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TFc BunrtIr-)Democ:rat. ali
S- of ii:
_- - ---- nigh
Publisher and Proprietor. the s
Saturday, August 13, 1898. that
- - - -- - ()doul
We are authorized to announce table
HON. SAM. '1'. BAIIRD), worl
of Morehouse parish, as a candidate worl
for re-election as Rlepresentative in on (
Congress from the Fifth District of 'T
Louisiana, subje;ct to the action of the orde
Dl)docratic party. whe
Times-Democrat: There are of tCett
course no accurate data on which to i mn
base an estimate of the entire cost the
to the country of the Ilispano- forn
American hostilities, even suppos- tibu
ing that the hostilities were to ter- fouer t
minate to-day. For even if the hos- mot
tilities were terminate], the expen- plat
see would evidently not cease for veni
some time to come. The mainten- wor
ance of the army until peace can be xor
established and order restored in theO
('uba and Porto Rico and the Phil- the
lippines will mean the outlay of a iug
large amount of money; and, a. this han
outlay was greater during the month eviT
of July than in the preceding the
months, by reason of the more ex- are
tensive mobilization of troops, so a sp
the same reason is it sure to be still side
greater for the month of August clea
and probably also for the month of of t
September. esti
The visible expenses ul, to the the
present time, it has been given out imr
by the treasury, amount to almost ate
$100,000,000; but it is certain. that of t
this sum represents only a fraction qui
of what will have to be paid before Evi
the *"bill" has been settled. Even ste
now there are running contracts of
which will call for the expenditure Th
of quite $50,000,000 over and sepl
above the -disbursements already vid
made; and expert calculators at the lie
treasury have figured it out that, on de,
the-supposition of the termination per
of hostilitaes now, the cost of the he
war fro!n its beginning to the final 1110
crystilization of its results, will have raI
stood the United States in the good- 10o
ly sum of at least $300,000,000. by
If the expenses reach no higher PL
figure than $300,000,000-and the rat
treasury experts have made a fairly a c
liberal calculation in naming that Iel
sun.--there will I,e not any trouble
in meeting them and paying the last in(
dollar due, before the current fiscal n"
year has expired. For, as our
readers know, the treasury has taken tel
in $200,000,000 from the recent w
saleof bonds, and the new war-tax sy
which went into operation last
month will yield quite $8,000,000
per mouth-perhape a quarter-mil
lion more; and the piroduct of this
tax will thus just about reach $100,
000,000 by the end of the fiscal
Whether the war tax will be dis- t
continued when it has answered its pa
immediate purpose, is uncertait. -
As everybody knows, it is an im
mensely easier thitg to get a tax i
imposed than to get it repealed; and
imposts which go under the name
of war taxes have, above all other
classes ofimposts, a faculty for fe
sticking. And, besides, when the
hostilities have been finally wound
up, we shall own a somewhat ex
tended territory, the government of
which will call for some extra e
expenditure; so that even when
the war ends it is possible enough S
that the war-taxation will survive. o
If indeed there be no other need for I.
it, the politicians will keep it going o
that there may be an available same
thing into which they may pluinge o,
their hands at will.
Mr. D). C. Byne In a communication
In the St. Martinvilte Messenger is c
pretty hard on round dancing. We
clip a small portion of his communica
tion, which reads :
"'I shall not hesitate to say that in
stead of ilancing now it is an open em
brace often worse.- Here one sees a l
young woman fairly lying in a gentle
aam's arsa. She has her arms about
his eek sad be with his round her
wais. Then, agatin, as if she was
wearied by the long dance, or over
esoe by the excitement, she lays her
head ptly on his sboulder, and seems
ha the eaveth heaven."
I Ladld e sS aw ias ribbed vests.
Amerleu t4 Made glove ittilng cor.
- blab, abolately feet, as IJ4y's. Re
-nuber we are seluiag these at cost.
That the (rank Triuk liail e avI. order
Conmpany is deter:initel, to leave ;ni
nthing, undone that :will 1,',U ! , ,
all to the cotnfit and tolvetnijince . iertt,
of its pat'rons is shown by the latest ! Provi
addition to its rolling stok, k in m;ien'
lwhich the constr'ilCtlto of a tir:t- be thl
class railway coach is brought 'well
nigh to perfection. \I
The company has jiust ilaced 1al IeC
twenty-six of these new cotaches on roI n
the systenm, and it is no exagggera- Ie e
lion to say that in artistic worknall- tlle d
ship. in cll npleteness of details, iiin trs
their appoint nente, and in tidh andIl
they surpass anvything of the kind Millb
that has hitherto been seen on a bah
Canadain railw ay, inl fact, it is Tlu
doubtful whether their superior be .e
may lie found on any railway in th of nit
world. The new coaches are veri- due
table palaces on wheels, and the elect,
work done at the (;rand Trunk purpi
workshops retlects thie highest credit ions
on Canadian skill and workmanship. In ci
The new cars are of the vestibulle we t
order, sixty-two feet long, with six olttce
wheel trucks for smooth running, StICce
and Westinghouse quick action triple note
brakes and air signals. The first
feature that strikes the ,pasenger oil ,n th
getting otn the car is the peculliar provi
construction of the platiormn, which servi
is madle of steel with coverings for i, Vi
tilhe steps, so that the wholtle plat- .lre'a
form can be arranged to form a ves- listtt
tibule. By tills means dust and
foul air are excluded, and all dang- Th
er to passengers on the ptlatforml re elect
moved. A powerful light over the Pres
platform is all unlusulal and very con- Trea
venient appointment. The interior nd[ I
work and linishing of the cars are boar
extremely beautiful, The wood- . qltirw
work is of fillisled ,ahogaty, and ani r
the car, which is nmuch longer than win
the ordinary first class coach, seat- I e.
ing with comifort 72 passengers, is in a
handsomely upholstered. the
The comfort of the passengers is TI
evidently the first consideration in or tl
the arragement of the seats, wlii tre
- are adjustable, that is, by means of tlor
a spring they can be turnedfrom one Ilsai
I side to the other, while the backs of wlit
the seats can be easily removed for be B
cleaning purposes. To the lovers InoV
f of the fragrant weed the most inter- orde
eating feature of the coach will he tilie
e the commodious and luxurious i let
smoking room that has been pro- I Pro
vided for their use. It is a separ- Rin
ate enclosed apartmtent t at ole endtl it
t of the car, where they mnay enjoy a MtI
i quiet smoke without interruption. 1 j \
e Even to the most minute details Jam
such as tile arrangement of the pri
vate appartments of the con venlence
s of the passenger has been studied.
e The closets are self flushing, and i
d separate lavatories have been pro- oft
vided for the ladies. Improvements tlia
are noticiable in the smalles'. details. and
e Hereafter when a weary passenger
n1 desires to arrange a blind, his tent-i sa
n per wil not be so sorely tried that
he will be ilnclined to use languagle yol
i ilore forcible than elegant. The abi
Iall bearings of tile blinds are so ar
ranged that they will stop at any , At
J Ipoint desired. 'Ilhe cars are heated ldt8
by steam, and lighted by the
t Pulntsch gas. The ventilating ar
ie rangelment are ample, anil satls
factory, and everything about the
y coaches wears an air of ease and M
at I elegance.
le On the whole the new coaches ate the
st models of modern constructive skill, da,
al and the Grand Trunk by suchl ir- yna
provements show that its manage- pa
ur neat is actuat , d li a elIirit of en-d
en terplrise all I prlogress, whIich agurlls col
Iut well for Canadn's iionlleer railtway ,La
ax system.-tMonttreal Star. ,o
00 C HA-L TE R At
il- di
State of Louisiana. P'arishl of East Carrol.'
le it known and rememlbered that on I
i- tills 27th day of Junle. 181H1, before in.e, IV. i
iH. Montgomery. a Notary Public for the
its parish and stateforesaid, personally came th
and appeared the several persons whose di
Snames are hereto subscribed, who. in the
presence of the undersigned witnesses, 2
declared that availing themselves of the'
ax provisions of tile laws of this state relative t
to tile organization of corporations, hIave i t
contracted, and do by these presents con- to
tract and agree, bind and obligate them- 
Sselves, as well as such other persons as may I1
er hereafter bIecome associated with thelm, to
form and constitute a body corporate inll law i tl
for for the objects and purposes and under the i
1agreements and stipulations hereinafter set I
h forth, to-wit: a.
Thle name anti title of 11th Corporation
of( TABLE ASSOCIATION, under wlch o
name anid title the said corporation shall a
tra exist for twenty-five years; shall have a
power to sue and be sued; to make and use a
tell a corporate seal, and to break of change o
igh same at pleasure, same to be designated by 1
Sthe board of directors; to purchlase, bold, a
ye. own, mortgage or pledge real estate and I
personal property; to accept donations a
or Inter vivos or mortls causa: to appoint
such officers and agents as in tile interests t
In of the corporation may demand, and gener- I
me- ally to do all such tels and things necessary
and convenient for Ilte carrying out of the
Ige objects of this corporation as hereafter I
The domicile of thble corporation shall be
at tile Mount Lebanon Church on Hiolly
ion plantatlon. in EInast Carroll parish. Louis-I
isana; and all citations and other legal pro- I
is cess shall be served on the president, and
We in his absence on the secretary.
l- ARTICLg Ill.
The purposes for which this corporation is
established and the work to be.laarried on by
it is the formation of a Ch'aritable Union
for mutual aid and assistance among the
em members. and especially for the purposes,
let: Of nursing sick mnembers and, procur
ling medicine and medical service for them.n
and such other things as they may require.
out nd: Of burylug deceased members and
her defraying their luoeral expenses. ard:
was of assist ag the minor children and aged
and decrepit parents of deceaseod members. I
it in oeceseltous circumstances; and 4th:
her Of doing such other charitable work Ias may
3ems be authorised by a two-thirds vote of all
the active members of the corporation. or
as much thereof as hereinafter provided.
AnRTactL IV.
This corporation shall have power to es
tablish branches anywhere in the stato of
co Louisiana under sutch restrictions and rules
silk as may be adopted In the by-laws. provided.
Re- thit all affilated branches shall be gov
erned by the charter and the by-laws of the
( Order. Provided further, that as aeoo as
two or more ,r:tnthes shrnil Lve been es
tahlishd pro Ia!o sihall Ie Isde for not
orlder ;t which itech briuc shall have rcp
re.eutiation in iroportion to its miniler
~Ii ll. s:lid CO ¢lllvel ioll Fli'll h ve thie
l 5'.t'V tit toe.m d ti charter. wake hlawsi
fur the order. and legisate generally sub
le.'t to the restrlctions herellaftetr 'set oUt.
Provided further. that until this charter is
:ilmelided ill tlii. ri"'ect' tihe toiard of tdiree
i tors ind oticel"s ol the Il'arent Inion sthail
be tile upreme offices of the order.
All petrsons over Iwelve years of age shall
be cleildle to memtlership. lThe nembers
hal lie divided into two cl:as-se--Active
and lhonorary lonorary nmembers shall
lbe excused from attending miieetinfls and
all active work. but they shall pay double
itie dues of active oltehllenrs New Ieiiin
hers imiay ie rci\led at any meetling if the
,iiplhia,,t is rec itnnienued by tiv, ,t,,ene lers
alld dily eleted; provided that all elections
shall lie by ballot, and three negative votes
shall reject the applicant.
The corporate powers of tlis order shall
be vested in a board ol directors colmposed
of nine nimembers, who shall Ihold office for
one year., and until their siccessors are in
ducted into office. The directors shall be
elected at an annual meeting held for that
purpose. on the 1st Monday of June. 1i6l7,
and of each succeeding year. At all elec
tions. the majority of votes cast shall elect.
In case of ailuire to elect directors as pro
videl. this corporation shall not be dissol
ved therebv. but tile directors and other
officers shall continue in office until their
successors are elected at a special meeting
called for that piurlose alter ten days
Until the tirst election under this charter
on the 1st Monday of Jlul, 1897, as above
provided. the lollowing named persons shall
serve as directors and offlecers, to-wit'
Richard Collins as i'iresident. John .Jenktins
as Vice I't esideit. i;itrles Villiams. Jr., as
.'i'reasiirer. . W. (,ooldin as Secretary, and
.as.w(iwyne, W. A. Collins, Louis Atlas, '
M31tte Lioayls and Julius Burks.
The hoard of directors (except as provid- W
ed herein) shall immediately after their
election choose from their own menlmbers a
President, Vice President. Secretary and
Treasurer, who shall have and exercise the
usal and customary powers of such offices
and shall hold office during the term of the
board. The board shall have power to re
quire suclh honds from its otlicers as it sees
tit; to till all tac cltcies ill its ranks or
among the orticers of tile order; to make, as
wv;l as alter, and repieal all by-laws of the
order: tid genceraly to do and perl'ormn
each and every act necessary and beneficial
in carrying out the objects and purposes of
the order.
The charter may be modified or amended.
or tilhe corporation imay he dissolved- by a
t.liree-fourtlis vote of all Inmbers of thle
order, at any regult: iameeting; provided,
thai no amlneidmlent shall be voted on unless
samle wits proposed at a previous meeting
held not less than thirty days prior thereto,
which proposition must be in writing and
ibe spread on the minutes of that meeting;
I provided further, that tilts restriction shall
I not apply to general conventions of the
order, which shall Iiav' power to amend
tnis charter by a two-tl.irds vote of all the
delegates present and voting.
Thus done and signed at my office in Lake son
- rovidence, La., on the date first v'ritten, GIui
in the presence of me Notary and ,1-s. E. rive
Ransdell and Caesor Roberts, competent Prc
witness, who have signed hereto as such.
R Iichard Collins. Willie Collins, hel
Chas' Williams. Jr. Tom Atlas. Sta
I. W. 'Goodwin, Oscar Powell. ailt
S James (wvnune. Abney Hiernes. vot
'lhos. Hloward. sid
W. ii. MONTI'OMERY, to
Ne otary Public. tor
State of Louisiana, j dci
t'arishI of East Carroll. dei
1 I. William II. Holmes. district attorney ele
- of the 7tlh judicial district of Louisiana, for sio
parish and State aforesaid. hereby certify reO
that I have carefully examined the above arl
. and foregoing act of Incorporation of the qti
East t arroll Clharitable Association. In act
itny opinion the objects anid purposes of Ju
- said corporporation as set out in said act are for
it legal, and none of the provisions therein ,
coltained are contrary to law. elk
e In witness whereof, I sign amy name i
e officially on this 2nd day of July. A. 1). 8198. de
IWM. 11. IItII.ME,
At Dist Atty 7th Jud. ills. of La.
A true copy.
Si). i. UILMOUR, )y. Clerk. to
Providence. La.. Aug. 13. 189'.-lit. ei
i i Mayor's Oftice. Town of Providence, La.. )
August ii. 1898. I P
WIIEREAS. The Board of Aldermen of
e the town of Providence. La.. did on the 4th -
1, day of August. A. D. 189S, enact an ordi
nance in aecordance witl a petition signed
I- hy more than one third of the property tax
- piave in numler and value, being the tbona t
I ide owners of Ithe lots tiita alntd i tllt g aint i .
co itiuout t ild a jtjca lltt t to the tet ritoralI
' i cop llte liilts of thie town of P'rovidence,
I ,. detsiring th it said lots or land ie an- r
nexcd to iand inichlded in tihe teritiorial
coriorate litits of said tiwit if Plrovi-1
- dence ILa.. iand the said oa:lrd of Alder
nien hein seted with tthe atlthitrity tndert
Act No. li5 f ithel acts ol tile Gccnir.l As
sembly of the St:ate of loulistanla .f itr2.
dii ini nicordince itli said peCition order
iin elecitin hr the tpurpose ol sulmnliittingl
the proLpositiint tIhe tquaitield voters re
siding in and upotn the lots of l:ltnd proposed
ti be annexced :
Now. tlhe.iefre. 1. IG. . l'ranlklini, Miavor
Sof lihc towtl it Pr\tidence. in the parish of
East Cairmoli. ioittiaina, in accurdalie willh
on and by virtue of the aithlority vested in
Snie iv ordinance of said ioard of Alder
the mnien of said town of Providence, do issue i
e this ay Proclanation hIereby ordering and i
ie directing that an election be hIeld on tihe
te 26th day of August, 1898, by the
ee squalified electors residing in and upon tile I
e lots or land proposed to be annexed to the
ive town of Providence, La , and to bie includ
ave ed in territorial corporate limits of said
omn- town, sutbmitting to them to be voted att
em said election witether they desire that such
tay lots or lands shall be annexed to and in
to chluded ill the territorial corporate linits of
law I the present town of Providenc which lots
tthe or lands seeking annexation i described
seby boundaries fled with the p tition for
annexation, together with the plat of sur
vey as follows :
tion All that territory lying west antid south
II- of the present corporate limits of the town
hli of Providence and adjacanot thereto. con
hall slsting of all of the north half o1 the origin
'ye al Hood and Wilson plantation, lying west
use and southi of thile present corporate limits
nge of said town, and in addition thereto the
I y Providene Ceemetery~ ase now enclosed.
- rd o and tile Swaffrd lot and McGulrc's gin lot
and Iying south of the preselnt corporate limits
,ons and formerly a part of the south half of the
o oit I'ood and Wilson plantation, together with
ests the strip of land Irinh between the Swat
ner- ford property and MleCGuIlre's gin lot and
sary thie Missleslppl river, said territory to be
the comnprsed within the following described
aier limits, to-wit :
All the territory west and south of tihe
corporate limits o4 the town of Providence,
I and east and northi of thie following des
,1 be cribled boundary lines, to-wit
Ioly Beginning at a point where thle extension
nols- northward ut the western bouodary line of
pro- P'rovldenc Cemetery strikes tlhe margin of
aad Lake Providence; thence southward along
thIe wettern ooundary of said cemetery to
the southlwest corner of lamt; thence east
s ward along the southern bIoundary
u bot said cemetery to thie line between
io aln ld.gewood plantation and the original
tio flood and Wilson plntation: tlence south
I lte ward along the western boundary of the
oseu' north bhalf of thIe ifood and Wilson planta
tlur" ton, to the southi west corner of Ihe north
he e. halfof d Hood and Wlilaon plantaition;
nuir thence eastward aiomg the line dividing
ard tihe north half frot the souti half of said
ed lieood and Wilson plamlation, to 5e ntorth
aged welst corner ol the Swafford property;
I.h': thence southwatrl along the western Ibound
ima ary oftlheswaffirrd property and thel.c;uirme
B gin property to the south west corner
rof said gina propertythencae eastward along
-. or te southern boundary of said gin proper
*. Iy, od ani extension of said southlern
tounIdary line to margin of the Mlslsaaippi
o oe rivrer. ld territory being bounded on the
t o north by the present corporate linsits oi the
trules town of i'rovklenee and Iby L.ake Provi
rided. dewe; on thl west by the Edgtewood pIlan
g go- tatisa and the ommuthi half of thle Ihood td
if the \Wlson plazatsion, on the southi by that
an as Upart of the sOuth half ot the flood and Wil
The Best Pants in the World
For the Money. --  -
......S.--K.. PANTS......
on buy a pair of S.-K. Pants and
wear them two months. For
every button that comes off we will
pay you 10 cents. If they rip in the
waist-band, we'll pay you 50 cents.
If they rip in the seat, or elsewhere,
we will pay you $1.00, or give you a
new pair of pants.
47GYi 5
son plantation now owned by Phil Mc- I
Guire, and on the east by the Mississippi
river and the present limits ot the town of
Providence, La.
It is further ordered that said election be SeJ
held under the general election laws of the for
State of Louisiana, and no person snall be lis
allowed to vote except those qualified to a
vote under said election laws and who re
side in and upon the lots or land proposed h.
to be annexed to and included in the terri- ME
torial corporate limits of town of Provi
dence, La. The board of supervisors will
designate the polling places where said
election is to be held and names of commis
stoners of election; and the supervisor of
registration will see that registration books bat
are opened for the purpose of allowing all am
qualified voters named in Act No. 105 of the u
fcts of the General Assembly. approved
July 7 192.', to register according to law Pu
for ten days prior to said election.
All ballots shall stlate the purpose of the (;t
election with the words
For annexation to the town of Provi
dence. IRa.
Against annexation to the town of Provi
delnce, La.
Tihe rturns of said election shall be made
to the Board of Aldermen within forty
eight hours after the closing of the polls.
Polls to le open at7 o'clock a. in. and
closed at 4 o'clock p. ill.
Given under mly baud and oflicial seal of let
the town of Providence, La., on this Ith na
day of August, 159t.
(1. M. FRAKLIN, Mayor. in
1). W. GILMOUR, Secretary.
i Providence, Ea.. Aug. 13,'93.-2t. I.
The Best Remedy For Flux.
Mr. John Mathias, a well known
stock dealer of Pulaski, Ky.. says:
.After sulffering for over a week with w
lIlii, ni my iphysici:n having failed to t
Ireiicve. I was advised to try Chamber- a
laii's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea s
SRemnedy, and have the pleasure of stat
r ing that the half of one bottle cured
- me. For sale at Guenard's drug 1
For Sale.
! The l:o>st Island C
Plantation. s
SThis place is regarded by planters
r- who know the property, as having the S
ie finest cotton and.corn producing laud
id in East Carroll parish.
e 2J30 acres now in cultivation; 100
me acres ILOW being cleared, making 300
e acres ready for the plow for next year.
id It has a fine lot of new double cabins
at I and good wells. A new fence around
ch the cultivated field.
U- For terms, apply to
ed or E. J. HAMLEY,
or Lake Providence. La.
Lake Providence - .a
oon Keeps on hand a large assortment of
uo Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna
nto mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
ast- Coffins Made and Trimmed to Order
y rril 18-89-1vl
Guenard Drug Store
J. s. GflN~WAxD, =oprietor
A. Qoneral Assortment of Pure
Fresh Druga Always on and
Filling Prescriptious a specialty by an exl e,rie'iced anrd duly
- licensed Phlaracist
Paiaters Su=~liee of all kinds.
Toilet and Fauc" Articles. Pare Catdie'.
Landreth's GaEden Seed.
To the Publio.
Metcalfe-Collins Seminary begins
Sept. 12. 1898. Nonsectarian school
for girls ami' young ladies, Greenville,
Miss. Hall for boarding boys attend
ing Iday school in charge of Miss L. K.
K. Pec1quet. Send for program. P. E.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and tbe best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
'25 cents per package. For sale by C
GI enard's drug store.
WVhen you see
onu a shoe yon can bank on the excel
clnce of its quality. They put their
name on nothing that is not first class
in every respect.
Beginning Sunday, Feb. 27th, the
Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad
will run elegant Parlor Cars on its day
trains Nos. 23 and 24 between Meomphis
Iand Vicksburg. A nominal rate for
seats in these ears will be charged.
Train No. 24 will leave Vicksburg at
ý 9:10 a. m. arrives at Memphis at 7:30
p. m., connecting wish the Illinlois Cen
tral railroad fast Vestibuled trains for
- St. Louis, Chicago, Evansville. Ind..
Louisville and Cincinnati. To all
points mentioned through Sleeping
Cars are operated. Elcgant Reclining
Cars are run between Memphis and
St. Louis and between Memphis and
Cincinnati, seats in which are free.
SI See condensed schedule.
d Leave Vicksburg 8:30 a. im.n.
Arrive Memphis 7:30 p. m.
A0 Supper at I. C. dining-room.
tO Leave Memphis 8:20.p. m.
Arrive St. Louis 7:16 a. m. next day
is Arrive Chicago 11:15 a. m. next day.
d Leave Memphis 8:45 p. m.
Arrive Louisville 7:4C a. m. next day.
ArriveCincinnati 11:40 a.m.next day.
Arrive Washington 6:47 a. m. second
Arrive Baltimore 7:50 a. m. second
Arrive Philadelphia 10:15 a.m. second
day. '
Arrive New York 12.35 p m. second
Close connection is mado at Louis
ville and Cincinnati with solid festi
buled trains for points east.
Dining car -service on connecting
trains from Cincinnati.
For further information and reserva
tion of sleeping car accommodations
call on or write to your station agent
or the undersigned.
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg, Miss.
In Div'n. Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis,.Tenn.
a Ass't. Geu'l Pass'r. Ag't., Louisvillo
a Ky.
letl A. H. HANSON,
e General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Ill.
Lake and Levee Sts.,
Lake Providence, La.
The Finest Line of Clothing Car
Sried in the City. $
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
Cor. Lake and Church StS., Lake Providence,
....DEALER IN....
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
General Merchandise, Groceries and Plantation Supplies.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Call before purchasing elsewhere.
.......... VICISBURG, MI s..........
-Manufacturers of
8ash. Doors, Blinds, 8tain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Bulding Material.
'V Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purchasing elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
SEasy Physic.
SThere is a wrong and a right way to correct
:30 constipation. The wrong way is the old-style,
n- powererful pill, which exhausts the stomach.
queen & Crescent1
The Best Line
North aznd E38aist
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line vi:n Lookout Mountain.
GEO. 11. SMIT'i, (. P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
New Orleans, La.
iDnE 5a087
Lj~a ~()r ~ news G*
goLAL r, ,reS., or. 5A 1J
oMUL" iWCo, 5.aa Cu Mrk c OW rewe
For sale at the Guenard drug store.
AoLme 3ok Comaya
Is now realy with a fine lot of .Brick
for sale for casb. Prices to suit the
times. Cll at office of Company, No.
A Levee street. for prices.
JNO. W COOKE. Mantger.
l,ake providenee, La.

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