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aE-. . Fine Whisky, Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer n Lemp' ýg otteo Doer.
Sole Agent for W. J. Lemp's "EXCELLENT BEER."
-.--Try Lemp's "Extra Pale," for Family use-Non-alooholio.-__
Mail Orders will receive prompt attention.
Saturday, February 16, 1901,
F. X. I SANI,LL. * Notart I'utlic
- iand
- Insurance Agent.
Attorneys at Law
--AN D-
Real Estate Agents,
Lake Providence, La,
Clifton F. Davis,
Rt'EB.l "-statte ALt.,
Lake Providence, La.
W. I). BELL, W. . PIER(E.
Our office is located in the office for.
milly occiupiledl by Hen. C. S. Wyl3y.
Dr. Pierce's residence. The Egelly)
House. c
laocal and Parish News. ii
-~~~~ ~ t -~- ----
lCaldwell continues to Bell first class
lmules. o
The river Ihas again commenced to S
rise at ibis point. b
Lehmann is the wholesale agent for a
Lemp's keg and bottle beer. as
The Town Council proceedings are P
published in another column.
You will find all kinds of rubber
goods at the store of IR. J. Burney.
Mr. harry H. G raban, of the second
ward, was a visitor to town on Tues.
day. at
We have had miserable weather 01
this week-the regular pneumonia ic
kind. ei
The Epworth League meets every Ye
Sunday evening at the Methodist
The weather has been rainy this Bi
week and there has been no plantation in
work of any kind. ol
Mr. Sig P. Woolf,.the big merchant fry
at Goodrich's lauding, was up to town ci
Tuesday on business.
8. J. Green, the colored groceryman th
otn Levee street, has bought himself a
bome on Egelly street.
Several of our citizene left yester- to
day on the steamer Dewey, bound for of
New Orleans Mardi Gras.
Services at the Episcopal Church to. red
norrow morning at 11 o'clock and at
7:30 o'clock in the evening.
Air. S. N. King, who is now run
niing a first clams business out at Black
Bayou store, was it the city Tuesday.
Mr. E. J. lsmnley has moved his of
office to his tsmall room, lately occu.
pied by Mr. Hamilton as a confection- u
ery. wti
The many frientds of Judge J. M. ti
Kennedy are glad to see him able to be
be out after a long and severe spell of as
*iekuess. cio
Services will be held at the Catholic out
Church tn-morrow morning at half
past ten and inl the evenUing at bhalf past I
four o'clock. yo
Mrs. A, M. Ashbridge commenced wh
on T'uesayta to tnmove to her neat alnd
pretty two.story hotne on the li]and, the
lately erected.
Mr. T. K. Wilsont, who has heen, very
eick for the past two weeks witha dep
severe case of grip, is much better, slsa
we are glad to learn. sigt
Last Monday was about as rough a
day as we generally have. It com
menced raining during Suniday night and
and continued all of the next day. bus
We regret to learn that our popu- Mr.
lar citizen, Mr.R. L. llill, has not been Mr.
able to leave hisi room for the past two M,
weeks on account of a severe case of and
Rev. C. Mack, who was the Episco- war
pal tninlster at this place and who left
here 'two years ago, died at Fox Lake, A
Wi'., on the O10th. We regret to hear
of his death. man
There were lots of drummers here [le
last week ald thtis week. They like said
to come to Providence and sell goods 181(
to our merchlants, wbom they know are !ver3
as good as the bank. ll.
The Cunberland Telephone Co. coul
have several toen in town who are yea
now at work on the polls and wire,
and by next week everything should
be pushed along at a rapid rate. the
The Homer Clipper truthfully says the
that "we have yet to learn of the paper, but
big, little, great or smnall, that pleases
everybody. The chatnel of thought towS
in humac kLtd run it that way." do n
Mr. Will Spann, the hustling travel- next
Inug agent of the big steamer Delta,s a th
was in town for two or tbee days ilaw
this week. Spaut is a popular young
uau and is a hustler for business. 01
It is reported that another colored our
uiSa died with smallpox ill, t' upper who
pert of Bunach's Bend on oud4.
Tbese people have no attentiont what.- pri
ever, and die from the want of Itepser wore
treatweetl. 'Oth
TI2e Fanmous,
-Tle New Store of
Providerce .......
*- z-0AiII;ror.N a KENNEDY,
ra RY Proprittors.
Ladies and Gent's Furnishings,
e 1 The best Shoes, the best Hats, the
rmost stylish Clothing. the nobbiest
Neckwear, the best line of White and
Colored Shirts. the hest (ent's Under
wear and Furnishings. We have an
up-to-date Store with everything new
and st)lish.
i it'Your patronage is solicited.
Allen Davis, the colored man who
OF was brought to town a few weeks ago
AND with a case of smallpox from the up.
rATE per part of the Bend, died last Friday
morning. lie lived only a week after
being taken down with the loathsome
d If a lamp was placed on the levee
up near the Montgomery residence, it
would be found a great convenience
to persons traveling to or coming t
from the landing during dark nights. S
Our street and bridge committee
KTE should put one up at this point.
ISH It was reported in towb last Friday
CE, that three colored persons had died 1
Irom smallpox the evening previous
in the upper part of Bunch's Bend.
This news was given by a colored man
Ic. who lives in that part of the parish,
and who was in town last Friday. tr
The big lilawara levee is completed
and has been accepted by the govern.
ment as finished. It is a great piece
Il of work, over five miles in length, and a
contractor Robt. Nicholson and his di
subs are to be congratulated on finish- di
ing it and having it accepted on con
tract time.
ass J. N. Hill & Bro., are just in recept to
of another large shipment of the "Hill bt
to Shoe," which is one of the finest to,
brands of shoes made. These shoes co
For are made especially for their trade, and ha
stamped "Hill" on the bottom of each of
ire pair. They are guaranteed to give
e Mr. W. Lhemann received his first ter
ad shipment of beer and ice from St. Louis oft
last Friday. lie got in one hundred tnt
and fifty kegs and oce hundred casks soe
er of Lemp's beer, besides several tons of boi
ia ice. lie can save you freight on beer, grs
either by the keg or cask. Order we
ry your beer from Lehmano. thr
at Mr
The three boats, the Delta, Julia and Mr
Is Belle of the Bends were at Bell's land- Cat
in lug together last Friday and it kept Mo
our friend Hall busy checking freight and
ut from three boats at one time, but what
rn Clark can't do, ain't worth trying.
The three boats put off over one
n thousand packages of freight. tan
a wot
Moss backs can do more harm to a ed
r- town than any other kind-the kind tha
r of humanity who have money and who Cut
go' rich off a community, but always doe
refuse to helt, build up the town. day
They lay back and wait for suckers, mot
and whet, they catch oneo of these kind A Ii
they squeeze the very life out of him. foul
We learn that the large levee outfit
of Mr. Robt. Nicholsou will be moved
1n Awas
up to Arkansas in the next few days,
where he has a large governltent con.
Stract. Mr. Dennis Brown, who has t
n been in the service of the government
Sas an inspector, has resfigned his posi-t. nea
tion to take charge of Mr. Nicholeou's h
c outfit.has
I -othe
SErnest Galbreth, one of the bhst is a
young colored nmeu in the country, man
I who has been in our ofice for the with
I past twelve years, left yesterday on
'the Dewev for New Orleans, to visit M
his father, T. I. Galbreth, who iseco
deputy United States marshal, and d
also to see Mardi Gras and the other for
the I
The Police Jury met on Tuesday was
and transacted a large amount of don'i
business. The members present, were pictu
Mir. Iobt. Nicholeon of the first ward. ues t
Mr. Charley [lope of the second ward, will
Mr. Phil McGuire of the third ward, Gree
and Mr. A. M. Nelson of the fourth T
ward. Mr. T. W. Jay of the fifth 1th,
ward, was abseat. ful t
Anthony Owens, the oldest colored Ever
man in the parish, died Monday night. wieb
lie claimed to be 105 years old, and repot
said that he came to this country to be at]
1810 at the age of 15. We doubt this betel
very much, but he was a very old man. that
lie hid a remarkable memory, and shoul
could tell mlany events that happeued
years ago.
We understand that not a person in Lit
the parish has taken out a license for
the satle ofeither pistols or cartrides;
but at some place in the parish or
I town. this lw is being violated. We
do not know wihe is doing it, but the
next grand jury should try and make
a thoromug intestigation. Tliis is a Vian
law that sihoutld ire strictly enforced. B,
Our- job work speaks for itself. So
our friend A*hhridge, the grocer, says,
who 1,refers the BHauner-Democrat job
print t, any ,'her. HIe latid other Gro
work asiide after having it printed. botti
Others ate doing the same thing. iueu
Mr. Jacob Charles Roberts, who
had been sick for several weeks at the
Ralph Hlouse, died on Sunday morn
ing last, and was interred in Provi
dence Cemetery in the evening, the
Rev. Mr. Boberg, of the Episcopal a
Church, conducting the burial cere
mony. Mr. Roberts had been a resi
dent of our town for several years, and
the was connected with Mr. John Barbour
icst in the fishing business. lie was a man
and of a quiet disposition and very little
der- was known of him. His sister, Mrs.
art Ira Cortright, who is postmistress at
Rolling Fork, was with him for three
or four weeks and tenderly and a
ho lovingly administered to his every
want. Mr. Cortright arrived on Sat- h
urday in response to a telegram in
usy forming him of his condition. They Ci
fter returned to Rolling Fork Monday on al
the Ruth. Mr. Roberts was 42 years
o ld . t
ace Account above occasion Ia
itg the Y. & M. V. R. R. will tt
's sell round trip tickets w
tee Fel)lbr'ua1' 12th to 19th in
elusive at ONE FARE
lay $6.80 from Vicksburg;
led return limit Marclt 7.
'ns A. Q. PEARCE, C. P. & T. I
d. A., Vicksburg. to
eh, Marshal Peck had a great deal of
trouble last Friday in finding persons
who would bury Davis, the matn who
died with smallpox. It looked for a
time that he would not be able to get pe
d any one, and when he struck up
against a man who had already the Ti
disease and had made the request, the inl
first thing that be was hit with, was Ea
'-what yer guine to pay me?" Some wi
wanted as high as $5.00. It cost the dri
Pt town nearly $15.00 to have Davis tut
ill buried. It is rather heavy on the in
st town for persons to come from the of
es country who have smallpox, and who tiat
id have to be looked after at the expense fed
b of the town. hat
The big New Orleans and Bends fir
packet, steamer Dewey, came up yes
st terday as advertised, and after putting
i off a large freight at our lauding, cor
d turned her prow southward with
;s several of our towns-people on board
)f bound for the Crescent City and hernie
, great Mardi Gras. Those who left,
r were Mr. and Mrs. Jas. S. Millikin andSo
three children, Miss Annie Beldon, ed
Mr. Phil McGuire, Mr. W. E. Dunn, Ns
d Mr. J. C. Pittman, Mr. Clark Maben, rea
- Carro:l Beard, Loney McMee, John
t Montgomery, Vail Pittman and Martin a w
I and Eddie Hamley. S
The cable, wire, switch board, boxes rece
and everything else for the long dis- Lou
tance telephone, is here, and the ing
workmen have arrived and have start- tion
a ed at work on it. We understand "1
I that it Is the intention of the
Cumberland people to build on to
down the river at no distant scho
day. It is rumored that they will edui
more than likely go up the river also. lic n
A lite to follow our levees would be TI
found a great benefit at all times, but dani
moreso during high water. of
Mr. Joe Craig, of Grandview, Ind., law.
was in town this week, his first visit in whit
the past two years. Mr. Craig is in have
the commission businees, and sells all to d
kinds of grain and flour, and ships to allos
nearly every merchant and planter in
our parish. On this trip Mr. Craig A
has sold a large amount of corn and
other feedstuffto our merchants. He
is a popular gentleman and has made snpe
many friends here by his fair dealings m
with our people.
Mr. Phil Long, who has been in the sister
second ward a long time surveying work
different places, and who will be there
for sometime before he finishes up, Ma
was in town last Saturday and Sunday,
the first time in several months. He
' was very sick a few months ago, but
don't look like it now, and is the
picture of good health. If he coutin. Th
ues to gain in weight as he is doing, he for b
will soon outweigh his friend Calesby befor
Green. en
The deer law went in to effect on the few d
15th, yesterday, and it is now unlaw. whic
ful to kill, catch or pursune deer. &c, i
Every good law abiding citizen, who accon
wishes to see this law upheld, should he is
report all violators. The law should he ne
be strictly enforced, and it is for the city.
benefit of lovers of this kind of sport comn
that the law was passed, and they
should see that it is respected. Aao
At iehmann's. mn
Cream Cheese, extra
Lint burger Cheese, week
Brick Cheese. Mr
Swiss Cheese, spen
Blood Sausage. famil
Bologna Dry Sausage,
Bologna Oil Sausage, here
Liver Sausage, welco
Head Sausage,
Servalad Sausage. Th
Vianna Sausage, hot. of M
Bayou Cook Oysters, again
Dry Hering, A Ia
Roll Mops, trans
Mairiniote Mops. ceedi
For chills and malarial fever, take th i
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic. Every Th
bottle positively guaranteed. Sold at 8 o'cl
Guenard's drug store early.
There are several pretty good jokes
being told on some of the hunting
party who were out deer hunting last
week. One of the crowd was put on
a stand and told not to make any noise
and to be perfectly quiet, and if there
were any deer around they would
surely cross at that particular part of
the road. Inu a few hours the party
who were following the dogs rode up,
and were very much surprised to find
their friend on the "stand" sitting by
a big log fire. It was a little too
airish for the gentleman and he bad
to build a fire to keep warm. Anoth
er of the party who was put on anoth
er stand, wasn't satisfied to risk his
luck with only one gun, so he packed
along two, and when the "followers of
who the hounds" rode up to where he was
the supposed to be, ready and wainting
orn- for Mr. Deer to cross the road so as to
ovi- bring him down with a well directed
the shot, he had both guns leauing against
opal a tree and was walking up and down
ere- the road trying to keep from freezing.
res- 'bhese are only two incidents of the
and big hunt, but there are several others,
our so the boys say.
ittle The Cumberland Telephone Co.,
dirs. soon to go in to business in our town,
s at seems to be a grinding monopoly, and
tree there is some pretty rough things said
and about it wherever it is in operation.
'ery The Rayne (La) Signal says that "it
Sat- has no soul or anything else to brag
in- about." It complains that this famous
hey company that is winning a reputation
on all over the State as extortionists is
tars treating them shabbily besides advauc
lug their rate 25 per cent. Then a
late telegram from Alexandria says
that "the people repent already about
the recent bargain with the Cumber
311 land Telephone Company to whom
ill the local company sold out a few
t; weeks ago, as they have already gone
11- up in prices for the private phones
with two or three on one line from
J' $1.50 to $2 and the arraugements are
a' not what were promised. There is so
much dissatisfaction that the Cumber
land agents located there are willing
to give up the game and leave as they
feel powerless to act." We hope when
the Cumberland gets in workidg order
ho here that we will here no complaints
as the above, and that it will treat the
,et people right.
up Eve, in the "Up-to-Date" column of
be The Times-Demnocrat, has the follow
he ing complimentary notice of a talented
as East Carroll lady: "Mrs. L. Graham
ne will deliver the great alumnae ad
he dress at Nazareth, the famous Ken
ris tucky convent school near Bardstown,
be in June. Mrs. Grahbam is a member
be of the alumnae, having been grad
no iated from Nazareth. After the Con
se federate reunion last year Mrs. Gra
ham went to visit Nazareth for the
first time in thirty-five years, and was
so charmed with her old alma matter
that she remained three weeks at the
convent, renewing friendships with
g her former teachers and class-mates.
d Mrs. Alex Mitchell of Vicksburg, a
niece of Jefferson Davis, a woman of
seventy-eight years and a relic of old
d Southern gentlewomaulinese, deliver
ed the alumnae address last year at
Nazareth; the new south will be rep
resented by none more ably than Mrs.
Graham, who is a natural orator and
a woman abreast of the era."
Superintendent Chas. R. Egelly has
, received 'a circular letter from the
SLouisiana State Board of Health call
e ing attention to the following resolu
tion adopted by the board:
"Be it resolved, That copies of the
law be priuted requiring the vaccina
e tion of public school childreu, and sent
Sto each superintendent of public
t schools, as well as the president of all
educatliotal institutions receiving pub
lic monies."
This circular is intended to meet the
danger resulting frown the prevalence
of smallpox, and Superintendent
Egelly has taken .steps to enforce the
law. All children who attend the
white and colored public schools, who
have not been vaccinated, will have
to do eo at once, or they will not be
allowed to attend.
A Moments Relection
Will tell you why our Overcoats are
superior to the usual ready-made gar- for
mente. acro
If YOU fail to see its superiority, cost
show it to your wife, or some one's great
siester-women appreciate the best have
workmanshebip. old a
Money back if not suited. bridi
Mail orders receive prompt atten- d
tion. up t
Vicksburg, Miss.
The gentleman who has the contract Ju
for boring the artesian well, appeared pe
before the Town Council on Thursday term
evening of last week and asked for a week
few days extension to commence work, in i
which was given him. His materialor
&c, is to come from St. Louis, and on the 1
account of no boats leaving that port, expet
he is having trouble In getting what save I
be needs, which is to come from that
city. As soon as it arrives work will M
commence on the well immediately.
Mr. Nathan Bach, representing E. arge
Aaron, manufacturer of fine cigars, ami
was it town this week and sold Leh- youn
man 10,000 "City Council" cigars, an jamt
extra fine Setc cigar. Look for ad next leadi
week. l
Mrs. Abe Butm, of Greenvilte, who gressi
spent a pleasant week with her
family, returned home Tuesday morn- Tb
ing. Mrs. Blum has many friends Mond
here who always give her a hearty bids
welcome. the n
The Police Jury was in sesslon half delay
of Monday and up in to the lnight, anud n
again on Tuesday for several hours. hoen
A large amount of beinoes was
transacted by the board. The pro
ceediuge could not be gotten ready for Wlli
this ilaue.
There was a good heavy siqet about will I
8 o'clock Tuesday night and agal build
early Wednesday mornolng. lake
by We have just received another
bad shipment of
ked These Machines are as near perfection
a of
was as human ingenuity and skill can
ato make them; and will last an ordinary
.ted life time.
wW Te are offering them at our usual
era -__
md Spring Samples of Clothing are the
aid Ihandsomest ever shown in Providence,
'"it and for high class tailoring the prices
UIS are all right.
ion We are extra careful in taking
I is
nc. measurements and guarantee the fit
of every garment.
n Formerly with Hill, Fontaine & Co. Formerly with Brooks, Neely & Co.
og Formerly with Hill, Fontaine & Co. Formerly with Brooks, Neely & Co.
1- We make a S pecialty of Bender and Long
thetaple Cmotton.
d Office, 366 FRONT STREET,-..
Memphis, Tenn.
We mae a Speciltr of Lon Stape and Bender gasoline and ives
solicit cocandle power light at a cossigments.
One Iallon will Gasburn 60 hours.Lamp
Cvrthe generating tube being in cenS. Paten., insures a light
Amittedly the ET light can b raied or turned down jusmarket ands with
a gas et or lamp. THe IMPERIAL is the most perfect lightical.
100on the market and everythingdle powertaining to it is the ast oo
If not sold in your town write us for catalogue.
132"134 Lake Street, CHICAGO, ILL.
The Police Jury has let the contract
for the erection of a steel bridge
across Tenses, this part of the work to
cost $2.925, which dose not include a
great great deal of dirt work that will
have to be done. A large amount of
money is expended every year on the
old wooden bridge, and with an iron
bridge all this kind of expense will be
done away with. In a few years
enough of money is spent in patching
up the old structure that would pay
for a first class bridge. The Police
Jury is doing the right thing.
Judge F. X. Ransdell has called a
special jury term of court, to convene
on Monday, the 4:h of March. The
term will be for two weeks, the first
week to be taken up by the grand jury
in investigating cases and prepairing
work for the petit jury, which is called
to report on the following Monday,
the 11th. This is done in this way to
expedite business, and at the same time
save the parish a great deal of expense.
Mr. Will P. Benjamin, of the second
ward, left last week for Crowley, La.,
where he has accepted a position in a
large company as surveior. Mr. Beni
jamin is an honorable and moral
young man, son of Col. W. Fl. Ben
jamin, one of the largest planters and
leading citizens of our parish. The
Banner-Democrat wishes him good
luck and prosperity down in the pro.
gressive and live little city of Crowley.
The Police Jury at its meeting oq
Monday decided to readvertise for
bids immediately for the erection of
the new court house. We are glad to
know that there will be no further
delay in this matter, and tbst we will
soon have the much needed new court
We are glad to learn that Mr. John
Williams has let the contract for the
erection ,f his residence and that it
will soon be under way. He will
build on his desirable lots 4facing the
-lake near.the old Morgan bonus.
Mr. W. N. White, our progressive
merchant, left for market this .week,
and will buy the largest spring and
summer stock ever purchased for his
large trade. Mr. White knows how to
select and buy, and his large trade can
expect sonmthing pretty to look at in
spring and summer goods.
Last Friday evening while Mr. Zaek
ilarding was hunting down along the
river near the old Conn house he
carne across the body of a colored
woman at the edge of the water. He
came to town immediate and notified
Justice I). W. Gilmeur, who went
down and made ani ivestigation. tie
informed us that there was nothing to
indicate that she bad been murdered,
and that he thought she had been in
the water two or three days. At tfrst
it was thought that it was "crazy Lou,"
a half demented colored woman who
has been in town for sometime, but the
colored people who saw the corpse,
said that it was not her. No one
could identify the drowned woman,
and that she was unknown to them.
She could not have floated down the
river for the reason that there is no
water running through the chute.
The apportionment of school funds
has been made by the State Superin
tendent of Public Education, and East
Carroll's apportionment is $1,912.00
based on 3.825, educable children at
50cts per capita.
Miss Florence Lanier left on the
Dewey yesterday for her home in
Baton Rouge, after a pleasant visit of
six weeks spent with friends in her old
Otto Voeght, the bright young son
of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Voeght of the
second ward, left last week to attend
the State University.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Galanty will leave
to-day on the Julia for Memphis. and
from there they will go to St. Lopie.
Mr. Galanty will purchase a large
spring and summer stock while away.
S ~aat& *Bro.,
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes,
Trun2k.s, Valioos. Over Sbhoes.
QiafEverpthjng in our store is new and first class, and we
solicit a liberal share of your patronage
The Lake ProvidenceBank,
THE LAKE PROVIDENCE BANK issues Bank Drafts or Money Orders
good anywhere in the United States. They are cheaper, and just as safe
as Post Office or Express Money Orders.
Not exceeding $ 5;00 .05c. $ 5.00 and not exceeling $25. 10o
$25 and not exceeding $60. 15e i G0 and not exceeding $80, 20c
$80 and not exceeding $100, 25c., and on up at rate of 25c per $100.
If a Bank draft is lost or miscarried in the mails, you can get a duplicate
without delay. You do not have to fill out application. There are also
other advantages over P. O. or Express money orders. Give it a trial,
J. W. TOOKE, JR., Cashier.
SR. J. BURNEY & CO., '
Bernard Building, Lake Street, Lake Providence, La.
-----Dealers i-
" Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
and everything kept in a First Class Store
Everything for l"adles.
3Every'th in for GQen.tleme an
aWiWe are here to stay, and by fair and honest dealing, we hope to
build up a first class trade. We solicit your business, and will do our best
to please you. Give us a call.
Billiard & Pool Room Parlor,
PHIL M'CUIRE, Proprietor,
Next to MIax Levy's Big Clothieg Stoue,
Sr ake Pxo'videnoe, s Louisisaa,,
Choicest brands of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, OCgan and To
baoeo. Keep on hand; Live Oak, pure Rye; Memphis Club,
- pure Rye; L T. Rippey exportaj and reimported; J. E. Pepper,
hand-made sour mash bourbcn; Jockey Club, hand-made sour
mash; Melwood, pure Bourbon, spring '91; Robinson County,
Pure Rye; Beechwood, pure Rye.
Case Goods, full quarts-Old Bourbon, 20 year. old; W. .
McBrayer, Old Taylor, the cream of Irish whiskey in jugs, iw.
ported; Windson Club 1880. This is the choicest and most select
stock of this class of goods ever brought tethis market. No ex
I tra charge for jugs.
Lake SBtreet. Lake Provicdexnoe. La,
tlrugg, Jedicineg, GhemiCal$, patent jedicine.
Varries a fil1 lire of PairZts, Oils, Irarris1H-s,
Brhsles, Woliet boaps, PerYhizr )y, B3ooks, .i~e
gtatiorery ard Glass.
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded:
Geo. W. McKee,
The Old Reliable Grooery "Eouse
-Dealer In
Fine Whiskies, Wines and Cigars,
All k~cds efFasoy Farily CXOdskies
We invite you to call and see our Stock of Canned Goods. We carry
alarge line of differentgrades of sugar and coffee. We buy for cash
and secure the discount, therefore we can sell for a small profit.
SPn Orator SPeaks whFr race.
. . .. . only when hi5
Like every one he would be
ill at ease in ill-fitting clothes.
You will never feel that way if
- - you wear clothes made by
* the best known Chicago Tailors. A uilt or
Overcoat made by them will FIT YOUM
FRAMI. Came in and pick oit the goods
"1 yourself from the finest line of bamples you
ever saw. You will win sure if you have on
are there. What more do you want it the
rou will set a shade the best of it, s do
We . D. kOOWlIN.doo b
We do all kinds of Job Work.

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