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, Baqer-Denr orat.
Pablisher and Propriteor.
Satuday, Decer 21 1901.
P1$I Dtstrict.6evee Board.
Reguaes, m etfngs. second Wednesday's
In Jsotsry,. A4~L July, and October, at
t$oneralMiles has been ordered r
to close his mouth in the Schley
Sampson-ontroversy by the Presi
dent and. Secretary of War. He
had his. says which was enough b
said. a
Will'Lanier, the Missisippi mur
'der, who escaped from jail some.
time ago, has madebisescape again.
He skipped jail just the day before
he wea.to be.execated, and this time
awaeeK ox so before be was to swing. t
ltnier has been sentenced' to hang
three times, and has made his es.
cape each time before the day of exe
cation. Luckseems to be with.him.
,"The gathering of cigar butts is to
be suppressed, according to an ordi
sance recently parsed in the Conn.
oil in the city of Chicago, Ill. The
penalty for violation of this ordi.
nance has been fixed at a fine of not
less than $10 nor more than $100 for
each offense.. The law covers the
m~pnfactur of cigars, eto., from
tobacco thus collected, and no one
shall buy,or receive. such material.
There is a.movement on foot in New
York and other cities to prohibit
thisnefarious practice."
When a uweapon of any kind. is
purcbased in Russia a permit must
be secured from the local authori.
ties. The namne of the man who
makes the purchase,, with the num.
ber of the weapon, is recorded. If
the purchaser ever wants to dispose
of the weapon he must notify the
authorities and cause the transfer
to be recorded on the books of the
,rm which sold it. If that weapon
is ever used in an attempted assas,
aination, or in any demonstration
against the law, tblp man recorded
as last having it ip his possesaian is
held responsible.
"Col. Alexander K. McCGtre,
who is one of Admiral Schley's
closest fieods, is disappointed, yet
he flds comfort in the result of the
court of inquiry, says a Philadelphia
special to the WashingSo,. Post.
TheColonel said : 'The verdict of
the court is no surpise to me. Ad.
mirals Benham and Ramsey were
appointed to the court to. do just
what they have done. They knew
the navy department, which selected
them, wanted to dishonor Schley if
possibly, and they carried out their
part. But their conclusions will
,ot be~aoopted by the people of the
oountry, who are the reaJ judges of
the controversy.'' This is rough
language to use against these men,
who were the mere tools to down
Admiral Sohley.
We publish in another column an
article from tbhe Pioayune in which
it.takesto task the entire press of.
the State for the unkind and unjusant
remarks of the Lake Charles Ameri
can, which we hardly think is fair.
There are very few papers in the
Ltate that has not the very kindest
feeling for our great metropolis,
aund that do. not, on all occasions,
give Noew Orleans all that it de
serves. The oonntry press has, no
Qesire to oripple New Orleans in
ony way, and as one of the pa
pers of the State, the Banier Dem
oorat is always pleased, to
see itse commerce growing, large
elevators beipg erected and other
evidence of thrift and enterprise and
progress. The attack of thqAmeri
oan upon our Congressmen is very
little and ugly to say the least, and
why it sbould feel so sore we esnnot
understand. Already, through the
exertions of the Congressmen of
ouisuiana, millions of dollars has
been spent in secouring deep water at
8abIne pass, which is virtually Lake
Vharlee, besides its ornameetal pub.
lie building. What more then
qould Lake Charle expect? The
American is ungrateful.
To my friends and oustorners.--Oun
Tanuary Ist pro. I will dinoopine the
rooery business. having arrauged to
open an exelusive Hardware Store
ender tbe rstyle of TbeJae Prowidenaze
Mardware Co. I desre to enpes to
my tneadas ad cuetospr my Igrate
tappreeslatte wt pes at favors, ad
b e t- t rvifrlh'1 tem a eoentieoanee
--· IJ~qpRus pseefutly
Best Whisky, Wine, Beer, Oc.
HOUSE. U Jug House.
Unjust and Ungenerous flings.
The Lake Charles American of re
cent date. hbad the following as one of
its editorial expressions:
,,Speaker Henderson has made tp his
budget of committees. Ranudell is on
the Rivers and Harbors and can look
after the levees antd, Southwess Pass;
Robertson is on the Wa)s and Means
Committee to take care of our beloved
sugar planters; Meyer goes on the Na
val Committee to look after the Gov.
rnuiuent, Naval Station at New Or
leans; Davey. as member of the Com
merce Committee. can safegard the in
terests of New Orleans in the Nicara
gue Canal constructions; Brulard has
already volunteered to look after the
$2.000.000 public building for New
Orleans, and Brazeale can stand
around and be handy in case New Or
leans thinks of anything else she wants.
Everything is arranged for; let the ses
sion of Congress proceed."
It would be difficult for any paper to
say anything more absolutely uncalled
for, ill-natured and wholly unjust. As
for General Meyer, of the" First Louis
tinan District, he entered on his term of
t service in the Fifty-second Congiews,
when it had a )Democratic Speaker.
r Hon. Chas. F. Crisp. Speaker Crisp
5 appointed Mr- Mever on the Commit
tee on Naval Affairs, and he has con
tinued to do able service to the pres
ent time, when he was reappoined as a
matter of form by. the Speaker of the
, Fifty-seventh Congress.
Judge Davey, of the Second Lpuisi
t an District, is now in the Houae for
the fourth time. fie was. appointed
on the Committee on IptersLtate and
I Foreign Commerce by Speaker Reed,
of the Fifty-tifth Congress. and he has
( continued in that posoion; his reap
i" pointment at the. beginning of each
0 succeeding Congesas, up to andi includ
ing the present. has been a matter of
f Mr. Broussard. of the Third Louisl
e iana District, was elected to the Fifty
if:bh Congess. He was appointed on
'bhis entrance into that body on the
ir Committee on Levees. His last reap
I point ment to the same committee up3n
which he had been serving continuous
n ly was to haye been expected.
sý Mr. Brazeale. of the Fourth District.
Is a late comer into Congress. but he
has been fairly placed on important
is Judge Ransdell of the Fifth, is also a
new comer. His apeoiintmleit on the
Rivers and Harbors Committee is a,
very important one. He takes the
' place of General Catchings. of Missia
sippi, and represents,' as did the Gen
at eral,. the great alluvial region of the
te Mississippi valley, and his appoint
ment is a great compliment, and it is
is hoped it will prove a great boon to
t. Louisiana.
Col. Robertson, of the Sixth I)istrict
is the dean, by virtue of his long term
of service, of the Louisiana delegation.
re lie entered tiast the Fiftieth Congress
( In the Fifty-fifth he suqceeded to a po
sition on the Committee of Ways and
W Means. onq.of the moat important in
4 the entire range of congressional duties.
The idra that any of these appoipt
ments was made at the request and de
I? sire of the prople of New Orleans is
II too absurd for the slightest considera
tioni. The carious speakers of the
ia House, some of whom were Democrats
)f and other, Republicans, would spurn
h with contempt the idea that they could
he induced to appoint ,',ngres-iotial
committees at the beck and call of New
n Orleans. and so would the Congress
men themselves, whose faithful service
and ability have beea recognized int
in the appointments.
Who will dare to say that the city of
h NewOrleans has ever, by monopolizing
of. the mony:v apppropriated out of either
State or Federal treasuries. prevented
any other city, town or pariah in the
t- State from getting a due share of the
r. public bounty? Who will say that
he when the lowliands of the State were
flooded from the Mississippi river to
at the 'Techlu, or when thle crops of North
9, Louismain were destroyed by drought.
atld the country was laid waste and
Sthe peopie In need, that New Orleans
e failed.to fi to their relief with prompt
io and substantial liberality?
Iin ouisinna's rivers and harbors, from
the Arkansas line to the Gulf. and
a from Peal River to the S;ibine, all en
m joy the boauty dealt out by the im
Sportant committee to which Mr. Rans~
itell has ben appointed. Nobody cares
ge for the ungracious fling made by the
er Amerinn at the expense of New Or
leans. because it is the fashion, if not
d the rule, for the press outside of this
ri city to make harsh and wanton ex
ry preesitns against their State's metropo
list but tile isjustice done to the State's
representatives in Congress is as cruel
ot as it is wholly unprovoked. If the
be menmblers from the country districts are
o such pitiful trucklers and fawners for
the favor of the city, why elect suchP
as Why not send to Congress men who
Swill maken open and uncompromising
war upon Louisiana's great city?
he But these unfriendly demonstrations
b- towards New Orleans are not the se.n
en timents of the people of Louisiana.
'I'hey do not hate their metropolia. Far
be from it; they are proud of it. knowing
that its growth In greatness and im
portatcoe is only so, much added to the
grnudicur of their state. That is all of
of it.
ie -
The data of the sesslons of the 9th Dis.
t- triet Court el Loulaslaa amre hereby dAed u
ud fellows
Jury Sseiaol.-Tbfrd Monday to January
. sad Sroes Monday in Jely.
Ctivl18*esase--Firt Mondays ia Febra
asp f APl. ay, June, October, No.
Pfi~~:~I-I~e vsisLeb-,
1r ,Oste
On motion of Councirnan Pittman.
the following ordinance was read and
adopted, to-wit:
An ordinance for providing and con
tracting ai debt of twenty thousand
dollars and issuing negotiable bonds
therefor; each for the sum of five hund
dred dollars; bearing five per centuom
per annum interest, to be known and
designated as Providence Waterworks
and Light Bonds; and levying an an
nual property-tax f, ftive mills on the
dollar of the assessed valuation of, the
property in the town of Providence
during the period of forty years, for
the payment of the interest and princi
ple of said bonds.
Section L Be it ordained by the
Mayor and Councilmen of the town of
Providence. State of Louisiana. That
acting under, and by, virtue of the
power and authority granted by the
property tax payers of said town of
Providence, at a special election held
in said town on November 14th, 1901.
in accordance with the laws of the
State of Lnouiisiana, and with Article
281 of the Constitution of the State of
Louisiana. the returns of which elect
ion were duly canvassed and 'priomul
gated in November 1901. I'hey here
by oanthoriz? the Mayor and Council
men of the .Municipality to contra-t a
debt of twenty thousand dollars ($20.
000), and to issue in evidence thereof a
series of forty negotiable bonds of this
municipality of the denomination of
five hundred dollars each, maturing an
aggregate amount of twenty thousand
dollars. for the purpose of paying for
the putting in. erection and construc
tion of a combined waterworks and
light system for this municipality,
which said bonds shall be, consecutitve
Iv numbered from one to forty inclu.
sive: shall be known and. designated as
the Providence Waterworks and Light
Bonds; shall bear date of the 1st day of
January, A. D. 1902 (Ninteen Hund
red and Two); shall stipulate interest
east thereon at the rate of five per cent
um per annum from date, payable semi
annually, on the 1st day of July and
January of each year; shall mature in
forty years with the option in the Mu
nicipality of calling in and redeeming
any portion or all thereof after a lapse
of twenty years; shall be payable in
principal and inferest in gold coin of
the Uuited States of Ameriea of the
piesent weight and fineness at the
Hanover National Bank of New York,
and shall be signed by the Mayor and
attested by the secretary of the Town
with the corporate seal attached.
Sec. 2. Be it it farther ordained
etc., That in accordance with the fur
ther authority granted, by the tax pay
ers at the aforesaid election of Novem
ber 14, 1901, a special property tax of
five mills on the dollar of the assessed
valuation of all the property in the
corporate limits of the town of Provi
dence subject to taxation, is hereby
levied for a period of forty years.
which tax is for the purpose of paying
the interest and principal of the bonds
aforesaid, and same is hereby levied for
the year (1902) Nineteen Hundred and
Two. and for each of the succeeding
thirty-rine years. and it shall be col
lected in the same manner as is now
provided by the law for the collection
of ordinary State taxes.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, etc.,
That the mayor of the town is hereby
authorized to dispose of said bonds, or
to give said bonds. in payment for a
combined waterworks and light sys
tem for the town as may be deemed
best, provided that said bonds or the
proceeds thereof shall not be used for
any purpose except to put in, con
struct and equip a combined water
works and light plant system for the
town of Providence.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained etc.,
That the special fund hereby created
shall not be drawn upon or expended
otherwise than in payment of the inter
est and principal of said bonds, until
they have been paid and settled in
Sect. 5. 1e it further ordained etc..
T'hat this ordinance shall take eff~cet
from and after its passage, and that all
ordinances in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.
Passed and approved this 5th day of
December 1901.
G. M. Franklio. Mayor.
T. J. Powell, acting Secretary.
Oe motion of Councilman Davis the
following ordinance was read and
adopted, to-wit :
An ordinance providing for the re
demption of: the Providence Water
works and Light Bonds and increasing
the fund heretofore for that purpose.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the
Mayor and Councilmen of the town
of Providence, Louisiana, That for
Sthe purpose of making the spec
ial fund of five mills per an
num for forty years heretofore provi
I ded for the interest and principal of
the Providence waterworks and Inght
bonds sufflicient to pay said mterest
Sand redemption of said bonds, there be
and is hereby set aside out of the ordi.
narv revenues of the town of Proov
dence, inclusive of the income from the
lease or sale of water and lights, the
sum of ($200), Two Hundred Dollars
per year for ten years, beginning with
I the year 1902 and ending with the year
1912 inclusive. and the further sum of
six bundred dollars per year for thirty
Syears, beginning with the year 191.2
and ending with the year 194S inclo
See. 2. Be It further ordained ets.,
- That the above provided sum. addi
Stional. to the said special fend shall be
set aside out of the first revenues re
ceived by the municipality from the
Sordinary revenues and inJome from
water and lights of their respective
. years, and said sums shall not bde used
for any purpose eexcept to pay the prn
oipal and Interest of said bonds.
8ee. 8, Be it faather ordained eta.,
That this ordiasme abJall take e.eet
from rsad after Its psuge, sad all or
dlsueseor spat, of rdi·aae. cu-.
Wstsgrlethusr ot the psevissrn at
sNiqNelaases are berejy repsnaM I.
p i ;
We wish to announce to our
friends and customers that
we have
just completed, next to our
Grocery Store, where you
will find us, with the most
complete stock of Dry
Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Ladies' and Gents' Furnish
ings, and all other depart
mnents complete.
Thanking you for past
favors and asking a con
tinuauce: of your patron
We are respectfully,
J. N. Hill & Bro,
5 Star Shoe
. Hamilton-Broan She Co.
Is ssld by us under a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction.
I otion,S hoes,IF atý,Glothing,Overcoats.
We are Showing a Handsome Line of
Fine Underwear for
; Sole Agent for "The New Royal" Sewlng Machine. Equal to the
Slger, and In many respects far superlor.
, Ji POWERS, Pres, A, F, NITZ, Vice Pries., T, O, BRIERLY, Sact,
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co,
d Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Vicksburg every Monday and Thuaeday
at 3 p. m.; returning, leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Friday.
Steamer Annie Laurie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday
r- at 8 p. m.; returning, leaves Greenville every ''Tuesday and Sunday evening.
SFirst-class passenger and freight accommodations. Boate brilliantly ligbhted
throughout with electricity. Lights in every staeteroom. Cusine unsurpassed.
Passed and approved this 5th day u
Dec. 190i.
Q. M. Franklin. Mayor.
T. J. Powell, acting Secretary.
Two pair of Po!and China pigs, at
$12.00, per pair.
B. P. R. cockeris, at $1.00 to $1.50
each. GEO. S. OWEN.
Gossyppia Plantation.
Bunchb's Be nd, La
hd- t of ExpeIss for 1902.
An ordinance making the Budget or E
timate of Parish Expenses for the calen
dar yearl9ol.
BeSt ordainedby the Police Jury of East
Carroll pariah, La.. That the following Bud
getor katimate of parish expeses for the
ealdar year 1903. be and is hoseby adopted
Asseesor'eommiss.lons..........S 61 o0
Sheri' salary .......... oo o00
Witneeses'and Jurors' claims..... 18oo oo
Salaries of Juetices of the Pease
sad Constables ......... ....... 515 oo
Per dim and milege of PollSe Jo
rers .............................. 0000
Priting........b.yo.d............. See 0
S lpreeeesbevondprhe e .
roylag lutles to Asylim aad
emiea PeaiteaU ty ......... 0a a*
Cork of Pbes Ju ry.......... . So oe
Treer ...... ... .... e
« .. ...." loo ee
.. ... . as ....... e 00
44416 a swota VI
IParish physician.................. 7 oo.
Realth officer ........ ....... 12...... o oo
Coroner's fees and inquests........ loo oo.
Clerk of District Court............ 40oo oo.
District Attorney............... 2oo oo
Elections .................... 50 oo
Feeding prisoners ........... .... I5oo oo
Fuel lights and hauling for public
buildings ................. 15o oo
Office supplies, stationery and fur
niture .....................oo oo
Mercbandise for jail .............. 1o oo
Payment on Tenses bridge due in
190 ..................................... 11o oo
Total ordinary expenses ..... 9to01 oo
Principal of five bonds apd inter
est on bonded debt due July 1,
1908, payable out of 23 Uillt tax 8462 A1
Total ........ 12.......8....... 6... 128 1
President Police Jury.
C. 8. WYLY, Clerk.
Lake Providence, La., Nov.. 17. 1901-40.
Marshal and Tax Colleetots Office. towl
of Providence. La. December 18. 199~-
Notice in hereby given to all tax payers
residing within the orporate l Miue of the
town of Providenes that all taxes for the
year 1901 are now due and Will beeome do
liquaeaton December o1st, of the presemt
year, sad subjeet to all the pedlties pro
scribed by law. Taxes will be received
at my ofto ies ihe Firemen's bn.idlat
daily, (Seada eotepted) between the
bhors of .,1 oeki aL . M.t o'leek , m.
Masel and Tax Ceeigte r .w o -be*
4.o3h~~ 5:
Lake and Levee Sts., d
Lake Proiridrenoe, La. b
, D, AI.3B Ii.i 1
The Fi:nest Line of C1lbthinzg Car- u
Sried in the City. O 0
Ladies' Dress Goods, -
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purohasing Elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, : Louisiana.
-' * -, . u . ... .  - rE I . r l - a II T "W!
Yazoo & Mississip
pi Valley
Eailroad Company.
JULY 22. 1901.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 8:85.a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 6:15 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:40 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:16 a. m.
No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:26 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. nm.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 9:00 a. m.
Arrives New Orleans 6:35 p. m. 1
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:40 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 56:50 p. m.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00. m
Arrive Vicksburg 11:26 p.. m.
No. 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:45 a. m.
No. 22-Leave New Orleans7:10 a.m
Arrive Vicksburg 4:50 p. mi.
No. 35-Arrive Vicksburit9:00 a m
No. 36-Leave Vicksburg 4:50 p m
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss
Div'n. Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
New Orleans. La.
-Lake Street,
W .H. MAsmr ............ Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Prices.
Patronage Solicited.
Agent for Memphis Steam Lannury.
To Cattle Byer ad All Wh it
May Cousor.
The undersigned have each a large
herd of cattle running in the swamps
sltuatd east of Mer Rouge. The Dav
enport brand is the letters j D.
The Moss brand is ("'M' with bar
over it) Their cattle run tr portions
of the parishes of Morehousa, Richland
and West Carroll. To protect them
selves against cattle thieves they have
agreed that they will not sell to any one
who will not agree to ship from Mear
R.uIge and from no other pla.e, either
rail or river. Any one collecting or
driving cattle branded as above, and
not necompauied by one ob the under
sined or by some one legally repro
sentilg them. yill be criminally prose
euted. To any one fuiatsdag fnfor
amation leading to the psseeottoo and
covietion of parties stealing their eat
tie, the undersigned wl psy a reward
of oe bhundred ($1(0) dollars. All
* letters and telegrams most be sedressed
to the undersiged at Mer Bouge, La.
SC . DAYSmosr.
MASS Meao.
-.sr &
~:'~ 'u
queen & crescent
The Best Line
.XaI.a P'Oc rTl'
Nogrth iand m0amt.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountaid.
GEO. H. 8MITH, G. P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
R.J. ANI ERSON. A. G. P. A..
Nw Orleans, LTa.
R. W. BOND& T. P. A.,
Meridian, Miss.
Lake ProvidenCe _ La
r Keeps on hand a large sacortment of
Bvial Caskets, Hiw, Plal. and Ora
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Cofins Made and Trimmed to Order
raprnl 18-8-lll V
9 s. m.---Sunday sbooe.
11 a. m.-Preaehlag.
8 p. m.--Clas meetlg.
8 p. m.--resebtng.
8. Fvz.om. 8. 8- Suot.
Memphis adn Vicksbltg
d For Lake Providence, Greenvlle,
, Arksaa Cisy, Belam,
and All Wa Landings,
r ftenmm DELTA,
W. .H Howland, ............Master
d F. J. Darragh ............... Clerk
r. LeMaves Memphis every
PWednesday at 6p. m.
e- Leaves Vicksburg every Saturday
r- at 1I m.
d Y Acar Buxr, ED. NOWLXUD, Jr.,
SAgen . . 6 P. A.,
Lake Providence. Memphis.
eALLOs Air ,
MRL 0 ttlik o
Ri -,ab r.!
Atchison Globe. "Howl you howl
ere t Curse the trusts and the minute
you get ten dollar s ahead send in ab
order to Montgomery Ward, Seres
Rsebuck, etc., and help to support the
biggCet trust isn the country. What it
you get the goods a Itstle cheaper P
That is just what the Irurps elaitn they
do. They crush otut competition with
their low prices. and if you take the
ben'fi you simplyv Itatltin them In.
their contenlion. Every dollar sent
to a mail ordler house ie that much
cortribtlted toward building up a
trust. Montgomery Ward is not a
philanthropist In any sense of the
word.. He is a shrewd business man,
who by judicious advertising has built
up a trust that bide fair to wreck the
majority of small towns. If you desire
this senld them your cash and get
credit of your home merchant. Let
your actions speak for you and pract
ice what you preach.
Delta Cotton Companyj
of Memphis,
Will buy cotton this season in Lake
Providence and at river landings oni
either side, above and below. All com
munitatlons by mail or telephone
promptly answered
Their agent. Mr. R. A. Banks. invites.
all planters to call or write him before
disposing of their cotton.
Office at the Lake Providenoe Bank
A piece of flansel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balia and bound
to the affected parts is superior to say
plaster. When troubled with lame
:back or paius in the side or chestgive
it a trial aned you are certami to be
more thian pleased with the prompt re
lief which it affords Pain Balm also.
cures rbeumatism. One applieatiom
gives relief. For sale by J. S. Gue
uard druggist.
Call: on the Banner
Democrat for prices on
job work.
Lake Providence, La.
List of grand jurers for rest six mouths
of 190 :.
Ware Ward
SGeorge Whitney 1 F H Schneider I
Big P Woolf 1 M M Ooodwn
W R Dunn 2 das Beardjr $
Gee Pittman 2 Yancey Bell 8
R C Green J W Crump &
VT Constant 2 L B Watt 4.
L C Pnkston 2 Will Shoddy L
H Kronenger 2 E K McAlpln 6
W I. Montgomery 8 H M McGlnty &
J n Hill, Jr 8 CE Davis U6
List of petit jurors. follt week, (January
1903) beginning.the 8rddMonlay :
Ward Ward
Jim Rose b Joe Graham $
Ed Frost 8 T J Gilliam s
Lev Mitchell 4 Roan Perkins s8
Jeff Nelson 2 Georg Carter t .
T E Rlnkston. Lee Patterson 8
John Atlas 8 John Graham 2
Ollie Mackie 8 Mat King 1
B F Miller 8 Wilse Morehouse 6
Ben Brown 8 Jim Gwynn 8.
W H Davis. 8 Anthony Gamble 2
Wm Lewis 4 C M Whittington &
W D Goodwin, 8 Louis Johnson 8
te Littleton Bryant 8 Frank Bell
B F Brown 8 George McKee $
Mill Hays 8 Leonard GriMn .
List of petit jurors for second week of
court in January, 1902:
Ward Ward
Harry Baptist S Elijab Hawknlas
Kit West 4. Brymase Page &
Wm laines. 1 Henry Watson &
Wm Cullen t Owen Turner 8
Jim Brown. 8 Monroe Newmes 8
Morgas Bachison S W H Purgerson 1
Richard Collins 8 Jobhn Allen I.
Green Richardson I Morris Prater 8
Wm Allen .8 Anderson Phillips S
Sam Atlas 8 Siles Fulgeo ,
Joe Robnson 8 Thurlow Spenoer 6.
Jerry Green 6 W K Aleton
Rtepney Hunter S Albert Haney I
H C MeOulre 8 Joe Jackan S
Will Chlidress 4 Dan Boyd I
A true copy:
Clerk of Court.
Dec. $1. 1901.
State of Louihus, Partsh of East Cdrroli,
Ninth District Court-No. 806.
H. C. Newman versnues Abe uase.
La By virtue orf a writ of Belzre sad 8ale to
of me directed by the Bonorable Ninth Distrie
Court foithe parish ofllEustCsrroll aioresadh
In the above entitled cue, I will proceed to
ell at public auction, at the door of the
I court bouse, in the town of Providence,
Lt East Carroll parish, La., on
Saturdy, tOhe# day Jmnry, 1 ,
Sbetween the bours prescrlbed by law, all
thrighltttle and intesetof Abe Bas In
sad to the followlg described property, to
Tbhe undivided sevea-lxteeudath (7dthb
iterest o! the defreodant·. Abe Bass, n sra
to she east ide ofthe original Point bookh.
out Plantatioo. it being all that pars of said
plantatlon set apart to K. E. Besi, the act
of partition recorded laNotarsll Book "'T",
tello 808 et seq. In the aRecorderk. oe or
itd parish, aad belog that portioa of aid
p lantation lying east of partition line thai
runesalon the levee, extending from the
Coneord pluteon line to the MIsslessppi
river. Tbe orighal Polaint Lookout plantte
tina bavintag bgee oomposed of lots. of fract
lonasL sectl one 17 to 87 nelueive, and o tfot
lonla sectlonst 7 O]o . All in Towahbp O0,
Bage 15 E·t.l5n the district of laud North
of Led river. Louisana sad d ota
1800 acres more or les. Said East side o
aid plsatation uontaninte 800 cres mo
Se or les. Together with all the improrteme
*r appurteonames ad iamovable by deeta
n there onor thereto beonlo ngl-eised I
5r7 the above msalt
Terms of el-e-eseh with the baslt.
S J. W. .lUNTSh, Mhru.
Shberifse oee., hovtidens La. Dee. 7tl
I have taken out a li
cense a8 a Cotton Buy
Sand wilPy the hih
market pace. Don1 %a
Syour cotton until yo

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