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V ol. XV. ,Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana, December 27, 1902. NO. 2.
Everythirgx Fresth.
:Seeded Raisins, Currents,
Almonds, Brazil Nuts,
English Walnuts, Dried Figs,
Oranges, Apples,
Mince Meat, 'Buck-heat,
Olives, Pickles,
'Fig Preserves, Marasquin Cherries,
Cranberries, Eggs,
Edan' Cheese, Pine Apple Cheese,
Sauer Kraut, Canned Goods,
0one IIfade ll'uit 'ake.
phone JTo. ,I. Ordenr promptly filled.
free and quidl deliuery.
ý 1._ S. &. G. H . H . LL. r
3. S. -CUENARD, Proprietor,
Gar. a'F ull Lda of
alants, Dils. Yandhes, Irushes, Toilet Soaps, Perfumery, Books,
Fine Suatonery and Bl61ms
Preseoriptions Accurately Compounded.
Hot Coffee and Hot Choclate daily at
An Elegant and Large
fto'Select From.
'ExtraLFine-Line of Toilet Articles,
'Perfemery, Toilet Sets, Dressing
'Cases, Comebiation Dresser Sets,
"Gentlemen Traveling Toilet Cases,
A:ilitary 'Bt'aebe, Collar 'and Ctff
;Boxes, Medalians, , complete -Line
,Jewelery and Watches, '.fancy Sta
rtionery, Writing Desks.
Fire Works.
'Make your selettionnesowand we
vwillpaek them away'untll'called for.
le .4uenrard
Drug Store.
"of the.
tUnitnd State bf Amerale, State of L6uis
iana. Parish of lEet Carroll.
Be; it kabdn. that'on this the 29th day of
"Novemthr. A: 1). 19. bIlore me. .1. Mar
tala Haley. a'Notary iPublc in and lor
'saldparish asd tate' duly eomntlssioned
.a. quailied. and In the presence of the
-uandesrlgned'witnetaes,'personally appear
ed the sevhral persons whose nAmes are
,bereunto subscrlbed. who severally ,de
Sltared that avalling themselves of the laws
of the StateofLbuislana in such easea'made
and. prbvlded. they have contrActed and
gr.ed. and do hereby covenant, agree
.nd bnd themselves. as well as' all such
Lperbns aimay. hereafter become "associat
!ed with theb , to fdrm a sorpration for the
,ebjeets had ptepoeee and-under the arttcles
imra~ tpuletloes followleg, to-wit:
1Tbe name and style of tie oporation
therby ftemed shall be
12 Her 1w N sCOmP,lt
-sad under its crporstesamep ; It sabal have
k the power ad autbority to have and enjoy
.ueeeosiae for the ftll team of ninety-nine
-yest*fr'e the data hrerf; to contract, to
suesadtbeamedto lnake and ase a corpor
-ate seasL ad the same to break or alter at
nlar; to.boldoeeaive. lease, purchase
co.oo ,ey awdl as to mortgage, by
'i plneeo5edgeaad Wa property, real,
ma d oe, poral and aeor
.eill4 aeu. ae aip- a t snao managers,
pen1, 4famlesoras eu sand' to en
age such servants and employees as its
business interests or convenience may re
luire; and to make and establish, as well as
to alter and. annlll at pleasure such by-laws.
rules and regulations for the government of
the affairs of said coporation as may be 'ne
cessary and proper.
'The domicle of this corproation shall be
at Lake Providence. in the parish of East
Carroll. Louisiana. and all citations or
other legal service shall be served upon the
Presluent of said corporation, or in tile
event of his Whisence, upon the Vice Presi
*dent thereol; and in the :tlseuce of both of
said otticers, upon the secretary of said cor
•Tne objects and purposes for which this
corporation is established and the nature
of the business to be carried on by it are
hereby declared and specified to be-to
constrUct. own. operate. carry on. and lease
a public hotel. to fully equip and furnish
same. and genlerally to hold and exercise
all such incidental powers and privileges
us relates to the conducting of said busi
ness, and the objects herein set forth.
The capital stock of this coporation is here
by fixed at titty thousand (Z;oU.o1i) dollars.
to lie divided into and represented by live
hundred dollars each, and 20 per cetulu uof
the stock shall be p:dd for at the time of
subscription thereof,t. and the renmaiuder
thereof shall be paid at such time or times
as alay be designated by the board of di- I
rectors, provided tuat not more ta:iu 2) per
cent of such stock shall be assessed. per
'mionth; provideu that stock of said corpora
tion may be issued at par in payment or
exchange for labor done. or money or
property actually received by said corpora
'This corporation shall be autorized to do
business as soon as ten thousand dollars
in stock is subscribed and twenty-live
hundred dollars actually paid in.
No transfer of a tractional share of stock
shallbe made; nor shall any trainsfer of
stock be made, except by transer thereof' on
the books of this corporation at its fthee
and on surrender of the certtificate thereof;
nor shall any sale. transfer or assignment
of stock be made to any one not at the time
a stockholder of tiis corporation witlhout
thirty days prior nctie given to said cor
poration of the Iiltenltioni to l:tlke suchl at
sale, tranafer or assignlntl. t. option i e
ing reserved to the other' stocklhuldera
oinutly or severally to become within said
period the owner or owners of such stock.
All the corporate powers of this dprpora
tion shall lie vested in and exercised by a
'board of directors to bIe comlposed of nine
stockiolders. The board oi directolrs shall
elect from their number ap' resident and a
vice president of this corporation, and shall
'also select a secretary and a'tresurer: who
may be either directors or stockboldla's.
Tl'he-'embers of said board to be elected by
the stookholders annually on the' second
Monday in Janeary of each, exoept the first
'board ofdirectors appointed in this chart r.
All directors shall hold their office until
'teir successors are elected and aualitled.
Stockholders' elections shall be by vallot.
and conducted at the oltice of this corpora
lion. under the supervision of two stock
holders appointed as cowwmmisiouers by the I
board of directors.
Not fees than ten days pryor to an elect
Ion, notice thereof, by writing and publica
tion in a newspaper in this parish, shall be
given to each person appearing on the
booke of this corporation as a stockholder
yvrtstockbolder saall be entitled Lto
Staple ard Fancy Grocers.
Cotton Factors. 1
:.396 Front St. Memphis, Tenn.
T, B. JONES & CO.,
Ilanufacturers: of
No. 9 Union, St.,
See us for all kinds Job Work,
one vote for each and every share of stock nform:nlity in organizing have the effect bf
standing in his name on the books of this ,rendering this charter null or of exposing
corporation, to be caat in person or bv" a stockholder to any liability beyond the
proxy, and the majority of the vote cast uupaid balance remaining due on his stock..
shall elect. ARTICLI IX.
In elections by the board of di- Jos L. Fischer. . W. B. Pierce, R. J.
rectors, caused by death, reaignation or .JW S. U. . aiscer. )r. W. u. Pierce. R. J.
otherwise, shall be filled by election by the Walker. F'. Lavis. J. W. Dunn, los. E.
reuaining directors. lor the remaindero IlRansdell, E. J. Hlamley. John A. Buckner
.. ... . .nid ITlr,,ri ed H 'm.' -r r, hu- e,, .hia . n antd ,
Onellt VOL 1017 RacHi aiut every suiare 01 SLOtS
standing in his name on the books of this
corporation, to lie cast. in person or lhv
proxy. and the majority of the vote cast
shall elect.
In elections by the board of di
rectors, caused by death, resignation or
otherwise, shall be filled by election by the
remaining directors. for the remainder of
the termnof the board.
A failure to elect directors on the date
herein mentioned shall not dissolye this
corporation; but the directors then in otilee
shall remain therein unltil their successors
are elected or qualified: and alter notic;e. as
above provided. shall cause another elect
ion to be held as soon as poesslle alter such
Five directors shall constite a quorum for
the transaction ol' any business. provided,
that a'less number shall have power to fill
vacancies in the thoi r'd as above provided.
The board ot'di"r 'tors may appoint froni
time to time sue, tlhicers, clerks, agents
and employees ae It mini" deent necessary
for the purposes ntud bllsiness iof this cor
[poration at the pleasure of the board
The first board of directors shall be com
posed of persons who ows at least 3 sharer
ol capital clock.
The board of directors may make and es
tablish. as well as tiller ntNd annul all b)
laws. rules and regulations necessary and
proper for the conltllicllg and unll agemetlnt
of the business alttfair of thls corpotatiou;
and shall have full power to borrow money,
to execute Inorlgages. pawns and pledges;
to create debts, to issue notes and other ob
I bgations, and generally to do all things
necesnvary and reasonable lor the carrying
on the husiness of this corporation, provid
ed the real property owned iby this corpora
tion shall be sald or conveyed only wenu
authorized by a regular or specialieetiag
of the stockholders held after the same
I otice as required by article seven.
Fach director. iu case ol absenee from
the parish, shall hate the power to appoint
in writing a stockholder qualified to act as
a dillctor as a proxy to represent him at all
i etiungs of the board,
Whenever this corporation may be dis
solved either by lilluidaltioi or front other
irse. its atairs sh ll hia Ii , i iiidattid b. three
CoiniislOiiel to 1he elecs':, ltr'u the stock
hollers at, a generall lllerlti- ci:otiUvened for
Sitihi itull.a. ol whic;) t 'tting lnOtice
slil i. livelen i Wthe it! ilner provided for
sLutoe:oKers mneetings Iy article seven of
this charter, and a-majority in amnnuoit of
the capital stock ofthlis corporation repre
seilted at such sleeting shall be requisite to
The liquidating- vonnmissloners shall re
main in oftice until the affaira of this cor
puratiou shall have been tuily liquidated.
In case of the death of ainy of said coinuiis
sioners, the vacancy lsall be tiled by elect
on by the surviving eouninlsioners.
This act of incorporation 'may be modl.
lied. changed or amen.led. or said corpora
tion may be dissolved by a vote ot toree
lourths of the capital stock represented at
a gendral meeting of' the stocktoldhers con
vened for the purpose, after ;ao days notice
shall have been publisled in a newspaper
in this parish. anmd shall iave been given in
writing to each stockholder. mailed to him
at the post ofice address designated by him
in writing.
No'stockbolder shall ever be held liable
for the contracts or faults of this corpora
tion in any further sum than the unpaid
balance due the corporation on the shares
et stock ownedby brim, 'ur shall il ay were
nformality in orgvanizing have the effect of
rendering this charter null or ol exposing
a stockholder to any liability beyond the
unpaid balance remaining due on his stock., C
.Jos. L. Tisclher. l)r. W. B. Pierce, R. J. t:
Walker. C. F. Davis. J. W. Dunn, .Jos. E.
Ransdell, E. J. Hawley. John A. Buckner Ce
and Howrrd Cole have been chosen and se- L
lected as the first board of directors of this %
corporation to Berve as such until the 2nd
M.londay in January, ISit,4 and . until their
successors shall have been elected and a
qualified. O
This done and passed at my oflce in said t
prrish and state befora mue Notary, and in
the pretence of S. B. Kennedy and O. P. P
Haltiltou, comfpetent witnesses, who here- b
to with appearers and with me, Notary. ci
siguing otfficially and :tmfing my seal of offtice a
hereto on tie day and date .herein first
written, after due reading of the whole. d
Name suhsrlbers No. shares Amount.
Jos. L. F"ischer 20 *2000 00
J. WV. lDunn. 5 ;00 00 .ý
IW B Pierce, 5 500 00
E. .I. Hamley, 5 500 00
It. J. Walker, 5 500 00 c0
Jos. E. Itansdell, 7 70Q 00 d
ICliftou F. Davis, 5 500 09
F. X. Itansell 1 100 00
W: It. Thompson & Co..hy N
F.. I. tansdell, atty in
fact, ,5 500 00
Wright ftro..by F X Ranes- .
dell. allly In fact 2 200 00 L
Mrs F Ficher by ±' AX
Ranedell atty iu fact 2 200 00
S; U. Kennedy.
0. P. Haminlton.
Notary Public.
State of L6btlsiana. )
Parish of East Carroll" C
' .'George F. Blackburn. clerk of the 9th
DiStrict Court and ex-.tliclo Recorder in
and for the parish of East Carroll, Lous
lana, do hereby certify that the within
document is a true and correct copy of a
charter, the original of whice is on Ille in
ay office, and duly recorded in Mortgage c
tRecord Book -*Z". folio- et seq. of the
r.e'orlds of lily otlice.
Witness my official signature and seal I
this ; d day of December. A. D. 1102. A
Clerk and Ex-officio Recorder. n
lake Providence, La., Dec.5, 1002. o
Could hardly express the thanks of
utomer Hall, of West Point, In. Lis
ten why: A severe , cold had settled
on his lungs, causing a most obstinate
cough. Several physicians said be had
consumption, but could not help him.
W'hen atl thought he was doomed he el
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ery for Conlsumptiou and writes-"*it w
completely cured me and saved my ct
life. I now weigh 227 lbs." It's al
positively guaranteed for Coughs,Colds hi
anti Lung troubles. Price 50c and w
$1 00. 'Trial bottles free at J. 8. Gue- w
nard's drug store. . etc
The Banner-Democrat is just I
in receipt of a fine stock of sta-.Sý
lionery. See us on prices. .u
ThIe Comnig Town on tle
11. H. & La., R, R.
C(ity of Carmel, Chicot, Countty Arkansas.
Sl ighest point on the M. H..4 La,1R. R. 35 to 50 fee
above the level 9f the bottnm' lands I Offers spleidid
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For further lnfoenatlen, call on or address.
Fine Wines, Liquors & Cigars.
Blllard and Pool Parlor.
Schlitz Mitlwablkee Iotle her and Cbitrlala Mewtila
KgL Bete always on Had,.
. Old Foxretex," a Speoialty.$
PHIL J. Mc6UIRE & CO., Proprlitors.
The old friends of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will be pleased to know
that the manufacturers of that prepa
ration have gotten out a new remedy
called Chamberlain's "Stomach and
Liver Tablets. and that it is medting
with much success in the treatment of
constipation, biliousness, sick bead
ache. impaired digestion and like dis
orders, These T'nblets are easier to
take and more pleasant in effect than
pills, then they not only move the
bowels, but improve the appetite and
correct any disorders of the stomach
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Immediately relieves hoarse, croupy
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Druggist.Shullsville, Wisconsin; writes
May 20, 1901: .1I have been selling.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup for two
years, and have never had a prepara
tion that has given better satisfaction.
I notice that oheu I sell a bottle, they
come back for more. I can honestly
reconmmend it, 25c, 50c and $1 00 at
Guenards drug store.
Recommendation of a Well Known
Chicago Physiclan.
I use and prescribe Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for almost all obstinate,
constricted coughs, with direct results.
I prescribe it to children of all ages
Aim glad to recommend it to all in
ne,,d and seeking relief from colds and
coughs and bronchial afflictions. It is
non-narcotic and safe in the hands of
the most unprofessional. A universal
panacea for all mankind.--Mrs. Mary
R. Melendy, M. D., Ph. I.,, Chicago,
111. This remedy is for sale by J, S.
Guenard's druggist.
C6ughing Spell OCaused Death.
*Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years,
choked to death early yesterday morn
ing at his home, in the presence of his
wife and child. He contracted a slight
cold a few days ago and paid but little
attention to it. Yesterday morning
he was seized Withx a fit of coughing
which Continued for some time. His
wife sent for a physician but" before he
could arriye, another oonghing spell
came on and Duckwell died from suato
cation.-St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
Dec. 15 101." Ballard's Horehound
Syrup :wold have saved him. 26e,
600 and $1.00 at J. S. Guenard's drug
aldwtL ".' .
"'he good people of the city of Chl
eago have been greatly wrought tp
Aoet ,Ao of late over anony
mous letters
moon Letters. written people of
that city, and this has furnished the
editor of the Chronicle an occasion
for publishing for the benefit of his
fellow citizens a very sensible hom
ily. He says: The best way-the
only proper way to treat an anony
mous letter is to destroy it and for
get it. This is especially true when
the letter contains aspersions or tn
nuendoes affecting friends, relatives
or associates. It is a self-eviden,
fact that the writer of an anony
mous letter is a coward. There can
be no argument upon that point. It.
is a logical deduction that he is like
wise a liar, and if he were secure in
his facts he would have no occasiba
to seek shelter under the cloak of
anonymity. Tlo reaseeonable person
will pay any heed to the slanders of
a coward and a liar. Hence the anony
mous letter writer should be disre
garded. It may not be questioned
that the assassin of character who
shoots from the darkness. sometimes
leaves a wound. There are few fam
ilies in which there is not same epi
sode or incident which, though u1
fortunate instead of dishonorable,
would cause' pain and mortification if
retailed to neighbors and acquaint
ances. It is upon such sore spots
that the writer of anonymous letters
loves to press. The way to defeat his
Imalice is to give no sign-deny him
the gratification of seeing his would
be victim' wince. Publicity, newspa
,per notoriety, the open indignat'on
and mortification of injured people,
are exactly what the skulking letter
writer gloats over. To preserve ab
solute calmness, to ignore his slan
derous communications and give no.
sign of having received them-in,
shojt, to treat a liar aid cowaru with
the 'contempt that hd has earned-
these are the methods of dealing
with the crawling creature who
skulks in ambush and aims ,poisoned
arrows at the hearts bf his fllovs.
Even to send him to the pententiary
is &aheasure that ma be deelned a so
to his perverted vanity and cruelty.
Legal proceedings are sure to afford]
an opportunity for the further drag
ging out to public gas* of misfor
tunes and weaknesses upon which ha
preys. It is better to ignore himt'aml
tdgether. - - º

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