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For Governor :
Of East Feliciana.
OPELOUSAS, LA., OCT. 17, 1891.
In reply to the challenge of the lMessrs.
Daly, published in the CLARION of Sept.
12th, that they would trot their horse
Bohon against any stallion in St. Landry
parish, I will state that I have deposited
$250 in the First National Bank of Ope
louses, as forfeit money, and I will trot my
horse Currency a match race against
Bohon for $500 a side, race to take placeon
any day between Nov. 10th and Dec. 10th,
1891, and on any track except Dr. Daly's.
Oct. 17-tf. O. J. STOKES.
On Saturday, Oct. 24th. 1891, at 11 o'clock
a. m., the building lately occupicd as a
residence by Paul Mizzie, opposite the
market house in Opelousas, will be sold at
auction. The building is 17x34, and will
be sold to the highest bidder for cash; and
it must be removed within 30 days.
Stewart pays cash for corn.
The A-tak-a-pa Family and Planta
tion Remedies for sale by all Druggists.
E. H. Vordenbaumen sells pine lum
ber at $12 per M it.
Now is the time to subscribe to the
Theophile Martel, Opelousas, has
new honey for sale.
Pittsburgh coal at E. H. Vordenbau
men's lumber yard.
The building spirit still goes on in
our town. Every carpenter and brick
layer is busy.
Wanted, at Stewart's Lumber xYard,
1600 bushels of corn. Lumber of all
descriptions given in exchange.
A yeombined mowing and reaping
machine, self-rake attachment, for sale
very cheap. Apply at this office.
The Hebrewfof Opelousas kept the
day of atonement, last Monday, by sus
pending all business and attending re
ligious services.
The Weekly New Delta, one of the
best weeklies in the State, will be fur
nished with this paper at the low price
of $2,75 per year. Now is the time to
Special invitation is given to the
public to sample the extra coffee ex
tracted from the Automatic Steam
Drip, at.the market house, at W. L.
Gil's coffee stand.
Last Saturday, at Bailey's planta
tion on the Courtableau below Wash
ington, Oscar Brown and Berry Scar
vet, two colored men, had a quarrel;
Scarver shot Brown with a pistol, and
he died next day.
Don't forget the grand exhibition,
of old Ethan Allan and all his colts, on
the 24th of this month. A grand oc,
easion is expected and certain races
will take place. A. J. BERCIER,
Secretary Opelousas Race Course.
C. E. Schrenk, of New Orleans, has
opened a photograph gallery in Ope
lousas, next door to F. E. Bailey's
drugstore, Main street. Call and see
specimens. Will remain only about
sixty days. First-class work guaran
Last Saturday another anti-lottery
league was organized in Chataignier,
with twenty-seven members; D. P.
Lafleur president, Azelien Manuel vice
'president, A. Guillette treasurer, A. D.
Guillette secretary, Florence Jeansonne
In Morris' side-show at Alexandria,
there were only seventeen parishes
represented by seventy-five delegates.
-. .tbis number New .Orleans contri
buted thirty-nine, and many attended
on their "own responsibility." No
tibket was nominated.-Mansfield Jour
On the 11th inst., an anti-lottery
league was organized in Lower Ma
mouth, with forty-four members on
the spot, and about the same number
to be added; Landry Rougeau presi
dent, A. H. Mouton vice-president, H.
P. Fontenot secretary, Honore Fusilier
treasurer, Ulger Fusilier doorkeeper.
The chanupion trotting horses of this
parish are being trained for a stuggle
that will probably take place next
month ; and a lot of lesser fry are also
being prepared for races. They are
all-going towin, because they are be
ing fed on hyoscyamus which, it is
said, puts lightning even into a plug's
A man's party fealty is very weak
that can be overcome by a money
consideration. The man who would
not see the Louisiana State Lottery
or other money making co-operation
* swept out of existence in the interest
of peace and good government is a
stranger to the virtue of patriotism.
Remember the grandest exhibition
'and procession of horses e-er beheld in
St. Landry, comes off ori Saturday, the
Al4th inst., on. the Opelousas Race
Coanie, in honor of Old Ethan Allen
and his brilliant family. Among many
of tb le.antiful primes, are six fine
j~i~als,. tow on exhibition at R.
Sorahinveg's. Remember the day
a.d date. ~Bast open at 10 a. m.;
procession begins-tt about 12 m.. Ad
> b 5"cent.
New Delta, Oct. 1+.
Yesterday a committee from the
caucus of the anti-lottery members of
the Democratic State central comnmit
tee composed of Hon. Don Caffery,
Hon. M. J. Cunningham and Hon. J.
F. Pierson, just before the assembling of
the State committee ot 12 o'clock,
called upon Captain John Fitzpatrick,
who was understood to be one of the
managers upon the other side, and in
formed him that they had a proposi
tion to submit to his side from the
antis. Captain Fitzpatrick asked
that the anti committee wait until
he could call his committee, and,
stepping to the door of the room where
the members of the State central com
mittee were waiting the appearance
of the chairman, he called Messrs. A.
W. Crandall and Charles Butler. These
three men then said that they were
ready to hear what the committee
from the anti-lottery members of the
State committee had to say. There
upon Mr. Pierson, at the request of his
colleagues, read to these three gentle
men representing the other side:
which had been adopted by the cau
cus of the anti-lottery members of the
State committee and ordered submit
ted to the other side:
While we, the anti-lottery members
of the Democratic State central com
mittee do not admit the right or
power ofsaid committee to submit
any question or controversy to any
election of Democrats, other than that
of delegates to a convention ; and con
tend that the power of the committee,
according to all uniform Democratic
usage and law, is confined to calling a
convention; providing for election of
delegates thereto, and the organization
of said body; yet we are willing to
join the advocates of the lottery
amendment in advising and recom
mending to the white Democrats of
the State a submission of the lottery
question on the following conditions:
That the caucus proposes to the
pro-lottery members of the State cen
tral committee to submit the lottery
amendment to a separate, Democratic,
white primary election, to be held in
every parish. throughout the State,
and every ward in the city of New
Orleans on the same day, said day to
be that fixed by the State central com
mittee for the election of delegates to
the State nominating convention,
which shall not be before Dec. 17,
1891, provided Mr. John A. Morris
and his six unnamed associates will
give beforehand
of the privileges accorde them by
said amendment, to take effect should
a majority of the votes cast at said
primary election be against said
That said primary election be con
ducted according to rules to be for
mulated by a committee of five, com
posed of two members selected by this
caucus, two members to be selected
by the pro-lottery caucus, and the
present chairman of the State central
committee, Hon. John S. Lanier.
That the returns of said primary
election shall be made to the commit
tee of five, constituted as herein provi
ded, under rules adopted by them; and
they shall have full power and author
ity to finally determine all contests
and other matters arising out of said
primary election, and to declare the
result. That any vacancy on the com
mittee of five be filled by theside upon
which the vacancy may occur, and the
anti-lottery side by the clhairmmn of
the anti-lottery State executive com
mittee, and upon the lottery side in
such manner as that side may deter
Mr. Pierson also informed the gen
tlemen from the lottery side of the
committee that a copy of the proposi
ition would he given theni as soon
as it could be made. This was done
inside of an hour. When Mr. Pierson
had concluded Mr. Fitzpatrick said
that they would have to submit the
proposition to their side before they
could return any answer to it, and
promised that his committee would
do so and that an answer should be re
turned. Upito 1 o'clock this morning
no answer had been received by the
caucus of the anti-lotteryites or their
The lotteryites appeared tobedumib
founded by this proposition coming
from the anti-lotteryites, as they
seemed to think that the call in the
lottery papers for white primaries on
this question would frighten the antis
and make them think that the lottery
wanted the mattqr submitted -to the
white Democrats of the State.
The Mansfield Journal says: We
find the following in the Farmer
ville Gazette. Have any of our
DeSoto boys done as well this season?
It seems to us that the Elliott boys
"gathered" -instead of picking the
amounts published :
On the 13th of September, 1891, the
sons of W. H. Elliott, who lives a few
miles north of Shiloh, picked the fol
lowing weights of cotton in one day :
Chas. Elloitt, aged 19 years, picked
514 pounds; Jeff Elliott, aged 17 years,
picked 531 pounds; Jim Elliott, aged
14 years, 412 pounds; John Elliott,
aged 12 years, picked 257 pounds.
Total, 1714 pounds.
Resoluftions of the Farmers' Union
of Acadia parish, in regular session
assembled :
1st. Resolved, that we are in sym
pathy with the pure anti-lottery Dem
ocrats of the State of Louisiana, and
that we endorse the Lafayette compact
between the Anti-Lottery League and
the State Farmers' Union.
2nd. Resolved further, that we de
plore the action of State Lecturer
Guice and his followers, and especially
the action of our delegates in opposing
the majority in favor of the compact.
3rd. Resolved, that we endorse that
noble Democrat, Thomas Scott Adams,
for our next Governor.
4th. Resolved, that we strongly
condemn the Times-Democrat, and
our local sheets ard the entire press
of the State who teach the Morris
doctrine, and to dictate to the back
bone and sinew of the Democratic
party what shall and what shall not
be Democratic principles and rules to
govern our primaries.
Resolved, that we endorse the action
taken by our noble Governor, Francis
T. Nicholls, in opposing that hydra
headed monster, the Louisiana State
Resolved further, that these pro
ceedings be published in Farmers'
Vidette, New Delta and St. Landry
CLARION. Respectfully submitted.
Jos. LUMPKINS, President.
A. C. LORMAND, Secretary.
BIG CANE, Oct. 2, 1891.
At the regular meeting of the Par
ish Union of St. Landry, the following
resolution was adopted :
Resolved, that whereas, a call has
been issued by Guice, Clayton and
others, for a convention to be held at
Alexandria on the 2nd of October,
ostensibly for the purpose of forming
a State ticket; and,
"Whereas, the said Guice, Clayton
and others, were delegates to the Lafa
yette convention when the agreement
between the Anti-Lottery League and
the Farmers' Union was ratified, and
are consequently bound by said agree
ment; therefore,
Be it resolved, that we of the Parish
Farmers' Union of St. Landry, assem
bled at Big Cane on this, the second
of October, 1891, most solemnly affirm
and pledge our sacred honors to sup
port by deed and spirit the said com
pact, and condemn as treason to our
cause the action of said Guice, Clayton
and others, and we brand all Farmers'
Union men who favor the action of
Guice, Clayton and others in unmeas
ured terms, and believe all such are
working in the interest of the Louisia
na State Lottery Company, and against
the Democratic party.
C. W. WARD, See. Parish Union.
The Lottery company has added an
other to its long list of remarkable
coincidences. In the Constitutional
Convention of 1879, it had 59 votes to
58, one majority. In the recent Senate
it needed exactly 24 votes, and it got
them, no more, no less. In the House
it needed exactly 66 votes and it got
them, no more, no less. In the Su
preme Court it needed three concur
ring judges and it had them, no more,
no less; and now in the State Central
Committee where there were 77 votes
it needed exactly 39 votes to give it a
majority of one, and it got them, no
more, no less. None of the lottery
sheets or orators have as yet essayed to
explain these wonderful coincidences.
Surely the lotteryites have a theory to
account for it. Will any of the three
pro-lottery journals of this parish offer
an explanation of this remarkable
phase of the lottery's history.
There are 15 Anti-Lottery leagues in
this parish, one at Melville, one at
Whiteville, one at Plaisance, one at
Anse Belair, two at Chataignier, two
at Faquetaique, one at Lower Mam
mouth, one at Plaquemine Ridge, one
at Coulee Croche, oneat Leonville, one
at Notleyville, and one at Opelousas.
It is proposed'to have a convention of
all the leagues take place at Opelousas,
on Tuesday, November the 3d, at which
time a parochial organisation will be
effected and a committee appointed to
confer with a like committee already
appointed by the Farmers' Union.
Several more leagues will shortly be
organized. This organisation has come
here to stay until the lottery fight is
over, and that fight will be over only
when the lottery is driven out of the
How to Succeed. 2
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of luck, but the majority from deficient
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keep the spirits up," thus wasting
money, time, opportunity and nerve
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storative Nervine, discovered by the
great specialist, Dr. Miles, to cure all
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nervous prostration, sleeplessness, neu
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ria. Trial bottles and fine book of tes
timonials free at F. E. Bailey's drug
Subscribe to the Clarion
As this is the harvesting of rice, we
are realizing what development there
has been made in rice culture in La.,
we have come to the conclusion that
this is a good rice country, and when
ever water can be procured at the
proper time, there is scarcely any
failure, and the important thing con
cerning our rice planters is to secure
water at the proper time. Our prair
ies seem peculiarly adapted to rice, and
if we can devise a plan to secure water,
rice planting in Louisiana is a grand
success. I have been making observa
tions and experimenting some. I am
satisfied that uimle water can be ob
tained by buildihg resovoirs by build
ing dams around a portion of our level
prairie land--say for 40 acres more or
less, you build :' iam four feet high
and divide it with i dam, reserving
one half to -'lild' water. The winter
and spring raii" wotild'probably fill it,
and if not, we have a superabundance of
water, devise somne plan to have it fill,
by pumping or other methods of lift
ing wvater. The nature of our level
prairie is such that if kept covered
with water, but little water will soak
in the ground. It would be much
better to secure 20 acres of good rice
than take the risk of the summer
rains on forty. And then when you
turn the water dif the reservoir, plant
in speckled peas which will make in
eight weeks, and, you will realize as
'much feed as if planted in grain, which
will' keep the 'land clean of water
grass, and be sweet and clean the next
year for rice; 'Alternate the plots
where you have water one year
the next year '~lant in rice. Thus
keeping the land free of grass and
weeds. I observe this year that half
of the rice i a failure for the want of
water. Ntiture teaches us that we can
have ponds any-lwhere on our level
lands. Observe our natural ponds, not
more than one- foot: deep will retain
water all- summer. Now if we raise
water three feet deep we may expect
to have at least two feet to apply to
the rice when the crisis comes.
With the advantage of road scrapers
and plough, levees can be built very
fast.- They should have a good wide
base; say ten or twelve feet; and this
is only to be done' once. It is much
better to have' t'wenty acres to make
twenty barrels` to the acre than forty
to make five barels or nothing. The
fall is the proper` time to make the
levees, as new ones will not hold water
so well; and in the spring the ground
is too wet and heavy.
This country 1s susceptible of great
progress on thisi'ine.
..:i Plaisance, La:
We desire .to.,a:,to, our citizens, that
for years' we 'have been selling Dr.
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and have never handled remedies that
sell as well, or'':, fIt have given such
universal .stisf ition. We do not hes
itate to guarantee them every time,
and we stand redy to refund the pur
chase price, if satisfactory results do
not follow their use. These remedies
have won their great popularity pure
ly on their merits. F. E. Bailey, Drug
The Times-Democrat proposition for
the submission of the lottery question
to white primaries contains one very
significant feature, and that was that
all public speakihg upon the subject
should cease. Ve knew very well that
some of the lottery organs did not
want the people enlightened upon this
lottery question but we never expect
ed to see such a bold avowal of the fact
from its chief organ. This one condi
tion of the proposition shows plainly
enough that the Times never expected
it to be a&epted.? 1t shows also that
the discussion going on is hurting, and
that is what prompted the suggestion;
to stop it. The Scripture says: "There
are some people that love darkness
rather than light.'
The cotton factory at Washington,
is running very smoothly and regular
ly, and we are informed is now paying
expenses. The superintendent Mr.
Knight, is not Only a competent and
experience hand at that business, but
is an exceedingly :courteous and clever
gentleman. A visit to the factory and
a sight of the arr. of pretty Wash
ington girls busily itnd skilfully at work
at the complicated` machinery is well
worth a six mile Lide.
We call the attention of all to the
speech of Mr. Farrr on ,the first page
of this paper-the speech is given on
ly in part, but will be finished next
week. No lotterite can read this
speech and not ..[... an anti-lottery
ite in heart nt legit. ,.No anti-lottery
ite can read it ana oot become stronger
and more deternmnadirn.~isopposition
to the lottery, ; ,:: .
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Proceedings of the Police Jury.
OPa.ousAs, LA., Monday; Oct. 5, 1891
The police jury met pursuant to ad
journment. Present: E. M. Boagni, presi
dent, Messrs Barry, Robin, Dossman, Bibm,
Haas, Durio, Ward and Milburn.
On motion of Dr. Barry the minutes
of the last meeting were adopted as read.
On motion of C. T. Bihm be it resolved,
that the petition of the citizens of Prairie
Mammouth, relative to laying out a pub
lic road running to Frugee's Bridge from
some convenient point on the nearest
public road to said bridge be and the same
is hereby laid on the table subject to call.
On motion of Mr. Robin be it resolved
that the Police Jury of the Ph. of St. Lan
dry appropriate the sum of Two Hundred
and Fifty Dollars, to send Edward Gil as a
Parish Cadet to the La. State University at
Baton Rouge and -that the treasurer be
authorized to pay said amount to the
President of the State University, on the
warrant of the president of the Police
Jury. Voting aye: Bihm, Robin, Haasand
Durio; nay, Ward, Barry, Dossman and
Milburn. There being a tie the president
voted yea.
Dr. Barry in the chair.
On motion of E. M. Boagni. Be it re
solved that the sum of one hundred dol
lars be appropriated out of the internal
improvement fund of the 4th ward for 1892,
to rebuild Sackett Levee, the work to be
done under the supervision of V. W. Boa
gni, who is especially authorized to have
the work done.
Mr. Ward offered an amendment to Mr.
Boagni's motion, that the sum of $50.00 out
ofjinternal improvement fund of 1892 be
appropriated to build a bridge over wash
out in Sackett Levee-whereupon motion
of Mr. Boagni the yeas and nays were
called for on the amendment. Voting
aye, Ward; nays, Boagni, Durio, Bihm,
Robin, Haas and Dossman, Mr. Milburn
not voting, the chair announced the
amendment lost.
The vote was then taken on the main
question and carried.
On motion the jury took a recess until
half past three.
The police jury met at 3:30 p. m.
Present, E. M. Boagni, president, C. T.
Bihm,.C. W. Ward, E. S. Barry, 8. Haas;
L J. Dossman, H.. Durio and P. Robin;
Mr. Milburn was excused by the chair.
On motion of Mr. Robin, be it rosolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to dig canal through Ovignac Dore and
Devilliers fields be accepted committee
discharged and that Mr. Ovignac Dore be
credited with the sum of one hundred dol
lars out of the internal improvement
funds of 1892 3rd ward.
On motion of P. Robin be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to dig canal in Notley Devillier's lane be
and the same is hereby accepted commit
tee discharged, and that Mr. Phillip Va
liere be credited with the sum of two hun
dred dollars out of internal improvement
funds of 1892 3rd ward.
On motion of Mr. Ward, be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell contract to repair the five bridges
on the Big Cane road be and the same is
hereby accepted committee discharged
and Mr. D. Sandifur be ordered credited
with the sum of two hundred dollars out
of the internal improvements funds of
1892 4th ward.
On motion the claim of J. P. Smith foi
stock killed to prevent the speading ofi
glanders was laidon the table.
On motion of C. W. Ward be it resolved,
that Thos. H.- Lewis, Esq., be employed
to defend the suit of L. & L. A. Sandoz vs.
E. M. Boagni President et als., and that
he be paid the sum of thirty dollars posi
tive fee and a further contingent fee of
lffo on any amounts that the claim of
Messrs. Sandoz against the parish be re
On motion the police jury adjourned
until Tuesday, October 6th 1891 :at 10
o'clock a. m. E. M. BOAGNI,
Attest: H. E. EsTOROe, President.
TUESDAY, Oct 6, 1891.
The police jury met pursuant to adjourn
ment: present E. M. Boagni, president,
Messrs. Ward, Dossman, Durio, Robin,
Barry and Haas.
On motion of L J. Dosesman the reading
of yesterday's minutes were dispensed
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it re
solved that James M. Roberts be aftd.is
hereby empowered and authorized to put
chase 1391 feet of lumber and one keg of
nails to build bridge across wash on the
I. K. Small plantation and report at the
next regular meeting "5 ward."
On motion of Lh J. Dossman be it re
solved that the report of the committe.
appointed to sell contract for the building
of Nicholas bridge be and the same is
hereby accepted committee discharged,
and Francis J. Dossman be ordered credi
ted with the sum of two hundred dol., outof
the internal improvement funds of 1891
7 ward.
On motion of Dr. Barry be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell contract for building Bourbeux
Bridge at Sanders' be and the same is
hereby accepted committee discharged and
Mr. Robert H. Barry contractor be ordered
credited with the sum of one hundred and
fifty dollars out of the internal improve
ment funds of 10l-half out of 1st ward
and half out of 2nd ward.
On motion of Dr. Barry, be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to sell and supervise the rebuilding of the
bridge at Chetien's Point be and is hereby
accepted, committee discharged and
Messrs. James Dailey and Numa Miller be
ordered credited with the sum of one hun
dred dollars out of the internal improve
ment funds of 1891 2nd ward.
On motion of Mr. Dossman be it resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to lay out the change of road between
Sydney Lafleur and E. T. Laftleur's lands,
starting from the old public road on the
qorthl west corner of I Laftuer and E. T.
Lafleur's lands aboet three acres east,
thence running norOh-~seres E'T. Lafleur's
land to intersect with the old public road
be accepted and committee discharged
and the said road, as laid out be declared
a public road provided same be done ac
cording to section 3 of road ordinance.
On motion of C. W. Ward be it resolved
that the report of the committee ap
pointed to ascertain how much lum
ber it would take to build bridges from
Sackett landing to Chevis Lower line, be
received, and that said committee be em
powered and authorized to purehase 8828 2
feetoflumberand 2 kegs of spikes, pro
vided said work is done without any costs
to the parish, and report at the next regu
lar - meeting. Lumber and spikes to bel
charged to internal improvement funds of -
1892, 4th ward.
Mnr Doesman in the chair.
On motion of . M. Bogni be it resolved
thn the sum of $400.0 or as muh thereof
as may be necessary be and the same is
hereby appropriated out of the internal
improvement funds of 1891 to rebuild
bridge across Bayou Marie Croquant at
Poplar Grove ond that Messrs D. P. Saizan,
- Pickens and Ozeme Moreau be ap
pointed a committee to sell contract to
lowest bidder, supervise the work and re
port at the next regular meeting.
On motion of Mr. Robin, Mr. E. M. Boa
gni was added to above committee and
made chairman thereof.
On motion of Mr. Boagni be it resolved
resolved that whereas, the committee ap
pointed at the last meeting to have the
Washington bridge coal tared, have not
acted; therefore be it resolved thatMessrs.
Carl Wolf, Ralph Boudreau and Isaac
Eves be appointed a committee to have
said work done, and report at the next
regular meeting.
On motion of C. W. Ward be it resolved
that a committee of three composed of E.
M. Boagni, T. 8. Fontenot and Judge E. T.
Lewis be and are hereby appointed to
have the court house steeple painted, [su
pervise the work, receive same when com
pleted and report at the next regular
Mr. Boagnein chair.
On motiq) of[ir. Robin be it resolved
that the 'ort of the committee appointed
to s -ontract to repair Griffin's Bridge,
be a epted committee discharge and Mr.
C. D. Stewart contractor be credited with
the sum of 20. out of the internal im
provement funds-of 1891 and 1892, as fol
lows: one hundred and fifty dollars out of
funds of 1891 and fifty dollars out of funds
of 1892.
On motion of Mr. Dossman be it resolved
that Messrs. Paul Stagg, T. Coreil, O. Dar
deau, Alsin Vidrine and Ozeme Fontenot
be and they are hereby appointed a com
mittee to change road at Ernest Brignac
gully, assess damages, and report at the
next regular meeting; and also report the
probable costs to change the bridge from
the old road to the new road.
On motion of Dr. Barry be it resolved
that a committee of thre composed of
E. M. Boagni as its chairman, T. 8. Fon
not and C. M. Thompson be appointed
receive the roll from the assessor. Messrs.
Barry, Haas and Ward having been ap
pointed a committee on claim reported
through their chairman Dr. Barry that
they had examine and found correct the
following claims, to-wit:
Jos. Casmer, broken spade on road 1 00
W. R. Cochran, witness in suit of V.
Boagni v. E. M. Boagi ........... 200
Dr. R.M. Littell, medicines ......... 28 45
Dupreville Meche, witness fees Boa
gni vs. Meohe 0.......... ......... 0
Mount Pleasant Mills lumber 5 ward
James Daily, witness fees Boagni vs.
M eche . ............................ 11 20
P. Robin, lumber for Camy's Bridge
3rd ward...........................102 92
Louis Legendre, coroner's jury 2days 4 00
Hilaire Carriere " " 400
Aurelien Meaureau " " " " 4 00
Homer Bourgeois " " " 4 00
Loreno Young " " " 4 00
K. Baillio, services in suit of Boagni
vs. Meche ......................... 50 00
D. Roos,mdse................ 20 20
J. Meyers & Co., spikes slet ward..... 15 35
Phil Jacobs " " ... 6 80
Mt. Pleasant Mills lumber ist wd.... 138 00
Of T. S. Fontenot, sheriff and ex-officio tax
collector, allowing the amount of parish
and criminal corp. taxes, also licenses,
collected during the month of July,1891:
Parish taxes ......................$185 90
Corporation criminal taxes ........ 12785
Interest ........................ 8 54
Licenses ......... ............. 707 50
$1029 79
Less 5% for collection.. 51 48
Net paid over...........$978 31
I hereby certify the above and foregoing
to be a true and correct copy from my cash
books and audited by the parish auditor.
Sheriff and ex-officio tax collector,
Parish of St. Landry.
Of T. S. Fontenot, sheriff and exaofficio tax
collector, showing the amount of parish
and criminal corp. taxes, also. licenses,
collected during the month of August,
Parish taxes ............. ........$113 70
Criminal corporation taxes.... . 10 55
Interest ...........................8 79
Licenses ...1.................. ...... 12500
Total'. .................. $258
Less 5% commission. ... 12 90
Net paid over ........ . $245 14
I hereby certify the above and foregeong
to be a true an correct copy from the cash
books in my office and audited by the par
ish auditor. T. S. FONTENOT,
Sheriff and ex-oflicio tax collector,
Parish of St. Landry.
On motion of Mnr Robin the report was
accepted and committee discharged.
On motion of Dr. Barry, the petition of
the citizens of Bellevue and ricinity pray
ing the police jury to grant them a. magis
trate ward to be known as the 21st Magis
trate ward and a school district to be
known as the 9th School District; to be
compos.d of a part of the 1st, 3rd and 19th
inagistiates *ards be and the sanme is laid
on the table until next regular meeting'
On motion of C. W. Ward be it resolved
that the supplemented roll handed in by
L. E. -ittell be accepted, and the. same
turned over to the assessot, who is hereby
instructed to proceed to give notice ac
cording to law.
On motion of C. W. Ward be it resolved
that L E. Littell be and is hereby employ
ed to place upon the asaessmeat roll of
1891 property which was aspeed- in .1090
and was omitted on the regular roll of
1891, and that the said Littelt be paid 29%
of all parish taxes collected from property
placed upon the roll by him as above.
On motion of Dr. Barry be it resolved
that the president be authoiaied to issue a
warrant against funds not otherwise ap
propriated to pay Messrs. Stuart & Bour
din amt due them for repairs ,to. court
On motion of C. W. Ward, be It resolved
that the report of the committee appointed
to ascertain the amt of lumber to build
bridges along Bayou Courtableau be ac
cepted, and committee authorized to pur
chase the necessary lumber and nails as
per detail bill filed with their report.
Whereupon motion of Mr. Robin Mr. Ward
was added to the committee and made
chairman thereof and report at next eegu.
lar meeting.
On motion of C. W. Ward, be it resolved
that whereas since the beginning of the.
work to repair the Clerk's office the walls
of the same have cracked and sunk, and it
is now apparent that unless additional
work be done in placing a foundation un
der the said walls the same will soon fall;
therefore be it resolved that the sum of
seven hundred dollars or as much thereof
as may be necessary be and the same .is
hereby appropriated out of the funds not
otherwise aPlpropriated of 1891, to have
said work done under the sepervislon of
K M. Boagni, E. T. Lewis and C. M.
On motion of Dr. Barry the offer of
Diomel Durio of ten dollars for the re
remaining portion of the old road machine
was acceste.
On motion of Dr. Barry the police jury
adjourned until the 1st Monday in Novem
ber, it being the 2nd day of that month.
E.M. BoAoix,.President.
Attest: H. E. Esrosos, Clerk.
BIG CANE, Oct. 9, 1891.
Editor of CLARIO :- My attention
has been called to the fact that in the
Opelousas Courier of August 1st, 1891,
the editor, speaking of the proceedings
of the Parish Union meeting held aQ
Whiteville, furnished you my myself
and published in the CLARION of July
25, 1891, seems to doubt the correct
ness of said proceedings as published
by CLARION. I therefore beg leave to
state that the published proceedings
in your paper of July 25, of the Par
ish Union meeting held at Whiteville
July 2 and 3, 1891, are exactly as I
wrote them for publication.
SRespectfuly, C, W. WARD,
Secretary Parish Union.
Baeklen's Arnica Salve.
The Bestr Salve in the world Tor ut ,.
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed togive per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
F. E. Bailey, druggist.
Public Sale.
By virtue of an order of the Honorable
13th Judicial District Court of the State of
Louisiana, in and for the Parish of St. Lan
dry, there will be sold at public auction, to
the last and highest bidder, by the under
signed administrator, or by some public
auctioneer, at the last residence of the de
ceased on Plaquemine Ridge in this par
ish, on
Tuesday, November 17th, 1891,
the following described property belonging
to the estate of Sydonia Joubert. deceased
wife of Sosthene Lavergne, to-wit:
1. One body of land situated on the east
side of Bayou Mallet, containing about
one hundred arpents, more or less, bound
ed as follows to-wit: west by Bayou Mal
let, north by lands now owned by Joseph
McCIelland and other lands belonging to
J. Meyers & Co., south by land now belong
ing toMrs. Aibtde Bertrand land other
lands ielonging to Frangois Jouberk and
east by James McClelland; being the same
land acquired by Achille Joubert from
Frangois Joubert, per act of sale of date
18-- and recorded in conveyance book p -
2. A certain body of woodland contain
ing about fifty arpents, situated inthe par
ish of St. Landry in the woods between
prairie Ronde and l'anse-aux-Pailles, boun
ded north by Ducoudrai Dupre, south by
lands-formerly belonging to Baptiste Bal
tezane, now. believed to belong to Sam
Haas, east by lands formerly belonging to 0
Baptiste Baltezane, now believed to belong
to Sam Haas, west by lands supposed to
belonk to Hypolite Manuel; being same
roerty acquired from Frangois Joubert
by Achille Joubert, as per act recorded in
conveyance book- p
3. Two creole horses, a lot of bedding a
let of kitchen utensils, etc.
One pair of creole mules, about 12 head
of sheep, two cows, one wagon, about fif
teen head of hogs, farming implements,
the buildings and, improvements on first
above described land.
Terms and Conditions-The buildings
and improvements on first tract of inven
tory and all the movable effects to be sold
for cash. The lands to be sold on one, two
and three years credit from day of sale;
purchasers executing their promissory
notes payable to the order of the adminis
trator, with two good securities to the sat
isfaction of said administrator, notes bear
ing interest at the rate of eight per cent
per annum from date and ten per cent at
t pey's fees in case of suit to'enforce pay
t. Possession of lands to be given on
t 1st January, 189L In order to secure
a guarantee the full and final payment
notes and intereet and attorney's
fees, special mortgage and vendor's privi
lege will be retained on said land.
H. 6 Garland, Administrator,
R. L. Garland, attys. ootl7 2t
Public Sale.
No; 5120 Paosars DocrET, Dresaxer Cover
By virtiue of an order of the Honorable
i3th Judicial District Court of the state of
Louistina, in anid for the parihBlio St. La
tdrytihert will be sold at-lubl idiation, to
the last and highest bidder, by the `zn
dereigned adminetrator or by some publie
auctioneer, on-the premises near the: town
of Arnaudville in said prls, ,a . .
Tuesday, iovemIber 17th,1801,
to theestateufVtmo Julien
1. Oneeertain plantatiou situated~ i the
parib of St Lan. ,~ near..the town of Ar
naudvl.e, 'containing fifty arpents, more
or less, with improvements.
2. One creole are, one c.w lind-calf, an
old cart, three head of hbegs, btsteads, r
moir a let of corms lot of oAcottdo, naring
Implements,, kitiena utensils, ~a.4ther
E. P. Yeiale; atty. A- dm isttate'.
Coxstable 'sý Sale.
p Jvezc$,eCumo , PAmusu or S?. Alºmr.
lBy virtiue of i writ of tieri fscias, to -I*
directed by thelion. J. A. Smith, justice of
the peace; 3rd ward, in and for the parish
of St. Landiy, I wrill proceed to sell
Uc aution; to helastandhighest
on Wednesday, October 28th 180 at 1 o'
clock a. mn., at the oice of Io. ..A.. Smith
'ift-t e'towmofGrand, oteau, piishof St.
,hand et foloew ing descirbidpr. irt',
_seee4 .the abovent entitled eui tp~C,
The undivided % of about 5 acres of corn
in jhe field, sll on the plantation of Mi. P.
CYol momb, n" " trrand Cotean.
DAVID-MECHE, Constablej
octi? 2t 3rd Ward Parish St. Lantdry
Capiline eoures.Dar
prevents Baldnes,: makes
the Hair grow, beautifis
and returns it to its natu
ral color. Indispensale
as a toilet article of the
For sale by Druggst. ..d
anc.. ucy ,. ; 1;d~perbottle
lebrated Stomach Bitters.
ratest appetiser. Sure
care fr-liver and kidney troubles. Mane
feted byr J.,QR88bN, New Orreme,
Louisiana, oct25 tt
at eleven o'ceooA a. n., the contract to re
build Poplar Grote bridge across B-ou
Marie Crtlant, wir be. sold to the
bidder, Il.torject any, and ald b .
reserved bycommittee... BO I,
oet. 17-t Chairman Committee.
Taken up by mnie near Caleham.ibridge.
Bel1e*ue, a three-year old red steer than
hat been breaking into my inclosures and
staying on my place for two year. Inai
tnt b-and like two's enclosed in a square
oQleft hip. The owner can have roperty
by paying for this notice. W. .OBIEIL
O~rct. 17
Mares for Sale.
On Thomlo . Plantation near Grand
CotenLarge mxa mres Price. cheap.
sept12 tfi. .. BARRY.-

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