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pulrliflr'r nr:.1 i'ror l' Fr''·.'!°r"::
QUtES(i iI'Th;N :~ I 1!'.l :i EA',.
Saturday, Novemnb'er 27, 1817. ar
- - - =_ _ - v a i i
We are auth orizcl to announince in tl
lion. JOS. E RI\NSl)ELL for the ani
position, of Delegate to the Consti. fev
tntional Convention, Sliject to the l
,ction of the Denoclatic party. the
- for
Mrs. Minnic W alklup has succeed 113ad
to getting away with her second cou<
spouse in a mysterious manner, Will pric
she be as lucky in getting out of this to I
as she was in the first? fart
Gov. Foster has appointed W. S.
Frazier to the office of Sheriff of St. grea
Landry parish, caused by the death of 1
of H. I. Deshotels. The first good les
act of Mr. Frazier, was to clean out the
the whole office force of pops. and mal
put in-straight Democrats. oth
The same old factional fight is on of
*in Caddo parish, and each wing of oth
the Democratic party have put up cxc
candidates for the Constitutional
Convention. This is to be regretted, di.
and they should have buried their
difference and sacrificed everything bee
to the success of the party.
It is gratifying to the Dernc'a~ey
of the State to see that there will be inc
harmony among the two factions of aci
the party in East Baton Rouge in eff
the selection of persons to the Con- tio
stitutional Convention. We are glad co
that all differences have been fixed tal
so that they will be united. the
The Republicans of Louisiana, who th;
have been in Washington for the past de
six or eight mouths waiting for their le:
reward from Marcus Alonzo McKin- en
ley, have once more been told to ad
wait, and no appointments will be Fe,
made until after Congress meets. pc
Wimberly's hopes have been crushed in
more than once. at
Politics are warming up all over e'
the State and in the next week it will "
be red-hot. It is sincerely hoped it
that the Democrats will not allow any Ct
old sores to be opened and that they
will unite in defeating every Repub- bi
lican-Populist wherever he may come w
out. The Convention should be at
composed entirely of Democrats.
To get a new railroad to Monroe, s
the hustling city on the banks of the I
Ouachita, has off.red two hundred
thousand dollars, one hundred thous- ,f
and of this t0 be paid in cash. The di
road will be built immediately. This a
shows to our people what an immense n
benefit a railroad must be to a coun- t<
try. re
Our friend Scott of the Crowley y
Signal, during the yellow fever and tl
strict quarantine, when everything d
was corked up tight, put out a daily 5
for the benefit of his town and parish, I
miand for get-up, push and news it t
could not be surpassed. It was far
ahead of many dailies published in
cities not a thousand miles away
from us. Scott, your efforts should p
be appreciated.
Brann, of the Waco Iconoclast, is
responsible for the taking of two
human lives and the dangerous
wounding of another. The personal J
attacks of Brann in his vile sheet '
against the HBaylor University was
the cause of the killing of J. W. and
W. A. Harris and the wounding of
Judge Gerald in a street fight. NO
doubt Waco will be too hot a place
for Brann to remain after thisi
deplorable and tragic affair.
- Rev. Fathers Picherit and Pren
dergast, and Doctors J. H. Purnell,
J. A. K. Burchett, and Jos. Waldaur
of Vicksburg, who went to Edwards,
Mise., when the yellow fever first
broke out, and who did such noble
work for nearly seventy days, re
taurned on Saturday last. The citi
aeua of Vicksburg gave them a hearty
and deserving welcome, and on
: Thursday each were presented with
Sa handsome gold medal, suitably in
ThL is what the Washington D. C.
Pst, a t hcKinley supporter in the
last campaign, says of the Demo
' orate party: "This has been a
Democratic year. The elections of
S 1897 have shown that the Democracy
S rebouand from the downfall of 1896
'j aoeger and more confident than
Democracy exhibits every
of herbism. It has courage,
Sof recovery and recon
It knows not the meaning
- "at hmleaves it without
itt without cow
of vitality, of
Four-Cent Cottcn.
---I .,,i t y i'. oin T e everal l`ivt 1
AT A fe',y y}car :, rl r ei.t
thies ý t h~ i er t I ic tianiet.t a .e t "rn- rtc" .
- i o , -itlie hLave le, i miant lersoC n.' ot"
frum .
W : * c; "  ,' t f " t,'
- htrtil,
tle i'ulty iln doitg o. l The o cveral 1wir I
ai feerd ice not be led manyecte ison te
to belie-ve that cotton at four cent-, ,!inane
te in the country, ui ile possible, like persol
the an invasion of the plague or yellow atiltos
ti fevwr, was not to be expected in the anthi
the ordinary course of things, and that to be
the assuinmp,tiou of such low prices a; (,t
on!v u
I for our great staple should not be the bu
led made in considering our financial ipplic
and condition. The return again to low f fuiu
"il prices this present season now seems Sec
this to be awakening our planters and in ortl
farmers to the fact that there is no p1'
S limit to the lowness of prices for any bers e
St. great crop, excepting the capacity points
ath of the producers to produce it at a point
ood less and less cost. The doctrine of itedI
out the survival of the fittest prevails in ing C
and matters agricultural as well as in tee st
other directions. and there would make
seem to be no limit to the lowness own
of prices to which cotton or any of bu
other great staple may be forced, ate
t ulp xcepting the resulting disinclina- gr':il
tnal tion of the planters and farmers to denm
eir discontinue in its culture t hen it they
beconies unprofitable to them and in port'
hinr notic
diminution in the crop that would or sh
thus result. the t
iac" Constant efforts may be made to to Pt
11 be induce our planters to diminish their servi
is of acreage, but this cannot be made pow
;e in effective, as no voluntary unimdi. coiti
Con- tion in acreage is likely to occur if the
glal cotton should remain the most profi- pro0
fixed table crop for the Southern tiller of "Oi
the soil. When, however, lie finds anee
,who that his cotton crop' puts him in pro
past debt and that general farming would th
their leave him a surplus of money at the tles!
:Kin- end of the year, he will then quickly the
d to adopt general farming. Necessity Pert
ill be eenis to be the only real motive harll
teets. power in bringing about these great will
ashed industrial changes. Forty years the
ago the writer asked a friend then S,
over engaged in refiring coal oil, which it s
it will was sellin:g at r5 cents per gallon, if cn
iopetl t were rot likely that the price of hfrt
w ay coal oil would diminiish greatly. tail
they The answer was that it was impossi- ,
epub- ble; that the whole world would pos
come want coal oil and that high prices aPP
d be and profitable results in the industry the
a. were absolutely certain. In these c
later days, when we find coal oil
nroe, selling at 8 to 9 cents we can see the
if the results of an immense supply. Prl
ndred Low prices are sure to come when spe
thous- the supply exceeds the current re
The demand. Low prices generally dare
This develop an increased demand from hut
mense new directions. While 3-cent cot- oth
coun- ton would now seem impossible, the mit
recurrence of low prices again this dut
owley year would certainly indicate that all
r and the prices of cotton will continue to trt
ything decline until some balance shall be di
daily struck at which point the planters the
arish, will discontinue raising cotton and by
wa it turn their attention to other crops. c
as far bul
bed in To be Selectea Without Upposition. ,h
away YWe copy below the following local ea
should paragraph from the Madison Journal firm
which shows thie high regard that of
Mr. RIanedell is held in Madison pe rish,
ast, is Iand which is gratifyling to his friends th
f two in his home patiebsh: for
gerous The friends--in Madison-of Hen. col
rsonal Jos. E. Ranadell, of East Carroll parish, off
sheet will be pleasedl to know that he will be no
selected, without opposition, to repre- pa
V "w sent his piarish in the counstitutional Pr
V. and conveulion. tii
li ng of .. i
t. No A Orclinances nd
place An ordlinance creating a Fire District oft
r this in the town of Providence. Louisi.ina; fi
desiginating the limits of said district; m<
prohibiting the erection of frame build- ne
re- ings within the limits of said lire dis
trict or the removal of frame buildings
urnell, now erectei from one street to anoth- an
aldaur er in said tire district; requiring noth- di
wards ing but brick buildings to be erected cm
in future within said fire limits, which si
r first brick buildings shall be covered with hi
noble either slate, tin, iron or other metallic
, e substance to insure protection from
S tire; providing for the creation of a L:
Building Committee to be composed of
hearty three members of the Board of Alder
nd on men to be appointed by the Mayor,
d ith with authority to grant permits for the
erection of buildings; defining the oi
ably in- powers of said committee; prohibiting tc
tie erection of buildings within the t,
corporate limits of the town of Provi- o
n D c. derce. La., without first obtaining a ti
permit therefor from the building e,
in the committee; providing further for the a
Demo- condemning of all frame buildings or p
been a sheds now erected which may be hi
deemed dangerous or nnsafe, and re
tions of quiring their demolition or placing in
soCracy a safe condition of said premises after t
of 1896 proper written notification by the a
building committee, providing penal- j
at th ties for all violations herein; and desig- tI
Severy nating the city marsha as ,the tire I1
:ourage, warden of the town of Providence and tl
inspectot'of buildings.
rcon- Section 1S Be it ordained by the it
meaning Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the ti
without town of Providence. La.. in regular c
session convenedl, That a Fire District t
bt co- e and the same is hereby created in 4
.ality, of tie towni of l'rovilence. La. n
SSec. 2. Be it: futther ordained,
t: of ft ·i lro i an :
, tret-s ^ :: ri ii ii. thence eist on the ;ct ttui
,'rtii :tad south si i.'s of I: '.e oetcs to rlun i
ictortr ui ee tlndl ('on li' north iad See
S 1 o ',f. ' Id xti lnit llg  tvst o :tid I hat
Il'ce street 1 o feet. ict!. disti et or s
h'.rei dtscribedl shall be knouvn as the shall
lirti Districet of the to in of l'ruo- city r
0 dence. La. he wi
Uec. 3. Ie it further ordained, 'lat ceive
from awnd ifter the passage of this or- sum i<
dinance it shall be unlawful fur aniy cattle
e person or plersons. tirms or corpor- and S
atiolns, to erect or cause to be erected may
w-ithiu the tire limits heirein descried, shall
e :tnthigr hut brick, iron or buildings tie.
at to be covered with slite, tin, iron ',r Se
t any other lire proof material, ::,l then any
on! ly upo :1 a permit to be grinnted by rlail
be the buihling conu1ittee. ilupon written it is I
al appldicati n setting forth I te clhracter. shal
of buildthug .and for what purpose the notic
samrne if to be unte. publi
ns Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That poun
nd in order to fully carry out the objects ijesci
no :tid purposes of this ordinance a com- bran
notttee to be composed of three mem- pour
I) bers of the board of aldermen to be ap- not
ity pointed by the mayor to serve two sold
a years or until their successors are ap- keep
pointed and qualitied, is hereby cre- curr
of :ited who shall be known as the Build- Se
Io ing Committee of the town of Provi- this
dence; that the said building commit- aftel
in tee shall have power and authority to the i
uld make such rules and regulations for its O
esp own government as It may deem prop- shal
or; to designate the kind and character ting
nt of buildings to be erected in the corpor- the
ed, ate limits and fire district, and to a nu
na. grant permits therefor; that the said
committee shall have power to con- D
to demn all buildings or sheds which LaI
it they may deem unsafe within the cor
ill porate limits, and serve proper written
d notice for the removal of said buditllinrs
l itor sheds so condemnled, or requiring
the owners or agents of said property Sti
to to place the same in good repair anrti
safe condition within 3U days frcm the it
beir service of said notice; and further cm- Pitt
ade powering said committee to have said for
ndi condemnted property demolished on ill
f;ilure of the owner theretof to o d o at the
if the expense of the owner of the said for
rofi- property to be recovered before any W.
r of court of con:petent jurisdiction; and to all
keep a record of all permits granted ten
inns antd other proceedings in a book to be con
in provided by this board. I mn
)tld Sec. 5. Be it further ordainicd, That oat
the entire corporate limits is hereby tile
the lesignated to be under the control of j.0
ckly the bilding comnimittee in gr:;lillng p
permits for building, and no builirngs we
will be permitted to be erected in any the
tive art of the corporate limits of the town or
;reat without lirst obtaining a permit from tali
the building committee fur that putr- a t
pose as hereinafter designated. li
then Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That t
hich it shall be the duty of all prope:l ty dr:
Sowners within the corporate limits to
contemplating the erection of buildings fol
e of btfore commencing, to apply and ob
atly. tain from .the building eommittce a Jo
permit, setting forth the kind of build- A
o ing tllhv desire to erect and the pur- Jo
ould pose for which it is to be used. and the W
ries application shall be liled with the sec
s etary of this board to be sulbmitted to to
3try the building committee tir their action. Jo
hese Sec. 7. Be it tnttlheror;daini'd. T'hat Sit
I oil the city marshal is hereby designated i
aind shall be known as the tite warden II
e the and building inspector of the town of Iti
Prvidence, Lan., with authority to in- Be
lhen spect all buildings and sheds within 1e
the tire district from time to time and io
report their condition deemed by him
rally dangeraus as to fire and unsafe as to
from human life to the building committee, AI
and lie shall also serve all notices or Jo
cot- other papers eminating from said conm- I,
, the mittee, and perform all such other
this duties required of him by them. ju
Sec. 8. Be it further ordained, That sa
th all frame buildings now in the fire dis- th
te to trict shall remain intact except in so 0
II be far as their dangerous or unsafe con
dition may exist. and in the event of o
ters their proving to be so after inspection Pi
and by the city marshal, they shall be sub- W
jected to the same conditions as pre- St
ps. scribed in section 4 of this ordinance; N
but no buildings shall be removed from i
tion. where they are now located to any
other portion of the fire limits under
local each and every person, corporation ort j
urnal firms, violating ariy of the provisions U
that of the several sections of this ordinance
srih, hall be subject to arrest by thie city to
marshat upon complaint made, and c
ends they shall be brought before the mayor
for trial and upon proper proof and
Hon. conviction, they shall be fined for each
aribh, offense in a sum not less than $25.00
villbe nor more than $100, and in default of
repre- payment, imprisonment in the town
tioal ptison for not less than ten days nor c
tihe penalties provided for in this or
- dinance.
Sec- 9. Be it further ordained. Th:at
more than liftesen days for the first
istrict olenise; and for the second cotfense the s
siana; tine shall be double; in default of pay
strict; ment the term of imlprisonment shall
build- not exceed thirlty calendar days. e
'e nis- Sec. 10. Be it further ordained, (
Idings That this ordinance take effect from 1
anoth- and after its passage, and that all or
noth- dinances or parts of ordinances which
rected may be in counflict or upon the same I
which subject matter. lie and the same are
I with hereby repealed
etallic E. J. IIAMILEY. Mayor. t
from D. W. GILaMOUIL,, Secrel:try.
1 of a Lake Providence, La., Nov. 13, 1897. i
Alder- ,As> Orcam ance.
for the An ordinance prohibiting the owners
ig the of cattle (except calves) to allow them 1
ibiting to run at large upon the streets of the
in the town of Providence, La, requiring said
Proi- owners to take them up; providing for
iog a the impouuding of all cattle (except
iding calves) found upon the streets and side
or the walks after dark and tixing fees to be
ngs or paid by the owners for 111 violatious
is be herein.
ud re- Section 1. Be it ordained by the
ing in '(.ayor & Board of Aldermen of the
s after town of Provildence, La., in regularses
y the sion convened, T'hat it shall be unlaw
penal- ful for any and all pcrs, ns to permit
I desig- thejr cattle (except calves) to run at
he tire large upon thestreets or side walks of
ce and the town after dark or dlurinpg the night.
Sec. 2. Be it fusther ordained, That
by the it shall be the duty of all owners of cat
-f the tie to coutine them within sulitab!,le en
regular closures after dark and duriung the en
District tire night (allowing however the calves
ae i to be turned out and taken up in the
Smorning.) :
dainued,. Se. . he city marshaa, wh is
t h.ir' I S deigai:Led as the pound !eele",'
r, aliil ;roie :at his expense a suitabi I
ei l;,t ct.iac.: c! f)or the purpose of im
,.!i.;t is udin. c:.ttle t..ken up and found
to run:ni; at large upon the streets or
is idelow)ik, of tint ton during the night,
Sfor wvtic.! he will receive as a conimpen
ctr sation the fees herein:fter lixed by this
i lt otdinti ( Ce.
It Sec. 4. le it further ordaine,.d,
ti ,Ihat all cattle founid upon the streets
let or sidewalks of the town after dark
he shall te driven into the pound by the
i- city nmarshal or his nssstant, for which
he will be entitled to demand and re
eat ceive :as penalties for all violations the
or- sumt of 50 cents each for every head of
ivy cattle taken up by hIin or his assistant,
or- and 25 cents per day for each day they
Led may remnailn so impounld: -il, which fees
ed, shall be paid by the owners of the cat
or See. 5. Be it further ordained, If
,e any of the cattle so impounded are not
by laiined on the 1st day, it- shall be and
ten it is hereby made the dut3 of the mar
ter. shal or pound keeper, to give public
the notice to be posted in three of the most
ptlie places in the town of the im
hat pounding of all cattle, giving a minute
lets iescription setting forth all marks and
)n- brands, and all cattle remaining in said
am- pound for a term not exceeding 8 days.
ap- not called for, will be advertised and
two sold by the city marshal or pound
ap- keeper, to pay all fees and expenses in
crc- curred while impounded.
iild- See. 6. Be it further ordained, That
ovi- this ordinance take effect from and
rit- after its passage and promulgation in
to the official journal.
rits On motion of Aid. Beard, the mar
rop- shial was ordered to notify Mr. Whit
cter tington to remove his jackass outside
por- the corporate limits, It being considered
I to a nuisance.
sa:id E. J. IIAMLEY, Mayor.
con- D. W. (;Giatorn. Seoretary.
hich Lake Providence, La., Nov. 13. 1897.
cor- -
itrt State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll.
Be it known ant remembered, that on
a hti this ld day of November. A. )D,, 1897. we.
S Ftdward It. Davis, J. N. Hill and James G.
em- l'ittim:tn, members of the jury commtission
sid for ait Carroll patrish. Lou-inina, miet at
i the oftice of J. S. (ioutnard, Clerk of the 7th
S l Disti t Court of Louisiana, and by reason
so at thereof a inember of the jury commission
said for East Carroll parish. in the presence of
-, W. S. Ma.guire and T. It. Davis, competent
o witne'sses, for the purpose of drawing grand
and petit jurors for the January 1580 crim
tnted inal term of the ion. 7th District Court.
to bo eoinmencing on Monday, the 3rd day of
January, 1ts, and after hiaving supple
mente d the general venire list with the
htnames of e1thoe who had actually served at
2teby tie last term of the said court, died, re
1 of moved from the parish or become disquali
lied, so as to keelp said general venire list
in p to the original standard of 300 names,
dings we proceededt to draw first fifty names
a an t:herefrom to compose the grand and petit
jurois for tte first week of said term-one U
town of s:tidl ctnmission, viz: Jas. G. Pittman.
frou taking from tie general venire list. one at
putr- a time, the names of 50 men as follows,
hat Said names were then placed In an enve
lope and the week for which they were
p1t: ty erawa was endorsed thereon and delivered
lim:its to the Clerk for the use of the court; the
dings following are the names so drawn to-wit:
1 ob- Ward. Ward.
tee John Coleman, 3 Geo Ashbridge, 3
Aileu Mitchell, 2 V M 'urdy, 3 I
ild- J A BIrooks, 3 Mike Jones. 4
pur- John Webb 4 i'enry Cedars 3
id the 1' Iturney. 3 henry Woods. 3
Wc- .1 Montgoiery. 3 Anderson Philips 2
Ssto N:atian rookt, 4 Len Troutman 2
ted to L)udy ''Threat, 1 Lyn Brooks. 5
etion. John Walker 4 Tiison Steadman. 3
That Sila- tiFulguin, jr., 3 Jhu Miller. 3
, Jira I tu Ab.ti) ItA Ls, 2
t Yaned y lell, 3 11 1. )Deeson, 3
arden arvev Dunn. 3 W A Newman, 1
v1 of.tichaid Wright 4 lewis Matlhews, .
to in- en Strother, 5 Caleb Nowland, 5
SWalton I)uun 5 Will lirton, 2
itoin hn Wills. 3 EE tcghlers. 3
Snd John Taylor. 4 W Ki Spurlock, 3
7 him Wm Mitchell, S Chris McGinnis, 1
s John Patterson. 5 James Nafi, 2
Ed Washington, 3 W1 ill Joles, 4
aittec, Alex Jolhnson. 4 Wm Kelley, 3
es or Joe Gaiten. 5 J S Millikin. 3
com.- Lewis Carson, 3 Albertilaney, 3
otherParker Hlarris, 5 J ) Tompkins, 3
And in the judgment of the commission a
jury was neeessarv for a second week of
ITat said term of court, and in the same manner
re dis- the following person were drawn, to-wit:
in so Green Richards, 2 W I Keent. 2
on- Glen Irvin, 3 Johu W Barbour, 8
n of Ben Springfield, 2 M E Massee.jr., 3
Oeorgc Soone, 3 Wm Blansleld, 2
aection Pt McGuire, 3 Ben Brown, 2
a sub- Wm Rous, 3 Mills Hayes, 2
Killis Watson, 5 .Joe Wyly, 1
3pre- Stepney Gray, 3 Shed Buckner, 5
"ance; Nelson Primus, 3 Hugh Powell, 3
d from Braxton lHouse. 3 las Hlumphlree. -
SayV Gagaro, 3 OliverWashington, 3
n T J Gilliam, 3 Dick Hurd. 4
under J W Plttman, 3 Abe Bankers, 4
io or John Sidney, 4 Phil MeOuire, 3
fisions Henry Mayben, 5 Primus Perkins, 2
inance Said 30 names were placed in an enve.
Scit lope, sealed and endorsed andt placed in the
custody of the clerk for the use of said
c, and court.
couyor E. H. Davis,
f and J. G. Pittman,
raJ. N. Hill,
r each Jury Commissioners.
$25.00 Attest :
ault of T. B I)avis,
Stown V.S. Maguire. J GUENARD,
Ys foi Clerk 7th )Dist. Court and ex-officio Jury
ii or- Gommissioner.
I.That Sheriff's Sale.
e Iirst
ts the State of Louisiana, Parish of East Carroll,
f pay- Fourth Ward Justice C('ourt, Emma 4
hal Jackson vs. Joe Wesson--No. 259.
ley virtue of a writ of Fi Fa to me direet
ed by:the Ionorable Fourth Ward Justice
ltained, Court for the parish of East Carroll afore
t frl sa!d, in the above entitled cause; I will pro
cee(l to sell at public auction, on the
all or- premises on P. D. Quays plantation in East
which Carroll parish, La., on
a samne Saturday the 18th, day of December, 1897,
me are between the hours prescribed by law, all
the rirht,title and interest of Joe Wesson
in and to the following described property,
myor. to-wit:
Five Bales of Seed Cotton (more or less)
1807. in the field. Thirty bushelsof corn (more (
or less) in the crit, and two ilogs--seized
in tlihe above suit.
o,. Terms of Sale cash with the benefit of ap
J. W. DUNN. Sheriff.
owners Sheriff's olliee. Providence, La.. Novem
wv them ber 27"th, 137.-4t.
a of the
ingsaid Succession Sale.
in g fol
(except * uceession ofElijahll Phillips, Deo'd.
n tl side Seventh District Court. for East Carrol!
to be Parisb.
ltios i N, irce is hercly given that by virtue of
latiou : writ of Sale issued to me in the above
al. led suc'cessiot.. 1 will sell at puble ane
by the tion at the front door of the Court House
of the on the lith day of December, 1817. between I
the hours prescrilbed by law, all the right.
utlarscs- t tle and oterest of the Succession of
unlaw- Eh.i:h l'hbllips, de'd..in and unto the fol
pormit lw ng described property situated in East
run at Carroll parish. Loultntsfna, to-wit:
The North!-west quarter of the South
ralks of east q;:larer of Section Three, Township
eenight. Ti'e,:v Nortlh. Range Twelve East, with
, Tlhtt all ihe, buildings and improvements there
oof at- o ntainint fortv acres.
's of ct- r of sale cash nac.ordihg to law.
The en- Curator
Scalves Providence, La., Novethber 4tb, 187.-fit. $I
i in the The Polic· Jury will meet sn Wed
who is Uesday, tLe 8th of Deceibcr.
*.. . Lake aind Lvee Stzeet, LAKE
SDealer in
[f The niet line of Clothing carried in the city. Iadles Diemm oo&,
A Hats, Cape, Boots and Sbhoe, MackintMohe and Hunting Cosat; Truoa
i Valise and Bags
SCALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewheres
The Providence Lumber Co.,
Cypress Red Gum, Rd Oak, White OakA Ash, ySDamore, Rough and Tresse
atLumbr, Plain and Fancy eart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
it- The Providence Lumber Co.,
-ed tuarran,
CflPITEIL, STOCK , "50,000.
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dressed
on ~ Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
ion and Barrel Heads.
I The Only Family GROCERY,
- S. A. Ihi'NEAL, Proprietor, *1
Dealer in Fine Family Groceries and all kinds of Fruits
- and Nuts, Meat, Meal and Flour, Winee, Liquors and Ciha:·, *
* Hay, Corn and Oats. Fine Keg Beer.
Cor. La!e hnd Church Sts., Lake Providenoo,
S.... DEALER IN....
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, G:ooeries and Plantation Supplies
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
erree At, Lake ProvidenOe, La,
Flour, Meat and Meal. Winee, Liquors and Cigars. A
Cheap and Fires-class Grocery House.
......... VIclvasLURGIn , MuIS..........
-Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Pllce in the South. Write for prices before purobasing elwhere
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchantl
New Orleans, : Loulslana
Having acquired the Davis Addition
to the Town of Providence and the
field immediately adjoining the town.
I offer the same for sale at from 15) to
$50 per lot according to location.
Titles perfect.
Lake Providence, La.
Acme Brick Company
Is now ready with a fine lot of Brick
for sale for cash. Prices to suit the
times. Call at office of Company, No.
5 Levee street, for prI"es.
JNO. W. COOKI. :.' r.
L..k 'rou4dcfnce, La,
Information for the
The following is the schedule of the
Y. & M. V. R. It., taking (fl'ect from
Sept. 13.
New Orleans Division-Train 5 will
leave Vickslurg at 3.10 a.ni.aud arrive
at New Orleans 10:85 a. m.
Train 21 will le te ,Vielshiurg 8:G0
a. m. ant arrive New Orleans 5:30 p.
Train 6 will leave New Orleans 4:20
pI m. ant arri e Viclsbnrg 11.50 p. mi.
Tr:ain No. `2 iill leave New Or
leans at 8.05. a. in. and arrive at Vicks
burg at 5 55 p. m.
Memphis l)ivision-Train No. 5 will
leave Memphis at 7.55 p. m. andti arrive
at Vicksburg at 3:00 a. im.
No. 23 will leave Memphis at 8:45 a.
m. and arrive at Vicksburg at 6:45 p.
Train No. 6 leaves Vicksburg at
12.01 a. m. and arrives at Mdemphis at
i7.10 a. m.
' Train No. 24 will leave Vickshlrg
at 7:35 a" m. and arrive at Memphis at
5:30 . ni.
Alli trains run daily.
For information as to rates &o.,
write to
Ticket Agent.
V ickalurg, Miss.
Lake Providence * ,u
0 Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, Now, Plain and. Orma
mental MetallicCasesand Wooden
Collffins Made and Trimmed to Order;
[april 18-80-Vl1
Chas. Swoflord,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging.
Lake Providence, La.
Wanted-An Idea S o I
a. WasbtfltOl. C.C., o tao It jl I S Ott
siad t a two ored lavonta 1tra
Qeuckly scertiain. tree. whether an nvention I
AY. ol ablCommuntast4Old sritely
in America. We hea? a Washingtnm @6es
Pastets taken thiough masn a Co. reo.
epochl Ile in the
a b eautiful Jrnal, weIred , tee(s e. D¢erm o
BoN POTi4 sent I ftree. Addreis
391 readwar. New Yrk.
- For Helena, Greenville, Lake Provey
su dence, Vicksburg, and All
Way Landings-.
. The Swift and Llegant Steamer
!1 e& CITY O, .,AVANN;An,
" In Place of Ba!d Eagle.
rick A. L. Ct*emmits, L. P:Cstvmia s,
the Master, Clerk.
No. Leaver every wedneelay at p. m.
Ta'ssing Lakt. Prrrvidence tilt ric. .o,u ioln
r. do and l'a' r Saur'a'5 e n :; :.;-: up
La. triponly so.

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