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Flae Elarqruer-Derrocat.
Ra'bUaber and Proprietor.
Saturday,. November 30, 1901.
Fifth District Levee Board.
Regular meetingA second Vednesday '
i. Jlanuary, April July, and October, at
D)elta. La.
There are two vacancies in the
Dermocratic membership of the liv
ere and Iarbors committee, and in
view of the increased majority of
the Republicans in the hlouse it is
proposed to give one of those places
to a Repi~lieoR, thus reddoeingthbe
I)eamerathi membershipapd iuoreas
ing the Republican membership on
tbe, ommitree.
Tihe above bit of information is
,nppliejy a Washington special of
the' iSt to the Cincianati Enquirer.
this secotion had hoped, because
of the large interests of the Fiftih
distiotin levee and river improve.
meats, that Congressman tiansdell
woald sueeeed to the vacancy on
the'eoisinittee oceasioned by the re
tiresment of Hlion. 'T. C. COtchings
fro r'ongvees, nd he may yet do
so, bast this propolitiour of the Re.
pubhlcans to "hog" one of the posi.
tionu belonging to the Deniocrats
will not improve his chances.
Mr. Ranedell .bua made a deep
stu ',| i4glv an# river improver
men mupst pidMlehi aan, and
woo make a worthy successor to
Gen. (telinge on this the fimost im
port eitell thaikinittees to the
Bouth.--Monroe Star.
A dispatch from Paris dated the
26th, says itjat "tie Rapel pub.
lishes a dispatch from Rome stating
that the dottre Uittending-the Ppep
say that he le growing uateadily
weaker, sad possibly may die at
any mprQU .
Ae. plosion of the boiler of the
Perut h)y. Injector Company atI
DetrIt$ on Tueo ay, ea.used, a fear
fil le sof life. The .dspatcbes-sy'
the lkft boullding w`ii entirel'
wrecek- ne d 'that from seventjr-ive
to oaneg. 4d and .tweut1lvsq meo
werek4 ed,, -
The VYi~ksbatg Herald syse "that
the succeegsop of homicides in..aud
around Talltdlh since tie brutal and
wanton ~lypphing of the itiliktes
there, is either a cotnoideoce with
or a e6et*oberation of, the theory
that h)siadesaeemandthe immusia
ty of ctime u, ia olanea hbgeta
erimi and violence."
TIm fi* Orleane eity Item eoio
tinues tb show up the rottenness of
the potioe lepartment at that
city. t looksThke the whole gang
-from. the (igleet the loaRmtijin
the ranks-a implicasted in allokw.
"g lottery bhodp, gambling . div
and otik ila4s of places to ran, by
being aai(tertat suams of money
each month.
The grand jury of Madison par
slab rgturned a true bill for murder
agaipgt DeLee,. who shot "Kit"
Carson-: enu days gQlO L true. bill
agaiqst~al'dn'u brother for killiug
his brother-in-law Sanford last week,
and glso indicted Matt Bedford for
the illwe of Ed. Yerger. These
easei will be tried at the Janhary
ternof court.
Senator, elasuria, otfoats Caro.
lina,*at the eeventh annual banquet
of J1,ayfloWer Deebedii~t in ew
Yorei, who was one of the speakers,
said I1A '~ebhre re e onif two men
in ourhtstory who understood the
sout3l-h.bhin htd M6Xaley. If
Linebli had.;lived there oaitld have
been an end to eaapetbaggism among
as, *ld if McKuealy had lived he
would hive e.united the discondant
sectio s of the South, for, more
than b~f~hdiab, he udderstood
The rise in the river at Pitteburg
is a God seud te the stsamboatmea.,
The dispatobes from Pittshburg say
that the ridr wdl go high ,enough
to allow~boats to get oat and that
"'fully thirty minion bushels ot coal
are awaiting shabipment, aund the
movement of masafdMtrred ion and
steel will be grerat than ever known
bbfQMr 1 Between SQ,9O and 40,.
000f top of steel rails will o,,oot
desstieed for he losrld lines , the
MisabmEW Pei6o, the Tetrs &
In addi;ua~ hom&104ti3,0eho tes 4,
ootten titt tdild a ssvy lbiphfiit o9f
pectdes ie es.t b- l ~e .- "as as
port this anusgua toqqge a k li
from Ntest [email protected] beats saet
11i1l be requited."
4  ' .'5 -" " , .,. "-'
er-Demos ' "
1t is ucb' pity that lbere are so
ioy peolpi'namong us ready to dash
cold water on every new enterprise
proposed. A more into comtparative
ly unbeaten paths strikes terror .to
their souls, and if the step contailt
energy, poul, *td w Nornmal outlay of
money, they declainm its antithesis im
mediately; or turn ani indifferent back
dud crouch lower still into their ruts
of apaitly. How can a man ekpect to
make a fortune when one scarcely re
alizes that he lives, or if tbatf where
he lives? Advertisemtent as wall. as
competiion, is the life of trade.
So long as we fail to realize or take
advantage of the manifold natural
benefits with which a gracious Provi
deuce ihas surrounded Its, just so long
will we bring up the rear in the march
ofprogress. instead of leaditg as we
should. We seem in a mteasure,
though, to be waking from our Rip
Vau Winkle sleep, as It' R. talk, the
magnificent new court house and
liamtley's real estate boom donate; and
in giving a good, long stretch--as is
only natural after such a lengthy nap
-let us scatter broadcast the rust
whichl lies thick upott our joints, lift
up our head' and give a good hottest
'rebake-off" to the twetiy years of 'itn
notcuous destetude." which enfolds us,
and rise with a leap into the determi
iuation to
'^Do noble things,
Not dream them all day long."
All this leads to a smnall Iair talk I
wiasf to gice your readers.
Undouhtedly it is to the interest of
the whole pariseh-and more especial
ly the parish seal-to grant unlimited
concession and encouragement without
stint to its continuance: to speak a
loval word and lend a helping hand
whenever the occasion presepts itself.
Let the confidence you feel in your
ddelity as a citizen be put into your
assertions conceruing the fair; stim
ulate its weakness with your strength
mind atd pocker book, and make it a
defttite purpose instead of a wavering
Clanse. Why, the reports from our
fairs go front end to end of the State,
to say the least, and either publish our
success or our failure attd decay. T'lhett,
the social aspect of the lair is such a
happy one., lielalives and friends who
have not rtet lor nouths find a joyful
rendezvous ntt the fair grounds. They
Wake new arquaiutances, renew old
qnes, and live in the brighter waves of
life for a few days, throwing care to
the winds. Tired families with their
equally worn wives, mothers, sisters
Lad children, to whom outings are
tlinse of deep mtoment, atnd few and
far between, make a special dispeusa
lion in favor of the fair, and journey
hereto with glad anticipations. They
return homre refreshed in body and
mind, with something new to talk and
thlnk about, which is a delightful
break in the monotony. It adds a zest
to life in the country, carries trade to
town, and contributes generally to the
intereqt of living in the pariah.
It is too bad indeed that the rumor
was ever allowed to go fortb that the
people of East Carroll lacked iuterest
ib her fair; and we must emphatically
spread a denial of this abroad, attd
the bees way to do it is to make the
azit one such an unmitigated success
athlatrfCeporte to the contrary will
prote l:allaclots. The Fair Associ
tla t b6hl nobly done its work, but the
e-mbeysi thereof cannot work alone"
-srever; Thy must have the co-op
peration hknd assslatance-mentially,
bhystcally and financially of the- citi
tetis of East Carroll, or they too will
lose hiterest in a thing to which seem
inugly, no interest attaches.
It would be a good idea, I think, for
the AssoeitiOti to appoint a travelling
detlktate to represent the fair. Let
him start out early next spring and go
it.o ihe ho:me of the people: Let
him iospire the ,farmer to breed attnd
fatten bhis best stock, to raise the finest
garden truck and farm produce for
xbibitlOn at the fair. Tell the bouse
wife.btJ. splendid shabow they would
Sahesaod what a good advertisement
i would be for her pooltry, her
eed4Lework, her cooking and pre
sel4ig, if ehsbited at the fair. En
eourage the children to enter samples
of their needlework, and bring a pres
sure to bear upon the energies of the
people inciting them to take soan inter
eat In piehh growth and improve
uent. Let the citigens of East Cart
roll, whose interests ae all at state
here, to whom parish progren means
persobal pro8fit, determine right now
apyd in the future, to uphold the Fair
AssocIation with dollars and sense,
and every hopeful contingency.
Budect of Expenses for 1901.
An ordinance making the Budget or La
timate ot Parish Expenses for the calen
dar year l901. "
Belt ordainedby the Police Jury of East
Csarsolparlsh, La., That the folowing Bud
getor shsmate ol parish expenses for tlhe
salendaryear W90. be and is hereby adopted
ORtDIARY xPraeszs.
Alssessor'scommissions............$ 625 oo
herlifs' salary .................... 500 oo
Wltnesses' and Jurors' claims.... 13oo oo
laiaries of Justices ot the Peace
atd Constables ................ b525 oo
Per dlem and mileage of Police Ju
trs ............................. 300 oo
?rts..ang...--................... oo oo
Serving preassbeod parish, con
: Vepnz!n_ Ue to Asylum and
Soat ateit nteLiar ......... Boo oo
Clark of Pohbe Jary............... !oo oo
'reasurer - -.... ....... oo oo
tto Uey " ............... oo o00
a t ............... .......... loo oo
Levees, Roads and Briges. io ad
dltion to per capita tax and ve
hicle lieese ................... 500oos
tarish physaiian............... io oo
Bealth oderae................. 12o oo
Coroner's fees and inquests....... loo oo
Clerk ot DLatrict Court............ too oo
lstrict Attoraey....................... 2oo oo
Elections... ...................... 10o oo
-eeding prisoners ................. 12oe oo
1'uel lights and haullag for public
buildings ........................ 1 eo
Odice supplles,atationery and fur
nlture ..................... .... Boo oo
Merohandise for jail .............. 15o oo
Payment on Tenuses bridge due in
11 ..................... ........ 11o6 o
Total ordinary expenses..... nol oo
Principal of iSte bonds and inter
eat on bonded debt due July 1,
190, payable out of 2S mills tax 3462 61
Total ................... ...... .. $120 3 61
President Police Jury.
O. 8. WYI LY, Clerk.
Lake Provideone. La., Nov. 27. 1901-30.
Charter f the Carroll 011
aLdlice Cmulmpa lIhltld.
Stita of Lotssisas, Persh of East Carroll.
- B it known. thar on this the Both day of
te month of October. in the year of our
Lotd. One TheuCaed Nine Hundred and
e.e bye me. Jolh A. Montgomery, a
Pntary e la sd4b"r the parish of 1ast
a~l1. State of Lauislas, duly commis
od and ualiled, isad lit the presence of
Siwltneans herehlatter named and uon
d plerseaslly eose sad appeared
Spartes whene maeaesare bhereatoosub
*rbe,, all ofI ·l age,' who dacyed that
aIUn theselves of the previiioos of the
trs oftblis State relative to ctporations,
sad sp lly· ot Ae No. 85 of 1888 of the
-eail Assemily of Lotlalea, tey
ae covasaed sad aCgeed hed tg thtsa
ta do cveesaM t a-d agree and blid
vemsevsv, s well as euch other peursoes
as matereetr become associated with
them, to form and coastit ,a co o
and dy tlite tlrsw fihe os
sand lbjel and udl t i ar
ticle.iqnlondlitio I
The name and styli o id orltion
shall be :
:and its domicile is hereby established in
lie city of 'rovidence, parish of East Car
roll. rotate eofiottilesnw and uwdera-4 id
corporate name said corporation shall have
power and autority .to contract. sue and
le sned" to male and use a corporate seal.
and the same to br-ak and alter at pleasure;
to hold. receive, have. ptirchase, Improve,
allenate. convev., sell, borrow, pledge.
niortgage and hypolhicate under its said
corporate name. property,. real. persoyal
and mixed: to name and appoint such
ofiteers, directors. agents and tmanagers or
employees as the interest or convenience of
said corporation may require; to make and
establish by-laws. rules and regulnations for
the proper management and regulation of
its affairs. as may be deemed necessary and
proper. and the samte to alter and change at
pleasure; and to do all other acts and
things permitted by law, or as shall or may
be necessary and proper to carry oil the ob
jects and plirposes of said corporation.
Said corporation, unless sooner dis
solved. in accordance with its charter.
shall exist and continue for the period of
ninety-nine years, from and after the date
This corporation is created for the pur
posii ofmlanulracturing products ofuall kinds
front crude cot ton aged. retining oil. manllu
factulring lertillzers. boap. cattle feed, buy
izl and selling cotton seed. operating an
oil mill and cotton ginnery. and with the
right to construct a railroad for use in its
business, and operate the same by hand
power. steam or electricity. and with the
right to own and operate bridges and
steamnboats In connection therewith, also
the operalion of an ice factory and botlling
works; also the lease or purehase of lands.
buildings, machinery a*d such other
things as may be necessary for same; aiso
the erection of buildings, setting tip and
equipping of all macbinery and btldr
thlines necessary for eaine; also w atever
nmay be usual, necessary and eoovenient in
conducting said business.
The capital stock of said corporation
shall be two hundred thousand dollars.
divided into and represented by two thous
and shares o one hundred dollars each,
of which said stock ten per centum shall be
paid for in cash at the time of subscription
and the remainder at such time or times as
may be designated by the board of direct
ors or the sanme may be Issued at not less
than par in payment or exchange for pr;p
erty. or rights actually received or pulr
chased bly said corporationu. or the same
nlay be issued full paid for money ad
vtilneed. and for such other valuable con
sider:ations or services as thie board of di
rectiors or said corporation imay determine;
provided, that no stock shall be issued uni
til the consideration therefor has been re
ceived by the said corporation.
Any stockholder may sell. assign or trans
fer his stock in this corporation. plovided
thirty (30) days prior notice of such inten
tion to sell. assign or transier the same lie
given to the Company, and the other stock.
holders thereof shall have the first privil
ege of purchasing same, after which thirty
days notice, the said stock may be sold in
open market.
The stock of said corporation may he
transferred under the ablove conditions,
provided such transfer thereof he made on
the books of said company at its ofthee in
the city of Providence, and on the surrend
er of the certificate therefor.
No ttansfer oi any fractional part of a
share shall be made.
The corporation shall commence doing
business as soon as twenty thousand dol
lars of the capital stock shall have been
subscribed for and ten per centum paid
The board of' directors shall have the
right to determine how much stock shall
be issued.
The corporate powers of this Company
shall be vested in and exercised by a board
of live directors. consisting of the Presi
dent,Vice-president and three stockhold
ers. Three of said board shall constitute a
quorum, for the transaction of business.
and their decisions ahall be valid corporate
The following persons shall constitute
the first board of directors: E. J. hainley,
President; Yancey Bell, Vice-president
J. S. Milliklo. Robt. Nicholson and J. E.
No palson shall be e#gible as a director
or officer who is not a stockholder of this
During the absence of the President the
Vice-President shall set and preside. The
President, or in his absents, the Vice
president shall be the proper person upon
whom citation or other legal process shall
be served.
Said board shall continue in offlee until
the first Monday In January, (110.3) One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Three, on
which date and thereafter annually, a
board of diretcors shall be elected on the
first Monday in January of each year
unlessthe same should he a legal holiday
when the election alstillt be held on the next
legal day thereafter.. ...
Notice of such electtion std"ilif ftn
each stockolder bhth ~secrtry lits wfJt
iog. at least ten diays pjrlo to each aetl~Ia
and the board of direetira shall _!loiitooe
or more stockholder 44 prelhde at 'ucD
election as commissioners. In thie evehis5f
the failure of any commissioner or asmmis
sioners to attend, the President shall. by
appointment. fill tile vacancy. Aay failure
by any eause whatever to elect directors
the day named for that purpose shall not
dissole the eoriporation.but the directors
then in office as well as the officers of said
Company, shall hold over until their suc
cessors are chosen.
In sech event, the President shab cause
another election to be held in thirty days,
and shall give notice thereot as herein be
fore provided.
At every election and meeting each stock
bolder shall Ie entitled to vote for each
share of stock registered in his name and
may vote by prov,
The election of directors shall be by bal
lot, and the majority in amount of votes
cast. each share of stock voted upon to be
connted for one vote, shall ediet the per
son or persons for whom they were cast.
After each election the board of directors
shall elect from their own number the offi
cers of said t ompany.
The board of directorg shall have full
power to fill vacancier in their number
caused by death, resignationt ortlberwlse
from among the stockholders of the cor
IRtttda v.
The said hard shall have fell control of
the property of this Company, and shall so
conduct. Manage and use the same as in
their discretion they deem It and that is
consistent with the laterests ol tLis Com
panaror tt1 welfare of same.
The saidboard is further authorized to
frame and adopt such by-laws. rules and
regullations as the affairs and business of
the corporation may require, and as it may
deem necessary for the conductilg and
manlgement thereof, provided the. snme
shall not conflict with this charter..or with
the laws of the State or of the United States.
The said board shall elect oP appoint a
seeretary and treamsurer, and such other
officers. agents, employees. servants and
clerks aslt may deem necessary, for the
conducting of the business of the corpora
tion; fix their compensation, term of ser
vice, with the right to dismiss them at the
said board's pleasure: and said board shall
have the right to fix and det-er-mln the
salaries for the several officers herein pro
vided for.
This charter may be changed. modified or
amended, the capital stoalt Increased or de
creased, or this corporation unlay be di
solved at a general meeting of the ~stock
holders convened for the purpose. with tihe
assent of three-fourths or the entire capi
tal sot-ck, whether presest or represented
at such meeting.
Notice of soch mneeting shall be served
by the secretary on each stoekholdet. iU
writing, ten da)s prior to such meeting.
In case of dissolution .or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of ii
charter or from any canuse, the liquidalion'
of its affairs shall he conduactd by three
commissioners selected froml the sRtcek
holders, with like assent and at a meetint
called for that purpose as above set forth
in this article.
Said coimissiooers shall remain in office
until the affairs of said corporation shall
have been fully liquidated.
in case of death of one or more of said
commissioners, the survivors or survivor
shall continue to act.
~RTIca Vt ll.
No stockholderof this corporation shall
be liable or responsbthle for the contra'lts or
faults thereof, in any further smn than the
unpaid balance due the Company on the
shares of stock sulbscribed for or ownuedl by
him: nor shall any Informality in organiza
tion have the elect of rendering this char
ter ntll or exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond the nopaid balance of say
of his stock .
Thus done and passed at my omee In' the
city of Providence, East s'arrll parish,
Louisiana. on the, day, month and year
herein first almove-wrilten in tihe pr-setce
of Frank BIyertey and J. WV. Dunou, iontpe
tent wituepses of lawfthl age ansd residents
l this city, who bereio sigii their tamaa
Passing all Records,
and there is reason for it,
There is an enthulasm about activity, whkh
spurs us on to treater effort. Examine
our uncomparable line of
In treater variety, at popular prices. Sur
pasint styles in our line for
the best, the most complete in Providence.
Dent forget that our line of Ladies' Dress Goods,
Trimmings. Ready-to-wear garments &c..
is complete in every particular.
We have a few pairs of Selz, Schwab
& Co., shloes on our counters that we
5 Star Shoe
S Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
Is sold by us under a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction.
We are Showing a Handsome Line of
Fine Underwear For
SoleAgent for "The New Royal" Sewlng Machine. Equal to the
Sliaer, and in many respects far superlor.
:9:: - J. S. MILLIKIN [email protected]@@@@ 4
J J. POWERS, Pres. A. F. NIMTZ, Vice Pres. T. ,. BRIERL, Seclt,
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co.,
Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Vmcksburg every Monday and Thursday
at 3 p. m.; returning, leaves Greuville every 'Tocucesday and Friday.
Steamer Annie Laurie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday
at 3 p. m.;-returning. leaves Graenville every Tuesday and Sunday evening.
First-class passenger anid freighi accommodations. Boats brilliantly lighted
5hroughoul with electricity. Lights in every stateroomn. Curine uneurpassed.
Dearing Ideal Improved Mowers and Rakes. Steel roller and ball bear
ing. Parts and Repairs kept on hand. Highest ashrd at Pae
Exposition. .J. W. PITTMAN,
Agt. for Lake Providende
WILL SAVE YOU FRIEIGIT.] and Adjacent Territo .
M.75 -.___ SCHUTZ.
For fifty \ears Schlitz beer has been brewed at Milwauee. Frose
this city it goes to the remotest parts of the earth. The sun
niever sets on Schhltz agencies. Civilized men do not tIre where
Schllitz herr is not stlandard. People now demand a beer. that is
henlithful, andl thant demand calls for Schlitz. Every barrel is
tiltered--everv bottle is sterilized. A beer that is pure is heathful.
That is Schlitz.
:Every First Class place handles Schlitz.
together wilth said parties. and me Notary,
after due reading of the whole.
J. W. DuNK.
Notary Public.
I hereby certify that the foregojag Char
ter of the tiarroll Oil and Ice Company.
Limited. it on tile in rmy oflice. and it duly
recorded in Mortgage !;oo' **Z". folio t24.
et arq. of the mortgage records of East Car
roll pmrifh. 1.t.
Wirnts yi- halnd and ieal of otfice this
4th daJ of Novremblur. A. D.. 191t.
Clerk Ninth District 'ourt and exoflicio
Lake Trovidcnee, La., Nov. O, 1301OL-t.
is the time to purchase
Fine Saddle and
Harness Horses.
The best and finest grade of Horses
ever brought to this market.
Will guarantee every anisaL Call
at the big stables And seestb stoak.
A. V. SMITU ,,
Representing Gyton & )Su Ls.t
~&lHold yotr pure ases .1 ihl
unti our stock .rie ..
i4 .
Lakp and Lgvee 8ts.,
Lake Proricdenoe, La.
The Fin eat Line of Clothing Can
• ried in the City. 0
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
Yazoo & Mississip
pi Valley
Railroad Company.
JULY 22, 1901.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 8:35 a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 6:15 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:40 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:15 a. m.
No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:25 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. m.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 9:00 a. m.
Arrives New Orleans 6:35 p. m.
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:40 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:50 p? m.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00 p. m
Arrive Vicksburg 11:25 p. m.
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:45 a. m.
No. 22-Leave New Orleans 7:10 a.m
Arrive Vicksburg 4:50 p. m.
No. 35-Arrive Vicksburg 9:00 a m
No. 36-Leave Vicksburg 4:50 p m
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss
Div'n.,Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
New Orleans. La.
-Lake Street,
W.H1. MABEs .......... Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Prices.
Pttronage Solicited.
Agent for Memphis Steam Laundry:
To Cattle Bers ad. All Whe I
The undersigned hbre each : large
herd of cattle running- in the ow"mps'
situatd east of Met Rooust The f"
eoport brand i -the letters j"
The Moss brand i "2 ("6M with ber.
Fit Their eattle ran to portlons
of the Morehoom , RISeed
and West   proteet *t.l
selves ag they have
agreed that lbey'at one
who will not agree I
Ropge and froP.nooth
rail or river. Any one eo ag
d _pg cattle branded as above,. ai
not bduoipauled by one of the uede-
shied or by some one legally repre
sentiug them. will be criminally prow
luted. To any one furqishing intos
mation leading to the prosecution sand
oonviction of parties steahng their ci..
tie, the undersigned will pay a reward
of one hundred ($100) dollars. All
letters and telegrams must be aadressed
to the undersigned at Mer Rouge, La.
GA;s Moss.
Having purehased a fine line of
Spectacles at a great discount and
bhavin a practical Optician in my
store o examine your eyes, you will
make no mistake in calling to see me
if you need a good pair of Spectacles.
Pricet very reasonable.
Coraer Lake sad Levee streets.
G ¶"o Milikdn's for
Goo Stores and Heatetrs
td usr e eh w~si oes.pl~
Queen & crescent
The Best Line
-iN THE---
N'orth and m Elas t.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
GEO. H. SMITH, G. P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
R. J. ANDERSON. A. G. P. A..
Nw Orleans. La.
R. W. BONDS. 'r. P. A.,
Meridian, Miss.
Lake Providence - 'La
Keeps on'hand a large assertmeft of
Bdal Casket, lr, Plaina sd eal
mental Metallic Oases sea Woode
Coflins Made and t- Mti e
Pl t. -.lSri ... . ....l# e t • .- i " I ..C•le
Ageak . 8 . Ag
lThd e rn Sbwi' 'h..e
W. .A. ...... .......CMpter
Yaswo 151 Bsxl, aWiWJ,.
Pa*1s Provldencem. _se vers.
Medis aY Vksrg Packet Cmi m
TTe'eI 'w t Slidew heel
eneryTesy e
Mornday noon. Going ptB willso pass
Fare to Memphis $6, to Vieksburg
$1.60, to Gree yville $1v0.
J. bo. KENN. EDY.
Lake Providenee. La.
Fine liet of aO kery at
Miot hkplaur iUbv bur
Sta Cottorn Company
of Memphis,
SWill buy clAto this seis-n in Lake '
Provider'ce and at river landings on
either aide, alve and below. All com
inunicatioust by mail or teltephonl
promptly answered
.Tbeiviegist bMr. R. A. ltaks,Uavites
all planters to call or write him before
disposing of their cotton.
Office at the Lake ProvidefncOe Bank
State ofLouislana, Parish of East Carroll,
Ninth District Court. No. 01.
Abe Bium versue Sig. P. Woolf.
By virtue of a wrlt of Seizure and Sale to
me directed by the Honorable Ninth 1)is
trlct Court for the parish or East Carroll
aforesaid. in the above entiled canse, t.
vill proceed to sell at public auction. at te
door of the Court Hotuse. In the town of
Providence. EaIst Carroll parish. La.. on
Saturday, the 14th day of Deucc
S bar. 1901,
between the hours prescribed by law. all
tlie right, title and interest ofSig. P. woolf
in and to the fuliowing described property;
together with all the buildings and inm
provementit tiwreon and- appurtenancees
thereto belonging and all Immovables by
destltiation. belong to the defendantt. 141g.
P'. Woolf. situated it the aforesaid Parish
and state. to-wit.:
let-That certain tract or parcel of land
known as the Mellvile ptlantation; being
the same property purchased by Ferdinand
Beriid from Thos. It. Rhodes, on May 3t.
1871; and then being a part of the Airlee
plantation; and dt'signated by plat of sir
vey made by .las. D. Lott. surveyor; to
getlher with the river front of said tract;
and all accretions thereto.
2nd-Those certain tracts or parcels of
land described by ofhfiial survey as lots 19
and "o in Township No. 19 North. Range
No. 13 East. together with the back con
cessiont or lots belonging to the same. num
iered 1. 2 and 3 of Section No. 47 of the
same township sad range; bounded on the
North by lands formerly belonging to
Ferdinand Bernd and Thos. B. Rhodes,
on the Monticello road: on the East, by
the Mississippi river, on the South. by
the lllawara plantation, andl a portion of
the Out Post plantation: and on the West,
by the Out Post plantation: containing in
the aggregate 3ni) acres more or less : (re
serving anld accepting that portion of said
land. containing 13 and a l. acres, hereto
fore sold to Christopher )Duffy; as per deeds
duty ol record in said parish). Also the
West of the Souith-west tl of Section No.
b2. in t'ownship No. 10 North. Range 13
East: anid the East '. of the Nort.h-west
of Section 27, in 'Townshlip No. t19 North.
Range 12 East; containing in the aggregate
(61e) One Hundred and Sixty acres. more*
or less. Being toe sainet property acquired
by the plaintliff. Abe Blum. from Jno.
('hafes. Win. H. Chaffe. Chisap. Chafle and
Christopher t'bafle. Jr., en .July lit, 1855. b
deed passed before Benjamin Ory, Notari
P'ubhieic. duly recorded in conveyance boo
""R '. In the aforesaid parish of East Carrol
on folios :3lk et. seq.
3rd-That tract of land described as th
West ? of the North-west , of Section 27,
in Township No. it North. Range No. 12
East, containing 40 tires more or less: and
being the same property acquired by said
Abe BluIn at, Tax Sale nmade by .1. C. B"as.*
Tax Collector. on Atignt Int. 1591, as per
deed duly recorded in conveyance harok
"'1'"", of said parish. ot folios 21 antd 22.
Also the following irmovables by destina
tion thnereon, viz:
Nineteen mules and one horse; two
wagons and one cart; nine plows: seven
cultivators; one cotton planter; eight sets
plow gear; one hay rake, and one stalk cut
ter-seized in the above mult.
Terms of sale-cash with the benefit of
J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's office, Providence. La. Nov. I9, 1901
State of Louisiana. Parish of' East Carroll,
Ninth District Couftt--No. 603.
W. B. Thompson & Co.. versus Edward
H. D)avis.
By Virtue of a writ of seizure and Sale to
me directed by the Honorable Ninth Dis
trict Court for the parish of Eatst Carroll
aforesaid. in the above entitled cause. I
will proceed to sell at public aaction, at the
door of the C'ourt House. in thie town of
I'rovidenyp. East Carroll tFaih., La.. on
Satiuray, the 21st day of Dec -
. ber, 1901,
between the hours prescrli'ed by law. all
the right, title and Interest of Edward U.
Davis In and to the following descrlbed
property, to-wit:
The Belle. Meade plantattls. situated lum
the parish of l~7se Carroll, botalaiia. coed
tateuf PFve ifuildred sti" Sevpety aers.
of land. enmprising all of that portion Of
Lots or Fractional Section Thilrty-fott
Tirty-live north of Black Blaype, e0i
ing thirty-five acres; the coeceessiots.
to known as Section sixty-flve;id
one and two. and the East half
North-west quarter of Speti 9
all in Township twenty-two N l,
Twelve. East-seijed in lueeabOve suit,
Terms ofsale--eabh wituisot the tenet
ot'ppraiseen ' ".t.
SlierilT', ofile, ro14
!901,0.6•5.', . , • ' ,
lalres pc0yapeat a small
lmtralfr~sbebgp[ pst white
to eu' th s olt, Ow~er can get
I** p!sts ,lliiil ,ad paylnW
• ' . ' mtgyI~OlOUGH.
O-ivtedii Plantation.
_, . Mhdillli l Sayved His lit
; Wwt . It Black, lhb wsll-kuown
ds.n m bbekmlilh it Grahamniville,
th!iulsa Co., N. Y, says' "Our llile
soe;'tve years old, barn always been
6sbeut to ernuis, and so bad have the
etkiibmeeu that we. baveeteared many
tHIoe tlat he would *ie. We have
ula doeior seed tied many medi.
siiae# iet Cha. berhiain's Cough Re-O..
,ty is cow our sole reliance. It seems 'P
to dtiolve thie icughm naneus and by
gifths frasqbqmt do** whet the croupy
ylmptonleappear we hare fotitit that
the dreaded croup is cured before kt
gIes tlied.C 'flhere I. no daiger Is
lstarg Ilharsmedrl fo1' ft coltalns no
*p.e.oro0be!tibrtoisdrusg sled may
!g.qitt a. eoat~uesty to i babe as 1o
ai adult ll es I ie atii., Gernald's
drg' efore. **
The Lale Ptwhlumcc.3ak,.
at .ose of buslimes September28,1901.
Lows, discountst and over.
-rafts................. $66,916.52
Relt, s-iate, furniture and
tixture.. ............*...8,77116
Pa'in script ............... . 625
Expems- uecoosini..... ...... 34.84
Cash and sight exchange." 18.089 46
$76,786 23
Ctpittr' stock............ '15,00000
Surplus and undivided
" proity ..................1,395.74
Unpuid dividends 360.00
Other eash items due... 204,
Re-dilsr'aunts.. .... ....5,000.00
Deposits ................ 028.4
70.786 2S
I. .'A. Hill. Vice President seud J.
Y - 'Tlooe Jr.. %eashier. do hereby cer.
tify thlu the above us a true aed corr-ee
atatesses't of this bank. ,
I eiisn t and subsernebed befo
entlke12th da~ 4t (kiobe,. *

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