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Published Every Saturday by the
St. Landry Printing and Publishing Co.
Official Journal of the Farmers' Unions
Official Journal of the Town of Opelonsas
Official Journal of St. Landry Parish.
Resolutions Adopted by the Parish
Farmers' Union. January 5, 1891.
Resolved, that this convention strongly
endorses the ST. LANDRY CLARION and re
commend it to the public as a reliable, un
subsidized, honest local newspaper, devot
ed to the interests of the people and hostile
to all monopolies;
Resolved further, that this convention
recommend and advise all the subordinate
Unions in this parish, to officially aid and
support the CLARION, and use their influ
ence to increase its circulation and patron
Resolved further, that it be selected as
the Official Organ of our Order in this par
Whereas, the La. State Lottery is trying
at the present time to subvert the wishes
of the people of this State, by mandamus,
and papers sent out by the Progressive
League and also by a subsidized press
owned by men acting for or in the interest
of said lottery; therefore, be it
Resolved, that the Farmers' Union of the
parish of St. Landry, at Turkey ('reek as
sembled, do most solemnly reiterate their
oplposition to this hydra-headed monster,
and affirm most positively that we will not
support any papers in or out of this State,
in favor of the Louisiana or any other lot
tery, and that we will oppose with all our
manhood and energy the election of any
man to office in this State, or parish, who
is in favor of lotteries.
Caledonia Union No. 063 meets the 1st
and 3d Saturdays of every month, at the
secretary's home. Rene Carriere president,
G. T. St. Cyr vice-president, A. Valin secre
tary, Mrs. A. Valin trrasurer, John Jen
nings chaplain, Walter St. Cyr lecturer Ar
mand Carriere assistant lecturer, Gilmer
Sonnier doorkeeper, Albert Rider assistant
doorkeeper, Albert Whatley sergeant-at
Consolidated Union No. 674.-Ovide
Guidry president, W. C. Miller vice-presi
dent, Adolphe Guidry secretary, Benjamin
Guidry lecturer, Adelma Guidry assistant
lecturer, Lymal Domingeau treasurer, Fer
dinand Isringhausen chaplain, Auguste
Royer doorkeeper, Alcee Potier assistant
doorkeeper, Joseph N. Richard sergeant-at
Fairview Farmers Union No. 089 St.
Landry Parish, Louisiana, meets at Belle
vue church, first Saturday in each month.
M. R. Wilson president, J. P. Smith vice
president, II. C. Peckham secretary, Jules
Boutte treasurer, A. J. Morgan chaplain,
J. S. Hazelwood lecturer, J. E. Daily door
Grand Coteau Union No. 738 meets
the second Saturday of every month, at
2 p. m., at Merry Makers Hall. J. L. Guil
beau president, r. J. Barry secretary.
Opelousas Union No. 451 meets every
other Saturday at 4 p. m., in Chachere's
HalL J.J. Thompson, president; S. M. Pe
ters, secretary.
Harmony Union No. 604 meets at Big
Cane the first and third Saturdays of each
month, J. A. Boyd president, W. C. Flesh
man secretary.
OPELOUSA8, LA., OCT. 24, 1891.
For Governor:
Of East Feliciana.
In reference to your banter published in
the CMlaron of Sept. 19th, which reads:
"We will now, or at any time, accept chal
lenges to trot our horse Bohon against any
stallions in St. Landry parish, the race to
take place in November next, and for $500
or more a side;" I will say that in my card
of last week I accepted the above banter
and stated that I had deposited $250 in the
First National Bank of Opelousas, as a for
feit for a race of $500 or more a side. As
my deposit has been up for a week, with
out any satisfactory reply, I will ask that
you cover the forfeit by November 1st, if
you mean business: otherwise my forfeit
will be taken down and I will claim the
honor of owning the fastest stallion in the
parish of St. Landry.
Come to the scratch or "get off the perch."
On Saturday, Oct. 24th. 1891, at 11 o'clock
a. m., the building lately occupied as a
residence by Paul Mizzie, opposite the
market house in Opelousas, will be sold at
auction. The building is 17x34, and will
be sold to the highest bidder for cash; and
it must be removed within 30 days.
The A-tak-a-pa Family and Planta
tion Remedies for sale by all Druggists.
E. H. Vordenbaumen sells pine lum
ber at $12 per M ft.
Now is the time to subscribe to the
An anti-Lottery League will be or
ganised in Washington to-day.
Theophile Martel, Opelousas, has
new honey for sale,
Pittsburgh coal at E. H. Vordenbau
men's lumber yard.
The Supreme Court of Louisiana
convened at Shreveport last Monday.
A fire at New Iberia last Monday,
destroyed the residence of the post
master Robert Brabntley.
Wanted, at Stewart's Lumber Yard,
1600 bushels of corn. Lumber of all
descriptions given in exchange.
PiAio Foa SAIsE.--A good second
hand Emerson piano. For further
information, apply at this office. tf
A combined mowing and reaping
macbi!ne, self-rake attachment, for sale
dr3y cheap. Apply at this office.
E:very man, woman and child, should
. .itrv iad, to them the speech
SMt. Tmnar, publishlbed~in this paper.
A stock acmpany With a capital of
$1 been ourganised in Kansas,
S d bMin according to Mel
;r 4 : Rad 10 cents an
i t be charged for tie rain.
Conceding for the sake of argument
that the lottery amendment is a busi
ness proposition, and should be dis
cussed purely as such, it should be
rejected without hesitation. There is
a strictly business aspect of the ques
tion which is decisive against it, but
which the lottery journals and speak
ers uniformly refuse to discuss or to
notice. Though frequently called to
their attention, silence all along the
line up to the present time has been
unbroken. We allude to the system
of lying advertisements, so extensively
practised by the lottery to promote its
business. The State is asked to be
come a partner in the profits of a
business based to a very great extent
upon a system of skilfully manufac
tured and false accounts of prize win
nings all over the country. The New
Orleans correspondent of the New
York Times charges that the cap
ital prizes are rarely ever drawn except
by dupes of the lottery, who receive
$500 for their affidavit, and that in
some instances as much as $2000 have
been paid for affidavits, but that now
$250 is the price. The charge was
made in that great New York daily,
months ago, and yet the Times-Demo
crat says not a word.
The following is clipped from the
Sunny South, a widely circulated jour
nal in the South and in the city of
New Orleans and yet there is dead
silence all along the lottery line:
The New York World is authority
for the staten?.nt that a lottery agent
in Brooklyn recently offered Mortimer
J. Lyons, of that city, $5000 if he
would allow it to be announced that
he had drawn $15,000 in the Louisiana
lottery, and afterwards stick to the
falsehood. Mr. Mortimer, being a
man, declined. Now the question that
ought to be settled is, did the agent
speak by authority of his company?
The country would like to have the
The World gives the name, the place
and the amount offered. That surely
is a sufficiently specific charge, but. we
hear not a word of denial from the
lottery organs.
But the Pomona case is the most
convincing proof that has yet been
exposed to the public, of lying prac
tices of the lottery, the profits of which
the State as a "business proposition"
is invited to share in. It was publish
ed many months ago, in the New Dplta
and republished throughout the State,
and the attention of the lottery press
challenged to it, but up to the present
time they have maintained absolute
Now the question whether the State
can afford to license a business which
is built up and maintained in great
part by a system of fraud and decep
tion is strictly a business 9uestion.
No prudent business man *ould go
into a business based upon lying and
fraud, much less would he take a
partner proven to have been guilty of
such business methods. Is it a fair busi
ness proposition, that the State should
do what no individual of ordinary busi
ness sense and character would do?
One well authenticated instance like
the Pomona incident is enough to
prove that the lottery employs a .wide
extending system of lying and decep
ception to advertise its business.
By all rules of evidence the silence
of the lottery under these repeated
charges is an admission of their truth.
Is it then a business like proposition,
this proposition that the State shall
not only condone all this proven rascali
ty of the lottery, but shall actually be
come a partner with it and a sharer
in its ill gotten gains? This phase of
this business proposition shall not be
passed by sub silensio. We intend to
insist upon an answer from the advo
cates of the lottery. It must be an
swered, and satisfactorily too, else
they must confess that they are willing
to take the lottery no matter what its
methods may be. Here is the Pomona
incident, taken from the Pomona, Cal.,
Progress :
Here is a sample of the way the
Louisiena State Lottery Company ad
vertises its great prizes to catch the
fools all over the country. We have
seen a copy of the Minneapolis Tri
bune, and also of the Memphis (Tenn.)
Appeal during the past week, and both
papers contain the same advertisement
in the columns of news about a certain
Wolfe P. Harriman, of Pomona, Cal.,
who had won $3500 in one of the
recent drawings of the lottery. The
advertisement, written in the usual
catching style, goes on to tell how
"Mr. Merriman" is a hard-working
clerk in a Pomona grocery store; how
he has supported his widowed mother
for years; how he put only $1 in the
lottery and drew $3500. Then the
article winds up with a brief account
of how "Wolfe" intends to spend the
suddenly made fortune in buying a
little home for his mother, and tells
about how happy the mother and son
are, and especially how they praise the
great, good and noble Louisiana lot
tery. It is, of course, unnecessary to
say that no such person as Wolfe' P:
Harriman ever lived here, and also the
Pomona banks say no lottery money
over $30 has ever come here. It is a
lying advertisement of the lotterycom
pany. Some of the California news
papers receive pay for publishing such
lies to catch the public every month.
In some States it is against the law to
publish any lottery; it ought to be so
The Weekly New Delta, one of the
best weeklies in the State, will be fur
nished with this paper at the low price
of $2,75 per year. Now is the time to
It being the purpose of the Anti
Lottery Leagues of this parish to form
a parochial organisation, and also to
appoint a committee to confer with
a like committee already appointed
by the Parish Union of the Farmers'
Alliance, and there being no .central
body as yet, vested with authority to
call such a body together to act in the
premises, the undersigned, respectfully
request the Anti-Lottery Leagues of
the parish to elect delegates to an Anti
Lottery League.convention, to assem
ble at Opelousas at 12 m., Tuesday,
November the 3rd, 1891; and they
suggest that the delegates be elected
upon the basis of one delegate io every
10 members and fractional parts thereof.
ROBT. CHACHERE, President Opelou
sas Anti-Lottery League.
HENRY O. READ, President 1st Fa
quetaique Anti-Lottery League.
OLIBE MANN'UEL, President 2nd Fa
quetaique Anti-Lottery League.
LANDRY ROUGEAr, President Lower
iMlamouth Anti-Lottery League.
D. P. LAFLEUR, President Chataig
nier Anti-Lottery League.
Pt. Chataignier Anti-Lottery League.
JonH BOUDREAT-, President Plaque
mine Ridge Anti-Lottery League.
D. W. FOSTER, President Plaisance
Anti-Lottery League.
A. C. DEVILLIERS, President Notley
ville Anti-Lottery League.
Louis STAGG, President Whiteville
Anti-Lottery League.
E. T. LAFLEUR, President Belair's
Cove Anti-Lottery League.
T. C. LEWIS, President Coulee
Croche Anti-Lottery League.
Colored farmers of the parish of St.
Landry, there will be a grand basket
meeting in the Burr Woods, to be
given on Oct. 31, 1891 by the colored
Farmers' Alliance. The following
eloquent speakers will address the au
dience : Hon. J. B. Lafargue and L.
D. Laurant, ex-superintendant, of Al
exandria; W. C. Coleman, State Lec
turer; . L. D. Skinner, of Opelousas,
parish lecturer; Rev. J. C. Smith, par
ish superintendant. Also the follow
ing white brothers have been invited
to attend or to address the audience
on that day : Mr. Hardesty, of Wash
ington; Mr. Tete, of Rapides, and
others. Come one, come all.
Committee of arrangements.-I. S.
Sias, Leodore Skinner, W. W. Hills, L.
B. Bivins, A. Cuningham, Andrew
Mack, A. Bydras, M. N. Allen, S. Hills,
J. Harrison, Henry Thomas, A. W.
F. Mack, Ansel Mack, M. N. Smith,
R. Neland, Chas. Butler, W. Y. Plu
mer, S. S. Wilson, Rev. J. C. Smith,
parish superintendant, N. E. Jackson,
parish secretary.
Do not fail to come, as this is the
last for the season.
A dispatch from New Iberia of the
19th inst., says that notwithstanding
the efforts of the lotteryites to prevent
a successful anti-lottery meeting in the
second ward of that parish, on the day
previous, that "was a success beyond
the expectations of the most sanguine."
The dispatch further says:
The speakers were the venerable and
well known Mr. J. D. Broussard of
Fausse Point, who talked and advised
the people as might a father his family.
His earnestness inspired his hearers
with confidence and his logic carried
conviction to their minds.
Governor Mouton of St. Martins
next took the stand, and he was fol
lowed by R. F. Broussard, Esq., of
New Iberia. The speeches were all
made in French, the people of this
ward all being Creoles and understand
ing this language best. The speakers
were cheered to the echo and the
greatest enthusiasm was shown
throughout the meeting.
It will be noticed that among the
names of the officers of this meeting
are the names of men who were here
tofore counted as pro-lottery, and
were throwing their influences on that
side, but they avow now most empha
tically that they will stand firmly by
the sound principles of the Democratic
party, as announced from the anti
CARENCRO, La., Oct. 10, 1891.
To the Editor of the Courier :-In
reply to yours 10th inst., regarding
what was published against A. Guidry,
reminds me of three or four years
back. I was a fortune teller, and had
to tell pretty good "stories" for the
people to believe what I would say was
true. "To begin on," one day there
was an old man that did not believe
in fortune telling. I went over to his
house, and took his jobble chain and
threw it in a pond near his residence;
the next day he came to my house and
told me he had heard that I was a for
tune teller, and that there was an ar
ticle missing on his place, and he
wanted me to tell him what had be
come of his article. I told him to
hitch a pair of oxen to a harrow, and
make fifteen or twenty rounds in that
pond near his house, and he would be
sure to find it; and the driver walked
over it, and he said, "Here is the
chain, I found it boss," and the boss
answered, "Drive on, I want, the har
row to find it." And as your fortune
teller finds my name in the leaking
out of Big Cane, please put it back
there, as I: consider you the driver.
I prefer the harrow to find it.
From the Ascension sews, pro-lottery.
The postoffice embroglio at Opelou
sas, which has attracted no little pub
lic attention throughout the State, has
been finally adjusted by the appoint
ment of Jules ChacherB (white) post
master, vice Harry Bloch (bright mu
latto), resigned. In this connection,
we desire to state that a great deal of
unnecessay 'stress has been placed
upon the action of the Hon. E. T.
Lewis, in this case. Almost any
Southern citizens 'would have done,
and we know many who have done
exactly what Judge Lewis did under
like circumstances. H- e had no reason
to believe from the lights then before
him and now before all of us, that Mr.
Harrison 'intendd.' t&.appoint other
than a negro to the position of post
master at Opelousas, despite' the fact
that the worthy and accomplished
widow of Judge Bailey was so strongly
backed by the political friends and
Yale classmates of her distinguished
husband. It was enough for Mr. Ben.
Harrison to know that she was white,
and consequently disqualified under
Republican rules. What booted it to
him, who seeks a second term in the
(colored) house the influence of South
ern negro domination in the G. O. P.
here that a widowed mother of a large
family and in necessitious circumstan
ces needed the office? Nothing, ab
solutely nothing. Judge Lewis knew
this and knowing this simply took the
choice of two evils and endorsed the
best nigger his town could afford. Ned
Lewis and the writer entertain dia
metrically opposite opinions on the
Revenue Amendment; but then, you
see, we were brother officers in the
same confederate regiment during
the late war when, perhaps, some of
his traducers were at home among the
"'old wimmin and little chillen," and
we emphatically protest against the
abuse and detraction which some of
our thoughtless contemporaries have
heaped upon a gallant soldier and
whole-souled,. generous gentleman.
Whenever and wherever white suprem
acy needs a brave and determined de
fender, if 'ed is not as far in the front
as any man in the lapd of Evangeline,
or anywhere else on God's earth, "may
the lightning of a righteous heaven
blast us, and may we be considered a
spawn of the earth by all honest
hearted confederates." As a confirmed
dyed in the wool, and original Demo
crat pro bono publico, let us conjure
our Democratic friends to leave all in
dignities, detraction and unfair dis
criminations against the old veterans
of the South to the Republican mem
bers of the Georgia Legislature, who
have stolen into that body in the dis
guise of Farmer? AThiance people with
the same motive th. i-have elsewhere,
viz : to disrupt the .)e.nocratic party.
Sudden Deaths. 8
Heart disease is by far the most fre
quent cause of sudden death, which in
three out of four cases is unsuspected.
The symptons are not generally un
derstood. These are: a habit of lying
on the right side, short breath, pain or
distress in side, back or shoulder, irre
gular pulse, asthma, weak and hungry
spells, wind in stpmach, swelling of
ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry cough
and smothering. Dr. Miles' illustrated
book on Heart Disease, free at F. E.
Bailey's drugstore who sells and guar
antees Dr. Miles' utiequaled New Heart
Cure, and his Restorative Nervine,
which cures nerNQusness, headache.
sleeplessness, effects of drinking, etc.
It contains no opiates.
OPELOUSAS, La., Oct. 3rd.
Be it resolved, that we, the memr
bers of the Colored Farmers' National
Alliance, and co-operative Union, of
the parish of St. Landry, do hereby
resolve, that we will do all in our
power, to crush the La. State Lottery
out of the constirttion of our State,
as we believe thati t is against the in
terest of the working men of both
We heartily indorse the Ocala plat
form, and intend to make every effort
in our power to carry it through. We
wish to show to our white brethren of
the alliance men,- that we will do
everything in our power, to carry
through the great work that they have
undertaken, and with the assistance of
God, we are assured that right and
justice will surely gain the assendency.
We know by .standing together, that
we will gain what. all good alliance
men are working for, an elevation and
an education of our race, and through
the alliance we feel assured that these
benefits are afforded to us. Now
Brethren, it is, left with us, whether
we grasp theOppportunities that are
offered to us, or not. Now I, as your
Parish Superintendant and Lecturer,
and also' your P4sfor, :do hereby earn
estly beg you, to do all in your power,
to yourselvyý, so 'tinake' you good
citizens, good. hufands, and. good
brothers. Let the good work go on.
YQurs fraternally,
J. C. SMITH, Parish Supt.
La Grippe Agari. .2
During the 'epidemic of La Grippe
last season Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
proved to be the best remedy. Reports
from the many who used it confirm
this statement. They were not only
quickly relieved; but the disease left
no bad after results. We ask you to
give this remedy a trial and we guar
antee that you will be satisfied with
results, or the purchase price will be
refunded. It has no equal in La
Grippe, or any Throat, Chest or Lung
Trouble. Trial bottles free- at F. E.
Bailey's - drug store. Large bottles,
50ea. and $1tO0.
The Times-Democrat contains an
account of the conference headed
"McEnery for Governor." It was
presided over by T. J. Shaffer. The
organisation of McEnery clubs was
recommended throughout the State.
A committee of 21 was appointed
by the chairman to organise these
clubs. This is distincly a lottery move
maskerading under the name of Mc
Enery. Every one of the committee
is a prominent lottery man except ex
Governor Wickliffe and Mr. C. J.
Boatner, and they both voted to turn
the State committee over to the con
trol of the lottery. T. J. Shaffer, the
prime mover, is said to be heavily in
debted to the lottery for borrowed
money. The name of H. L. Garland, Sr.,
is among those appointed to organise
these McEnery clubs. We doubt
much whether this use of Mr. Gar
land's name was authorised by him.
He has always been too firm an oppo
nent of McEnery to turn to his sup
port at this late date. Besides, Mr.
Garland has announced publicly his
retirement from the field of active
When the act of chartering the
Louisiana Lottery was passed by a
Republican legislature, mostly colored,
Gov. Warmoth was ashamed to ap
prove the bill; and all he would do,
with all the pressure that could be
brought to bear upon him, was to
allow the bill to become a law without
his signature. He took no stock in it;
and some of its stockholders were
ashamed of their ownership and quick
ly got rid of their stock. Since then
the Lottery has grown wonderfully in
vice and iniquity; and many of our
so-called Democratic politicians, who
claim to belong to the first and best in
the land, are zealously advocating and
supporting the grown-up monster of
vice, which even Warmoth was
ashamed of in its infancy.
DossMAN, Oct. 17, 1891.
Editor CLARIO : Dear Sir.-We,
the members of the Cocodrie Farmers'
Union, in convention assembled; heart
ily endorse and ratify the action taken
by the Chicot Farmers' Union in with
holding their support from any lottery
man. We further state that we posi
tively will not support any man or set
of men for office who in any way, shape,
maner or form, aids, assists or abets in
any way, in bringing before the peo
ple a lottery man, or any man
who in any way favors that infernal
gambling concern known as the Louis
iana State Lottery.
J. M. DEER, President.
The city bosses have carried out the
second installment of their contract
with the lottery. They have taken
snap judgment on the Democracy by
ordering the primaries for the election
of delegates to the State convention,
to take place on the 10th of November.
Fitzpatrick was present superintend
ing the job. By this move two points
are gained by the lottery in its con
spiracy against the Democratic party.
It will have more than 30 days after
the election of delegates to buy them
up, if beaten, and at the same time
the primaries will come off before the
Democrats are registered. Pile on the
agony Fitzpatrick, Morris & Co. A
day of reconing will come sooner than
you expect.
It (the Lottery) Wants, from now on,
a "still hunt," where the boodler can
get in his work under cover of the
calm which the lottery wants to spread
over the matter until the election.
But it will be disappointed. The
antis propose to make the State ring
with the matter until the people are
fully aroused to their danger. If the
lotteryites will come out and have a
joint discussion of the matter the antis
will demolish them. If they refuse
their cowardice shall be made known
to the people. From now on it will
be boodle and bushwhacking against
ability and argument; and we have
little doubt as to which will win with
the people of Louisian2.--New Delta.
The Democratic State Committee
adjourned last week after calling a
State convention to be held at Baton
Rouge on Dec. 16. The committee
also adjourned to meet again at Baton
Rouge on Dec. 14th, to select or elect
a temporary chairman for the conven
tion--something unheard of before, we
believe, in State politics, as the custom
has been for the president of the
State committee to appoint the tem
porary chairman; but then the ma
jority of the committee are probably
afraid that he would not appoint a
Lottery man.
Shreveport, La., Oct. 20.-At the
opening of the Supreme Court yester
day there were twenty-two lawyers. Of
this number twenty-one were Demo
crats and one Republican, divided on
the great issue of the day as follows:
Antis,, 20; pros, 2, one of which is a
Republican. This is s straw indicat
ing which way the,wind is blowing..
Miees' erve a5d lAler P.lsu.
Act on a new pineipe- Uating
the liver, stomacar and bowels through
the serve. A new daiscovery.. Dr.
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Bailey's drustorse
The following is one of the resolu
tions passed by Mount Hermon Farm
ers' Union of Washington parish:
Resolved, That we know of no third
party in our parish, and Mr. P. B.
Garter that went from this parish to
Alexandria to the Clayton and Guice
meeting went without any authority,
and we treat all such deserters with
contempt, believing their organization
nothing but a lottery trick.
Startling Facts. 8
The American people are rapidly be
coming a race of nervous wrecks, and
the following suggests the best remedy :
Alphonso Hempfling, of Butler, Pa.,
swears that when his son was speech
less from St. Vitus dance Dr. Miles'
great Restorative Kervine cured him.
Mrs. J. R. Miller, of Valparaiso, and J.
D. Taylor, of Logansport, Ind., each
gained 20 pounds from taking it. Mrs.
H. A.. Gardner, of Vistula, Ind., was
cured of 40 to 50 convulsions a day,
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ache and nervous postration by one
bottle. Trial bottles, and fine book of
marvelous cures, ree at F. E. Bailey's
drugstore, who ].omnmends and guar
antees this unel ard remedy.
RemexPa the grandest exhibition
and procesion of horses ever beheld in
St. Landry, comes off on Saturday, the
24th inst., on thb Opelousas Race
Course, in honor of Old Ethan Allen
and his brilliant family. Among many
of the beautiful prizes, are six fine
gold medals, now on exhibition at R.
Mornhinveg's. Remember the day
and date. Gates open at 10 a. m.;
procession begins at about 12 m. Ad
mission 50 cents, children 25 cents.
This has been heretofore called the
Pelican State, but some outsiders have
got to calling it Lotteryana. When
the Lotteryites in the 1egislature
pase the bill to turn the State, by
consttutional amendment, over, to
Morris & Co's Lottery, they should
have put an article in that proposed
amendment changing the name of
Louisiana to Lotteryana.
Happy Hoosiers. 2
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of Ida
ville, Ind.. writes: "Electric Bitters
has done more for me thah all other
medicines combined, for that bad feel
ing arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and
stockman, of same place, says: "Find
Electric Bitters to be the best Kidney
and Liver medicine, made me feel like
anew man." J. W. Gardner, hard
ware merchant, same town, says :
Electric Bitters is just the thing for a
man who is all run down and don't
care whether he lives ordis ; he found
new strength, good appetite and felt
just like he had a new lease on life.
Only 50c. a bottle, at F. E. Bailey's
drug store.
A New Iberia dispatch of 19th inst.,
says: The steamboat which left here
for the pro-lottery meeting at Loreau
ville, transportations and other things
free, bore only thirty-six people, the
speakers, two brass-bands and the ofi
cers of the boat all included.
Count Iberia anti-lottery.
Judging from the conduct of the
New Orleans "ward bosses" who are
members of the State Democratic
Committee, Lottery Secretar) Mar
shall has been more successful w'ith
them, than he has been in the coun
try districts-see his letter (which we
publish) to Dr. Kelly of Winn parish.
Backlen's Arnaic Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Bheum,Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per
feet satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
F. E. Bailey, druggist.
Up to last Tuesday Maud 8. (not
any of that name in this parish) was
the fastest trotter in the world, having
made a mile in 2:8 ; but on that day,
at a race against time, the well knownI
mare Sunol trotted in 2:8). She
must have been fed on hyoscyamus.
C. E. Schrenk, of New Orleans, has
opened a photograph gallery in Ope
lousas, next door to F. E. Bailey's
drugstore, Main street. Call and see
specimens. Will remain only about
sixty days. First-class work guaran
The officers and members of the
Jefferson Davis Lodge No. 98, K.of P.,
beg leave to thank the ladies who so
kindly assisted them at their enter
tainment on the 15th, inst.
J. L. CAxN, K. R. S.
All the ward bosses that supported
Gov. Nicholls in the last campaign
Davey, Fitzpatrick, Farrell and Duffy
-have turned over to the lottery and
strange to say simultaneously become
supporters of McEnery.
Since the adjournment of the Demo
cratic State Central Committee, the
boast of the lotterylte that John A.
Morris would have a solid delegation
from New Orleans is heard no more in
the land.-Delta.
At Coulee Croche, last Sunday night,
Eli Jackson shot Sam Reuben twice
with a pistol. Jackson is in jail.' The
wounds are dangerous. Both colored.
The city ward boys combine has
strengthened the anti-lottery cause "in
this city beyond the most sanguine
anti's caleulations.-New Delta.
SLa Tracts of Lasnd TRAVERSED)
ROAD in the parish of St iAndry, betweeni
Melvilfe and Palmetto stations. These
lands have been recently surveyed sadare
heavily timbered with valuable
and ash timber. Apply to the u
atOpelousas, La. T 08.HO . &
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale is
sued out of the Thirteenth Judicial District
Court in and for the parish of St. Landry,
in the above entitled and numbered case,
and to me directed, I have seized, and I
will proceed to sell at public auction, to
the last and highest bidder,' at the front
door of the Court House in the town of
Opelousas, at 11 o'clock a. m., on
Saturday, November 28th, 1891,
the following described property, to-wit:
A tract of ninety-five arpents of land,
with all the buildings and improvements
thereon, situated in the parish of St. Lan
dry and bounded as follows: north by the
lands of Etienne Latreyte, south by bayou
Little Teche and lands of Mrs. Abias Whal
ley, west by lands of Etienne Latreyte and
east by Osborn's tract.
Being the same property acquired by
said Rider from Mrs. Thomas C. Anderson.
as appears of record in Conveyance Book
Y No. 2 pages 332 and 333.
Seized in the above entitled suit.
Terms-Cash to pay and satisfy the sum
of one hundred and forty dollars with six
per cent per annum interest from Dec. 11,
1889, until paid, and ten per cent as attor
ney's fees upon this amount, together with
all costs; and upon terms of credit as fol
lows, to-wit: $140 payable Dec. 11th, 1891,
$140 payable Dec. 11th, 1892, $140 payable
Dec. 11th, 1893, $140 payable Dec. 11th, 1894,
$140 payable Dec. 1th, 1895 $140 payable
Dec. 11th 1896, $140 payable Dec. 11th, 1897,
$140 payable Dec. 1th 898, and $140 paya
ble Dec. llth, 1889, with six per cent per
annum interest on each of said amounts
from Dec. 11th, 1889, until paid, as well as
ten per cent attorney's fees on these
amounts in case of suit to enforce their
collection; a special mortgage and ven
dor's lien and privilege to be retained upon
the property sold, to secure the aforesaid
amounts in principal, interests and attor
ney's fees.
oct24 t Sheriff Parish of St. Landry.
Constable's Sale.
By virtue of a writ of fieri facias, to me
directed by the Hon. J. A. Smith, iusfide of
the peace, 3rd ward in and for the parish
of St. Landry, I will proceed to sellt pub
lic auction, to the last and highest bidder,
.on Wednesday, November 4th, 1891, at 10
o'clock a. m., at the office of the Hon J. A.
Smith in the town of Grand Coteau, parish
of St. Landry, the following described prop
erty, seizedjn the above entitled suit, to
The undivided s of about 6 acres of cot
ton in the field, the undivided % of about
4 acres of corn in the field, all on the plan
tation of M. P. Colomb near Grand Coteau.
DAVID MECHE, Constable,
oct24 2t' 3d Ward, Parish St. Landry.
Constable's Sale.
By virtue of a writ of fleri facia, to me
directed by the Hon. J. A. Smith, justice of
the peace, 3rd ward in and for the parish
of St. Landry, I will proceed to sell at pub
lic auction, to the last and highest bidder,
on Wednesday, November 4th, 1891, at 10 o'
clock a. m., at the office of Hon. J. A. Smith
in the town of Grand Coteau, paiish of St.
Landry, the following aescnbed property,
seized in the above entitled suit, to-wit:
The undivided % of about 5 acres of cqt-.
ton in the field, the undivided % of about
3 acres of corn in the field, all on the plan
tation of M. P. Colomb, near Grand Coteau.
DAVID MECHE, Constable,
oct17 2t 3rd Ward Parish St Landry.
NOTICE.-Land Office at New Orleans,
October 15, 1891.-Notice is hereby given..
that the following named settler has led
notice of his intention to make final proof
in smaport of his claim, and that said proof
willy made before B. Bloomfield U. S.
Co ssioner at Opelousas, on Monday,
No :ber 30th, 1891, viz: Pierre P. m3P
uel o made homestead entry N 9048
for th 8E3 of NW%, E3 of SWy s 6
and NE3 of NW seo. 7; Tp68 T6 W La.
mer. He names the followmng-witnessesto
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of, said land,: vis: Anasthase
Guillory, Octave Guillory, Appolonasi La
flour, Zenon . H. Fontenot, all of St. Lan
dry parish, La.
bct24-t Rtgiztetr.
NOTICE.--State Land Office, Baton
Rouge, La.,Oct. let, 1891.-Complaint hav
ing been made by Ge, O. Elms of Opelou
sas, La., aga.net Robert Tripp for abandon
ing his settlement and cultivstion entry
No. 1088, dated 25th of' June, 1888, on the
South West Quarter of Sect. 11 T 8 R 2 W
with a, view to the cancellation of the said
entry, under the provision of 1017 of 188O0
The said parties a hereby notified that
a hearing wid be hb at this office n the
1st day of Decemb 18491 to determine the
rlghts of the a and that' testitnony
will be taken by id Elmsbefore Oscar H.
-Terwilliger, nrry publie, at Opelousas.
from the t14 8th November 1891,. in
elusive. JOHN S. LAdIEPI.
oct24 Ot Register State Land Ofie.
Notice to Tax Payers.
The public is hereby notified-that I have
in my possession the Tax Rolls of the year
.1891, and that I am ready, to collect ete,
Parish, Levee, Acreage and Poll taxes for
said year. Persons owing taxes on 'mova
ble property iave become delinquent since
October 1st, 1891, and persons- owing
taxes on immovabi property will become
'delinquent on Janiary 1st, 1892, from which
date interest at the rate of 2 per cent per
month g;ad costs will be added t$ke taxes.
Poll taxes are due and exigible fLom and
after the 1st of January of each year, and
are therefore past due now.
Come and pay promptly and save me the
unpleasant duty of collecting with costs.
T. 8. FONTIENOT, Sheriff
And Ex-Oflcio Tax Collector,
oct24 5t Of the Parish of St. Landry.
ESTtAY.--A pale red beef about five
years old, branded on the right thigh with
the letter. over a heart-shaped figure,
marked with' hole in the right ear and
an upper half crop in the left ear, is rang
ingin the neighborhood and is a fence
breaker. The owner will please come-for
ward at once, claim his property, pay for
this advertisement and take him away,
otherwise said beef will be disposed of. ac
cording to law. ADAM REED.
oct24 St
The New Delta.
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