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We are just in receipt of another large shipment of
FINE GROCERIES, Banner Hams, Postel's Elegant1
Flour. Our line of Groceries is the largest in town,
and our prices the cheapest, for the reason, that we
do the most extensive business in the Grocery line.
Saturday, January 19S, 1901,
i. . ILANbDLL. Notary I'ublic
- Insurance Agent.
Attorneys at Law
--AN D
Real Estate Agents,
Lake Providence, La.
t ai iMEts COU RT.
Clifton F. Davis,
.A.tty-a t-L ta~wr
REteal Ela-tate .Agt.,
Lake Providenee, La.
Our oflice is located in the office for.
n1ally occupied by Hon. C. S. Wyly.
Dr. Pierce's residence. The" EgellY
Local and Parish News.
The bans ij caviug at a "fearful rate
above town.
Onion setts and planting potatoes at (
A esbridge's.
The lake is up two or three feet t
front the heavy rains of last week. f
Nearly ten Inches of rain fell in k
three dave last week. Lois of water. s
The proceedings of the Fifth Dis- n
trlct Levee Board are publ)sbed in bhis o
Mr. E J Hamley returned Monday It
after a few days absence in New Or
The Epworth League meets every a
Sunday evening at the Methodist i
I)r. F. R. Bernard reports another e'
ease of small pox In the upper part of "
Bunch's Bend.
It is reported that before next fall a
our town will see two or three more si
brick building erected. It
A great many of our citizens have
been down in the past ten days with
a mild attack of the grip.
Caldwell is selling a gseat many
mules, ad. at prices lower I ban either
{Greenville or Vicksburg.
We printed the note heads, euve
lopes, bill heads sand statements for
'l'he Famous" this week.
A hale of cotton caught on fire at bt
the big gin last Saturday. It was put w
out without much damage. st
Mr. Sam Garber and family will oc- ut(
cupy the pretty cottage at the corner at
aUFirst and Hood streets. a
Services at the Episcopal Church to.- n
narrow morning at 11 o'clock and at js
J:30 o'clock In the evening." is
Maguire & Schtieider, proprietors "
of the big grocery house, are just in
receipt of a fresh lot of Banuer hams. ti
From the large nunmbher of people tb
who congregatle at the poet office, it is to
seen that the building is not too small.
Mr. aid Mrs. J. W. Pittman moved
to their beautiful new lhomne this week. lij
It is one of the prettiest residences in to
town. th
Services will be held at the Catholic
Church to-morrow morning at half ts
piast ten and in the evening at half past
four o'clock. be
We regret to learn that Mre. Max gc
Levy was quite sick for several days Pr
last week. We are glad to see her of
able to be out agaiu. in
Rev. Mr. Hoherg is welcome back It
by his large uumber of frie,,nls. Hie I
will hold services to-morrow, both he
mnorning ansud eveuiug.
Mr. J.S. Mttiklii, one of our pro
gressilve and live merchants, spent two
days in New O)rleats last week, re- oI
turnlug Sunday evening. rn
' Mrs. T. L Van Fossen, of the Bend,
was a visitor to town on Monday.
We were glad to learn from her that
sbe made an exceptionally good crop kt
of cotton last year. <
"The Famous," is the name of the U'
store just opened by Mes6srs. O. P. Ot
Hamilton and S. B. Kenedy. They '1
are both popular young men and
bshould do a good business.
Sherif Dune was able to be down
in townu on Monday. District Attor. C
aey Evans says that hbe was missed by
him more than any other man last
week, who always gives him a great
deal of asusistance.
We hope that the Police Jury a wl
their meeting next mouth will do In
sosething with the new court house to
questioe. DI)on't let it be said that it w
Is a (faliao. Biuild the new court
bouse b all mease, fr
Coagswrusan Rmnadseli will pleaet
accept oet titaks for bout dtcoIaiefs f'
the C~ogrossooai Recprd for she reti
sesmo t the p"insear (-ouagroe. T
arE rae eable ea.i s VO =appr
Ais rememsbreuteof vs.
'To cure a cold in one day lake
ILaxatite Bro Quinine. .All druggists
refund the money if it fails to cure
25cts. E. W. (roves signature is on
each box. Sold at Guenard's drug
The planters are highly enconraged
over the prosperity of last year, and
they are going in this year with better
feelings that, in ma:ny years past
They feel encouraged, and are going
for the land for all it is worth. May
they reap a rich harvest.
The heavy raius of last week and
then the weather turning very cold
with the two heavy frost of last Sat
urday and Sunday almost as heavy
as snow, should make the laud mellow
and nice for the plows, which ought
soon to start turniig over the grouud.
) The cable and the wire for our long
E distance telephone is at iell's landing,
having arrived last Friday on the )elta.
We learn that the line is now coOm
plte to within half a mile of Ben
Lomond. and that in the ntext week or
ten dave polls will be puit tup and wire
stretched on ,his side of the river.
Judge F. X. Iaansdell has been high
ly complimented upon his able charge
to the grand jury last bloe lay. We
would have published it last week,
but was rushed with job work and
E other work to such an extent is tho
iT reason that we did not give it to our
t readers. it can be found in another
E, column of this issue.
Bud Stein, the popular Natchez
drumm:ner, has been at home this week, I
seeing his flks and selling goods.
lie has a big trade, which has been
built up on the quality of goods he
handles anti who never palmsdtl a bad
article on his customers. Bud sells the
Cubanola cigar, the best 5ct cigar on
the mrarlet, which everybody smokes.
y Mardi Gras is not far off, and you
should commence to think whether you
are going to attend orr not. It will
be gratnder this year thau ever before.
The steamer I)ewey will give cheap
excursion ratc,,' and board you while
in the city, which will be quite an ad
e vantage over the exorbitant rates
charged in New Orleans during Mardi
t Gras.
Mr. Geo. Owen, who ownes one of 1
the finest plantatious in the Beud, in
formed us last Saturday that he had a
great deal of cotton vet to pick. He
sdays that be has cuts that there has
not been a picker in it. Mr. Owen
made an unprecedented crop,atnd some
of his land produiced nearly two bales
to the acre, while none of it produced e
less than a bale.
Our City Council should consider z
long and seriously whether the water- e
works will be a paying investment or a
not. There are a great many citizensI
who say that the town is not large
enough for it to pay. It would be
much better, and safer, to wait for a
few years longer than to go ahead
now and. build the plant. The water
works will be a failure, and you will
see in a short time that we are correct f
iu what we say. S
J.. S. Niillikin will ec- 0
cie February 1st-
GCardeii Seed,
Onionl Setts,
Planting PotatoCs.
We notice that a long stretch of
bank above town has been reveled
with rock, and as soon as the whole
stretch is completed, which should i
not be many weeks, there will not be 0
any further caving. The work done a
a few years ago shows how well and e
satisfactory it is holding. There is it
uo. a breal in the whole lengthe which .t
is several thousand yards long. There
is a point about middle ways of this n
work, where the current strikes it
with strong force. and it is as solid as a
the day it was tinished. Malttress and
reveting work as it is done to-day by
the government, is'proving satisfac-l.
tory. i
Luke Williamt, a colored man who
lives on Buckuteadow, wheu he gets
to town generally tills up on the fluid
that makes drunk come. Last Satur.-t
day Luke was int town and filled up as
utsual. It was pretty cold, and rather ir
lnm-damp tront the heavy rain, and ,
when night came on Luke was too liru- al
her to travel, so be found himself a
good soft place, where the enud was
pretty soft and where there was lots P
of water, and laid down to sleep dur- le
ing tihe night. Sunday morning he ic
was alrnost diead irom the exposure, tl
bltt otne or two good situllle of. Mc- st
Kee's lied Sttapper, that somle ote hact
botught the night before, revived Luke
J. 8 Millikint is cflerittg low prices at
on all his wittier goods. He wants to st
miake room for his spring stock.,
You can get cheajp bargains at this big
store for the next thirty days.
That part of towt that lately was w
knocked out by a decision of a justice
court, is now part of the town again. ,
Under apew law, pletition atnd votintg i
on sch a qnsestion is now unneessary. d
There ought to be uo kick now.
Mrs. Wan. McCulloch antd two chil- w
dreu returnedl last Suuday. Mrs. Mc- bt
Culloch hasu been gone for several N
aeeks visiting her fathier, Capt. 1, B.
Rhodes, who has a niceposition In the
government service at Washtington. t
What has beconme of the gentleman
who was here a short time ago want- st
lug to 'start a steatn lerry? He iu. P
formned us that be would be back in a le
week or Let days, but it is now over a
umosth ansd euolhiug has been heard
from hbi.
S a ,, a chl i ode day, take .
jist 't i i~r aitince. All drllejiat
ZfstWut4e ,.sno if it eic. to cbre
LIeep UarPn 7 aJd
Warner & Searles Co., invite inspec
Stion ol their compiete and varied line
of Inme's and boys' clothing of all kinds,
it such as is adopted to cold weather
g 'heir stock is selected with that rare
` good judgment derived trout long and
intimate experience with the trade and
d the needs of the times. Every article
d that they sell is guaranteed, and is
worth just what it is sold for; no more,
w nor no less.
it Money back if not suited.
1. Mail orders receive prompt atten
g tion.
V. Vicksburg, Miss.
Last Wednesday evening, at 6
o'clock, Mr. Fred Galanty was
united in wedlock to Miss Sallie
- Stockner at the home of the brides
e parent's, Mr. and Mrs.Max Stockner.
e The house had been approplriately
idecorated for the occasion with ever-I
g reens, and everything was made
rready for the coming of the bride
Sroom. At 6 o'clock, while Mitch
ell's hand was discoursifig sweet
music, the groom entered on the arm
z of his brother, Mr, Sam Galauty, fol
lowed by the bride, on the arm of
t her father. At the altar they were
met by Rabbi E. J. Bogen, of r
Greenville, who delivered a few well
chosen remarks and then performed
the impressive marriage ceremony oft
the Jewish religion. Immediately
after the ceremony the bride and '
Sgroom were surrounded by all pres- c
I ent, who congratulated them both a
i and wished for them a long life of
happiness and prosperity. Supper
was an elegant affair, and Mr. and I
Mrs. Stockner receivel many compli- c
ments on the elegant table set for e
their guests. The bride and groom
were toasted by a dozen or more gen- ,
tlemen present, first of whoto was
Rabi Bogen who made a few happy
remarks in keeping with the occasion. ca
Wine and merriment abounded until
the hour of midnight, when the jolly to
crowd had the bride and groom good
night after wishing them all the good
luck possible. 'lhey were the recipi
ents of so'me very handsome presents
from various friends.
Mr. Fred Galanty is one of our A
young Jewish merchants. and a very
estimable young man. Miss Sallie is
one of the' younger daughters of our
old friend, Max Stockner, and a
charming young lady.
They will reside in Lake Provi- st
dence, tshere Fred is in business i
with his brother.
The Banner-Democrat joins their li
friends in wishing for them a full at
share of the joys and prosperity of tt
this life and a smooth road to travel NI
over together. ni
Good luck to you, Fred. ti
Mr. R. L. Hill, with his.pretty lit- &
tle son and daughter, and Mrs. R. J. pi
Walker, left last Saturday for El at
Paso, Texas, where they will join C'
Mrs. Hill, who has been in Texas
for sometime. We unuderstand that
Mr. Hill will not return for some
time and contemplates going into th
business at or near El Paso. He is er
one of our best citizens, honorable II
and upright, and stands high with w
every one, and we wish him success th
in whatever calling he may under- G
take. We hope and trust that Mr. ri
Iill founl his wife much improved lit
upon his arrival, and that God will ea
spare her to him, her sweet children te
and her sister for many years. to
Mr. J. E. Tillery, of Ashton, (lied te
at the Lake View House on Wednes- b
day morning from pneumocia. Mr. te
'lillery came to town last week and de
was taken down with the disease on
Saturday morning. His remains were ea
taken to the undertaking parlors of of
Mr. Nl. Fousse, antid at 3 o'clock the E<
interment took place in the Provi- Hi
dence cemetery. Mr. Tillery was so
about fifty-five years of age. ar
We can't understand why the pro- .
prietors of two bar rooms were sing- w
led ount to be indicted by some one ali
for violating tihe Sunday law, when fri
the person who did the informing W
surely knew full well that there co
were others who werejust as guilty. so
The persons holding tickets 5202,
4881 and 2341, should present them ,
at Levy's store and get the hand- th
some prizes at once, otherwise an- be
other drawing will take place next so
Wednesday at 12 o'clock. so
Dr. DuBose Powell is rushed so to
with dental work that he cannot get wi
away before next Saturday, when be sa
will positively leave. Those want- co
ing dental work done should see him th
during the coming week. wi
A large stock of the celebrated and
iwell known Clover brand shoes, has io
been received at White's big store. of
No better shoes made than the P
Clover brand. Every pair is guaran
teed. so
Mr. Hugh McGuire, one of our
substantial citizens, is down with 05
poneumonia. As we go to press we pr
learn that he is a great deal better. da
Cotton is going up or down, we
don't know which, our friend John *s
-)mboova is going tob try his hand at a
raisiag the stuff th1a year.
) WIs Pearl, the popular daughter ts
*.C E ld Yra RB. J. Bar.vy, has gI
---sidl tr ·w~etoan clee tto is
s ea * few'days at hobmea em
To the Hon. Judge of the 9th Judicial
district--We. your grand jury duly em
paneled for the .January term of 1901, of the
said court, to enquire in and for the parish
of East ('arroll. respectfully beg to submit
Sthis our tinal report.
We have examined forty-three cases, and
found thirty-one true bills, among them
two hills for murder and one case forman
I We have visited and inspected the parish
iail, which contains toutteen prisoners, and
we find that the jail needs repairs outside.
and painting and white washing inside.
and we are sorry to say, sadly in need of a
thorough cleaning with soap and water.
We would lheretore respectfully call the
attention of our police jury to this matter'
and trust that that body will take this mat
ter up at its next meeting. and we would
further suggest that the sheriff of this par
ish personally look after the sanitary con
dition of the jail and [make a personal in
spection front time to time.
We would further suggest that the jail
yard fence be put in a proper coudition so
as to present ane:at and orderly appearance.
As per your Honor's charge. this body
personally made an inspection of the
clerk's othice. We find the books neat and
properly kept. Owing to the fact that it is
very essential that our records should be
properly preserved, we deem it most neces
sary and essential to the welfare Of all who
nlilight have rei estate transactions in this
parish and to avoid complications. conul
sion and litiration, we most urgently re
quest our Hon. l'olce J.ury at its next
Illeeting to make a sulticient appropriation
le to tIroperly rebind any and all records that
miav le in a delpidated condition.
, i'e have visited the sheritfs office and
r find his honks neat and properly kept, and
siice our lion. Police .J ury seem to be quite
re skittisn about awarding a: contract to build
a newv court house. we would therelore
suggest. that they. at 'least, appropriate a
ti few dollars to patch the rool of the court
Shouse. to prevent the books of the sheriff
front being damaged and also, thereby ran
is dering the jur" box, which is immnediately
over head, upstairs. dry and comfortabrh.
e, We are sorry to say that crime seems to
be on the increase. and since the session of
the last jury term of court, which was in
August. five homicides have occured in
this parislh four of which, took place in
levee camps.
It is with much regret that we have been
very seriously handicapped in our iuvesti
;ations of the above name crimes. for the
reason we have had great dilticulty in get
ting the principal wifnesses before us
without serious delay, coupled with the
seenting total indifference on the part of
some of the intelligent class to ald the au
thorities in bringing the offenders to just
i8 ce. It is a noticiable tact, that the most
Ss ricass crimes have occurred in one ward,
e viz: The tirst, which is where the levee
9 camps tire located; and unless the good
citizens aid the officers of the law in appre
hending the guilty parties sand setring the
evidence at the tinme the crimle was com
-mitted. ou tlaws will be brought into dis
reputile. mi) violence will be eiu'ouraged,  
the floating characters who pay no taxes,
will soon take charge of the parish.
Your Honor has especially charged us in
re; violations of theSunday law and carrying
concealed weapons. As to the first, we
I had sumtmoned before us quite a number of
witnesses front all parts ol the parish, and
after due investigation have returned a
tunumber of true bills for this offence.
We are satisfied that the practice of car
trying concealed weapons tends to increase
crime, and we have endeavored to sift this
matter most thoroughly with very little
success, aits there seems to ie a decided dis
position on the part of many to shield such
violators of the law.
We have also investigated the gambling
with slot machines; have returned several
true bills. We sincerely trust that all good
citizens who desire to see this form of
gambling put down, will report all viola
tions of the law in the future. as the slot
machine encourages the youth of Louis,
lana to love the game of :chance, thereby
leading to all kinds of gambling.
We especially request the coroner in
case of future homicides, to use every
effiyrt in securing all possible testimony,
together with a full and complete list. of all
names, their residences &c., who were at,
near or parties, to the crime.
In conclusion, we desire to thank the
sheriff and his deputies for prompt and
efficient service; also, the officers of the
court for many courtesies extended.
Having completed our labors for this
term, we respectfully ask to be discharged.
Respectfully submitted.
W. H. BENJAMIN, Foreman.
Lake Providence La.. Jan. 14. 1901.
An ordinance to extend the corporate
limits of the town of Providence,
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Councilmen of the town of
Providence, That the present bound
aries of the town of Providence La..
shall be enlarged by extending them to
include all that territory lying west
and south of the present corporate
limits of the town of Providence and
adjacent thereto conststing of all of
the north half of the original Hood &
Willson plattation, comprising what is
now known as the Brown & Burney.
the Davis and the Hamley & hMillikin
addition to the town of Providence.
&c., &e., lying west and south of the
present corporate limits of said town,
and in addition thereto Providence
Cemetery as it is now enclosed, with
the public road and lake baink imme
diately in front of the said cemetery,
and the Swofford lot nud Mc(;uire's
gPin lot as now inclosed lying south of
the present corporate limnits avid form
erly a part of the south half of the
Iloodt & Willson plantation, together
with the strip of land lying between Gu
the said Swofford property and Mc- sOt
G.uire's ginl lot andti the Mississippi sot
river, and bounded on the south by a alo
lind dr iawn due east from the south glu
east iol-ner of said gin lot; all of said Sw
terrritory to be comprised within the at
following limits, to-wit: Wi
Beginning at a point where the ex- alo
tension northward of the western su
bound'tary line of Providence Ceme- 5o0
tery strikes the margin of Lake Provi. tati
dence; thence southward along the liu
western boundary of said cemetery to 0io1
the southwest corner of same, thence P1e
eastward along the southern boindary deo
of said cemetery to the line between alo
Edgewood plantation and the original ter
Hood & Willsou plantation; thence no'
southtward along the western bound- sal
ary of the north half of the Hood & ext
Willson plantation to the south west dei
corner of the north half of said Hood & lug
Willson plantation; thence eastward poe
along the line deviding the north half eri:
from the south half uf said hood & K'
Willson plantation to thB north west wit
corner of the Swofford property; thence the
southward along the western bound- ow
ary of the Swofford property and the eas
MeGuire gin property to the south alo
west corner of said gin property; pol
thence eastward along the southern
boundary of said gin property to its din
south east corner: thence from said (he
south east corner due east to the Mts- lay
sissippi river; thence up the said'river '
to the present corporation line; thence on
westward and nortward following the at I
said present northern and western
corporation Imne to the lake bank at
the Morgan property; thence west- L
wardly along the margin of the lake to
the point of beginning.
Said territory being bounded on the
north by the present corporate limits St
of the town of Providence and by Lake f
Providence; on the west by Edgewood
plantation and the south half of the
Hood & Willeon plantation; on the
south by that part of the south half of to
the Hood & Willeon plantation now
owned by Pbil McGuite, and on the aI
east by the Mississippi river and the .
present limits of the town of Provi- JU
That the limits or bomndaries of the
town of Providence as changed 'hbe
extensiona asherein bove asde shall
be as follows, to-wit:
Startingat a point on the west baNk
of the hMisellppi river due eaM trpt I
tbe eth east ormer. of the pBtdsi hot
gie let of R. OIB.; · ale * ttre; eaA
d IN
- 10.oo,
( White's.
Dealer in
Whisky, Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Bottle and Keg Beer, and Fine Groceries.
F1ish andL Oystertsl' every :Friday
A Fine Lunch Served at all Hours.
Hamley Block.
•, Memphis, Tenn.
We make a Specialty of Long Staple and Bender Cotton, and
Guire; thence westwardly along the
southern line of said gin lot to the
south west corner; thence northwardly
along the western boundaries of said
gin lot and the residence of Charles
Swofford to the line dividing the north
and south halves of the old Hood &
Willson plantation; thence westwardly
along the said line dividing the north
and south halves of the Hood & Will
son plantation to the Edgewood planu
tation; thence northwardly along the
line dividing said Edgewood planta-s
tion and the old Hood & Willson
plantation, to the fence of the Provi
dence cemetery; thence westwardly
along the southern fence of said ceme
tery to its south west corner; thence
northward along the westward line of
said cemetery and said western line
extended to the margin of Lake Provi
dence; thence eastward along the mar
ing of Lake Providence to a point op
posite the west line of the Biggs prop
erty, now owned by Mrs. A. B Mc
Kee; thence north to a point on a line
with the north side of the property of
the W. A. Blount property, now
owned by Brarton House; thence due
east to the Mississippi river; thence
along the margin of said river to the
point of beginning.
Be it further enacted, That this or
dinance shall become operative after
the pubeiatiot and posting and de
lays pregcribed by law.
The B.oard then adjourned to meet
on Mon aiy evening, January 7, 1901,
at 8 o'c'ock, p. m.
G. M. FRANKLIN, Mayor.
W. H. FISHER, Secretary.
Lake Providence. La., Jan. 3, 1,900.
We have now at our
stables for inspection the
finest lot of mules that
ever was brought to the
town. We also have
another lot of fine horses
just in, Call and take a
J. R. Caldwell.
Stray Horse.
Taken up ,December 8th. 1900, a grey
horse about tea years old. No brand or
mat. Owner will come forward, pay
chaMges, prove propetty and take the horse.
Brunette, 1a.
Ni otioe to Unknown Own
ers and Non-Residents.
iSherifi and Tax Collectors Office,
Parishb of East Carroll.
Lake Prtovidcnce. La., January 4, 1k)1.)
To all unuknown owners ot Assessed Im
movable property in the parish of East
* Carroll. State of Louisiana.
Take notice, that the taxes on the follow
ing described immovable property, situated
in the parish of East Carroll. State of Lou
Isiana, must he paid within twenty days
from the publication of this notice, or the
said property will be sold according to law
to pay the same with all interest, costs and
penalties, to-wit:
Unkmn,,wn owner. R. J. Chambliss
last known owner;
181 acres. Being an undivided half
interest in lot 6 and a w - of see. 23
of t 20. n r 11 e, and n e ] of see 59 of
t 22. o r east.
Taxes 1900-
State tax. $ .78
Parish tax, 1.04
Dist. Levee tax 1.30
Land tax 6.55
Sheriff and Tax Collector parish of East
Carroll. La.
Jany 5. 191)-3t.
F. B. & C. E. DAVIS,
Don't sell your Cotton until you
cove to our office and see what it is
worth, and let na make you an offer.
We are experienced in the business,
having worked for several years with
one of the largest 'cotton houses in
Texas, and for two seasons ii NewOr
Orders taken for PFture
SiipOFFICE in the tsinnley new
brick building' opposite Guenard's
drug store.
For Sale.
Three Ox teams, wagons and logging out.
T'hre Giasollae boats. cheap.
Nov. , Erwin, Miss.
'NNov. 8, Inm.
• ·....n
Dry Goods, Colthing,
Boots and Shoes,
Tru- ri s TTalioes, Ovv-o . v ,1%o4pp.
Igi'Everpthing in our store is new and first lads, and w!
solicit a liberal share of your patronage 1
The Lake ProvidenceBank,
TIIE LAKE PROVIDENCE BANK issees Bank Drafts or tQipey Otrder,
good anywhere in the United States. They are cheaper, and.just-as safe
as Post Office or Express Money Orders.
Not exceeding $ 5,00 .O6c. $ 5.00 and not exceeding $2. 100
$25 and not exceeding $60, 15c $60 and not exceeding $80, 20o.
$80 and not exceeding $100, 25c. and on up at.rate of 250 per $100.
If a Bank draft is lost or miscarried in the mails, you can get a duplicate
without delay. You do not have to fil(out application. Th'ere are also
other advantages over P. 0. or Express money orders. Give it a trial,
J. W. TOOEKE, JR., Cashier.
SR. J. BURNEY & CO., i
Bernard Building, Lake Street, Lake Providence, La.
- Dealers in- 4
'Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
I and everything kept in a First Class Store
Elverythiang for I.ad ies.
3Everything for Genlemane 23
1& We are here to stay, and by fair and honest dealing, we hope to
build up a first class trade. We solicit your business, and will do our beit
to please you. Give us a call.
Billiard & Pool Room Parlor, r
4 PHIL M'CUURE, Proprietor,
Next to M1ax Levy'. Big Clothing Store,
E Lake Pxroviidenoe, : Louisani, ,
Choicest brands of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, C gars and To
bacco. Keep on hand; Live Oak, pure Rye; Memphis Club,
pure Rye; L T. Rippey, ex: orted and reimported; J. E. Pepper,
haud-made sour mash Bourbon; Jockey Club, hand-made sour
mash; Melwoou, pure Bourbon, spring '91; Robinson County,
pure Rye; Be-chwood, pure Rye.
Case Goods, full quarts--Old Bourbon, 20 years old; W. H.
M cBrayer, Old Taylor, the cream of Irish whiskey in jugs, ire
ported; Windson Club 1880. This is the choicest and most select
stek of thit class of goods ever brought to tins market, lo e
tia charge for jugs.
J S. 44.UEattARD, PRopreTorr
rekle bStreet. I/aLle Providenoe. LZam
trugg, flediainet, themiealg, patent fedieine.
(arries a Jbll lire of Pairts, Oils, 1farxlisfles,
Brlasles1, oliet soaps, Perflhnery, Books, Fiine
Statiollery aid Glass.
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
Geo. W. McKee,
T"he Old R.eliable G-pooery WEc'u e
-Dealer In
Fine Whiskies, Wines and Cigars,
All kfiads efFamy Farmily GEaeties
We invite you to call and see our Stock of Canned Goods. We carry
a large line of different grades of sugar and coffee. We buy for cash
and secure the disopuut, therefore wecan sell for a small profit.
, ,, _ only when his
SClothe> fit him
4J - iracefully
ill at ease in ill-fltting clothes.
SYou will never feel that way iS
Syoa wear clothes made by
/ompany me
* the best known Chicago Tailors. A sult or
Overcoat made by t em will FIT YOUR
FRAME. Come in and ick ouat the goode
yourself from the fis nests of ...wt. yo
ever saw. You will win sure if you nae on
one of these suits. The Fit and the Q.hity
are there. What more do you wat if th
price is right? We will see to
eer had before. shade te b
not delay.
s1s1s Aamus a
w. D. oOw ~I,. ._.
We do *

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