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Pablisher and Proprietor.
Sattrday, July 2, 1898.
' United States Senator S. D. Mc
Enery made an cloquent speech last
week in the Senate against the an
ne ation of llawnii. lie said that it
id be the worst blow that the
South could receive.
: -- - ----- 1
A Spanish.report from Santiago
says that the United States armored 1
cruiser Brooklyn had beemn struck
by a Spanish shell, which sank the
vessel and killed Commodore Schley
and twenty four seamen.
The Spanish topedo destroyer
Terror, which has already been de
stroyed by some papers, has been
again encountered, this time by the t
St. Paul, near San Juan, aid struck I
times and badly damaged.
Cessoe Brothers, owners of Belle
Ile sugar plantation in Abberville 1
parish, have lost one huidred and
eighty head of stock, d3ying from
charbon. This terrible disease is
now raging in the southern and wes
tern part of the state.
A special to the London Daily
Mail from Kingston, says it is re
ported that there have been forty
deaths from yellow fever among the
American troops in Cuba. Accord
ing to'the same authority there has t
been an alarming outbreak of small t
pox at Manzanillo.
Some of the men of the Ninth
New York and First and Second
Arkansas regiments had a fight at
Chickamauga Tuesduy over the re
mark that a negro was as good as a
Southern soldier, when the New
Yorker was knocked down and a
general fight took place.
To capture Havana the United
States will require a force of 100,000
or more men. There are over 100,000
Spanish troops within that city,
which is well fortified with forts and
other ways to.keep out the enemy,
and it would require this number of
soldiers to take that city.
The following southern States pay
pensions as follows to their veterans
of the rebellion: Virginia $140,000,
Alabama $116,000, North Carolina
$113,000, South Carolina $100,000,
Florida $65,000, Tennessee $68,000,
Mississippi $75,000, Arkansas $42,
000, Texas $38,000, Georgia over
Capt. Neut Stevenson, chief of
police of Vicksburg is dead. He is
the same Stevenson who accepted
noney from the New Orleans City
Item to place spies in the Northern
parish of our State at the last guber
natorial election against the De)cmo
cratic party. Ilia spies were caught
and made to leave in short order.
The Bossier Bannuer says that all
articles or correspondence for the
benefit of candidates for ofice, or
cards or calls soliciting men to be
come candidates, will, only be pub
listied as advertisements, and must
be paid for at advertising rates.
As a great many papers throughout
the State are adopting the same rules,
we will do the same thing.
Representative Hall of Morehouse
has introduced a bill in thie Senate,
that has created quite a stir in Rich
land parish. Mr. Hall's bill wants
to change the domicile of the Tensas
Levee Board from Rayville to Mon
roe, and to raise the salary of the
Secretary from $400 to $1,200 and to
provide for an attorney whose salary
is not to exceed 81000. A public
meeting was heht at Rayville and
Mr. Hall and ths bill was bitterly
The first hattle on Cwban soil took
place on Friday last near Santiago.
lass than 1,000 American cavalry
men and rough riders fought 2,000
Sp1nlards in the thickets, driving
thein back into the city. The Ameri
can loss was twelve or thirteen dead
atla st least fty wounded, including
Stiwarreeu. Several of the wounded
~4i die. Twelve Spaniards were
-'.:i dead in the bush. Their loss
M tdoubttms greater. The Spaniards
wievery advantage ic numbers and
to Among tihe dead are Capt.
:A.. Capr.on, flaitoe Fish, Jr.,
o.' Y-rk Pnvatec Ttiban, Daw
Dtl -.ig ty .. nd W, T. Erwin,
-taWintagk kIders; Prip.tes Dlx,
Vik4 l ,)1i~ik I. E otb4, Berlis and
;-i~:~t~idtg~, ~ ~ I
Gen. Shatter is within three or
four miles of Santiago, and pressing
forward. le wjil not wait for rein
forccments, but will vigorously at
tack Santiago. The fighting prob
ably took place on Wednesday.
The Spaniards abandoned Sevilla,
near which they had erected fortifi
cations, without a struggle, and
made no opposition to the Americans
crossing the San Juan river. They
have retreated to Santiago, and will 1
give battle in the outskirts of the
The Yale, with Gen. Duffield's
Michigan brigade reinaforcing Shaf.
ter, has arrived at B quiri, and the
men have disembariila
The attempt of Gen. Pando to re.
iniforce Gen. Linares at Santiago has
prove a failure. The troops sent
from Manzanillo to Santiago have
returned, being unable to reach the
beleagnered city.
Paciflcos from Santiago report
that in the fight at La Quasina, in
which the "Rough Riders" took
part, the Spaniards lost seventy-seven
killed and ninety-seven wounded. t
The water supply of Santiago was
captured Sunday, and the Cuban
city Is now without water.
The Cuban blockade has been ex
tended and now reaches from Cape I
Francis to Cape Cruz, stretching
along the entire southern toast of
Cuba. The President has also de
clarel a blockade of San Juan,
Porto Rico.
Admiral Camara's fleet has not yet
gonc through the Suez Canal, the
Spanish Admiral being without the
money to pay the canal charges.
The Philippine Insurgents now
number 40,000, of whom two-thirds
are armed with rifles. Manila itself
is besieged by 25,000 men.
Gen. Augustin, Spanish Comman
der at Manila, reports the condition
of uis army to be. distressing. The
entrenchments are flooded and many
of the men sick, and the citadel is
crowded with Spanish refugees from
the interior towns.
The Philippine insurgents in the
Island of Mindanao are sail to have
been defeated by the Spanlrds and
their commander, Arco, killed. .
OMany of the native troops in the
Philippines are deserting from the
Spanish army to the insurgents.
The War Department has. deter.
miined to send 21,000 men in all to
Gen. Merrit for his Phillipine ex
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~Sherifl's Sale.
State of Louisian. P1'arish of Enast Carroll.
Seventh District Court-S. Gumbel &
Co:, vs. VW.G1. Wyly--No. 40.
By virtue oe a writ of Seizure and Sale to
me directed ty the Honorable Seventh
Dietrict . ourt. for the parish of East Carroll
aforesaid, in the shove entitled cause. I
will proceedt to sell at public nuctior, at the
door of the court house, in the town of
Providenee. East Carroll parish, La.. on
Saturday the 30th day of July, 1808
between tile hours prescribed by law. all
the rirht, title and interest of W. O. Wyly
in and to the tohowlingdescribed property,
The east half of the north-east quarter
and the north-west quarter of tihe northLb
east quarter and the north-east quarter of
the north-west quarter of section flfty-five,
Sand thie east lhalfof the southl-east quarter
of section fitlly-two in township nineteen,
north, range thirleen. east (K E of N E
and N W of NE 3 and INE~ of .NW
See 53, and Ei of 8 a; See 5T 19, N
) Ia. E): also I.ot 4 In section eight. townashtp
twenty, north range twelve, east. (Lot 4.
see 8, T' 20. N It 12. E) containlng as per the
- U. 8. sueryey sub-divisions two hundred
seventy-three acseres (273) more or less, sit
nated in the parish of East Carroll. State of
Louisiana,. seized in the above suit.
Terms of sale--cash without the benefit
iot appraisement.
J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
SSheriff's offee, Providence, La., June O25.
STetters alt-Itheum and Eczema.
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incident to these diseases, Is nlstantlly
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Eie adal Skin Ointment. Malyr very
had eases have been permntomly
cnred by it. It is equally eficlent for
itching piles and a tavorite remedy
for sore upiuples, chapped bands, ehil.
blatus, frost bites and chroic sure
I eyes. 25cls Iwr box. For sale at Gue
mnutll' srpg store.
Stte at Loulimiana, parish of ea3t Carao!l.
Be it known. that onthis '-thl day of the
month ofJune. in the year of our Lord. One
Thousand Eight Ilundred and Ninety
Eight. before me. W. I1. Montgomery. a
Notary Public in and for the parish of East
Carroll. State of Louisiana, dilly commis
sioned and qualified, and in the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed, personally came and appeared the
parties whose nales are hereutnto sub
scribed, all of full age, who declared that
availing themselves of the provisions of the
laws of thfs State relative to corporations
and especially of Aet No. 8e of 1888 of the
General Assembly of Louisliana, they have
covenanted and agreed and by these pres
ents convenantand agree and bind them
selves as well as such other persons as may
hcreaf!er become associated with them, to
form and constitute a corporation and body
politic in law for the purposes and objects
and under the stipulations, articles and
conditions following, to-wit :
The name and stille of the said corpora
LIMITED and its domiell is hereby
established In the city of Providence. parish
of East Carroll, State of Louisiana, and un
der its said corporate name said corpora
tion shall have power and authority to con
tract: sue and be sued; to make and use a
oorporate seal and the same to break and
alter at pleasure; to hold, receive, have,
p•urchase. Improve. aleniate. convey, sell.
borrow. pledge. mortgage and hypothecate,
under its said corporate name, property,
real, personal and mixed; to name and ap
point such officers, directors, agents and
managers, or employees as the interest or
convenience of said corporation may re
quire; to make and establish by-laws. rules
oand regulations for the proper management
and regulation of its affairs, as may oe
deemed necessary and proper, and the same
to change and alter at pleasure; and to do
all other acts and things permitted by law,
or as shall or may be necessary and proper
to carry out the objects and purposes of
said corporation.
Said corporation, unless sooner dissolved,
in aneordance with its charter, shall exist
and continue for the period of ninety-nine
years from and after the date hereof.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized, and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it. are
declared to be the following, to-wit:
The operation of cotton gins. cotton com
presses, cotton seed oil mills and grist mills;
also the lease or purchase of lands. build
ings, machinery and such other things as
may be necessary for same; also the erec
tion of buildines and the setting ul and
equipping of all machinery and other things
necessary for same; also whatever may be
usual, necessary and convenient in conduct
ing said business,
The capital stock of the said corporation
shall be One iHundred Thousand I)ollars,
divided into and represented by Two
Thousand Shares of the sum of Flifty Dol
lars each of which said stock 2"l per cent.
(twenty-five per centum) shat; be paid for
in cach at the time of sulscription and the
remlinder at such time 6r times as may be
desiguated by the board of directors, or the
same may be issued at not less than par, in
payment or exchange for property, or
rights actually received or purchased by
said corporation, or the same may be issued,
full paid. for money advanced, and for such
other valuable considerations or services
as the board of directors of said corporation
may determine; provided, that no stock
shall be issued until the consideration
therefor, has been received by the said cor
Any stockholders may sell, assign, or
transfer his stock in this corporation, pro
vided, thirty (30) days prior notice of such
Intention to sell, assign or transfer :the
same be given the company, and the other
stockholders thereot shall have the first
privilege of purchasing same, after which
thirty (30) days notice, the said stock may
be sold in open market. .
The stock of said corporation may be
transferred under the above conditions pro
vided such transfer thereoL be made on the
books of said company at its office in the
city of t'rovidence. and on surrender of the
certificate therefor.
No transfer of any fractional part of a
share shall be made.
This corporation shall commence doing
business as soon as five thousand dollars of
the capital stock shall have been subscribed
for and twenty-five per centum paid there
The board of directors shall have the right
to determine how much stock shall be
The corporate powers of this company
shall ue vested in, and exercised by a board
of five directors consisting of the president,
vice president. and (3) three stockholders.
Three of said board shall constitnte a quo
rum for the transaction of business and
their decisions shall be valid corporate acts.
The following persons shall constitute
the first board of directors: E. J. Hlamley.
presid, nt: Yancey Bell. vice president;
John C. Pittman, 0. M. Franklin and S. W.
No person shall be eligeble as a director,
or an officer who is not a stockholder of this
D)uring the absence of the president, the
vice president shall act and preside. The
president or in his absence the vice presi
dent. shall be the proper person upon whomn
citation or other legal process shall be
Said board shall continue in office until
the first Monday of July,. (1589) eighteen
hundred and ninety-nine, on wnich date
and thereafter annually, a board of direc
tors shall be elected on the first Monday in
July of eah year, unless the same should e
a holiday. when the election shall be held
on the next legal day thereafter.
Notice of sucth election shall- be given to
each stockhelder by the secretary in writ
ing at least ten days prior to each election;
and the board of directors shall appoint
one or more stockholders to preside at such
election as commislouners. In the event of
the flalure of any commissloner or commis
sioners to attend, the president shall, by ap
point, fill the vacancy. Any failure by any
cause whatever to elect directors the day
named for that purpose shall not dissolve the
corporationo. but the directors then in office.
as well as the officers of said company, sball
hold over untill their successors are chosen.
In such event the president shall cause
another election to be held in thirty(30)days,
Sand shall give notice thereof as herein be
fore pl ovided
At every election soand meeting each stock
hiolder shall be entitled to vote for each share
of stock registered in his name, and may
vote by proxy.
The election of directors shall be by bal
lot, and the majority In amount :of votes
cast. each slhare of stock voted upon to be
counted for one vote, shall elect the person
or persons for whom they were east.
A lter each election the hoard ot directors
shall elect from their own number the of
cers of said company.
The board of directors shabll have full
power to fill vacancies in their number
caused by death, resignation or otherwise.
from among the stockholders of the corpor
The said board shall bare uil control of
theproperty ofthis company, and shall so
conduct, manage and use the same as in
their discretion they deem fit ard that Is
consistent with the objectsof this company.
or the welfare of same.
The eald board is further authorized to
frame and adopt such by-laws,. rules and
regulations as the affairs and busnlaess of
the corporation may require, and as Ilmar
deem necessary for the conducting and
management thereof; provided the same
shalrl not conflict with this charter, or with
the laws of the 8tee, or of the Unilted
The said board shah elect or appoint a
secretary and treasurer, and such other
ofeiers, agents, employees, servants ase
clerkssal t may deem MeUesry fur the
conductlig of the bealsee at the corpora.
tioen; In thelf mpeal .lewerm of ser
vice, with the right to difkmts them at sad
board's pleasre; at d IsaId boeard shall have
the right to Ax snd llterminde the slnree
of the several olcers herein provided or.
Thts charter may bte clmuait. mqdtied
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,lrý ý ý'r(ti*l~t'ký#rlcý+ ` "ýj ,
or amended, the capital stoc : increased or
decreased, or this corporation may be dis
solved, at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened for the purpose. with the I
assent of three-fourths of the entire capital
r stock, whether present or represented at
such meeting.
Notice of such meeting shall be served on
each stockholder by the secretary in writ
s ing, ten days prior to such meetinr.
SIn case oi dissolution or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of its
charter or from any cause, the liquidation
of its affairs shall be conducted by three I
commissioners selected from the stockhold
r era. with like assent and at a 'meeting
called for that purpose as above set torth
in this article.
a Said commissioners shall remain in office I
r until the atfairs of said corporation shall
t have been fully liquidited.
In case of death of one or more of said
commissioners, the survivors or survivor
shall continue to act.
No stockholder of this corporationl shail
ever be held liable or responaible fr the
e contracts or faults thereof, in any further
e sumn than the unpaid balance due the coin
pany on the shares of stuck subscribed for
or owned I,by him nor shall any informali
ty in-organizatiou have the effect of rend
ering this charter null, or of exposing a
stockholder to any lilility heyoud the uu
paid bulance of any of his stock.
Ttis done and passed at my oflhie in the
citv of Providence. East Carroll parish L.oit
ieisiann, on the day. month and year herein
first above written. in the presence of A.
B. Solarle and C. Ii. Smith, competent wit
nesses of lawful age and residents of this
y city, who ;heretnto sign their namles to
d gether with said parties. and me, Notary,
t, alter reading of the whole.
1. W. WDunn, W. K. Spurlock,
E. .1. Hamley, W. C. Mellne,
d J. W. Pittman, J. N, Hill.
s. J. G. PIttman, Jos. E. RanEdell.
Ga . M. Franklin, T. S Delony,
S Mrs. V. S. . Maguire.
t; Attest:
A. B. Solarie,
C. II. Smith,
Is Notary Public.
I hereby certify that the foregoing Char
e ter of the Providence Gin and Improvement
e Company. Limited. is on tile in toy oi ce.
1. and is duly recorded in Mortgage Book
im "Z," folio 11i et seq. of the mortgage
,e records ofEast Carroll parish, La.
Witness my hand and seal of office this
ii 80th day of July, A. D., 189t8.
:e Dy Clerk 7th Dist Court and ex-oftlicio Re
c. corder.
a Lake Providence, La., July 2, 1898.-Gt.
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Sonstable Sale.
a. State of Louisiana. parish of East Carroll,
ie 5th Justice Court-Newcomb & .lay vs.
a, Will Henley.
a- By virture of a writ offl fa to me directed
by the lion. 5th Justice Court, in the above
t- entitled cause, I will proceed to sell at pub
"e lie auction at tile door of the 5th Justice
y Court, in the parish pf East Carroll. La.. on
Saturday, the 2nd day of July, 11 8,
between the hours prescribed by I:w, all
the right. title and interest of Will Henley,
in and to the following described property,
One small Brown Mare, seized in the
above suit.
Terms of sale-cash according to appraise
11 ment.
Lake Providence, La., June 18, 1898.
SLake Providenee - - Lv
d Keeps on hand a large assortment of
For Sale.
The DeLnunay property on Levee street.
For terms, apply to
Lake Providence. La., June 4, 1898.
Notice. I
P4aving completed the listing and hI.viing
estimated the values of all real aitt person
al property in the parish in nccordance
with law. notice is hereby given that my
llste will remain opcn for inspection and
corroctien at my office for a period of 20
davs, begiuning on the 13th day of June,
1 r8. W. C. McRAE.
Assessor East Carroll Parish,
Lake Providence, l.a., June 11, 1818.
Succession .Notice.
Notice is hereby given that P, D. Qu:ys (
has applied to be :ppointed adl ic i.tra1,t
of the succession of Marlin Brown d .
It no oppositon lie made withinl 10 dlays he
will be appointed as Ir::' ed for.
D)one and signed' this 17th dlay of !uly.
1898. F. F. 310NT(,OMt. E.Y.
.ht.1ge 7th ltd. Dtis.
J. S. GURNArD, Clerk 7th .Inld. i . Court.
Lake Providence, La.,Juune 17.19.
Xegiatration Notice.
In naccordance with section No.5 of Arti.
cle 197 of the Constitution of 1.S8, tile rein
istration books of East Carroll perilh. are
iow open and will he kept open at tile
clerk's office uip to .ully 19th, (Snnd,}"'s
and legal- holidays excepted). and there- 1
after at the lollowing puolliag placcs
throughout tile parish on the folicowingi
days and dates :
Panola Store, Wednesday. Ju iy
itobertdale Store, Thursday, July
Nicholson's Store, Tuesday, July
Atherton Store, Wednesday, July
Monticello, Wednesday, August
I will then return to my ote in the lown
of Providence fot the purpose of register
ing all persons who are entitled to register
under the provisions of section 5 of article
!9)7 of the new Constitution of ib9S.
W.C. 31cRiAE,
Ajsessor and ex-Oificio RPegietrar.
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Sash, Doors, Blinds, Blindain-work, Inerior Finish,
and All Bui!!ding ratoria!.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purcrhasing elsewhere.
VW. D. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors C&o missiwi MtrchanIs
ew Orleans, : : Louisiana..
jEasy Physic.
There is a wrong and a right way to correct
constipation. The wrong way is the old-style,
Spowererful pill, which exhausts the stomach.
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're Surnnier Tourist's fve;;; /
line tk:1 L.ocku(t1t Mouilitain.
(;EO. 1I. SMI 1I'Ui, G. P. A.,
d New Orlenus, Lx.
W. STOM1S, ASST. G. P. A.,
d New OIicaut. I,.R.
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