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,.-- J
Saturday, December 4, 1897.
Practicing Physician,
bOfce at Campbell & Chase Drun
Store on Levee street.
Local and Parish News.
Delony Oece, next to Postoice.
g"When in need of something nice
go to Maguire & Schneider.
Democrats, register.
Services at the churches to-morrow,
Oysters at the Gardham restaurant,
Trade in town on Monday was good.
Guenard's Christmas display is on
Last Sunday was a rainy, disagree.
able day.
Clover brand shoes are sold with
a guarantee.
The registrar of voters has a notice
in another column.
Mr. JoLn Montgomery is the latest
to have a new bicycle.
Dr. Mitchell, our dentist, is getting
all the work that he can do.
Several arrests were made by the
marshals on Saturday night.
Tell your friends about the Xmas
goods at Guenard's drug store.
There will be bales and bales of cot
ton that will be left in the field.
The trade rushes to White's, the
cheap cash store of Providence.
Charley Whlttington's livery stable
is the rendezvous for stock men.
Assistant State engineer White
arrived from New Orleans on Tuesday.
We are into December, and the holi.
days will be upon us before we realize
The city law makers met on Wed.
nesday evening In regular monthly sesc
Cotton continues to accumulate on
the banks of the river, waiting for ,itct
Dr. Askew will remain for one week
longer. lie can be found at the Egelly
A large freight was received from
St. Louis on Friday last by our mer
The East Carroll Guards should not
forget that to-morrow is quarterly
Mr. Robt. Kennedy left on Monday
for the State University at Baton
The amount of whiskey drank by
the colored people in our parish is
There were some few who failed to
vote at the primaries on Monday.
They forgot I
Ground was broken on Monday for
the two story brick building of Mr. J.
W. Pittn,an.
The lion. Police Jury will meet next
Wednesday for the transaction of
regular buslacess.
Rev. Father Mabhe returned from
Madison parish Tuesday morning.
Services to-morrow.
Politics make strange bed fellows,
it is true; but some fellows ought not
to get mad about it.
The trade from across the river has
been burt very much by the ferrymen
raising the price to 0Octs.
Send us In your advertisementsa
There is not a store in town that
should not give us au ad.
Our popular friend, Col. P. D.
Qnays, will please accept our thanks
for a large sack of yellow yams.
Messrs. Franklin and McCulloch,
levee contractors, have a large force at
work on the Donna Vista levee.
For several hours on Sunday last it
looked like snow, and a great many
thought we were going to get it.
Mr. Dave Parker, one of the popular
drummers on the road, was in town
this week, and sold lots of goods.
It is important that all Knights of
Pythisu should attend the meeting on
Tuesday lnight next. Be on hand.
The mercury was down to 32 on
Tuesday morning. The ground was
frozen, and there was plenty of lee.
Max Levy is knocking the spots out
of these back date stores. lie Invitei
the people to call and see him throukh
the paper.
It is very much regretted that Mr.
Pittman did not tear down the old
buildlangs inlstead of moving them back
on his lot.
Clover brand shoes are guaranteed
by W. N. White. It is the only shoe
that can be guaranutded. It pays to buy
these shoes.
Cotton down to about 6bets and seed
bringing only $4.00 per ton, ain't a
vary encouraging outlook for the cot
ton plauter.
Hon. J. E. Ranadell and Mayor E.
J. IHaley went down to Vicksburg
on Tuesday aight. They returned
yesterday morning.
Mrs. Phil Long Is now with Mr.
Long at Delta. Mr. Long will be
there all wnlater saupervising the build
Ing of the Bigg levee.
Mr. Dan Searle., who made hisb
eeond trip to or town left on Mon
day. II sold a large amount of
dolethi mesnd artaklnga
SThe Provieoe IAmber Co., will be
reedy to start up I ae few wek.
They bave nearly a millis feet o nthe
abad4 to beasedn :p
As a yearbV adF 4oose a
~uany hen fliing I
Manes., splaidI bs b
aIAlli the necessary ingroedants for
fruit cakes can be found at Maguire &
It rained almost the whole of Wed
uesday night and off and on during
Thursday. It has put a stop to cotton
picking, and there is no telling when
picking can be resumed. We are
afraid that the good weather is no
The steamer City of Savannah
brought down from Memphis on Fri
day last one of the largest freights ever
put off at our landings by a Memphis
packet. Memphis is evidently cutting
luto the trade of other cities.
The "Bell of the Bends" is rather a
long name" for the boat now being
built by the Hlowards for the Vicks.
burg and Greenville Packet Co., and
we suggest the name of "Providence"
for the new boat. This is the name to
give her.
Dr. W. D. Bell slipped away to Texas
last week without tolling us where he
was going. The Doctor went over to
Sherman, Texas, to visit a brother,
who he has not seen for several years.
We hope he has a good old time and a
safe return home.
Two colored women got into a
hair-pulling scrape on Saturday night.
They made cabbage, apples and every
thing else fly that they could get their
hands on. They were separated after
they had been at it for sometime, but
not before they had made the fur fly.
Cotton seed took a tumble last week.
and are now bringing the meazely
price of $4.00 per ton. There are
plenty of farmers who are hauling cot
ton seed and selling them at this paice.
It would be better for them to put the
seed back on the ground than to take
$4.00 per ton.
Our subscribers will please remem
ber that we will call on them in a few
weeks for the amount of their sub
scription. The paper has been taken
to their place of business the entire
year, and they should not put us off
with an excuse. So have the amount
ready when we call.
Aunt Louisa Burton, another one of
our good old colored people has
passed over to the unknown beyond.
The old lady was highly respected by
the white people of our town and
there were many regrets at her demire.
tier funeral was largely attended on
Saturday morning last.
Mr. J. S. Gueuard has the handsom
est line of Christmas goods ever
brought to our town, and those who
wish to make purchases should do so
now. Mr. Guenard will take pleasure
in putting aside any article purchased,
which can be called for at any time.
Drop in at:d see the handsome line.
l'The Irish Grocery Co., take the
cake when it comes to a neat attractive
To-morrow is the day set for the
quarterly muster of the East Carroll
Guards, and it is urgently requested
that as many members as possible
should be present. Turn out boys and
make a good showing. This is an or
ganization that should be kept up, and
we hope that there will be new life put
into it.
We call the attention of the travel
ing public to the change iu the sched
ule of the Y. & M. V. R. R. It is com.
plete and all the Information needed
can be found in this schedule. Call on
Mr. W. D. Brent, city ticket agent
Vicksburg, who will take pleasure in
assisting you in every way.
Mr. T. F. Montgomery, who has been
out for the past ten days on the survey
of the Lake Providence and Western
Railway, returned on Monday evening.
lie went through to Mer Rouge, arriv.
uing at that place on Saturday evening.
lie told us that he found the distance
from Lake Providence to Mer Rouge
to be thirty-eight miles.
It must be gratliftying to the mem
bers of the Fifth District Levee Board
to know that the bonds of the Fifth
Levee District are above par, and that
101 1-2 was bid for these bouds but
refused, 108 being asked. The floods
of last season do not seem to have any
effect upon these securities, atd it
shows that there is no trouble in dis
posing of the bonds at a good figure.
Mr. Fred Shelds has purchased a
half interest in the livery business
from Mr. O. J. Hlurley, and these young
gentlemen have formed a partnershilp,
aud will run a first class stable. They
are both popular with the traveling
public, and their many friends wish
them success. Fred has taken off his
t"kids" and has gotten right down to it,
which is the only way to do in that
kind of bnslness.
Mr. Barn's of Greenville, the gentle
man who has the contract for the erec
lion of the two story brick buiding
for Mr. J. W. Pittmanp, arrived on
Monday morning, and by t1 o'oLek
bad a gang of men at wrl dlearlng
the ground for the foundatioao. He
beeow the foundation Idlahed, aend
n Monday wll tarts on t(be wanl
The belidlng li to be eompeited by the
umiddle ..eUnay, and when £PIsh
m.I F ,d (trn l ans m tilanio -
4l~bjiave tU ew~uue-1
V& Snk.te9UfO9
The Democratic primaries for the
selection of nine delegates to the parish
convention was held in the different
wards of the parish on Monday, and
on account of the harmony existing
among the Democrats in East Carroll,
there was one ticket voted, which
was the cause bf only about halfa vote
being brought out.
The convention met yesterday and
selected five delegates to the conven
tion that meets at Baton Rouge on the
lion. Joe. E. Ranedell was selected
to represent the parish of East Carroll
in the Constitutional Convention, an
honor which we know he appreciates,
coming as It does without any opposi
tion from the Democrats of his parihb.
Mr. Rausdell will take a leading part
in framing the new constitution, and
we are satisfied that the people will
have no regrets at their selection.
Mr. Chas. W. Brown, an industrious
hard working white man who has been
working for Mr. T. J. Gilliam on Way
a-Way plantation for the past ten
years, was found dead in his bed on
Wednesday morning, having died with
out a struggle during the night. ile
had heart disease, and this was what
carried him off. Mr. Gilliam informed
us that he has no relatives that he
knows of, but that he may have some
in Illinois, where he came from. There
was nothing found on him and no let
ters of any kind were found among his
effects, but Mr. Gilliam says that he
was a very saving man and that he
must have money somewhere. Ills re
mains were laid away in the Provi
dence Cemetery on Wednesday even
This Cool Weather
is the best underwear salesman we
It reminds you daily that a change
from Summer to Fall weight would
add to your comfort.
No matter whether your taste turns
to heavy cotton or light wool.
Our business is to please you fio
matter whether you want Clothing,
Hlate or Furnishings for yourself or
your boy.
Money back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt atten
Vicksburg, Miss.
Solomon Northan, the white man
who shot and killed Jessie Russell at
Hlolly Brook landing about three
weeks ago, had a preliminary exam
ination on Monday before Ills honor,
Judge F. F. Montgomery, and was
admitted to bail in the sum of $100.
There is no doubt but the old man
killed Russell in self defense. We
can't think that a man 77 years old
would take the life of another without
just cause, and we believe that he will
have no trouble in proving that he was
We call the attention of the trade of
our town and surrounding country to
the local advertisements in this issue of
the grocery firm of Maguire& Schneid
er. This firm is young in business
but are up-to-date in the grocery busi
ress, and are now stocked with one of
the finest lines of Christmas goods ever I
brought to Providence.
.ipSam O'Sullivan is ready and
willing to dish out your wan's at Ma
guire & Schneider's. c
Our old friend John DeLauny is a
running the Tampa Daily News. and 6
his name heads the column as editor
and proprietor. It is a fine little
,aper full of news, antd we wish him I
and his paper much success. t
The firm of Spiarse & Co., doing busl
ness at WVilson Point, was closed by at- b
tachment on Sunday last. We hope d
that the young men composing the firm o
can fix up their taffairs so that they can i
resume business.
The burning ol the lumber of the
Provideuce Lumber Co., will put a stop 1
o the buildings going on in West
Providence for a short time. There
are fifteen or twenty houses to be V
The steamer Memphis, a nice com
ortable little steamer, is now running f
between Vicksburg and Providence.
n connection with the Vicksbnrg &
Greeuville Packet Co's. boats.
Providence can now boast of aa
Chlinee lanudry. Thisis something that
has been very much needed in our (I
own and we hope the Celestial will be l
liberally patronised. a
Charley Whittington .sold several
horses at auction on Saturday last. s
Some very good horses were sold d
heap. They were mostly purchuased
by colored people.
Jake Mares, of the frm of Gallan- d
ey & Maresc, has a good busines it
West Carroll, and goes out to that
perish with a leaded wagon every 0
Monday morniang.
Mr. WI. Murphy, a .promihent at
orney of Tilulatsb, was a vitor to
own fotr two or three days last week. p
ae retrned on 6anday mortning by
,seity sr'ala ehonid stop the
remidl of. prvate I~aso acro the
a etit-e·Min pah. )A rwatrr to staid
--We have just received
from the Manufacturers a
splendid line of these goods.
The material and general
make-up of these garments
will surely please you, and
the prices are low for the
SKIRTS, 60cts to $1.75.
GOWNS, 75cts to $1.75.
CHEMISE, 45cts to 75cts.
DRAWERS, 25ets to 75Tts.
CORSET COVERS, 35cts to 60Ots.
Xmas Goods arl n at.......
Japanese Hand Painted Articles.
Garwood's Fine Perfumes.
Fine line of Fancy Candies.
8iOur new and up-to-date stock of XMAS GOODS has never been
equaled. Better purchase now; we will gladly lay uslde, until called for,
any article you might select for future delivery.
'a-Maguire & Schneider have the
most complete stock of groceries in
At 40cts per bale. Call on Mr. Geo.
Ashbridge at W. P. Burney's
Mr. Charley Wyly was receiving the
congratulations of his many friends on
Monday on account of the arrival of a
sweet little angel girl at his home on
The Monroe Bulletin in an editorial
in its last issue under the heading of
the 'Monroe Railway and Construc
tion Co-," says:
This is a home company of Monroe's
best business men who propose to
develop Monroe by building a number
of branch railroads from this city.
Four roads have been mentioned, to
1st. A road to Farmerville.
2nd. A road to Lake Providence via
Island DeSiard and Bastrop.
3rd. A road to Natchitoches.
4th. A road to St. Joseph via
It is contemplated that this road will
be rimmediately extended north-east
from Monroe to Lake Providence,
thereby giving us another advanta
geous opening for trade. This, how
ever, is a future matter, as all energies
are now devoted to building the
Natchitoches road, and the company is
determined not ,:to be diverted from
this purpose by any cause. 'One thing
at a time' is their motto."
Thursday ev ing at the Palace
stables Mr. W. C. McRae was knockec
down and run over by a mule and had
his collar bone broken. We regret
that Mr. McRae met with tbis acci
dent, and we hope that it will be only
a few days when he will be able to be
Registration Notice.
I will be at the following places for tle
purpose of re~gtteri all voters
Nteholson's store, Tsday. Dee. thb.
Athertsm store, *edesday, Dec. ath.
Paneol store, Thursday Dee. th.b,
Robertdale, rday, DIe. 10tb.
Moaticell, I , .Dee.'fth. -
I will thea l, r beLksaopes .at the
elrko oe.C. i
I kindly solicit the patronage of the
public in my lineof assorted Grocer
ies, Restaurant and Bakery, next
door to M. Landsworth's first class
dry goods store.
Office of Chas. L Egelly. Superintendent
of Education, Parish of Esat Carroll, Lake
Providence. La., Nov.- 17th, 1817.-An ex
amination for the parpose of selecting 12
teachers for the colored schools of the
parish will be held at my office on the lst
Monday in December. Examinations will
be in the second and third grades. In
order to obtain a 8rd grade certificate the
applicant must be gound competent to
teach spelling, reading, primary, metal
arithmetic, rudimenti of practical aritbme
tic through fractions and simple interest,
elementary geography, primary language
lessons and laws of health.
To obtain a second grade certificate the
applicant must be found competent to teach
arithmetic, geograpy. English grammar and
composition, United States History. ele
ments of natural philsophy, and elements
of physicfology.
All papers must be'written with ink and
not pencils.
The examination will commence at 9
o'clock a. m.. and applicants are requested
to be prompt in their attendance on the
day named. An average of 0 per cent will
be required to obtain a second grade certl
fieate or 60 per cent to obtain a third grade
certificate upon the studies enumerated in
the second grade, and 80 per cent to obtain
a third grade certificate on branches ofthat
Providence, La.. November 20th. 1897.
Sherirs Sale.
State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll,
Seven District Court.-La. Nat. Bank
versus Widow and Heirs of Henry
Davis. dec'd.--No. 403.
By virtue of a writ of Seizure and Sale to
me directed by the Honorable Seventh Die
trict Court for the parish of East Carroll
aforesaid. In the above entitled emase, I
will proceed to sell at public auetion, as the
door of the Court House. in the town of
Providence. East Carroll parish, La., on
Saturday, the 18th day of Dece.ber, 181
between the bours preseesbed by law, all
the right, title and interest of the Widow
and Heirs of Henry Davis, is and to the Il
lowing described property, to-wit:
Sixty aeret of laed to be taken from the
North-western portion of See. 14, T. 90, N.
_. 1 B., situated in East Carrol perish,
Louisiana, and more fully desenrbed as tol.
lows: Beginning at the N. W. corner of
Sec. 14 at a press tree marked;T. tI. X.
B. 19 E. Thence ast S- 100 chains,
thesee soutbS 61-w ebhains, theses West
0 51.10 chasms. thence North 3l96640
shalas to liese of begiuiag, s to etw
prise lty asres as above st o--ndes
to the above a iLa .
Trenseet sele-bit wit .-elii
For Sale.
The elegant residence known as the
Jenkins house, now occupied by
W. C. MoRae, on easy terms with
moderate cash payment. This is
a snap for aipme one.
Keller Residence, corner First and
Hood streets. Has 8 nice rooms,
kitchen, cow house, etc. This is
one of the most desirable residen
oes in Providence. Will be sold
A Residence in Fauxburg Arling
ton, with 6 rooms and large plat
of ground. Has good paying ten
The Waddill Plantation, about 600
acres; one of the finest plaees in
the parish-near line of projected
a front of two chains and sixty-six links. on
the lake road, next to the property of Mr.
J.C Bass. This is beyond a doubt the
finest five acre buiding lot in East Carroll
A pair of nice matched ponies.
Three or four nice saddle mares.
Two buggies.
Four mowing machines.
For terms &e., apply to
Real Estate Agents, Lake Provi
denoe, La.
g All correspondence answered promptly
Billiard & Pool Room Parlor,
PHIL M'CUIRE, Proprietor,
Next to Max Levy'. Big Clothing Storg,
.E Lake Pxowidenoe, s Loutiiana, u
Choicest brands of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, C.gare and To
baooo. Keep on hand; Live Oak, pure Rye; Memphis Club,
pure Bye; L T. Rippey, exported and reimported; J. E. Pepper,
hand-made sour mash Bourbcn; Jookey Club, hand-made sour
mash; Melwood, pure Bourbon, spring '91; Robinson County, _,
pure Bye; Beechwood, pure Bye.
Case Goods, full quarts-Old Bourbon, 20 years old; W. H.
MoBrayer, Old Taylor, the -ream of Irish whiskey in jugs, im
ported; Windeon Club 1880. This is the aboioest and most select
stock of this class of goods ever brought to this market. No ez
tra charge for jugs.
Anheuser-Busch Keg Beer 
T. J. Powell,
Levee Street, Lake Providence, Lousiana,
.... DEALER INI....
Fine Clothing, Hats, Caps,
and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises. Ladies',
Misses, Children's sad Men's Shoes. Overshoes e al Orsoom
ies and Plantation supplies.
I am now prepared to fill all orders for
in a prompt and satisfactory manner at lowest prices for CAH. Get my
prices before purchasing elsewhere. No lumber is shipped from my mill,
My Cotton Gin is the complete Monger system, and my ginning rates
are very low.
8i0A liberal share of the public patronge is solicited.
Respectfully, H. C. McGUIRE.
Guenard Drug. Store
3. S. G-v mAI t L1D, Proprietor
A General Assortment of Pure
Fresh Drugs Always on.~ Easad :
SFilling Preseriptiona a specialty by an experienced and duly
- licensed Pharma lst
Paintmer Supplies of all kiads.
Toilet .and Fancy Articles. Pore Candies.
Landreth's Garden Seed, -
Vicksburg and Greenville Facket Ge.
Carrying U. S. Mail.
Steamers RUTH and ANNIE
Schedule Taking Effect Monday,
Nov. 8th, 1897.
Str. Ruth. - A. F. Nimis. Master.
Leaves every Monday and Thursday
at 1 p. m.
Str. Annie Laurie, T. V. De La luant,
Leaves every Wednesday and Satur.
day at 1 p. m.
Str. Atlanta, M. G. Smith, Master
Leaves every Tuesday and Friday at
9 a m. carrying lig ht freights and pas
sengers for Lake Providence and all
way landings.
P. 8.-This schedule in effect until
furtber notice.
Fall and Winter Samples.
Mr. Walter Goodwin wishes us to
say that he has just received his new
line of Fall and Winter samples,
and invites his friends to call and take
a look at them. On account of the
newtariff, clothes are much cheaper.
Yap Flannel, the latest in dress
goods. A fine line of Ladles lats, at

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