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Fc. ; .i. W. LEHMANN'S
· -Jug House.
WIisky, Beer, Cigars and Tobacco,
in Whisky received direct from the Distilleries.
I"wEn Au .OmA . lnI Ie
THE BANNER-UFunMC dr Armo. ,e ."
Saturd ny, SEpfember 21, 1901,
Jos. E. Ransdell,
Heal lEstate Agent,
Will practice in the Court. of East
Carril, West Carr ill apd Madisou
Ps'ri.hls, and the State Supreme Court.
Public, ( C',r Sieogra:pher and Fire
Il- ilranc Agen/'. jt, is i nl my office. C
Clifton F. Davis,
rttal estate .gt., f
Liake Providence. La. ci
,' . h. BELJ,, W. H. PIERCE.
O()ur lli,. is lot,('ted is tih1e theit' for.
nh:,ly ,,(,5uplicdi by Hon. C. S. Wily. bt
I)r. Pi-ere's resshiene. The Egelly
I1ontr e.
-- of
Local and Parish News. h
The river Is rapidly falling at this
Very little cotton has been picked str
this week. is
Th'l'e Police ,lry will meet on Tuesa Pr
day next, Ithe 24-i. dr.
'lIhe smls-waIlk (if the town show up des
well this kiind of weath'r. the
'T'here i no tr llirKg the damage done
the cotton cr,-ps by the late rains. 1
The mercrury registered 50 on Wed. OVt
tesdtla. mornirg. Fires were comfor. Ar
table. wh
We are doing a large amounni t of job bee
work. We give setiltaction and our 'rig
prices are right. Sbo
The roatls to fith laditge are ,,
almost imp-lasahle. What a fix they
are in for a int)ler.
et an East ('srroll Fair hutton
from st'cretnrv Schneider, and help a past
goIdt thing rlorng
'I'he Wteanmer Natehlz wll enter the clas
New OCrleats and Ileiemis trade on Tue'. tit
day next,. tse 24th. ii
"'the Farnt'n ll" nlow Its vCsoline Lanl
lamtiia that give out very pretty and first
satilfactory lights. m tr
Mr Yanccy Iell went !ownt to wee
Vicksbairg last Ss'turday on the Belle, t)or
returning on 'Iue ,ia. ther
The steanaer I eweY, niotser the com. oaeb
masnstl of Caps. Lee C1.'utsntus, will soon
enter the New Orleans andl Bends T
Irase . Mor
Mis Ethel Egelly left on the Belle out
Wednesdsl lay for Vieksburg, where she fails
will remain a fet weeks visiting hoot
friends. oH 5
'IT'he estalogtess for the East Carroll hops
Fair Ihave been rtceived and tire being time
sent out by Mr. F. II. Schneider, the
secretary. M
'The store of 'M. W. Gilmour is now
now openl for bhsi.sssea ' ~,~ a a nice loC
stock' of dtry goods, notions asnd useful t
10t arlicles. mel
We regrert to l arnr that one of the fist
dauuhters of Mr. aund Mrs. Max Stock- at U
tier of B.'ham, has been quile sick for 5WC
several dtae.
'iThe store of Mr. J.. Milliken, was M
closed otn l'hursday out of re.pect to daiJ
the laste Presitdet, the day on which Val
he wais buhiriedt. Mrs.
Services at Ihse Mthodist chnrch to- Misi
itlsrrow--tlii'rlrinsg ansi even ting. Tbis ann
it the otly churcf h in tow5 where Sun- Whey
day services will be seltd. tRore
The family of \Mr. Crabtree, who is ficI
rut1isig a s'(sss sitblle hi're. havee
ImoveP frost Ws't Carroll r land are ge
dlomlici)ted in lto reaidelece of Mlr. G. H. be it
I ill. *r
Mists Fatitje Byerles. wht, spent a Leves
plsarrtsit lllllin er with ri ls{ives i Vir. for it
girtin, rett ll i,'d la-t ir'idav e etnit g. i his
lI sr nlalnv frilsls wlCtlllut hier bornet recei
again. winie
P-stritrsnizs your ilOlte stores. When dresa
VOu senld ( Is i the selssartlneIt "tores clothi
ill cilies, you ate s)O doinhigs righ;, nOd
yo1 caaulol expectC to see a prosperous a r
town. Iir
iPrfessmor .a E W\Vallare, of our ib
public hcthool, artrive ltl Friday tIb
i* io he hop,,ed l htst I tbe w ,ill h ,ve no co nce
ttI'(sIiI/s' in rulltlll~ W hise s icosl atisfa-c. h O
'The net' w, sf the deth ofr' Ptresite,.ts t
M.iKintl, st' as. r'eviv, s its Lake Provi- Th.
dow with s xis srtiots of sirriw bi - the 2
every ite. It soltl int hiave beers were
tltore sinl'ere. Schirc
Mise Faitslts, Keenis., who has hecu to s' iuS in
B trfl'uh)ts atsd oshs'r sors ierms citiess for 'to 5t
the |tass sass ItIsi S. res ursned ti. her tonis
bouse i thse sCcosd ward last slur- wijll is
day morning, are sr
ourauice aijss.junW.n..t "o"ne pret I)'
high to some na,'l.! ,%,o ,aid. It was T
an eye-,l< p er, y tia\ . "'W ,e nI eel n tha
t "e "neY to our "uhiness, Blld we've roll
guot to have it." i lo eal
Mr. Jo(lIl .McGuire, owner of thej isec
Waterll o jutnsOasisi hail a Que'. -,
anute valued as $15s0, killeil biy ltgbt- Bite ts
nilug during the sator soUletiUme last perfec
Thursdayv nigitt.
Mis Mita F.ras lin, tone of ourj Mr
brightsst aisd -weessot gis it, I'tilurele, AS' tb
to Vick'bturg lai' t~altls.slv to) ..ala 1e ip
atlread Si. Fral'iA S. X.viCfr's CUlyelt, youI,
after a fleaaauL vacatiu. ' i bouhb
Altmost four inches of rain fell dur.
ing last 'JliTrsday night. i, rained t
alnlo.t in.'..antly frolu, l'bhurndnay i
1 night to lnlavr mornin, The crops I
have been damaged very miucht, soIme
of the planters say fully fifteen per a
I Our 'l'm.-day eveninlg mail did not
reach the postoffice until 7 o'clock If
Sit rtarts this way on the firet spell of
had weather, what will it be in the
middle of wite? 'I'bls route is good I
enough in aumnler, Iut in winter it is
n1, rough. d
Mr.. M. M. Lewn., a popular young T
Intu of lssequena county, Miss., anlid
s ho is a first cia~. clerk' and well b,
East known by a large number of persons tr
in our town, has acfcepted a position in bi
the big dry goods house of W. N.
oarv 'The Lake Providence Bank issues m
Fire bank money orders for less than is Ia
charged for postofice money orders, N
.._ and they are just as sale. It doesn't
uatter how small the draft wanted,
1Mr. Tooke will take pleesure in issuing pr
I it to you. pa
We are lntormed that the Police of
Jury will lmake an addition of iron mnl
work on 'l'ellIna bridge of about sixty yo
feet on the west side and about thirty mi
lv feet on tile east side, which will Ith
cause very little dirt to be filled in po
at either end.
T (
T Delta Cotton Company <
CE, of Memphis, wi
Will buy cotton this season in Lake ott
Providence and at river lanlings on vet
either silde, above and below. All corn- Pa
.Ic. nunir'ations by mail or telephone lpr
prihlttly answered. sal
Their agent. Mr. it. A. Banks, invites
all plantirs to call or write him before
tlisposing of their cotton. ,
or. Olice at the Lake Providence Bank la
buillingl. mo
Mr. Guenard will soon commence bee
receiving a large and handsomle stock
of novelties and jewelry, and many ty i
things that were never handled before be
in Providence. You won't have to send the
- ff for Christmas presents when you
see Guenard's stock. gba
SIls he
Mr. W. Lehtmannu had the front of his -U
ed store heavily draped in mourning dur.
ing the week in memory of our dead
us President. His show window was also U11
draped, and a large picture of Presi.
ip dent McKinley hung in the center of
the black background. Col
If the heavy rains have been general
d. over the Memphis district, Misaisstppi,
r- Arkansas and Louisiana, and this
whole cotton growing country has cowil
b been damaged as much as it has been will
r right here in East Carroll, the crop her
should be greatly reduced. and
"The Famous," where everything In the I
y the gent's furnishing line can be leave
found, is also showing the latest in the
pant patterns. Messrs. Kennedy & will
Hamiltohn are representing two first this
class Chicago tailoring houses, and can
tit you in toything you want. ul
l----------- tifu
llou. Robt. Nicholson and Mr. C. good
e Langhann, promniunt planters of the make
i first ward. left last Saturday for Bea-. big 1
mont, Texas, where they spent the in al
0 week looking at the great oil gushers. a fint
,)on't know what took them over the
there, except it was to invest a little Nimni
cash. will
I a fit.
, The public clhools did not open on
Monday as announicedl by Superintend. MI
elnt Egelly. We understand that the ii on
e failure to do so was on account of the Well.
hooks not arrivinig. School will open mom
on Monday without fail and it is to he cheat
I hoped that the, scholars will be on visit
time nd.
Messrs. Samr and Fred Galanty have ad
now a hanitdaonnely fitted up sore,chang
s tocked to the celling with dry goods, e
clothing. boots and shoes for gentle- A
men, lute shoes forladies' and children, with
fine millinery and everythitng kept in last
an up-.n,-date store. See their display abov
windowe. thou
Mr. and Mrs J. WV. Dunn and three if th
daughters renurned 'I uesday on the pboit
Valley Queten from New Orleans. woul
Mrs. Dunn aud chiliren have been at
Mississippi City for the past two Mel
monthe, and we are glad to learn tbat I. Le
they have returted horne entirely re. have
stored to good health. The many Mont
friceds of Mr. Dunu will regret that Mr. I
he returned unwell. We hope the gover
genial and wholesole sheriff will soon are uc
be In good health agait. line.
Mr Sim (;GarbHer, cornier of Lake & given
Levee street, is doing a good business, Mat
for the reason that he lI fair and square dence
In his dealinigs, Mr. Garber hat just goods
received a hnantdsomee stock of fall ansud thing
winter goods, conltstilng of ladies' clothi
dress goods, millinery &c.. gentlemen's shoes,
clothing, boots and shoes
Mr. J. S. Millikin has received a
large stock ot fall and winter goods, ase "
will be seen by his large advertlsement. W-h
Thib store rPpresentls a large tailoring
concern and will have your clothes rive
made to order for you. The ladies giIl
should remnembner that they can get the
Hutterick patterns at Millikin's. I
IThe catalogues for our big fair on DOn
the 22nd, 23rd, itnd 24th of October blo
were received on i'uesdtay by secretary i
S•chneider, who is now rushing them yOU
out in all directions. The fair is going ton.
to surpass the one of last year by
long odds, if the citizeus of our parish
will mlnly pull together. The prospects
are bright for it.
The Floyd News of the 13th, says Tex., o
that "Mrs. Emmla Pope. of East Car- says.
roll, will teach the Floyd school, which malarir
oeas the frst lntnday in Oclober." suaded
.Ve contratultae the people of Floyd he was
in securing tet servicss of this lady. nued t,
Mrs, Pope is an excellent lady and a cared.
Bite teacher, and one who will give saved 1
perfect satisfaction. malaria
flee the
Mr J. W. Pittman has now twenty. liver, k
t-ae huggies right fromn the factory. stipatk
e is saHiling Ihelu clneap and can save kidaey
ious ten dnllar bill oun every buggy gives p
bought from him, 8. Gus
dur. We have heard several. persons this
lined week lalking about the horrible land.
sitay ing at the whartboat at Vicksburg.
rops Last Saturday several persous had oc.
tJore easion to go to to Vicksburg on the Delta
per and it was dark when the boat landed.
After getting off the stage plank of
the wharfboat they were compelled to
n walk almost fifty yards in the mud and
II of slush nearly knee deep before they
could reach the hacks. Those who
had to take the boat an hour later were
it is in a worse fix, because they had to go
down the hill and it was much darker
and a great deal more dangerous
Tag ihere seems to be very little accom
and modation by the owners of the wharf
well boat for the public, and it is just such
ions treatment as this that is losing Vicks
a it, burg its river trade, we regret to say.
The immense stocks of goods our
tues merchants are carrying, should cer
º is tainly be appreciated by the public.
era, No stores in amny city can show a pret
e't tier and finler selection, atnd the efforts
led, of our hoe merchants should be ap
ing preciated. Don't send off to the de.
partment stores of Chicago, St. Louis
and other cities, when the sanmequality
lice of goods can he bought at home al
ron most as cheap. When you deal with
xty your home merchants the money re.
rvy rmain sat home. They help to keep up
will the town and they siiould be sup
in ported.
Cqts and Bruises Quickly Healed.
( has:berlain's Pain Balm applied to
l a cut, bruise, burn, scald or like injur
will instantly allay the pain anid will
heal the parts in less time than an
ike other treatment. Unless the injury is
on very severe it will not leave a scar.
m- Pain Balm also cures rheumatism,
ane sprains, swellings atnd lameless. For
sale by J. S. Guenard, druggist.
awe Another heavy down pour of raina
on !Monday evening about half past six, I
nk lasted for sometime. D)uring the early r
morning It turned cool, and we are e
glad to say since then that the suni has r
Ice been out, anid with a cool wind blow- c
k ing from the north it has dried up the a
i) wet places very fast. We trust it will c
re be the last rain for sometinme and that d
rd the planters will have a chance to a
Sgather the crop. Much damage hase
beeln done-no one knows how much
--until the crop is gathered.
td Take your choice: Post- a
,o urn Ceral coffee, Royal i
3Breakfast coffee, Java .~
coffee, Peabery coffee, at r
i, The steamer Lucile Nowland, in y'
connection with the steamer Delta, Is
15 will start out from Memphis on
her first trip to-day at 5 o'clock, fC
and will continue in the Mem- ai
phis and Vicksburg trade during
n the fall and winter. The Delta will
e leave Memphis every Wednesday and
the Nowland every Saturday, which of
will give us two boats each week in
Sthis trade. a
Mr. W. N. White is showing a beau- in
tiful line of goods, millinery, dress oO
goods and everything else that goes to
e make up a first class store. lie has a
big line of ladies' ready-to.wear hats,
a in all the latest shapes. He is sbowing
a fine line of samples of clothing from no
r the Royal Tailors' of Chicago. Mr. Ice
Niutmo White, the polite head clerk. ad
will take your measure and guarantee mt
a fit. See White for olothiug. shb
Mr. Phil J. McGuire, who we said exi
in our last issue bad gone to Cooper's tio
Well. changed his mind at the last uar
moment and. took advantage of the
cheap excursion rates to Louisville to uc
visit his old home at New Albany,
ind., where his father and brothers ne
and sisters reside. Phil needs the de,
change of climate and we know that
the outing will do him much good.
A negro shot awiother three times ne]
with a shot gun loaded with small shot tlei
last Siaturday evening a few miles cev
abovethelinein Arkansas. lHepassed see
through town Sunday morning on
horseback on his way down the river. I
If there had been a telegraph or tele-. day
phone line from Arkansas, the mani Me
would have been easily caught. of
Messrs. T. F Montgomery and Phil
Hl. Long, two first class civil engineers
have formed a partnership. Mr. 7
Montgomery is parish surveyor, while
Mr. Long was in the service of the
government for several years. They the
are now ready for business in their
line. Prompt amd careful atteuntiou stoa
given to all business entrusted to them. ot
Max Levy has brought to Provl.
dence one of the largest stocks of da
goods ever seen. He has every- at
thing that one can mention-dry goods, de
clothing, dress goods, millinery, hate, e
shoes, &c. b ere
WVe may not be in the "
swim--but we are on the N.
river bank--and ready to s a
gin all the cotton that sor
comes over, and guaran- 3*
tee satisfaction to all.
Don't forget us. We will N
blow the whistle, and
you bring along the cot
EK B Munday, a lawyer of fleariett, E
Tex., once fooled a grave-digger. He
says. "My brother was very low with HB
malarial fever and jaundice. I per- BUG
suaded bian to try Electric Bitters, od than
be wa. soort much better, but contin- W
ued their usem until be was wholly
cered. I am sure Electrie Bitters
saved his life." This remedy ezpdls
malaria, kills disease germs and purl.
fles the blood; aids digestion, regulates U
liver, kideys and bowels, cures coa n.
atipatlon, dyspepsia, nervous diseases,
kidaey troubles, female- eomplaluts
gives perflect health. Onily Oci t 3.
B. Gaesara'e drag tore. gy
The heavy rains of last Thuraday
eight to Sunday morning ban almost
ruined the prospects for anything like
a cotton crop in East Carroll, and
there are many persons who do not be
lieve that there will now be realised
much more than halfacrop. Up to last
"l'huradty there was two weeks of the
finest kind of weather, and the crops
had changed very much in that length
of time, and the bard-worked planters
had bouyant hopes that the crop was
going to be large enough for them to
square accounts and realize a little
profit, but everything is changed now.
SEverybody feels blue, and from those
Sthat we have talked to say tbat If balf
a crop is made it will surprise them.
Mr Alex Stockner of the Bend told us
on Monday that it looked like nearly
half of the boils on every stock were
ruined. Mr. T.S. Sitton showed us an
  open boll that the seed were sprouting
ths in the cotton. Mr. Charley Blount,
a h - who has a fldue crop near town, told us
"that he examined several stocks that
Burg, had as many as fifty open bolls and
there was not a boll that was not
ded. ruined by the seed sprouting- Mr. L.
Sof L D)avie, is another planter, who bad
d to a fin' crop, who told us that his crop
t is almost ruined, and that if he realizes
half a crop he will he satisfied. No
who doubt every planter in the parish has
suffered in the same way, and that the
ere crops will be f.,und damaged nearly
1kg" halt by the horrible spell of wet weath
er, [I other sections of the cotton
om- growing country has suffered in the
arf• same way, perhaps the price will go
uchabove the 9-cent mark, which will help
them to pull out of the kinks very
smuch. Let us hope so at least.
our A few packages of
ce grape nuts left at Milli
lic. kil's.
)rts We call the attention of the public
*ap to the advertisement of the Hotel
d e' Piazza, of Vicksburg. This popular
ui, hotel has changed bands, Mr. Piazza
Ilty having leased the hotel for a term of
al-. years to Messrs. H. A. Bond and J.
ih, Chandler. Mr. Bond is a well known
re- railroad man. Mr. Chandler was the
up head clerk at the Piazza for several
up- years, and later head man at the Car
roll, and gave up his position to take
charge of the Piazza. He is a first
elams geitleiman, popular with every
to one, and should make a success with
Ir) his venture. The hotel will he exten
ill savely remuodeled and refurnished, and
Hu the entire service will be first class.
is When you go to Vicksburg hang up
at. with Bond and Chandler.
'or Chamiberlain's Cough Remedy a
Great Favorite.
The soothing atnt healing properties
ito of this remedy. its pleasant taste and
ix, prompt and permanent cures have
'ly made it a great favorite with people
re every where. It is especially prized by
as mothers of small children for colds,
w- croup and whooping cough, as it
he always affords quick relief, and as it
il contains no opium or other harmful
at drug, it may be given as confidently to
to a baby as to an adult. For sale at J.
as S. Guenard's drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilmour opened up
their store on Monday for business,
- and have it stocked with an assort
ai mnent of flue dry goods, dress goods,
cloaks and notions, besides having a
a 5t, 10ct, 15ct and 20ct counter, where
t many useful things can be found.
They have all kinds of the finest dress
goods and trimmings and you can have
your dresses made right there in the
, latest styles. There many friends hope
to see them do well, and we bespeak
for them a share of the public patron.
age. See their ad in this issue.
g To induce trade Mr. Sam Garber is
gilving the following liheral premiums:
$ 25 worth of goods purchased, a piece
Sof fine silver wear; $20 wor;h of goods,
a fine bowl and pitcher; $5.00 worth of
goods, a fancy cup and saucer, or a
Sfinte dish andt plate. This is a liberal
S ,tifer.
From this date. I will posi!ively sell
no more ice on credit. The Greenville
Ice Co., compels me to pay down in
advance before the ice is shipped to
me. Under the circumstances no one
should expect me to sell them ice on
credit. I appreciate the patronage
I extended me, and feel under obliga- th
tions to the public, and ask a contin
uance of same.
Please do not ask me to book any
Jmore ice.
A large shipment of oysters and fish
Snext Saturday night. Leave your or
The many friends of Mr. R. J. Bur.
ney will be glad to learn that this gen- teh
tleman is now recovering from a very
severe spell of sickness, We hope to
see Mr. Burney out it a few days.
Dan O'Sullivan, who ran off a few [as
days ago, visiting In Greenville and -thu
Memphis, returned on Sunday. Some
of the boys are wondering what took
Dan off; but that is easily guessed. d a
Fine line of crockery at oit
Millikin's. and
Messrs. J. N. Hill & Bro., will have Mo
the sidewalk in front of their two Ma
stores made of concrete. This will be
a good move, and the proprietors of lion.
other stores should do the same thing.
The Webster (Minden) Signial of Fri
day last, says that "Miss Lillian Powell, Thu
a charming young lady of Lake Provi- t
dence, returned with her cousin. Mrs.
Irene Chaffee, and will attend school on
here." for o
Mr. Isham Beard, who has been ro
clerking in the second ward for some- oom
time, is now behind the counters at J. i.
N. Hill & Bro. dry good store. Isham cTi
is a fine young man, and is in a fine to th
to one
Bul*Ies, Butles, Bu*les, oro.
Nothing But Buggies.
Top Buggies, oto,
Open Buggies, turne
Et erybody ln t Ride. .?""1
Have just received a. CAR LOAD- of high. 1
BUGGIES and HARNESS, cheaper aina
than you ever heard of. recovet
We have got anything Lake
you want to ride in.
"We do all kinds of job work. mont
atd at reasonable prices. Twc
A good servicable bug
gy at Millikin's. Cheap. Iilbet
,li k e .. . . .. . I I I I l I IIi i i l
and 7I-. . .
' e RIGEUR >D MGO () Iy
ops t
osh are well known names
ers of two of the best Men's
was Shoes to be found any
0Ie where for the price. 0...
°o- $3.50
Im. is the price of the
we RIGEUR. .
a'n a Shoe that will give
ng you as much wear
as one costing more 1
gat money.
Beds ,
L. $3.00 Rags
d Dressers is the price of the laftlatig
Bureaus AM/GO, Window Shades
, Wasbstands which is very nearly as Curtalin Poles
Wardrobes good as the REGEUR
h. Ward often wearing just as Shade Pull
Chairs long. Curttal Pls
RockerS The best leathers are used in
making these SHOES, and the CMtains
makers know just how to put
Bed SI1fsI them up to give you the worth Table Covers
f s of your money.
We keep a full line, in all the
Ti n Safes different shapes and leathers-- rtaiS
double and single soles. "
Wire Safes Tapestry
Cr Center Tables Curtains
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Schlitz Milwaukee Bottle Beer and Christian
• Moerlein Keg Beer always on hand. w
.. Phil J. McGuire & Co., Proprietors.
--A N D-
Ice Delivered free to any part ofTown bu
Patronage solhocited. Gaar.ntee promptnes. to pl
Call usi, up ove either 'phone.
We are able to supply the trade in large and small bills of Lumber on
the shortest notice.
Tonrgue anrd G-rove Crlpress
Floorling and GenlingC.
Tanks of any size made to order at N. O. prioe. P
Shingles, Shingle, Shingles.
M'Offtice in Hamley Block. Connected by Cumblerland and Home
telepones. Send your brders to a home enterprise.
A Warner 8 Searles Suit
Has a faculty that few others possess
-that of plhasing bhoth young and odik
For in addition to the stylish cut
and new fabrics so attractive to the
young men, there are the more solid
points of good work, good trimmings
and good cloth that make it true
economy to have one.
Money back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt atten
Vicksburg, Miss.
The old Evans store house, on the
west side of the public square, was
torn down this week hy order of the
town council. Bastrop has no place
for old ramshackle buildings. They
must got out of the way and' make
room for the new.-Morehouse Clar
This is the right way to do, and we
cail the attenlion of our town council
to the aboie. Let them do likewise
to one or two unsightly and danger
ons places along the north side of Lake
street, near the corner of levee street.
Mrs. Jas N. Turner, who has been
visiting her mother and sisters at De
Solo, Mo., for the pest two months, re
turned on Sunday last. touch to the
delight of this newspaper man.
Stoleo from Mr. T. 8. De)lony's piece,
about three weeks ago, a dark bay chest.
nut mare. be2vy with fold, 13j( or 14 bands
high. lttle sway-back, small legs. roacbedf
main, small knot on tip of nose also asitF
wt ,te streak. Wllay lit) dollars for her
recovery. DIENNIS BANKS.
Lake Providence, La., Sept. 7-1901.
Two male Polan Chism pig, two
monoks old. Price. $N.0) each
Two last spring ~iotbdown rai
Price. $5.00 each.
Pileher's Point, P. O., La
5, 10. 15 and 20ct counter where
many useful article can be found
worth double the money.
We are on Lake street right across
from the corner of Sparrow street.
Pro1 rlcters.
The entire Hotel bas been elesmed
and re-furnisbed. TIe serviceof ct
fir3t class Steward ias been seeraed.
and the table will be kept op4o the
highest standard.
a'Patra sq eeliitefenl dastis
fadtica guarsateea.. ,
,, . W gYORs.
Lake Providedee, .
t Tfilies and edevs ioelt
ateed. Derription of land
riastabed. Levels sad prooUslrler
"I µ1a0e0 for abswlp p
o.f.miten to. baeksrW.
RaiTred sad? ll eesl
years et dýý
Dry Goods Clothing,
Boots and Shoes,
Trunksa. vaa±OeB. Over ab C .
¶Erverpthing in our Store is new and first class, and we
solicit: liberal share of your patronage:
Coorner Lake and Levee Streete-North Side.
-----DEALER IN----
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats and
LADIES' and:GEN T'S Furnishings.
We also carry a complete line of
Fine Millinery,
of the latest styles and fads, and our prices are extramely low.
I 8I respectfully ask a share of the public patronage, and guaranttee to
treat every one right.
SThe Lake ProvidenceBank,
THE LAKE PaOVIDENe BANK issues Bank Drafts or Money Orders
good anywhere in the United States.- They are cheaper, and just as safe
as Post Office or Erpress Money Orders.
Not exceeding $ 5.00 .05c. $ 5.00 and not exceeding $25. 10c
$25 and not exceeding $60, 15e $60 and not exceeding $80, 20c
$80 and not exceeding $100, 25c. and on up at rate of 25b per $100.
If a Bank draft is lost or miscarried in the mails, you can get a duplicate
without delay. You do not have to fill out application. There are also
other advantages over P. O. or Express money orders. Give it a trial,
J. W. TOOKE, JR., Cashier.
* i-l R. J. BUD RNI E Y.
'Bernard Bunin , Lake teet, Lake roviden , La.
--Dealer in
Dry Goods,-i Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
and everything kept in a First Class Store
v'eraryth1b for Iaadlei.
. :Wvearythini for GCentlezmen
!VWe are here to stay, and by fair and honest dealing, we hope to
build up a first class trade. We solicit your business, and will do our best
to please you. Give us a call.
Lsake Stdeet. .Lake a e EzProvidenoe. Ita.
thrug, Jedicinet, Chemical$, patent Jfedicine.
'.!"t Old :l-elDeable r-Oey Eoue
Fine Whiskies, Wines and Cigars,
All kndiers krF oy a F lpsiy CidIetfies
We Znvite you to call and see our Stockof Canned Goods. We carry
a large line of different grades of sugar ad. coffee. We buy for cash
nd secure the odiscomt, therefore we can ell for a small profit.
Lono~ ,a State Uni-I Seoion opens Wednesday, ep
vers-t" and Agricultu- tembr 18, and contines thirty-seven
•oeg, Baton Rouge, piote Literary and Scientif, ,
[l. |nate ourses. Fall. Commercial
ttstti.r ICone in Americk
Strong faculty, large library,.well equiflr, laboratories, work-shop%,
and, expeuiment *stions. Instrction ~orough, modern, pratical,
5tting young men for oeese siu arny calli 4
Tkirvtgy sildingu most beautiful grou e.
-W edcpr,@ be Berel of the Uiver sty for- catalogue containin full
'nfot ,i . . ,,, -
114. .kiia, & Jli4aud,
h1 N4 D BUILDNG, ,.
8 4egW'1i0DENCE, LA.
Both Tleoonas in offices sad resi.
ileno $. .r~'fJ" *
pV1r~itk I Artaud, late Siageon
Major U. 8. A.. baa 'retu ed and
orm i partheiri1p *lth Dr. F..
All ft be a''naswepebd J
-ay ar night, by eitber of us.
We do all kinds
of Job Work.
Letter and BillHeads.
Enreloes, Statements
Posteris. Our p'ii
are moderate.
LU . .1
aarQ fLEP

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