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The Banner-Democrat. (Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La.) 1892-current, April 15, 1899, Image 2

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los it t h:r lin i i l . V u
w i'hi n hl' . I"ai t t..h i t .l :. , ity of...
lcithil. lmore i'1n firek 1!: '
'it'he State ( o' i::j i; .1 " - i:" l ' "
1,y d1 (g1 l'4 1111,1 it vi I ( : : 1
there ;ill he nore th:n o' e;:: ',i
date for Governor in ttr ilel.
Ilon. Cartelr II. Hl'rrison va. '
tlected mayor of C(hicgo agaiin o
day. Mi reci've i 1.1 I.8 votes
agaiont 107.223 for Z. 11. Cart'r. t:
Rfepuo lic:' o .: , te, (."."' fr
John 1'. Allge1,1. i:m cel , e:, . w1 I
2,385 sc:,ttcrin: ; Vot'. A-,! ,,,; Ik :'
good one to shelve for .- noi.
Ruston, La.. V 1.', VIt- y :1 ;1 -
astrous ie lat week, '1 we ~ ret
to learn that the "'lo:ier" o ( V i-r . s:
destroyed, withI no in.turnI e .. I ,ri
Everett is not : mn no to give up over t
the heavy loss, n;n:1 we are I ,laIl t,: t
learn will s,,an have a new outi' a: t
be ready in a few wceks to issu Lis
'Tngilah<oa pari.b in the ] wer
part of the state is in a re.n of ter
ror again, and a ,oey of it s h;l
citizens are (let 'rll i 'd to, get rid of
the lawlest elewment. iI''re le:, hl:,ve
been ::siassinated in tl:at parish than
any other place in the south, ::nd it
is good and honoitable men w ho are
shot down. The sheriff of the parish
who headed the possee, was accident
ly killed by one oIf his men.
- - -
The St. Martinville Messenger says
that ''it is beginning to look as if
Governor Foster and Senator Mec-I
Encry will lead the opposing factions
in the next camp'aign." We c^nnot
believe that McEnery, with the rlice
he n,:-v holds, will enter the cmn
paig., ii: ,er any circumstaneis. We
hope :never to see such a bitter cam.
paign: as wau fought in the pnarty
with these two men n's leaders.
The lower house of the l'ennsvl
vania Legislature has adopted a
resolution authorizing the alppoint
ment of a committee of two Senators
and three members to cotnfer with the
Legislatures of other states with the
view of bringing ahout the submiis
sion of an amendment to the consti
tution of the United States whereby
they may elect the Prl'e-;dent, Vice
Preaident and United States Senators
by direct popular vote, this conit
tee to report to thile LegiIature in
1001. This is the only honest . ann ,
and every man holding oihce shouild
be elected by a tlirect vote of the
people. When this is done there
will be less corruption iai Ipolittes.
I)r. Sol. Mcl)owcll, a well known
cotton planter of Missisoippi, who
Ihns just finished nn inspection tonir
throngh thile counties of Bolivar,
Washington and Sharkey, ays tihe
outlook in thlose porlio:s of the State
are very loomy. Continued cold
and rains have rtrtirdc.1 p!:ntinl,
operation for fully thlrty tlil , and1
he tinuks the cotton crp w1, iil not I,(
fnlly plauted bIefore the middile of
May. The stage of the riv r causes
the outlook to be more unifavorale.I
The average cotton !ante ', as w Il
as the labor, is di-heanrtened. lie
says he has been planting cotton
since 17, but this is the uniot un
-favorable season he thas v eV experi
euced. These conditions also pre
vail, he says, in CorthCern Lhouiciana
and western Arkansas.
Judge Peabody of the City Police
Court of the City of St. Luis ren
dared a decision last week that,
unlder certain conditions, a husliand
ia the righbt to beat his wife. The
ease was that of ane Bernard Kret
- er, cbargedmwith heating his wife be
eause shewoultd not agree with him
in the management of their children.
Judge Peabody said in passing judg
meat. 'In. this ease the wife was
a .Sb . the husband for
iig s.ot coatradot dan thwart her
' wfft1*4p 9,rt dte
-.).t* 3
~~",1 "'n
S ,: 1'+ . " i + [ . .. . .. ' , tt - :,i t, t - , .
,. .ii , t: .. ': t t' '
I·,ol;.a : id l. e \' L ti- lt
i t t " a1 14 t
1r ':: , ii f' , i'.' . '. ' 'i it Ii' . -L
,. f : t l ia , '; il , i .." \`. It I ! ,"a i L
1 'i i , 1;,,' o ti , itl: in l: t il
I, ,y t' , I " t t , 0t, t'i+.: 'tI , i-l a ft't'ti
l, , (I -,H r+ !, : 1,:,,, '. , of , t ', etr
, . , , , u , , ' . i T 1 1 1 -
th,,t'e , o .r , ,(l i '(l. ., l
(I -.. . , 1,, t e hi. rtl( 'at t( i l. tl' .. i't In
', ,i ,.i l,,T. : ', ita tt' ; i'al' , ( I v :' t,
';.ri'-, i t lo I,'t- . i e, e o ( 'l,," t Eil '-C
t pro ,'t flti : ' t iae t: ',e 't l t ot ttar e .
1 c. , tii ' re.s iti , n I tiio 7 -r. ft I
4 .'. l S'i,' A' . W'; tI. ' '\it': tt firt, .11 t t'h t
I trtm', tt illcz a.L 't.tt tat hb it lltat . It l' "tb
,U , the (irc ill ' "i s, !f) e. 11,
1 . :
, , . t: i t: of ti,, l
*h Ii\ c.a d l " :i' l.eil ti hf tof e P iti
'ti a jt a 'a c"' li ' ' l ltitt ' .i'it t'c l t +l
tpi , +, I h c oI -n ' ,a i;'. I f b , I iJ
i tat' ilk, '-it at. Ini Ie fito sick ness. 1iitt's
yg i : 1 ' :yd \ :.x'l 're tent "." t ist"' l 'art ls t
ftr i' the +,utter ] it)vtie i tl oif the d Ttiut
;it :i ' 'ii faV ' i (t!rl i t atii liCti, t nt:t t , Ce t- s
.' Theb: wll-sl: have beetn ole'artresid . a.
't. ci ty for sit b,: ut set in .ta"er c. n anth se atti
: no, 420t ]In' ate c'o)listmet',.. \w'I t'h i:
l c t i tn i:uly i:t th C :aninfit in g
et': t'it " : t 1 ! I,, this: ntibii er v iit I te
t _ cat a3 auL -1: t, t;,t, .xt f:ton is tite
ragt's l.:. ! t.( ! the City are such as :try
r I b:or') sa iil,'nt to neet the lctt ilimak:te
'' o tri tin ' o'fe ti .siit' ti e intei restcr!i I:t!' s t
It , in p',\dt d for b gewneral a1x
C t'il... . ... ..u1.i'tOS.
'f ,''I'IT ( 1 atres :t,' ' muti ch bala w t ilt,:.
, el.:.r-. hy ir,;' te ctlh paln" ts, the re
, - it i a, a ituereal ,patrnsi by the citi- t
zins, a ,tI nsl of wo, -tnrd ai - an itri-a
t, ~tp oV n Lt ill ti he l.u_ th t.f the citt,
v which duet's; thr past s,'ason has been
h r -ttl:Irkti'iti, i fret iom siickness. TIhese
facts art thoroughly appreciated by the t
a. abundalt stiupiply of pure artesian
\vtet( s ' rpabti'seil in no other colttlinial
t t i .n iany art of the country.
ts "iThe cost of op erating the plant for
If twelve molnths, from Ociobtor 1. 18tn.
t io Octberi 1, i i87, takei frolm the
books of John M. Lee, city clerk atnd
Sseciri trlt of the water di partl:ttlt, i
t as follows :
e ot l . .... . ...it .U .... ...a . ..t . $ 1.6I r 85
tl- i5riesof oit i s s al Iti aes of e t
" v ploy. ......
i Tot:] operating expenses ....;t i -i t6
,\d d i u t e r 's t o n 1o, 0 d . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 ,)! 0 0i t
Deduct incoml e rvi otl uin iCsumers. . ,63 ".
Expenditur's above income for
t r' ' r y, ar.. .. w. .i. , i2 : t
e t i i i ' E E t u:gIONS.
i ('ost of 3,Ol lineal feet of connecting
" main, -inch. laid by the city since the
Sl'penses S . It, : i .7 . l
*e (liiaItiS chilt hrged by irivate comlpat
- i- ,. VIz : 1.roti .'50 to $;t6t per mno um,
the waterwoorks is entitled to t credit
c- f !tvtweern x0,00 and .U,(0O, which
I}.. w ill about bt:tantce the exn'ess of x-d
Spacditalurescs isa:o.ale, tkinL lo ac
etlnt of the iuc . chtarc e made tol
S ') ' " lie t I s I' ' e rates of private
i wt r it.t if s t 1 othir .itiaes, aw.or
"' rla irnc pr',iru. whieXh is tstinlaled
Si y one o f the i Ult- 1pa'is to
'r'g-i a;- 1 t elr ceit. whith I toutW
,lllllalt tt r of cal least i '20,000
oni it aleon e't.Ol O;.
IThi fire t ,essit itn the city during
.l tta. sot yat, is esonlted bot a prom-es
lnent ill - nrtl ' l i al], atllm i lt tedt Lto
Sonll c1,000., wihle the stl\nae due to
'imtaost'd wat ar Ilidl fire fac~ilitieS:
• (a| he city hts i ,ince established aa elet
ric ire tinu n'ia si-t'nl lnd i pla rtialln
aid ltie dipii rl' t eil' , frnot is now ratled
1the cost oif thil nthe estiateiwork:e
i trt.
*"i. fa l is" ITAL fEi tr ENsI.o s o'To-I
si' lii cI ,tliob u ilh mV iinatl
-lat, cee t r wi-h t, esall atteltion to
al. the usfulis of : wateaIr supply and
:1 t he saving to the property owners.
a In rferring to isthatOi m.de by
,Cntan Artur 0ider, 0,ie0.0 in
harige d) tJa constr'ctiol of the Later
-vrkis. an io lernik .-hd lanu ond
I_ "Theiustliw. reiived from privcd to cow
sunption ib at ut as estew ted, deined
ro the worknt saved iu iisuraied ltgel.
c The f,,!lo wing figures on losses and
OOMtler & before li.500.00 o.t)0.c d b
Leavenworth , ofht0.t0 10.000.00
.tThe ettimate referred to above wsa
£redo. The pari of the eOtimate r-
•-reioe the best data.that t livrbgeL
,,let,! otat!, ,ae stooeof+
, - hi,.'i'n V, : ,I! he11 a, o,t 1 1-10
!;i:1 sa viný to the
.i:t' .: ,s .'t",. of t ( -2 1 ', U in . rE. .'l: .iU H .
.. n **t". I.1: -on -id -ri. n ti '- " - te ' i1 -
''.i f(1 1hss a-t' d amlot''ge ilot p1''
: i fo ' by insur ' nce.
'"I i- 3i'" e arly s:1 4 ' I ti the city y tlhe'
(4' t trart'io if the water1' , rl.s I est;
n 'a e i:s f.llI:ws :
- in, + ; il :.r 0< '.t ('II
mled rs ........ .... . .. . 6';!
l .t:11 ',t::l sav inLg ........ ...1A,611i .Ot
"An a 44ount 1uti4ei4 its l_.s than
i ' ', t. 'ar to pay intt'ret, and ret4urn 1
" " , TilE FIN. ' 'I. L 1TATI '!:NT BOF
'tlV; CI Y OF l'i :E "NVI .LE F-Oi. Till;
I:;t' AI, AR All o(l'rt41!n: 1, 18)7, To)
('I. :'lT, .IR 1, 1t'.,
we ctra:t fth' f,:,'4 "r; :
(o::I :nd sup i, s ....- ,.,f.J'.
: ': N m Ir t I ' i.:- , .u l .. . .. . .'
"- A mll:p:rIl'I:tro 1,o t4he two i' atlll. S
.- , , that the o(i''"r:1l exflmt4ss in
'cre d f, 1 4 .  7.' to . ..
''"hle ililonh," fl',s w'h :It"r I',t(s froil
ý.-.`: 15 to ::;),77i , :1U. nd the number
f tel r c;o . tl f' tl 4,I . _ tilo "'So.'.
S"'hl" llhe 4o1 -.'s the first ealr 'rie ts
t t: ' Ilul' t: t '4io ', hor the se''ond
' 'tr .i A 0, incl'ti . p - rt iti-l t er in
1 Pil . ti l l-o) th:a t i'st ! i cured.-'
n ro u t h, s i 1,., , t .e, 'a: ie n ce (lf 4 1Green
}1t ' ti  .i 1 1 " c' 't1 th::, it w oul d l' I
pqr (it ' lde i'i'V114 tinii t fur tlitf t h, te
I 4 t. i ''t'41 I1.4 4'X44' I 10 be o ti44Cl 4
" ,'il it 4 ir l-t e 'l': , a s ht t' lo' rk1s "ii'l
I lctr t l .ts s(peA.,tl (i'. , co bi d t o,
sIct urit to life and 1pr, e i rty, ta:tl a1 re
d1luio'n of our i:4 ur:ltelt' ate. 0,I,
id. tl An I4ple supply of 1 r ood
Iv4t(441 f4 r" 4 do1 l est4 c' :ttl' other pur4 )o11 :e.
- 'trd. A weil l]ibhted town.
41h. tAn ilmprol(v'einlwut ini the heathI
of te c mfillun it:4 t the value( of n hich
anliot be eli l:titd in duilars arll
ttWel hope o::r citizens and others in
ti rested 1wl4 carei fully exami4ne !eC'
facts 4and fioutes 'give.n aboCve. 14hich4
(llte f'rom authlntitc s;oureps alnd which
1 ,ice a f:ir and just presentation of the
adtantLals expicted to be obtained by
the construction of a waterworks and
itoectric light pla nt 'by the to wn
tIf the ll oar. 1 of At Itel'i4V0 n decide to t
n i construt't the, works it is suggested that
thyv enter into a contract at once forI
the sinking of it well in order to find
;out if alrtesil water can be obtained
at al reasoniiable depth and of good
quality and in sullicient qualite, before
in.4olving the town in lany large ex
If the water is found to be satisfact
ory,then to emeploy a lirst class engineer'
Ito design and suncl per intend the. 1on-!
s structioll of I .hle wite"4rorks so that it A '
can be compt'ul:lttd and I,: i use this
- ! summer.
By this methiod of procedure we will'
S' an ll p to dte plant, in tie short
-,est time, andt the citizens receive
value for every dollar expeiided.
Lake Providence, La. April 61h, 1S.
, The on. MaJor and oard of Alder
I e n z ,n1t this eve 4at 8 o'clock IS re;g
u !ul'a rsessi- n.
'1. 14eent-4 Ion.G. M.1'rank.h.,la)nd ior;
i' 1), W,'. Gilmour, aect'y.; Aldernmen .
It. Egelly, V. M. Purdy, N. Fousse and
e it. L. Htill.
Aibsent-Ald. James Beard.
Tihe minutes of the previous meeting
iVert, read and apprt'oved,, and ordelred
I sined bty the Mayor :s recotrded.
i The Finance Committee tiled the fotl
lowitn4 repo't,w h hich was read and
SadIptled, .to-wit:
LLa.e Providence, La., April 6tl. 18.39.
T11o the l1_io,. 114' or and 4oard of
Aldrm an-We, 'our ]iinan 1e Coin
nltt(1(4, beg leve to r'4port that 've h1vce
e.- mii' the repjr1I't s 4 If ( tht Tte4a i'urer
.nd Marshal ni41 d 'T1! x Coltlector for
tle m onth of Marchl, 18 9', wlhc,'h we
1ind corrtet, 11 upported byt proper4'
1,44141(, 4'er,. Wl'e 1i41l fron4 the repo)rt of
the 4t41.sl4r'41r" t1a. , l1 e had (Int h1 ini14:
A c .'hie' Un1nue (0. . .... 1491 23
That 1'e has r'eceivI'd sin'e4( romn the
' arshal for ac'eo lnlt 01 Taxes 1>17 8Ž 1 27
a "l'uxes 1 8lss . ................... . 1 77
SLicenses I1 49.... .................. 1 0(
That I4e has disburoed of said
- 1amount on0 warran ts..... ..... 2(
SOn apIproved cla irls . . ............. 711 l4
LSaving a 14sh (1alante 41n-is bands
on April 6th, I1l4 of ............. 14 310 23
T We have txaminued th14 report of the
(.'iWv Marshal aun1 T.Lx (Cr,!lector andi
i1u11 that i4e (llectŽd during the moith14
I of Ma 4eh, 185,9. tho su41m 4)f $,239.79
o ftom4'll Ilh' v'rious Sltou'es as stated in
d the Traresuer's report, for \hich he
;. hohls his receipts.
S W 4e have examined and approve 4d the
January claims against the town for
.. whih we I'reeommet4d payment, to-wit:
14 Iotta Pea'ha hulbher Co.. for boae.$34, 70
e Peck, 4lr4hal salary for March 31 0oi
SProvidence Lumber o ........... 40 03
i- j Guenard, manager, rent2 years. 3t 00
d Banner-D)emoorat printing t, ending
, March , , ... . 22 50
Frank McGuite, for coal............. 17 70
Ark Vapor Lighting Co., la1mp etc.. 14 97
S. IIB Kerlin. night marshal March .... 10 00
lE1 Gallbreth, lamp lighter for March 15 00
e V 51 Purdy &% Son coal oil .......... 6 45
4 Lucy Cook. feeding prisoners... 6 02
3Mrs. Jane iVaddill. sundries ....... 4 14
IiD F l'ek, nmar ial. aundri es . .... 5 (8
'4O the Best Street LIght Co., Lamp.... 4 0)
' uisally McGowen. board of prisoners.. 3 00(
I 8 Gunard, a esor ............... 2 00
Maguire & Schneider. ahovel and file 1 00
We also recommend payment of the
fo!lowing registered approved claim'-:
* Marx, Weil & Son, reg. claim 1103.... 21 40
ed CR l e.y " 185.... 1o00
" - 380 .... 1 00
i- Clsrence Smith "' 6 .... 16 So
enD F Peek " St.... 50000
r- Banaer-DeZDoCrat " 401.... 215 5
- 44- "al-... :*
+ i" aW' "
Our ine of DRY GOODS surpasses
anything we have ever had. You
should see our
S" .WELTS", ..... r
Duery hing Jewu°,Stylih and firqt ClaS !1
S.-0 be aflf roprilitil and pahd to Ihe "
(Cnetc r, (intml llli-ioU in iecordlance
with their req e,,st. 11
Ruipcet uly s ubmitted. af
V. M. '11' rdy.
ChaQ.l. E._elly. 1l1N
Fiinlliance Cmlllni:te.
A petition from the citizens living it/
alonig the west side of Sout!l, Hlood and fo
S'cond strleets. a-king for an extension ll
iof the side walk along said street. was, e
on motion.. rferlred to the Street and mI
Bridre Committee.
A petition was presented and read to
the tioard asking that the night watch
muto be retaineCd in office. Whereupon
Alhi. 'gl]ly moved that his time e ex- SI
leoder' two in nths April and May.
Oit a vote being tliken, Ald. Egelly
and unssoe voted yeia l nd Ald. Purdy
ind hill voted ino, being a tie, tihe
.:nitr c..t i. vite ii flvr of0 the
nt0'i" o , lC Lich was carrdied.
Th,' f.'llo wio orldinance oiffered by
ALI. Eol- y was real :and tadoipted. to
An ortlintnce tltthortizittg the hold
in of ill n el tioln for muintici'al oticc:r
:f c! e 'Fow:i of Pro.id '.nce in ti he
l 1 f  E:L-t Carroll, Ln.
I i1e it ordained I'y tho Mayt r i1
ieard of Ahler'icn of thie Town of
Providence. La, thi tTredla s.ession c n.
troie ' | OinhR il C il itl'C0' " ill fie t i
vesned-ithat in acoorniance nw i the
provii,.lo s of the har.t!er o"f Sabid tIn
of 1'tovitlence, I n11 eC ttionl is hlereby' nI:
or-i,,red to take place in usai, towni o t
tlie irst ltotda! , b,,irg the 51i day ilof
.utine, 1899, for ' tit, 1:urp , of ek:cltig
nliiicip l iat Otisc'' of the l ti ii , tihe
tilhers to be oired for c:nlistinl of a ri
May-or, S~ecreat y. '''tttisretr. City
Marishal and 5 Atiell-, ilto serve for ti
he term of two years aod that the
Mayor be and iee i hereb Inst ructed rd
anld taitlhoriz:'d to issuie his proclau ia
tiu l thl'ref, r; p
Be it further ordained, That the tr
Super visor of Registration be andi he
i Is eeby instructid to cause htis regis- p
traitiolin books to he o[lpened in con
fortnity to existing laws governing it
e lections for the purpose of register
ing all eIrsots residing t ithilt the II
coriporrte limits of said town compiev- i
trlit to he registered, of which hie is
hereby instructed to give due and c
timel y notice by pubiie;atiot in the
,flici l journial of the town of Proi- t
deuce as required by law; c
I Be it furtier ordained, That the e
sunl of $20 be and the same is hereby
appropriated payable out of any funds
in the ITreasury inot otherwise appro
printed, as a compensation to the
SSupervisor of IP.gistration fir makiig
-t i registration, said suit) to be paid
u on completion thereof ald delivery of
the poll and registration boot to the
secretary of this board, within the
time prescribed by the present exist
) lug laws of the State of Louisiana in
i ( such cases made and provided;
Be it' further ordained, That the
proclamation to be issued by the
Mayor callinig said election shall be
Spublihed i30 ildays andl due notice
given to the PI'atishl Board of Super
SThere being no further business the
3 meeting adjourned.
G. M. FRANKLIN, Mayor.
D. W. GILMOUR, Sect'y. 1
The river has fallen 8-tenths at
2 Cairo anti at Memphis it is.on a stand,
and it is to be hoped that the favor
able reports will continue, When it'
gets to falling at Memphis it should'
0 be only a fetow days when the fall
. should reach Providence.
- The Providence gange this Waor
a ing reads 41.43, within 2.97 dof ruly
ing the bifhest stage ever i :,
We doubt it It will go above a
0 foot with the watat in sight:
0 P. J. Larkle, a - try
of Oak Radae, La sil
Totter, Sailt-lItbenn and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting
tIncident to these diseases, is instantly
a!iayed by applying Chamberlain's
Ei e ,nrd Skin Oinntment. Many very
bhad cases have been permanently
cured by it. It is equally efficient for
itching piles and a favorite remedy
for sore nipples, chapped hands, clhil
tbainos, frost bites anid chronic sore
eyes. 25cts per box. For sale at Gue
nerd's drug store.
No. 5-Leaves MtI-rphis 8:25 p. m.
Ar'ives Vicksburg 3:15 a.m.
Leaves VicksbItirg 3:20 9. im.
Arrives New Orleans 10:40 a. ui
No. 23- Leaves Menimpis 9:00 0n.
Arrives Viikshiitrg 7:10 p. m.
No. 21--Leaies Vicksb'ig 7:50 a. an.
Atrives New Orleans 5:50 p. m.
No. 6--1,:etoes New LOclea:s 4:0t0 p.
18 .
Arrive's Vickshurg 11:30 p. m.
Leaves Vicksburg 11:10 p. m.
Ar i ves .Metcphis 0:55 a. In.
No. 22- Leaves New 0: Oleans 8:00) a.
18 .
Arrives Vwckslurg 6:00 p. nm,
No. 2 t-Lea s 'Vi-ksbtit g 8:1) a.m.
A: iv tv s Mdemlphis 6::0 p. inm.
No. 5 encts with No. 505 at liar.
tristlol, arriving it Natcht z at 6:43 n.m.
No. 21 co:l ,cnntcs with I 521 at Harris
biton arrivin' at N:ite z :it 11:20 a. tii.
No. 21 connects with No. 504 at Iiar
riston. armiing at Jackson at 12:30 p.in.
No. 522 dtue to lhave Natclht-z at 2:10
p 1. counc:ts with No. 22 at Harris-.
No. 506 due to leave Natchtez :t 7:3
p. i. m. (nnects at Ilarristio with No. 6.
Nos. 5 and 21 onIncts at New Or
leons for all points east and west.
Nos. 24 and 6 make connection with
I. C. train at Memphis for all points, as
well as with other lines.
Nos. 23 and 24 haul lg::nt parlor
car between Meicmplis and Vicksburg.
For further iifortnation and rl ,s.'a
tion :f s'e lin ca:tr :tcommodatioti
call on ir write to your station: tgent
or the t:to ,rsigted.
C I'. P.& T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss.
Div'n. P'; s'i. A 'it. h\eimphis, Tenn.
As G't. Get'! 'a-'r. Ag't., Lou Ivi
f Ky.
e General Plasenger Ar(et;t, Chicago, I1.
e Mayor's Office, Town of P'rovidence. La..
April 10th, IWt9. J
Where, . In accord:nce with the provis
Sions of the charter of the town of L'rovyi
dence and in accordance with an ordinance
of the Board of Aldermen of said town,
e adopted at its regular session on April ,.
1 W. authorizing the holding ol an election
for municipal officers of said town and di
recting and authorizing me to carry out the
provisions of said opdmnance;
Now therelore. I. Oiills M. Franklin,
Mayor of the town of Providence. IA., do
issue this my proclamation ordering and
directing that an election for municipal
oflcers of the town of Providence,. a.. be
t held in said town on MONDAY, THIU
I, FIFTH DAY OF JUNK, litli, betwoee the
hours prescribed oy law, sad at the desig
sated precitets within the corporate limit
t of said town, for the purpose of electing a
d MATro
TFir" aMt . r tl . .
It I~I
'rri5W b
.- i
Ladies' Dressc Goodst,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, iMIackintosohes
and Hunting Coa.
VaIis ad ii~Citi u. O
Call on mo Ceforo Purchasing Elisowhero.
. . ......V... . CK BUXLG, MI .....
--]aafeotureru of
Sash, Doors, lids, Stain-work, Interior
and All Building Material.
ehw DOorles, Bld Ltaii t ir Pn,
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for price, before purohasing el14ibere,
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Coummission Merchaits
New Orleans, : : Louislan
- u -7 onst:o en. T C Mi-v.y-l,
S-', '. - . j
Winter Schedule
Anui L.t:i........ .e ry
Beli l th .-n ..... "f 'et- ; '"
Annre laut ' ........ hur I
L'ecle of the i1n!s ... " E:il.+v.
Annie Lauri ........ . Saturd0ay
Annie Laurie .........every TI i:dy.
Belle of the Bec ds .... " I'"". .
Annie L:ntrie ........ "
Btil r of Ithe rnd.(.. " r.,M
An.ui LnaUit, ........ . ". .
E.ats le:,ve Viksbunrg evcr3 d;iy -x
cept Sund:y and Wednesday.
Queen & Cresceit
The Best Line
! olrtlh asnid ý3last.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
OEO. H: SMITH, G. P. A.,.
New O)rieas, IA.
W. STOMAs A8T. G. P A.,
.-sow` diwmIvQ4 - .
• , : "
, , , .. , ! , , ' - in e " a : te r
4, F -51, A

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