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'P'le Barlr)er-Derocrat.
Pabliaher and Proprieter.
Saturday, Decembller 21, 191.
Fifth District Levee Board.
Regular meetings second Wednesday's
tr. January. April July, and October, st
Delta. La.
Below we publish several clippings
from different newspapers commenting
upon this gentleman's appointment on
the rivers and harbors cmmittee. We
could print half a dozen columns of
such, but have only the room for this
number. 1 hey go to show how our
Congressman stands in relation with
the people, and also the energy he will
display in securing aid for our levees
No higher compliments could be paid
him by the press:
Rlcytano Beacon-News.
Inante placing of Hon Jos. E. Rans
dell, ,ur Congressman from this dis
trict, on'the Rivers and llarbors conm
mittee. the South has received recog.
nition in no insignificant way, Mr.
liansdell is not only one of the brainiest
noembers of te present Congress, bit
he is an untiring worker We. of the
Fifth District. have especial cause to
be proud of him.
Franklin Sun.
We note with pleasure th:t our es
teemed and efficient Congressma:,n.
tes. Jos R. Ratusdell, was appointed
by Speaker Henderson. a member of
the Rivers and Harbors Com',wittee,
the most important of committees so
our section. He is now in a position
which he highly merits and for which
he is eminently fitted, and we can now
count upon having at the Capitol an
able advocato to watch aver the safety
and improvement of our levees and
X. . Picayune.
* * * The next most important
committee to Louisiana interests is the
lRivers and Haribors Committee, by
which all matters relating to the im
pfrvement of the Mississippi river ard
its tributaries, as well as the opening
of South-west Pass. must be consider.
id. On this committee Mr. Rans.
dell. representative from the Fjfth
District. has seeurned a position. Mr.
Ransdell's well known ability and pop
ularity, as well as his familiarity with
river problems, will make him a most
valuable acquisition to the committee
itself, as well as place him in a posi
tion to effectively look after Louis
lana's large interests in rivers and bar
bors matters.
* * * When Gen. Catchings an
nounced his intention of retiring from
Congress it was desired to have some
one from the alluvial States succeed
ihm on the rivers and harbors commit
tee who undrle-tood the sihjePt of ri,'r t
improvements, levees. etc thoroughl.y.
atlf who could speak for these inter-R
egts both in the olmmittee and on the i
ioor of Congress; and Hou. J. It; Rana.
deli of the Fifth Louisiana District was I
elerted as jutlI the mali for ise poieltinsi. f
and was wtringly pressed for the va-e
rnocy. It is gratifyiaK to know that %
$peaker Henderson has tieedptgid the n
suggestion and that Mr. Ranadell bhs c
been appointed to this cpminitee. it ,
will tend to assure a eontiunation of h
the policy tehat has earrie d the work t
of river improvemnent on so eM erin ti.
ally andt successfully nlw :gnratee
the people of the allivial districts that
thebir levees will be properly provileol
for :n their lands prutectel againltt.
DaIly BStates
a ah In thie appointment d t
Suydge Renadell the .postion hrom r
teen restoredf to Lottisana, anid tie
utmost confidence is felt in thimes
ability of the new eomui'teemes
to maintain the high standard sher
by his distinguished predecessora .
Mr. Ranadell is a man of artairs, whof a
liong connection with levee sork ini
Lnuisiant has eminently qualiyed himt P
for the plane to which he was appoint. 'I
ed iby the spealker. lie hails frot a
- pa ish that is vitally iIterested in the
* question of levee protection, ani froImj t1
- a State that has mo-n and Igger K.
levees than any o'her State of equal e
territory in the worli, hence ever\ in. t
tetert rhat he bas is inseparably iheti- d
fled with the levee inlterests of the val-l t
by e. Resites that. he is oni e of t he l
mlot idefnarigadle t widents aud work. ie
ere in Cothrress. tni his tie in the ers.
desl asd sth ntideftce oun his fecllow.utem- '
bers e)ts been trapid and mnn keDt i
Specakr lHenderson could Iaes made  t
do betler seletiit, for this irttporiant the
placee. atwd the States prdictsa brilliant yi
oareer for himn as a n mber of ibith im. er
portant committee. which hase ano miuch
to do with the mst vital inte.rests f in
Loulsianoa and the enoire vale> of the '
Misstaisppi. do
Vicpharontoerad ithe
While the appointment of Mlr. Rans- ar
dell, of the ffth Louisiana district. was trl
fully expected. the announcement in wi
The Herald's press dispatches yes'ret- we
day was none.tbe less gratifying lie
was elected and re.elect-sd specialrl on an
th levee issue, and we nnqallifi*dly pe
congratulate the allmvial dirtrwcs of As
lower delta on his assignment to the is
potmit tee where it cati be wrot-aied. w
Long residence and Il ge landed hold- al
ings behind the levees have fully im- a..
pressed hitu with the vital importance I -fi4
of overflow pr~e4siIsto . while his peei-. es
tion and services on his district board Ile
have afforded lirt knowledge of the
question--of condition and needs of the
paramiount lower v ley interest.
In additing to Uthg saliScattonia for
sejgoe on the rivers sad harbors com.
niuttge, Mr. Ranadell #enp .eexception. tr
ai Itedq . embiLpa l aaen. ooaentra- trim
thoa o.F rpose to the dutiqs entailed,
TP wb ee aised4 th voters of
eepstitEvagg up4a of -an av i d d4. c
r. atekings.
I!~ eedntre~p
e Best Whisky, Wine, Beer, Oc.
HOUSE. ___'_,___u .... "
constituted in favor of the valley and
gulf improvement blijects. Out of a
LL. total of seventeen mebl,,ers all except
five are from these sections.
nting Monroe Star.
'I he appeintment of lion. Joseph E.
It on Ransdell t obe a nienbher of the House
We Rlers and Hiarl'rs Co,,immittee is a
ns of gratlfing piece if news to his friends
r this throughout the State,. and especially of
the Fifth Congressional diistrict. If is
likewise a splendid compliment to M!r
with Ransdell and it deiserv(ed recognition of
will his standing, worth and intluence in
rees congress. fio' this co mmittee, barring
pai lie Ways and Means, is the most im
portant of the House (omnilttees and
membership on it is mutch sought after,
only members of energy. high stand
tns- ing andi influence ever being appoint
dis ed to it In fact to Louisiana and the
conm- other Mississippi Valley states it is the
ecog. most important committee of Congress
Mr and when it is remembered that so
niest many congressmen of reccognized abili
but ty desired to succeed to the. vacaniy
the causeid by the ret irIment of Gen Catch
ie to iners of Miisissippi. for many years the
leading advocate from the -ounthi of
river improveellcnt a il the protection
of our low lands from ,ve:llow, the
es- distinguished honor is il the more ap.
man. parent and gratitvytn And the hon.
tited or is worthily and justly besto ,ed.
ar of Mr. Ransdell. being a resident and
ittee, large property hohler and planter of
t the low lands. long before he became a
ition memnier of Congress took a deep in
'hich terest in the levees and river improve
now ments, but since becoming a member
I an lie has made it a special study of the
ufety subject and perhaps there is none bet
and ter posted on it or more familulr with
it than he. This important assign.
ment will, therefore, besides greatly I
increasing and widening the sphere of
tant his infuence, give him special oppor
I the tnnity to advance and promote this
by great work which is so near to his
111 heart and is of such vital concern and
and interest to his district and people. lie
ing is a woriby successor t iGen. Catchlngs
der. on the committee and we heartily con
gns' gratulate Mr. Ransdeil and the district
jftb upon his appointmenut.
Host -
ttee The president of the Texas Cotton
on. Growers' Association and the Galves
ton Cotton Exchange has issued a
circular calling attention to the rav-I
ages of the Mexican weevil in the t
State of Texas, and pointing out thei
an- danger of the pest spreading even to
ionu other States unless the proper steps
Puie are taken to check its ravages.
eed The Galveston Cotton Exchange
nit- has adopted resolutions calling upon
'" I t go'enrmce).t to seutsire fruwn !'- i
gress the autho,'fatlon t,; he expend- I
e iturre of $50,000 by the Department
na of Agriculture in a systimatic cam- r
as paign against the weevel. It is;
on, pointed out that tihe pest is too wide- e
va- ty distribhuted to lie fought by pri- c
mitt ate enterpise. Moreover the dang-i
the pr of the weevel extending to other R
(ls cotton States and thus threatening r
It the entire cotton industry makes it
of essential that the government shonld i
rk take steps to eradicante it before itst
ti' ravages spread further than they do t
ee at present. t
i The Mexican boil wav+el has been in I
tevidence in the cotton sction of South.
westenl exas for severnl seasons d
and although spasmudic' efforts hbive
been lmade to fi;ýlt it, it has tint et, tti
Ii , tien found posiible to i'ir'Uinscribe iits I
. ravages. The National Department of tl
]e Agriculture has carefiillt studiei the e
weevil and is fully poitedl as to its
,habits and ravages as well as to the 81a
St best methods of lighting it with a view
to its total extermination IN
s T, he Departument. however, can do at
little in the absentce of an iadequate p. tl
u propriation,. which the Texas interests ri
L are now irginglC,,ongressl to nalke. b
S While i'exa. lihs a more intimale and
diirect intere-ut ii the "'ermination fii
the tlitl wavll Ihi n t lis oi lier tqtate, ite- iii
eta c t lfi he fll'r ti:ut. iLts ravagese have di
,I afer been conllinedl to her territery.
Sthere can Ite no euverlookiln the f:ictl
i- thl:at unln'$s checked, thie wi'evil is sure ai
I to stetailily spread until tilhe past ili
Vlv.ies the oither cltIonl States. The II
kI itht to extermilnite the weevil is.i
t. herelfore. ;:lutter whichl int,ru1ts the 1.
i nt.ire cotlon belt. hitluec Ie te et1l"s nroww
II It ' Inllua'le hr the- eidion interests of or
B 'I xas to se.'llr' aL-tii l n iilthe part of
I tht 'general gnvtrnlllint siiIould re- V
t 'ei, v? the ci 'rdij:l so 'p,,rl of all the oth- t
er ti "otion-growiig Stlies.
'h TItei ravagies of the we.vil have been he
In o a Ie tl'leasure checkled by the loeal
Ie u'ffe is which hiave hietl made te keep I
dowti the pest. but it is admitted that w
thea. tirrts have not served to clheck ha
the gKI'dual extens1oe, of the area fir
a- nffects it. andl the tnienn'y is unmis- us
is takabke in the direction oif a constantly let
in widenthng aphe'e of operLions for the
r- weevil ea
Le Such .being the case, a syastemetic an
n and scieitific catlnpatign against the or
ly pest canott be undertaken too soon. elI
a As it is a maltter of national interest, it
me is hut right that the tight aga:inst thep
. ievil shulld be wangd by the Nation- ly
I- al D,:p:lrtilent of as-:itculture Tihi' .i'
te-e I not Ldisiuiragie pitrel' lo0l" hthi
i''rts, an the Ical atulhbrities ('c: Co
I- Pa.il' eo operate with the Agricultural cre
d l)epartmnnt''" experts--Picavune.
. The date of the seolnas oftlthe 9th Dii
Strict Court of Louisian are hareby lxed asot,
oX 3yr CAnTIOLL.rj coo
IIJ m mtoa.--Nlrfrd Moluday isJanuary A
I i ·13.ar1t Molfd . ilabsiy
Civil I eaenl.--Ftrea MeMdayts i Febro- r
sly Matrb. AttI. May. Joie., October, No- I
1 'er oad Ltea mier. po.
J ii!0 t l R.--iaE y r in January po.
'i,. l Shi- -Third onienia in Fei TI
S ,Ma pr May Aqe, O, ober, the
S' " : X.- x. RAtSDKLL, tlie
.... . r ous
Ca Charter of the Carroll 011
and Ice Company, Limited.
State of Louisiana. Parish of East Carroll.
E le it known. that on this the 3t0th day of
se the month ot October. in the year of our
a I Lord. One Thousand Nine Hundred and
ns One. before me. John A. Montromery. a
Notary I'ublic in and for the parish of East
Carroll.ta of arroll. State 01 i,oisiniana, duly commis
is sioned and qualified. and in the presence of
r the wilnesses hereinafter named and un
dersigned, personally came and appeared
the parties whose names are hereunto sub
Sscribed, all of full age, who declared that
ing availing themselves of the previsions of the
laws of this State relativeo corporations,
ant d especially of Act No. 36 of 1u88 of the
General Asaembly of Louisiana, they
ter, have covenanted and agreed and by these
nd. presents do covenant and agree and bind
int- themselves. as well as such other persons
as may hereafter become associated with
the them. to form and constitute a corporation
the and body politic in law for the purposes
e s and olbjects and tinder the stipulations, ar
ticles and conditions following, to-wit:
The name and style of said corporation
tiV shall te
iou and its dqmicile is hereby established in
the the city of l'rovidence, parish of East Car
Sroll. State of I.otisiana. and tiider its said
corporate name said corporation shall bave
powerand autlority to contract. sue and
eil. be sutedl to make and use a corporate seal.
nd and the sanme to br-ak and alter at pleasure:
to hold. receive. have. purchase, improve.
alienate, convey, sell,. borrow, pledge.
tt mortgage and hypothicate under its said
in corporate name. property. real, personal
and mixed: to name and appoint such
otficers, directors. agents and managers or
ter employees as the interest or convenience of
he said corporation may require; to make and
et- establish by-laws. rules and regulations for
itb the proper management and reguhition of
its affairs. as may be deemed necessary and
n" proper. and the samne to alter and change at
fly pleasure: and to do all other acts and
of things permitted by law. or as shall or may
be necessary and proper to carry on the ob
) '' jects and purposesof said corporation.
its Said corporation, unless sooner dis
11s solved, in accordance with its charter,
d shall exist and continue for the period of
ninety-nine years, from and after the date
le hereof.
n. This corporation is created for the pur
et pose ofmanufacturing productsofall kinds
from crude cotton seed, refinIng oil. manu
facturing tertilizers. soap. cattle feed. buy
Ing and selling cotton seed. operating an
oil mill and cotton ginnery. and with the
right to construct a railroad for use in its
business, and operate the same by hand
power, steam or electricity. and with the
)t right to own and operate bridges arid
steamboats in connection therewith, also
" the operation of an ice factorv and bottling
a works; also the lease or purchase of la.nds,
v_ buildings. machinery and such other
things as may he necessary for same; also
Ie the erection of buildings, setting up and
al equipping of all machinery and other
to thinas necessary for same: also whatever
may he usual, necessary and convenient in
pS conducting said tbusiness.
,e The capital stock of said corporation
shall be two hundred thorsanud dollars.
0 . ,Id, t iatro .^et rorep.ented byv two thous
I- and shares ot one hundred dollars each.
. i of which said stock ten per centum shall be
paid torin cash at the time of subscription
at andi the remainder at such time or times as
.- may he designated by the board of direct
ors or the same may be issued at not less
than par in payment or exchange for prop
e- erty. or rights actually received or pur
. chased by said corporation, or the same
may lie issued full paid for money ad
* vanced, and for such other valuable con
r siderations or services as the board of di
rectors or said corporation may determine;
provtded, thol no stock shall he Issued un
it il the contideratiou therefor has been re
d etiveit ',$ tie said corporation.
I Any stockholder may sell. assign or transe
ts feir his stock in this corporation, provided
lo thirty (au) days prior notice of asuth inten
I tion to sell. assign or transfer the same be
given to the onumpany. and the othler stock
n holders thereof shalt have the tirst privil
p ege of putrchasing same. alter which thirty
s days notice, the said stock may be sold in
ope'n market.
' The stock of said corporation may he
t transferred under the above conditions.
s provided such transfer thlereot be made on
the hooks of said company at its office in
the city of Providence. and on the surrend
er of the certificate therefor.
a No transfer of any tractional part of a
e share shall be ouade.
The corporation shall commence doing
business its soon as twenty thousand dol
lars of the capital stock shall have been
o subscribed for and ten per centum paid
The hoard of directors shall have the
be lisued.
The corporate powers of this Company
shall le vested in and exercised ty a board
of tive directors. consisting of the I'resi.
0 dent, Vice-president and three stockhold
ers. Three of said hoard shall constitute a
quorum for thle transaction o butsineas.
atnd their dtccisions shall be valid corporate
, attsc.
The following persons shall constitute
the first board of directors: E. I Ramley,
IPrealdent; Yancey Bell. Vicee-preildent
eJ. S tillikin. Rbobt. Nicholeson and J. E.
S No person shall be eligible as a director
Sor officer who is not a stockholder of this
tDurig thle absence of the President the
Vtrce-President shall tiet and preside. The
President. or in his absence, the Vice
president shall he the proper person upon }
whom citatlon or other legal process shall St
be served.
SSaid hoard shall contlnue in om11e until t
the first. Monday in January. (19i3)-One
Thousand Nine Hundred aod Three. on th
whtich date and thereafter annnally, a
hoard of direteors shall be elected on the
irst Mondvay in January of each year -
unless the same should be a legal holidav
when the eleetion snall be held on the nexit reI
legal day thereafter thi
Notice of such election shall be glyen to dei
each stockholder by the secretary in writ- ma
log. at least ten days prior to each election; slh
and the board of directors shall appoint one the
or more stockhllders to preside at such 1
election as conirnlsioners. In the event of see
the tailure of any commissioner or commis- oil
sioners to attend. the President shall. by I
appolatment. fill the vacancy. Any failure oon
by any canuse whatever to elect directors tiol
the day named for that purpose shall not vie
dissolve the corporation,. but the directors saft
then in ofice as well as the officers of said bal
I Company. shall hold over until their se sh
cessors are cbosen. vid
in such event. the President shall eause
another election to be held in thirty days. T
anid shatl give anotie thereof as herein be
Sfore provided. m
At every election and meeting each stock- .r
holder shall ie entitled to vote fqr each oi
share of stock registered in his name and
may vote byv proxy. sa
The election of directors shball be by bal- tal
lot, and the majority in amount of votes rs
east. each share ofstoek voted upoan to be
counted for one vote. shall elect the per- br
son or persoas or whom they were east. Is
After each election the board of diresers
sball elect ~om their own n1amher the el
oers of Lard tnl)shay. - cha
The iboard of directors ihall have fall t
power to till vaeebies in their nalmber
caused by death, reeigastion or eterwtoee bo
from among tih stockbeldrs 0 atbe cor e
poetlon. t
ARTtLc.L, v.
The said Ioard shall bave A l control o t
the property of this Gmpanv. and shall so in
conduct. manage sad tase the same as in tom
their discretion they deem at aR a that is shal
onsalteas with the IhiteeCe ti of Cot w8,
P, r thte wefare eo sam. e
.i* r~ .N ..:.~  
We wish to announce to our
friends and customers that
we have
just completed, next to our
Grocery Store, where you
will find us, with the most
complete stock of Dry
Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Ladies' and Gents' Furnish
ings, and all other depart
ments complete.
Thanking you for past
favors and asking a con:
tin uance of your patron
We are respectfully,
J. N. Hil Bro.
THE r,
5 Star Shoe
SHamlilton-Brown Shoe Co.
Is said by us under a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction.
IpE GApE%, Film J.P cJEI, FIFE WEfy,
We are Shotoing a Handsome Line of
Fine Underwvear for
hole Agent for "The New Royal" Sewing Machine. Equal to the
Sainger, and in many respects far superior.
J. . POWERS, Pres, A, F, NIMTZ, Vice Prs. T, , BRIERLY, Secty.
v'icksburg & Greenville Packet Co.,
Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Vicksburg every Mond:n y and Thursday
t 3 p. m.; returning, leaves Greenville every fuesday and Friday.
Learner Annie Laurie leaves Vickshburg every WednesdNy oandl Satnrdayv
S3 p. m.; returniig. leaves Greenville every l'uesday and Sunday evewing
First-class passetger and freight acennommodations B:ats brilliantly li-h~rd
rough'.u' with electricity. Lights in every stateroom. Cusine un.urpased.
Sregulations as the affairs and business of
the corporation may require. and as it may
deem necessary for the conducting and
Smanagement thereof, provided the same
shall not conflict with this charter, or with
0 the laws of the State or of the United States.
Thes aid board shall elect or appoint a
f secretary and treasurer, and such other
officers. agents, employees. servants and
clerks as it may deem necessary. for the
oonducting of the husiness of the corpora
tion; fix their compensation, term of ser
vice, with the right to dismiss them at the
said hoard's pleasure: and said board shall
have the right to fix and determine the
salaries for the several oflicers herein pro
vided for.
ARrtIaL Vt.
This charter may be changed. modified or
amended, the capital stock increased or de
creased, or this corporation mai be dis
solved at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened for the purpose, with the
assent of three-fourths of the entire capi
tal stock, whether present or represented
at such meeting.
Notice of such meeting shall be servedt
by the secretary on eadb stockholder, in
writing, tea days prior to such meeting.
In ease of dissotlntto or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of its
charter or from say cause, the liquidation
of its affair shall be conducted by three
eammisaioners selected from the stock
holders. with like assent and at a meettor
called for that purpose as above set forth
in thLs article.
Said eommisMonmers shaI remals t office
antil the aslesr of said corporatlo shal
have bree fully liquidated.
In ease of death of one or more of acid
comas jsdoners, the survivors or survivor.
shal eottlute to act.
ARlIC&. VII. i.
No stoekholder of this rprt shll
.. sti. odlr
faults thereot. In any further sum thnn the
unpaid balance due the Company ,on the
shares of stock subscribed for or owned ,v
him: nor shall any informality in organiza:i
tion have the elesct of rendering this ch·r '
ter null or exposing a stockholder to any
liabiiity beyond the unpaid balance of any
of his stock
Thus done and passed at my office in the
city of Providence. East Cyrroll parish
LouisiRna. on the day. month ani year
herein liret above written in the pres;nce
of Frank Byerlev andJ. W. Dunn. cdlpe.
tent witnesses of lawful age and residents
of this city. who hereto sign their names
together with said parties andt te Notary,
aLter due reading ot the whole.
i JA8. . . II.LIKIN.
Attest :
Netarv Public.
I bereby eartity that the ioregoing Char.
ter of the Carroll Oil and lee Ciimpanv.
Limited. ieson Vlie itay oice. and Is uttly
recorded In MortgageO ootk "Z". toilo :24.
et. soq of the mo.rtgage records of ast 'ar
roll parishb. La.
Witass nmy haate and seai of egee this
4th day Of Novemb r. A. i1.. SM1.
Clerk Ninth Dtriot& Court and ie-oZielo
Lake Prevtdeee. L..Norov. S1901 ..t.
Call on the Blanmer
Democrat for prices.on
iob work.
Lake and Levee Sta.,
Lake Prouidenoe, La.
The Finest Line of Clothing Car.*
Snred in the City. *
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coat.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
Yazoo & Mississip
pi Valley
Railroad Company.
JULY 22. 1901.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 8:35 a. m.
Arrive Vicklsburg 6:15 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memthia 7:40 p. im.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:15 a m.
No. 5-Leave Vickasuirg 2:25 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. ºI.
No. 21-Leave Vickhburg 9:00 a. om.
Arrives New Orleans 6:35 p. m.
No 24-LPave Vicksburg 7:40 n. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:i0 p. m.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00p. m
Arrive Vicksburg 11:25 p. m.
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m
Arrive Memphis 6:45 a. nm.
No. 22-Leave. New Orleans7:1(0 a m
Arrive Vicksburg 4:50 p m.
N,. 35-Arrive Vicaeburi 9:00 a m
No. 36-Leave Vicksburg 4:50 p m
C. P. & I'. A.. Vicksburg. Miss
Div'e. Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis, Teno.
New Orleans. La.
- Lake Street,
W .li. MABEN ............ Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Price8.
Patronage Solicited.
Agent for Me.mphis Steam Lnorn.lry.
To Cattle Buyers and All Whom it
May Concern,
The ondersigned hate earh a large
herd of cattle runoninrg in the swnamps
situard et st of Mar Rouge. The Day
enport brand i, the letters J 3[.
The Mos. ibrand is ('( M' with bar
over it) ITheir e:ttle run in pnrtions
of the. p-Arish,.s of .M1vreheeute. Ri.chland
and We,.t Carrcll. To protect them
selves against cattle thieves they have
agreed that they will uot sell to any one
who will not agree to ship from Mer
R,uge anl from neoother place, either
rail or river Any one collecting or
driving catile branded as above, and
nut EEnc pntpauied by 'one of the under.
sined or by some one legally repre
senting them. will be criminall pose.
cutee To any nce turnishing infor
mation leading to the prosecution and
contviction of parnies terlihng their eat
tie. the underslgatd will pay a reward
of one, hundred ($100) dollars. All
letrt re "l*d_ tJegrams must he addressed
to the undersigned at Mtr Rnone, La.
(GAsu Moo.
Fine line of crockery at
Queen .& Cresceni
The Best Line
NTorth a nd last.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
GEO. H. SMIlri, . P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
Nw Orlpana. La.
R. W. BONDS. T. P. A.
Meridian, Miss
Lake Providence La
Keeps on hand a large sosortment of
Burial Caskets, Now, Plain and Orna
mental MetallicCasesand Wooden
('otfin Made and Trimmed to Orde,
farni 13.RO.A y
9 a. m.-Sunday school.
II a. m.-Preaching.
3 p. mn.-Class Meeting.
8 p. m.-Preaching.
R.V. J. L. ELBEBR, P. C.
8. FULGUX. 8. 8- SUDt.
Memvhis and Vicksburg
.or Lake Providencoe, Greenaville,
Arkansas City, Helena,
and All WaI Landings,
Steamer DELTA,
W. I Nowland, .............Master
F. J. Drragb,................Clerk
Leaves Mimphik every
Wednesday at bp. .a
Leaves Vicksburg every Saturday.
at 1 m.
Ydxoan Bs.r, ED. NOwL.ia, Jr.,
Agent . G. F. & P. A.,
Lake Providence. .Memphis.
PRi& 5W&&T MILKS an
EAlL0OM AT , - , , .
t. T. .... POW s I.
Go to Millikinfi tf or
Oook 8toveali Rewtrg.
Delta CCotn Comp
of Menphis,
Will buy cotton thli,asn in
Providence and at rivc lan tin
either snle,'ahove and bel. All
municatt-ne by mail t" telept
promtptiy answered
Th.'tir aig-t. Mr. R. A Basts in
all pinters to all or write i b
dlisointg of their cotton.
Oliie' rt the Lake Providend
A piece of flannel danipeined V
Chanmlerlain'a Pain Balrn anid bo
io the aff~.tied parts is superior to a
plintr When trouhlid witlb I
back or paelin in the lide or cheat, ai
it a ttinl andl l you are certain to
in'ire tIhani please.d with the oi)or r
lih f wlich in affords Paill lair
core' riutaiietrn. One appli
gives rrlic-f. For bale by J. S.
.Ilake Providence, La.
List of grand jurors for first six mo
of 192J:
George Whitney 1 FIP Schneider
Sir I' Wotoli 1 M 31 Goodwin
W F )llnun 2 .as Heardl.jr
ieo Pitllnan 2 Yancey Bell
IR ' Green 2,J A f rump
F T Consant 2 I. B Watt
L C I'inkston 2 Will Sooddv
H Kronenger 2 E K lteAtpin
W Molntgomery 3 H M 1McGinty
J N Hill, Jr 3 CE Davis
List of petit jurors for 1st week. (Janu
1902) beginning the 3rd Moniay :
Jim iose 5 Joe Graham
Ed Frost 3 T J Gilliam
Lev Mitchell 4 Roan Perkins
Jeff Nelson 2 George Carter
T E Pinkaton 2 Lee Patterson
John Atlas 3 John rahnam
Olite Mackle 3 iat King
B F Miller 3 Wilee Morehouse
Ben Brown 3 .lim Gwynn
W H Davis 3 Anthony Gamble
Win Lewis 4 CM Whittingto
.W D Goodwin 8 Louls Jobnson
Littlreon Bryant I8 Frank Bell
B F Brown 3 George McKee
Mill Hays 3 Leonard Griml
List. of petit jurors for sece nd
court in January. 192 :
Harry Baptist Ellijah Haw
Eli Weit 4 Brymann P'
Wm Gaines 1 Henry Wat
Wiat t tlen 5 Owen Tu ,
Jim Brown 8 Monroe
Morgan Huchlson 5 W H Fn
Rihbard C:ollina 3 John Al
Green RIicardson 2 Morris I
Wm Allen 3 Anderes
dam Atla 3 Silas Ful
Joe Robinson 8 Thnrln
Jerry Green 5 W K A
Rtepney Hunter S Albert
H C McGitire 8 Jloe Ja.ks
Will Chlldress 4 Dan Boyd
A true copy :
Dec. 21, 1901. Clerk of Co
State of Louttfins,. Parish of Eastl
Ninth District Court-No- . Ill.
W. B. Thompson & Coi. versus Ed
H Davis.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and
me directed by the Honorable Nin
mrict Court for the pyrish of Past
aforesail. In thie above eqt)
will proceed to sell at public a
door of the C'ourt House. In
Piovidenee. East Carrell parip
SatIday, the i21st day
brt, O1901,
between the boors prescribeu
the right, title and Interest
Davis lin and to the follow
prWperty, to-wit:
The Belle Meade plantation
the parish of Kat Carroll, Lot
taning Flve Ilunded and it
of land.-eomrlsitng all of tha
Lots or Fractional Sectilons ThI
Tirty-flve north of slaek Hay
ing thlirty-frve acres; the conce
to known as Section sixty-five
one and two. and the Kasat
Nortb-wesat quarter of Section
all in Township twenty-two No
Twelte. Easlt-sezed in tie ab
Terams of ale-cash without
of appraisement.
J. xv. bUN,
Sheriff's o0ce, Providence, La.
Stateof hootleiana. Parteh of East
Ninth blltricet :ourt-.-No 605.
H.l (O. Newnan vereasu Abe Ba
By ittue of n writ or Setzre and .
me directed by the Honorale Nilntt,
Court for the parlih ofEaastarroll at
in the above eno itled eause. I wll pr
sell at public auctlion, at the d8
eourt house. in the town of Pro
East Carroll parishe. La.. on
Satirdy, the IIth day tf Jauat
between the hours preserlbed by
the righllt, title and inteelat ofAbe
and to the followiog described pro
The undivided seve-sixteein
Interest at the defendant. Abe
to te east side of the original Poi
out Plantation, It being all that pa
plantalon slet aprt to IC. i. Basso i t
of pUtition recorded in Nntartal Book
boibo gos et seq. in the Recorder's ohfic
aipaprlsh. and telngthbt portion, ot
plgantaloa tying east of partition line i
runealong the levee, eatenejdng from 1
Concord pl istilon ilne to the IiWisiippl
river; The original Point Lookout plInta.
or havingll bee enotnposed of lots of frarct
tonsat sectiomuis 47 to 87 tiluelve, ad of frat
lsal tectlons6 to8r. All In Townshi 20,
Rane Il East, in the distriet o Iands Korh
of .ed Rive. Lorslail. antid oontainhln
Iir t*t molt e 0or les Sold East side oT
aeied pitoa aooteanalng SU0 seres more
or lIe. Tolestbor with alt the Iaprovemesnw
ppurtenanes astd immovhble by destila..
ron tbheren or *eno beloteingl.eli..a
-the above uit. -
Terms ol saoLe-- with the benelt o
* * ** ' J.dW. toUII. 8htn
Meters omcen. Pooldesos, De. 7nt.
Slia.m etakeln out a li
4ese s as Cotton Buyer
-andwl w pay the highesi
s4a~rkt price. Don't seeL
your cotton untiU you.
80 tha.
it·:·~Ltd.-~i r

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