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LA '. '') V'_ : NCE. LA.
s l- : . 1 : 7e Ti :N 'j . un
T e"::, oh ::t: ol, t of t he C c.,'.et Of
hit ...I,' Alex , o re
al,",kcs l . !.iz' ... 1:. '.
S Tile + .,,u1iCV (io the l'aciljc
Railroad uoade $'2, ,0 umore
than the ecti'iri tc-ui1i:lut and: cost
of the road, and now tly, have the
cheek to aki Uoiigrcess to be lenient
with thcu.
WVashIigto, La., uants -a local
I,uilding and Il n: association.
Write to thte oflie'rs of cur building
and loan -sociation .uil they will
give you all the i,.fioruation desired,
as to how to mike it successful.
'T'he ticht is on in the great State
of Ohio, :i: l Kith the bitter disseu
tions in the !repu, icau ranks, the
Democrats have good chances in
carryin,. the State, and electing a
Senator in place of Mark Ilanna.
The dir'cctors of the Vicksburg
Fair Auoceiation have decided to
hold the fair thij fall, beginning on
the 8th of November and continuing
five days. It will be on a much
larger scale than the fair of last year.
Since nary 1st, over $8,1O0,
000 has Vu paid into the govern
ment treasury by Spanish parents
redlecming their sons from military
service-in Cuba and the Phillippines.
The money has been turned over to
the navy department to meet tle ex
pense of increasing the navy.
The report was sent out from
Havana last week that orders had
been given to trausfornt twenty of
the best vessels of the Transatlantie
Line into armored cruisers for im
mediate service in West Indian
waters in vie* of the strained rela
tions existing in the United States.
W. 1B. Dictcy of Louisiana, has
been appointed by President Mc
Kinley to the ecnsulate at Callao,
Peru, the position held by Gen. Leon
4 Jastrcmnski. Dickey is well known in
East Carroll, where he resided for a
number of years and left with a two
hundred dollar board bill unpaid,
which remains that way up to the
preant time.
Mrs. Richard King. of Texas,
owns more land and cattle than any
other woman in the United States,
and it is said that there are several
others in Texas and Montana who own
large ranches. Mrs. King owns
1,250,000 acres of land or nearly
2000 squaureiles. From her front
door to her gate is thirteem miles,
and she can drive sixty-live miles in
a straight line without getting off her
land. There are on her ranch over
200,000 head of improved cattle, and
it cost $100,000 annuilly to run the
The Carrolltove News says "the
" 'ring' headed by Mr. John Fitzpat
rick was not as black as wa.s painted
after all. Comparisons are odious,
or we woul draw the deadly par
allel with the "gang" administra
tion and the present one.. It strikes
us Fitzpatrick would show to splendid
advantage-in fact we know it."
You are right confrcre, and their
present four 'ears of oifice will be
their death knell. They hoodwinked
the people of the Crescent City once,
but we will venture to say that at
the next election this crowd of "re
formers" will be coi,,pletely wiped
4 out.
Next month the U. S. treasury will
begin pnl)ing out the appropriation
of $1,085,t56 to make good the bal
ance of the sugar bounty due under
the act of March 2, 1T95. Out of
this sum the Louisiana producers will
receive St92,4t1. The total amount
of bounlty l)-kl n cane sugars from
, the timiie of the enactment of the Mc
Kinley law to its repeal was $27,
113,3't1, of which nearly all went to
the Louisiana stgar producers.
Since then they ave received $4.
573,085, and adding the sum of
S8092,401 still to be aid out, it is
sequ that the total amount of cbsh
,paid by the general government
directly out of tihe public treasury to
the producers of sugn In Louisiana
will Ibe upwards of thirty-three mnil
lions of dollars, a sum equal to one.
antd a half times the value of the an
nal sugar crop ofthe state.
N. O. Times-Democrat.
One of the striking features of the
hecaring: bfloe the Mississippi River
Ccoi, ission in New York Thursday
was the unanimity u ith which C Iery
oi:e ,f the sleakirs declared ini favor
f vie'es. There I-were, as we have al
:':i . njticd. :, n unusually large nlt!m
a of representa, tiv es present from the
-!!,i'i; s pi h:l d its Govern or there,
ie Co'igressit's .iii, tIe eigiiln'ers of
i,rth its lev,. districts, and a half
,!,z.:: thiers deeply il terested in riycr
Ar!aisas' delegation was healcd by
Scnatin Ierry. In addlitidn there were
three, Cgr.ssien )'present, ants many
ot!, er lpti(tuinent citizens firom Eastern
Ark:iansa:, which suffe'red so much from
Sh, overllo v.
Fromi Louisiana there were Congress
ranl Iaird, representatives from the
;t:,te Levee Board and from each one
of th( eight ilistrict levee boards.
Final!y, even Missouri had a Con
Pres- ou and other prominent citizens
;,r(es':t to look after its interests in the
Now MLadrid district.
TheI se several delegations represented
all the diversi interests of the alluvial
settions. They included men: deeply
interested in the regulation of the Mis
s5isippi, and who have had the best of
olpportutnitics to study it during the
greatest flood of recent times, and to
see tle weakness or value of levees.
Many of them c:tme from districts
where there had been serious crevasses,
andI hea"y losses in consequence. It is
imlpossihle, therefore, to conceive of a
gatther'ii g better able to speak on the
subject of river improvement in the
alluvial districts and to know the exact
value of levees.
When such a gathering, therefore.
speaks out in favor of levees, not only
unanimously, but with more enthusi
asm than heretofore-when, therefore,
these forty or fifty delegates, all tilor
oughly acquainted with the subject,
who have made it their study, who
have been in the front throughout the
late struggle and watched all the
vagaries of the river, speak out con
cerning it, their voice must carry con
viction to the country and set at rest
those few journalistic athletes who
declared for Cowdenism during the
height-of the flood upon the vague and
sensational rumors sent out from here
and before they had any data of im
portanice, or knew the full effect of the
It was to be expected that Louisiana,
particularly Southern Louisiana, should
speak out for levees and join with Con.
gressman Baird in declaring that "this
flood has demonstrated that the levee
system has been the salt ation of Louis
iana," but Mississippi and Arkansas
were differently situated. They had
suffered greatly from their levees
breaking; but they were found none
the less more than ever conceived, by
the expericnce of the present flood, that
by means of levees and levees only
would the fury of the river be restrain
ed and the people of the lower Missis
'sippi assured protection against over
Senator Berry, who comes from the
mountainous portion of Arkansas,
,spoke earnestly for levees, and thought
that if a unanimously favorable report
could be issued from the Senate inves.
tigating committee it would be possi
ble to get from Congress a sufficient
appropriation to carry through our
levee system, not piecemeal, but in its
Gov. McLaurin and Congressman
Catchmngs, of Mississippi, declared that
the confidence of their people in levees
had not been weakened, but only
strengthened by the experience of the
late flood.
'This is as we supposed. It iQ true
that the Cowdenites and outletters in
dulged in a great deal of shouting dur
ing the height of the flood; but they
shouted too soon and without any
knowledge of the facts. It is as though
we should propose to abolish railroads
because of an accident due to careless
ness, There have been several acci
dents with the levees this year, but
they were not proportionately larger
than with the railroadr or steamships.
The suggestion of onie of the speak
ers that at least 95 per cent of the
people in the alluvial sections of the
lower Mississippi are in favor of levees
is certainly no exaggeration; and as
all the speakers agreed, they are now
more strongly in favor of levees than
ever before.
A very strong showing was made be
fore the Mississippi River Commission;
it is to be hoped that the value of
levees will be demonstrated with equal
satisfaction before the:Senate commit
tee appointed to investigate the sub
ject, for if a strong report is secured
from that body it will, as Senator
Berry 'eclares, aid materially in induc
ing Congress to make an appropria
tion for the river that will assure the
successful completion of our levee
River Commission.
A NeiYork special of June 26th, says:
After working two days on its report,
the Mississippi River Commission con
eluded its labors this afternoon and
the non-resident commissioners left for
their homes in the' west and south.
The commission has gone over the re
port to the secretary thoroughly atnd
made many important revisions.
Congress appropriated $2,933,033 for
levees, etc. It is the duty of the com.
mission to heair delegates from the
various districts on the appor'tonment
of this sum and then makeeout their
report accordingly. The commission
apportioned $400.000 for improvement
of the river, $2,000,000 for levees and
$533,03 for the general expenses of
the commission, preservation of the
banks, ad revertments, the purchase
of new plant and the putting of the
plant now at hand in proper condition'
The followfng amounts were set
aside for immediate use:
For Arkansas
Lower St. FrancisDistrict. .$ 77,325
White River Basin. ....... 150,000
Total for Arkansas......$ 227,325
For Mississippi
Upper Yazoo l)itrict $ 88.825
Lower Yasoo District ...... 675,925
Palmyra ....... ........... 5,000
Total for MissisJlppi....$ 769,750
For Louisiana.
Upper Teusas Basin.. $...... 36M400
Lower Tensas Basin.... .. 255.350
Atchafalaya ............... 168.730
Lafourche ... ............ 50.525
Pontchartrain .............. 137,676
Barataria............. .... 23.125
Lake Borgue .. ....... 2,700
'i'otal for Louisiana..... ,.00'225
A,lvertis.-em' lts for coutracts will be
pub!i-!n d inu a few weeks and the Mnuch
neetltd work on the levees will begin at
once.. ''e lretc t t to tihe secretary of
wrll, which is kept a secret, it is said
will al vocate liberal ap;iropriations
for livet extensiuni.
The followin. ordinance was adopted by
the Mayor and Board of Aldermntu
To th;e lion. Mayor and Board of Alder
men of the town of Providence-The un
dtersigned ploperty tax-payers of the town
of Providence respectfully petition your
honorable body to levy a special tax of five
mills for a term of ten years on the property
within your said town to aid the Lake
Providence and Western Pailway Com
panv, organized under the laws of the
State of Louisiana and domiciled in your
said town. or said companys successors or
assigns: And to that end we respectfully
ask your honorable body to order special
election to be held in the manner and as
prescribed by law submitting the proposi
of levying such tax aforesaid to the prop
erty tax payers of said town; the levying
and collecting of said tax to be dependent
on the completion of and operation of said
road from the town of Providence to Bayou
Macon :
WV N White agt. Phil McGuire, F R Ber
nard. Frank E Artaud, Geo McKee, Clilton
F Davis, .1 S Guenard, J N Turner, Kat eB
Turner. N Fousse,E L Galbreth. S H Gree,
Jennie Ward. Frank MeGuire, J D Tomp
kins, Max Levy. R J Walker, S A McNeal,
H W Dunn for Mrs Laira White. Chas M
Whittington agt., J G Oldffeld, W D Bell.
Bell & Burley, W S Brown, F Johnson. I
L Hill. W C McRae agt.. Mrs B G Tompkins,
Campbell & Chaze. 11 L Jones, Steve Pullen
his mark attest H L Jones, T J Powell,
Yancey Bell. Roblt l)iggs. Braxton Houze,
S W Green, 1 C' McGuire. James Beard.
Edward Branuen. J N Hill & Bro.. J N Hill,
Ralph Davis his mark attest E J Hamley, C
M3ahe for Catholic Church property, Miss If
A LeMay per C Mahe, estate bMrs. Jason
Hamilton per C Mlahe, Lake Providence,
Building and Loan Association per C Mahe
President. J E Ransdell per C Mahe, F H G
Taylor, Clalb Hill. Mrs M E Gardham, P F1
Peck, WA Blount, R J Burney. Henry Day
his mark attest E J Hamley, TS Delouy, D
W Gilmour. W II Hunter. G H Sutton his
mark attest H J liamley. Irvin Davis, Tim
othy Byrne. W 11 Montgomery. Leo Shields,
W M Schneider, W H Fisher, agt.. Mrs .I 31
tRce, J M Kennedy, J W Pittman. J L Davis
by C F Davis, E J Hamley, Mrs Eva Mar
tian, Mrs M J Walker, Mrs C S Wyly, Miss
Mary Decker by C S Wyly, Mrs Estelle Ber
nard, per F It Bernard, estate Mrs S G Ber
nard per F R Bernard, Opera House Asso
ciation by J S Guenard manager, Mrs Eva
Martian and E J Hamley, -Mrs M C Beard
per Jas Heard, I Shelby Irvine by C R
Egelly, agt.. Mrs I L Graham by C R Egel
ly agt., Mrs Nanuie Egelly by C R Egelly
agt.. Chas Egellv. Jas S Millikin by E J
Hamley, Stewart Bros. & Co., by Egelly,
Mrs L C Blount by W A Blotint. T J Fath.
erree, Maggie Byrne. Chas W Swofford.
The following ordinance was then intro.
duced by Alderman Egelly and adopted, to
Whereas. Under the provisions of section
one of Act No. 153 of the acts of the General
Assembly of the State of Louisiana, ap.
proved July 12. 1s94. entitled An act to
amend and re-enact Sections 1, 4, 5 and 6 of
Act No. 33, approved June 28, 18805 entitled
An act to prescribe the manner in which
special elections shall be held in the par
ishes. cities and incorporated towns of this
State, for the purpose of levying special
taxes in aid of railway enterprise, and
providing for their enforcement and col
lection and to carry into effect article 242 of
the Constitution of 18{9. a petition has been
presented to this beard signed by one
third of the property tax-payers of the town
of Providence, La.. to levy a special tax of
5 mills on the dollar in aid of the Lake
Providence and Western Railway Co., a
corporation or its successors, holding a
charter under the laws of the State of Lou
isiana, for the construction of railroad from
the town of Providence, running west to
Bayou Macon or further through the parish
of West Carroll; said tax to run for ten
years, collectible upon the completion of
said railroad, or in such manner as herein
after prescribed;
Therefore be it ordained by the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen in special session
convened, That a special election is hereby
ordered by this board to take place in said
town on Monday. the G h day of August,
1897, for the purpose of submitting to the
property tax-payers of said town of Provi
dence the levying and collection of said tax
for the purposes herein designated and the
rate of taxation.
E. J. HAMLEY, Mayor.
C. R. EGoLLY, Secretary.
Lake Poovidence, La., June 26, 1897.
7th District Court of La., East Carroll par
ish-Mrs. Martha H. DeWright, wife. vs
Peter Mathison, her husband-No. 438.
This case coming up regularly for trial
aftet issue joined and being takes up and
tried,by reason of the law and the evidence
being in favor of plaintift and against de
tendknt it is therefore ordered, adjudged
and decreed that thers be judgment in
plaintiffs favor dessolving the community
of acquets and gains heretofore existing
between them-decreeing her separate In
property from said husband and authoriz
ing and empowering her to carry on her
aairs free tromthe controle of and Intes
vention ofherhusband. Defendant to pay
costs. Read and signed in open court thIs
14th day of June, 1897.
F. F. Montgomery.
Judge 7th Jud. Die.
A true copy. -
J. D. Tompkins, Clerk.
July 3, 1897-3t.
At a imeetingof the Lake Providence
Lumber Co., held Febl. 15th inst. the Board
of Directors agreed on the following prices
for lumber, to-wit:
Cypress cabin lumber, $12 per m.
Cypress bevelled siding, rough, $10 per m.
Cypress dressed sidlirg, 813 per m.
Cypress T. & G. floorTng and ceiling, best
grade, 817 per m.
Cypress T. & G. flooring and ceiling,2nd
grine. 013 per m.
Gum cabin lumber, $8 per m.
Shingles, all heart, $2.50 per m.
Shingles, 2nd grade, $2 per m.
DGThese prices are for lumber at the
mill; when ehlvered, the hauling will have
to be added.
E. J. HAMLEY, Manager.
Sheriff's Sale.
Stat of Louisiana, Parish of East Carroll,
Seventh District Court-Beer. Meyer
& Co., vs. 1D. F. Peck and J. W. Bar
ber.-No. 430.
By virture of a writ of Fi Fa to me
directed by the Honorable Seventh District
Court for the parish of East Carroll afore
said. In the above entitled cause. I will pro
ceed to sell at public auctionf, at the door
of the court house.. in the town of Provi
dence, East Caroll parish, La.. on Satur
day, the 10th day of July, 1897, between the
hours prescribed by law, all the right, title
and interest of D. F. Peek and J. W. Bar
ber in and to the following deserbed prop
erty, to-wit:
All and sfhnular the south 20 feet oR of
Lot 8 in Block 1 of the town of Providence.
having a front of 20 feet on Levee street
and running back between parallel lines
150 feet. with all the buildlgs and improve
meats thereon and all the rights, ways and
privleges thereto belonging, seized in the
above tsult.
Terms of Sale cash with the benefit of
J. W; DUNN, Shermy.
SheriFra office, Providence, La., June 5,
ugCampbell & Chaze habe increased
tbheir stock of drugs and stindries. etde,
and can meet calls for anything intheir
ie *
Having overcome the effects of thei
high water the Y. & M. V. I:. II. Co., is
now running all their traini, Itolih day
and night between Memphis, New Or
leans rand intlernediato points.
Di81Prescriptions or home receipts
of any kintl, properly comlpoundiled at
CamipLell & (Chize's.
I~LAnlhrlix vaccine for charbou, at
the Guenard drug store.
Immovable Property
Parish of East Carroll,
BY virtue of the authority vested in me
hy.the Constitution and Laws of the State
of Louisiana. I will proceed to sell at the
principal door of the Court-house in which
the Civil District Court of said parish is
held, within the legal hours for Judicial
Sales, beginning at eleven o'clock a. m.,
JULY 1807,
and' continuing on each succeeding days
until said sales are completed,all immovable
property on which taxes are now due to the
Slate of Louisiana, the Ath Louisiana Levee
District, and the parish of East Carroll to
enforce the collection of taxes assessed
for the years 1893 and 1896. together with all
interest from date of maturity as prescribed
by law until payment of said taxes, coot
and lees at the rate of 2 er cent per month
until paid and allcosts. The names of said
delinquent tax-payers, the amount of taxes
due by each on the assessment of said years,
and the immovable property assessed to
each to be offered for sale, as follows, to
Belden. Mrs. Lueey. 3d Ward.
Residence and lots 8, 9 and 10 and 10
eet off of lot 7. block 10, town of
Providence, La. Taxes 1896, $17.00.
Delony. T. II. Stevens place, SO
acres, 1st ward. Being an uidivided
4 interest in the w I of w k of sec 26,
andn e j sec 27. t 19, n r 12 e. Taxes
1896. 06.10.
Klienpetre, Wmn. Arlington plan
tation. 10 acres, 3th ward. Being a
strip of land of uniform width to be
cut off from the north side of lot 3 of
the original Arlington plantation, be
ginuing on Bayou Providence at the n
e corner of same on the bank of said
bayou; thence running north along the
middle of the road or lane leading to
the Island place north 87 j degrees, w
25 50-100 chains to the back line of
said lot No. 3; thence along said back
line s 7 degrees w to a point on said
back line from which a line ran south
87 1 degrees e, and parallel to the n
boundary line of lot No. 3 to Provi
dence bayou will cut off north of said
parallel line the quantity of 10 acres;
thence along said bayou n r;h 22
20-100 chains west to place of' begin
ning. Taxes 1896, $22.10.
Purvis, Mrs. M. G. Town of Provi
dence. 3d ward. One lot in the Davis
addition town of Providence, frontilng
30 feet on Sparrow street and running
back to the old V. M. Purdy residence.
Taxes 1896, 73cts.
Ward, Jennie. Town of Provideince,
3d ward. Vacant lot 3, block 1, Davis
addition town of Providence. Taxes
1896. 73cts.
Walker & Stein. Island 95 or An
drews land, 800 acres. 2d ward. 'Being
lots 1 and 2, sec 78, fract sec 16, t 20.
n r 13 and 14: lot 3 ofsec25oft 20, u
r 13 e; lots 1, 2, 3,.4. 5. ' and 8 of sec
7 and fract sec 18 of t 20, t r 14 e.
Taxes 1896, $10.10.
Witkowski, L. L. Ashton, 900 acres,
5th ward. Being an undivided half of
lots or fractional sections 1, 2. 3, 4, 5
and 6; all of see'9 iand 10. and all of
see 8 lying east of Bayou Macon, t 23,
nr 12 e. Taxes 1896, $108.60. Taxes
1893, $84.10.
Witkowski, Josephine. Ashton,
900 acres, 5th ward. Being lots or
fract sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and
all of sec 8 lying east of Bayou Macon,
and all of sections 9 and 10, t 23. n r
12 e. The same being an undivided
half of the above. Taxes 1893. $84.00.
Greenwood, Heirs of Messrs." Evans
George place, 638 acres, 2d ward. Be
ing an undivided two-thirds of the s e
j and w f of ae , s ofn w ) sec 3,
all of ec 10, the n w of sw and n
w of se sec 11, t 19, n r 11 c.
Taxes 1896, $48.00.
Lachs & Co., S. W. Island 92. 300
acres, 4th ward. Being the sa c see
or lot 18 of t 22, 5 r 12 e. Taxes
1896, $3.85.
Waite, Mrs. Mary A. Mascotte
place. 450 acres, 1st ward. Being s 4
sec 48, a part of fractional sec 49 and
all of fractional sec 50, t 18, u r 13 e.
Taxes 1896, $80.10.
On this day of Sale, I will sell such por
tion of said property as each debtor will
point out, and in case the debtor will not
point out sufficient property, I will without
further delay, sell the least quantity of
said property of any debtor, which any bid
der will buy for the amnount of taxes, inter
est and cost due by said debtor,
The sale will be without any appraise
ment, for cash in legal tenuder morey ot the
United States, and the property sold shall
be redeemable at any time for the space of
one year by paying the price given with 20
percent penalty and costs added.
Sheriff and Tax Collector parish of East
Carroll, La.
Providence, La., June 5th 1807.-Gt.
Notice to Mortgage Ored
Lake Providence, La., June 5i, 1897. J
In conformity with Seeino, 63, Act 85 of
1888. notice is hereby given to all parties
holding mortgages upon real estate in the
parish of East Carroll on which taxes for
the years 1893 and 1898, have not
been paid. that 1 will begin the sale of same
at the lourt House door, on Saturday, the
10th, day of July, A.:)D.:1t7, and that a num
ber of pieces of property jo delinquent are
now being-advertised in this newspaper in
contormity with the law preparatory to
such sale. The attention of the mortgage
creditors is especially called to these adver
tisements of tax sales, and they are warned
to take such steps prior to the sale as may
be necessor to protect their rights.
Sheriff and ex-oficlo 1'ax Collector. East
Carroll, iarish. La.
* ,I--* Lake aind Levee Streets, LAKE
Dealer in
The finest line of Clothing carried in the city. Ladies Dress Goodt,
Hats," Caps, Boots and Shoes, Mnckintoshes and Hunting Coats; Trankq,
Valises and Bags.
S9 CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
 e  - - ..-.
President Sec. and Treas.
The Providence Lumber. Co.,
C IPITfs. STOCsK * $50,000,
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak,'Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dresse~
Lumber, Plain auid Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
.mOeueieu eBugeu8ueuemO SOQ
S The Only Family GROCERY,
" a
* S. A. A N. EAL, Proprietor,
Dealer in Fine Family Groccries and all kioco' of Fruit
Sand Nuts, Meat, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and Ci a',
* Bay, Oorn and OaL. Fine Keg ]or'. 1
8. 7. GREEN,
Cor. Lak ; ..hura ! Sts , L3.ke 'rovide~c.'
....UEArLER I\'....
Clothing, Boots andI Shoes,
General Mehrcbandise, G:o cries and Plantation Supplils!.
Wines, Liquors and Cigara. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
. Lerce St, gLa~re Proviidence, La,
Flour, Met and Meal. Wines, Liquors rn 1 Cigars. A
Cheap and Firs-cdass Grocery House.
.........VICK TBURG, MISS..........
-Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purohasing elsewhere.
I~~~i onu nm o-iinl -
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
s.tront of two chains and sixty-six links, on
the lake road. next to the property of Mr.
J. C. Bass. This is beyond a doubt the
finest five acre building lot in East Carroll
For terms, apply to
Ie:d Estate Dealers,
Lake Providenct, La.
January 16, 'U6.-tt.
T 33
Acape Brick Company
Is now ready with a fine lot of Brick
for sale for cash. Prices to suit the
times. Call at office of Company, No.
5 Levee street, for prices.
JNO. W. COOKE, Manager.
LakeJo vide!nce, La.
Infbrmation for the
Thi following is 13he svl: di !c cf iI.·.
Y . & M. V. R. It., t: king cvi"t t fl on:
Sept. i3.
Newv Or leans 1)ti\'i~uni-'Ii :I, ki ill
leave V icksl~ni'i :at 8.l' .l 1.. r i ti eit
at New Oric'an It;.. :t. Ill.
Train 21 Will leav~e Vs tu r?;
a.I. u. andi arrive Newi Orles Is a : ! p.
T1'rain 6 v ;11 -1i1:tie (,)I. :-r 1i :
h" Pl tinyam t Vi( r u:ýi 1 I) 1" :,1
Trains s~aixi :c',. ~ i *. sO r
leans at 8.13. a. Uo i' 'I t '
burg at J 5. 1. o
M'em upiis Ill'ix -lin ,Ti 1 Ni'. R' i
ls~assi Merslphis :it .;.3 1) ini.. ml :iff!s
at Vicksbursg ait ':(;U , tn
No. 23 xviil lfive at h:15 a.
Iii. arsxl :asrivs at . it
T'rainl No. (, x. X
7.111 ). 10.
Iralis No. 211-iil t'tj
" 7:35a" w. as..slris at 'ii" 1t'"'
5:ri0 p. ni.
A~ils tranis run ss:. v-.
For iiifi)rttaiisssiss 1'5; t!;
x'.itC to -
Ysns 'i':'..!: A, ~..
V ick,~!snuig, 'illS
bsake P'rovidence
Keeps on hansd a large assortiasct tsi
Burial Caskets, New, Plain andI fr'a
mentalis Met lisits Case, 11n( 1Vssot~lstsa
Coffins Made ansd Trimmed to Qjrdc:,
Chas. Swoford..,
House, sign and Ornamentoal Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hainging
Lake Pruvleuee, Lsi.
Wanted-An Idea eaaVo!· an e thin
Chof f 6,toahnnte
W ante -An dea Rho En thththog to patent'?
Protect 7oar Iac-theysm bring you wasllth.
Write J Ru WEDDUBURN Q CO., rittmet ±ttorr
nepys. Vacbington, D. C., for their il.5) prissy oiler
Ynd Us; fLtwio hundred tuvootlona vented.
Anyone sendln a ektteb and decrr ptton mayr
quikiiyaacserten free, whether ca i isc'ii',n It
probabiy patentkhie. Corumanieatione LLIPtly
conisidntiai Oldest agency i.raecerin I Patent
in Auierica. We lave a Waeeiinut.u s·tiae.
Patents taken through Olen si Co. :t~e lto
apeclal notioe in the
beautifully Inuurtrateo, largosf clrutlsrlon of
my aetentil inurudi. weekly, te: ci.(rc ie y cat
".o ixmon~ths. Cipecin~n coif `s and Il1-Nj
Pt I'esT's cent froe. AdjIiti
Mui'UNN & Co.,
341 Iroudwey, ANw York.
VIýKSBuF.+ r. .1AD XL2PI I P1'A:zET
For Ii elinr::. I: rsecdi xiii'"" Labl'in x'o
tlcuee. Xs VilhIitrg. antid A i
The Siwift Ai.11 Eleganist 8ltcii!,i
In Placeaof ( ldter Bagi.
A. 1L. CsI:IiXs, L. P.Cl*:;Mnws.
ljastcr, Clrrk.
Leaves etEry. Wed'csidedy st si'. Os.
Peess'ii lakeO Prssidelis ca il iit usu aIr~l gets. j
/dts,15 ittal Ilc'-es irii5yrlar sxcssir:e 5iui'5~s iii'
isis'siria fnssUf I's-x ai\ i.gC Is..\ kil ;ASI.. i'; 5001.4

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