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'Fle Bairqqer-Denrocrat.
-i- J T
Publisher and Proprietor.
Saturday; January 4. 1902,
Fifth District Levee Board.
Regular meetings second Wednesday's
in January, April July, and October, at
DelLa. La.
Frank i1. Purvey, of Chicago,
who died the other day, carried a
life insurance of one million dollars.
The Mutual rife Insurance Co.,
carried the policy, which was taken
out two years ago, and the annual
premium was fory.-eight thousand C
The Investment Companies do. -
ing business-in Louisvifle and Lex- V
ington, Ky., have been denied 'the h
use of the mails. These "get rich ti
quick concerns" should he driven ti
out of thescountry, and it is a good i'
thing the government has' stepped P
The killing of the engineer of ae
train on the Y. & M. V. Railroad
near Leland, Miss., last Sunday, by
three drunken men, was an outrage, a
and as they are in custody the P
chances are good for a neck-tie
party. They took possession of v
the train and terrorized the passen.
geres by shooting in the cars. They °
are now in jail at Greenville.
Webster Davis, formerly Assist- a
ant Secretary of the Interior, pre-. g
diots a dart future for President tl
Roosevelt, and says that he will be a
nominated and defeated for Presi- b
dent. It looks like the "dark fut. ii
are for Roosevelt has already set in, ti
and from the criticisms of his many d
acts since he became President, his e
read is very rocky. a
Shreveport suffered' from' anoth. jt
er large fire last week, when several u
large business houses were burned, ai
causing a less of 975,000. The C
forty insurance companies doing tl
business in that city have withdrawn
all risks and refuse to do business P
until a reform in building methods
and improved fire apparatus is in. h
augurated. Pretty rough on Shreve.
The Globe-Democrat says that at
"the past year's gifts to colleges y
and schools will reach a total of ai
$75,000,000, or 820,000,000 more
than in any previous year. In three
years the money thus contributed P'
has amounted to $1065,000,000. 0'
The twentieth century promises to
be one of wonders in educational
The bitter fight between the For. in
aker and Hanna factions in Ohio ko
seem to be widening, and the
friends of both parties have no
hobbpes of bringing them together.
Foraker has won irst blood, and tic
Hanna is making threats as to what
be will do. May the breach widen
between them, and that the Dem
ocrats will gain by the Republicaon D
factional fight.
It is related of James B. Eads, the mi
engineer of the St. Louis bridge and
other great works, that some years lo
ago be made this prediction concern- lo
ing the city of St. Louis: "One of
these days this ill be the passing
point of two great channels of trade.
The one will be an iron way over
the great West, the other a water.
way* down the Mississippi, across d
the isthmus and' up the Pacific.
The one will represent speed, the pri
other economy, and the conflict be
tween the two will have all the bit, s
ternese of fratracinal war." tur
aamemmmeummaa thr
The Minstlild Journal says tha bot
"tbe Alexandria Democrat appears u
to be solicitoas over the political siX
future of tiovernor Heard. The
Demoerlt ea afford to rest easy. l
The same reasons which prompted wb
the people of Louisiana tbo placee
Governor Heard Where be is will al
have as much weight in the future as she
they had in the past, and the govert.
ibr will not lie permitted to retire fait
from public life unleba he elects to
do so. The'governor is an honest t
and useful oficial, and the people has
know it." ber
The white population of Mary- *
laud since 1880 has increased near
ly 230,000, while hbe negro popula.
tion has increased less than 15,000. i
Virginia in twenty years has gained to
612,000 white people, sad has tril
gained only 99,000 negroes. North T"
Carolina in the usame period has gra
gained, in round Agures, 400,000
white pedple and only '93,000 e-t
groes. Teneamsee ee gained 400,. to t
000 white people end onlr t7,oo e
lagroes. Missour hi b gained *S,
;000 white people sad les tha 16,000 a at
egmes. Keatueknn hs gained s1. - '
l@0 wite p•lenn T
Mr. Tompkins' New Book.
Some months ago, after two yea
AT of arduous labor, Mr. F. H. Tom
kins issued bhi valuable book,. "TI
Riparian Lands of the Mississip
Hlver." It was a triumph of tl
engravers and printers arts and wi
most valuable and interesting into
mation. Some of the copies we
sold to secure funds-to print it, bi
the larger portion of the issue wt
for free distribution to the pres
Boards of Trade, Couneils, membe
Sof Congress and in other avenues
advance public sentiment.
Only in the larger cities of tl
yst Valley was any canvas made for as
of copies, and this only to secu
funds to help defray the great co
of preparing and printing the boo
a Now a second edition is being pr
ra. pared, which will combine the fri
distribution feature with a canvas
en the whole valley for local subscri
al tions. This canvas will be placed
ad charge of the local newspapers I
means of clubbing arrangements.
The second edition will conta
lo. much more descriptive matter of tl
z. valley, will be larger, better printer
he better bound and in every way fin
g than the first edition. That is sa
an ing a great deal, for the first editic
dis the finest book, probably, eves
ed printed of the South. Judge R.
Taylor, the distinguished member
the Mississippi River Commissic
a writes as follows :
ad My Dear Sir:- * * * Ihaver
ceived the book and am delighted wtI
yit beyond expression. It is far at
e, away ahead of anything that I antic
be pated. It is invaluablde as a source
information and beautiful from an a
tistic point of view. If it will not ii
of volve too much expense on my part
n. want to order a dozen copies for nr
own use. * *
a Very truly yours.
Several corps of photographers at
It now through the valley taking photi
'e- graphs and issuing booklets of all .
nt the cities, counties and parishb
be along the Mississippi river. The'
ti- booklets are highly interesting bot
it. in the completeness of the descril
a, tions of the attractions, etc., of tl
)y different places, and in the artisti
is engravings. The one of Vicksburi
which we have received, i6sa thing (
beauty and does the Hill City fu
h. justice, not only in portraying, con
al mercial, industrial and resident
d, scenes, but as well as scenic views c
e Centennial lake, the cemetery an
the battle fields.
In good time we will submit to th
s people the liberal proposition whic
leis Mr. Tompkins makes through th
I press, and will club the book wit
e this paper, price will not be mor
than $3.00 for the book, (which wil
weigh about-ten pounds) two map
and the Baoner-Democrat' for on
,s year all combined. These prices ar
Ssimply cost of paper, ink and press
It is in the nature of a gift to th
d people of the valley and is possibly
only by the plan of booklets, and bi
the appropriations which are beinl
made by police jurors, Boards o
Supervisors, County Courts and sim
zliar public bodies. It is really at
ingenious plan to secure great goor
to our valley by making it better
0known, and better understood, anu
e at the same time furnish to our peo
o pie at cost or below, books and mapt
of rare interest and of distinct educa
tionol benefit.
A hligh Compliment.
Donsld.nevlle Time,.
The placing of Congressman Rans.
dell upon the river and harbors cbm
mittee was one of the greatest actt
I for the South that Speaker Header
son could have performed. He wil
look out for all interests, and tc
Louisiana will be fouud worth mort
than his weight in gold.
Levee Board Bonds.
The New Orleans papers of a recent
date announced the sale of bonds of the
Fifth Louisiana Levee Diitrict, to the
amount of $175.000, at an average
prioe of 109).
These bonds were issued by our
I;evee Board under the Act of the Con
stitution and the Act of the Legisla
ture, permiting the Levee Boards
throughout the State to refund their
outstanding bonds, by issuing new
bonds to bear five per cent .interest to
Irun fifty years. The old bonds bear
six per cent.
No better evidence of the high stand
ing of our levee board could be offered
than the premium which these bonds,
which were sold under sealed propo
salk. brought, the transaction betting
the Board some $16.000 above the face
value of the bonds; and the transaclion
shows in a most practical was the con
fidence reposed by the tfinancial world
in the capacity and integrity and good
faith of the Levee Board.
Many different citizens of the Fifth
Levee Districq have contributed during
their membership of the Board to this
happy result, but the two Tensas mem
bers. Messrs. C. C. Cordill and G. C.
Goldman, by reason of their almost
continued membership since theorgan
isation of the Board, is largely due the
credit which it enjoys
In season and out of season these
faithful public servants have l~bnoed
for the levee interests of the Stat e. and
to them the people of the whole dis.
trnet, and partluctany the people of
Tensas. in whose lsvee line no crevasse
has occurred sioe f881, owe a debt of
gratitude beyond measure,
Upon the eMeilency of the levee sys
tem depends absolutely the prosperity
of the people of Tensas. Floctuations
in the price of cottow may cause tem
porary depressions or elevations of
talmees, but so long as we are protected
frm overflows, there most take place
a steady advance in the values of our
Sands and in the prosperity of our peo.
To those men, then, who took up the
srlalto of hMs vitAal question of our
protection from floods, whoa succe
seemed hopeless, who bnllt up out
ro 14vee system tbrough intelligent efforts
in parish, district sad state; whose pa.
Stience, persistence and wise efftort hays
he overcome every obstacle until the prob.
pi lem. if not solved, is itearing solutior,
let every good citizen extend their
just measure of praise.
S We endorse every word said by the
r- Tensas Gazette in. the above article,
re but w think the other members of out
t Levee"Board are due just as much
eS credit for the creditable way in which
s. the affairs of the Board. is managed.
rs Mr. J. T. McClellan, its President,
to has shown bis-efficieney in many ways.
besides his untiring work and zeal it
ie the management of the financial part
le should not be overlook. Every mem.
ber of the Board has worked hard tc
st have the levees of the fifth district put
k in the best possible condition. until
now no levees along the great Missis.
sippi are better. Alr. A. T. Lane. the
efficient secretary of the. board, should
of also come in for a good share of
P- praise fir the manner in whihh hie
in office is run.
in The old idea that the body some.
le times needs a powerful, drastic, purga.
jtive pill bas been exploded; for Dr.
er King's Now Life Pills, which are pe
iecitly harmless, gently stimulate liver
Sand bowels to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse the system and absolutely cure
Constipation and Sick Headache.
Onily 25e at J. S. Guenard's drug store
rif -
On motion of Councinian Pittman,
e- the following ordinance was read and
'd adopted. to-wit:
An ordinance for providing and con
tracting a debt of twenty thousand
of dollars and issuing negotiable bonds
r- therefor; eachl for the sum of five huni.
dred dollars; bearing five per centun,
per annum interest, to be known and
designated as Providence Waterworks
and Light Bonds; and levying an an
nual property.-tax of five itlls on the
dollar of the assessed valuation of the
e property in the town of Providence
d (uring the period of forty years, for
the payment of the interest and princi
pie of said bonds.
s Section 1. Be it ordained by the
e Mayor and Councilmen of the town of
b Providence. State of Louisiana. That
acting under, and by. virtue of the
- power and authority granted by the
e propert) tax payers of said town of
i Providence, at a special election held
in said town on November 14th. 1901.
in accordance with the laws of the
tf State of Louisisiana. and with Article
11 281 of the Constitution of the State of
Louisiana, the returns of which elect.
Ion were duly canvassed and promul
e gated in November 1901. They here
tg by authorize the Mayor and Council
men of the M.unicipality to contra,'t a
debt of twenty thousand dollars ($20.
000) and to issue-in evidence thereof a
e series of forty negotiable bonds of this
b municipality of the denomination of
five hundred dollars each, maturing an
e aggregate amount of twenty thousand
b dollars. for the purpose of paying for
e the putting in. erection and construc
tion of a combined waterworks and
light system for this municipality,
s which said bonds shall be consecutive
h Iv numbered from one to forty inclu
sive: shall be known and designated as
the Proyidence Waterworks and Light
Bonds; shall bear date of the 1st day of
January. A. D. 1902 (Ninteen Hutid
e red and Two); shall stipulate interest
est thereon at the rato of five per cent.
a um per annum fromndate, payablesemi
p annually, on the 1st day of July and
January of each year; shall mature in
forty years with the option in the Mu
nicipality of calling in and redeeming
- any portion or all thereof after a lapse
of twenty viars; shall be payable in
principaland inferest in gold coin of
the United States of America of the
plresent weight and fineness at the
iI Hnover National Bank of New York.
and shall be signed by the Mayor and
attested by the secretary of tihe Town
with ghe corporate seal attached.
See. 2. Be it it f'rther ordained
etc., 1That in accordance with the fur
ther authority granted by the tax pay
ers at the aforesaid election of Novem
ber 14. 1901, a special property tax of
five mills on the dollar of the assessed
valuation of all the prope ry in the
corporate limits yf the town of Provi.
dence sunfjgct to taxation, is bereby
leviedl for a period of fort% years.
which tax is for the purpose of paying
the interest and principal of the bonds
aforesaid, and sanme is hereby levied for
the year (1902) Nineteen Hundred and
'1 wo, and for each of the succeeding
thirty-nine years, and it shall be rol
lectedl in the same manner as is now
provided by the law for the collection
of ordinary State taxes.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, etc.,
'T'hat the mayor of the town is hereb.
authorized to dispose of said bonds, or
to givesaid bonds in payment for a
combined waterworks and light sys
tem for the town as may be deemed
best, provided that s:iid -bonds or the
proceeds thereof shall not be used for
any purpose except to put in, con
struct and equip a comblaned water
works andt light plant system for the
town of Providence.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained etc..
That the special fund hereby creat,-d
shall not be drawn upon or expended
otherwise than in paymeiint of thbe inter
est and, principal of said bonds, until
they have been paid and settled in
Sect. 5. Be it further ordained etc..
That this ordiinance shall take bffect
from and after its pissage, and that ail
ordinances in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.
Passed and epproved this 5th day of:
December 1901.
G. M. Franklin, Mayor.
T. J. Powell, acting Sacretary.
(. motion of Concilman DI)avis the
following ordinance was read and
adopted. to-wit:
An ordineuce providing ,for the re
demplion sof the Providence Water
works and Light B,ds and increasing
the fund heretofore for that purtpose.
See. 1. Be it ordained by the
l~avor and Councilmen of the town
of Providence, Louisiana, That for
the purpose of making the spec-.
ia funil of live mill- per an
nutb for forty years heretofore provi
ded'for the interest and principal of
the Providence walterk.rks and hlght t
bonds sulfeient to pay said interest
and redemption of said bondls, there be
and is hereby set aside out of the ordi-.
narv revenaes of the town o$ Provi
dence inelusaive of the ineoume from the p
lease or sale of water and lights. the
sue of ($200) T'wo Hrndred D)ollarsrI
pe year fo" ten years, b+giniing withi
the year 1902 and enditg with theyeat- -
1912 inclusive and tire urtlher sum of
six hundred dollars per year for thirt.y d
5 Star Shoe
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
Is said by us under a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction.
1otio s,Shoes,r1ats,Glothi~g,Overcoats.
fIlE G F 5pS, p If J.tipH , pIJf WI}P ,
We are Shoting a Handsome Line of .
Fine Undertvear for
Sole Agent for "The New Royal" SewIng Machine. Equal to the
Singer, and In many respects far superior.
.. S, MILLIIN @@'.' @@@.N
J. J. POWERS. Pres. A. F. NIMTZ. Vice Pros. T. 0. BRIERLY, Sect!.
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co.,
Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Vicksburg every Monday and Thursday
at 3 p. inl.; returning, leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Friday.
Steamer Annie L:utrie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday
at 3 p. m.; returning. leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Sunday evening.
First-class passenger and freight accommodations. Boats brilliantly lighted
throughmiui with elctricity. Lights in every stateroom. Cusine unsurpassed.
For fifty years 4Schlitz beer has been brewed at Milwaukee. From
this city it goes to the remotest parts of the darth. The sun
never sets on Schhltz agencies. Civilized men do not live where
Schlitz beer i- not standard. People now demand a beer that is
bealthful, and that demand calls for Schlitz. Every barrel is
filtered-every bottle is sterilized. A beer that is pure is healthful.
That is Schlitz.
Every First Class place handles Schlitz.
. . . .. . . ..- - . . .
years, beginning with the year 1912
and ending with the year 1942 inclu
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained etc.,
That the above provided sunm. addi
tional to the sait special fund shall be
set aside out of the first revenues re
ceived by the in uiciipalit\ front the
ordinary revenuies tand income from
water and lilghts of their respective
years, andt said sums shall not be used
for any purpose except to pay the prin
cipal and interest of said bonds.
Sec 3, Be it further ordained etc.,
That this ordinance sha:ll take effect
from andI after its passage, and all or.
dinances or paris of ordinances con
flicting with any of the provisions of
this or'linan'ce are hereby repealed in
so far as each conflict muay extend.
Passed and approved this 5th day of
Dec. 190s.
G. M. Franklin. Mayor.
T. J, Powell, aling Secretary.
The Subject Aroued Her.
"Up to Jim Blodgett's, eh? They
say Jim's wife isn't much of a
"She isn't? She kept me until after
12 o'clock and never gave me a ehance
to get itn a word edgeways."
"What was she talking about?"
"About the chances she had to get
married before she met Jim."--Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Waring of the Honeymoon.
"What did you ever see in me to in
duce you to marry me?" she asked.
"Nothing." he replied.
"What!" she cried, indignantly.
"Oh. it isn't your fault." he replied
soothingly. "I evidently had visions,
and I ought to have consulted an ocu
list at the time."-Chicago Post.
Dear Little Thiag.
Miss Pepprey-Still dreaming or
Miss Huddilips, eh?
Cholly-Aw, yes. That wosy mouth
of hers! It fll my mind to the ex
clusion of all else.
Miss Pepprey-What a delicate
compliment! But is it really sosmall
as that?-Philadelphia Press.
Know All About It.
"He claims to.be very systematic-
says he's as regular as a clock."
"Hfe is."
"You know him, then?"
"Yes. I know him, and I also know
something about clocks. He's as reg
ular as one of those 90-cent alarm
clocks."--Chicago Post.
The Next Day.
Jack-W-ho is that flue-looking girl
that just bowed to you?
Tom (gloomily)-Ch, she's my sie
Jack-Why, old chap, I wasn't aware
that you had a sister.
Tom--T didn't know it myself until
last night.-Chicago Daily News.
Delleved In the Theory.
Mrs. Bacon-Do you believe the
moon shining ox a person will make
him ailly?
Mr. L;acon--I guess so; you know I
proposed to you in the moonlight,
dear.-Yonkers Statesman.
Aeoomplished Hie Wish.
To be a big gun
Was what he desired, .)
So first he got loaded i
And then he was fred.
Two pair of Po!and China pigs, at
12.00 per pair.
B. P. I. cockerls, at $1.00 to $1.50
!aeb. GEO. S. OWEN,
Gossyppia Plantation.
Bunch's Bend, La
GOAL at Bell's Ldg1i
Get our priees on job prlating. We
Lo la, class wruk. i
Episcopal Church Notice.
During the year services will be held
in the Parish Church and Missions as
Lake Providence-Grace Church
Celebration of the Holy Communion
every Sunday at 7:30 a. m., and~on the
I 1st Tuesday at 11 i. m Morning and
evening prayer every Sunday at 11 a.
I m., and 7 p. m., except the 3rd Sun
days when there will be no evening
service. Litany every Friday at 4 p. m.
Transylvania-- All Saints Mission
Every 1st Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
Bunch's Bend-St. John's Mission
Every 2nd Sunday at 3:30 p. m.
Mayersvillie- Holy Cross-Every 3rd
Sunday at'7 p. m.
Roberta School District-Every 4th
Sunday at 3:30 p. m.
Delta-St. Pauls'-Every 3rd Tues
day and the 5th Sunday.
Rector Grace Church.
Pointed Paragraphs.
It's a slort alley that has no ath
A dark horse is better than a politi
cal zebra.
It's a very easy matter to find fault
where it isn't.
* An expressman says that old maids
are uncalled for packages.
An apt quotation is sometimes better
than an original remark.
Probably the best housekeeping plan
is not to mortgage the house.
Hard Hearts are apt to grow harder,
and soft heads to grow softer.
If all a man's weak spots were visi
bhle you would think he had the meas
lls satanic majesty's best servants
a.ie men who have money and hate
A schoolboy says it is tl-e rule in the
hands of his teacher that works both
A true woman never attemps to
drive nails with a hammer if there's a
hair brush handy.
The wages of sin is paid in full only
when the job is complete; but lots of
men draw something from time to time
on account.
It may require practice to make per
feet in some cases, but the first time a
man picks up a hot plate he can drop
it just as gracefully as though he had
practiced it for months.
A couple of months ago an old man
eame into this office and "stopped" his
paper;, another took his add out for
some supposed grievance. We have
frequently met them on the streets
since that time and it is very amusing
to us to note the surprise on their face
that we are still in existence regardless
of the fact that the paper was stopped
and a measely add taken out of its oo).
umns. Some day, the poor fellows
will turn up their toes. Neighbors
Sand friends will follow their lifeless
clay out to the cemetery and lay them
to rest among the flowers. An obit
uary will appear in these columns
telling what kind fathers they were,
good neighbors and benevolent citi
zens they were-which lie the record
ing angel will kindly overlook for
charity's sake-and in a short time
thereafter they will be forgotten. As
taey lie out there in the silent .lumber
they will never know that the last kind
words spoken of them were those of
the editor of the paper which in life
these poor kind of mortal thought
wounid bust if they ogly stopped their
paper and took out thbeir add--Ex"
PIIt a$W alT MILK 25C ~A
Go to Millikin'd fo r
Cook Stoves and Heate
Lake and Levee Ste.,
Lake Providenoce, La.
'The Finest Line of Clothing Carx.
* ried in the City. •
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Yazoo & Mississip
pi Valley
Railroad Company.
JULY 22, 1901.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 8:35 a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 6:15 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:40 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:15 a. m.
No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:25 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. m.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 9:00 a. m.
Arrives New Orleans 6:35 p. m.
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:40 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:50 p. nm.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00 p, m
Arrive Vicksburg 11:25 p. m.
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:45 a. m.
Not22-Leave New Orleans7:10 a.m
Arrive Vicksburg 4:50 p. m.
No. 35-Arrive Vicksburg 9:00 a m
No. 36-Leave Vicksburg 4:50 p in
C. P. & 'T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss
Div'n. Pass'i-. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
New Orleans, La.
- Lake Street,
W . H. MABEN ............ Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Prices.
Patronage Soliciteil.
Agent for Memphis Steam Laundry.
To Cattle Buyers and All Whom it
May Concern.
The undersigned have each a large
hetd of cattle running in the swamps
situatd east of Mer Rouge. The DaV
enport brand is the letters J ]D.
The Moss brand is 'Z('M" with bar
over it) Their cattle run in portions
of the parishes of Morehouse, Richland
and West Carroll. To protect them
selves against cattle thieves they have
agreed that they will not sell to any one
who will not agree to ship from Mer
Rouge and from no other place, either
rail or river. Any one collecting or
driving ecattle branded as above, and
not accompauied by one of the under
sined or by some one legally repre
senting them, will be criminally prose
cuted. To any one ftrnishing infor
mation leading to the prosecution and
conviction of parties stealing their cat
tle, the updersigned will pay a reward
of one hundred ($100) dollars. 41l
letters and telegrams must be addressed
to the undersigned at Mer Rouge, La.
GAZE Moss.
5, 10. 16 and 20ct counter where
many useful article can be founod
worth doable the money.
We are on Lake street right scross
from the corner of 8parrow street.
Watab-mker and Reps ,r.
Oppesie the 8ak,
Lake Proti euce, La.
Queen & Cresceni
The Best Line
TNorth aendl E.ast.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
line via Lookout Mountain.
New Orleans, La.
R. J. ANDERSON. A. G. P. A..
Nw Orleans, La.
R. W. BONDS. T. P. A.
Meridian. Miss.
Lake Providence - - La
Keeps on band a large ansortment of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Order
rarn i 1R-89-l v
9 a. m.-Sundav school.
11 a. m.-Preaching.
8 p. m.-Clase Meeting.
8 p. m.-Preaching.
REV. .. L. ELBERT, P. C.
S. FULGUM, 8. 8- SDt.
Memphis and Vickeburg
For Lake Providence, Greenville,
Arkansas Clty, Helena;
and All Way Landingst
Steamer DELTA,
W. H Nowland, ............Master
F. J. Dnrrnrh..................Clerk
Leaves Memphis every
Wednesday at 51. m.
Leaves Vicksburg every Saturday
at 12 m.
Agent. G. k. & P. A.,
Lake Providence. Memphis.
is the time to purchase
Fine Saddle and
Harness Horses.
The best and finest grade of Horses
ever brought to this market.
Will guarantee every animal. Call
at the big stables and see the stock.
Representing Gyton & herrod.
A" Hold your purchases of mules
until our stock arrives.
UMD&R RhW eMAA&bMant
S---Pr oprietors
The entire Hotel has been eleaned
nd re-furnished. The services of a
frat class Steward has been seeared
mnd tie table will be kept up to the
higlest standard.
W'Patnroage solicited ad satie
fatobrs gecaratee.
8: -
Against plain facts The lands are
here in plain sigh,, with prices markedt
in plain figures. and we are willing to
let your own juldgement do Ihe arguing
for our side of the case
Beat Out of an qIncrease of BHi
A Mexican war veteran and promi.
neut editor writes: "Seeing the ad-
vertisemesnt of Chamberlain's Colic,.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. I at
reminded that as a soldier in Mexlc'
in '47 and '48, I contracted Mexicas.
diarrhoea and thise remedy has kept
me from getting an increase in my
pension for on every renewal a dose
of it restores iue " It is unequalled as
a qunik calre for diarbhoea and is
pleasteand safe into take. For sale at.
J. S. Guenard's drug foire.
5ct Cigar made.
Guarantee to be of the best Tobacce.
More SABORiOSO>' are sold than
any other Cigar They are kept up to
the standard Of excellence.
You ova find these first class Cig.rs
only at the stores of
and R. I,. MeKEE& Co.
Delta Cotton Company
of Memphis,
Will buy cotton this season in Lake
Providence and at river landings on
either side, ahove and below. All com-.
munientions by mail or telephone
promptly answered
Their 'wgent. Mr. It. A. Banks. invites
all planters to call or write him before
disposing of their cotton.
Office at the Lake Provilence Bank
Call on the Bfanner
Democrat for pilces on
job work.
The date of the sessions of the 9th I)i .
trict Court of Louisiana are hereby fixed as
Jury Sessions.-Third Monday in .January
and first Monday in .uly.
Civil Sessions.--First Mondays in Febl
ary, March, April. May, June, October, No
vember and December.
Jury Sessions.--First Monday in January
and third Monday In July.
Civil Sessions.--Third Mondave in Feb
runary, March. April May, June, October.
November and December.
Judge 9th Dist. of La
A true copy :
Geo. F. Blackburn, Clerk.
Lake Providence.. La, Dec. 14. 1902.
Lake Providence, La.
List of grand jurors for first six months
of 1114)2:
Ward Ward
George Whitney 1 F H Schneider B3
Sig P Woolt 1 M M Goodwin " 3
W E I)unn 2 .Jas Heard.jr a%
lGeo Pittmnan 2 Yancey Bell 3
R C Green 2 .1 W ('rump 4
F T C'onstant 2 I, B Watt 4
I, C Pinkston 2 \Vii Snoddy 5
H Kronenger 2 E K lMcAllin 4
W Ii Montgomery 3 H t McGinty 4
J N Hill.jr 3 C E Davis 5
List of petit jurors for 1st weqk. (January
19023) beglinning tile 3rd Mont~f:
Ward Ward
Jim Rlose 5 .loe Grah.m 2
Ed Frost 3 T .t Gillivm 2
Lev Mitchell 4 IRoan Perkins 8
.Jeff Nelson 2 George Carter 3
T' E Pin, ston 2 Lee i'atterson 3
Jlohn Atlas 3 John Graham 4
Ollie Mackle 3 Mat King I
B F Miller 3 Wilse Morehlouse S
Ben Brown 3 .lim Gwynn 8
W.H DIavis 3 Anth ony Gamble 2
Wm Iewis 4 C M Whittington 3
W D Goodwin 3 Louis Johnson 2
i.ittleton Bryant 3 Frank BeII 4
B F Brown 3 George MKrl(ee 8
Mill Hays 3 Leonard Grifflo 2
List of petit jurors for second week of
court In January. 1902:
Ward Ward
Harry Baptist 5 Elilah Hawkins 5
Ell \Vest 4 Brymann Page a
Wm Gaines 1 Henry Watson 8
Wm Cutllen S Owen Turner 8
.imn Brown 3 Monroe Newman 3
Morgan Huchison 5 W H Furgerson 1
Richard Collins 3 John Allen 2
Green Richardson 2 Morris P'rater a
WmAllen 8 Anderson Phillips 8
Samn Atlans 3 Sils Fulgim 8
Joe Robltnson l'hurlow Spencer 5
Jerry Gireen 5 WK Alston 8
Stepnev [hlunter 5 Albert Htney 2 -
H C McGuire 3 Joe Jacksan 8
Will Childress 4 Dan Boyd 2
A true copy:
Clerk of Court.
Dec. 21, 1901.
State of i.ouliana, Parstab of East CdrroIll,
Ninth Distrtc. hourt-No. . U.
H. & C. Newmnan versus Abe Bass.
By virtue ofra writ of Seizre and Sale to
me dilested by thie Hlonorahle Ninth District.
Court for the parish ofKastCarrolI aforesaid.
Iit the above ensitled cause. l will Droceed to
sell at public auction, at the doot of the
court house, in the town of Providence,
East Carroll pariah. La.. on
Saturday, the lIthl day of Jmuary, 1)9.,
between the hours prescrlled Iv law. all
the right. title anid intesest of Abe Bass la
anrd to the following described property, to
The ueuhsltied seven-alxteenth c7-lfth)
interest ss the defendant. Abs Rass, n an(:
to tbe eas, alde ofte ori~i1ija J'nut Look.
out Plantation. It being all that part of saId
plants;ion set .part to E. BaE. ss in the aset
Sof partition recorded in Notarial Book "'T"
folio 6. et seq. in the te'order's ofiice of
aiglI parlah. and beIng that portion of said
plantajon lyinvg east of partition line that
runs along the levee. extending from the
Concord plantation line to the Misalasippt
river. The ioriginal 'Polnt Lokout plants,
tilon having been nmposedof lots of fraet.
lalseetikna 17 to 37 ineisive ando tract
ional secrlonest67 todl. All in 'ownsolbip 20,
Range 12 East. In the districtor fands North
of Ked River. Louisiana. and containing
Iut~o acres more or less Said East side of
said pisittation containofn 9(5) acres more
or less. Together with al tbe lmprovements
appurtenances and immv9tvables by destna..
tion thereon or thereto berfblngg--seizeld l
tise above suit.
Terms of sale-cashb wit the benest of
J. W. DUNN.Shertff. I)
eberia' .ee. Prowlkence, La.. Dee. 7th,
I have taken out a li
cense as a Cotton Buyer i
and will pay the highest
market price. Don't sell
your cofi"on untill you.
see me.

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