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P LAK3 Pi&ollnai
PubiLatr sain Puspteh
Saaln , Disee r 7, 1901.
Fifth Distriot Levee Beard.
Regular meetlns osecond Wednesday's
~1. January, April Jual, and October, at
Delta. La.
The Police Jury of Mansfield, by
a vote of foar to three fixed the
whisky license for 1902, at $5000.
A great many parishes in the State
have fixed the license for selling
whisky from $250 up to $5000.
The government bureau report
sent out on Tuesday as to the esti- I
mate of the cotton crop, made the '
price of theastaple go up, and those
who have held on 'to their cotton, I
will bow get rid of 'it as i~aiak as
A dispatch from Washington
dated the 3rd, says that "it is
learned from a source that-seems re- u
lisble that the President is going to
remove Collector Wimberly at New i
Orleans." It should make little
concern to the Democrats whether
Wimberly is bounced or not, or
who is Collector, as long as it is to 0
be-a Republican. C
- - -·- o
Professor Cooper, of Rutger's I
College, New Brunswick, N. J., in U
a recent address before the Republi
eao league, deelared that all I)em- A
gorata are anarcliss. A John L.
lwllva o:or a Corbett ought to have
been behind him with a good size
stofed olub when he said it and P
dealt him a blow that would bsve p,
made him look liks a bested per. S
A joint. resolution was introduced T
ins. Congress on Monday by Mr. Ai
Moody, of Massaebsette, proposing St
a select eomaiteet of three mem
'bes to be appeosted by the speaker
to lnstigate sald report whether at
the sdagra~sI e elections ina Lon
fIt a the rightb of any of the ,mate u
iabttabsats of that State were Cl
abridged or denied; whether the El
members from 3uoas1ain. sN chosen Ft
arr eatedd to their *eam; and Ft
whether eoagrl . should pet fur-01
the aleg:itel n to C arry oat the
fopest "ad tt e4 tb ameadmeats M,
Ths is a dsspe4 6 ffo- F oioe.s
ten, atsy wilole .. very ittle so . t
estlaa aseir as the LoUtsians eon- Pr
p-tl r eS eonl sel iqed pe'ed.
'meg-tWmhriner nlmld of Nro
lIztYso0t e" n ' A 9,000Y
i 80 reeirteerI~ a st r deo
it, e l of h eSeil.
indtof ) o ree b er
il. wihthlls fr so good.
g1ena i Mimpolley of th o th
agaging in the reaptin game is
sathe oatlred tAlexande &ked.' '
e M s, sabye 80th, Th*frtade of
147p5,00tihe ureaudl of Lo0is4
ts atca eastrriae morrlr res t vap
Sai)bi, aew them t v of reors
iee, or 7eo Ire s 4 as higher *
*eam. Mr&. B4ndelle se thblished
tlib wmeeas, here lsfel appts g h
testti tpobley of, egovern mhieh Lm
renaglnl atesmtial to ig gmem r
athp ea rhs, ** of re d e th a s we ake n ed
ha 30th, sapt s that sh. frisads of
appetathmpass will qot be snsoo-1d g
ee rs e the
Reahsll ao t u
tw;- L&~pI Dssll a t
m ;ter h r
solved, that
Whereas, The minutee e the mita -
lag of the Police Jury dated July 9th,
'INT, bad uno bei'e"tered in the min
vie book at the proper plsaee, thie clerk
of tIe Poliee Jury be aulhorized to
eater same on the minute book imme
diately following the proceedings of
,, this meeting.
The claim of I. B. Beard, J, p., for
holding so inquest o0 the body of a
men accidently killed at Spitler& (Co's.
saw mill, was presented but disal-t
y lowed.
The cllim of M. 8. Hasle, Jr., for
he building temporary bridge .across
0. Teases bayou, amounting to $148 50,
te was allowed to the extent of fifty dol
Iara and disallowed for the balance.
b"g The claim of M. S. Hea'e, Jr., for
price of first contract ou TenLse bridge
amounting to $2925 00 was presented,
and a partial payment of $2000 there
rt on was ordered made, the balance to
i- be retained pending a further exam
anatlon of said work.
The clerk of the Police Jury was di
le rected to order the following tillung
t, hor bridges: 150 feet of 6Iitich till
" lug and 50 feet of 10-inch tiling.
The clerk of the District Court was
authorized to have a telephone placed
it his l ettie for the use of the court
and public at a cost not exceeding
82 50 per month.
On, motion of Mr. Hope, an appro
priation was made towards the sup
port of an infirm pauper, said sumrn to
be expended for his benefit by Mr. L.
V Archaffeuburg.
e Mr lhipe offiered the following or
r dinance, which was unanimously adop
ted, to-wit.
r Au ordinance making the budget
or estimate or parish expenses for the
calendar year, 1902.
He it ordained by the Police Jury
of East Carroll parish, La., That the
following budget or estimate of par-i
Ish expenses for the calendar year
1902, be and is hereby adopted, to-wit:
Assessors' commission - $ 625 0'
Sheriffs' salary - - 500 00 9
Witnesses' and Jurors claims' 1300 00
SSalaries of Justices oi the
Peace and Constables - 525 00 t
Per diem and mileage Police
Jurors - - - 300 00
Printing - 30 00 t
Serving process beyond par- t
ish, conveying lunatics to
Asylum and conveying con
victs to penitentiary - 300 00
Clerk Police Jury - 200 00
Treasurer Police Jury - 200 00
Attorney Police Jury - 100 00 t
Sheriffs' attendance on Court 300 00
Paupers - - 100 00 y
Levees, Roads and Bridges, in
addition to per capita tax
and vehicle tax - 500 00
Parish physician - 75 00.1 °
Health officer - - 120 00 e
Coroners' fees and inquests 100 00 q
Clerk of District Court 400 00 a
Elections - - - 150 00
District Attorney - - 200 00 t
Feeding prisoners - 1200 00 `
Fuel, lights and hauling for
public buildings - 150 00
OMosesupplies, stationery and o
furniture - 600 00 C
Merchandise for jail - - 150 00 Y
PFhyiantouTeosas bridge due I
'id Janusry 190$ - 1104 00 P
Total ordinary expenses $9401,00
Prinelpal of five bonds and T
Interest on bonded debt due
July 1, 1903, payable out of a
St msills tax - 3462 81 u
Total - - - $12863 61 Ii
The Filsuce Committee, made the *
ftl.lw report, wbhich was aOalmously
dopted. to-wit: :
* Lake Pidese, La., Nev,7, 1SOL e
To the ilnomPolrle Jury of Eat Car
R Wu-ltebe iaIosItwes Finsue,
adeemeept ~apprl- e~p dLayiert
o~tiellUowelu ealsm, preseated at
Rabubi;Jr.,s 'Igesee'lm ......8me 0(
ameW L s, dsll Mi ~ , -...... 4 ae
''a ...... to s
aw  ....~. :.................. •to ·i
.Ia~c, olahrbrl, r. wrk ..... 90 ft
4 .4 Wo .,.. ., ..... 4 ad
Ir age,~ slbareeastal ..o It b0
u utte oem ..... o
,m.. ........... .... 8 0
agabit es ..... 0o0 o
al acand milOt e... 10 80
" abpilU aund m bleae., 10 60e
SW Jay per diem and nilsee'..... 6 60
JW Dann, 'dNehJail ...uo........ 66
 l' * ............. .. 80
* salary on and Nov .... 88 8 -
' attedamnee on court... 1 0 P
L Ascfateaburgl, supportef pauper 10 00
TO dal ..............'... ......... r.
W.r . Hop e,
T. W. Jay,
A. M. Nelson,
enances Committe.
Tberepo Warrants on the Parihb s
Treasaurer were ordered to be Issued o
for the perymeat of the above approved
SThbere belg no furtherbuslaess,tbe vi
Polioe Jury adjorned to meet ou
Thursday, tbe Sad day of January, s
C. 8. WYLY, Clerk.
Too are lnterested i.investing your
Mousy wisely. We are iterested in a
giving you the best retnra for-the
money yeou put in a boee. We make 3
you feel tlhat your essh couald not be w
put to better use. Our list ineludes
boause worth owelng.
chmrter r theCarll m
StI.ns d leadsea. PerIsh d East Cermri.
Ba.itoaews, et on tiste Rh day etf
.heis OQetaber, iths .year of oer
.On Theaai d NI.. Hundred and
P Is and for the pa[s ut& i
a m lelll dai I In the preeues l
.. . disM sad appeared tt
assiau ne beae.suh seb.
ef Uewho delarndhat
/tabeprevilsteasothe o f
ne gensad *bidS~ of
bge1it4+ a OI.~P
and iAs domidile beaey aiabbkM hed in
u the city of Providaenee prish o East Car
roll. State of t..oluaa, and lldier its said
corporate aI n JJ4lPlg e
be sued; to akuke and use orporate seal.
iand t eastab4 Ad irt teraat leaore;
Sto hotdreetve. bae, 'ptrebae, iprove.
b, alienase. convey. .aasl. orrcw, ple.dge.
S- mortgate and bypothieate under its said
rk corporatenasme. prTpetty tell, personal
I and mixed; to namets .a eppolnt such
officers, directors, agents and managers or
e- employees as the interest or convenience of
of eaid corporation may require; te 'make and
establish bydaws. rules sad regulations for
the proper management and regulation of
or its affairs. as may be deemed uncesagry and
a proper. and the same to alter and change at
1, pleasure; and, to do all other acts and
things permitted by law, oras.hall or may
hbe necessary and proper to carry on the ob
jects and purposes of lsaid corporation.
r Said corporatlon, unless sooner dis
S3oved, in accordance with Its charter,
shall exist and continue for the period of
0, ninety-nine years, from and after the date
I- hereof.
i This corporation is created for the pur
Sponsefmanufacturingproductsofall kinds
e from crude cotton seed. refining oil. manu
I, facturing tertilizers. soap. cattle feed. buy
y iig and selling cotton seed. operating an
oiln ll and cotton ginnery. and with the
0 right to construct a railroad for use in its
- business, and operate the same by hand
power. steam or electricity. and with the
right to own and operate bridges and
steamboats in connection therewith, also
K the operation of an ice factory and bottling
I. works; also thie lease or purchase of lands.
buildings, machinery and such other
things as may he necessary "for same; also
i the erection of buildings, setting up and
d equipping of all machinery and other
. things necessary for same; also whatever
may be usual, necessary and convenient in
conducting said business.
The capital stock of said corporation
shall be two hundred thousand dollars.
, divided into and represented by two thous
and shares of one hundred dollars each,
of which said stock ten per centum shall be
paid for in cash at the time of subscription
and the remainder at such time or times as
may lie designated by the board .of direct
ors or the sanllr inmay be issued at lnot less
than par in panymnt or exchange for prep
I erty. or rights actnlily received or puir
e chased by said corporation, or the same
may lie issued full paid for money ad
vnnc-ed. and for shIlin other valuable coll
V siderations or services as the board of di
Sretctors or said corporation may determine;
provided, that no stock shall be issued un
tI il the consideration therefor has been re
' ceived by tile said corporation.
Any stockholder may sell. assign or tranus
fer hiis stock in this corporation. provided
thirty (31)) days prior notice of su:h inten
tion to sell. assign or transfer the same be
given to the Company. and the other stock
holders thereof shall have the first privil
ege of purchasing asine, aflter m «lich thirty
days notice, tile said stock may be sold in
open market.
The stock of said corporation may be
transferred under the above conditions,
provided such transfer thiereof be miade on
the books of said company at its ottice inl
tihe city of Providence, and on the surrend
er of the certificate therefor.
No transfer t1 any iractional part of a
share shall be made.
The corporation shalt commence doing
business as soon as twenty thousand dol
lars of the capital stock shall have been
subscribed for and ten per centum paid
The board of directors shall have the
right to determine how much stock shall
be issued.
Tihe corporate powers of this Company
shall be vested in and exercised by a board
of five directors. consisting of the Presl
dent,Vice-president and three stockhold
ers. Three of said board shall constitute a
quorum for tile transaction of1 usiness,
and their decisions shall be valid corporate
Tihe following persons shall constitute
the first board of directors: E. J. Hamley,
President; Yancey Bell, Vice-president
IJ. S. Millikin, Robt. Nicholson and J. E.
No person shall be eligible as a director
or officer who is not a stockholder of this
During the absence of the President the
Vice-President shall nact and preside. The
President, or in his absence, the Vice
president shall be the proper person upon
whom citation or other legal process shall
be served.
Said board shall continue In .office until
the first Monday in January, (19.3).One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Three. on
which date and thereafter annually. a
board of diretcors shall be elected on the
first Monday in January of .each year
unless the same shtrdld he a legal holiday
when the election shall be held on the next
legal day thereafter .
Notice of such election shall be gtyhen to
eacsh stockholder by the secretary in writ.
leg.et least ten days priot't each election;
and the bosrdof diretodt shall appoint one
or more atookolders to preBde st seuh
elecoton as ommlssoines. Jat.es eveast of
the failure of any counmlsso or eomtis
ltoee.to ittead,e th e reettlet shitl, by
appetatme(t. 1ti t akaby, fkf fersip
then yeedt thec 'nM o&e *r tr
Company, aball held n41p* .u he'-mtS
eeaors re choseln. ..
Is such evnt, the ,'r,.ft .
and shall given eaiee Uhere a be
fore praoIded. a
The elet:ti~ on*sdt l t -
lot, and the  eist d t; s l t
east. ehobase of.r voted
S9O or per~ma&seWs Sm.*sy
shalt fleto ther n a e
ews of said I otapslty.
Thebeard of direetrs 'bsal bare full
power to .IIII vacancies in their number
caused by death, reaignatea pr otherwise
froam among the stockholders of the cor
poratdo ,.
"rhbe said board shall have full coetrol of
thIe property of this Comnpany, and shall so
conduct. manage and use the same as in
their discretion they deem it and'that Is
conslstent with the intr.MttolU teh Com
pany or tLe welfare 9t same.
The sail board is furthelr authorizcd to
frame and adopt suck by-lawl. rules and
regulations as the affalrs and business of
the cororporation may require. and as it may
deem necessary for the conducting and
management thereoL provlded the same
shall not conflict with this charter. or with
the laws of the State or oftheUltited States.
The saild board shall elect or appoint a
secretary and treasurer, and sush other
oedeer. agents. employees. serants and ii
lerksashtmay deem necessalry, for thie E
condueatiag ofthes bueness of the epopora
loo; Ix theircompensation, term of ser
viee, with the right to dismis them at the
dldboard'p eleasnre: and said. hoard shall
have the right so fix dd determine the 4
salaries for the aeleral oflcers herein pro
tided for.
,RntleiL Ul.
Thie charter may be ehadged, modified or
mended, the capital stoek Inereasei or de
ersead, or this corporation may be -dli
solved at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened br the purposer,.with tihe
assent of three-fourths of the eatire cap
tel stckt, wheeser arseat or -represented
ataUch meeting.
Notiee of elac meeting shall be served
by the secretary on each stockholder. is
writing, tea days prior to such meeting.
in ease of dieeuntron or teminCartti of
thile ecorporation, either by lIalittlon of ie
oCbsrter or from any ause. the liquidation
of its atalriball bie conducted by three
com sloners' selected from the sto~
holders, with like auet ea(t at a meetiulg
sealled for that pajaoe , above set forth
It this article, '
Said commisnlsoners shall remain in ofoe
alM lees'-flab l at Ivuea. '.,
IJ oastofdert ofones or smare ofad
be-a Wme the he Met0 itser
shares .teteek t beoribee dr e
1m mar shershll sy Ia e h a eraas
Itio bare she eleee of 4Mdteg ibis shee- oe
iorfte C~~. *Ie da mo
spl a plu bda alsa s ear tiine h y 4
set de, Rats
A. Our
L u tUinec
S rl Theef
e Passings all Records,
Ad and there is reason for it
There is an enthlas most about activity, which
spurs us on to R eater effort. Examine
our uncomparable line of
IIn nreater variety, at popular prices. Scr
p Co., s styles In our ntene forthat we
J he best, the most complete in Providence.
"'--- -- -- II
Dent forget that our line f Ladies' Dress GoSdsr
S Trimmings Ready-to-wear garments &c..
is complete in every particular.
We lave a few pairs of Selz, Schwab
oti Co., shoes on our counters that we
5 Star Shoe
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
".is s old by us under a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction.
Ilotio s,Shoes,IYatsClotl1ing,Overcoats.
We are Shoring a Handsome Line of
Fine Underwear for
Sole Agent for "The New Royal" Sewing Machlne. Eqaal to the
Slnger, and in nmny respects far superir.
iJ. POWERS, Pres, A.F, ItITZ, VsI Prn, T. . BIERLYlg;sty.
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet' Z'
St**aree BUILE OF TT1 BZgDS ANNIlk .
Ba~imer Belie of the Beadste4yes Viokabab every Moadyi ait bharday
ai 8;p. me; returning, leaves Greeniille every Thesdty and Fiday.
tiaiiher Aueie Laurie leaves Viokabutg every WednEsday aind Satrd
at 8f' m4; FOrtarahrg. leaves Greemoville veryrfyPbesday asd Seday e tsi
Fir-elaee pesaeetgr and oleght aeoommodions. Dostvbrtltiait If
tUr~hanebus With eteetrOit$-rldghts in every sIat.room. Custe desesp~,ad.
TYA3IU41VqELL; Ag .., A.q
* o
Expotio. J. WPITTMA, .
V O RIad d.et Territo .
-- s a s.. - m . I II . IIIII
Bo - .., - LITZ..
Foear fifty Idear Schlitpro beer has been brewed atMeaorie a. Frob sa'
g. Paris aity it goeairs epto t rott n part of tgheet., Trd ant Pl
ever sets on lit agencie w. PITTvled men doot liwhere
Schlitz beer is not standard. People now demd Puad er tste c
healthful, and that demand calls for ehlit. je Ter ator .
filtered-every bottle iseterlised. A beer thatl t e  e healthfl.
That ia Schtitz. -
SEvery First Class plac~ e handles kILohlitz,
together with said parties. and me Notary,
after due reading of the whole. -
Atest :
J. W. Donx.
Notary Publie.
I hereby certify that the foregolng Char
!'er of the Carroll Oil and lee Company,
Lliuted. to on tle in my offiee. and Is duly
recordid.. In Mortgage. Reek "Z". folio Ado,
t. sa,`.`itthe mortgage records of East Car
r'l1 parish. La. -
Witness mybaond and seal of odse this
b day f Novem .A. .. 1901.
fil A t. ILAICBIUR .
Clfrk nith District Court and e"MA4elo
lg Protvldeae La., Nov. 9, 9LQ01.-6t.
is the time to purchase
Fine Saddle and
Harness Horses.
The best and inest grade of Horse
ever brought to this market.
Will guarantee every aniinal CalL
at the big stables sand see the. st~
Representing Gyton & Sherrod.
l"HBod yeur purchases ofn muls
until our stock arrives..
Lake and Levee Sts.,
Lake Providenoe, La.
The Finest Line of Clothag.l~,
* xried in the City,. * .
Ladies' Dress God
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises anldIad Bags.
Callon me Before Purchasing 'Eseewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
Yazoo & Mississip
pi Valley
Railroad Company.
JULY 22, 1901.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 8:35 a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 6:15 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:40 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:15 a. m.
No. 6-Leave Vicksturg,2:25 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. m.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 9:00 a. m.
Arrives New Orleans 6:35 p. m.
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7140 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:50 p. m.
No. 6-Leave New Orleans 4:0 p. mr
Arrive Vioksburg 11:26 p. m.
No. 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:45 a. m.
No. 22-Leave New Orleane7:10 aim
Arrive Vioksburg 4:60 p. M.
No. 85-Arrive Vicksburg 9:00 a-.l
No. 86-Leave Vicksburg 460*& l:
0:: P. & . A.;. Wiekbt g Mims
awsk Pworr. ,.d'T
U p-to-date work
at Popular P-rioes.
Patronage Solicited.
Agent for Memphis Steam Laubdry.
To Cafi Bdas atd All WWi
T0 Gay i-n,se
Thbe.andersignsed have each a large
herdof cattle running in the swamps i
uituatd .at of Met Rouge. Tke- Da.
enport brand Is ub- letterus
the Moss brand Is t (*M'. with bar
over it) Their cattle ree p i oaisi
of the parishes of Morehouse, leaband
and West Carroll. To proteet them
selves against cattle thieves they ibsw
agreed that they will not sell to any one
who will not-agree to ship from i//
Rouge and from no other plan6,
rail or river. Amy one collectitR ofl
driving cattle branded at above, sad
not sooompanied by one of the noder
sined or by some one legally rep*si
soeting them. will be criminally proe,
euted. To any one furnishaing iafor
mattou leading to the proseotoon ' and
conviction of parties iteahug their cet
tie, the-.udersigped will pay a' reward
of one hundred ($100) dollti. All
letters and telegrams must be addressed
to the undersigned at Mer Blouge,° La.
C. C. lDAYarNm ,
.Gass Moss.
Raving .rchased I Ae -ls
Specteeles at geast disoet 'e4
kevin a practical Opdelso. le
Priemvery reasesba.
-I4ZreoeZk. Mana as ethsr
Queen & Crescent
The Best Line
-forth and cIl ast.
The Sunmmer Tourist's ftvorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
GiO. . I MITH,G. P.. A., .
Newr Orleans. La.'
B. J. AI O.,A. Q. P. A. ..
eep. oo a.md a Iwrgke ortmentf
&VftamQ.+ Mt..
hrk gka, M ... .
Caw M'o. a aamphi p er 0
. " "
hef M SWST-4hK
T ~ T h COT Bun, l. W ot idewher.,
ire' PProtL , Mes.
areW.aHth w ae,
aThe en in.$ide h
L. r P bzzz I . * p. 'r.
Ageu .t every
__________~ LieY At "6Id 1'b
1a i 41*o omh.j, oYk~~
"-4 4i~i 61 s PO
c c* Z&r ~mr
~~ :
either at
pro mptly ..
all plan
disposio a
Office at t
iat a triaod y_ re .et ,t t"
Ator abra plad .th Ylt P u t `..t
caree rbteusatri Otto ttypl*teLstUio
ilver fleri. Thr sale b J. ., ~ie .
astr drogglhe.
Niotlh isatrict CoUrt t No. 60.
Abook e Bluor m verspa s Sg. . Wooll
tB virtue of a writ of aeiutre and Sale to
me directed by thae ponorsle Ninth pa r
trlct i'ourt ort the parish of Easlt arroll
afores raid in tie aove entitled a S. se,
wail proceed to druggis at . ubli artin.at the
door of the Court n use. Parish ofth tow of
Providence. East Carroll pariahb. Is., on
Saturday, the 14th daT o lof
t , 190 No.
between the hours prescribed by law, all
the rght, title and interest of ig . P. Woolf
ln. and to thie following described property;
toether ue itof all the buildinge and Sale to
provemd.ent thereon and appurte , aneo.
thereto belonging and al immovble at the
destluation, helong o the defendant. 81g.
bet. Wol, situated inoure aforesaicribed y law, allsh
thed Stht. to-witle and
Lst--Th°at ertain tract or parcel' of land
known as the foMelloville plantation; her
togethe same property pall trchaed by uildirdngn and
Bernd fron Thos. H. Rhodes. on May a.,
1prove1; and ten thein a part o tpurte nancries
plantahereto; and designg ated y plt of arle by
vey made by loJan. . Lott.e durveyor; t ig.
gtP. Woolfr witua te river ftont of said triact
and itatccretio-wns tereto.
ndl-Those certain tracts or parcels of land
lanld described by ottcial survey as.lote 10 i
.nud 0) i Township No. 19 North, Kang;e:
o. 1 Et. toether weliville tplantation;k con
cess;ion or lots belongin a part of to the amree num+
rplantatid .on; and 3 designated No. 47 of thsur
vey made bownhip and g. L; boundedton the
getor with they lands former froy ntel of said tract;
Ferdianand ernd and alTht cretions. B. Rhode,thereto.
on the d'-onticellrtain road: o theasrcels o
the Missippio river; on the Soth. num-by
the Illawnar plantation. and a portion of
the Out Post plantation: and on the West,
by the Out i'ost phlntation; containing in
the aggretgate Si) acres more or lees :. (re.,
Serving aid acecepling that portion of said'
land. .)ontalning 13 and ita Hacres, hereto
fore sold to Clhritopher Du)ffy: as per deeds'
duly of record in said parish). Also the
\\'eat of the South-west 3 of Section No.
fr2. in townehip No. 19 North. Range 1I
East; andi the East )i of the North-west 4
of section 27, in Township No. 10 Nortl,
Kange 12 East: containing in the aggegate
(1554') One Hundred and Sixty acres, more
or less. Being tile same property acquired
by the plaintiff, Abe Blum. from Joo,.
Chasfe, Wim. H. Chale, Chas. Cbhadiaid
Christopher Chaffse. Jr., on July Ii,131i, b
deed phased before Benjamin Ory. Nota
Public. duty recorded in eoveysgne o
•R"'. in the aferesati panebot .lsoaro
on toeios 3t) et. seq.
8rd-That tract of land described as th
West X of the North-west Heof 8eotlna 7
in Township No. 19 Tirtbh, lange' N14 t
East, containing So acres more oreiese;a
belng the same property acquired by
Abe Blum at Tax Sale made by J. C.
Tax Colieetor, on August let, 1 t, as
deed duly recorded is conveyanee btt
"T', of said eprion~ou1a "3t and 4
Als the' fcllowing JItlaovtbles bydoel,
tton tbersee, via:.
Nineteen muaeseand: et horse;:
dagons sad one earts. elso pli at we
eultrivtort; one eeotto planter; giby a t
pfow g oar; on By rad. sa eaT 4oU e ,
er-eo-tsed is tbe aboeetvs . :, S
Te. rm of nsle-oeM wtUlb :tmb betolt
, le-easkwet st t-on
I n W. 'II ftW. Sheriff.
8ed oi , iroetaes. Las Nov. , I .t 1
eau mtartue   l .mil
n adtres Coursw.No. 0d
&, O ea., versue 3 iao pd
.ohe s e i*&ease,
- eti r .nei4Wp sl thbo'at a .
tbellweoar lu be an sarlbed f
tola~Pr\CoPa .spt
e M e e slteses, n iteatod
Itlefl tud ivei tusdrOd mmo Sveaty
oti.td tonaDla oall of thau
r15ty~it soth tb. Blaeckm U47
one 'iad iwot , ad .e
N·Tt-w ek uerws o Sesoken
ofp thgpb eei at n
herMit's ad o , e videae, L,
* ilaeth Bu ltst. t -s o.s,
*f* "strtepr U&
eeM.s publi. oiiea selest e dssr
son't hoese, Is Sb. towo of Ppav
Jab Carroll parish, haono a
atsoreet of Slug defeadaes4r Ab
p lnasatbo lag eaes of portaral ea
ileti iog bees eampsed ofi eoa
*oaaseeeaiantlS, t A a.
u fw0t i dissrise
-i sr. neer, orltees. atid
withetha at
osp aUs ss andmorab se
itaveokrsboth eablrs gin *.

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