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Every man who sells the truth for gain is a
brother of Judas.
Bad Pay and Hard Work.
The bad pay and hard work of trained
nurses has often been made the subject oj.
benevolent remonstrance by eminent medl
cal men and nonprofessionalphllafnthropists.
Itls well for an invalid, before he gets so bad
as to need a nurse or doctor, to use Hos=t
.ter's Stomach Bitters if be has chillsand
fever, oonstipation, rheumatism, dyspepsia
and nervousness. Use it regularly.
The man who passes around the hat does
, otexpect to contribute anything himself.
Care Corns With Physlic.
Might as well try that as to attempt the
cure of Tetter Eczema, Ringworm and other
cutaneous affections with blood medicine. I
Tetterlae Is the only absolutely safe and cer- I
tainremedy. Withitcure is si~r. It's an (
ointment. 50 cents at druggists or by mail 50
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nabh,. Ga.
The kangaroo readily leaps from 60 to 70 a
fbet I
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.. Props, of
Hall's Catarrh Cure, offer $100 reward for I
any case of catarrh that cannot be cured by 1
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Fits permanently cured. No fite or nervous
heas tfter firstda s use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerv Restorer. tral bottle and treatisefree
DRx1. I. KLXLa Ltd., 91 Arch St., Phila, Pa t
All chaperones should be made to eat at the b
last table. e
el Tebasee Spit and SLeke Tya IA Away. A
To qnit tobacco easily and forever, be mag t
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Bac, the wonderworker. that makes weak men t
strong. All druggists, afO or II. Cure guaran- t
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Sterling Remedy Co. Chicago or New York.
The best secret keeper is the one that does p
not know it.
I believe Piso's Cure for Consumptiont
saved my boy's life last summer.--Mrs. Allis
* Douglass, LeRoy, Mich., Oct 0, 1894.
France gathera window tax on more than
,000,000 houses.
ST. VITUS' DANCE, SPASMS and all ner
vous diseases permanently cured by the use
of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Send for
FREE $1.00 trial bottle and treatise to Dr. R. tI
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Clean brooms by dipping in and out of am- g
monia water.
Edoesto euer Bowels With Caoearets.
Candy Catbartlt, cure constipation fiever.
NO. $. It C O. C. fall, druggists refund money.
Take your friends, as all else, to God-and n1
leave them there. et
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething,softensthegums, reducing infiamma- ti
tion,a'lays pain.cures wind colic. oSc. a bottle al
In Austraillan markets rabbits sell at 6 hi
cents a piece.
Deauty Is Blood Deep. tc
Cican blood means a clean skin. No pi
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar- D
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all' im- W
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Leisure hours are the best or the worst of
Since the discovery and introduction of DR.
DERS) the death rate of small children has
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swgulates the Bowels and makes teething
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Hope Returned w
Stomach and LiverTroublesCured B
by Hood's Sarsaparilla. $
"I suffered from stomach and liver tron. di
biaes and was confined to my house for a hi
long time. I was entirely deaf in one ear. m
I endured great distress in my stomach bi
sad could not eat hearty food. I had given
up hope of ever being well. Reading of ,,.
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tinued Its use until my deatfnes was oured tr
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loeved." W. T. NonoNo, Canlsteo,'N. Y. W;
Hod' Sarsa
Hood s parilla .
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Vegetables of
can be raised at a profit, and ha
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Pots h.
Vegetables need lenty of Pot
ash -at least o10%-besides
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f o r~- afor railway freights both ways. A per
Usonal Altter containing specmdgia and
app~g~catq~les -
A woman's Darden,
From se bEvening Hies, DetroU. Mi.
The women of to-day are not as strong as
their grandmothers. They ar beng a
lurden in silence that grows havier day
by day; that Is spping their vitality aad
alouding their happiness.
Mrs. Alexander B. Clark, of 417 Mhigan
Avenue, Detroit, is a typical woman of to
day. A wife with such ambition as only a
loving wife can have. But the Joys of her
life were marred by the existence of dis
Bufferlin as thouqgads of her sisters have
suffered, sue almost despaired of life sad
yet she was oured.
"For five years I
suffered with ovarian
trouble," is Mrs.
Clark's own version
of the story. "I was
not free one single
day from headache
and intense twitelt
Ing pains in my neck
and shoulders. For
months at a time I
would be confined to
my bed. At times
black spots would
appear before my
eyes and I would be- I became blind.
come blind. My nerves were in such astate
that a step on the floor unsettled me.
"Eminent doctors, skillful nurses, the
best foodand medicine all failed. Then I
consented to an operation. That, too,
failed, and they said anotherwas necessary.
After the second I was worse than ever and
the world was darker than before.
"It was then I heard of Ds. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. I heard that
they had cured cases like mine and I tried
"They cured mel They brought sun
shine to my life and filled my cup with hap
piness. The headache is gone; the twitch
ing is gone; the nervousness is gone; the
trembling has ceased and I have gained
twenty-six pounds. Health and strength
Ismine and I am thankful to Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People for the blessing."
These pills are a boon to womankind.
Acting directly on the blood and nerves,
they restore the requisite vitality to all
arts of the body; creating functional rega
Iarity and perfect harmony throughout
the nervous system. The pallor of the
cheeks is changed to the delicate blush of
health; the eyes brighten; the muscles
grow elastic, ambition is created and good
health returns.
Moral, Stop First and Think: She
"You say I am the first girl you ever a
made love to, but your manner indi- I
cates that you have had experience." I
He-"Please explain how you know
that." After he had gone she was I
almost tempted to jab herself with her I
hatpin.-Chicago News.
Miss Blackleigh (looking at her pho
tograph)-"I should like to know what
people say about my picture." Miss
Daisy-"No, dear; I don't think you
woul -Boston Transcript.
Our Newspaper Enterprise: News
boy (to distinguished author just ar
rived)-"Extra, sir! Full account of
your arrival."-Brooklyn Life.
No-To-ae feor tifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men sron. blood pure. sea. . All druggis
High Jinks-"Hev ye noticed," in
sinuated Jay Green darkly, "that Si
Pettingill hasn't had anything to say
since he got back about what he done I
while he was up to the city ?" "Dun- I
no," answered Josh Medders. "What
of it ? " "I don't know's I know.
But he took with him between $3 and I
$A that he'd saved up to spend, an' he
didn't bring a penny of it back with
him. nor nothin' to show for it. It's
my opinion that he squandered it I
buyin' wine for actresses."--Judge.
"My fortune is made I " he cried.
"I will be rich beyond the wildest
dreams of avarice. I shall start for
the Klondike tomorrow. My chemis
try will be my salvation." "How so;
have you discovered a compound that
will aid in the detection of gold de
posits'? " "No; I have invented a
yeast that will make six loaves of
bread from the flour ordinarily re
quired for one."-Up-to-Date.
They were talking of the civil war
the other day, and the older members
of the company had compared remin- I
iscences. "Which side were you on
during the war, Mrs. B. ?" asked the
kittenish young girl of the party,
turning to a pretty little woman who
had been born in 1862. "I was in I
arms on the Southern side," was the
quick reply.-Chicago Tribune.
"Judge," said the prisoner, "may c
I ask if intent is vital in fixing a
crime?" "It is." "Then, your honor, f
I am only guilty of petty larceny. I
broke into that house to get something d
to eat and came across the silver by t
accident." t
To Core Coanstlpation Forove.
T'akeOscarets Candy Cathartic. t100 ora
II C. C C. fail to cure. druggists refund monos e
"Of course," said one Spanish ofi
cial, "we can't back out of this war." I
"No," replied the other. "Our peo- t
ple won't have it. We might lose our :
iituations if we did." "And yet we
re absolutely certain to be defeated." t
"That's true. I'll tell you what we
might do. Let's be magnanimous and r
,ffer the United States an armistic."
-Washington Stac.
To Cure Cold in One Day. r
Take Laxative BromoQuinine Tablets. All 1
Drusistrefund money fittallstoeure.a o. g
Mrs. Longwed (yawning)-."Oh,
lear! I wonder it angels ever get
leepy?" Mr. Longwed--'"You nedr
lid when I was courting you, da
ing." Then the old rascal kissed his
wife and went to the club without a
struggle.-Vanity Fair.
Bowden Lithia Water c
For Kidaey and Bladder Troubles.
A poefsitive preventive oef Typhold and Mala. a
ral yevets For pmn phlet rd price listat adidre ss
___ _ __i_ h
Good Weeds for NeIghbors-Bartow Man
Discasees Military Politles and Fertile
Lands of the Voluteer State---Other Ina.
terestlng Matter. .
Tennessee is for peace, but it is
better prepared for war than any
southern state. I have recently trav
eled .over the southern portion and
was profoundly impressed with its re
sources. There is a branch railroad
running from Decherd to Winchester
and from there curving around in a
southwesterly course to Fayetteville
and thence to Petersburg and Lewis
burg and Columbia. Governor Taylor
was on the train and told me that this
was the garden spot and along this
road were the best farms and the best
farmers in Tennessee. I never saw
such beautiful fields of wheat in my
life and the averageeld is said to be
25 bushels to the acre. Well, of course,
a war will want wheat. Then this is a
fine stock country and the war will
want mules and cattle. Their cattle
are of the large Durham breed, so
large that some of thenm bring from
$60 to $70 apiece, and are always in
demand. The farmer under whose
hospitable roof I stayed while in
Petersburg had 120 brood mares, and
raised mules by the score. He ships
large numbers of Durham cattle and
has a side show of fine hogs and
sheep and turkeys, ducks, chickens
and geese. Everything he raises
is first quality. He paid $15 for
one turkey gobbler. He is shipping
and selling something almost every
day. He raises large crops of wheat
and oats and corn, and yet finds time
to work for his church and the par
sonage and the public school. At home
he helps his good wife to nurse the
baby and to look after the children and
does everything quietly and pleasant
ly. That is what I like. It does not
take me long to diagnose a family and
to tell who is the boss, but I dident
see any boss about these premises, nor
any badly behaved children. If Mr.
Edmiston is a fair sample of the citi
zens around Petersburg, no wonder it
is a prosperous town. I was told that
not long ago there was one shipment
of eight hundred geese to Chicago and
that the anmaal shipment of fowls from
that point exceeded $100,000. Just
think of it! Petersburg is known
abroad as the central point of a fine
stock country, and their annual fairs
are attended by stock men from far and
But it is a small town-is not even a
county seat. It is the character of the
people that makes it what it is. Good
land and good farmers will make any
place prosper. The 4berchants have
department stores and pay a little
higher for produce and fowls and eggs
than is paid elsewhere. There is a
large and successful creamery here
and two large sawmills and the largest
stock logs I.jver saw, many of them
measuring five feet in diameter. These
are chiefly poplar and white oak and
the trees grow on the hill sides clear
up to the ridges. The stocks are
rolled down to the pike road in the
valley, and from there are easily
hauled to the mills. Oh, those de
lightful turnpikes. They are all over
this country and have doubled and
trebled the value of the land. You
can't buy these farming lands for less
than $50 an acre, and much of it
brings $100. I saw a large field in
wheat that recently sold for $100 per
acre at public sale. Why should it not?
Every acre will turn out twenty-five
bushels of wheat and that is %torth
now for July delivery $22. One man
sold his crop last week for 90 cents a
bushel. He didn't believe the war
would last until harvest or he wonuln'i,
have done it.
I never realized the value of like
roads until this visit. Forty bushels
of wheat is a big wagon load ill our
country and it takes a good team to
haul it to town. But they can hanul
from sixty to eighty on a pike and
with less strain on the team. Satltur
day night found me at Lewisbutrg, and
to my surprise I learned there was no
train on Sunday nor until Monday
eve, and then I would have to stay at
Decherd three hours and st Chatta
nooga four hours and reach home Tues
day morning.
i was distressed, for I left a dear
little grandchild sick, and so I dared
to travel on the Snlaath day. War
trace was thirty miles away, andU the
Nashville train going east would pass
there at 11 o'clock. The livery man
very quietly told me that if I would be
ready at half-past 5 o'olock he would
put me there by half-pa',t 10. He did
it, and I never had a more delightful
ride. The good horse never broke his
long, sweeping trot, except at the toll
gates, where I paid 10 cents, and there
were five of them on the route. The
morning air was bracing, the buggy
springs were easy, the cusfions soft
and elastic and the driver companion
able. He took me for a preacher,
which is proof that I talked good Sun
dXa tt~ lbyvill e we changed horses,
and the last nine miles were driven in
cxactly one hour. That last horse was
a wildcat, and for a mile or two my
tranquiility was disturbed. He dident
want to leave the stable. He reared
and pranced and backed his ears and
backed the buggy down the little hill
and out it around, but the driver knew
him and talked kindly to him and let
him turn round and go the other way.
Finally he'gaste a snort and waked up
to business, and we drove around a
square and got in the right road again.
He'leaped the railroad with proud dis
dain, sad the driver let him have his
own way, speaking gently all the time.
I nefer rode after a horse like that
one. As we neared the toll gate the
drivr eried out, "Iaaise the pee, raise
tlhiZemw HBe was afraid would
~ir~~:.s'~wr-~ ai
K~6;a;&~r'tl e~
invited by Ateaius We to core to
Macon and hear him lcture. He ha
just returned from Utah, where he had
been leoturing to the Mormons, who
had many wives, and his card of invi
tation I have yet, and it says: "Admit
the bearer ad one wife." So I went
to Macon aan heard him. He had
aissed his appointment by reason of
the train breaking down at a little
town in Alabama called Pollard. He
looked at his audience, and in a lioe
s of sadness told them of hia~mistfortune
and how he had to stay at Pollard for
twenty-four hours. Then he almost
cried as he asked: "My friends, were
any of you ever in Pollard? I hope
not, and that you never will be. Rather
than live in Pollard I would live in-I
would live-in vain."
I thought of that the other night. It
was 3:30 o'clbck when I was aroused
by the porter's cry of Decherd-all out
for Decherd. Soon I was on the plat
form and waited for some one to say,
"hotel, sir!" The train sped away
and I looked in vain for somebody who
wanted to see me. The telegraph op
erator was clicking his machine in a
room and his light shone dimly
through a hole in the wall. I saw a
colored man near the door and asked
for a hotel. "One right 'round de
corner," said he. "Walk down de
platform and you see de light." It was
dark and had been raining. I saw the
light dimly burning and waded
thrqugh some black Tennessee mud to
get to it. Anybody could have knock
ed me in the head or have robbed me
without resistance. When I got to
the piazza I missed counting the num
ber of steps and fell upon the floor. I
had rather fall up any time
rman to fail Gown, especially In
the night. I tried the door
and found it locked. Well, I tried for
ten minutes to arouse somebody, but
I tried in vain, and sadly returned to
the little depot with my shoes more
wetter and more muddier. The color
ed gentleman was still there. Said I:
"My friend, I couldn't wake up any
body over there." "I was afeered
you couldn't," said he; "Uncle Bill is
gittin' powerful old, (That's me,
thought I,) and he ain't very liable in
de night time." That's me, too,
thought I. So I took a back seat in
the cold, cheerless waiting room and
remained there and ruminated until
sunrise, when a train came up and
took m 3 to Winchester, which is only
three miles away, and is the county
seat. It is a pretty town and quite an
educational center. Breakfast was
ready and was inviting, and
in a little while I felt like
another man, ann sama to myseir,
"All's well that ends well." But, oh,
those two long, dreary hours at De
cherd, and it looks like a pleasant lit
tle hamlet, but it sadly needs some
accommodations for wayfaring and
aged travelers. There were some dy
ing embers in the stove, but there
were no chairs, and I couldn't 'rm
my feet from the seats that were fast
ened to the wall. My legs were not
long enough. But as General ee
said at Gettysburg, "It's all my f lt"
-all my fault for taking a train at
put me there in the night.
. But Tennessee is a great state. er
people know how to farm, and with
good roads and a scarcity of cotton 're
forging ahead and ready for war -
Bxra Amr. in Atlanta Constitution.
The Hindoos were the first to u-s
playing cards.
Stockings were first used in the
eleventh century. Before that cloth
bandages were used on the feet.
The average life of women in
France during the last thirty-two
years has been thirty-eight years, and
of men thirty-six years.
The largest telegraph office in the
world is in the General Postoffice
building, London. There are over
three thousand operators.
Solomon's temple was 107 feet
long, thirty-six feet broad and fifty
four feet high, not being larger than
many private houses of the present
Connecticut claims a parrot one
hundred and eighteen years old. It
has been for one hundred years in one
family, having descended from father
to son through two or three genera
Troy, with the ruine Schliemann ex
plored, has been presented to the im
perial Osmanic Museum of antiquities
at Constantinople by the owner of
Hissarlik, the Englishman, Frank
In an East Siberia gold mine in the
district of Tomsk there has just been
found a gold nugget weighing sixty
seven and one-third pounds. It is tl'
largest nugget ever found in Russian
The brass drum is one of the instra
ments of bands attending regiments
of the Servian army. It is fixed on a
two-wheeled cart, which is drawn by
a large trained dog. The drummer
walks behind the cart.
For 3000 years the Hindoo standard
of living has been almost the same for
rich and poor. The Rajah's dfloors are
bare, and the rich man washes in the
open air and dries himself in the sun
like his poorer brother.
Oran, in Algeria, has a port health
officer still in active service at the age
of 126 years. His name is ,Tremouil
Let. He was born in 1771, was aesp
tured by Oran pirates in 1789, and has
never left the town since.
Winning race horses are generally
bays, chestnuts, or browns; and for
every hundred bays mong them there
are fifty chehthuts and thirty browns.
There is no record of an important
race being ·on by a piebald.
rhe asesess susp(nt.
Moseiow has a hospital large oaengh
to hold 7000 pdehons. It was fonded
in 1704, and at present takes ia'ehil
dAen at the rate of forty s da, or
about 15,000 year. .Thr P e
twenty-si phsiolsane sad about 900
anurses. ti frst entury otf
its eoxsltrn the YitdI reetved and
children. On his retreak trein .e
ai'ahri . ithe uirt dR- lWting.
Q99alma-s s the nm t of peace.
GOod w orkae ihe vclee of faith.
SPatiene Is the barometer of faith.
Inhlance is tkheaagiSnet haracter.
OCapability is thepolester of position.
Truth is the dynanite gan of revo
Discipline is the crucible of respon
In forgiving a fault, we may inspire
a virtue.
. Temptation is the balance where
character is weighed.
Conscience makes cowards of only
those who fail to obey it.
Love has emulation without strife,
anity without uniformity.
To put works against faith is to con
trast the tree with its roots.
One's faith shows less what he is
than what he is trying to be.
Beware of prosperity; luxury was
the death-knell of Rome's vigor.
Those who worship wealth, will bow
in adoration before good clothes.
Knowledge and wisdom make a
strong teAn when hitched together.
"Penalty of violated law," would be
an appropriate epitaph for half the
Cultivation that will not permit the
Conscienoe to stand erect, is unworthy
the name.
The dark cloud is little dreaded
when we are sure these is no tempest
in waiting beyond the tomb.
The child will laugh and cry; the
youth will primp and sigh; the man
will twist and lit, and all will groan
and die.-Ram's Horn.
Killing Four Caribou Out of Five at Long
A party of four of us left here for
the upper part of the state for a four
days' hunting trip on Feb. 12, says a
Bath (Me.) letter to the Army and
Navy Journal. There was one man
among us, Orderly Sergeant Richard
son, U. S. A., at Fort Popham, Me.,
still in the service. On the third
morning three of us-the sergeant, an
other, and myself-left camp together
in search of game, the snow falling
thick, but calm; no wind. We had
not gone more than a mile from camp
when we saw on the next ridge (a hilt
side) five caribou standing on the hill
side in such open place that it was al
most impossible to get nearer them
without being seen. After a wait of
some time for them to change their
position, that we might advance nearer
and get a shot of more certainty, our
silence was broken by the sergeant's
remark that he had killed deer as far
away as that, and thought he could
kill one of these.' We all agreed to
let him take a shot, and estimated the
distance at 500 yards. When he got
in his position, 'which he calls the
Texas grip, and selecting the one on
the right, told us to look out for him,
at the crack of his rifle, to my great
surprise, down came the animal with
his back broken. The others being
bewildered, ran in a circle like, stop
ping to a standstill somewhat nearer
to us. All hands estimated 450 vrfs.
Again he selected the one on the-igrt,
and at the crack of the gun agein the
animal dropped, shot through the
heart. The other three leaped off in
another direction, as we estimated
600 yards. Then the sergeant ad
justed his sights to that distance, and
to my greatest surprise he killed the
third one. The other two separated,
and one of them came back near the
first one that was shot, when he stood
broadside to us and the sergeant fired,
but shot low arid broke both front legs
just above the knee. After a little
skirmishing about in the brush we
found him, and one more shot from
the old Springfield rifle, with the ser
geant behind it, gave us- four out of
five caribon, and only five shots fired,
and by only one man at that. We
went into camp with flying colors, and
were the centre of attraction that
One of the party inquired of the
sergeant where be had obtained such
proficiency in marksmanship. when
he pulled his coat open and exhibited
a splendid gold badge from the army,
a distinguished marksman's medal,
won by him in 1889 in the division
competion of the army, Department of
the East. Onr party were on this
hbunt for several days, and killed six
deer, two elk, and four caribou, of
which SergeantRichardson killed four
caribon, three deer, and one elk, and
he killed them all over 400 yards, ex
cept one deer, which he shot on the
run, and and about 150 yards distance,
breaking his neck.
The Swsa and the Pike.
The following accident was de
scribed to me by a friend who hesrd
it from the lips of the atn who saw
it. My friend's informant, a labor
ing man, passed on his way to work
every morning a pond on which were
swans. One morning he saw a swan
withIts head under water-no an
usual thing, so he thought nothing of
it. The next morning jit was in ex
actly the same place and position.
Still, that was not remarkable, and he
passed on. On the. third morning,
seeing the swan in th same position,
he called the attention of the keeper
to it. The keeper proceeded to ex
amine, and found that the swan's
head had been awallowed by a large
pike. Both, of 6ourse, were dead.
'etter in London Spectator.
A traveler from Biarrits describes a
peasant funeral in the south of France
in which the cogna was borne to the
save on the shoulders of wmay ,
The daead person was a woman of their
wn1a~ae. Jatlheeazediitrictit is
-theeostemof women to part with
their hir to bary it witea td child,
accompanied with a faorite to; so s
to prevent lt. ehild from binel .
.pd t~L* uep$
aufesad -.ou'ryms with fesaue fere.
bIes. she surn water to Klrie ban
of her coamplete reovery.. Read har
D M . ?Pmw a.'P x:-Iwish you to
Spublish what Lydi E. ftbhinea's
Vegetable Composund, Sanative Wash
and Liver Pills
have done for
I suffered
with womb
e trouble. ?ty
doctor said I
, hadffallingof
Y the womb. I
C) also suffered
R with nervous
prostration, faint,
all-gone feelings, palpita
tio of the heart, bearing-down sensa
a tiomand painfulmenstruation. I could
not stand but a few minutes at a time.
When I commenced taking your med
icine Icould not sit up half a day, but
before I had used half a bottle I was
up and helped about my work
SI have taken three bottles of Lydia
a E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
used one package of Sanative Wash,
e and am cured of all my troubles. I feel
e like a new woman. I can do all kinds
of housework and feel stronger than I
e ever did in my life. now weigh 13lX
py ounds. Before using your medicine I
weighed only 108 pounds.
durely it is the grandest medicine for
weak woman that ever was, and my
it advice to all who are suffering from
any female trouble is to try it at once
e at be welL Your medicine has
n proven a blessing to me, and I cannot
n praise it enough.-Mrs. Lucr1ooDwam,
Holly, W. Va.
"My wife had piples on her fae, but
she has been tang SCARETS and they
have all dig6ppeared. I had been troubled
with constipation for some time, but ar tak
Sing the first Cascaret I have had no trouble
with th s ailment. We cannot speak too high
Sly of Casarets." Faim waSrMAs.
5708 Germsatown Ave. Philadelphis. Pa.
TSasE iga seeamasse
Pleasant. Palatahbl Potet. Taste Good. Do
Good. Never Sicken. weske. cr Gripe. Sc. Sc. ns
m so.aims a..--r C..M. blui,.. Umiveasi. sew t. St
r O-TS-OAC 9809t t T c adsbt.'
5 and Iat Habit cared in
10 to i dA, No pay till
ocured. Dr.. tepk. Ohe.
B tg for tracing or locating Gold or Silver
I111% Or. lost or buriedtrenura. M.D.
R O'J FOWlI3,,Do'g7. outhington. Conn
The N. C. & Ru
1m ..s.. S5e., 0a5 10 . ..hs. s..
TELL THE ADVERTIBBl yousaw it in this pa
rer. _U 18-1.8._
Brove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
Chills, Malaria and Bifiousness
Z. jazst ene 00oa to0 Aasle e tow Cadlltars.
Paris Medicine Co., * Galatia, Ill, Nov. 16, 1893.
Gentlemen:-We sold last year 600 bottles of GUYM TASTMLIBS C£I
TONIC and have bought 3 gross already this year,. In allour aepe.en.e of 14
years in the drug business, have never sold an article that gave such universal
satisfaction as your Tonic. . Yours Tly
Female Panacea
'ý ýp Ew Apt tiialsa atWý "lr ,
OWrm "e I, cesII
ass1sse s lass, ee 4 .
. srw. thin it Bs
Ubwiass amh la
haw Iush e sor "fl ni
s Dr ea on
Sc~oet o te rbtas rose
f wess e nets h etm m eubol ep
werto ts eonmld. W d l
I n ý s scahooL et ob d e tl
r- ' the o od D.ta0 t
W aAo Tiess
Bowel8 Ie does notgrie
P and takes le to rattyo
it has a more torogh sa
gentle ffet, and es my
ntier condition than  e
Draught or "Zeilin's."
We we provided with Eve orwgaussg0
Bampt o rbi
Seood pre; thtee the rr s
bowels. The btbecomes W
* ers or both of two resons:_
We la iethiur rs ezer ee
*Id Iae7 u eteoomiemioo
' n-..e-.,.. e . Whencorm t
dg the ash ove organs me al
Gobln , L *OD· 9 I
ese. co ndion teres no mede so etea
ren he tre anpe-f ae
a e oft ate hor Wt rte 0i l U
T Mtus' Atcs s W oe ak ttt k
1 5. u sa 1M IS..., ý Ws maS
w1.aelle thlt o de a eal
pi u ainr·Po~ Thnw le
r ya sower. qe ea b ll panG
- --d-Iwaelhedae Ad [email protected]
-e Pat a ss. A.
- ACIURII WANITD.-leenneed uow~to
Icot sot for next term. O e. in ieolties.UNIOU

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