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Fi, e Baqrer-1)eniocrat.
Pblitsher and Proprietor.
Satuy, Febmuarn 23,1901.
Fifth District Levee Board.
Regular meetings second Wednesdays'
lJanuary, April July, and October, at
Delta. La.
Below we copy an editorial from
the Concordia Sentinel on a recent
railroad deal made by the Goulds,
in which their system of railroads be
came the owners of the New Orleans
and Northwestern railroad. There
is no doubt that it is the intention of
the Iron Mountain railroad to follow
in the footsteps of the Yazon &
Mississippi Valley railroad, by build
ing branches as that road is doing in
many directions of that State. The
Missouri Pacific, which is a part of
the Irion Mountain system, which has
purchased the Northwestern road,
runs from Vidalia through Monroe
to Bastrop, which will be extend
(led north to the main line. It
also owns the road running from
Vidalia up through Rayville and
Mer Rouge and connects with the
Iron Mountain. It also owns the
Luna & Hamburg road, which will
be extended south to connect with
the Texas Pacific at Natchitoches.
and build west from HIiulburg to con
nect with the Iron Mountain. So it
can be plainly seen that it is the in
teution of the "Gould system" to
own the railroads west of the Mis
sissippi and to make a net-work of
short roads as feaders to the main
line. We believe that it is their inten
tion to build up the river, which will
give them a road equal in value to
anyk for business, and a country
equal as rich and more fertile than
the Mississippi Valley road passes
th rough
We want the railroad, and we
assure the Sentinel that if it is only
the rights of way that is wanted to
gives us this road, there will be no a
trouble in getting them from every
land owner in the parish of East
Carroll along the line.
The Sentinel says.:
This week a number of gentle
men connected with the Missouri
Pacific Railroad oame into Vidalia, .l
on a special, over the New Orleans
and Northwestern, and proceeded to o
Natchez to meet Mr. Louis K. Hyde,
the vice-president and general man- a
* ager of the latter road. On Thurs- 0
day Mr. Hyde transferred his road 1
to the Missouri Pacific, and we are "
reliable informed that it is the in- P
tention of the managers of this sys- .
tern to connect their road with the
Texas and Pacific, by building a
line from Vidalia to a point in Point o
Coupee parish; that is, if our citi- fa
zone along the front will give the is
rights of way and use their influence
in having the Bougere crevasse
closed. W~ih this connection built,
the distance will be seventy-five
miles shorter between St, Louis and el
New Orleans than any other route, of
and Vidalia will be on a trunk line, in
which will make it a most important is
thilpins g point. It is also said that in
this system will build a line up the b
Mississippi river, from Vidalia to a
Memphis, Tenn., running through b
tihe parishes of Concordia, Tensas,
Madison and East Carroll, in tis ,
state, and through a large portion
of Arkansas. Of course this exten. of
sion, like the one South, will depend
upon the people giving the rights of St
way and good will, but ho money he
bubsidies will be asked. This route o
has already been surveyed to Arkan- tO
sac City, where it will .connect with In
the Iron Mountain.
----. br
Forty thousand dollars a year is a
pretty lasrge salary for any man to str
receive; but that is what the Nation- th
at Park Bank of New York is pay- le
isg its president, Richard Detafield, In
to look after its affairs. an
Sam McEnery. the grand old war- foU
horse of D)emocracy of North Lou
sleiana, is said to be in sympathy with ce,
Hannas's ship subsidy bull, and that o""t
he will vote for the bill whenever it s
is brought up for passage. McEn- ed
ery must he getting in his dotage, aum
or be would not give countenance to fre
such a delberate steal as the ship
subsidy hill. The bill is dead as far bin
as the present Congress is concerned, bri
but the President has given it out that ord
he will call an extra session, which is goc
done in the interest of Hanna and of
his associates. cob
The accounts given of the grand- in
cur of the New Orleans Mardi Gras any
must have surpassed any of the 'on
many taken place in that city in the Ios
past. Mr. A. H. Morris was King and
and Miss Beestse Merrick the Queen. free
The, Times-Democrat gives the fol- goo
lowing itiseription of the beautiful by
toiellet of Miss Merrick: "Her toilet and
was a superb creation of white satin the
embroidered down the front with gold Wer
lowers and roses in mouaellne d'or mit
pailletlee, and garnished with dia- dem
moods. The corsage a la PonIpa- to
deaor, was out deeoollete and wsa O
sermounted by a oollaretee In gold O
lace garnlehed with jewels of various O
colors. 'she grand train of violet ty-fu
velvet, linUed, with white satin, was turn
bordered by a wide band of erminae O
.sd sprinkled with guolden pail- C
Lake Providence, La., Fb. 12, 1901.
AT TbeHounorablE}Potict Jury of Nast
Carroll paribsh ae thbir ay pursuaat
I to call of the Prepident. X
I resent, Robt. Niebolsn., president;
Yancey eall, clerk;>W. C- Ilope,~ D ll
MeGuire. A. M. eleson, T W. Jay.
The minutes of the previous meet.
- ing werereead and approved.
S Mr. McGuire offered the following,
. I which was unanlimouslye adopted .
Whereas, It is understood that an
appointment of a civilian member of
the Mississippi Hiver Commission, to
succeed Judge Br S. Tavior, of Indi
ans, will soun be made by the Presi
dent of the United States
lays' Be it resolved, That we recognize
r, at 'Judge Taylor as a man of eminent
ability, possessile a profound knowl
edge of the problems involved in the
great work in charge of the Commis
sion and the rare faculty, by reason of
rotn his acknowledged gifts as a public
espeaker of explaining in untechnical
language the engineering ditficulties
Ids, and the plans devised to meet them
he. in controlling the great river, whereby
the work and methods of the River
Comitmission and the Government eu
iere gineers have become familiar to and
i of endorsed by the mases of the people
residing is the Mississippi ValleJ;
He it resolved, That, in our judg
& meit, the long and distinguished ser
ild- vice rendered by Judge Taylor in the
g great work renders him better fitted
than any other civilian to carry on.
The with his distinguished apsociates, the
of plans inaugurated for the improve.
has Inent of the navigation and for the
control of the Misai~ilppl river;
li, e it resolved, That we respectfully
roe and earnestly request the President of
od- the United States to re-appoint Judge
It Taylor as a member of the Mississippi
River Comnmission;
rom Be it further resolved, That Hon.
and Joe. E. Ransdell, Congressman for the
the 51h District of Louisiana, and the en
lire Louisiana delegation in the Con.
the gress of the United States, be requesl
will ed to use their influence In behalf of
vith Judge Taylor's re-plpoin tuentl.
The following offered by Mr. Mc
Ies. Guire, was adopted, to-wit :
on- Whereas, The town of Providence
o it intends to build and construct a water
n- works and electric light plant, where
with to furnish artesian water and
to electric lights to the inhabitanlts of
lis- our towan and the engineer employed
of by said town to locate said wot ks, has
selected the north-west corner of the
tao court house square in said town, as
en- the most suitable'plac:e for said pur
pose; and said town desires to acquire d
the use of the necessary land for said
to purpose In said court house square;
try And whereas, The proximity of
tan said location to the jail of this parish, o
renders the furnushing of water there
to, convenielu and cheap; and further
more, as the erection and operation of
we said plant would be a public benefit;
Be it resolved by the Police Jury of
this parish, That the use of the land
in said court house square necessary
no and couvenient for the erection and
operation of said plant, including the
sinking of a well or wells, the erecting
of all necessary machinery and build
uings, and all appliances necessary, anud
apparatus necessary and proper for
le- the convenient and proper operation
of said waterworks, be and the satirute
nr is hereby granted and coveyed to said
a, Town of Providence, upon the follow
its Ing conditions, and for the following k
to oouaideratiou, to-wit :
le, The said town, or any other owner of
-o. said waterworks, to furnish to the jail ta
re- of tbe parish, free from any cost or
<d expense to the parish. all the water
re necessary for the use of said jail for all
purposes; the parish to furnish at its re
own oost all mains, pipes and other
e appliances and apparatus for convey.
ing and delivering the water, and to
a keep the same in repair; tihe use i
at of the water being considered as a
ti- fair consideration for the use of the
a land;
, Be it further resolved, That the
SPresidenit of this Police Jury, the llon.
t, Robt. Nicholeou, be and is hereby au- I
thorized and instructed to carry out
re this resolution by entferiag into and N
d executing with the proper authority
, of said town, a written contract carry- E
, Ing out this resolution; which contract
It is to contiue for forty yearc, that be. th
t ing the time which bonds to be issued at
e by said town for raising funds to erect
Ssaid plant, are to run, or as lotIg as pc
the water is furniished to said jail as
herelu required.
S The followitg ofered by Mr. Hope, 5th
was adopted to-wit: cot
S Be it ordained by the Police Jury a
I- of the pariah of East Carroll, La., 'That
i Whereas, Joshua Seamans of the pr
f StateofArkan'as,for theconsideratio ci
hereinafter namied, has bouud hitmself s
e to the parishesb ofEast an4 WestCarroll o
to construct and build the two follow
SIng described pile bridges, spannuing
Bayou Macon at Floyd and Lane's fer. pes
ry, respectively, to-wit: Each of said ply
bridges to extend from the top of the or
ecoud bank on each side of said
stream about these buudred feet long,
the entire bodies of. said bridges to te
built of cypress wood, piling not to be
Sless than ten iuches diamieter at the a
small end, after being stripped of bark p
and to be driven to a solid foutndatiot, not
caps to be ten by twelve Inches andcre
fourteen feet long, stringers to be four
by twelve inches aid sixteen feet long Ie
and five to each bent, flifteen feet froms,
cestre to centre, floored with, two inch aph
oak lumber twelve feet long, all to be any
sway braced and have railing with resl
hub platiks and top rail, and countruct
ed wholly in a workrualike manner,
and so constructed as to permit the
free passage of boats in said stream; -
anid, ' de
Whereas, Said Seamans has bound and
himself to entirely comtplte said th
bridges for public use withinl a period .h
of six mouths after the adoption of this asIu
ordinance, aid to keep said hridlges i To
good repair at all times for a period
of ten years from tbhe date of their A
completiot, and to execute iu favor of the
the Police jury a good and solveut 'eat
bond,approved by said Police Jury, dmt
in the sumt of fvo hundred dollars for resp
any and all damages that may occus dill,
on said bridges on accouut of his neg-. adeq
lect; aud, at the expiratiou of said pe- to ci
rinod, to turn over saeid bridges to Est alnce
and West Carroll parishes as owners, ato.
free from any eucumbrauce and iu
good repair;
Be it ordanlued, That on compliance
by said Seamans with all the term,
and couditlouns hereinabove set forth,
the Police Jury of the pariah of East Os
Carroll, co-operating with that of Was.
West Carroll pariah, does hereby per- was
mit and authorize the said Seasuns to fur
demand and collect the following rase hous
of tolls for the period of ten )years, day.
to-wit: At
On each footmen, five coote of a t
On each borseman, ten cents aud i
On each one-borse vehicle with oe- Mr.
eupants, for croeselng and return, t wen. ion,
ty.lve celts; for croseIlig without re- Be
turn, ifteen oena.f th
On eeach two-horae blggy, gfleen Presi
cents. " } hem
On each two-horse wago, twenty
=cnUts, C
GS. On each four-borse wagon, twenty
ive cents.
On each six-horse wagon, thirty-five
East n all stock driven acrose said
aat lidges, too sad oltebslf cents. per
t;l Al charges saot mettionedberein to
lie in the. ealse proportion as those
herein set out.
eet HBe it further ordained, That said
Police Jury agrees not to establish,
lng, let, or permit, the establisment of any
ferry withhin the distance of one mile
ab shove and below said bridges, after
tof tbe copletion of said-bridges.provided
odi- that on any failure of said Seamous to
comply with the terms of his agree
s ment and with this ordinance. all his
rights thereunder shall be forfeited,
uze and any improvements made by said
tent Soaana shall become the property of
said parishes.
the Mr Hlope introduced the following
ordinance, which was unanimously
b of adopted :
biAn ordinance to regulate the sale, bar
ical ter, exchange and slaughter of cat
et- tie, sheep and swine and the no
n- lice of such animals; to establish
eby the fines to be imposed for the
ver violation of this ordinance and to
eu- provide for their recovery :
anti Section 1. Be it ordained by the
ple Police Jury of the parish of East Car
roll, La, That each and every person,
g- asociation or firm, who shall trade in
ser- cattle. sheep or swine, or shall buy,
the trade for, or exchange such live-stock,
te , or shall in any manner acquire such
on. live-stock for the purpose of shipping
or driving same to market, or shall
ve- slaughter such live-s:ock for private
the use or disposition in market or other
wise, shall be and is hereby required
illy to keep a stock-book or register and
of to enter therein a memtorandum of all
ge such purchases, trades, or exchanges,
ppi giving the dates thereof, the Itame or
names of the person or persons with
on. whom made and givig in detail a
the discription of the animal or animals
en- purchased or otherwise acquired, set
on' ting torth the kind, sex, color, appar,
eas- ent age and estimated weight of such
of animals, noting all peculiarities and
the marks, natural or artificial, where
c- by such animals couild be identified,
and mentioning therein the distost
ce lion madle of such anl)imals.
ter Sec 2. Be tt further ordained, etc.
re- That all purctmsers. acquirers or tra
of ders in the live-stock mentioned in
of Section I hereof, before paying the
ed purchase-price of such stock or giving
ha anything of value therefor, shall re
quire, from the person or pternts,
as withl whoml such conltract of sale, bar
r- ter or exchattge is made, a specific
Ire declaration that such person, or per
sons, is the IONA FiLs owner or own- F
ers or the tduly authorized agent or &
of agents of the BONA FIDE owner or
owness of the live-stock offered for
re- sale, barter or exchange, giving the
er- nae or Itames of the legal owner or
of owners thereof, anti bow, from whom N
aof nd where such stock was acquired. i
of Sec. 3. Be it further ordained. 1'
'That the registers hereinbefore re-I
ry quired to be kept shall he subject to G
he inspection at all times by any town-. T
marshal, sheriff, or deputy sheriff,
d justice of the peace, or constable, on
id the application of any person or per
sons who shall make complaint to any St
or such officer of the loss of any anitual B1
tn of the cow, sheep or hog kind. Si
e ec- 4. Be it lurther ordained, B
iThat whoever shall fail or neglect to St
keep the register herein provided for, P
1g or to make entries therein providedt Ti
for herein, or shall refuse ou demandii
to allow such register to be inspected
as provided for in Section 3 of this or
dinauce, or shall fail or neglect to re.
ql uire the declaration of ownership
required by Section 2 of this ordin
atnce, shall he liable to the parish of SN
East Carroll for a fine of twuenty-five HI
dollars. for each fallue, neglect or re
o fussi herein mentioned, and for each
t violation of this ordinance, to be re
A covered by suit in the name of the
e parish in aty court of competentjuris. It.
diction, wltich the Presitdenit of the Ev
e Police Jury is hereby authorized to
institute whenever such cause of act
Sion arises.
'The followinug was offered bo Mr.
Nelson and utianimously adtpted :
S He it. ,rdatiedi by the Pt'ltre Juiry of
SEast Carrotll parish, That, to prevent
the spread of smallpox, the owners
iand managers of each plalltation in
the parish is hereby invesletd with
power to isolate all ceses of saiallpox
on the respective plantatins and toI
vaccinate all persons residiig or stay
esg on said planttation, and with full
' coutrol over such cases
Be it turther ordained, That each
and every person be and is hereby
a prohlbied from rirting any smallpox
case, or the lprsli-es whereiu such
case is located, without piertnission ol
1 the owner or manager having control
Oof such cases. it 3
Be it turther ordained, That anyt
person neglecting or ret'ti.tng to co)in- t
ply with the terims of this ortlinance F
or to resleet the authority, power astdul thr
control of sItch OWters or Imtaiager5,
shall be subject to a duine of not more
than fifty dollars, recoverable Ibyv suit
in ally court of cotipelent jtrisdictiot,
and sltall be guilty of a Ilisdenleanor
punishable byv imprisoiimenti for a ternl spri
not exceediing three tllotontls at the dis- tine
cretion of the court. ''he
Be it turther ordained, That vac
clune pttintts ne.easary for vacciunatio ers
he fturitshedI by the Poli'ce Jury, ot )et
application to the clerki thlereotf by of p
any such owner (ir mnatlager or other
responsitle parsat. T
A cotunin icatiot froin colnmilttetitt
appiitnt i Ity Iie lion Wt. W. Heard,
G(overnor, to dtrevs, means for a Ltu- ie
ilana eXhlibt, was read, aind tie t'rei- ente
d-ent apptinted Mesirs. Phil McItiirei the
and Junge J aI. Kenttedy ciovRn'S'ont-i
era from Ibis patish to co-operate with i life I
the State ct'oniilittee.
The follwing petition was read,
and actlort on sattie was ptpttied:t L
To the Houorahle Police Jury of East
Carroll pr'ish :
As the dutieS atid riqtuiretnents and at
the responsihlttles of Justices of the
'(eace htavoe increasedt uinder the new
admiltaist ration, tile undersigned wouldh
respectfully stuggest I tiat ti wenty-live
do,lltre per antiut doies not seem to be CiaCsl
adequate conIpensatIOl, asitd ask you Lo.Il
to cousider atn lucrease i tile allow- Ir
alice. either geteral tr according to the Real
anmount of service rendered. lixi
T. S. atheu for i"
J" F. Nails,
T1'. J. Sandlers,
Aulg. Berger. /
C. A. Vleller.
On motion of Mr. McGtire, Mr Capit
Wtn. Stantton, archilect of Vcksburg, Surl
was instructed to re-advertise for btid. fit
for contruticion of tihe ntew ecurt i)epor
boust, said bids to be opotued on T'uss- Other
day. April 21, 1901 asi noun.
After opeuitt2 bids for the erection
of a steel bridge over ''eusa bayou
and Mr. Haele's bid'being the lowest, I, J
Mr. Jay offered the following resolu- W. T(
tinu, which wau adopted: tify th
Be it ordained by the Pollee Jnry and c
of the pariah of East Carrell, That the -Sw
Pretsitd,.: ,*f the Ptlie Jury be andi be on thi
1t hereby altlhor-zdtl 'i ciintract with
Cu ued t.o i,.; 41. .numU . . Provid
t o- We are prepared to show .
'e our frien4ls and customers
r. . Pew Goods N.
. with the "
h++Pew Year++
Ile The best brands of all Staples.
ed WVe have just received
SI Dress Goods, .
hie Shirt Waists;
ed, Skirts,
tid osiery,
SL Handkerchiefs, L
; Our beautiful line
he Umbrella or Parasol
he &. until you see our line. &
There is hardly any use in
y, saying anythll ing about our
SH, 1OE STOCK. Every person
in the town and p)arisll knows
Sthat J.T. N. IILL & Bro. carry
tithe only first class line in
R Children's,
O0 Ladies'
and Men's
Look at te Big List of
Hardware ana Other Thungs.
r- Fine New Royal Sewing Machines, Machice Bands and Attachments,
i- French Bevel Glass Bureaus and Dressers, Bedsteads, Chairs, Rockers,
&c., No's. llxl5 and 7x17 Cooking Stoves sold on close margin.
, Loaded Shells 10 and 12 gage, Shot and Powder, Axes, Hatchets,
n Nails, Hand Saws, Files in sizes, Hasps and Staples, Hinges, Screw
Hooks, Screw Eves, Horse Shoe Nails, Shoe Nails, Shoe Soles, Shoe
I. Thread, liHoes, Garden Rakes, Plows, Bolts assorted, Knob Locks, Pad
- Locks, Desk Locks, Trunk Lcks, Bed Casters, Bush Axes, Stove Pans,
° Gate Hinges, Ring Bush Iooks, Bridle Bits, Wire Staples, Matting
TFax, Cut Tax assorted, Curry Combs, Horse Brushes, Paint Brushes,
Whitewash Brushes, Staples. Hooks and Staples, Repair Links, Lap
Rings, Plow Clevises, Iron Bound IIames, Trace Chains, Spades, Shovels,
Sy teel Traps, Mouse Traps, Framing Squares, Carpenter Rules, Brace and
I Bits, Try Squares, Zinc Oilers, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Wood
Screws assorted, Belt Hooks, Riding Spurs, Axle Washers, Rivit and
I, Burs, Wrenches, Mitre Squares, Spring Balances, Hinge Hasps and
' Staples, Peggin_, Awls, Sewing Awls. Awning Pulleys, Brinley Plow
Points, Brinley Plow Handles, Brinley Plow Beams, Cow Bells, Double
Trees, S9ivgle Tfrees, Breast Chains, Cotton Beams, Stove Pipe, Stove
Elbows, Granite Ware.
Just Received Bolgiano's Fine Garden Seed.
Planting Potatoes-Early Rose and Triumph. Yellow and Red Onion
Setts. Corn, Oats, ll.,y, Bran and Ship Stuff. Meal, Flour and
Breakfa.t Bacon, Lard, Rice, Grits, Coffee and Sugar.
We will wind up by taking your measure for a suit of clothes made by
M. Borne & Co., the finest Tailoririg establishment in the City of Chicago,
Every garment made to fit and satisfy.
IJ. .POWERS, Pres, A, F. NIMTZ, Vice Pres, T, G. BRIERLY, Secty.,
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co.,
Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Vicksburg every Monday and Thursday
at 3 p. nm.;returning, leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Friday.
Steamer Annie Laurie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday
at 3 p. m.; returning. leaves Greenville ever T'uesday and unday evening.
First-class passenger and freight accommodations. Boats brilliantly lighted
throughbiut wilthl electricity. Lights in every stateroom. Cusine unsurpassed.
With last Saturday's issue, the
sprightly and newsy Concordia Sen
tinel entered upon its twentieth year.
The Sentinel is one of the best pa
pers in the State, and the Banner
Democrat wishes it many more years
of prosperity and usefulness.
The New Enterprise, of Marks
yvile, edited by the talented T. T.
Fields, assisted by Mrs. Fields, has
entered its eighth year. We wish
the Enterprise years and years of
life under its able management.
Lake Providence Bank
at close of business, December
31, 1900.
Cash and sight exchange ...72.330.29
Loans, discounts and over
drafts ................ 30,004 84
Real estate, furniture and
ixturea ......... ... 3,713.86
Capital stock paid in......$15,000.00
Surplus and undivided pro
tits.. 1.314 42
.is ..................1: 42
Deposits................. 89.731.62
Other cash items......... 2.95
$106 04899
I, J. N. Hill, vice president, and J.
W. Tooke, Jr., cashier, do hereby cer- a
tify that the above statement is true
and correct.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
on this the 10th day of Januarv. 1901.
Notary Public.
Providence, La., Feb. 24 190;1. 3t. f
9 a. m.-Sunday school.
11 a. m.-Preaching.
3 p. m.-Class Meeting.
8 p. m.-Preaching.
3 S. FULGUM, S. S- Supt.
For Sale or Exohange.
Homes for farmers, blacksmiths, mer
chants and others. Lots 66xl50 leet for
i i50. Will also trade for horses, mules,
cattle, corn or land. Miles of levee for cat
tle to pasture on, a beautiful lake, store,
church and school near by. House and
land at reasonable prices. All on Alpha
plantation, eight miles from Lake Provi
dence. La., and three miles from the Missis
sippi river. Address,
No. 7036 Magazine street, New Orleans. La.,
or C. R. EGELLY,
Lake Providence. La.
Dic. 22, 1900.
Strayed or Stolen.
On January 2, 1901, an old bay mare mule
ebout 15 hands high. Has not been roached
for sometime; switch on tail; an enlarge
ment on lower side of mouth, near where
the bit works; sore was running when last
seen, now nearly thirty days ago. A lib
eral reward will be paid for same on de
livery at the Midland plantation or to me
at Lake Providence. W. C. McRAE.
The best perscription for chills
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic. No cure
no pay. For sale at Gueuard's drug
Braxton House,
is still in Business
and continues to handle the finest
Beef, Pork and Mutton.
Your patronage is respectfully asked
and satisfaction guaranteed.
£P'Shop right across the street
from the old Whittiegton Stable.
Hlay, Corn, Oats, Bran and Ship Stuff.
Planting Potatoes, Onion Setts, Garden Seed.
Lake and Levee Sts.,
Lake Providenoe, La.
The Finest Line of Clothing Car.
T ried in the City. *
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
........ VOICBURlG, MI.m.........
-Manufacturer, of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purohslg elsewhere
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
Information for the
JANUARY 28th, 1900.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 9:00 a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 7:00 p. nm.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:35 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:10 a.m.
No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:20 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. i.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 7:15 a. m.
Arrives New Orleans 5:50 p. m,.
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:15 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:35 p. nm.
No. 6-Leave New Orleans 4:00 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 11:25 p. m
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:30 a. m.
No, 22-Leave New Orleans8:40 a.m.
Arrive Vicksburg 7:05 p. m.
Leave Vicksburg 4:20 p. m., arrive
at Greenville 8:20 p. m.
Leave Greenville 6 a. m.; arrive at
Vicksburg 10;00 a. m.
For further information apply to
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss.
Div'n. Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
Lake Providence - - I,
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and rna
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Ordet
rapril 18-89-11 y
- Lake St reet,-
W . H. MABa ............ Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Prices.
jatronage Solicited.
Agent fbr Memphis Steam Laundry
Queen & Cresceni
The Best Line
.Alal 1POIlbTWS
NTorth and 3aeat.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
ine via Lookout Mountain.
GEO. H. SMITH, G. P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
New Orleans. La.
CoNv&:GCsT e &c.
Anyone andLgp a eketh AnC N .,-!r!n ':ry
nflcrky n1s-.rtalr Oulr Ouiiu'o l j ;, c: a:; L:ac
;nventtnn Ia probabi ptentlnbie. Cnmm nn-ret.
tlhn, atricily o-wt: e,,ti J. Italndhuo o:k ;:31..na 8
sent free. uldicst agenyy fo" *ecr,lu ; , ..cfro.
Patents taken through id unc u d C. receive
,pecia notckg without chargo in the
A handsomely iluualmted weekly. rArueat cir
ceulation of any Sclentifc journal. l'errni. a3 a
Sf Steam eronth. ll nDELTA, er.
Ed. owand. ............ew YoMaster
Branoe Posh tal........... W.....to. D.Clerk
MemphiLeaves Memph Vicksbu eryg
For I~Lake Providence, Greenville,
Arkansas City and All Way
Steamer DELTA,
Ed. Nowavind. JI'.......... Master
Joe PostalTI .................leNr
W. R. Spaun. Traveling Repreentatire
Leaves Memphis every
Tuesday at 5 p. m.
Will leave Memphis EVERY T se
day at 5 p. m. until further notice.
Lake Providence, La.
The Obedient Llousemaid.
"If aaybody should call this after
noon, Mary, say that I am not well,"
said a mistress to her newly-engaged
servant. "I'm afraid I ate a little too
much of that rich pudding for lunch,
and it, or something else, has brought
on a severe headache. I am going to.
lie down."
A few moments later the mistress,
from her room near the head of the
stairs, heard Mary say to two aristo
cratie ladies who -called for the first
"Yes'm. Mrs. Browne is at homey but
she ate so much pudding for lunch she
had to go to bed."-Tit-Bits.
His View.
Jack Bachelor (engaged)-Of course,.
I realize that matrimony is a very
important step, and all that!
Ned Newlywed (hoarsely) Step?
Great Scott, man! It's a whole flight of
steps and' something to fall over on
every step!-Puck.
A Coanundrum.
"Why did the little fly fly?"
Jane asked the girl beside her.
"Because." she answered with a sigt.
"The little spider spied 'er."
-Boston Transcript.
She-I just speak my mind, that's
what I do.
He-I noticed that you hadn't said
I anything.-Chicago Daily News.
Why He Worka So ard4. f
The baker is a toiling man.
He works from sun to sun;
It really seems as if his work "
Was never quite all done. "
P Why is it that he works so hard?
Is what you want to know;
To tell the truth, it Is because
The fellow kneads the dough.
-Yonkers Statesman.
The Cause of the Jam.
"What's the matter over Others?
What's the crowd doing in front of
that house?"
"The man who lives there has just
inherited $100.000. Those are friends
of his who have come to tell him how
to invest the money."-Chicago Times
Shows Originality.
"Well, Smith's wife is a sensible
woman, after all. She doesn't ask you.
that time-worn interrogation: '1s my
hat on straight?'"
"What does she ask you?"
"'Is my hat on crooked?'"-Yon
kers Herald.
The Flatterer.
Mrs. B.-But I can't go to the re
ception. I have worn my best drese.
to three parties already.
Mr. II.-Pshaw! The dress doesn't
make a bit of difference when you,
are in it to look at, dear.
She went.-Philadelphin Bulletin.
To cure a cold in one day, lake
Ixative Bren Quinine. All druggists
refund the mon'ey if it fails to cure,
25cts. E. W. Groves siginalure is on
each box. For sale at Giuenard's drugi
Spripg aInd
Sunrnmer Salples.
fr'onl the
The largeSt Glothing ,
ir tie United States,
have jus.i t lbIen received
atid we \vwould 1)e g'lad for
o'ou tt) diop ill and see
VO a',1'C 110 C)V
s l ow i n g
ticst ever
sent out by
tlhis lHouse.
We will fit
VO11 It l .
Suit of Clo
thies, a Pair
of Pants or
a Vcst. We
TEE this,
or you do
not need to
pay a cent.
This is fair
-topln and
take a look
-at thern.
For Sale or Lease.
TheGardham two-story b)rick building,.
known as the "'Lake View Hotel,' will be
sold on easy terms, or rented. Partly
fsratmibed. Possee e given Ist of Pebrt-.
ry. FPor teras, see
at Milllke)r's Dry oeodst Sttret.

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