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Pubitshcr and Proprietor.
Saturday, December 11, 1897.
The Populist and Republicans
have combined. Thiz combination
makes a pretty kettle of fish.
New Orleans sent a batch of fitly
convicts up to Baton Rouge on Sat
urday last. 'I his was an extra large
-r-- w- -
Congress convened on Monday
last. Will McKinley be strong
enough to keep back the unanimous
sentiment in favor of recognizing the
belligerency of Cuba'
President A. D. Lane, of the
American Cotton Growers' Protec
tive Association, has called a con
vention of cotton growers in Mem
phis for December 20th.
The Chicago Chronicle says that
"it may be just as well to say as lit
tle as possible about Southern lynch
ing so long as women are being flog
ged rearly to death by Ohio white
Last week a vessel started for the
Klondyke country with nothing on
board except billiard balls and
whiskey for the starving thousands,
who are now crying for bread and
The national government will not
interfere with the State authorities of
Louisi.na in the levee muddle threat
cned at Algiers, opposite New Or
leans. This was right, and the levee
board of that district will build the
levee as they think best.
The Republican. State Central
Committee met in New Orleans last
week. The Committee was bossed
by Demas, who scalped Kellogg,
Coleman and others. Dusson. the
ntisertble white renegade of Acadia
parish, was there and played second
fiddle to Demns.
The ticket nominated by the Popu
lists at Monroe is fast going to pieces.
Already three of the gentlemen have
refused to allow their names to re
main on the ticket, and have notified
the chairman that they couldn't
stomach such hash. It is reported
that several more will do likewise.
St. Landry parish must be a terri
ble place for crime. The Opelousas
Courier says that twenty convicts
were taken to the penitentiary a few
(lays ago, convicted at the last term
of court, that cost the parish 8$,800,
and. that there are as many more in
jail awaiting trial. The parishes of
Tangipaho and St. Landry are a dis
grace to the Stale.
The '"ward hoodlums" of New Or
leans are somewhat- surprising the
''silk stocking brigade" by putting
forward the leading men in the city
as their.choice for the Constitutional
Convention. These "wardl bosses"
may work for self-interest, (who
is it that dloes not do it), but they
have always been found true to the
Democratic party and its success,
one thing that can't be said of the
crowd of fraud reformers, known as
the Citizens' League.
Mr. R. M. Richardson, of New
Orleans, while in Charleston, S. C.,
aaid that "hundreds and hundreds of
yellow fever cases occurring in New
Orleans were never reported to the
health officers, or, at least, were
-ever reported by those officials to
the public." Mr. Richardson has
been roasted pretty severely by the
press of the city, and say that he did
not tell the truth. All the same,
every person hying outside of the
erescent City believe that not half
of the cties were.ever reported.
Col McGrath, tihe veteran editor
tof the Baton Rouge Truth, says that
"oe of the acts of the new constitu
,tion should be to separate the office
aof sheriff and tax co ctoo and the
ofbiee of clerk a ea~der, and
make them as they '~re a few years
ago. He says that "with a separa
tion and division of public offices the
people are better served, political
aombinationa are more diffeult of
o-nsummation and the power of
pjhltical rings weakened, and for
tbas and other reasons to be fr.
fuBed hereafter, Tirath favors a re
turn to the old method of conducting
poblie alirs." Thsl may do for
saomq paulebe,.bat we know that in
he p~rish of East Carroll there
iQsld ot be enough made to balt
iheu )'l expesee out of tij
iitt if thly were dlrided as .e
,+eqr 5 s1. W. -o't
i cWwlh~ras9 w go this tr
1P a v,.f lee
.., *
Lake Providence, La., Dec. 3rd. 19;.
The Parish (Coivention met this
day at 3:30 o'clock at. the court
house for the purpose of selecting
five delegates to represent the parish
of East Carroll in the Baton Rouge
convention to be he:l on December
9th, 1I37.
It was organized by the election
of Mr. J.. . G:lenard. chairman and
James Beard as secretary.
The followiugo resolution, were
unanin;ously adopted:
Resolved, That the Democracy of
East Carroll in convention assemble
heartily endorse the administration
of Gov. Foster; and points with
pride the generally prosperous and
happy condition of our people in
spite of the disasters during the past
two years of drouth, flood and
Resolved, That we view the conm
ing Constitutional Convention as
the most important move towards
our moral and material elevation
ever taken since we joined the sister
hood of States;
Resolved, That in our opinion the
suffrage question should be settled
if fossible, before any other is acted
upou, and substantially on the plan
now existing in Mississippi, which
we regard a- most excellent;
Resolved, That our judicial sys.
tent is too cumbersome, expensive
and unsatisfactory; and we hereby
request our delegate to the conven
tion to work for radical changes
therein so as to secure a more
prompt and less expensive admmnis
tration of justice.
The following named delegates
(five) were selected to represent this
parish in the couvention to be held
in Baton Rouge, La., Dec. 9tbh,
Robt. Nicholson, first ward; W.
II. Benjamin, second ward; J. E.
Ransdell, third ward; P. I). Quays,
fourth ward; E. II. Daivs, lifth
Resolved, That the vote of this
parish in the convention on the 9th
instant, be cast as a unit by a ma.
jority of the delegates present, and
that no pIoxis bhe allowed.
J.JMl,:" Bi~Aun, Secty.
Lake Pruviid,:nce, 1.., Dec. 191897.
The lion. Ma:,y, r and! Bc:lrd of Alder
ine n~et this eve at 7 o'clock in reg
i'r.sent--HIon. C( It. 1,elly'. acting
Mayo A nlern'n V. M. Purdy. N.
,',uss:e, R. L. Hill and D. W..(Giimour
seret ary.
Aubseit-tHon. E. J. Ilamley, Mayor.
The reading of the minutes of the
previous meetitng Was, on motion of
Alderman Pu'rdy, dispensed with, and
the Mayor nutholized tQ sign same
as recorded.
The Finance Committee fihed the fol
lowing report, which was read and
adopted, towit :
Lake Providence. La., Dec 1, 18i7.
Te the Hon. Mayor and Itoard--We. your
Finance Comlittee. beg leave to report
that we have examnined the aeports of the
Treasurer and City Marihal -respec:lvly,
for the amouth of November, which we find
correct, supported by proper vouchers and
recommend their approval.
From the Treasurer's report we find that
hie had on hand at date of last report, Nov.
3, 18,9-
A cash balance on hand of ......... $200 34
Received since account of fines..... i75 (t
Taxes 1897.......................... 137 a,.
Licensee 1897 ...................... 19 00
Quarantine loan ................... 300 00
That he has disbursed for ·,1"' y
purposes as per warran!,; .. 515 25
Leaving a cash balance orf .........8322 0f
The report of marshal an. ... : collector
shows that le has cnlltate, oc.:. pail over
to the Treasurer the inm of :I .0Oa.coilected
by him during the month of Nov mber, as
shown in report of the Treasurer.
We have examined, approved and re
comnuend payment of the following claims
preseahted against the mown:
i ~ F Peek, salary for November......30 ct0
I'urdy & Schneider, sundrics........ 14 01
N Founse.erupting and tilling cisterns 12 00
V (Ganrgaro, night margala............ 10 00
Sallite )Icowen, feeding prisoners.. 5 8,
Banner-Democrat, j printing to Sept
30(, '97 ................... ......... 21 50
$i13 39
Ilespectlully aubmitted,
V. Mi. Purdy,
James Blard,
C. Rt. Egelly,
Finance Com.
A petition signed by a large num
ber of the citizens of the town was
presented andl read to the board, ask
ing that they repeal an ordinance
known as thae"Cow Ordinance;" where
upon Alt. Eiirdy offered the following
resolution, which was adopted by a
majority of the boardt, to-wit:
Whereas. The "*Cow Ordinance"
adopted Nov. 3, 1897, appears to'bo
obnoiious to a large number of the
taz.payers of the town. and having
been brotggt to our notice by petition,
therefore be it ordained, that the said
ordinsance be and the same is hereby
Ald..Hill voted against the repealing
of the above orainance.
On motion of Aild. Fousse, Aid.
Egelly was autihorized to correspond
with A. I). Claark in regard to freight
rates on sewer pipe to this place.
The marshal stated to the board that
some way ought to be provitded fr the
heating of tihe coporation jail; where
upon Ald.Beard moved that Aid. Fousse
tbe employed to fix a recess for the
heating of the coporation jail and that
hle be paid $25.00 for some.
On motion. Aid. Hill was author.
ized to purchase a suitable store for
that purpose, and the marshal was in
structed to erect a few bunks in the
corporation jail.
There ixeing no further business the
board adjourned.
C. R. EGELLY. Acting Mayor.
D. W. Gu.Lnoun, Secretary.
Nw Tear Dinne.
The ladies of Grace Church Rectory
clety will give their annual New Year
dinser, Dec. latC, 180:'?, at the Armory Hall,
froma 18 to 4 p, m, Dinner, IaclUding d.esert
and cole., 5ecte.
We respeoefllly o~lct the patromage of
" 8 V.M . . K URDY, Predent.L
at~. W 8. M. Y gultz. 8ect'y.
heev14aece, La,, 1)csabe 11 180.
a * * * * * *
J.N. Hill&Bro.,
Keep the best of everything.
Their new line of M ILLIER Y is simply
Their Dress Goods are nohbby and up to
Their Shoe stock is always their especial
Their Grocery Store is always the best
place to go to satify the wants of the
inner roan.
For the thirteenth year the Colum
bia Iad CalenIdar makes its appearance
prompily on time for 1898, and while
its general style ia of the sane faamiliar
character, the Inauv bright thoughts it
contains, contributed by its friends in
many parts of the country, as well as
abroad, are ncw, and will be appreci
ated by all who take an interest in
bicycling, healthful exercise and good
The 1898 Columbia Pad Calendar
contains a convenient arrangement of
dates that will prove useful to busy
men, and as plenty of space is reserved
for memorauda, the pad may be used
as a diary and as a renminder for busi
iess appointments and obligations. It
is neat in appearance, takes up but
little room and is bot h ornamental and
useful for the dcask, while its stand Is
of such character that it may be used
her upon the deck or hung upon the
The moon's phases are Indicated in
the Calendar for the benefit of those
who wish to have this information.
T'he calendar is ready for distribution
and all orders for it will be filled upon
the day of receipt. It can be obtained
by mail pre-paid for five Iwo-cent
stamps by addressing the Calendar
Department of the Pope Manufactur
iug Cormpany, lHartford, Conun.
Demnas is now at the head of the
Populist-Republican party in Louis
Succession Notice.
Notice is hereby given that T.J, Gilliam
has applied to be appointed curator of the
Succession of Charles W. Brown, deceased.
If no opposition be made within 10 days he
will be appointed as prayed for.
lone and signed at chambers this 2d day
of December. 1897.
Judge 7th, Jud. District.
A true copy.
Clerk 7th District Court.
Providence, La., December 4th, b197.-3t.
Registration Notice.
I will be at the following places for the
purpose ol registering all voters:
Nicholson's store, Tuesday. Dec. 7th.
Atherton store, Wednesday. Drc. 8th.
Panola store. Thursday, Dec. 9th.
Robertdale, Friday, Dec. 10th.
Monticella, Monday, Dec. 13th.
I will then keep the books open at the
cierks office.
W. C. McRAE.
Registrar Voters.
Providecnee, La.. Decenmer 4th, :91T7.
Sherif's Sale.
State of Louifaana, parish of East Carroll.
Seven District Court.-La. Nat. Bank
versus Widow and Heirs of Henry
Davis, dee'd.-No. 403.
By virtue of a writ of Seizure and Sale to
me directed by the Honorable Seventh Dis
trict Court for the parish of East Carroll
aforesaid, in the above entitled cascrc, I
will proceed to sell at public .u otion, at the
Soor of the Court House, in the town of
videnee. East Carroll parish, La.. on
orday, the 18th day of December, 1897.
between the hours presernted by law, all
the right, title and interest of the Widow
and Hleirs of Henry Davis. In and to the 1o1
lowing described property, to-wit :
Sixty acres of land to be taklu from the
North-western portion "f ",. . i. T. 20, N.
t. 12 E.. situated in East Carroll parish.
Lotlsiana, and :more tully described as fol.
lows: Begining at the N. W. corner of
Sec. 14 at a cypress tree marked ;T. 20. N.
R, 13 E. Thence East- 2' 5.2-t10 chains,
thence South 26 65-100 chains, thence West
22 i2-100 chains,. thence North 26 65-100
chasin to place of beginning, so as to com
prise sixty acres as above set out--seized
in the above smt.
Termnnas of sale-eaeh with the benefit of
J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
Sllerlt's oece. Providence La., Nov. 183
Send in your orders to the Gardham
restaurant for your Christmaa oysters
anti celery.
Vicksburg, Miss., will soon Lave a!
Democratic newspaper.
State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll.
Ie it known and remlemzbred. that on
this -!d day of November, A. D.. 18t7. we,
Ftiward I. )Davis, J. N. Hill and ,James G.
P'ittman. tiembers of the jury commission
for Ea.: ( arrol; parish. Loulsi.na, met at
the otiee of J. S. Guenard, Clerk of the 7th
District Court of Louisiana. and by reason
thereof a member of the jury commission
for East Carroll parish, in the presence of
W. S. Me:nu:re and T. It. Davis, competent 1
witnesses, for the purpose of drawing grand
and petit jurors torthe Jaul r iuuary % r;m
inal term of the ]Ilu. ;th I)bD eit i:owr':.
comineuri' o( -i ora m e :;rd y yof I
January. u.- . ,i', h.ovng :ujtple
tmeitii tt'ie general v.l ire lit ewith the
names of lthose who bad act:.:all served at
the last term of the said court, died, re
moved from the parish or become disquali
fled, so as to keep said general venire list
up to the original standard of 300 names.
we proc:cded to draw first fifty names
therefrom to compose the grand' and petit
jnrcrs for the first week of said term--one
of said 'conimisslon, viz: Jas. G. 'ittman.
taking from the general vemre list, one at
a time, the names of 50 meri as follows,
Said names were then placed in an enve
lope and the week for which they were
drawn was endorsed thereon andtl delivered
to the Clerk for the use of the court; the
following are Lhe names so drawn to-wit:
Ward. Ward.
John Coleman, 3 Geo Asbbridge.- 3
Allen Mitchell, 2 V M t'urdy, 3
J A Brooks, 3 3like Jones, 4
John Webb 4 tenrv Cedars 3
W 1' Burney. 3 Henrjy Woods. 3
W .H.Montgomery, 3 Anderson Philips 3
Nathan Brooks, 4 Len Troutman 2
Isudlev Threat, 1 Lyn Brooks, S
John Walker 4 Ivison Steadman, 3
Silas Fulgum. jr., 3 John Miller, ;
Jim Gwvn. 3 Abe Bass, 2
Yancey bell, 3 H L Deeson, 3
Harvey Dunn. 3 W A Newman, 1
[icbald Wright 4 Lewis Mathews, 3
Ben Strother. 5 Caleb Nowland, 5
Walton Dunn 5 Wm Horton, 2
John Wills. 3 C E Seghers. 8
John Taylor, 4 W K Spurlock, 3
Wm Miltchbell, 5 Chris McGinnis, 1
John Patterson. 5 James Naft, 2 1
Eld Washington, 3 Will Jones, 4
Alex Johnson. 4 Wm Kelley, 3
Joe Gaigen, S J S Millikin, 3
Lewis Carson, 3 Albert HBaney, 2
Parker Harris. 5 J D Tompkins, 3
And in the judgment of the commission a
jury was necessary for a second week of
said term of court, and in the same manner
the following person were drawn, to-wit:
Lreen Richards, 2 W B Keene, 2
Glen ln in, 3 John W Barbour, 3
Ben Springfield, 2 ME Massee,. r., 3
tieorge Stone. 3 Wm Blanslleld, 2
'at MeGuire, 3 Ben Brpwn, 2
Wm Rous, 3 Mills Hayes, 2
Klllis Watson. 5 Joe Wyly, I
Stepney Gray, 3 Shed Buckner, b
Nelson Primus, 8 Hugh Powell, 3
Braxton House, 3 Jas Humphreys, 5
V Gagaro, 8 OliverWashington, 3
T J Oilliam, 3 Dick Hurd. 4
I W Pittman, 3 Abe Bankers, 4
John Sidaey, 4 Phil McGuire, 3
Henry Mayben. 5 Primus Perkins,. 2
Said 0 nameas were placed in an enve
lope, sealed and endorsed and placed in the
,ustody of the clerk for the use of said
E. . . Davis,
J. G. Pittman,
J. N. Hill,
Jury Comimissioners.
Attest :
T. B Davis,
W. S. Magaure.
Clerk 7th Dist. Court and ex-offieio fury
G ommissioner.
Succession Sale.
Succession of Elijah Phillips, Dee'd.
ceventxh Diistrict Court. for East Carroll
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
a writ of Sale Isgued to me in thle above
styled suecession. I will sell at public aslo I
lion at the front door of the Court House
an the 11th day of Deeember,4897. between
the bours prnserlbe-Lby In*, all the right,
tittle and interest of the Succession of
hlijsh Phillips. de'd., in and unto the fol
ln'wing described property ittuated in East I
Carroll parish. Looslfans. t-wit : a
The North-.i*st qus::r- of the South
Eact quarter of Section Three, Township
I'wentv Noisth. lange Twelve East, with I
ail the muldings and improvements there
an,unftainlng forty acres.
Terms of sale easi aecording to Jqw. I
Curator 1
Providence, La., Noveltber bth, lt'..-t.
* ****b- - Lake and Levee Stzreete - LARIS
I I Dealer In
The fne.t line of Olothing carried In the idty. Ladle Dre. ood,
Hate, Oape, Boots and Shoes, Mackintosh and HnDting Ooat.; Trunk,
NValisee and Bags
CALL ON ME Before Purchasing Elsewhere;
Prssidet sa. and Trerli
The Providence Lumber Co.,
Cypress, Red Gum, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Cycamore, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Plain and Fancy Heart Cypress Shingles, Box Boards
and Barrel Heads.
EFFECT NOV. 28, 1897.
Train , ,. 5. (Southern Express.)
Leaves Memphis 3:_5 p. iIm.; rrives
Vickssburg 4:05 a. I II: Leaves Vick-
bur- -':15 a. u.; Arrives Now Orlcans
11:30 a. :n. (No. 5 connects at Har
riston with train to Natchez.)
oI'.,;T. No. G. (Northern Express.)
T Leaves New Orleans 4:20 p. in.; Arrives
Vicksburg 11:50 p. iu.; Leave Vicks
burg 12:01 a. r.; Arrive Memphis
7:05 a. m. (No. 6 connects at Har
riston with train tat Natchez and at
Memphis with last Tllinois Central and
other trains to all points. Trains 5
and 6 carry through Vestibuled, Palace
Sleeping Cars between New Orleans
and K:nsas City and between New Or
leanseand Vicksburg. )
Tirain 23 leaves M«maphis 8:45 t. in.;
Arrives Vicklburg G:45 p. im.
Trail 24 leaves Vicksburg 8:00 a.
m.; Arrives i empnpi C:10 p . . (No.
24 con; nects ; t i tllig For for Green
ville and all points o: Riverside Divis
Train '1 Icaves Vicksbmurg8:00 a. in.;
Arrives New Orleans 5:30 p. in. (Con
nectting at II:arriston for Natchez. )
Train 22 :leaves New Orleans 8:20 a.
m.: Arrives Vicksburg 5:55 p. m. (Con-!
necting at Ilarriston for Natchez )
All trains run daily.
For informa:ici regarding tickets,
rates, rolt(-s tand schedules, write,
1) P. A.. Memphis, Te'nn.
Or, Ticket Agent Y. & 51. V. R.R.,
Vicksburg, Miss.
Lake Providence -. Le
Keeps on band a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Cofins Made and Trimmed to Order
aopril 13-89-I 1
Chas. Swoftord,
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter,
Buggy Painting and Paper Hanging.
Lake Providence, La.
Anyoae ending a sketeh wad description sy
qWrkZ1iseeruti ouWr oDinfio fee whthu an
tim t proprobably hptettsabl Crnmmeu'
bes omoSdnA HMandbook on Pamtets
sent fe~ ~c f orw eeerinpaleibor
Ptor Helenta, Greenvill, Lake Co Provl
[email protected], icthot Osrg, nd Athe
Way Landigsý et
The Swift any d Elgt SteaTmer a
crY o SAVAAw YH,
For Maslenter, Grenvil Lake Prk.
ThLe Swift and We4 t St .eamer
Naming Lake Prtvie - ea- r.sy noon gole
down sad ptrntes eiW5? ~vening .a"ng up
1i514p#IYromSI v )!ieCe 'o Vlcrksbur:g ft: roand
vr'a only . "
The Only Family GROCERY,
0 0
*8 . A. M'NEAL, Proprteto,.
S Dealer in Fino Family Groeerlia and all kinds of Fruits
* and Nute, Meat, Meal and Flour, Winee, Liquors and Cigars, 3
Hay, Corn and Oats. Fine Keg Deer. 0
S. W. GREEN, 9
Cor. Lake and Church Ste., Lako Provldenco,
I .... DEALEB i....
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, Groceries and Plantation Supplies.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars Call before purchasing elsewhere.
tLevee Bt, ]Lake Providenoe, La,
1 .DEALER IN ....
Ioss, l'eat and Meal. Wines, Liquors enl Oigars. A
Cheap end irelellet Grocery lonam
..........VICKsBURGt, IZS .........
-Manufaoturer of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapeet Plrce in the Bouth. Write for prices before purobauing elbwhei
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission MerchantV
New Orleans,, : : Louisiana.
--~~~~~~~~~~~ .-- ---- --·--- ------
Having acquired the Davis Addition
, the Town of Providence and the
eld immediately adjoining the town,
offer the same for sale at from $15. to
60 per lot according to location:
'itles perfect.
Lat Prrovidence, La.
Aome M3iok Company
Is now ready with a fine lot of Brick
for sale for cnash. Prices to slit the
times. Call It office of (Conp:tiy, No.
b Levee street, for pri,,-i'.
JNO. W. CoJU&E, Malnager.
L:tkeY-'rovidnce, La.

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