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Fublisher and Proprietort. quick I
that co
4UB8CRIPTION : $200 PER YEAR. prise i
lar cii
Saturday, December 4, 1897. Mayor
I doubt
Parkburst, the great New York re- the sei
form fraud, has just returned from l)emo(
Europe "bhears broken" over the The
victory of Tammany. tfr
The caving of the river bank at lion w
Algiers, opposite the city of New rp
Orleans, has destroyed tboesands of desire
dollars worth of property. The new with
levee which will have to be built, will capita
throw out several streets. In fo
IIerwigg hans returned to New Or- ten ye
leans, after remaining in Washing- of We
ton several months waiting for that Levee
Pkng looked-for office. tlerwigg and Carro
Demas are at dagger points, and ini E
there will be hot times in old town maisrl
from now on. sn (1
S-- - radvatr
Messrs. J. A. and D. J. Landry, On
of Lake Charles, La., who were in- of La
dicted for carrying concealed weap- te 1
ons, were fined $2j0 each by Judge Co,
Reed, last week. 'I his was a stun- lti
sier, and it is the only way to break thi
up this practice. to 6
n ill
The Populists wants the State the a
run on a 5-mrill tax, and they don't Roug
. want the suffrage question touched and I
upon, although they have harped up- ever
on it and made it one of their main work
issues up until the present time. tax c
This party shoul I he disgusting to for o
any right thinking man. Ier
Mr. John M. Parker has declined ary 1
to accept the nomination as delegate the t
at large to the constitutional conven- wart
tion on the Populist ticket. He was ple c
placed on the ticket without his Sier
knowledge or consent. Mr. Parker ba I
says that the Democratic party is to tl
good enough for him. A
On Sunday last Reverend Dr. II lion
Sansom of Vicksburg delivered a tax.
sermon in commemoration of his 32nd lr
anniversary as the Rector of Christ ,o
Church of that city. Dr. Sansom is secu
loved not only by the members of his Intte
own congregation but by every one chet
in that city. He is a noble and true T
christian. May he be spared for by I
many years. the
"k. tol i
The Biggs and Reid levees in Madi- to l
son parish, which should now be not
nearly half finished, are hardly alor
darted, and it looks like that it will the
lie impossible to complete them in Cot
time. They are large contracts, 35(
labor is scarce and the time is fast we
passing away. The contractors should
be made to put more labor on the to I
works,'if they have to pay more cen
money for it. eas
The New Orleans City Item keeps of
utp its harping on the false yellow It
fever which prevailed ill New Or- be
leans, and has tried to make it ap- Ito
pear that the Times-Democrat was ter
only a scare-scrow. There were over red
two thousand cases of fever in New we
Orleans, and the reports made by the bec
T.*D. were accepted as the truth.
The Item and its editor are known to i
be unworthy of belief and all the thi
dirty mud slinging it can indulge in tit
- won't hurttheT.-D. in the estimation oli
of the people of the State. atu
The following from the Times- cas
1Democrat, can form some idea of the rat
Biggs levee in Madison parish, and it tii
looki to be almost an utter impossi- thi
Uility to complete the levee in time Ca
Sresist the next flood. It is to be In
hoped that enough of labor can be
placed on the work to complete it, to
but there is a grave doubt. The ou
Times-Democrat says that "there re-d
main to be placeed some 400,000 ,
- cubic yards of earth at Biggs levee, br
which is supposed to be finished by di
Feb. 1st, two months off. During_
the winter thlere sj on an average
twenty working days to the .month
or forty working days between now
and Feb. lst. A scraper team ordi- So
narily places from forty to fifty
yards a day, but at Biggs, owing to of
ths location of the levee thirty yards
is as much as can be expected from
nteam. For the work to be done by
Feb. Ist would require a placement
of 8000 oubdo yards a day, which
would require 266 teams. There are
about twenity-FIve teams st work
sow." The contractor who has this
immeanse levee to ereet has had a
Oree ed wenty-Ave teams alee he t
eemneeeaod abot five weeki ago, "
JsI l tb epua te ** e hash .
nIgebl e .oU tat whiob
'"''gcl~b~nrlw ~~ iC
~irit~u: Im~
~l~~knil - -bi~# 1
-- with t
in the last issue of the Mer Rouge erecti
Democrat we nfd the followinug l re- powe
gard to the projected railtoad to that the
,lace, and it is gratifying to see the C'rp,
quick manner in which the Citizens of ptelr
that country took hold of the enter- .on
prise presented to them by our popu* cond,
lar citizens, Ilon. J. E. Ranidell and sheds
Mayor E. J. Hamley. There is no deem
doubt but the police jury of that :t
parish has already met and ordered prop
the election for the 5-mill tax. The build
Democrat says: ntir
The property owners of this, the wtrd
6th, ward, of Morehouse parish, are in p)
confronted with a business proposi- St.
tion which, if accepted, means muchi Mla
to the welfare of our section. The en- t
terpriing people of Lake Providence sessi
desire rail connection in this parish a
r with the II. C. A. & N. Ity. The the t
I capital to build this railroad is in a Se
large measure secured by a ten mill Tha
tax for ten years on all property in the cim
town of Providence, a five mill tax for cort
- ten years on all property in the parish stre,
of \est Carroll and by the recent a.e oe t
of 26,000 acres of land by tie T'ens the
Levee Board in the parishes of Weste
l Carroll and Morehouse and 20,00acres butt
ti in East Carroll. Only one thing re- ne
mains for the railroad to become ant ct
assured fact and that is for Mer Rouge thier
,ndl the 6th ward to do its part in the Le
advancement of this enterprise. hers
Ont Monday last, Messrs. Itansdell Firt
atd hlatmley, Irotitaent business tmeC teti
of Lake 'Providence and members of
the Lake Providence & Western Ry.
e Co, came to Mer tRoage in the interest lin;
of tihe ntew road. These gentlemnen pier
laid their plants efore the people of atic
(k this town and offer to build the road
to Mer Rouge, provided the people of any
the 6th ward vote them a tax of 5- to
mills for tent years on all propertly it atI
the ward and that the town of Mer oni
t Rouge donate them depot groundts the
d and terminal facilities, which we have
every reason to" belive it will do. of
These genttlemen propose to begin san
to work on the new road as soon as the
e. tax cait be guaranteed, and do not ask in
to for one cent of same until the road is
t:ompleted and ears are running frotm i
,ler Rouge to l'rovideuce which they ber
guarantee will not be later tiati Jauu- poi
ed ary 1st, 1899-failing to do this makes ye:
to the tax null and vcid. PO
The proposition is a straight for- ate
n- ward manly one, and we feel the peo- in
as ple of the 6th ward and the town of ile
is Mer Rouge will see the feasibility of tee
same, the good results to. be obtained ts
er by this new road's coming and accede o
is to the L. P. & \V. ly. Co's demands. er:
A petition has been drawn uip ask- of
ing the poi cc jury to meet in special att
session next week and order the elec- ~t.
II. tion to vote for or against this railway co
a tax. Signers to thie petition are te
nil already numerous and we believe the t[i
people of this ward are keenly alive to
ist imt opportunity presented them for nu
is securing competition in transportation or
his lines and in bettering their own condi- tI
tions by joining ourselves with theo
>tC cheap river route at l'rovid uce. sa
te That the cheap freight rates sectted so
for by beingfinked to Providence antid the p
Misissippi river will more than pay co
the farmers and businesse rncu of this fa
town and ward, we have every reason thi
di- to belive, and instead of being an out- P
lay, as some few may believe, the cc
money saved on the shipment of cotton k(
d(y aloue each season will more than pay ,i
sill the tax asked by-the railway company. pi
Cotton to-day is beintg.shipped from
in Lake Providence to New Orleans for ti
:ts, 35 cents per bale, and the new railroad
Past we are now oflered by rithe people of
uld P'cvidence will ie only too glad to
carry it from Mer Rouge and deliver w
the to the steamboats at Providence for p0
ore cents per bale, or give a through bill ,i
lading fromt Mer Rouge to New Or- ti
leaus for $1.25 a bale-a saving it the p,
cottoni shliptent fromt this stationt alotne
eps of over $4,000 per annuma. Not only it
low is this true of cotton, but every box of
bacont, every hale of stripes and lowels, c
Or- every barrel of flour, sugar and p
ap- molasses that the merchants andti plan- t:
was ters of this section use annually will
be delivered to them at prices greatly i
ver reduced from the exhorbiant charges P
few we are being forced to pay at preseunt, a
the because we have no competing line at ..
ith. -er Rouge.
With tlese strong facts slaritg us
Sto in the face, will any progressive, tl
the thinking man of the sixth ward oppose a
Sin ttis tax? VWethttk not. The peoplle a
of Lake P'rovldetce propose to build
tion tlhis road aud operate it themselves,
antd not let it be absorbed by the Gould t
system anid thus pool rates as is done r
in tnumerous intstances. This being the d
nes- case, we are guaranteed cheap freight hi
the rates, for we will always have compe- a
With the railroad's coming, we have ,
Si- the promnise of a bak at blMer Rouge. 0
time Capital is ready and willing to iurest
Sbe In the bankitg business here as soon a
be as the railway is completed. With a t
beank Mer Rouge willdoff its hat to no
it, town iu North Lonisiana. It will save
The our busiuess tmen and the progressive t
Sre- farmers of this section thousands of
dollars annually, and make our town
,00 what nItature intended it to be-the
vee, brightest jewel it North Loulsiana's
iby iadenm.
Let us vole the tax.
rage Succession Notice.
no Notice is hereby given that T. .. Gilliam
has applied to be appointed curator of the
Ordi- Succession of bharles W. Brown, deceased.
If no oppositon be made withoin 10 days he
i wilt be appointed as prayed for.
i to Done and signed at chambers this 2d1 day
of December. 1907,
Judge 7th, Jud. District.
from A true copy.
e by J. 8. GIUENARD,
CLerk 7th District Court.
et Providence, La., December 4th, 18trt.-8t.
* are
work An ordinaneo creating a Fite District
Sthis In the town of Providence. Louisiana;
desigasting the limits of said distriot;
a prohibiting the erection of frame build
s e Ings within the limits of said fie dis
agtrieot or tbe removal of frame buildings
now ereeted from one street to anoth
er ia said-re district; requiring noth
ams. ieg but brick blildlngs to be ereeted
bia future withan santd Ar limits, wih
S-bink buildings shall ber covered
eifher slat, tietra tr o ther a.taiC
.smbtslie to aneuas protection fusma
S- *re; prordtag tor the errati of a
- Bunilhhig Committee to be composedl of ,
three members.of the Board of Alder
men to be appointed by the Mayor, An
with anthority to grant permits for the of cat
e erection of builtings; defining the torut
powers of said committee; prohibiting town
t the o ection of buildings within the ownel
e corporate limits of the town of Provi- the it
slence, La., without first obtaining a calve
permit therefor from the building walk:
comnlittee; providing further for the paid
* condemning of all frame buildings or herei
d sheds now erected which may be Set
deemed dangerous or unsafe, and re- May<
Sluiring their demolition or placing in town
at safe condition of said premises after sion '
d proper written notification by the ful fe
te building committee, providing penal- their
ties for all violations herein; and desig- large
nating the city marshal as the tire the t
rC warden of the town of Providence and Seo
re inspector of buildings.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the tie ti
Mavor and Boat it of Aldermen of the clost
town of Providence. La.. in regular tire
ce session convened, That a Fire District to hi
bh be and the same is hereby created in mor'
be the town of Providence, La. Se
S Sec. . . e it further ordained. here
ill That the said fire limits herein shal
oe created shall commence on the lot
corner of Scarborough and Lake pout
al streets and running thence east on the runt
.e niorthl and south sides of Lake streets to side
a the corner of Lake and Levee streets for
et extenlding back on said Lake street satit
eboth north and south 150 feet; thence ordi
e- running south on Levee street to the St
at corner of Second on the north side Tiha
ge thereof. and extending west on said or
ie Levee street 150 feet. which district shal
herein described shall be known as the city
Fire District of the town of Provi- he t
e i deuce, La. ceci
of Se. 3. Be it further ordained, That sun
from and after the p.assage of this or- catt
est inanuce it shall be unlawful for any and
of person or persons. tirms or corpor- ma:
" ations, to erect or cause to be erected slia
ad within the fire limits herein described, tie.
of anything but brick, iron or buildings
5- to be covered with slate, tin, iron or any
any other fire proof material, and then 'lai
ler only upon a permit to be gran ted by it ib
se the uildinitg committee. upon written sha
e application setting forth the character not
of iuilding atd for what purpose the put
gir same is to be used. pot
the Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That des
ask in order to fully carry out the objects bra
isl and purposes of this ordintance a corn- pot
out mtltee to be composed of three meni- not
bey bers of the board of aldiermen to be tap- sol
ut- ploited by the mayor to serve two ket
ks yea:rs or until their sttCtessor, are. p- cii!
pointed and qjualifitd. is hereby rte
for- ated who shall be known as the Build- thl
)co- iingColmmittee of the town of Provi- aft
of deuce: that the said building commit- thi
of tee shall have power and authority to 4
nIcd make such rules and regulations for its sh:
:ede own government as It may deem prop- tin
e er: to designate the kind and character the
ask- of buildings to be erected in the cor;or- a o
cial ate limits and tire district, and to
lcc- grant permits therefor; that the said
way committee shall have power to con- La
are denin all buildings or sheds which -
the they may deem unsafe within the cor
e to porate limits, and serve proper written
for notice for the removal of saud buildings St:
tion or sheds so condemned, or reqluirilng
tdi- the owners or agents of aid plroperty thi
the to place the same in good repair and P
safe condition within 30 days from the t,
ired service of said notice; and further em- thl
the pweivrin said comtuiittee to have said ti
condmehn ted property demolished on f
this failure of the owner thereof to do so at W
ason the expense of the owner of the saidl wi
out- property to be recovered before any
the court of competent jurisdiction; and to co
tton keep a record of all permits granted Ja
pay and other proceedings in a book to be In
any, provided by this board. th
rrom See. 5. Be it furlher ordained. That nl
for the entire corporate limits is hereby tic
road designated to he under the controlt of u
le of :., building comnnuittee in granting i
il t' permits for buildiutg, and no buildings ju
liver will be permitted to be erected in any of
)r W part of the corporate limits of the town t
ill ithout first obtaining a permit from a
Or- the building committee for that pur
Sthle pose a hIereiuafter designated.
lote Sec. 6. lie it further enacted, That t
o tly it shall be fhie dluty of all property
x of owers within the corporate limiits
wels, conteiplatlng the erection of buildings '
and l fore cotltmeuing, to apply and ob
Iat- talii from the building commniiittee a
will permuit, setting forth the kiiind of buill
catly ing they tlesire to erect andt the pur
trges Ipose for whichi it is to lie utstl. ault the
:en, alfIlincation shall be liledl with tlhe see- J
ic at ;'etar'y of this board to be stholitted to
the butlding commuittee tor their action. y
g us Sec. 7. lie it further ordained, 'IThat [
seive, the city marshal is hereby designated t
ipose and shall be known as thle lire warden
eople andl buihling inspector of the town of j
build Providence, La., with authority to in
elves spect all buildings and sheds within
;ould the fire district from time to time and
doie report their condition deemed by him
gI the dangeraus as to fire and unsafe as to .
eight iuman life to the bntildintg committee,
n mpe- and he shall also serve all notices or
other papers eminating from said com- j
have mittee, and perform all such other
ouge. duties required of him by them.
u veat Sec. 8. Be it further ordained, That (
soon all frame buildings now in the fire dis- 1
Itl * trict shall remain inttact except in so
to io far as their dangerous or unsafe con
I save dition may exist. and in the event of
easive their proving to be so after inspection
d a of by the city marshal, they shall be sub
town jected to the same condlitons as pre
-the scribed in section 4 of this ordinance;
lanta's but no buildings shall be removed from
where they are now located to any
other portion of the fire limits under
- each aind every person, corporation or
firms, violating any of the provisions
of the several sections of this ordinance
lliam shall be subject to arrest by the city
o1 the marshat upon complaint made, and
:ed they shall be brought before the mayor
for trial and upon proper proof and
22day conviction, they shall be fined for each
offense in a stim not less than $26.00
'itrlct. nor more than $100, and in default of
payment. imprisonment in the town
L, prison for not less than ten days nor
the penalties provided for in this or
See- 9. Be it further ordained. That
more than fifteen days for the first
iistrict offense; and for the second offense the
iians; fine shall be hot,.:e; in default of pay
istriot; ment the term of imprisonment shall
build- not exceed thirty calendar days.
re dis- Sec. 10. Be it further ordained,
ildings That this ordinance take effect from
noth- and after its passage, and that all or
noth- dianoes or pairts of ordinances which
areeted may be in conaict or upon the same
mbe s et matter. be and the same are
alle li j, BAMLEY, Mayor.
- ,eR- D, W1F. Osameu.f8leeretary
tof a Late Wjam cs, IA.. Nov. iS, 1897.
f A.a tOrcizazoe.
An ordinance prohibiting the owners
e of cattle (except calves) to allow them
e to run at large upon the streets of the
g town of Providence, La, requiring said
e owners to take them np; providing for
i. the impounding of all cattle (except
a calves) found upon the streets and side
g walks after dark and fixing fees to be
ie paid by the owners fur all violations
ir herein.
se Section 1. Be it ordained by the
e- Mayor & Board of Aldermen of the
in town of Providence, La.. in regularses
er sion convened. That it shall be unlaw
e fil for any and all persons to permit
l- their cattle (except calves) to run at
g- large upon the streets or side walks of
re the town after dark or during the night.
d Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That
it shall be the duty of all owners of cat
he tie to confine them within suitable en
he closures after dark and during the en
tr tire night (allowing however the calves
iet to be turned out and taken up in the
in morning.)
Sec. 3. The city marshal, who is
d. hereby designated as the pound keeper,
tin shall provide at his expense a suitabel
he lot enclosed for the purpose of im
ke pounding cattle taken up and found
ho running at large upon the streets or
to sidewalks of the town during the night,
ets for which he will receive as a compen
eet sation the fees hereinafter fixed by this
ice ordinance.
he Sec. 4. Be it further ordained.
ide That all cattle found upon the streets
ail or sidewalks of the town after dark
ict shall be driven into the pound by the
the city marshal or his assistant, for which
vi- he will be entitled to demand and re
ceive as penalties for all violations the.
hat sum of 50 cents each for every head of
or- cattle taken up by him or his assistant,
nv and 25 cents per day for each day they
or- may remain so impoundLd, which fees
tel shill be paid by the owners of the cat
ed, tie.
is See. 5. Bo it further ordained, If
or any of the cattle so implounded are not
hen .laimed on the 1st day, it shall be and
by it is hereby made the duty of the mar
ten shal or pound keeper, to give public
tcer notice to be posted in three of the most
the public places in the town of the im
poundinig of all cattle, giving a minute
'hat description setting forth all marks and
ects brands, and all cattle remaining in said
an- pound for a term not exceeding 8 days,
eni- not called for, will be advertised and
ap- sold by the city marshal or pound
two keeper, to pay all fees and expenses in
np.- cirr d while impounded.
cre- Sec. 6. Be it further ordained. That
gild- this ordinance take effect from and
ovi- after its passage and promulgation in
nit- the official journal. Le
to On motion of All. Beard, the mar- Vic
r its shal was ordered to notify Mr. Whit- bu
top- tington to remove his jackass outside 11
vter the corporate limits, It being cousidered ris
or- a nuisance.
I to E. J. HAMLEY, Mayor. Le
said D. W. GILMOUi. Secretary. Vi
con- Lake Providence, La.. Nov. 13. 1897. bu
itten I-- M
tngs State of Louisiana. parish of East Carroll. otl
rng Be it known and remembered, that on an
erty this 23dd day of November. A. D.. 1897. we. SI
a Edward II. Davis, J. N. Ilill and James G.
Pittman, members of the jury commission
the for East Carroll parish. Louistina, met at let
em- the office of J. S. Guenard, Clerk of the 7th
said District Court of Louisiana. and by reason At
I on thereof a member of the jury commission
for East Carroll parish. in the presence of
so at W. S. S.Maguire and T. B. Davis, competent m
said witnesses, for the purpose of drawing grand 24
any and petit jurors for the January ISiS crinl
iunal term of the lIon. 7th District Court,
d tcommencing on Monday. the 3rd day of in
unted January, 18its. and alter having supple
to be mented the general venire list with the A
'ames of those who had actually served at
the last termn of the said court, died, re- ut
That moved from the parish or become disqltali
-reiny tied. so as to keelp said general venire list
n1 of up to the original standard of 300 names.
we proceeded to draw first fifty names
.Liig therefrom to compose the grand and petit
ings jurors for tte first week of said term-one
any of said commission. viz: Jas. G. Pittman.
towi taking irom the general venire list, one at
a time, the names of 50 men as follows.
from hereto:
u- Said names were then placed in an enve- o
lope and the week for which they were
S drawv was endorsed thereon anti delivered
t to the Clerk for the use of the court; the
pirty folloWing are the names so drawn to-wit
i tits Ward. Ward.
dil John Colemnu, 3 Geo Ashbridge, 3
Allen Mitchell, 2 V M t'urdy, 3
oI t. A Brooks, 3 Mike Jones, 4
e a .lolin Webb 4 Henry Cedars 3
uil- W urney. : Henrv Weods. 8
\ .lt.Montgonmery, 3 Anderson Philipe s
hur Nathan Blrooke, 4 Len Troutman 2
Sthe L)Dudley T'hreat, 1 Lyn Brooks. 5
see- John Walker 4 Ivison Steadman. 3
ed to Silas Fulgum. jr., 3 John Miller, 3
,lirm Gwyn 3 Ahe Bass. 2
tion. Yancey Bell, 3 HI L D)eeson, 3
'Illat Harvey Dunn. 8 W A Newman, 1
nated Richnid Wrigbt 4 ILewis Mathews, 3
Brden B Strother. b Caleh Nowland, 5
Walton Dunu 5 Wm Horton. 2
n of John Wills. 3 C E Seghere. 3
o in- John Taylor, 4 W K Spurlock, 3
ithin Wm Mitchell, . Chris MeGinnis, 1
John Patterson. B James Nail, 2 1
antEd Washington, 3 Will Jones, I
hint Alex Johnson. 4 Wm Kelley, 3
as to Joe Gaigen. 5 J S Millikin. 3
S Lewis Carson, 8 Albert Haney. 2
Ittee, Parker Harris. 5 J )D Tompkins, 3
es or And in thie judgment of the commission a
com- jurv was necessary for a second week of
other said term of court, and in the same manner
the following person were drawn, to-wit:
Green RiHchards, 2 WVH B Kleeni, 2
'hiat (lien Irvin, 3 John W Biarbour, 3
e dis- Ben Springfield, 2 ME Massee.jr., 8
Gn so George Stone, 3 Wm Blanaseld, 2
Pat MeGuire, 3 Ben Brown, 2
con- Wm Rouns, 3 Mills Hayes, 2
tt of Killia Watson. S Joe W~ly, 1
ection Stepney Gray, 3 Shed Buckner, S
Ssub- Nelson 'rimus, 3 IIuglLhPowell. 3
Braxton House, 3 -as Humphreys. b
p re- V Gagaro, 3 OliverWashington, 3
ance;T J Gilliam, 3 Dick Hurd. 4
ufron J W Pittman, 3 Abe Bankers, 4
John Sianey, 4 Phil MeGuire. 3
Sany Henry Mayben. 5 Primus Perkins, 2
nndir Said 30 names were placed in an enve.
ion or lope, sealed and endorsed and placed in the
isions custody of the clerk for the use of said
n court. E. 11. Davis,
Scity J. G. Pittman,
, anti J. N. Hill.
Jury Commissioners.
mayo1 Attest: ,
If and T. B Davis,
in each W.8. Maguire. GUENAR.
SClerk 7th Dist. Court and ex- .ui,, Jury
cl ommlssoner.
s nor succession cale.
Succession of Elijab Phillipe, Dec'd.
. That Seventh District Court, for East Carrol!
N first Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
se the a writ ot Sale issued to me in the above
f pay- stvled successfon, I will sell at public sue
tion at the front door of the Court Bouse
on the Ilth day of December, 1807, between
the hours prescribed by law, all the right.
lae tittle and interest of the Suecesesion of
t Ehljah Phillips, de'd.. n and unto the fol
lowing deserlbed property sIltuated in Eaut
ail or- Carroll parish. Louisiana. to-wit:
which The North-west quarter of the South-.
east quarter of Section Three, Townshitp
Twenty North. Range Twelve Est, with
meall the building and improvements there
on, containin forty [crea.
o Terms of a esb accordig law.
W. .MONT(8
1897., Provdeaee, La., NoYember
I Lake aud Lýw. Uwetm, LlEU
1, nRO mo oCE, SA,
Dealer Ia
The nest line of Clothing arried in the eity. Ladise Drm Goods
I 9 gat, Oapse. Boots and Shoe., Xacbintohse and Hunting Cots; Trnks,
CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere:
3. £. NSDELs I. HAMaI.
e. IL aAIB 8.a esfa?
The Providence Lumber Co.,
,f (Laturram
Y fpITELa sTOCK * *b,000.
t DEA1zas s
d Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and
c Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
t and Barrel Heads.
t OORReESPODEWE BOIJCITED Lake Providence, La. :
EFFECT NOV. 28, 1897.
Train No. 5. (Southern Express.)
,eaves Memphis 9:05 p. m.; arrives
ricksburg 4:05 a. mi.; Leaves Vicks
urg 4:15 a. m.; Arrives New Orleans
1:30 a. m. (No. 5 connects at Har
iston with train to Natchez.)
Train No. 6. (Northern Express.)
[eaves New Orleans 4:20 p. m.; Arrives
Vicksburg 11:50 p. m.; Leave Vicks
urg 12:01 a. Ic.; Artive Memphis
T:05 a. m. (No. 6 connects at H;,r
riston with train to Natchez and at
Memphls with fast Illinois Central and
other trains to all points. Trains 5
and 6 carry through Vestibuled, Palace
Sleeping Cars between New Orleans
and Kansas City and between New Or
leans and Vicksburg.)
Train 23 leaves Memphis 8:45 a. mi.;
Arrives Vicksburg 6:45 p. inm.
Train 24 leaves Vicksburg 8:00 a.
m.; Arrives Memphis 6:10 p. nim. (No.
24 connects at Rolling Fork for Green
ville and all points on Riverside Divis
Train 21 leaves Vicksburg 8:00 a. m.;
Arrives New Orleans 5:30 p. in. (Con
necting at Harriston for Natchez. )
Train 22 leaves New Orleans 8:20 a.
im.: Arrives Vicksburg 5:55 p. m. (Con
necting at llarriston for Natchez)
All trains run daily.
For information regarding tickets,
rates, routes and schedules, write,
D. P. A.. Memphis, Tenn.
Or. Ticket Agent Y. & M. V. R.R..
Vicksburg, Miss.
Lake Providence lIi
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, w, Plain and Orna
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Orde,
april 13-89-1V1
Chas. Swofford,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging,
Lake Providence, La.
TeRAD MaInas
Anyione siand a sketch and desedton clgmay
fninIon us otbaur opinion f omeetu
sent fre oldest ageozfor .scur , pa.n
Piitake tab M[n & reoeive
A hadsomely tUstrated weekly. Jwnod dir
culation of any e esd nt u foL a nT wm .. a_
veor toot months $1 by aln nsades
u Ocs.. In r Si.. W..heto. D.
For lIelenai, Greenville, Lake Prvo
dence, Vicksburg, and All
Way Landings-
f The Swift and klegant Steamer
In Place of Bald Eagle.
h A. L. Couxnrs, L. P.Cuvpas
Master, Clerk.
Leaves every Wednesayt pa..
Pasing Lae Providence on Frida noon .dob
down and poes s natuidey a win ge[tnga
Pt e f onFrov.Wtia so fleburg Urm
The Only Family GROCERY,
* *
Dealer in Fine Family Groceris and all kinds of Fite
S-and Nuts., Met, Meal and Flour, Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
* Hay, Corn and Osts. Fine Keg Beer.
S. W. GREEN, t
Cor. Lake and Churoh te , Lake ProvidenOce,
.... DEALEE IT....
SClothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, Groceries and Plantatioa Supplies.
Wines, Lioquors and Cgars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
SLeuwee St, Lake Providenoe, Lam,
Floor, Met and Meal. Wines, Liquors and Olg+e. A
Obe p and Fires-clm Grooery House.
ImIOOIi [email protected]
........... VICG Iws...·r, ........
-Maanusotuers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for price before purohan elsewhere
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Coton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, LouIsiana.
Havin sacquired the Davis Addition
to the Town of Providence and the
field immediately adjoining the town.
I offer the same for sale at from $16 to
$50 peg lt according to location.
Titles perfeet.
Lake Providence, La.
Z=CR6Z, 3Rse iR
AamLe BlOc Company
Is now ready withb a line lot of lirick
for sale for cash. Prices to snit the
times. Call at offce of Company, No.
6 Levee street. for prices.
JNO. W. COOKE, Manager.
Lake Prorldeuee, La.

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