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----- _C.-- _-~- - -- - re
Publisher and Proprietor. -
-______ - Ji
Saturday, June 25, 1898. bi
k to
A CARD. of
To the Citizens of the Town of Providence. co
For business reasons I have decided to
forward to Governor Foster my resignation ht'
as Mayor of the town of Providence. to
In relsigning this office to which you
elected mpe five times consecutively, I
desire to thank you one and all for the
great honor you counferred on me, and Also to
for your much esteemed co-operation in the IvI
discharge of the duties incumbent to the dii
Mayor's office. As Mayor I did my beat to
serve you arid to further the progress and
advancement of the town. Once more a tot
private citizen. I will do everything in my ha
power for the upbuilding and improvement v
of lrovidenoe.
Very Respectfully. lig
Providenee, La., June 28rd, 1898. on
Calcasieu parish has fifty post- ho
offices-eleven more than any other by
parish in Louisiana. Ma
----- me
It will cost the United States cot
something over $500,000,000 to lick edt
Spain, but it is money well spent. ea
Capt. W. F. Ogden, of Concordia s ti
parish. has announced himself as a an.
candidate for railroad commissioner.
Still they come, and there is many 1
yet to hear from. or
The dynamite boat, Vesuvius, fired ter
all I
her guns for the first time last week. trut
Thetse guns throw two hundred and
pounds of gun cotton one mile, con
and when it explodes everything call
within thousands of yards is blown ords
into atoms. 11C0i
_ hee
Leiter, the Chicago wheat plunger, lath
had it all his own way for a while and t
cleared several millions; but the turn le) '
came, and with his several millions Pro
made and a few millions belonging to nrat
old'ian Leiter, he dropped it all. reap
Chas. Janvier, the nice silk stock- the
ing individual of New Orleans, has at h
beep up at Baton Rouge for several he t
days triing to hoodwink the legisla- his
ture in the insuranice legislation which cOUi
was introduced and which should be
come a law.
His iCcellency, Governor -Foster. to b
has appointed Hon. James .L. Clay- i
ton of Concordia parish, as a mem- Alpi
ber of theFifth District Levee Board, gros
'to succeed the late Capt. J. B. His- .Il
erodt. Mr. Clayton is a member of
the Legislature. M
It would be an everlasting shame
upon the fare name of Louisiana if
bhe legislature now in session at I
Baton Rouge, would tamper with the coug
Sunday law to suit the bums of New had
Orleans. Let it stand as it is and re.
not attempt to repeal such a law. iug
Iepresentativo Armstrong of New frien
Orleans, has given notice of his in- ia
tention to introduce a bill submitting rl
an amendment to the people remov- tle s
ing, the capital from Baton Rouge to me.
New Orleans. If the amendment i
was ever sublmitted to the people we Sold
"Ielieve that it would he defeated.
The Alexandria Town Talk saysin io
that the new costitution.glves ac- toc
cased the riglnt to appeal from the when
findings of Recorders, as well as itself
Mayors acting as Recorders, so we it.
may expect that about three out of pruda
live people fined for violating the bottle
ordinances of this or other incorpor, aid I
ated towns, will hunt up an attorney aes
and appeal to the District Court. best h
It ia a big thing for the young law- abig
. yersnd gives them' practice theae y
duM days when civil cases are scarce. Ini us
__________-_- is get
A special from Jamaica says that nart's
the Spanish flag on Moro Castle at
SSatialgo was half-masled on June
20th, several hours after the bom- are 3j
ba rcn
bardment by the Vesurnus, which nd m
could not be understood, and it was but an
thought by a great many that it meant put a
the death olfilobson and hie comn
panions. Sumpsondoes not believe
it, and thinks that pla-cing the flag
atL half-mast was in honor of the death
of General Fijera, who was killed in Set
the bombardmtunt. Another dis- y
patch says that Gen. Bllauco refuses me di,
to exchange Hobson and his crew. Ifor
SIn Congress Wednesday, referring door
tobEermany's oplposition to our oc. Sa
I: cupation. of the Philippine Islands, twe
Mr. Berry of Kentudky declared that in and
S here was no better time than the 'he
:present to' tell Kaiset' Yilhelm to a
'mind his t wn business-that th ie nor
and thi
S:i-· Jted States woult brook no inter- or ecti
7ipaece upon the part of Germany, nrtl
Sas ws int.imated as beurglhke)l, and se
be should attenmpt to eat mny " tenv
.igi' ' bloqging to 0 .• thee Sg,
pt icrintry with 158 '~ . u com- eve !I
i o' .and its 750 .opleC Lolsti
-d _tosAO the.t o
restetitsug apterfer- I
In another columo will be fountd ae
AT cartj of Mayor llaniley jo the citizenus a
of the too u. anununcing thal lie has wit
forwarded to (;ov.t nor Foster his lit
resignation as Mayor, on account of day
business reasons. Il3t
We have known for sometime that
Ma) or Ilamley intended to resign in
June of tits year; Iu fact, it was only
after much perstuaion on the part of
his friends that he consented to run Fn
for Mayor at the last election. Again day
his friends have tried to persuade him
to serve the remainder of his term, L
but not being able to devote to the
office the care and attention that it
coutinually claims, on account of fre- T1
ed to quent absence and a large increase of r
atlon business, hoe has sent in his resignation "Lt
to the Governor.
yoll When in 1889, Mr. laniley, at the
r the request of his many friends, consented
I lso to run for Mayor of the town and II
n the was unanimously elected, without a tfon
the dissenting voice, a great many thought tucL
and that he was too young for the offoe- La
re a too luexperienced-and that it would -
my have-been better to have elected one c
aent versed in the law, who could more intel.
ligently execute and enforce the laws of lisa
Y. the toWn. Mr. llamley, it is true, was of th
only 27 years old, but lie was every Itne
inch a man, fearless and undaunted; wll1
oat- he never studied law, but he proved Lo
ther by his administration that legal
knowledge is not the only factor of a J
Mayor's success, and that good judg
ment, feareessness and impartiality
ates contribute as much as legal knowl
lick edge, if not more, to make a successful
executive oflicer. So successful was State
Mayor Ilamnley's administration dur- Stew
ing his first term that he had no oppo- 4
dia sItioni fur a second and a third term, B.
sa an.! for a fourth and a fifth term he byth
ier. si iy won the race over the candidates the al
that ran against hint. sell a
1I1Y The public verdict at the end of May- Eat I
or Ilatnley's nine years' adtniuistra
tion Ts that Providence never had a bet- betw
red ter Mayor, and all are sorry to lose him; the rl
all render him the testimony that, as a in ant
ek. true Jeffersonian, he rendered equal to-wi
red and exact justice to all men. Besides, Ter
ile, convincing facts prove most emphati- meat.
cally the success of his administration:
tug the town never was more quiet, more Pro
wn orderly, cleaner, better lighted, and
never improved more than during
these past nine years; and if the popu- ST
er, lation of the town has increased fully
one third in these past ntie years it Is
duce in a great measure to Mayor hIam
trn le) 's efforts to have the reputation of
ns Providence go abroad as a town where STAI
to no hoodlum element would be tol
crated, and the rights of all would be
Although every one Is sorry to lose Pa
,k- the services of Mr. lianiley as Mayor BY
of the town, no one doubts that lie has by the
in at heart the good of the town, ald that of Lou
ral he will continue to place his means, prthe
Ia. his good judgment, and Iis sound held.º
ich counse's at the service of the people of Sales.
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r. to buy are the BEST CLOTIIES-the roPett
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tion. and t1
if Vicksburg, Miss. Est;
I was eeriously afidflicted with a McNe
be cough for several years, and last fall divide
I had a mtore severe cough that ever be an
fore. I have used many remedies Tw
without receiving much relief, and be
ing recommended to try a bottle of Ileit
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a Owent
w friend, who, knowig tme to be a poor the pa
Swidow, gave it to me, I tried t, and Lucey
with the most gratifying results. The Book
g first bottle relieved me very much and ofice
v- thle secoud bottle lhas absolutely cured T
to me. I have not had as good health Citi
ft or twenty years. Reospectfully, Mrs. Scott
Mary A. Beard, Claremoro, Ark. the w
re Sold by J. S. Gnenard, druggist. of Ba
I sec
Bad mInatgement keeps more people 12. e.
,. in poor circumtstances thian any othler 'p
oneo cause. To be successful one mutst ;105.8
look alltead and plan aheadl so that 1895,
I when, a favorable opportunity presentt taxes i
s itself hie is ready to take adlvantage of
it. A little forethought will also save ESt
Stnuch expentse atind valuable time. A 1ild
Sprudtlent attd careful man will keep a of s w
e bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholora 19, nf r
atid Diarrhoea Remedy it Ihto house, T"
the shiftless fellow will wait until Hen
Yone'esslly comnpels it and then ruin his Westla
b. est horse going for a doctor and have ing see
a big doctor bill to pay, besides; one e o
e pays out 25cta, the other is ott a hun- the e
dred dollars atdl ltlen wonders why sec ; ;
Shis neighbor is getiing richer while he sec 9; 1
is getiting poorer. For sale at Gue. r 12, e.
Sniard's drug store. 'Tn
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Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, Wild hi
Sare just what a horse.needs when Int of see 1
bad'contdition. Tonic, blood purlfier Ta
Sand vermifutge. They are not food Estat
s but nmedicine and the best in use to Elton
t put a boise int primne coutlition. Price bounde
25 eclats per package. For sale by by the
Gunenard's drug store. plantnat
ii II aplntqti
Sheriff's Sale. T
State o. Loisiana, Parish of East Carroll, Est:t
8eventh District Court--S. Ousabel & Eyrie
co., vs. W7.U. Wyly--No.406i'. a part(
By virtue at a writ of Seizure and Sale to and con
ame directed by the Honorable Seventh sai
Distact ( ourt obr the parish of East Carroll of said
aforesaid, 113 the above entitled cause, I ciurt.
will proceec to sell st public auction, at the Ta
door of the court house, in the town of
SProvidence. East Carroll paribh, La., on Pratt,
Saturday the 30th day ol July, 1808, Wild Ia
between the hours prescribed by law. all divided
' the rilht, title and intetest of W(. VG. Wyly Macon.
in atid to the toUowing described property, of Byo
ST'he east half of the north-east quarter of sec
and the north-weslt quarter of the north- of Cypr
eastquarter and the north-east quarter 01 2t ti r
the north-weast quarter of setitp fifty-five,
and the east halfof the south-liset qularter T
of section fity-two iu township mnsneteen. S
north, range tbirteen, east (E of NE t[ V. Wildlt
na N NW~ ot-NE3~ andI NE of NW Wil i
'Serth, and E Hof 81; B See52. T l,. N the n
*) E): also Lot 4 lu sectiogn eight, township i see 85
twenty, north range_ twelve, east, (Lot 4.
see 8, T 20, N I S, E) eontaionlg as per the Ta
U. S. suervey sub-divisions two hundred ,I y 4
oeventythbree acres (flt) more or less, sit Fo'ea nl
unted in the parish of East Carroll. State of ur l
Louiiana. seized in the above suit ondivide
Terms orfse-cashli without tte beneit ptlantati
ot ap'pratsem'et.i r
r _ . W. DUN, 8herff. 
Sheri..'s ogce'e ,-5lrevle*e, t a, jun e Ja 3, e 2, and,
tk itt. - - T
NIý$. Not ie.
a Paving completed thellatieg and having
estimated the values of all real and person
riteus at property in the parish in accordance
has with law. notive is hereby given that my
his lists will remain open for inspection and
ercorctlen at my office for a period of 20
ut days, beginning on the 13th day of June,
1838. W. C. McRAE.
that . Assessor East Carroll Pariah,
Lake Providence, La.,-June II, 1888.
only N otice.
rt of
First class hartleulturist, florist and gard
nner, wishes a position. Will work by the
gain day. Address, B1
hilm J. HAMEAU. B
ermn, Lake Providenee, La., June 18, 1896.
at tFor Sale. B]
fre- The DeLaunay property on Levee street.
e of For terms, apply to B1
atioa.i Lake Providence, La., June 4, 1898.
the Notioe.
and I have a fine Durock, Red Jersey boar,
ut a from the Amos Harris stock farm of Ken
ught tucky that I will sell or swap.
Lake Providence. La., June 4. 1898.
one Succession .Notice.
utel Notice is hereby given that P. D. Quays
has applied to be appointed administrator
was ot the succession of Martin Brown, dee'd.
er.y If no oppositon be made within 10 days he
ted will be appointed as prayed for.
S Do and signed this 17th day of July,
'd I . F. F. F. MONTGOM ERY,
egal Judge 7th Jud, Dis.
of a J. S. GUO NARD, Clerk 7th Jud. Die. Court.
Lake Providence, La., June 17, 1898.
)w;- Constable Sale.
State of Louisiana. parish of East Carroll,
5th Ward Justice Court.
lur- Stewart Bro's. & Co., vs. E. N. Ward-No.
)Po- 41.
I. B. Fats vs. E. N. Ward-No. 43.
By virtue of a writ offl fa to me directed
he by the Ilon. Fifth Ward Ju tice Court. in
ales the above entitled cause. I will proceed to
sell at public auction at the door of the
[ay- Fifth Ward Justice Court, in the parish of
East Carroll, La., on
tra- Saturday the 2nd day of July. 1808,
between the hours prescribed by law, all
im; the right, title and interest of E. N. Ward
is a in and to the following described property,
dual to-wit:
Six Oxen, seized in the above suits.
le, Terms of sale-cash according to appraise
ali- ment.
Constable Fifth Ward.
or' Proyidence, La., June 18. 1898.
0Z Immoval5le Property
lenl Delinquent.
Parish of East Carroll. J. E
or BY virtue of the authority vested in me
bas by the Constitution and Laws of the State
sat of Louisiana. I will proceed to sell at the
principal door ofthe Court-house in which
ti, the Civil District Court of said 'parish is
nd held, within the legal hours for Judicial
of Sales, beginning at eleven o'clock a. m.,
JUNE 1898,
and continuing on each succeeding days
until said sales are completed all immovable
property on which taxes are now due to
the State of Louisiana, the 5th Louisiana
be- Levee District, and the parish of East Car
nd roll to enforce the collection of taxes as
sessed tor the years 1892, 1893, 1804, 1895.
a 1890 and 1897 together with nil interest
W from date of maturity as prescribed by law
ad until payment of said taxes, cost and fees
at the rate of 2 per cent per month until
paid and all costs. The names of said de
linquent tax-payers, the amount of taxes
nu- due by each on the assessmentof said years,
and the immovable property assessed to
each to be offered for sale, as follows, to
Estate of E. J. Delony-
McNeal place. 410 acres. Being un
a divided } of wi of n e , a ) of s w
and s o of sec 3 all of see 10, ned n Es
ae- w } of sw df soc 1i1. t 20, nr 11, e. Foret
S Taxes 1897, $37.13. undil
of IIeirs W. S. Owen. plant
a Owenton, 184 acres. Being lot 2 of sec 2
or the partition of the succession of Mrs.
d Lucey Own. Recorded in Notarial
be Book "S," folio 4 of the Recorder's Wa
ad office of this parish. Wild
rd Taxes 1897, $27.30. livid
Citizens Bank of N. O. La.oB
Scott plantation, 1680 nacres. Being 25;
the w of see 16; all sec 17 lying east Iayo
of BayounMacon; e a sec and e j of a v 11w e
Ssee 20 and w of see 21 oft23, nr
Ic 12, e.
er Taxes 1892, $103.32; taxes 1893, tion
st 105.84; taxes 1894. #105.00; taxes poin
at 189,5, $124.32; taxes 1896, $126.00; point
taxcs 1897, $126.00. sa p
Estate E. O. Jackson. der w
A Wild lands, 140 acres. Being the w The
of s w and lots 9 and 10 of sec 29, t ment
19, n r11, e. Unite
Taxes 1897, $10.56. e r
ii Henry Lazrus. per ce
s Westland plantation, 5584 acres Be- Sheri
a ing sections 19. 30, 32, 33 and 34, and
ne II a of sec 27 of t 20, n r 1 e., and Prov
I- the o of the e ) sc 6; e oin e of
y sec 7; sections 4 and 5. n ) and a s Not
sec 9; w | of sections 3 anld 10, t 19, n
-r 12, e.
Taxes 1897, $418.93.
Estate I. L. Manning. S
' Wild lands, 150 acres. Being the w La'
n of see 12, t 20. nr 12, e. In e
r Taxes 1897, $12.10.
i Estate E. J. McMiilen. parish
Elton plantation, 14 acres. Being have
e bounded north by upper Elton, east saleof
Y by the Missisippi river, west by Eyre Satnrc
plantation anid south by the Allrighta
- plantation. this ne
Taxes 1q97, $13 25. . prepar
Estate E. J. McMillon. to thes
Eyrie planuation, 336 acres. Bting they aa
a part of the original Eyrie plantation eirr
a and comlposed of Lot 1 in the partition
of said plantation made by order of sherif
Scourt. Cal
Taxes 1897, $117.90.
Pratt. Simmons & Krausaaick.
Wild lands, 683 acres. Being an un
I divided a of see 21 lying east of Bayou
r Macon. All of the no of sec 28, east
of Bayou Macon. The e j see and s w
i of sec 25. All of see 26, l ing south
of Cypress bayou and n I of sec 26 of t
' Txes 1897, $51.38.
V. S. & P. RIli Road.
Wild lands. 120 ncres. Being n 4 of
then w lof sec 15, and sw a oL w
Ssee oS. t 19, n r 11. e.
Taxes 1897, $9.10. -
Mrs. Ema Sanderson.
Fo'reo plantaltin, 112 aerc.a Bea, al 'ake P
undtivided 1- 5th interest in.the Urce oeps
plantation composed of lotsl; 2, 3 ~q 5d
4 and fract)ragral w asdt e .4 of sec 'isa
22, ad?"ieTbstt ee  t 20,S r 11. (.e
Taxes 189w $8.46.
. . -. ._ . . . .. .
: .-,  : :- .:: , ,. ,' -- . · . . . ._
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justly celebrated line
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Cyji s, d Gai, Rd1 Oar, 1iu 0t atA, Syrng, ig, a d
.Dressed Lazer, Platui and Fancy Heart Cypr~s Shingles, 4
BOx Boards nd Barrel Heds.
Dorroep6ore~ce Solicited.
n Estate Sally Vinson.
e. Foree plantation, 112 acres. Being an
undivided 1-5th interest in the Force
plantation, composed of lots 1, 2, 3 and
4*and fractional n w I see and e j of I
0f sec 22. and lot 5 sec 23. t 20, n r 11, e.
rs. Taxes 1897, $8.45. t
rs Wright. Branch & McConkling.
Wild lands. 683 acres. Being an un
divided 4 of sec 21, east of Bayou Ma
can, and all of the n e } of sec 28 east
of Bn3on Macon; e I sec and s w 'sec
ng 25; all of sec 26 south of Cypress
t bayou, n j of sec 36. All in t 21, n r
V 11, e.
r Taxes 1897, $51.48.
On this day of Sale, I will sell such por.
tion of said property as each debtor will
.s point out, and in case- the debtor will not
)0 point out sufficient property. I will without C
further delay, sell the least 'quantity of r
said property of any debtor, which any bid
der will buy for the amount of taxes, Inter
est and costs due by said debtor,
The sale will be without any appraise.
t meat. for cash In legal tender money of the
United States, and the property sold shall
be redeemable at any time for the space of
one year by paying the price given with 20
per cent penalty and costs added.
C- Sheriff and Tax Collector parish of East
As] Carroll, La.
id Providence, La., May 14th 1898.-7t.
nf 1i
Notioe to Mortgage Creoi
4 Lake Providence, La., May 14, 1898.
In conformity with Section,:08, Act 85 of
i 81, notice is hereby given to all parties v
holding mortgages upon real estate in the b
parish of East Carroll on which taxes for
the years 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895,18986 and 1897,
g have not been paid, that I will begin the ti
t sale of same at the Court House door, on
*e Saturday, the 25th, day of June, A. 1). 1898 ti
t and that a number of pieces of property so
delinquent are now being advertised in Cn
this newspaper In coniormity with the law 01
preparatory to such sale. The attention of
the mortgage creditors is especially called
to these advertisements of tax sales. and
g they are warned to take such steps prior;to
n the sale as may be necessary to protect
their rights.
i Sheriff and ex-orncIo Tax Collector, East A
Carroll, parish, La.
Undertaker. in
I fto
I sake Providenee
Ii cops on had a la  r astoret-.
Btt :ai $..
' fodti eatal M . Glad ............, eQlt O'
'to'n aei r~ siarffttaiýell- ,a
t C ''t* vi
roe -
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of Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad
e. will run elegant Parlor Cars on its day
trains Nos. 23 and 24 between Memphis
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Ia Train No. 24 will leave Vicksburg *it
Ist 9:10 a. m. arrives at Memphis at 7:30
S p. m., connecting wish the Illinois Cen
tral railroad fast Vestibuled trains for
ess St. Louis, Chicago, Evansville, Ind.,
Louisville and Cincinnati. To all
points mentioned through Sleeping
Cars are operated. Elegant Reclining
or Cars are run between Memphis and
rIo St. Louis and between Memphis and
>ut Cincinnati, seats in which are free.
Of See condensed schedule.
er Leave Vicksburg 8:30 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 7:30 p. m.
se- Supper at I. C. dining-room.
Leave Memphis 8:20 p. m.
of Arrive St. Louis 7:16 a. m. next day.
20 Arrive Chicago 11:16 a. in. next day.
Leave Memphis. 8:45 p. m.
mat Arrive Louisville 7:40 a. m. next day.
ArriveCincinnati 11:40 a.m. next day.
Arrive Washington 6:47 a. m. second
Arrive Baltimore 7:50 a. m. second
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day. .
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Idlies his rltdeste'eaffantd take
r. a 100k tbiit. On isesust' l-use
-e A.
Lakei a
  Lake IPrp exds e, La.
; The Finest Line of Clothing Car
o - ried in the City. *
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats
Tiiis, Valises and Hand Bags,
Call on me Beforo Purchiasing Elsewhere.
Cor. Lake and Church Sts, Lako Providence,
....DEALER IX....
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, Grocerir's and rslntation Supplies
L Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Call before purchaising elsewhere.
........... ICKSBURG, MIZS5 .........
-Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Ilnerior Finish,
and All Building Materi. .
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purchasing'elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Colon Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, Louisiana.
.Erdsy Physic.
There is a wrongand a right way to correct
constipation. The wrong way is the old-style,
powererful pill, which exhausts the stomach.
: Thet MON'S
right way is .ON'
-wn ,ITy RERPiLS
Queen & cresceantj
The Best Line
iNaorth acnd 1EJas't.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
New Orleans, IAn.
New Orleans, [a.
COo"s, Ac.
Saa o urtb and rueiuttn n naty
w moInn . : ob. th 1 an
f. r
Scý ·: k 1
K. 8
Parlc MP~Th- Cn. A TLT.:ic , , 10. I
G..mtt~ ncst :- W e k' Id j,. pesOOO b ha
GIiOS'r.r 7 %"" 'iAi -r* C(AllI. IL'ONIC ib
boughIat ;,;rea' d. y thii yoa. In allf ..w
Po rte 1 i the drug buU pisv.
never tWd an nrt Iu th 1t ave sueb MAW
i&: nýý_ av~r A JIstrui.Vu
F'?r t-',!- ·,o i( v n:tr I drug stor#.
AnCe BrickCak Corn:
I~r li Itee .¢ to z', . , i..
tIj}ii ( ,u t p cliiCe of Cu p i t r
5 }9 'tt i .W IC(MYKJ )tainag ~ '
, #" .. 7'(K asr

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