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'~Fe Bartprer-Dermocrat.
Publisher and Proprietor.
Saturday, September 15, 1900.
Regular meetings secoud Wednesday's
:r. January, April July, and October, at
Delta. La.
Democratic Ticket!
For President,
For Vice-President.
For 57 Congress,
F6r Railroad C(,umissiouer, 3rd
Cotton futures continue to ad
vance, and they are now higher since
1881. W. P. Brown & Cd., cor
nered the New Orleans market on
Monday, with the purchase of only
3,300 bales, and it is repprted that
this firm made over a million of dol
lars in the past few days.
William R. Hurst, President of the
National Association of Democratic
Clubs, is one "the most enthusias
tic workers for Bryan, and honest
government. He is proprietor of
the three largest Democratic dailies
in the United States-the New York
Journal, Chicago American and San
Francico Examiner-combined cir
culation, 2,000,000 copies.
"Six weeks ago," says the Albany
Argus, "the Republican campaign
managers were claiming New York
State for McKinley. To-day they
are panic-stricken, and Mark Hanna
has announced that he will remain
in New York. throughout the cam
paign. Six weeks ago Hanna ex
pected to remain in the East, only
until Sept. 1. But the situation has
changed in the eyes of the rrust
campaign managers, and they realize
that the great commonwealth of New
York is likely to repudiate the Party
of trusts, imperialism and Platt
ism on Nov, 6."
The Galveston horror that has
filled the papers for the past few
days, is the most terrible that has
ever happened. The wind blew at
the rate of 80 miles or more, while
the water covered the entire city
from five to ten feet. Just to think,
over five thousand human beings be
io drowned and crushed to death
by failing buildings. Millions and
millions of dollars worth of property
was destroyed. It has always been t
predicted that Galveston would
sooner or later be destroyed, with t
wind and water. This city will never i
recover from the terrible catastro
The following from the Farmerville e
Gazette shows that Judge Dawkins, a
of Union, is on the right tract and is c
exactly Johnny-on-the-spot with our
Judge, who went in from the start
to put a stop to crime, and any one
coming up before him expecting to a
get off easy, will get fooled. The U
Gazette says: "Judge Dawkins has e
adopted, according to our way of s
thinking, the proper policy to sup- c
press crime, by putting on heavy s
penalties. Offenders who plead i
guilty or are convicted before him
can rely upon getting sentences that
will be felt, and this is the only way
to check the chronime violator of the F
law in his wayward course." F
TheAtlanta Journal in commenting r
on the three prominent negro Repub
licans, Bishops Turner, Grant and
Derrick, of the African Methodist i
Ohurch, who havt come out for i
Bryan and Stevenson and who will
take the stump in the doubtful States,
says: "The light in which the Re
publican party regards the negro is
ahown by the expressions of the Re
publican press on the bolt of the
negro bishops. This action is treat
ed as if it were almost a crime. It is
attributed to personal spite and oth
er low motives. The possibiity that
it was dictated by a worthy motive
or an honest conviction is never once
admitted by the icensed Republi- 1
eas. Their angerie all the greater!
because of the annaouncement that d
the seceding bishops -will take part in
the campaign in some-of the doubt
ful States. The negro vote in Ncw a
York, Ohio, Indiana sad Illinois has l
bitherto been going almost solidry
for the Rep.blican party. Any con
siderable divihloa of that vote in
the rates. thi year might play a
havro writh the Republican party.
The pegro bishops who have re
ioiseed their ermer politeal afl1la
thoma ard come over . the Demo- 01
e Iu%.)r#eto pl consider. Je
p.~jiirl ~ wPb~~Ct
Last Wednesday evening the citi
zens met and adopted a constitution
and by-laws for the Bryan and
Stevenson Club, which was formed
last Monday night. The object of
the club is to have discussions once
a week on the leading questions of
the presidential campaign, especially
trusts and imperialism, which have
placed almost all other issues in the
back-ground. These meetings will
be very interesting, and we hope the
citizens will attend in large numbers
to hear the different speakers. A
small campaign fund will be' raised
to send to national headquarters, and
we trust that every one will give
something to the good cause.
Democracy is the party of the )eo
lple. It has always been such. Its
platforms and its doctrines, from its
formation, have been framed with a
view of helping the toiling masses.
Win. J. Bryan is the exponent of
these doctrines and the great repre
sentative of working classes. He
has a bright future ahead of him,
and his chances for election are
growing brighter every day.
It is of the deepest importance tc
this country that he should be elect
ed, for the Republican party has
launched out on a land-grabbing
scheme that may some (lay prove
very disastrous to our free institu
We hope our little Bryan and
I Stevenson club will do well, and that
the people will be benetited by the
t addresses that will be made by some
. of our leading citizens.
Lake Providence. La., Sept. 11, 1900.
The Hon. Police Jury of East Car
roll met this day in called session for
the consideration of plans and speci
fications, for the new Court House,
with the following present:
Hon. Robt. Nicholson, President;
W. C. Hope, Phil McGuire and A.
M. Nelson.
Absent-T. W. Jay.
After considering plane and speci
fications submitted by architect
Stanton, the fottowinr restdutitean
offered by Mr. Hope, was adopted,
Resolved, That the plans and
specifications for the new Court
House, submitted by architect Win.
Stanton of Vicksburg, be and the
same are hereby adopted as the plann
and specifications to be used in
building a new Court House;
Resolved further, That the clerk
of this Board be and is hereby au
thorized to advertise for sealed pro
posals for the building and comple
tion of said Court House in the
Architect and Builders' Journal, N.
O. Picayune, Vicksburg Herald and
On motion, duly carried, the
President was authorized to warrant
in favor of Mr. Stanton for the sum
of four hundred dollars as part pay
ment for services as architect and
superintendent of construction.
The Board then adjourned to meet
on Tuesday, the 2nd :lay of October
The Democrats are not the only
ones who are rejoicing over the re
sult in Vermout. The Democratic
gains please Mark Hanna, because
he sees in the result an opportunity
to scare the trusts and make them
"dig up," by making them believe
the Republicans are in danger of los- i
ing some of the New England states.
Olney and Wilson, of Cleveland's
cabinet, have written strong letters
endorsing Bryan. The next who
will declare himself for the Demo
cratic standard bearer will be Ex
President Cleveland.
A: Galveston, the bodies of thous
ands of corpses were mutilated by
persons, who cut off their fingers and
ears to get their jewelry. A soldier,
who was protecting the dead. was
compelled to kill five negroes who
were relieving the corpses of their
moeey and jewelry.
OHce of Parish Superintendent of
Schools, parish of East Carroll, Lake
Providence, La.. Sept. 13. 1900.-No
tice is hereby given to the teachers
elected by the Board of School Di
rectors, that the openiiing of the schools
in Lake Providence and those desig.
nated in tho parish. which were to have
heen opulmed on next Mond:iv., the 17th
insk. will not be openied until tho fol
lowing Monday. Sept. 24. 1900.
All the te:aclhers elect.d a re request
ed to meet nme at my otlice on lThurs
day. Sept. 20. 19u0, cxept those at
Willow Point and Bass or Erwin
schools, for the puripse of receiving
iproper blanks and zeneral instructions.
The meeting will take place at noron.
Chas. R. Egelly, Superintendenl
Notice to Contractors.
The Police Jury of East Carroll parish
invites sealed proposals for the erection
anO completion of a new Court House,
agreeable to tihe pInes and slptcidctionsI
preparedl by architect Wim. Stanton of
Vicksburg. Miss.
lIhe plans and specificatlons are now on
tile with thie Iistrict Clerk at Lake Provi
dence. La., and wiih said Architect Stan
O'CLOCK NOON. OCTt BERI 2nd. 1i(~i.
All contractors will tile with their bids
a certified check for Three Ilundred )Dol
lars, made payable to the order of Robt.
Nicholsou. President of t4e Police Jury,
as evidence, if bid is accepted, that they
will dtr ilito contract with East Carroll
Parish and tile an acceptable guarantee or
Surety Company's bond for the falithtul
performance of contract in the sadm of Four
Thousand )ollaras (4000), made payable to
Robt. Nifeholson. President.
Ifthe Ibond is not fled within ten days of
award of contract. the check will be for
felted as liquidated damages by reason of
the delay. (
(Contraotors will state in their bids time
of completlon.
The Polite Jury reserve the right to re
Ject say or all bids.
.hYACET RKEL,. Jlerk.
Lako Provid~ence, la.
Lak cProvidence, La., Sept. 6, 1900.
n The Board of Council met this even
d ing in regular monthly session.
Present--lonorable G. M. Franklin,
Mayor; Councilmen C. F. Davis, J. W.
if Pittman, N. Fousse and W. S. Ma
:e guire.
f Absent-Max Levy.
The minutes of the previous meeting
Y were read and approved.
'e Moved by Councilman Pittman and
de uly seconded, That a committee of
two be appointed to go before the
11 Police Jury and make a settlement of
the small pox account of the town
,s against the parish: and also demand
from them the amount of the vehicle
tax collected by the parish in the town
( of Providence for the year 1899.
d The Mayor appointed on said com
mittee Councilmen Pittman and Ma.
e guire.
The Finance Committee made the
following report, which was received
ts and adopted, to-wit :
To the lion. Mayor and Board of
the Town of Providence.
a We, your Finance Committee, beg
to report that we have examined the
f report of the Treasurer dated Sept. 6.
1900. which shows a balance on hand
of $183 5$0, and that we tind same cor
erect and recommend its approval.
The report of the Marshal & Tax
Collector dated Sept 6, 1900, showing
e that he has collected for fines, $.55 00.
which he has paid over to the 'I'reas
, urer, as per vouchers exhibited.
We have examined and approved the
following accounts:
is Maria Coun, small pox account...... $13 85
V i l'uldv & Son, oil ........... 15 23
iE L iGalbreth. lamp lighter .......... 15 5I0
e 1) F Peck. hauling .............. 4 70
Powell & lirsh. street and bridge... 75
1- J N Morgan. street and bridge....... 00)
1) F Peck. maranal salary .......... 60 0o
J.W I'ittman. street and bridge, 40cts;
d sundries, $3.0 .... ............. 3 90
N Fousse. lamps, $1 03; street and
it bridge. $1.2,5; cleaning engine $2.00 5 31
W A Blount, special police........... 2 00
e $124.23
,1. W. Pittman,
W. S. Magnire,
Finance cOmmittee.
Moved by Councilman Pittman.
That the marshal disinfect or destroy
the goods now in the warehouse of V.
-M. Purdy, that were used during the
small pox epidemic, the marshal to use
r his own di.ceretion about the matter.
The following resolution was read
and ad,)pted to-wit:
Resolved, That the Mayor and Coun
cilme, be authorized and instructed to
enter in:to communication with possi
ble bond buyers and invite sealed bids
from themn for the purchase of the
Waterworks and Electric Light Bonds
t of the town of Providence, authrized
by the special election held on Decem
ber 15th, 1898;
Resolved further, That the sealed
bids be received up to 8 o'clock p. m.
on the 27th day of September, 1900, at
t which date this Board shall assemble
" and open said bids for acceptance, the
a Board reserving the right to reject all
o Resolved further. That said commit
tee notify Captain Hyder of the above
{ action and request him to perfect his
plans and specifications by October
Sl1st; his compensation to be contingent
on the construction of the plant and
according to the contract heretofore
made with him by this board.
There being no further business the
Board adjourned to meet on Septem
ber 27th, at 8 o'clock p. m.
I G. M. FRANKLIN, Mayor.
W. H. FISHER. Secretary.
Act No. 73.
House Bill No. 73-By Mr. T. B. Young:
Proposing all Amendment to Article 303
of the Constitution of the State of Louis
Section One. Be it enacted by the Gen
eral Assemtly of the State of Louisiana,
two-thirds of all the members oh the House
concurring. That Article Three Hundred
and T''hree of the Constitution of the State
of Louisiana be so amended as to read as
Article 303. A pension not to exceed
Eight (sS) Dollars per month shall be al
lowed to each Confederate soldier or sailor
veteran, who possesses all of the following
qualihcstion :
It. lie shall have served honorably
from the date of his enlistment until the
close ol thbe late Civil War, or until he was
discharged or paroled, in some military or
ga~izatlion regularly mustered into the
Army or Navy of the Confederate States.
and bhall have remained true to the Con
telierate States until the surrender.
2nd. He shall be in indigent circum
stances, and unable to earn a livelihood by
his own labor or skill.
:3rd. lie shall not he salaried or other
wise provided for by the State of Lou
isiana, or by any other State or Govern
.In case he enlisted in any organization
mustered into said service as a Louisiana
organization; or in case at the date of his
enlistment he resided in the State: ot Lou
isiana. he shall have resided In this State
for at least five years prior to his applica
tion for peusion. In case he resided else
where than in this State, and enlisted in an
olrganizatiou not mustered in from Louis
iana. or in the Navy of the Confederate
States, hlie shall have resided in this Sitate for
at least tifteen yeara prior to his application
tor such pension. A like pension shall be
granted to the widow who shall not hsve
nmarried again,. in indigent circumstances,
of such soldier or sailor whose marriage to
her was contracted prior to January slet,
It0, provitded, that it her deceased hus
iand seryed in an organization mustered in
from Louisiana, or it hie resided in Louis- 1
inna at the date of his enlistment, and has c
so resided for one year prior thereto, then
in order that such widow shall be entitled
to the pension as herein provided. she
shall have resided in this State for at least
five years prior to her application therefor;
and it her deceased busband enlisted else
whvere than in Louisiana, and served in an a
organization not mustered in from Louis
iana such widow shall. in order to entitle i
her to pension as herein provided, have
resided in this State for not less than tif
teen lears prior to her application for such
pnsiiion; provided further, that pensions V
whethler to veterans or widows, shall be
I allowed onlly ifromn the date of application
Sunder this article and the total appropri- 0
ations for all pensions shall not be less than t
histy thousand dollars nor more that seven
ty-tive tlhousaud dollars in any one year,
provided that nothing in this Article shall
be construed so as to prohibit the (General 1
Assembly from providing artificial limbs to ii
disabled Confederate soldiers or sailors. b
Section 2. Be it turther enacted, etc.,
That this proposed amendment be submit
ted to tbe qualified voters of the State of
Louisiana ior adoption or rejection. at the t
Congressional election to be holden in No- I
Speaker ofthe House of Representatives.
Liutenant-Governorand Preseldent of the
Approved July 1th, 1900. t
'W. W. HEARD, ti
Goyernor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
I Secretary of State. ri
i Sept. 15, lgOi-low.
By order of the Board of Directors, the
annual rotid g of the stockhboMlers of the
.ake P rovidene Buildlg and Loan Asso
ciation. L'td., will be held ot the office of b
the Asociatio on Thursday, Sept. 27th, (h
ldi, at o'&cluck p m.
Sept. 15.1900. Secretary. -
For Sale.
One extra fine thoroughbred '8outb
Down" buck, price 810.
Eight extra fine "South Down" grades
(bucks). price 5.00..
SIllawarm, L.a.
SAugust !IS, t.
~ VWe respectfully announce to our -
Sfriends and customers that our Fall .
and Winter stock of goods has com
nmenced to arrive rand we are now plac-
-- ing same on our shelves. We have
.bought a large stock, and we can con
~-scientiously say that it was selected
with more ct:ro than any stock of -e
goods purchased by us. We have
Severythingyou watin o w n dress goods,
d- trinmniings, hosery, fine shoes, &c. We -4
rPare known for the quality of goods wve
di cai'\. The finestquality is thl best in
Swithe ong rune. We invite you to coll.e
-- I Respecti, fn ly,
J. N. ILL & BRO.
Reduction Sale. Reduction Sale.
Light Dress Goods,
Lagxvis, Laces arid
Ern broideries.
hadies' how Quarters and Ties,
will be sold at actual cost.
$5.00, $5.50 and $6.00.
in Black and RTan, at
$5.00, $5.50 and $6.00.
Sole Agent for Butterick Patcerns,
All mail orders promptly filled.
'See our Show Wimndow DIisplay of Fine Neckwear.
-Office, 366 FRONT STRum.:T,
Memphis, Tenn.
We make a Specialty of Long Staple and Bender Cotton, and
solicit consignments.
A thoroughly enjoyable "hen party"
was given at the home of Mrs. E. B.
Moore on Tuesday evening last.
Just as the shades of night were
gathering the girls congregated on
the porch and played games and con
versed on such subjects as logic. phil
osophy and psychology until 8:30
o'clock, when supper was announced.
The table was beautifully decorated
with ferns and flowers with cut glass
and silver. The supper was elegant
and abundant, and never was a repast
more enjoyed; wit and iced tea flowed
in a continual stream. At each place
was a tiny yellow hen with yellow rib
bon around its neck, which the girls
wore as souveniers of the occasion.
The supper hour was marred by only
only disturbance, the appearance of
two very queer looking ladies, becom
ingly attired in shirt waists, skirts and
white sunbonnets. As neither of the
ladies spoke a word, the girls were left
in doubt as to their nationality and
business, but of course they had not
curiosity enough to make inquiries.
After supper, the girls again sought
the porch and spent the time pleasant
ly in singing to the accompaniment of
the guitar.
Messrs. R. P. Kennedy. Willie Moore,
Vail Pittman and John Montgomery by
chance came around later in the even
ing and very kindly offered to escort
the girls to their homes.
The "hen party" consisted of Mrs.
E. B. Moore, Misses Stella Saint, Car
rie White. Beulah Goodrich, Eva
Davis, Katie Kennedy, Narcisse Ken
nedy, May Burney, Pearl Burney.
Adah Rous ond Benella Brown.
Mrs. Moore and Miss Saint and Miss
Katie Kennedy made very charming
hostesses, while Mr. Moore perfozmed
his part in the evening's program to
perfection. B. B.
Lake Providence, La.
NOTICE.-The assessment roll of the
town of Proyidence is completed and in my
office for inspection and correction for a
period of 2) days from this date.
W. Ii. FISHER, Secretary,
Sept. 8, 1900.
For Rent.
The nice and comfortable Ashbridge
residence next to my home, on the lake,
For terms, apply to. .. W. DUNN,
Lake Providence, La., Sept. 8, 1100.
For Sale.
Two Disc Cultivators. good as new. Will
take $20 each for them.
Lake Providence, La.
The East Carroll Colored Educational
Association is herehy requested to meet at
the North Star Baptist Church, in the town
of Providence, on Friday, Sept. 21, 1900, at
11 o'clock a. m.. for the transaction of im
portant business.
M. E. Massee, President.
I. J. Griffin, Secretary.
For Sale.
One Southdown ram. $10.
Two yearling rams, Southdown, $5.00
One Poland China boar, four months old,
My sheep are of the best Southdown
breeds. My hogs are of ihe Tecumseb 2d
and Perfection blood the leading strains.
I will give nothing but the best. as this
blood is the best obtainable add no cull
stock. I will offer this lall some of my
Plymoth Rock Cockerels now coming on.
which are beauties. The purchases will
get a bargain in this stock.
Lake Providence, La.
Registration Notice.
Notitc% is hereby given that the office of
Registrar of Voters is now open at my
office in the town of Providence for the
purpose of reristering those who wish to
vote in the election in November; and that
I will be at the following places on the day
and dates given below :
At Nicholeson's store. Tuesday, October
At Transylvania store, Wednesday, Octo
ber 3d.
At Erin store, Thursday. Cotober 4th.
At Panola store. l'riday. October 5th,
and at my office in Providence the remain
der of the time required by law to keep
said oime o¬Ępen. .
W. C. McB4S,
Assessor and Registrar.
August 4t; 1900.
l MAX LE!!
fake and Levee Sts.
Lake Pro'ridenr e, La.
The Finest Line of Clothing Car
S ried in the City. 0
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
......I...... ICSBURG, MIS s..........
-Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blintds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material.
Cheapest Place in the South. Write for prices before purohasing elsewhere.
W. B. Thompson & Co.,
Cotton Factors & CommissionMerchants
New Orleans, : : Louisiana.
- -glow"
Information for the
JANUARY 28th, 1900.
No. 23-Leave Memphis 9:00 a. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 7:00 p. m.
No. 5-Leave Memphis 7:35 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 2:10 a. m.
No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:20 a. m.
Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. inm.
No. 21-Leave Vicksburg 7:15 a. nm.
Arrives New Orleans 5:50 p. m.
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:15 a. m.
Arrive Memphis 5:35 p. m.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00 p. m.
Arrive Vicksburg 11:25 p. m.
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m"
Arrive Memphis 6:30 a. nm.
No. 22-Leave New Orleans8:40 a.m.
Arrive Vicksburg 7:05 p. m.
Leave Vicksburg 4:20 p. m.. arrive
at Greenville 8:20 p. m.
Leave Greenville 6 a. m.; arrive at
Vicksburg 10:00 a. m.
For further information apply to
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss.
Div'n. Pass'r. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
Lake Providence . . L
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Oma
mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coffins Made and Trimmed to Ordet
lapril 13-89-1, y
Xemphis and Vicksburg
For Lake Providence, Greenville,
Arkansas City and All Way
Steamer DELTA,
Ed. Nowland...............M aster
Ed. Nowland, Jr.............Clerk
Leaves Memphis every
rnuesdty at 5 p. m.
Leaves Vicksburg every Tbhueday
at 5 p. m.
The Nowland was represented by the
Julia while she was absent from the
trade. [May 20-'00-ly]
J, J, POWERS, Pres. A. F. NIMTZ. Vice Pres, T. 0. BRIERLY, SectJ,
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co.,
Steamer Belle of the Beads leaves Vicksburg every Monday and Thursday
at 3 p. m.; returning, leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Friday.
Steamer Annie Laurie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday
at 3 p. m.; returning. leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Sunday evening.
First-class passenger and freight accomnmodatious. Boats blrilliantly lighted
thtoughqui with electricity. Lights in every stateroom. Cosine uasaurpssed.
Queen & Crescent
The Best Line
NTorth and E3a.ast.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
ine via Lookout Mountain.
GEO. H. SMITH, G. P. A.,
New Orleans, La.
New Orleans, La.
Tulane University of
New Orleans.
Classical, Literary, Latin-Scientific and
Scientific Courses.
Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical,
Sugar, Civil and Architectural
H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial. College
for Young Women, with Art and
Boarding Department.
Fall Term of above opens October 1st.
Medical Department opens Oct. 18th.
Law Department opens Nov. 12th..
For catalogues, address
Secretary of University.
- Lake Street,
W. H. MABEN ............ Proprietor
Up-to-date work
at Popular Prices.
Patronage Solicited.
Agent for Memphis Steam Laundry.
CopYRmvors &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and descrption may
quleklF ascertain our opinion Iree whether.an
invent on is probably patentable. c-mmunicn
tions strtlyconidentaL Handbook on Psatents
sent free. Oldest agency for ecurng patents.
Patents taken tbroogh Muefn & 0. receive
specil noti, without charge, in tbhe
Scientific ltRmerkan.
A bhndsomely illustrated weekly. largest cir
culatlon of any a'1entllc Journal. Terms. $3 a
year: four months, $L Sold byld newadealers.
MUNN & Co.0B*,a , New0 Yrk
]ranch One. as F St.. Wasbiaten. D.
Mr. Albert Taylor. one of the be's
colt l) makers in tbe country, gave n11
a pleasant rall on Wednesday. Glad;
togee him improved its health front
his recent trip.
Get your reserved seats for ',Rev.
Dick" at the Guenard drug store.
The seats are going fast and by Mon
day not a one will be left. Now is
the time to get thenm.
Miss Zora Whitfield, who has been
visiting Miss Carrie White for the last
three weeks, returned to her bome in
Heckville, Texas, last Sunday night,
after a pleasant stay here.
Conery Purdy, one of our popular
and best boys, left yesterday morning
for Fayetteville, Ark., to curer the
State University. We wish him'good
luck and a prosperous session.
"Rev. Dick," the drama in four acts,
to be played at the Opera House next
Monday night, is a beautiful play with
first class actors and actresses. Our
Opera hlouse should be packed.
Inspector Jas. Beard informs us that
the enlargement work is progressing
nice:y on the levee below town. He
says that the contractors have fine out.
fits and are first class levee men.
The managers of the fair have fixed
an excellent premium list for the col.
ored people, and they should appre
ciate it. We will give the list of
premiums next week if handed in.
The big gin north of town, has had
a thorough overhauling, and got up
steam last Friday and turned out
twenty bales of cotton. Everything
was found to work smoothly and with
out a hitch.
Miss Annie DiVinney, who has been
visiting Mrs. J. G. G. O'Sullivan for a
few weeks. returned to her home in
Vickshulrg on Saturday last. Miss
Fr:ancis MeBarron returned. with her
to spend a few weeks.
'Cotton seed is bringing a good
price, and it is said that in a few
weeks the price will he still higher.
The planters should be careful in dts
posing of their cotton seed. Prices
are going to be higher.
The reliable and leading grocery
house of Maguire & Schneider, have
just received by the Speed from St.
Louis, a large line of extra fine grocer
ies and canned goods, flour, nmeal,
hams and breakfast bacon.
The stealing of horses and mules
continue to go on, and hardly
a week passes that some one does not
lose a horse or mule. It looks like the
only way to break it tp is to use hemp
when thieves are caught.
We are Informed that the'court house
and clerk's office will be advertised
for sale sometime in the future. This
will --be---a--htone o- some energtid
fellow to get a lot of good brick, if he
can overbid the other fellow.
Miss Nettle White left for Osceola,
Ark., last Sunday evening on the
Delta, where she goes to take a poslt
tion in the public school under Prof.
B. F. Dudley. We hope the young
lady will spend a pleasant session.
Miss Pearl Fisher leaves this even
ing on the Delta for Greenville, where
she goes to attenmd the high school of
that city during the coming session.
Pearl Is a bright girl and her maey
friends wish her a prosperous session.
Sam Powell, a colored driver for
Mr. W. K. Spurlook, had the misfor
tune to get his leg broken at the log.
ging camp, near Point Lookout, last
Wednesday, by a big log rolling on
him. He is a hard working colored
Miss Narcises Williams and Miss
Narclesse Blackburn will leave on the
Delta for Louisville, Ky. Miss Wil
liams will visit her brother in that
city for a few weeks before returnulng
and Miss Blackburn will remain to at
tend school.
Is money well spent when it's put into
a DUNLAP DERBY. Our line of
Woolens for the Fall and Winter is
also ready for your inspection. '
Mondy back if not suited.
Mail orders receive prompt atteo
tion. , .
Viekaebmrg ' e:.
A young colored men d4#e .eb
Waverly plantationo in the tower. t
of the parish went .irasy ons e dy.flU
week. Hewastob have beenMslrr,.
and the day before the tLnasrrlisg wi
to take place, he disappeareid s
could not be found for two. or thrs
days. Whent, found, he was in ths
woods, crazy, and without a stiteb oE
clothing on him.
Mr. Walter Goodwin is just in re.
ceipt of his fall and winter samples
from A. Rose & Co, the largest
makers of gentlemen's clothing in
Chicago, and one of the leading booses
in the United States. The samples
just received by Mr. Goodwin are pret
tier than ever, and Mr. Good'woin is
now ready to take your order. He
has represented this house for teo
years and habee given entire satisfaction
to hise customers. A lit is guaranteed
or you do not have to take the clothes:
For chills and malarial fever, take
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic. Every
bottle positively guaranteed. Sold at
Gueuard's drug store
HEay For Sale.
We have 2,500 bales of choice hay
for sale. V. M. PURnY & SOw,
Lake Providence, La.
The Providence Gin Co's., engineer,
Mr. Rives, has cut down the speed of
their engine, and will not run so fast
as they have been running, and they
now propose to turn out a sample se
cond to none. I.
To cure a cold in one day, take
Laxative Bro Quinine. All drtuaggists
refund'the money if it fails to cure;
2Icts. E. W. Groves signature is on
each box. For sale at Guenard'a drug
The steamer Delta will hereatter
leave Vicksborg every Saturday morn
ing at 9 o'eiock a. m, which will make
us pase Providence every Saturday
evening about 6 o'clock. The travel
ing pabile will tind this change a great
convesiemee for them.
ElD. NOWLAND, JR., Captal
V. M. PURDY,'Agnt. . "

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