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Saturday, June 2-, 1898.
Delony Office, next to l'oetofmce.
F. X. RANSDELL. Notary Public
- Insurance Agent.
Attorneys at Law
-A ND-
Real Estate Agents,
Lake Providence, La.
Local and Parish News.
Register, register.
The weather is hot.
Keep cool-with ice.
The sun comes down hot.
Watermelons are with us.
The river is now falling very fast.
With all the raini, we still have dust.
Services at the Churches to-morrow.
See F. X. Ransdell for fire insurance.
Beer and cigars will now be higher.
The delinquent tax sale takes place
There is not a vacant dwelling in
` We regret to learn that Mrs. Long
continues ill.
Ilion. J. E. Ransdell went to New Or
leans on Saturday last.
A large number of drummers struck
town on Tuesday morning.
Rey. C. Mahe returned from Madi
son parish Tuesday morning.
Miss Carrie Hall and Miss Carrie
White, both have new wheels.
The price of ginning cotton next
season should be down to bed rock.
The school children are now happy
that there is no more school until fall.
Mr. S. Galauty has been quite sick
this week. We hope to see him out
Crops ttt were grassy from the
rains, liad .a chance to be cleaned
-1r. IV. W. Pittmip made a flying
trip to Vicksburg, reiica
Miss Mildred Barber has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Fatherree
this week.
The exercises of the public school on
Friday evening was ltuterestijg and
TIeo Providence Lumber Co., will
soun colliuience hauling a barge of
luiber for shipmiuent.
otlludyisn linas long been dead ` in
Providence, and it "mrust nut" be
allowed to be started again.
Ernest Galbreth's sister has returned
from New Orlcans, where she has beent
atllending the Straliht University.
Our friends of the popular Vicks
burg Herald, had us in Vicksburg on
Saturday last, bound for St. Louis.
The corner pump should be put in
first class repair, noN that summer is
ohere. This pumip is used continually.
Sherifi Dunn will sell all delinquent
property to-day, and those wishing to
iveat should be ou hand. See the
Thbeo are some fellows who curse
their luck because they can't lfind a job,
and then curse their luck if they finud
You can find at the Gueonard Drug
Store one of the most handy war
books, with the latest mnspsoul, for
Capt. II. C. Newcomr will soon
advertise for 2,280,000 cubic yards of
levee work to be doune iu tlhe lower
Mr. SimonI Witkowski of Asllton,
was in town on Tuesday, and reports
too much raiu in his part of the
Juildge Montgomery pitt this morn
lag for Tallnlsh, iwhere hlie will hold a
criminiai ter of court for the next
two weeks.
iMrs. C. N. Hlall has been quite sick
for several days with a severe billious
attack. We are glad to learn that the
is improving.
The Police Jury at their next meet
ing will impose a per capita tax and a
tax on biacycles, according to thie new
lion, Bolilg Williams, candidate for
ralroad eonmisnsiouer, will soon visit
thei river parishes in the interest of
lke eundldacy.
Last Weaday ilortulug the weather
cleared up bright and prtllty, and we
- biever that we will get goodsunshine
". s1ometinme.
ieS.i. MIanle Lanlter aud Mrs. Ella
alerr Auldrich, of Baton Rouge,
arrlVed on Saturday last on a vrisit to
MrsYencey Bell. a
lion. C. 8S. Wyly, our representatise
ia the Legllature; has introdeued cue
or two ialuortalt bill, whbich bo doubt
:ill bcomen laws .
:.Steamboats now havp-o lasod away
dows at leulasoun,tCree mlle- below
Viesblsrt. It eia grit Iinateavriuce
to the raeltakglpntile. -.
Ml. IJ. E. Moritos i ,as taikeu i n Mle
s. Oi)opl as a pr ine ttui'diery
.Mr. iolS s al bat
sho a)ut oo ia aveisntai a
.,~j~i~16~ i~ abesci
bisr'. itrkc~h-3ca the
Seasonable Goods t
72 cases Mason's Fruit Jars. r
Sold at less than wholesale prices, c
Mr. Dennis Brown and Miss Josie 5
Dillard left ou the Natchez at the end
of last week for their home In the I
lower part of the State. Miss Diliard I
has attended our public school for the I
past session, and we hope to see her I
return for the next.
Mrs. Clint Ardis and her pretty little
boy left for her home in Shreveport
on Friday last, after a pleasant month
spent with her mother, Mrs. F. II. G.
Taylor. Mrs. Ardie' many friends in
her old home regretted that her visit
could not have been longer.
Mr. P. Ketcham of Pike City, Cal.,
says: "During my brother's late sick
ness from s'iatic rheumatism, Cham
berlain's Pain Balm was the only
remedy that gave him any relief."
Many others have testified to the
prompt reliet from pain which this
linimenout affords. For sale at Gue
nard's drug sltore.
We notice that a great many papers
in the State have adopted rules that
anything of a political nature in boost.
ing candidates by communications,
printing proceedings &c., must be paid
for. We have adopted the same rules,
and from now on this kind of space in
our columns will have to be paid for.
The Schneider warehouse has been
taken down, and work on the large
one to be erected will soon commence.
When finslhed it will be a nice build- t
ing. We learn that a room will be 1
fixed up for the convenience of the I
traveling public, where they can wait
for a boat, and not stand out in the
cold and rain.
Mr. C. N. laill, deputy sheriff, left I
on the Leathers Tuesday evening for
z Baton Rouge with Steve Knight and
Louis Johnson, who were sentenced to
six mouths each at hard labor in the
penitentiary. As they are two able
bodied men they wont get to see much
of the pen, but will be "bucking" a
barrow on some levee.
We failed to mention last week the
moonlight picnic given by the Kings
Daughter's .in the court house yard.
There was a large crowd present and
over forty dollars was taken in. Mrs.
J. W. Duun, Mrs. D. W. Gilmour, Mrs.
J. Gilliam, Miss Annie Beldou and
n tg f ou our town deserves a
- at rdeal of praise for the success of
e picnic.
, Rev. 1. A. Sorrell, pastor of the M.
E. Church, has made extensive repairs
1 on his church, and has almost entirely
remodeled it. New windows and new
doors have been placed In the build
ing and when It is painted it will make
a nice appearance. At their ralley
meeting on Sunday last $270 was col.
e lecteil to pay for the improvements.
henry Kim x, a colored farmer living
1 on the Ibland gave $25 cash as his
u donation.
Mr. John -cott anrd wife, young
It John Scott, and .Mrs. Scott's sister,
Mrs" L Cooke, of St. Louis, who were
n round trip passengers on the steamer
SCity of St. Loui, to Now Orleans,
I passedi up on their return trip last
o Saturday. Col. John Scott was a rest
e dent of- Providence before the war,
and he still has a soft spot for the
e place and its people. Mr. Scott is now
Sone of tihe "large contractors" and we
are glad that he has prospered, for no
better nor more charitatle man than
.r big-hliarted John Scott ever lived.
Mr.R. J. Burney, oneo of our largest
, ilaniters andt progressive mierchants,
f has leased the old Mathesou properly
r on the river bank or a term of years,
and will place a first class Eagle gin
' outfit in, tire warehouse and have it
finished in time for next season. -As
the warehouse is two-stories high, as
.good as new and solidly built Mr.
a Burnocy will ihave very little alterations
Sto make. lie will piut iu twostands of
the Eagle make aind wii have as fine a
Ssystem as is mniade. We wish Mr.
e Burney success.
The closing exercises of our public
school took place at the Opera lHouse
on Friday evening last, after asuccess
ful session of nine months, and there
r is no doubt that the past session waee
t better Ihau it ess ever been under the
' present able corps of teachers. Great
praise also should be given our yo ard
r of School l)irectors and able Superiu.
Stendeut in their untiring efforts to
bring our high school up to sutich a
a staudard of excellency.
, There were four graduates at this
S*session of our school, Misses Katie
Kennedy, lessie Rois. Alice Fousse
artd Master Benitton Milliken, who re
,t ceived their diplomas. Mlies Kennedy
received the first goll medal and Miss
y ItRouse the secontd medal, while Miss
l Fonese was presented with a medal for
ar attendance of eis years without
mi nuwtg a day. .Mise Blargueritte
Sloeastgonlery was presented with a
( med.al for her excellency in sprlling.
Y T'rhie essays read by the graduatirtg
SJfcass were ezclc"itet.
Mr. aund rs. J.It dWalker left thit
t Suek for Conrulr's 4iell. We bhpe
r t.at U hat wtes w 'ill do test 'usth.b
The unfortunate occurrenee that
took place on Satuirday evening is very
much to be regretted, and we know
that S I. Green, the-husband of the
, colored woman who caused this
trouble, should not be held responsi.
ble for her actions. Since he has been
e a -resident of our town he has always
d conducted himself in a gentlemanly
e manner, and there is no one who
d regrets it any more than he does.
,e lie has always attended to his own
r business and gave a helping hand to
the advancement of the town, as far as
he possibly could; but his wife has
e always been known as a woman who
h classed herself as good as any "white
folks" and has shown her dislike to
them on several 6ccasions, and the
very foolish thing that she did has
cnissed her to leave the town. She
ought to have known that such a
i thing meant just what has happened.
The colored people in Providence
I and in the parish are treated by the
." whites better than any other place in
to the State that we know of, but they
Is must remember that if they wish it to
e continue this way that the white people
will not stand a repetition of what hap
rs petted on Saturday evening last, and
it our advice is not to let it take place
t again.
Mr. C. A. Voelker and Mr. T. J.
Gilliam came to town Tuesday even.
P, ing to attend a meeting of the Knights
n of Pythias. Ifa few - town members
r. would take the same kind of interest
in the lodge it would be in a much
u better condition.
The juvenile base ball teams had a
. game of ball on Monday evening, the
I- score standing 29 for the Blues and 19
ofor the Reds. There are some very
1 good players in the teams, and the
it boys should lay off a nice diamond and
practice mare.
Capt. and Mrs. Lew Gay, Mrs. Tom
Preisley and her two children, who
It have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
r Geo. F. Blackburn on Shelburn, left
last week to spend the summer at
Frankfort, Ky.
to Miss Lillie Miuskey and Miss Chari
ty Stockner loft on Saturday last on
the steamer St. Louis, and will make the
't round trip on this boat to St. Louis
a and rcturn. We wish the young
ladies a pleasant and sale trip.
te The new law relative to trial by the
Judge in certain misdemeanor cases,
works well, as was shown by the last
term of court. There is not near
d the number of acquitals that we used
s. to have.
a The steamer Natchez on her last
id trip down took on 3700 sacks of cotton
a seed at Puidy's Janding. It looks like
the way cotton seed Is being shipped
they will hold out until the next crop
cornes in.
1. To cure a cold in one day. take Lax
rs :tive IBrolo Quinine Tablets. All
ly t)ruggists refund th9 money if it fails
to cure. 25ic.
e i OF
lie it known. That on this 17th day of
May. In the year of our Lord. One Thous
and. Eight lHundred and Ninety-Eight, be
fore imc..1. S. Ouenard, Clerk itn District
Court and Ex ottfficio Notary Public. In and
for the parish of East Carroll. State of Lou
isiana, duly commissioned and qualified
re and in the presence of the witnesses here
er ijafter named and undersigned. personally
came sand appeared the parties whosea
, names are hereunto subscribed, who sever
st ally declared, That, availing themselves of
the provisions of the State relative to the
I- Lorganization of Corporations and more par
ticularly of Act No. 36 of the General
r, Assembly of the State of Louisiana. for tlhe
e year eighteen hundred and eighty-eight,
they have covenanted and agreed, and do,
W by these presents covenant, agree and bind
e themselves together with such other ier
sons as may hereafter become associated
o with themn or their successors. to formn and
constitute a corporation or body politic in
law, for the objects and purposee and under
the agreements and stipulations following,
NAME AND STYLE. The name and style
i of this corporation shall ha THE ILLA
by tlhat name it shlall have power and an
s, thority to exist and enjoy succession for
U thie full term and period of Ninety-nine
years commencing on and to be computed
it from and after the date and day hereof.
as DOMIcILrE. The domicile of this corpor
ation shall be in the parish ol East Carroll,
r. State of Louisiana, and all citations and
other legal process shall be served on the
President, or in case of his absence or in
of ability to act, upon the secretary of the
a The President shall preside at all meet
Ir. ings of the board of directors and stock
holers, and Ina general, shall be the ex
ecutive omicer of the corporation.
e and purposes of this corporation as estab
lishted and the nature ot the business to be
s carried o. by it are hereby declaredeo be
e as follows:
To acquire, own, conduct and operate a
Sgeneral mercantile and planting business,
i to receive and forward freighlts. to operate
gins and warehouses, and to comnduct such
at other operations as may be considered
rd by the managers tobe advisable, proitable
or expedient.
o This corporation may sue and be stled,
and in its corporate name, hold, have. re
a ceive, convey, sell, mortgage, pledge, lease
and sub-ieae and enjoy real and personal
property; borrow and lend money and
Smake contracts; make and use a corporate
Sseal.and the same to break or alter at ples
ure; name and appoint managers, directors.
Sofficers, clerks and agents as the Iterest
and eotvenience of said corporation may
Srequire ; make and establish such by-laws,
y rules and regulations for the proper man-=
agement aind regulations of the affairs of
al stl corloratiou as may be necessary and
a proper, and the same to alter or change at
pleasure ; and in general, shall possess all
r the rights., powers and privileges to which
isuch corporations are or nay be by law of
Louisiana entitled or authortzed to posses.
a The capital stock of -f4his corporatlon'als
hereby Ared at Fifteen Thousand (IO.00)
. Deitairs., divided into sad reprssAted by.
g one kunadre4dnd ity (i50) lsara at. ow
boadredl (1100) dollars each. The 5al4
em. ontly .lbe isued for cash aEtsal, re
earcdby the corpohatton or for property
its atqrgaly purtksed byt ite eerporslloa.
Ala toek tanslhrs ma mde on the
Sbooks orf the, csmlpanr.. All stoek leasied
a m-ilser b ep of tdu eePl, y. asn StI
.51· ·- ·
Sniier Undeear i
Q Men aU Bovs
Balbriggan Under Shirts and
Drawers, extra good quality, I
per suit, $1.00.
BalbrigganUnder Shirts, 25
cents to 80 cents.
Nainsook Under Shirts and
Drawers, extra well made,
per suit, 90 cents.
Nainsook Under Shirts, 25
cents to 50 cents.
Bleached Drill Drawers--our
50 cent seller is a handsome
made garment.
Hay, Corn, Oats and Bran.
Plow Gear. Buggy Harness. Iron Age Cultivators. Hlandled
Hoes. Eye Hoes. Brinly Uprights and Sweeps. Brinly Plow
Beams. Brinly Plow Handles. Brinly Plow Points and Bolts.
Barbed Wire and Staples. Wire Nails. Garden Rakes. Ice
Cream Freezers. Grind Stones and Fixtures. Pitcher Pumps and
Well Pipe. Long and Short WellPoints. Scythes and Scythe Stones.
Bath Seats, which can be attached to any galvanized tub. Axes. Ax
Handles. Hoe Files. Bush Hooks. Cane Knives. Post Hole
Diggers. Base Balls and Bats. Genuine Dexter Cross Cut Saws.
Steel Tacks in bulk. A fresh lot of Tennessee Millet Seed. Brick.
Lime, 100 barrels, just in.
- (0)----
J. W. Pittman.
stockholders each share of stock shall ibe
entitled to one vote, to be voted either by
the person in whose name the stock ap
pears on the books of the corporation at the
time of votinig. or by party duty authorized
in writing to that effect.
The business and affairs and coporate
powers of this corporation are to be trans
acted by a board of three directors to be
composed of stockholders thereof, to be
elected by a major ty of all votes cast at
meetings to be held for that purpose.
Robert Nicholson, Charles Langham and
A. K. Amacker shall constitute tne first
hoard of directors, and they shall hold their
offices until their successors are elected
and qualified. Each suosequent board
shall take their seats on the T'uesday fol
lowing their election, On the first tfues
day in May, 1900. and annually thereafter,
an election for directors by the stockhold
ers shall be held at the office of the com
pany after ten days notice thereof shall
have been given by publication in a
newspaper in the parish of East car
roll. Each board of directors shall,
at the first meeting after its elec
tion, or as soon thereafter as practicable,
elect from its number, a President, Vine
President, Secretary and Treasurer and a
General Manager. The offices of Secretary
and Treasurer may be filled by one and the
same person and the General Manager may
fill another office in the company.
The general manager shall have such
powers and duties as may be designated by
the board of directors of the company.
Failure to elect directors on the date
above mentioned shall not work a dissolu
tion of the corporation, but an election
shall be held after five _days notice as
above set forth and until such time as an
election does occur, the old officers slball
contine in the exercise of their funetions
Any vacancy occurring in said board of
directors from any cause shall be flled by
the remaining directors. At majority of
said board of directors shill constitute a
quorum for the transaction and mnaae
ment of all busireas ol said company. iThey
may make aby-laws. anti' reglatlo.l nad,
change and alter the same at plosure, al
point and fix salaties of all tilerk, ofteers
agents and employees, and the same to
change-or disaiss at plesbure ;'*ell. convey,
mortgage, pledge, lease anti DlWp r3p
erty, movable, Uinmovable. rIe otdnds -
at, borrow and lend mouey, lgte otes and
bonds, make eoatrta and aglo reasuse to
ie ailged aill ea rv acts, .deid, r,
and In the asme of the eoriottLoit dl. I
that may be necessary to be doea is i_.:
mauargement of sai buttswees .of jts
permhted by Sthe lw asappll e to S* riira
This a ft i rporetoer st avro a 'eitb
modi e o re edtnasi4 as
bed 4is*.ir tlbe Os4
meeting shall have been given by publica
tion in a newspaper published in the parish.
Whenever the corporation is dissolved by
limitation or any other cause Its affairs
shall be liquidated by the board of direc
tors who shall remain In office until a com
plete liquidation of'the affairs of the cor
poration has been eaected, with full newer
to till any vacancy occuring in said board.
In his ,iscretlon, the President may, and
upon written request of two stockholders,
shall call a specfal meeting of the stockhol
ders of this corporation.
No stockhbolder shall ever he liable or re
sponsi)ble for the contracts or faults .of this
corporation In any further sum than the
unpaid balance due to the company on the
shares subscribed to by him, nor shall any
mere informality in organization hare the
effect of rendering this charter null or of
exposieng a stockholder to any llability be
yond the amount due on his stock.
No stock shall ever be sold or transferred
by any srockholder to any person not a
stockholder in this corporation without
first being offered to the stockholders ol
this company through its board ofdirectors
and having been refused by theea, both the
offer and refusal to be in writing. When
such stock Is offered the board shall have
the right to purchase same for account of
the stockholders of the corporation at the
actual cash value of aid stock as shown by
the books of the company ast the time of the
offer to the board. This provision is bere
by declared to be a eontraet between the'
compfany and the stedkbolders aidbetween
the Iditlduai stocekholders tltselves said
to bear upon and be a cotAitilon at# haed
to every share of stock lsased b this lot
This done and'ps]se at my esiw 1be
ityt of Lake .Prs!i! , ~º, k a-oslr
Eart Carroll, the dI., mo entotb e~i Arst
above written lt4 %tI presaI oe 'e revs $
J. W. Dunn sad Jsame i'drde both i*l1d
ing in slid parish wihe hove jretwi sig.
ed their natare with it ttalI
uig t> e whole.
l... r $,
Caerk  e . '"
. o"Wlt_ y i.
State vs. Steve Kitiglt -arot o.
convicted :and sontenced -io -6gnaths at
hard labor in tbe penitenirtiary, ":
State vs. Frank Morey. ~ 11 41 Ii
Wyly-long, Willie Dickey, Alex A rm
strong, Walker Cartter-.-gahnihlin with
dice; plead guilty and lined ti$1- al
costs or 30 days in jail. Jwu. Scottoi
tried and folund not, guilt.y; ;
State vs. Lee HlowarlJ. All ,Wo~ds, I
Jack Walker. Randle Parker anti Near
Banks-gn:lmbiWiu with dice; 'plead
nguilty and fined $1 and coats or 30 days
in jail.
State vs. Walker Vaughn-earryieg
concealed weapous plead guilty and
fined $10 and costa ,tp days in Jail.
State vs. Will thodes', Fuller Thontp
son, Dan Baker and Sam Brown-rid
ing on levee; plead guilty and fined $10
and costs or 30 days in jail.
State vs. Lymus Washington..-John
Boice, Ale! Johnson and Gee. 1f8bin
on -riding on levee; plead guilty and
fined $1.00 and Qosts or 5 days in jail.
State vs. AlhxArmstrong--riding on
lever; tried and found guilty, and fined
$5 00 ans costs or 30 days in jell.
State vs. Oliver Dixon--charged with
murder; nolli prosequi.
State vs. .lake Sweeny- -violating
labor contract: tried and fountid guilty.
Fined "10 andt costs or 30 days in jail.
State vs. Dave Young-assault and 1
battery; tried and foupd not guilty.
State vs. Ed. Young--assault and
battery; tried and found guilty. Fined
$10 and C(osts or 30 days in jail.
State vs. General Harris-burglary;
tried and found not guilty.
State vs. Chas. Perkins-carrying
concealed weapons; tried and 'found
guilty. Fined $20 and costsor 40 days
in jail.
State vs. Anthony Gamble-charged
with murder; tried and found guilty of
manslaughter. Motion for new trial
granted and placed under $250 bond.
State vs. Peter Matheson-assault
and battery; tried and acquitted. ,
State vs.,Chas. Washington-larceny;
plead guilty and sentenced to 60 days
in parish j;ul.
State vs. Jesse and Delony rCnt
wright-larceny; tried and found
guilty. Fined $1.00 and costs each, ot
10 days in jail.
State vs. Louis Coleman. Go,. Wash
ington and Will Hatchet-larceny;
Coleman tried and found guiy ,nci ia
sentenced to 6 months in thl iten.
tiary. Cases against Washiiai and
Hatchet nolli prosequi.
State vs. IVm. Coleman-carrying
concealed weapons; plead -guilty and
fined $10 and costs or 80 days in jail.
State vs. Jesse and Delony Cart
wright-gambling with dice; Delony
plead guilty and tined $10 anti costs or
I 30 days in jail. Case against Jesse
nolli prosequi.
State vs. Will Howard-carrying
concealed weapons; tried and fond
guilty. Fined $10 and costs or 30 days
in jail.
State vs. Will Hollis--tresspass;
plead guilty and fined $1.00 or 24I
hours in jail.
State vs. Peter -Matheson--earrying
concealed weapons. Plead guilty andwl
fined $10 and costs or 30 da)s in jail.
State vs. Andrew Boyd, Geo. Daven
port and Jordan Williams-l rceny:
Boyd plead guilty and lined -$0 and
costs or 30 days in jail. Geo. D)aven
port continued to next term. Jordan
Williams nolli prosequi.
State vs. Henry Atlas.--arrJing
concealed weapons; plead' guilty and
fined $10 and costs or 30 days in jail.
State vs. Claib Hill assault and bat
tery; continued to next term.
State vs. Flora Willams-putt:ng
e out eye oif Lottie Mitchell; tried and ac
l quitted.
State vs. Jonas Perkins-violating
s labor contract; tried and found guilty.
e Fined $10 and costs or 30 days in jail.
State vs. Andrew Gibson-riding on
levee; plead guilty. Fined $1.00 and
Statk vs. Abe Robinson-riding on
levee; plead guilty. Fined $1.00 aznd
Scosts or 10 danys in jail.
Stale vs. Charlety Harris-larceny;
L nolli prosequi.
State vs. Zeko Rang!ell anti Abe
Robinson-gambing with dice; tried
and found gutlty. Fined $10 and costs
each or 30 days in jail.
S Those who suffdr from impaired
digestion andl weak stonmachI and on
account of this have a peculiar dread
of chills and fever, will be glad to ler:rt
that a cure for chille and fever Is now,
a manufactured attd nniversally solti
-which does not Injure the stomach but
actually benefits It. It is Ramon's
r Pepsin Chill Tonic. Tasteless and
guaranteed, 50ctsa. For sale at Gue
nard't drugstore.
Lake Street,, Ltake Providcitce, La.,
Dry Goods, Ladies [Iess Goods,
Notions, Hats, Caps, Boots. and S
So:eat oi( t1ei. a qt t erA t arti sis *
l I mo ': a4in & U ý to
. . .I... f i t. "
J* ~. U~i6i
.~ fr~
pstit inr i ffct v . &., 1. V IL.
Stnitl1trf c,.eut=ion: ralcs to ,
loiilats alre tliah iri !'t,
-1 or ilofmn'it 'tie call on. sr tWh(
C. P. & T. A., Vicksburg .
The K. of P. Ihad an itiereatI
meeting on I 'ueadaiy eveningh, wmi
t hey instructed a Pe'se into the lt%$44 -
rie. of the rank of ELquire.
Masters MeeCr and ELstri Drill an-1t.0
Edgar GOilditehi of ( reenville, are.
down at G;odric!'sa for a few week.
toe guests of M r. Sig VWo:it.
Ilout Robe. Nicholson of the IlhIt
w- ard, was a welcome visitor to .towa
on 'l'uesdav. lie retuirnied the nez
day on the lelle of the Beuds.
Mr. M. Meyer a promipatit m'rchat -
of New Orleana, u, as in town for two o-.
or three days thisAi week. Mr. Meoyert
lived in Providence for severtl }earl
andt had many friends.
.The steamer Leathters has made her
last -trip under Ito ai~.aices of the
Chalmete Co. Capt. Mike .Carbine
will bring out the lohnu ilowaro, lea
ing Now Orleans to-day.
The number of land properly own.
era in our parish is put down at 415,.
I and personal properly owtlers at 1385.
.Making a total of 1800 property own
I ers in the parish of East Cerroll.
M re. Joseph Morrison, who has been
visiting her nele., Mrs. W. S. Maguire,
as returned to Marsh l,Texas. Mrs.
Morrison has a son, 27 years of age,
who has joined Clood's regiment.
I The business men of Providence,
whose interests are all in the town.
will not countenance any youdyisnm
ch as was done on Monday eveuing
hia kind of business wot't work.
On acco.ut of being crowded for
spade etlhis week the minutes of the
called mceting of tho'foard-of Alder
men and the school report will no r
appear until our.uext issue.
MrlVtll Davis andu Miss Kittle Mc
Cuilooh were married at Wilson Point
on \Vedtnesday evening, Rev. Mr. Mack
pdrformiig the ceremory. There were
only a few frieuds present. Many
wishes are extended to the happy
I cotuple, and the Banner-I)emoc'rat joins
in extending its congrattlatious.
Constale Sal$o
State of Louisiana. parish of East Carroll ,
i th .Justice court-Ngwcomb & Jay vs.
Will Henley.
By virture of a writ of it fa to me directed
by the llon. Sthl Jtustiee Court. in the above
entitled cause. I will proceed to sell at pub
lie auction at the door of the bth Justice
s Court, in the parish of.lEast Cartoll. La., on
Saturdy. the 2ud day f July,i98, :
between tie hours prescribed by law, all
thoright. title and interest of Will Henley,
in and to the following described property,
One small Brown Mare, seized in the
d above suit.
1. Tell ns of sale-cash according to appraise
I I.ake Provtdence, La.. June 18, 180,.
IYazoo & Xigti ippi
d Valle q Railroad
The Yazoo& Mialiel
sippi R. R. Ihas now ont
sate. and will continue
Sthe snse untill Septem
her bOth, 1808, 0 round
o iit trip summer tourist
tickets from all 'polot
t t on its line in the South toa :a
large list of suammer resorts
. in the North. * fast
ti double daily service to 8z.
Louis, tihlcago, Ciociunat,
and t.oulsville over the -
lilnois Central ine onnecotin
n with theboY. & 31. V. R. . enahbles one tao
d reach quickly nad comfortably to nontaln
resorts of Virgirpla, the White MoountaloS
and seaside 01 Sew England.the Thousand
l; tIslnds. the lake and forest resorts 01 Mich
Iran, Wisconein and Minnesota, the Bot
pe rings of Ark:tnsans. the Yellowstone Park
'or thie resorts of Colorado.
r; LFor tbh 4th of July,
Til 1 1/T1~, low rates -t tare
Ui ( Jy will he tn efect be-a ,
tween all station n the Yaxooa MIsat
t slppi Valley rilrhoad. i'lkets on salea
SJuly 2nd. ,rd and 4th, good to return ui "
• July 7th inclustve. .
It Ticreta ind ull iatnormation as to rate.
Iv, In connection withl the stove can he had of li
" XA~ests of the Y & V. It. I, and connecting
lines. ,"
WM. t-r.1CaY, DIv. Base. A4 C1e- "
, 7J1O. A. SCOTT, Div. Pass.AgenCt,klemiPhi," - :
w. a. tnuio5n1 , n. o. P.3., bghsuvne.

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