatigable
"'Peter," has returned, and is back at
the Egelly louse, and polite as ever. oc
That ice cold Auheusor Busch lager C
beer kept at McGuire'e, is nothing to tt
be sneezed at these hot summer days. be
Miss Alice Fousse has been quite ac
esck for several days. We are glad to i
report her much better at this writ- cc
ting. it
Rev. C. Maho returned from Delta
Tuesday morning, but had to return
again this morning on important bush
u ess.
The election has been ordered for
the railroad tax. It is the duty of P
overy citizou of Providence to vote for d
the tax.
Mr. R. L. 11111 has started the erec- E
tion of his dwelling, and when finished
will have the prettiest home in Provi
Presiding Elder White will hold the
quarterly meetintg services at thet
Methodist Church, comnmencing to-day
at 11 o'clock.
Meessrs. J. N·. Hill & Bro. had the r
misfortune to lose one of their fine
mules on Saturday last from the
extreme heaost.
lion. C. S. Wyly was prostrated by
the extreme heat on Friday last. We
were glad to see hint able to be at his I
oulic9 on Monday. 1
It is wonderful the way the trade of
Max Loevy is increasing. Fair and
square dealing, good goods and cheap
goods is bound to tell.
It is sure enough hot, and there is
niot a man In town who does not want
real light-weightt summer clothing.
Call on White and let him fit you out.
We have an imnportation of two
selestials In our town. A few years
ago there were twenty-five or thirty of
them, but they disaplpeared except one
or two.
Col. W. II. Schneider has been quite
unwell for several days. Hiis many
friends are glad to see him able to be
out, who hope that he is on the speedy
road to recovery.
It ls said that if yoe mit a table
spoonfutl of turpentine with a like
amount ouf asafetda in a pint of water
and drench your animal with it, it is a
asire cuare for colic.
Our euergetic and libseral citizen
M. PhU MeGoir, aftert atteading the
Ba'" Hoard meeting In tmoe iut.stof
~Z· ·
ComUplaiat is made that several dead TOW.
cows have been hauled to the com- ' L,
mons in the lower part of town, and T'lhe
that the carcases are entirely too near eve at
SIto people living in that section and the Pres,
smell being almost intollorabic. This FouseY
should be looked into. Abe
Cropr are growing nicely since the ed
" hot days and nights set in. The was re
change has bcen very'noticeable the niloiol
inpast ten days. It is fully three weeks men ol
behind that of last year, but with a ersig
le favorable season from now on, there honor:
mills I
will be a large crop made. mimit
hi !Provt
lon. J. E. lauesdell left for New organ
ug York on Saturday last. Mr. Ransdell Louisa
will appear befor the River Contmie- And t
sion in the interest of the levees. No honor
better man could have been selected law s
a who can present our cause more forci- " ar
bly before the commission. Icctin
S The Yazoo & Mississip'pi Valley 1:. tronl
R. will hereafter sell tickets each Sun- w
he day to all local points on its line with- nard,
in 127 miles of the selling station, from Turu
rch which the round trip can be begun be- .lead
fc re midlight on the day of sale, at ii w
ho- the one fare rate for round trip. Bell W
L lli
Miss Maud Taylor, ot.e of the crI- Clarn
cient and popular teachers in our pub- his w
lic school, left on Saturday last for sw
Mounteagle, 'Tenn., where she will at. I fEl
otend the Summer Normal until the aI,(
lirst of September. Miss Mautld will Ale
to return well qualitied and eqtiiped for I 1(:!
her arduous duty of the next session. |rvTl
yor A railroad running to Mer lEoug;, his
in MoreLouse parish, nicans a great iniar
iew deal for I'rovidence. It means that in oiy
a very short time our population Rice
dre. would be doubled ; it means a bank, I" C
e. an oil mill and a compress in a very Mar:
the short time. We hope there is not a U
'Wn. citizen so blind as not to see the bene- c~jtl
ikes tits we would derive from a railroad. r
a).8. -gc
Captain Cuimmins, the popular comn
be mander of the steamer City of Savan- at.
nab, has chartered the steamer Eugene Mrs
the Fatl
the to take the place of the Savannah, ford
few which boat goes to P'aducab, Ky., to "'1
be thoroughly overhauled and repaired duc
it be and a texas placed on her. " The
Eugene passed down esterday and al A
'ree- will remain in the trade until the pro
few Savannah is repaired, which will be the Act
middle of July. - An
the Emanuel Baker after an Illness of itl'
the several weeks, passed away on Sunday tax
the night and was laid to rest Monday ePc
our evening. Emanuel was one of our the
respected colored mei, who was well ti
Mr. thought of and trusted by the white oil
well- people, and who will be nmissed very iro
much. lie was a good man, and be- c.
hove fore the war was one of the trusted ila
Tdti ima cotfultial servants of the family -
of the late Gen. Sparrow. Peace to
ti ssed his soul.
ing a- aft
g a Mr. V. Gargaro has been circulating
a petition this week among the citi- an
s zes antI business men of cur town or
requesti'ng the town council to re-es
Sun- tablisha the office of .night watch-.pr
cool man and to appoint him to the place. to
We understand that he has secured ra
d not over one hundred signatures, and inii
hcring consideration of the efficient services to
of Mr. Gargaro in the discharge of his ei
imbed duty when he held this position P
It 1s before, we hope that the Board will w
. agatin appoint him.
ck at We regret to learn that some few of e
ever. our citizens are opposed to the rail
ager road tax for no other reason than they ti
ig to think that some certain persons might
days. be benefited a little more than them
quite solves. Now, ifthisis not asolfeish mo
lad to live and the most contracted narrow
writ- ess that we have ever heard of, and
it shows the littleuess that there is in
lta some people. They would defeat the
tu tax if they possible could, and the
prosperity andti advanceiment of our f
ed for town, simply for the. reason that some
luty of persons might be benefited whom they
oto for do not like.
We notice in the last issue of the 1
reC- Floyd News a cornmmnication from
Provi- lion. S. T. Jackson in regard to the
Lake I'rovidence and Western Rail
old the way, and was very much pleased to ceo
at the that he was so much in earnest about
to-day the project, and that he would lend his
assistance and work for a tar of 5
ad the mills for the benefit of the road.
ir fine Thcre is no one nho knows the beone
m the fits to be dterived from a railroad go.
ling into West Carroll any more than
ted y Mr. Jackson and we are glad to learn
at his through his communication that he is
not only willing to vote the tax, but
rade of to Ligive the right of way. give the
i i and timber for ties and bridgesand donate
I cheap the land for a depot and every fourth
lot in a town sight should they see
there is proper to come this way." West Car
ot want roll is one of the finest agricultural
lothing. parishes in our state and a railroad
yououtt. running from Providence into that
of two parish would very soon make its lands
w years valuable. We hope that the citzens
thirty of of our parish will see the necessity of
this road and vote the tax.
ee quite The night service on the Yazoo &
is many Mississippi Valley Railroad is now in
le to be operation between Memphis and New
espedy Orleans. Call on Mr. W. D. B3rent,
the efficient city ticket agent at Vicka
tabe- burg, who will.always take pleasure
we in giving any information desirpd.
i, it is a Miss May Beard, another of our
public school teebhers, has taken ad
I citisen vantage of the Summer Normal and
iths left for Baton Rouge on Sunday night.
etersf where she will remaiu for the next
4 home two months. We twish the yeoIng lad
_a prosperous temion.
n- Lake Providence, La., June 21, 1807.
1d The lion Mayor and Board of Aldermen
of the town of Providence convened this
eve at 8 o'clock in special session.
he Present-E. J.1. laoley, Mayor; C. R.
ia Egelly. Secretary; Aid. Jas. Beard and N.
Absent-Aid. Purdy and Schneider.
The Mayor announced that he had con
ie vened the board in special session in ur
suance of thLe ollowing petition, which
hIe was read by the secretary. and upon his
he motion, was received. to-wit :
To the Hon. Mayor and Board of Alder
men of the town of Providence--''he un
dersigned property tax-payers of the town
of Providence recpectfully petitition your
re honorable body to levy a special tax ofl ive
mills for a term of ten years on the property
within your said town to aid the Lake
Providence and Western Railway ConpaLny
e organised under the laws ot the State of
tell Louisiana and domiciled in your said town,
or said colipanys successors or assigns :
tie- And to that end we respecttily ask your
No honorahle hotly to order special election to
be held in the manner and as prescribed by
led law submitting the 'proposition of levy
in g such tax atoresaid to the property tax
- payrsot said town;--the levying and col
letclig of said t:ax to be dependent on the
completion of and operation of said road
S romu the town of P'rovidence to Btyou Ma
con :
ut- WV N White ugt., Phil McGuire, F it Ber
ith- nard, Frank E Artaud. (;eo McKee, 'lifton
SIPavis, J S Guenard, J N Turner. Hlate It
0oni Turner. N Fousse. E L Galbretli, S t Green,
olennie Ward, Frank Mct(uire. J 1) ''omp
b kins. Max Levy, tRJ Walker. S A M,.Neal,
at ii W Dunn for Mrs Laura White. Chas M
Whittington agt , J ( Oldlield. \V D Bell.
Bell & Ilurlev. W 6 Brown. F Jol4nson, It
L 1iP11, W C Meitac:ie agt., Mrs Bi G Tompkins,
i Camp,,,bell Chaze, 1i LJolnes. Steve Pullen
,ub Ihis alrk aittest ii L Jones , t' J Po..il,
Yancey Bel!. liobit iggs, Braxtoun Heuznce,
for SV Green. l (C McGuire .Ianies Beard,
at- Edward trannicn J - Hill & Bro., .1 N Hill.
Ralph lavis hs xn:lrR a:ttest L .3 lianley. C
thei Mahoe tor Catholic Church property, Miss M
will A Le May per C Mate, resatet Mrs. Jas;on
ii Hanilton per C L ane. Lake l'rovidoace
for luatllng" and Lean A sociation per C laLire
P're.ident. JlE thandell pet C Mlahe. F Ill t
Plck, \ A Blount. lt Ilurney. Henry Day
igi, his mar'k att- t '1 i Hlamle.,T S Deloily, D
S\V Gilnmour, \V 1 tiunter, G 11 Suttoni his
mrest mark attest E J liamlcy, Irvl )Davis, Tinm
si in othv Byrne, VW 11 Montgonery,Leo Shields.
W fi SI.ecider, W \i Fisher, agt., 'Mrs J M
tion lRie, J M Kennedy. J W 'ittlltaii, J L Davis
anti, lv C I Davis. F: J ltlalh y, MIrs Elva Mlar
tian, Mrs M J Walker, Mrs C S Wyly, Miss
very Mary leekeriby C S W ly. Mrs Esteile 11cr
aot ': per F It llernard. cstate Mrs S G BIer
a nard per F l1 Bernard, Opera Hlotus Asso
oene- elation ,v .1 S (uenard nlanager, Mrs Eva
o Bl. Martian and E J laHaley, Mrs JI C Beard
ed er Jas Beard, I Shelby Irvine by C R
Egellv, agt.. Mrs M L Graham by C It EgPel
comi- ly agt., Mrs Nannie Egelly by C It Egelly
van- gt., Chas it Egelly, Jas S Millikin by E .
a lainley, Stewart Bros. & Co., by Egelly,
genle Mrs L. C. Blount by W A Ilotint. T
Fatterree, Maggie Byrne, Chas W 8wot
, to 'The following ordinance was then intro.
aired duced by Alderman Egelly and adopted, to
The Whereas. Under the provisions of section
and one of Act No. T13 of the acts of the Gener
lal Assembly of the State of Louisiana. ap
StihO proved July 12, itii, entitled An act to
amenled and re-enact Sections 1. 4, 5 and 6 of
0 the Act No. 33. approved June 25, 1866, entitled
An act to prescribe the manner in which
special elections shall be held in the par
S,0 ishes, cities and incorporated towns of this
State, for the purpose of levying special
tnday taxes in aid of railway enterprises, and
providing tor their enforcemenut and col
nda) lection and to carry into etlect article 242 of
f our the Constitution of 1889. a petition has
li o beren presented to this board signed by one
Wl third of the property tax-payers of the town
of Providence. La.. to levy a special tax of
wlit , mills on the dollar in aid of the l.ake
very 'rovidece and Western Railway Co., a
d be- corporation or its suceesoors, holdlung a
charter under the laws of the State of Lou
lusted isiana, for the construtction of railroad fromt t i'
uhe town ot Providence, running west to
itNuly trtavou Macon or further through the parish
ae to of \West Carroll; sai. tax to run tor ten
years. collectible upon the comiletion of
s,id railroad, or in such manner as herein- -
alter prescribed;
ating Theretore be it ordained by the Mayor
e cii- and Board of Aldermen in spAial session
convened, That a special election is hereby
towvl ordered by this board to take place in said
town on Monday, the 2nd day of August.
re-es- 1~!, for the rurpose of submitting to the
watch- property tax-payers of said town of Provb
tci:c t.- levyillng and collection of said tax
place. for the purposes herein designated and the
ecured rate of taxation.
Be it further ordained, That the Mayor
and ill be and is hereby instructed and authorized
vie to issue his proclamation in accordance
with the provisions of tils ordinance; said
of bia election to be held under the general elect
ion laws of this state now in lorce, and at
ositiot polling place where the last general election
rd will was held in said town, and not sooner than
30 days after the official publication 't the
petition presented and this ordinance re
quiriug said special election, both shall be
few of made in the same manner as provided by
Sril- law for judicial advertisements.
l There being no further special business,
an they the board adjourned until the next regular
session unless otherwise specially convened
might E. J. Itamlcy, Mayor.
them- C. R. Egelly, Secretary.
rarrow- YAZOO & MISS. VALLEY R. I.
of, and C
is i For the Intertational Conyentioni
ea the iBaptist Young People of America, at It
t Chattanooga, Teun, July 15th to 18th
nd the the Y. & Mi. V. 1. R. will sell tickets
of our frot Vicksburg to Chattanoogo and 1.
at so se returnii, .tuly 13, 14 and 15, with fiual L
return liitil July 21st, at the low rate
Sthey of $13.05. All extensioni of the limit 6
of your ticket to August 15th may be g
of the had if desired. F
0 from Now that the prodlcer has about I
o the gotten rid of hls interest in cotton cud
rn ail- it is about all owned by the commis
d to e sion merchants, the quotations show a 1
a out tendency to advance a little.
lend his Mrs. T. S. Shields and two chiildren
ex of 5- ot Arkansas City, arrived in our town t
e road. on Fridtlay evening last and will remain
e bene- someotime as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
J. N. lill on Sparrow street.
·oad gro. ---
>re than On account of the overflow in Madi
t rson parish and the hands being needed 1
aheion the plantation, Judge Montgomery
t he is decided not to hold the regular termn
taa, but of crinminal court for that parish.
didoate Col. Juo. A. Buckner left on Satur
day last for Nashville, Ten., to at
'y fourth tend the Confederate reuuiou. Col.
they see Buckner was the only old 'reb" of our
test Car- parish who attended.
'icultural Mr. Peter Matheson, oneu of the best
r rilroad machinists in the country, is overhaul
to that uing the gin across the lecvee, anud will
puts lads i it iu first class ruunniug order in
its timne to take off this years' cotton crop.
cittzens ---
e ssity of We ore glad to announce that the
operatiou performed by Doctors cer
nard and Artaud on Miss Sadie liaf
oo ford last Friday wae succeeful, and
Sthat now the young lady will entirely
and New -
D. Brent Mr. T. F. MLurau, one of Uncle
a V- Sam's efficientu, pension examiners,
at dropped in to see us on Tuesday.
pleasure Mr. Mourau is up in his business, and
iaird. it would be hard to find one who
could take his place.
taaen ad- Mrs. Abe Blum of Greenville, came
al ad down to her old hoime ou Satlurday
day ight, last ind remaiied until Tuesdgy
theanext moraitg. Pearl, daughter of Mr. and
enl andy Mrs. Eisher, returned home with Mrs.
Jluwm to spend a few. weeks.
I) -
to TANS,
en,: ----
el A. lthough we are having a big run on cur Ladies'
Colored Oxfords, we are still prepared to give you
This special line of Oxfoids t .......... ...... e
$2.00 and 2.50
in, We have cheaper ones if you want them --all
a.i s the way from 50ets up.
-ar---: C)
Lake Providence, La.
T .J
wt- uits
d to
cKt to
16 of
y The Vicksburg Tailoring Company,
SA2 of L, lroprietor. E.it to Orde Lr for
I had
yto , DEAE, In, ....
ILu- Three thousand dillrent patterns to select from. te 1 hndle no read made8
eClothing, Hats, Caps,
at to, tdh 226 Soutit ol ! Washington St.,and Visesurg, adiss.
cr ten M. A. HALE, Proriett Me O hos for AL. Grooe .a
on of
eac b® tB Plantati.n e .pp ow.e l
to the. Powel
lidtex Le-veic trceet, La-ke Provrldnce, Loufta lnth
Mayor ....DEALER IN...
rceand c a Fine Clothing, Hats, Caps,
,,r than uud Gents F'2mfsbbng Qoo Tran>s and Valises ladiee',
,tterurm **
Money back if not suited.
S Mail orders receive prompt atten
'U tion.
Vicksburg, bliss.
i- A Camp of Woodmen of the World A
ed was found in town durinig this week
ry with 18 charter members.
m The following ofticers were elected
atnd installed: W. C. McRae, Consul
Commander; O. W. Campbell, Adviser
1r Lieutenant; N. Fousse, Banker; O. P.
at- Ilamtilton, Clerk ; E. B. Moore, Escort ;
ol. C. N. Hall, Watchman; D. F. Peck,
ur Seutry ; F. R Bernard, Physician ; UR.
J. Burney, T. S, Delony, D. W. Gil
. mour, Managers.
i The charter will remain open for 30
ill days to allow others to become nien
bers of the Camp, which was lamed 1
on Providence.
the Mr. John Jenkins is in town visiting
er- friends.
af- Mr. John Barbour has purchased
e three lots in Now I'rovidouce and will
ly soon crect a dwelling.
ice Mr. W. H. Fisher was taken ill very
er, suddenly on Thursday night last and
lay: it was feared for a while that be would
and not recover. We are glad te icport
vho that he. is much better and ~ ill be
again himself in a few days.
tme Messrs. John and Robert Kennedy
day and Vales Brown, who havo beed at
day tending the State University at Baton
and Ronge, arrived home on Sunday last.
irs. The boys look well and were rel
orned home by Iheir many friendzt4I.
The examination of teachers, as per
notice of Supt. Egolly published in"
another column, will tako place on
Thursday and Friday next.
Excursion Tickets
via the Yazeo and
Mississippi Valley
in :
Railroad to the pr
Cen1 nial1
- AT-----
For the above occasion Excursion
Tickets will be on sale front Vicksburg
as follows:
- $20.70 lor the round trip. on sale daily
until October 15, good returning until
November 7, 1S97.
$15 20 for the round trip, on sale daily
l' uatil October 15, 1597. good for return
ed twenty days fraln date of sale.
$11.05 tor the round trip. on sale
Tuesdays and Thurasdays of each week
until October 60, 1597, good for return ten
i days from date of sale.
For lurther particulars, such as routes
and chedultes, call on the undersigned
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad
ill ticket agent at your station.
W. D. BRENT, C. P. & T. A., Vicksburg,
r9 Wm. Murray. Div. Pass. Agt., New Orleans.
utl Jno. A. Scott, Div. Pass. Agent. Mempbhis. i
ld A. 1. IIANSON. -. a'.A.,Chicago.
or W. A. KELLOND, A. o. r. A. Louisville.
.N otice.
G. H. Sutton having applied to be ap
7 pointed administrator of the snccession of
at- Emanu etl aker, deceased. if no opposition
iou thereto be made within 10 days, will be sp
sat. pointed as prayed for.
•F. F. MOiTGOM.o RY."
Tel Judge 7th Jud. Di L
Pro ildenee, La:, JUAe 12lth 15 . "
Strongst1 Bicyc es
1897 Columbia Bicycles are made of 5 per cent. Nickel
Steel Tubing. We control the entire production of this
tubing and use it exclusively In -
HARTFORDS, 60, '50, '45
POPE MFPG. CO., Hartord, 0n.
Catalogue free fom C(lmb dmalers. By m= r baesaStsL
in colors, ready to be cut out and built up, aardiags umtaamna uS
ion to old and young, sent by mail on receipt of five s-cent stampns.
_ Billiard & Pool Room Parlor, :
PH~L M CUIRE, Proprietor,
Next to Mcix Levy"n U1; C1othing Storo,
...LAKE and LEVEE STRvET3...
'L ah1e Prouidonceo , s Louttiaina,
Choicest rrannds of Whibk.ees, ]randis, Wines, i~ gars and To
Lacco. Keep on hand: Liec Oak, pure Bye; Memphis Club,
pure Bye; I. T: llppey, ex orted and reimported; $. E. Pepiper,
e aud-rnsae scUr math ourLbca; Jockey Club, baud made sour
ma tsh; Mel"codi, pure iourbou, sprfg 91; Boubineon County,
pure Bye; Beechlood, pure Bye.
S Case O, ull qnrts-Old Bonr' on, 20 years obid; W. IL
SMcIrayer, Oid Taylor, the cream ol Irish whiskey in jugs, lm
ported; Windsn Club 1880. This is the cboiceat and moat select
stock of this class of goods ever brought to this market., No ez
tIra charge for- jua.
.  Anheuser-Busch Keg Beer, :
--Dealers in
DrLigS, McrctIi1C o anid CThemiipgalse,
Fancy arnd Toilot Artiolas,
spoonrges, Bruehcs and. PeruftmOer
S in fts,. Oils arn i. V*a3 iheO .
P'hysieiarns prescriptions carefully compounded at all hours, day
or night, ly a registered Pharmacist.
_ -- _~------ z_
I am now prepared to fill all orders for
in a IPro01't and ·ntisfaetory r:inner at lowest lpricCs for CASH. Get my
prces before purchasing elsewhere. No lumber is shipped from my mill.
My Cotton Gin is the complete Monger system, and my ginning rates
are very low.
giciA liberal share of the pnblic patrboge is solcited.
ResLp)ectfully, H.C. McGUIRE.
Guenard Drug Store.
r. B. G ThPIAIyEl\TD, PropolitCLoto
A General AssortmenO .f ris A
rsion Filling Presoriptions a specialty by an ex~perileued n d duly
burliooensed Phbrmacis-
SPainters1 Supplies of all •Mic . -.
til' Toilet and Fancy Articles. Pure Candle.
·'- .Landreth's Garden Seed,
oale" .
SCopper Tin sI :Sthetoroin,-Toloofhl
stoo ?: rssmu urP .. e mr *rnryo,
'$rit rtcisa nd- sut, ssach, ea . .. -k -
.Ib gt~thB a& g~le Ag~e, ~leaTL ***VI * - m~b8
e.Ih ee ettfn every ~ IIL~V~~

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