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On Bad Wines, Liquors an gara.
The only place in Town where First Class Goods/can be found is at
...... LEHMANN'S JUG HOUSE......
Our Goods are Al and First Class, and we o99l buy direct from
First: Hands and First Dealers.
Orders taken for FISH, OYSTERS, VEGETACES Fc
I-t --a i- as Or.,.,q _- ,
Saturday, December 7, 1901,.
Jos. E. Ransdell,
l~Real I',state Agent,
Will lpra:rtice in the Courts of East
Carroll, % ,vt(' Carroll :bill M:nli.on
l'ari-hlr, andt tile State Sulreme Court.
l'ulic, ('otrrl Stenogrlapher and Fire
In-urIlnci A gint, is in my office.
Clifton F. Davis,
.A.tty-at-L xaa
11e441 "Ettetate Agt.,
Lake Provhidence. La.
Local and Parish News.
The river banks are now about clean
of cottoni
Very little cotton has been picked
this week.
Services at the Catholic and Epieco
pal churches to-morrow.
A civil term of court was convened
on Monday, Judge F. X. Rausdell pre
i e printed 10,000 posters this week
for merchants on the Mississippi side
of the river.
Mrs. Olive Chaffe, of Minden arrived
last week and is the guest of Mrs. Joe.
E. Ratedell.
The Ohio river is rising and the Cin
innati and New Orleans packets will
ooni start running. P
It is too bad that the road to the
audings has not been put in first class j
ondition for the winter.
The interior of our prst office now i
ok nice and inviting. For a small "
own it is hard to beat. a
Mr. Henry Mahen went up the river it
st Sunvy miornlnnr on the Belle. He h
turned Monday night.
A humbug of a circus Is adverticed
show in town to-day. It should be K'
de to pay the full license. op
tev..Mr. Boherg will bold services t
St. ,John's church, Bunch's Bend, at
'clock, p. m., to-morrow.
'lie Police Jury adjourned to meet r
the 2nd day of January 1902. See S
ceedings in another column. q
Ve never saw a larger crowd than "
re was in town on Saturday last, J
the stores did a fine business.
Irange, but there was not a fight
an arrest Saturday night. Mar- of
Peck is glad when it is this way. Rd
slanty Bro., have an attrac:ive a
ln their windows. They carry a
line of clothing and furnishings.
e three )odgee-Masonic,Knightsi
ythblas and Woodmen of the World lii
a all growlug with first class ma. tr
1. fo
5. J. C. Purdy has a nice private a
: I, with several young ladies at- il
atig, who are advancuoed iu their
v. Mr. Boherg returned from la
Orleatne last Saturday evenling. b
as welcomed back by his many
. J. Engler Denson and wife left Ca
,l eek for the Methodist Confer- st
e They went by boat through to th
rleats. thb
Hon. Mayor and Board of li
A en met in regular monthly sea.- t
ii Thursday evening. Proceed- w
in at week. try
good weather for the holidays an
Pleuce will do a larger trade than
et town before. The stores have
ha me lines of goods to select from. to
ea number of the second cei
w s, including the ladies, enjoyed thl
a mp hunt for several days last san
we Two or three deer were killed wi
by noters. sol
re informed that there are a
ar ad acres of cotton that has M
ae en touched by pickers. This he
e at a great deal oflt will never ot
be d, as labor is very scarce.
I forget to have the amount ofge
You bsctiptlon ready for us when
we on you. Those who owe us
for and three yearsshonld pay up. hot
We ot aford to send the paper to' mo
you longer. I lfe
M . Warner, of the big clothing We
hon Warner & Searles Co., Vicke- us
bur a been in town tbis week. Mr. E.
War is a popular gentleman and
alwa akes away a book full of
orde ith him.
De y sheriff Hunter, who ois being
seat the parish by Sheriff Dunn, an
5rm g with succese in collecting issu
the p tax. This I good, and there whb
s no man in fEast Carroll who
shoal i1 to pay the tax. Uni
Mr. see Nalle, owner of the fine ire
t lantation In the Bend, arrived
from ldelphib last week to spend F
Smont or more. Mr. Nalle is put. the
Siog LsJ time deer and quail hunt- Vie'
tg, ano doubt is flading plenty of
Sport. [721
We are glad to learn that Master
Willie Moore wil! be able to be out in
a few days. This yoluilg niaa hes had
a very severe case of erysil,ela fr
several %weks, aRli it was teared at
one time that blood poison would bet
"The ,1,ht.".' p0ubl:slhed at Vicks
butg, moldl like it ld fire last Friday,
Oil account of a leitter in IIt froml i'rovi
dence which .l0 uik at 'everaIt people.
Such correspoltltdel;c as this doe1s 1io
, good, and mnuch harmi in a sinall corn
If on would hIave aSil appetite like
a bear anid a relihl for yor meals take I
. C lhamiberlain's ~a irachlll and Liver
n I Tablets. They) clrrei t edisorders of the
Sstoliach aiid regulate the liver and
bowels. Price, 25 cents. Samples ft
v free, at J. S. (Gue ictrd's drugstore. a
.e B
HIon. Phil McGuire cattle up last C
SSunday frolit New Orleanis, anid re-, c
mained olly a few dvays. Business f
brought himi up, or he wouldll't have
left the Cresielit City at the present
time. He was koakitg well and his
many friends were glad to see him. th
The funieral if lithe s of W. lI. li
SHuunter, on Stitiay eveniing las' wals la
largely alleiidetl from St. ,James a
church. He was a goodt colored boy, to
and had been with MI r. and Mrs. W.C.
Mcltae for several years. Hilltier has
the sympathy ,t his while friends. I"
Mr. PhilJ. McGuire returned Wed. n
niesday from New AIhaniy. Ind., and we En
were sorry to learn from himi that his F
father had died ott the 241th ult. lie SI
was called there hI his ilItIess, alid ar- F
rived a few days befrre his deolh.
Mir. McGuiire hs l the syrtplathy of the
We are told that the dredge work Cu
a now going ont aibove towu is beginning dei
to do good *work, anid it is said that gei
the strong current Ihat struck th pe
bank on this sidl of I lihe river above Vi
town, is beginningll to leave it and de
goitig more ht1 the other side. It can he
go there and do no damlage. wr
Mrs. J. S. G(;teard has presented hi
Grace Episcopal church with a beauti- cn
ful brozge Bapltisnal font ewer, a to
nemorial to her soni, Charles Percy.
Grace Church has received several cti
Itandsome imemiiorials in tile last ear, le
and we learn Ithat several more is to
lie placed in the church in the near
future. No
Last Monday Mr. B. F. Crabhtree Vi
purchased Iroun Messrs E J. HatIley
astd J. S Millikii the five acres of
ground between the residences of Mr.
J. C Bass and Mrs. Cooper. pa,(itig no
$1000 for it. It is a desirable piece of
ground, fronting oni the lake and will ,ft.
make a pretty place for a home. We E I
are glad to know that Mr. Crabtree
has decided to locate inl our fast grow
ilng own, and hope soon to hear of
hitl erecting a nice dwellinlg.
Nt, one can reasoiilylV hiope for wrir
good health udieis, hi s how el. nmove '-it
once each day. 'W\hei this is niot at. seee
tended to, disorders of the stlomach i rol
arise, ciliousness, headache dlysepi iaa fo
and piles soon follow. It you wish to ried
avoid these ailments keep lour bowels her,
regular by taking Ch amberlaini's Kii
Stotmach and Liver Tablets whent re- une
quired. 'They are so easy to take and her
mild and gentle in "ffect. For sale at (or
J. S. Guetard's (iru itore, and
We appreciate the kilnkiess of some 'ri.
of our merchants in giviing us heire i
ads. this week, which are Itublished in
a supplement. We colld have sePur- oth
ed more bhut only had roim for this 'f I
iinumber. We wish it llinderstood that IV1
this stlltplement lainl't any '"trade edli- Iher
lioli-'-nothitng like that, tit a few i tI
liberal advertisers who tiwant to see l
the printer have a fer" dirlies to spettd jiLt
for Chrisntulma ailld ellouglih to get hi i fficr
a aIsrge size gobbler, so be canll act jist lur
like oilther folks. ar(,i
to Iti
Coitgressman Jos. E Rttdell left iies
list Tliursday for Washinguiin so as to will
be present at the opening of Congress local
on Mlontlday. The aplpointment of a
menlmber on the Rivers anid Ilarbors F(
Committee In place of lion. T. C. Pt
Catchinigs, of MIseissilppi Is to be uiade prol
at the present session of coniigress, amid but
there is nio one who is more tilled for tihe
the place than Hlon. Joe. E RiLnedell. geiti
ie has made the levees aid rivers a slil)s
study for years, besides he is a hard Feve
worker, and one who the whole coun.- trou
try would like to see get the appoint- store
ment. lie has been highly eindorsed
uand we believe be will get there. Ot
_illt th
Mr. A. V. Smlth, representing Guy- 'ore
ton & Harrington sales stables, wil re. worl
ceive next Tuesday twenty-five or lciate
thirty head of horses antd aboutl the tract
same number of mules, which he caani
will be able to sell cheap. Every horse conC
mold by Mr. Smith is guaranteed just bidh
as represented. About January list near
Mr. Smith will receive a hundred The
bead of fne mules for the plainter slid tstt r
thers to make their selections fronl. crete
When you buy from Gu ton r Iar- who
rington you know what you are the c
felting. ceime
The discussion of plans for a new close
tome of your own will be one of the iridM
nost gratifying experiences of you Ar
ife. Let us help you to get the home. holse
'e'll be glad to have you consult with iwne
Is over our list of desirable pr-perties, this e
AGENCY. 'Flheri
and ';
We haven't the time nor space to thati
newer the Sentry's lying in this E
tsue, but will do so next week,
rhen his unsavory character at the lOus
Tniversity and at home call be whiet
ired. and I
so bt
FOR SALE.-On or after Jan. slet, killed
te furaiture ond fixtures of the Lake swmar
iew Hotel. Can be bought cheap. and w
MtS. L. E GARDHAM,. home
722 Grove at.] Vicksburg, Miss. I to get
t -
I at
so wellnow. Why
, to m ito.
midl, DON'T
le u foret littlThe monould ey. R. is coihere now.
ant wait until all the i a arades are
i- ne and then r expect to et the
ast cream. We don't say that von
re- couldl not do just as well six months
e Efroml now, lint we know you can .(
he we ll now. Whyll t o
Fthe good trade wthat are goin onrl
I. E. J. HAgoE tRE in coESTATEon
s lat il can it ephon l., aIf Provi. want
t, to Wo e t ii t rying fr eti e to.
es ge lthe Cuomrpany to put iu an. inde.
to lht' for a little money is here now. I
What we will haewve i a year from
now is anot her story. very uch
ye Emubrace the cliitiane 'iwhene'er you can. L
is 'Elghh d toime" is on theis riquel
be granted. The 1 al ( sgeneral m an.ager
o- Fir the ned of t a i a giirl
h. r. J. Hiae y us, Eandir has been I
1eto Lake ArGovlnceNl Y.
Mr R. Mr. c Mlckhee. naisger Iht the el
delinuce is ow ibeen trying fr s ondie to
north nd thhe Cinpan tlo put icn talk wude I
e iew Yo ire abe eeily ahis pointe c an wi
re Vicksburg a.t he is very quch f
d llighted to kow thaI t his request has ? l
Sbeen grated. The genreal eral manag werho t
orii tg to hok imt) t his m at youWe ti
albou t tihe need of an aidditilonal circuit ii
is appreciated by us, an, wire has been  i
cthippld to atring an independent cir- Y
cuit troth Viimkauiirg, via Bolling Fork I
a E( Lake ll riit ll n e,t t w I 1 will obtain.
cut in at aWy ottice, tit will he a cir- AR
i1 cult whiolly for tihe use. of Lake P'rovi- b
"idece." Mr. of l t lie says that Ithe ,
so lie is one w ith fit class ction itht loi
Sntiortli and that a Ipersotn catn talk with P,
New York as eahly as hel canl withve
Vichr, but a frig. d r nended r i
e ti
owiK his own hit. cf 'rory ad perhis et
ue oif trif xcellt me:li It wille save
hot to looifek" it's absolutely guaranteed. We at
rfir 3onl sgl, Cot gtl brochatis n ReAthmal
Etad tl Ithroat and Lung to oeaset. 50
E. J A EY HEard'L ESTug store l
,,It often maht my bheart ache,'
writes L C. ()ver-iets, of E giti I
We., kto he our frie, tile Sheriff, th it to
otherd ier weak a) s he ake chargeould ce
f holspse. (fi,d i ltors said she wuse. a
eso far gohtle with ( aiut iinlon to hat
tmediciie or earthly help ciwilil save
her, but a frileed- rbeig o long ip. t
her life" l's absolutely guaranlteed
fjutr thought, Cl, irolc kell i, A atowna
and all l roart alld hllg dise wases. 50c
antd $i 10 at U tieuiard's drug store. las
't'rial bottles free. ter
Ware ond tlir friend, the Sherifa, the pa,
other clay wiieii woiuld lie take charge eei
We thtioglh he as n a reat s o0 ni get
Sthere, bt no iilee -heio ha o bu li-p aqr
lotlei t imran-a and Ior titid reasoh he ,e
jlocated, which ie ,ltl kego l idea. !1r
FOOir CHtl ANGEi 1TO POISON. rt bui e
Putrefitig g crt nd in ti lie waintestinesd i
prodimue tili the like iihos of arseni, the
Iut tr. K'rng's Nt Lr is r, t e ll expel a l h
geilly keepa-ily ut surely, urighig heon- bis hrl
slipocationed, hicl i a gii k Ho iea che, i
Fevers, all Nier. Kidney and .owel Go
Puoreli. viod iut itesties
Our calling atlikentie of hearsen, the
huthortie). Iti the trick t'lhe lntlraecl. pt
work lhan they c oied tio hie, is appre- ia
itlled y ouilr Plice Jury. The con- bit
tractor, allowed o ick of I-he aacrole, gou
Focrete work by three inches and to AGot
roubide It they )ain 2ed ate concrete sdrug a
near the color of the iro as powible, etre
The cIrollintringer of the b ridge did
alllo reiti o til the arickg bif the contrac. to
creaend we are ola b yrd i a tgenlemin hail
who well ol Io exalilne it thal eveln
eworke a that ivt elwas very hft. 14 ppre.
will pay uthe Police Jury. the ck . liest
trlsce wach allo he onstrui of the irois o
house wieh YOU migho t helome the T. ,
wear the color of tha nice iroiene asith pousibl .
his cain be done easily. Call and see rive
,ot rest pns ti own ci bur own he con- or
whoere's not a lut aboutlile it that even
tahd 'we can furnish you ih (It of inferior SPoi
cetie a that it nduces foIl
Our friend Ethel of Way-a-Waylie.ury to kee, a
cl ishe big hu ln of a few dytruciou of is
hioen s, wnyl u deer were kilrnle the 1.
t rof adly Mnie 'l werle out a dayor Mr.
this o before eal, sa.d Cradly says ee rie
hllred a deer-It Ethel wabout thldn't lthat
aid wear o itis when o indhhe pinceh- Poi
and woutld oilnly at he brought a deer iot
homie. Bradly says he o(llv boid this Frea
1o gt even wP'h his friend Crump. n
One of the sadest acidents that has
occurred in our town for sometime
bhappened on Saturday evening last
at the residenoe of Mr. T. J. Powell,
when a colored boy by the name of
Canon Hunter was killed and the seri
one wonuding of McFarland Long, son
of Dr. W. E Long of the second ward,
by the little son of Mr. Powell. Mr.
Powell was at the residence of Mr. Mc
Rae spending the evening, and made
i the remark that be would go hbome,
i2 which is only next door, and make a
fire. Mrs. McRae said that she would
send her house boy to do it and for
him to remain until his room became
warm. The two little boys wanted to
go with the colored boy, which they
did, and when only in the house a few
niouients, a shot was heard cominlg
froin that direction, and itpon going
over there, discovered the colored nov
lying on the floor dead anid McFarland
serioisily shot iii the chin, part of it be
ing torn away. As boys will do, the
first thing they spied on getting into
Stihe roro was the gutu, and in Ilaying
with it, it accidentily went off, with
tie abhore result. 'IThe giun was loaded
with No. 2 goo-e shot, the load strik
ing the liitle hoy in the chin first anid
then Strikiig the coliore boy just be
low he heart. .MlcFalarn ran to iMr
ICl te's as soont as he was shot, artl
iindical aid was sulmmonelld as speedily
as possihble. )Doctors Bernard aid
A rtaud arrived promptlyIV. who made a
(Iorough exatmnlllltation of the wound,
awlni dressed it. McFarland, who is a
liright. Imanly little fellow, stood it
heroically, and we are glad to ktotv is
dioing nicely and will not be badly dis
figired. 111s father, who had to cotie
i froml the econid ward, heard first that
ire his boy was killed. ad ontte can imag
he liie the agionty and suspense that he was
,u in before he arrived.
ha Dr. Long's little son was up visiting
do Mr. atin Mrs. McRae, who thitnk as
mltunh of him as If he was their own
child. No blame is attaclthed to little
.Joe, as every one kllows that it was
Dn purely accidelntal, and the little fellow
"e has bileent almost crazy since then. \ r.
i P'owell is alno-t hear t-broken over it,
nt and is inow sick in bed fromll the worry,
v andi his laInyV friend. Impathize with
hintt. Dr. Lontg not Hunter, the fathtier
of the coloredl boy who was killed,
blamlie little.Ioe, k owintg full well that
i. It was alt Iccidenit.
m Mc'arlanid is loing nicely, asid
Ihroiugh the care of the skillful pbysi
ciamis and careful nursing that he is re
' civing. he will soon be up and well
from his wounds.
Meaars J. S. Guenard anld W. E.
Dunnu let for New Orleans last Sun.i
day, returning on ye.ltrday. Each of
te these gentlleinen own litle plantiations
i. in the Joe's bayou couinttry, anid we
o are inforitmed it is their intention to
. build a tiodel gin out there. That
ul part of East Carroll is oCpening tip so
It fast and large ltiunibirs of people mov.o
is ing out there that it is (tow necessary
Ir to erect a gii and lthse two progres
s live gentlemien will erect it. Those
it who have not been out in that part of
n the country for the past three or four
r- years would hardly recognlze it now.
k ['There have been large fieldls opened
Si up that were under cultivation before
the war, besides several hundred Inice
hoiuses and pilatatlion cabins have been
e erected, which is drawing large num
h bers of laborers from the ditfferent
h portiois of the parish to settle out
there I: looks like it will only be a
question of a short timle when it will
ble as thickly settled as it was before
the war. A few years ago land could
bte bought for a song, but it is differ
enilt ow.
-Two words that are almost mueaning
ile~ because ofte ll misused.
Bit we didt't start in the Clothing
bttitiess vestetla iatid those are two
t'orls that we ,live up" to.
iiore lday a few of our friends who
think we are high-priced will wake up
to Ihie fact Ihat we Fell otly the very
hest-a-Ril it takes good illooey to buy -
gooid1 staff.
Money back if not atited.
Mail ,irdtre receive promnpt atten
tion,. p
WARNElt & SEAltLES CO., no
Vicksburg, MiAse. y
Mr. W. Lehtaltn was seriously cut vai
last Suntday night by a white carpen- cas
ter by the iatrle of (C. W. Sunlrerall, jau
who 14s beent it, Providence for the be
past few mouthls. Mr. Lehmaunn re- be
ceived two, cuts, one in tle stomach w
and otte across the forehead. lTh cut Sto
in tihe forehead was very dangeroius, an Cu
artery being severedt, which caused a y
great loss if blood anti made him very Fo
weak. The Iproumlt arrival of I)r.
Franik Artautl, is all that saved Mr. V
Lehrnalltl's life The cuttiung was en- tow
tirely uncailed for, no words hiving pric
passed between them. Summerall is are
a hard drintiker and is said to be very imp
quarrelsotne when "in his cups," wa
which is pretty frequent if he can get the
hold of the money to purchase liquor.
lie is in jail, and his chauces are good
for the penitelntiary.
Mr. George J, Gould, president of have
the T''exas and Pacific railroad, in com- .ly
patty with a large utmber of the off. past
cials of the different roads controlled a as
by him, have beent on a tour of inspect- i.
ion of his property il, Louisiana. Mr. bet
Gould and party arrived iu New Or- prom
leans last Saturday, and in an inter- in
view with a Picayune reporter we find men
the following coming from Mr. for
Gould as to his west battk railroad : oly
"WVe are building south from Arkan- cov
as City to Lake Providence, La., and d
this extension should be finished in nI
good time. Our ettgineers are now in dru
the field, making a survey between
Arkansas City and the llelena branch,
and contracts will be let for this
stretch of road as soon as possible. "I
We will have a west bank line through coul
to St. Louis just as soon as it can be. ou,
built." Arn
State Engineers Robinsou and Lewis cute,
arrived, in Providence on Satutrday Perf
last on a tour of inspection of the piles
levees from Arkantisas City down. atJ.
They were in a launch and took this
way of making a thorough inspection.
'They were joined here by President J.
I'. McClellan of the levee board and
Mr. E. J. Hamley, who went down the
river with them. These gentlemen re
ported the levees in a better condition
than they were ever in. Young's
Pointt is the only place where they
found dangerous, where the bank is
caving rapidly. A protection levee
and possibly a long line will be an
urgent uecessity there. They will
gire it close attentiotin.
A bouncing boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs. F. ii. Schnelder last Friday
mnorni.g. He has been named for the
late antd esteemed citizense, William H.
Schteider. We are glad to learn that
mother and son are dolong nlcely. only
Fred has now two sons, Edward Davis
and William H, two honorable names and
los "--WHITE'S----.
e of
, I MHen and Youth's Coats and Vests
Mr. " In Black and Blue, Diagonal and Clay Worsteds
Mc- Square Cuts and Round Cuts-made for people who
me, appreciate good and well made clothes at a moderate
e a price. We can show you a nice line of these goods
for from
me 5.00 to 9.50.
few eBoys Knee Pant Suits.
All the way from 65cts to $4.00 per Suit.
30V Boys Knee Pants,
e-. Cassimeres, 50 to 7icts pair.
Jeans, 25 to 0cts pair.
'k Our Working Hens' Jeans Pants
\Ir Are made by H. Morris & Bro., out of the genuine
141 Htfnboldt Jeans-will not rip-your money back or
IV another pair if they do. PRICE, 1.50.
sa See our large show window for exhibit of PANTS
is made to order by the ROYAL TAILORS.
lis- Every garment must fit the parties for whom they
11 were ordered or their money REFCNDED.
A r.
. Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. P
n. "3ilT AILLARD c= POOL P.,RL OR.
SS chlitz Milwaukee Bottle Boeer and Christian
at M eoorleiiin eg Beer always on hand.
so .,
Phil J. McGtfire & Co., Proprietors. -
Hill' BigVroery House a
a AND-- M
We Carry a Complete and Fine Line -
G- LO "raE LI " as o
Patronage sohcited. Guarantee promptness.
C.1l tu Up over eithler 'phon e.
"There is only one chance to save
your life and that is through an opera.
tion" were the startling words heard
by Mfrs. I. B. Hunt of Limne Ridge,
Wis., from her doctor after ihe had
vainly tried to cure her of a frightful
case of stomach trouble and yellow
jaundice. Gall stones had formed and
she constantly grew worse. Then she
began to use Electric Bitters which
h wholly cured her. It's a wonderful
it Stomach, Liver and Kidney remedy.
U Cures Dyspepsla, Loss of Appetite.
Ta ry it. Only O5cts. Gunaranteed.
For sale by J. S. Guenard's druggist.
r We have good properties both in the
town and country. We have high
h priced and low-priced tracts. Some
a are well improved and some are not
improved at all. If we knew wha you
" want most, we could tell you about
t the best value we have to offer.
Amoltg the tens of thousands who
have used Chamberlain's Cough Rome
dy for colds and Ia grippe during the
past few years, to our knowledge, not
a single case has resulted in pneumon
is. Thos. Whitfield & Co., 240 Wa
bash avenue, Chicago, one of the Rtost
prominent retail druggists in that city,
in speaking of this, says: "We recom.
mend Chamberlain's Cough Rsmedy
for la grippe in many cases, as it not
only gives prompt and complete re
covery, but also counteracts any ten
dency of la grippe to result in pneu
nmouis." For sale at J. S. Gueuard's
drug store.
"I suffered such pain from corns I
could hardly walk," writes H. Robin
Snou, Hillsborough, Ills., "but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve completely cured them."
Acts like magic on sprains, bruises,
cuts, sores, scalds, burns, boils, ulcers.
Perfect healer of skin diseases and
piles. Cure guaranteed. Price, 26c.,
at J. S. Guenard's drug store.
COAL at Bell's Ldig,
5ct (igar made.
Guarantee to be of the best Tobacco.
More SABOROSO'S are sold than a
any other Cigar. They are kept up to f
the standard of excellence.
You can find these first class Cigars a
only at the stores of
and R. L McKEE s Co. a
ve Mr. I (Gray, who lives.near Amenia,
a- Duchess county. N Y. says: "Chant
d berlain's Cough Remedy is the best
e, medicine I have ever used. It Is a fine
td children', remedy for croup and never
ii fails to cure-" When given as soon as
w the child becomes hoarse or even after
d the croupy cough has developed, it
ne will prevent the attack. This should
h he borne in mind and a bottle of the
ii Cough Remedy kept at band ready for
y. instant ue as soon as these symptoms
e. appear. Fur sale by J. S. Guenard's
I. druggist.
5, 10. 15 and 20ct counter where
I many useful article can he found
worth double the money.
We are on Lake street right nacross
from the corner of Sparrow street.
The entire Hotel has been cleaned
and re-furnished. The services of a
first class Steward has been secured
and the table will be kept up to the
highest standard.
Sa&Patronage solicited and satis- t
I faction guaranteeu.
Lake Providence, La.
Land lines and corners located and roar
I anteed. Descriptions of land and timber
furnished. Levels and profiles for drainage.
Estimates for embankments. ditchoing.
bridge building and public Improvement.
t of all kinds. Sewerage of towns a specialty. I
Railroad and all engineering work prompt
ly executed. Re-serveya of old towns and
maps of same adjusted. Timber experts
many yer experience.
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes,
Truni a, Tvalises. Over B100sa ,
I "Everpthing in our store is new and first class, anld wesa l o
solicit a liberal share of your patronage
Corner Lake and Levee Strets-Noth r Hth ..
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats and
LADIES' and GENT'S Fulnishings.
We aleo carry a complete line of
Fine Millinery,
of the latest styles and fads, and our prices are extramely low.
Sf'I respectfully ask a share of the public patronage, and guaranttee to
treat every one right.
The Lake ProvidenceBank,
STHE LAKE PROIDrENCE BANK issues Bank Drafts or Money Orders
1 good anywhere in the United States. They are obeaper, and just as safe
as Post Office or Express Money Orders.
Not exceeding $ 5.00 .05c. $ 5.00 and not exceeding $25. 10o
$25 and not exceeding $60. 15e $60 and not exceeding $80, 200
$80 and not exceeding $100. 25c. and on up at rate of 26c per $100.
If a Bank draft is lost or miscarried in the mails, you can get a duplicate
without delay. You do not have to fill out application. There are also
other advantages over P. O. or Express money orders. Give it a trial,
J. W. TOOKE, JR., Cashier.
SBernard Building, Lake Street, Lake Providence, La.
- Dealer in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
and everything kept in a First Class Store
Everytbhing for L.aidles.
Elverhyting for Genitle mra n
B We are here to stay, and by fair and honest dealing, we hope to
build up) a first class trade. We solicit your business, and will do our best
to please you. Give us a call.
n- Ijala.e5tr eet. La1.e Providenzce. L.a
DFrugg, fedieinel, Chemigal$, patent Jedicine.
Carries a f011 liqe of Paiqts, Oils, ILarrislaes,
S Braslles, Woliet soaps, Perfihnery, Books, Yl)e
d Statiolery aqd Glass.
: Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
SGeo. W. McKee,
Tbho Old REeliable Grocery ECrouse
-Dealer In
Fine Whiskies, Wines and Cigars,
All ki'ds fFaray Fa~rily GE4deties
We invite you to call and see our Stock of Canned Goods. We carry
a large line of different grades of sugar and coffee. We buy for cash
and secure the discouit, therefore we can sell for a small profit.
We are able to supply the trade in large and small bills of Lumber on
the shortest notice.
Tongue and Grove Cygre..
PFloor dRa. ad Cleliig.
1Tanks of any s51e made to order at N. 0. prices.
Shingles, Shingle, Shingles.
IPOfice in Hamley Block. Connected by Cumblerland and Home
telepones. Send your orders to a home enterprise.
'Dr. Bernard & frtaud, We do all kinds
BERAD BUI..,,LI. of Job Work
Both Telepones in offices and resi- Letter and BillHeads.
Dr. FrankE. Artaud, late uorgeon Enveloes, Statements
dMajor U. 8. A.. has returned and
formed a partnership with Dr. F. R. Posters Ou prioe
Bernard. POSters. p
SAll calls will be answered promptly,
dn) or night, by either of us. are fmoderate,

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