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"Here shall the press the people's rights maintain, Unawed by influence and unbribed by gain."
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Published Every Saturday by the
St. Landry Printing and Publishing Co,
Harmnony Union No. 004 meets at Big
Cane the first and third Saturdays of each
month, J. A. Boyd president, W. C. Flesh
man secretary.
Opelonsas Union No. 451 meets every
other Saturday at 4 p. m., in Chachere'
Hall. J. J. Thompson, president; S. M. Pe
ters, secretary.
OBlol Journal of the Farmers' Unions
Pittsburgh coal at E. H. Vordenbau
men's lumber yard.
The A-tak-a-pa Family and. Planta
tion Remedies for sale by all Druggists.
E. H. Vordenbaumen sells pine lum
ber at $12 per M ft.
"Uncle Coco," colored, of Laiayette
parish, died on the 17th inst., aged 118
W. F. Keary of Rapides, died on the
16th inst., at the resi 1ence of his
sister-in-law, Mrs. Helen 3K. Keary,
near Bunkle.
Gen. Gordon of Georgia, recently
elected U. S. Senator by the Alliance
members of the legislature, has an
nounced his desire to become a mem
ber of the Alliance. *
Last Saturday a colored man living
on Holland plantation, was seriously
stabbed at a grocecy just west of town,
by another colored man living on the
same place.
The police jury was in session ~Ao
days at the last meeting; we publish
the first day's proceedings to-day, the
second day's proceedings will appear
next week.
A- Baton Rouge dispatch of the 17th
Inst. says: "The tax collectors of
Bienville and St. Landry have settled
with the State for their collections
during the quarter ending Dec. 31,
Mr. Octave Bddemuller, one of our
Opelousas boys, now employed in L.
` s & Co. Ikdasice h pse, N1ew
Orleans, has sent us a piece of music
entitled: Adah Waltz, composed and
arranged by him, and dedicated t Miss
Adah Hollingsworth of Shrewpo .
In view of the recent fires thIa have
occurred in this parish, it would be
well for all property owners to insure
General Insurance Agents, OpelousMs.
A colored boy, who had been hunt
ing with other boys, on Bayou Bceuf a
afw days ago, was found dead with a
hole in the back of his head. Some of
his companions,' accused of the crime,
are in- jai. We have not learned the
In October, 1888, L. & L. A. Sandoz,
proprietors of the Opelousas Courier,
and J. W. Jackson, proprietor of the
St. Landry Democrat, proposed to the
police jury to do the parish printing
for $350 a year, which sum was to be
divided, one-half for L. & L. A. Sandoz
and the other half for Jackson. The
jury unwillingly accepted the proposi
tion, reserving the privilege, we be
lieve, of continuing or ending the ar
rangement after the' expiration of a
year. The record, however, which is
not in our possession, is the best evi
dence on this point. January lt, 1889,
Jackson leased his paper to E. P..Good
win'for two years. Last Spring Good
win died, bequeathing to Geo. O. Elms
the unexpired lease. Elms subsequent
ly sublet to L Landos. During San
doz' sublase Jackson sold the proper
ty of the Democrat printing office to
,C. C. Duson who came into possession
of the same on January 1st, 1891.-
The question now is, has the police ju
-y the right to make a change in the
paril printing, according to the re
served privilege; and if not, who are
the parish printers, L. & L. A. Sandoz
(whose partnership in publishing the
Ciuet rhas been dissolved) and J. W.
Jackson (who owns no paper ?)-they
e the original printers. Did Jack
son's sale to Duson obligate Duso to
Sthe parish printing? Suppose
son bad. shut the office up and susp
ded publietion, coni the parish h
forced him to resume publicatipon
to publish the police jurypOC i
SDs ewas never parish pre,
.i e otransfer any :iht as suckt o
* iSne we ~ to half (O11f
t '..., . then' the arihl
t writhout i
Vq1~ d $
New York Special to St Louis Republic.
People starve to death in New York
while their neighbors subscribe liberal
ly to the famine-stricken of other
lands. An emaciated baby boy was
picked up by a janitor at 117 Green
wich street last night, and is now at
police headquarters. The little fel
low's mother had evidently abandoned
him rather than see him starve. Over
in Jersey the authorities are kinder.
They do not allow hungry people to
starve to death; they send them to
the workhouse as a matter of charity.
A friend of the gossiper said to-day
that it was no uncommon thing in
Newark for ablebodied men to beg the
police to arres t m as vagrants so
that they may get gular lodgings and
eat twice a day. Th in the State
where almost every mari woman and
child depends on the protected manu
facturing industries for their daily
hrl' n
While the Lottery, during the
twenty odd years of its existence, has
done nothing voluntarily for the afflict
ed classes in this State, it pretends, or
its friends pretend, that it will do
wonders in that line if the people will
prolong its existence for twenty-five
years more. Of course such promises
are in the nature of a death-bed re
pentance, as exemplified in the saying :
When the Devil was sick, the Devil a saint
would be;
WhenCe Devil got well, the devil a saint
was he.
If the Lottery should get .nother'
charter, the Lottery will be well again,
and be the absolute controlling power
in the State; then it can safely re
pudiate and annul all the promises
and obligations that have been pro
posed by its friends, and oppress the
people by increased taxation and other
wise without limit, except the limit of
the people's endurance. Now the Lot
teryites would have our insane to die
"on downy beds of ease," but the Lot
tery has never given any money for
that purpose. It should have given
an earnest of its good faith. It re
ally has given nothing, except for
political corruption. It has violated
its promises, one, at any rate, to give
up its monopoly feature-it took good
care to "influence" the legislature
against chartering any other lottery.
It has stopped at no expense and
scrupled at nothing to preserve its ex
istence and power, but it has never
done anything for the people who have
let it ivet apt ; ' rnikie i isie;
the people have no faith in them. Mr.
Morris claims to be a citizen of New
York. We have very few paupers
here, not more than we can take care
of; if Mr. Morris wants to do good,
let him stay in his own State with his
money. The clipping above shows that
p-ople .there are starving to death;
such is not the case here. The insane
man who died in jail here week before
last, was not starved to death. Before
the Lotteryites bewail the few insane
who die here, blaming the the anti-lot
tery people because Morris' money dor's
not make their last hours luvr:i is,
they had better persuade thei- !iyeAto
relieve those .vho are start: death
in his own city of New 'or.
Last week w v wrote an item an
nouncing the marriage at the Catholic
church in th~. "ilace.on Wednesday or
last week, of t .at v e handsome cou
ple, Mr. .Alfred J. Duprd and Miss
Marie DWjean, both !of this town. It
was given to the type-setter, with
other copy. and 1o or mislaid, and
not missed t: ii a'ter the paper was
printed. We p!p.pogize therefore for
this tardy a -'ktowledgment of the
happy cop loe'e xurte.y to us in the
shape of e&a'e . t wi-f,, which those
in the office i. dted ii. eating and
drinking to 4')e health, happiness,
prosperity :m.a long I fe of the newly
Married lpai r
The towsnl courr'!c hah contracted
with Mr. J. f. . Wa to, sink an arte
sian wPtl on he , ih east corner of
the Courth tIse s :mTar, to cost from
abou ! 2OOi to $:"UOO0 according to the
qiia:i y olfvater wt ch is to be not
less rt .n -5,,000 -all as in 24 hours;
wor'. :s t begnin wit in sixty days.
J ;ige cl, r r. . Baton Rouge, de
cid.J Ilae a o Mo, ~i he Lottery manda
m:s sui in i . ords: "In the case
of the ,ee o Ia, isiana ex relatione
J. . . -'inst Leonard F. Ma
sa i, se'e tary f state, on application
f )ra w :.of- :amus, by reason of
r e la'4 .fndl t tevidence in the case
he rrp.,' ca-t . denied and the writ
s refu. i.at ~ . relator's costs."
P boaedt i of the Poice Jury.
S5'r ,tUSA, LA., Jan'y 12, 1891.
The n'- , . met pursuant to adjourn
ment > resen . f. M.Bo i prsdent
iM : . PSR .a P. Robin .J. Douman,
)lm, I. Ward, . Haas and Dr.
# ',- rry.
JIrA hr ri the chair. On motion of
r +in , minutes of the last meet
kl i~g" a~ :r led so as to read due G. T.
ar. , ljs , - d of due him, "Mr. Boagni,"
n f : tit elative to lumber 4th ward.
," n the chair. On motion of
ir ( at part of the minutes rela
ntaet o h veep, goats and geese roam
1R 14 , Ithe 8th police jury ward, be
ST 8. is to include the whole of said
w V h he exception of the wooded
$t ' " On motion of Mr. Robin the
adopted as amended.
:; -,
On motion of C. W. Ward, the report of
the committee appointed to sell contract
to build bridges over bayou Waxia and
gullies between bayou Waxia and E. W.
Sylvester was accepted, committee dis
charged and Mr. R. H. Dallas, ordered
credited with the sum of one hundred and
fifty dollars, out of the Internal Improve
ment funds.of 1891 4th ward.
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it resolved
that the sum of $8300.00 or iss much thereof
as may be necessary be, and is hereby ap
propriated to repair Taylors Bridge, out
of funds of 1891 4th ward, and that Messrs.
J. W. Bailey, L. J. 'Smith and A. D. Haw
kins be and are hereby appointed a com
mittee to sell contract, supervise the work,
and receive same when completed.
Mr. D. P. Saizan through Mr. Robin,
tendered his resignation as keeper of the
Taylor's Bridge. Whereupon motion of
Mr. Ward, J. W. Bailey was appointed in
his stead.
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell contract to rebuild bridges over
Petit Prairie, and Dog Bayous be accepted,
committee discharge and that Mr. R. H.
Dallas be credited with the sum of one
hundred dollars, out of the funds of 1891
4th ward.
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it resolved,
that the report of committee appointed to
ascertain the probable costs of repairing
five bridges on road from Bayou Baeuf to
J. C. Vanoy, be accepted, aud that the sum
of one hundred dollars, or as much there
of as may be necessary be and is hereby
appropriated to do said work, out of funds
of 18914th ward, under the supervision of
same committee, viz: W. J. Young,. E.
Dubuisson, James Havard and J. 8. Fogle
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it resolved,
that the sum of $115.00 or as much thereoi
as may be necessary be, and is hereby ap
propriated out of the Internal Improve
ment funds of 1891 4th ward, to build
bridges from Palmetto to Faulkner's ferry
over Nigger Foot Bayou, under the super
vision of Wesley Budden, R. A. Mayer and
J. H. Rutledge.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved,
that the report of the committee appoint
ed to examine, and make an estimate of
the costs of cleaning and bridging the old
State Road leading from Morgan's Ferry
on the Atchafalaya to Palmetto be laid on
the Table.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved,
that the petition from the citizens of
Atchafalaya relative to building bridge
over Bayou Rouge, was laid on the table
subject to call.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved,
that the petition from the citizens of Big
Cane, relative to reconsidering ordinance
making four wires a lawful fence in cer
tain localities be laid on the table, pro
vided that it in no way be construed to
effect ordinance of 14th of Oct. 1890.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved,
that the report of L. J. Smith road overseer,
relative to the repairing of Sackett levee,
be accepted and A. D. Hawkins, be credit
ed with the sum of $40.00 out of funds of
1890 4th ward.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved,
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell contracts to build bridge over Bayou
Waxia, on state road from E. W. Sylvestre
to Beggs, be accepted committee discharg
ed, and that Mr. A. Juge, be credited with
the sum of five hundred dollars, out of
Internal Improvements funds of 1891.
Half out of 4th and half out of 5th wards.
On motion of Mr. Robin, be it resolved,
that the public road between Jos. Dubour
dier and Clement ]Hebert, be and the same
is hereby abolished, and that a committee
f three composed of Noel Soileau, Alexis
Nezat and J. P. Caillouet, be appointed to
took a recess until 3 p. m.
The police jury met at 3 p. m., present,
E. M. Boagni president, Messrs. Robin,
Barry, Dossman, Bihm, Haas and Stagg.
On motion of Mr. Dossman be it resolv
ed, that an election be held in the 13th
Justice Ward, on January 24th 1891, so as
to ascertain whether or not the hogs shall
be permitted to roam at large, said elec
tion to be held by the real estate owners of
said ward, at their expense, same to be
held at J. J. Landreneaux, with Joseph
Bullard, Jean Tate and J. B. Ortego as.
commissioners, and at Point Grand Louis
with, Auguste Lahave, Robert Tate, Ponite
H. Fontenot as comminisioners, said com
Smissiobhrs to make their return to the
clerk of the police jury.
lun motton of .r. I)ossma., be it re
:,lved that the u.etit ..,u trr, th i citizens
of the 12th justice ward -. t to enact
ing a hog law be f'a: prayed for in
hbe following terri' viz: comprising
all of that portio, . 12th justice ward,
being south of the Dog law line, already
established i , thbs ward.
On -motion f Mr. Dossman be it re
solved, that she petition from the citizens
of Mamonsth, relative to change of road,
be 1saf on the table until next regular
On motion of Dr. Barry, be it resolved,
that the petition from the citizens of Coulee
Croche, relative to change of road be
granted, as prayed for.
On motion of Mr. Bihm, be it resolved,
that the petition from the citizens of 8th
police jury ward, relative to letting their
hogs, sheep, geese and goats roam at large,
in the following territory; to-wit: In
l'anse Bourbeuse and adjoining at the
bottom of said cove and following Bayou
Dog as up to the bridge at the head of
said bayou at Dr. Henry O. Reed, thence
running west on the public road, leading
from Opelousas to Bayou des Cannes at
Damonville Fusilier's place, in Prairie
Faquetaique, thence northwest following
public road leading from Bayou des Canne
to Point Chataignier, be granted accord
ing to the following compromise.
The undersigned citizens of the eight
ward and of the neighborhood described
in the within petition, and who were op
posed to the granting of the within peti
tion have agreed with the signers of the
same herein represented by M. Beodeau,
Theodule Guillory, Henry Young and
Lucius Young, and join their request to
the Hon. Police Jury, asking that the said
petition be granted, and the hogs, etc., be
allowed to run at large in the said des
cribed limits provided the same be only
allowed until Jnuary 81st 1892, and that
on and after February 1st 1802, the hog
law now in force in the said neighborhood,
be again in full force, and effect as before
the granting of the petition.
Respectfully submitted,
Fremont Manuel, Joseph Young, Theo
dule Guillory, M. Beodeau, Henry Young,
Lucius Young.
OPrEousAs, LA., Aug. 28th 1890.
The commission met in the police jury
room in the court house at 12:45 p. m.
On motion of Mr. Ward, Mr. Paul Stagg
was unanimously elected chairman, and
Mr. G. K. Bradford sea.et ,
The following members p the pommis
sion were present: Paul Stagg, C. W.
Ward and L J. Dossman from St. Landry;
and H. Barousse and G. K. Bradford from
Acadia, absent: J. E. Pelton of Acadia.
Mr. Bradford proposed that the parish
of Acadia be absolved from any liability
for debts of 'he parish of St. Landry, and
denied any interest in the assets of said
A general discussion followed -after
which it was decided that the presence of
the third eommissloner from Acadia was
Mr. Ward moved that the commission
do therefore adjourn until the 27th inst.,
at 10 a. m in order to allow time for Mr.
Pelton tole notified, or another commis
sioner appointed in'his stead.--carried.
OrsEovase, Aug. 27th 1890.
Th commission met at 11-0 a -;m. All
womber frm both paish.bM.sent
Mr. Ward of St. Landry, offeed the fol
Whereas, Itis impossible to arrive at
any certain conclusion upon which side
would fall the balance, if any, of indebted
ness between the parishes of St. Landry
and Acadia; and whereas,
All things considered it appears that the
respective claims of the two parishes
each other are about equal under Article
252 of the constitution o1 the State Louis
iana and under Ac& 9 c-f the general as
sembly of 1886 sectiolr 11, making the
claim of one parish fully compensated by
the claim of the other; and Whereas, the
parish of Acadia has been' compelled with
her small resources to make all her own
public improvements at her own expense
and Whereas, the mother parish should
evince a just and generous spirit to her
smaller and weaker neighbor; therefore
Be it resolved, That the parish of St.
Landry does now withdraw all claims
against the parish of Acadia for and on
account of the parish debt existing at the
time of the separation, provided, the
parish of Acadia withdraws all claim upon
the public property and assets belonging
to the parish of St. Landry.
The above resolution was unanimously
adopted. n
It was moved and seconded, that the
secretary furnish a copy of these minutes
to the chairman'of this commission to be
by him transmitted to the police jury of
the parish of St. Landry; and that said
secretary retain a copy to be by him trans
mitted to the police jury of the parish of
It was moved and seconded, that the
police juries of the respective parishes be
requested to approve the action of this
Secretary. Chairman.
On motion of Dr. Barry, be it resolved
that the above report be accepted and com
mittee discharged. Voted yea: Barry, Ro
bin and Stagg, Nay: Bihm and Haas.
Mr. Boagni. president, asked the privil
ege of recording his vote, sand voted nay.
On motion of Mr. Stagg,'be it resolved
that the report of Mr. P. King, road over
seer relative to building bridg~e.and rpair
ing ievee .on.the Fisher fsellt, be accepted
and tha' Mr. King.be' credited with the
sum of forty dollars out of the funds of
1890, 5th yard.
On motion of Mr. Bihm, the petition of
the citizens of Plaquemine Ridge, relative
to change of road, was laid on the table
until next regular meeting.
On motion of Mr. Haas, be it resolved
that the report of committee appointed to
sell contract to repair bridge over bayou
Nezpique, on road from Ville Platte to
Pine Prairie, be accepted, committee dis
charged and that Evariste L. Fontenot be
credited with the sum of $50.00 out of funds
of 1890, half to be charged to sixth ward
and the other half to seventh ward.
On motion of Mr. Haas, be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell contract to build a bridge over Bay
ou Chicot be accepted, committee dischar
ged and that Mr. Juslin Johnson, contrac
tor, be credited with the sum of of seventy
five dollars out of funds of 1891, 6th ward.
On motion of Mr. Haas, be it resolved
that the sum of one thousand dollars be
taken from the existing debt and same be
added to the outstanding witnesses' certifi
From S, Haas' store to C. F. Lutz, on road
to Ville Platte, Louis Sylvestre; from c",me
to Nezpique bridge, on road to, M- uouth,
Juslin Johnson; from same to ' youn Toro
bridge, Sam'l S Walden; from same to
Bell-Cheney Springs, via #:ne Prairie Rte
phen Deville; from ba; ou Toro bridge to
Cocodrie bridge near Gailn place, Fýtwnl
McDonald . surom eif, shbridge
i drib thage near
Science ill. Jesse Tieg, from lLuis DJe
ville's place to, L,,d bridge r sad via ('had
dick'p., l-. Sigl~.tiry ; frm 'ine P'rairie
.near old ('arperter place, to Randolph's,
TPcrre V.idrinu; from Pine :Prairie' near
email bridge rt or near James West's, to
Beaver Creek near Phillip Fontenot's, John
Campbell: from near Cedar Tree via Haas
& Clarke's sawmill to or near J. W. Leg
gett's on Beaver Creek road, W. O. John
son , frron Nezpi"ue biotge war Mamouth
to, Calcasieu liie near J. L. Perrodin's, A.
M. Godwin: from Godwin's mill via John
Bond's t.. Calcasieu line, Henry Hender
son ; from Phillip Olin Fontenot's on Bea
ver creek road to or near the old Fish
place, John Leggett'; from Elisha Whit
tington's place to Keller graveyard, George
W. Neal ; from Edward Nugent's via Bell
Cheney Springs to. John Parrott's, Jos. N.
Johnson; 'from Callahan gully to Spring
gully on Beaver Creek road near Phillip
Olin Fontenot's, Octave L. Fontenot; from
bayou Cocodrie via Black Lake to Avoy
elles parish, Geo. S" Singleton; from Lau
rent Dossman's plac to fbayou Toro bridge,
Alouis Dossman; frdin Griffin bridge via
Carpenter's old sawitill to Loyd bridge
road, J. S. Slocum; from Wm. Foreman's
to Cocodrie bridge;- Geo. W. Kelly; from
near James West's'on Black lake to or
near Lawson place, C. T. Griffith; from
Lawson's place on B5tou Cocodrie to Fie
gle's lane, R. A. Sptears.
Louis M. Bihm froiji Dejean's bridge and
Boudreaux' souti westcorner; Allen Mc
Coy from Todd's ridge to parish line; Ad
olph Lavergne from?.1)ejean's bridge to
Boudreaux' souti,we4 corner; Chas. Quin
alty from Mallet. bridge to Thompson; Al
cide Fontenot fils from Thompson to Bri
yard bridge; Belisaite Godeau from Le
melle to Martin's pature; Louis F. Rich
ard from Martin to 'Boudreau's bridge;
Thomas Tweedel front Buidreau's bridge
to ward line; George Bourgeois from Bou
dreau's bridge to Brooks' gully; Mentor
Guillory from coulee Joseph Briard to
Johny Reed's bridge- at bayou des Cannes;
Ulger Fusilier from Johny Reed's bridge to
Point Duralde; Acduel Veillon from Point
Duralde at Nezpique bridge to Prien Noir's
cove; Ulysses Manunl from Fruge's lane
starting at John Duplechain's, Chonpique,
to Fruge's bridge at bayou des Cannes;
Leandre Manuel from Fruge's bridge to
Nezpique bridge at Ernest Fruge's.
Mr. Stagg in the chair. Messrs. Chache
re, Latreyte and Clements, committee from
the town council, being present, Mr. Cha
chere for the committee informed the po
lice jury that they came from the town
council to reqeust the police jury to assist
the town of Opelousas to sink an artesian
well and also to grant to the said town the
right tb sink said well upon the Courthouse
On motion of MI, Boagni, be it resolved
that the sum of one thousand dollars, or
as much thereof as may be necessary, be
and is hereby appropnated out of the
funds not otherwise appropriated of 1891,
to pay one-third of the cost of sinking an
artesian well on the, Courthouse square in
the town of Opelousas; provided, that in
no case the parish pay more than one-third
of the cost of sinking, said well and that
said third in no .case exceed the amount
appropriated; and provided further, that
the parish be not, held to pay any amount
whatever unless, said well flow not less
than 15,000 gallons in each 24 hours. And
it is further resolved that the police jury
of the pi e f . grat -to the
town o bpelouases tto sink aq cr
tesian well on thea Courthouse square in
the town of Opelousas, and to lay pipes on
said square to conduct the water, and to
use said well; provided that this permis
sion be not so construed as to allow the
watering of stock on said square or in any
manner disfiguring the said square.
Voting yea: Dossman, Bihm, Haas, Ro
bin, Boagni, Stagg; nay, Dr. E. S. Barry.
On motion of Mr. Hss, Mess. E M. Bo
agni, E. T. Lewis and C. M. Thompson were
appointed a committee to act with a like
comnmitte to be eppoiintd by the towi
council of Opelounsa, and said eonpittee
were empowered to contract and~ in ever
manner act for the parish in the matter of
sinking an artesian well in Opelousas, sub
ject always to the restriction of the resolu
tion making an appropriation for that pur
On motiodn of Mr. Has, the polieesjury
adjourned until TuesdayJanuarr l ath at
0 O'clock a.Lm. -. . L BOAQ2IT
Attest: - Preiident.
IL E lwroate, Clerk.
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Kahn & Levy,
Commission Irechants,
111 118 Poydras St.,
P. O. Box 1050, NEW ORLEANS, LA.
Best attention paid to purchasing Goods
of all kinds. Consignments of Cotton, Su
gar Molasses, Rough Rice, Hides, Wool
anal Country Produce respectull so
licited. oct2 tf
Opelousas Old Bakery,
Fs Bread aid Cakes,
Furnished Rooms.
oct11 ly
mm o
ý) W Mr
~, rz l cd S
V1 .ýi' W¼~O *
r 0 H0 H02
I~ i n
d 9 a
o~ m
ýH: e
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0 flatr ~
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H a . o W
a v i a
- V,
Q~ 'a
The Poucz Guzsmr will be mailed, s
curely wrapped, to any address in the
United States 13 weeks onreceipt of Or
Doi.wn. Liberal discount aUowe to p
m"st nt s cla-nb&.S ctp ete
mailed Addres Ull osertat
u ;S.ud r, i. Y.
State Tax Sales
The State of Ji ut~Iaaa .
Delinquent iTa Debtors, Parish of
By virtue of the authority vested in me
by the Constitution and laws.of.he Stateof
Louisiana, I will sell at the priniipal front
door of the Court House, atOpelosas, par
ish of St Landry, within the legal hours
for judicial sales, beginning at eleven
o'clock a. m., on
Saturday, January 81st, 1891,
and continuing on Monday, and each suc
ceeding day, until said sales are completed
all property on which taxes are now due to:
the State of Louisiana, to enforce collection
of the taxes assessed in the year 1889, and
each year previous thereto, together wit-P
interests thereon at the rate of two per cent
per month until paid, and all costas.
The names of said delinquent taxpayers,
the amount of taxes due by each on the
assessment of said year and the property
assessed to each, to be offered for sale, are
as follows, to-wit:
Berry, Louisia, Fifth Ward, ten acres of
land, bounded north by Boagni, south by
Bayou Courtableau, and east by L. Berry,
valued at $100.00, stoc k20.00, poll tax $.00,
parish tax $1.20, state 72 cents total tax
$3.92, with interest and costs. No. 479.
No. 1692. Dupre, Oua E, Opelouss, 1
acres of land bounded north by Mr.C. E.
Dupre, south by Wartelle, east by Mrs. B.
C. Dupre, valued at $42.00. 31 aeres of
land bounded north and east by Mrs.' . C.
Dupre, south by Wartelle, and w'stby- Lu
cien Dupre, valued at $f180.00. 2 Sres of
woodland bounded north by Mrs. . .C. Du
pre, south by Lrstie Duprs, €ss
. upre, and 'irov esat
$870.00. Stock 60, vehicles a. Poll
tax LO, p tax 140, state tax 0.24,
total tax 17.64, with interest and costs.
No. 57. Church A Brown, 642 and 260O
acres of land being all of section two in
township four south of range six east; 320
and 30j100 acres of land being the east half
of section three in township four south of
range six east; 100 and 151100 acres of land
being the south west quarter of sectron
three in township four south of range six
east;80 and 71100 acres of land being the
east ialf of the north west quarter of sec
tion three in township four south of range
six east; 321 and 12j100 acres of land being
the east half of section twenty-two in town
ship four south- of range six east; 320 and
90110( acres of land being the west half of
of section twenty-six in township four
south of range six east; valued at $1850.00.
State tax $11.10, parish tax $18.50, levee tax
414.80. Total taxes $44.40, with interestand
No. 58. Church & Brown, taxes for 1886,
same as above, total taxes .44.40, with in
terest and costs..
No. 59. Church & Brown taxes for 1887,
same as above,total taxes $44.40, with in
terest and costs.
No. 00. Church & Brown txaes for 1388,
same as above, total taxes $44.40, with in
terest and costs. -
E sec. 28, Tp-6 86 valued at
$920.00. tax v.52, prish tax $!.20, to
tal taxes $14.72, with interest and costs.
No. 186. F. Hollander & Co., 1 lot and
improvements in the town of Opelouss,
bounded north by. rolee street, south by
S. Perkins, east by Mornhinveg and wet
by Union street, valued st $1200.00. Etate
tax P.20, criminal corporation tax 6.00, to
tal taxes $13.20, with interest and costs.
On said day of sale I will sell such por
tions of said property as each debtot will
point out, and in case the tax debtor shall
not point out sufficient property, I will at
once, without further delay, sell the least
quantity of said property of any tax debtor
which any bider may buy for the amount
of taxes, interest and costs due by said tax
debtor. The sale will be without.appraise
ment, for cash in legal tender money of
the United States
Sheriff and ex-Officio Tax Collector.
dec27 6S
Partition Sale.
Cary T. Griffith vs. Isaac C. Griffith. No.
14,762 District Court,. Parish. of St. Lan.
By virtue of as. order of the Honorable
13th Judicial District Court of the State of
Louisiana, in and for the perish of St. Lan
dry, in the above entitled and numbered
suit, I will proceed to sell at public auction,
to the highest bidder; at the old Griffith
residence near Bayou Chicot in said parish,
Wedneeder, February 1&ab, 1891,
the following described property, in order
to effect a partition to-wit:
One hundred and thirty acres of land,
more or less, situated in this parish, near
Bayou Chicot, bounded north by land of
S. H. Griffith, south by land of 0. C; Grif
fith, east by land of FW . Moore and west
by land of Haas & Wharton.
To be sold in two lots of sivty-flve acre
each, plat of survey to be exhibited on the
day of sale.
Jan 17 5t Receiver.
Estate of Octave Datre.-In the Dis
trict Court for the Parish of St. Landry.
Whereas, Coralie F. Coreil, administratrix
of the estate of Octave Daire deceased, has
filed a final tableau of said estate, with her
petition praying for the homologation of
the same; and whereas, notice of filing of
said petition and tableau has been ordered
by an order of court dated January 16,1891,
now, therefore, notice is hereby given to
persons interested to make oppositions if
if any they have, to said tableau, by filing
the same in writing at my office in Opelon
sas, within the time required by law, why
said tableau should not be homologted
and confirmed. C. M. THOMPSON,
Jan 17 2t Clerk.
LFOR SALE A!' $ PEE A43--.
. Largs Tracti of Land TRAVERSED
ROAD, in the parish of 8t Landry, between
Melville and Palmetto stations. These
lands have been recently surveyed and are
heavily tmbred with valuable cyprss
and ash timber. Apply to the undesigned
at Opelousas, I& THOS . L.LWIL
General Merchandise.
&roceries, Plantation Supple,
IardIar Crocaq ar, Tia
Ware, ltcken oatf at a bar
gain, Liquors of al brands,
iCar tarusee otkaes.
Sheriff's Sale.
No. 14,715 KeiBer Brothers vs. W'i. Good
man et als, District Court, Parilhr .
-of St Landry.
No. 14,775. Simon & Kohn vs. Wm. Good
'man et als., District Court,
SPariah, of Stt Landry.
NO. 14,769, Yale & Bwlinvs. Win. Good
man e .ts., District Cou.rt, Par
S"is. of St. LAandry.
By virtue of an order of the Honorable
Thirteenth Judicipl District Court lin and
for the parish of .Landry, in the above
numbered ahd entitled suits, and to me di
rected, I have seized and I will proceed to
sell at public auction, to the highest bid
der, at the store lately kept by defendants
at Morrow Station in said pariah, on
Saturday, January '4th, 1891,
at 11 o'clock a. mn., the following described
property, to-wit:
The entire contents of the l taoe latsly
ept b Willinm Goodian at Morrow St.
tion, St, Imdry pariah, conlsftingof ageu
,*mA atock of merchandise, boots, shoes,
°hats, clothing, dry goody, notions, hard
ware, grocneries, tobacco, liquors, saddlery,
etc., eta valued at over Sieventeen nHu&
dred Dollars.
Seized in the above suits.
jan3 . onit N ( a.
Sherif's 8'
William F. Reed et alec. gin ner ati er.
-No. -- in the 1.th Ji `e alIeIot
Court for thi Parish of Z.i r .
By virtue of ordsertffssueaW .a4d sale
issued out of fi
the partish habove edt
snit, and teiw will potd t1o
s idc er WtZ i
at Ii o'clo k a. m., the. followng i d
pnaroperty to-wit
One lot of ground 'aie 4,lerGas aediti n
io the town of W rftobi, ithrerleh
bounded noretsoath by =bi= iate R
rtreet~·south by~~Bp eari rrt-.n. by the
street beiweejn a :a Mre. Tom (lag
diner and west by lots"taf Garlud and
Kn fs, fronting onespt on Shorttree
and running to aBayr Caron to r
with all the buili t ngae bwpX epet
thereon belonging. g
Seized in the above suit.
dec27 Therif-of TS. . O ?
dec2 $hrrif-of .the p'edsh ofSt. La pdry.
No. 14, 257 ,
T mrrinrrx JrteciA D vteoGo'iu O t
8iaruaxew, *2 a
No. 14,289,
TinrnU*tra JUPirrWiK L Drittioer Couvt
the above entitled annumbeied skit i
sued out of the Honorable 13th Judicial
District Court of the State of Loulsone, itn
and for the perish of St Landry andto e
directed, I will .proced to sell at public
auction, to the est bidder, atth front
door of the Court 'ouse in the tiwn of
Opelouses, parish of St. Landry, o6
Satnrday, Janu st - e4t 1,
at 11 o'clock a. m., the following descPibed
property, to-wit:
1.Thirty and 921100 ree of land, itul
ed in this pulsh and State, bei the
north half of lot (7) seven in section tirty
ive, township eight south range three east,
acquired as per act of exchange from Ad-.
olpe Prejean, passed before W. C,' Per
rault, notary public, on August 21lets 18.
2. Seventy-eight pent, adjoining the
above tract on the east, bounded north by
lands belonin to MeIlhenny, south by
land of Ursn, Prean and east by land
formerly belongi.g to estate of Claisville
Prejeen, being the seane poperty that ven
dor acquired of one .Adoiphe Preean, On
the th December 1881, together with all
the buildings and improvements on said
tracts of land.
a Thirty-seven arpents of lend, mare o.r
less, situated near Coulee Croche,in--this
parish, bounded north by estate of Clsir.
rile Prejean, south by John Comeau, east
by Edwin Comeaun and weet by-
4. The undivided one-half of the tto
gin and engine, situated on the place a5l
residence of the vendor's mother.
6. Ten homeas.
6. Seven head bf eattle
Seized in the above suite.
Sheriff of the Paish of St, Landy.
dec20 6t
Publio Ba.e .
Estate of Constance Bordelon, deceased
wife of Valeir Dopleabhin, NoX. a ,.
Probate Docket, Di strietCjd , P ..ish
of St Landry..
By virtue of an order of the Honorable
Thirteenth Judicial Distrit Comurt in and
for the parish aforesaid, there will be sold
at public auction; to the highest bidder, by
the undersigned administrator, or by some
duly qualified publil autioneer,- at the
lest residence of the deceased at Petit: ola.
near Bayou, Teche in said parih, on
Wednesday, February 4th, to 2,
the following described property belonging
to the estate of'Constance Bordelon, de
ceaed wife of Valery Duplechain, to-wit:- -
L A certain tract of land situated in the
arish liforesid, in the neighborhood
known as Petit Bois, containing ffty-four
arpents, more or less, bounded notS by
David Duplechain, south by Jean Bte. Ba
quie, east by Valery Dupleehain, and west
by land.of GMenar being same tract.ae
quired from David ISuplechain.
2. One pair creole males, one or cart,
three work oxen, one milch cow and. alf,
three thre-year old beeves, one reole
horse, one american horse, ten heed of
asep, a miscellaneous lot of household
mm..tu*, kitchen furniture, tble wamre
one clock, one lot of fasuingutenils jbOia
fifty barrels of corn, about ten barrels of
sweet potatoes, a lot of poultry, one brand
ing iron, a block and tackle, a lot of car
penter's tools.
ja3 5t A mini.trator.
Estate ofJean Pierre. (loe--In the
District Court for the Parish bf 84. Landry.
Whereas, Samuel Bryant and wife, Her
mom Closh ve petloned the court to be
appointed joint a ainistrators of the es
tate of the ate Jean Pierre Close deceased,
notice is hereby given to all whom it may
concern to show cause within tn days wh
the rayer of the. said petitionershould
not be ranted. By order of the Court
jan17 2t C.. JTHOIMPSON, Clerk.
30 eKjtmt,
Office, cotmi.wtwdry mud Union s reets,
Omit oJ. mycri r a& U 3
.obtI1_· ly O''PB~LQU$AB~~s, L4.

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