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St. Landry Clarion Co., Lim., Props.
. OI)ODE I'I LLERi, Publisher.
uns.·wriptlon: :1 Per Year.
Entered at the Post-Office at Opelousas, La., as
second class matter.
A Choice Lot of C'ow Peas for
sale at C. D)iETLEII'S. .
The police jury meets on Mon
Get your water coolers from
hIackl, the hardware man. -
A good meal, with Ice-Cream for I
dessert, for 25c, at Mrs. Perrault's. (
A second hand Piano (Liepsig)
for sale cheap; apply to M. Vila- t
seca. may 12tf r
Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon
Ice Creama at Mrs. Perrault's Ice 1
('ream Saloon, every day. c
Dr. Irion's office hours are from l
10 a. m., to I p. m., and from 3 to 6 1
p. m. On Saturdays, from 8 a. m. t
to 6 p. m. 4-26-tf. i
The scholars and teachers of the "
Opelousas High School gave a pic- e
nial at Kennison's springs on Sat- w
urday last. 1
Iron. Frank A. Daniels has been p
appointed postmaster at New Or- N
loans. Mr. Daniels was supported o1
by Mr. Caffery for the position. d,
Apply to C. Auzenne & Bro., best tc
and cheapest Whitewashers and
Painters, corner Main and Estorge t
streets. am
A delightful outing was enjoyed bt
by the teachers and scholars of the at
(Opelousas Female Institute at ju
Woodworth Springs on Friday last. am
FOR RENT.-The residence re- e
cently occup'ed by Clinton B. An
drus, on La.lry street. Apply to a
30-3t. Washington, La. th
Ex-President Harrison, is said in
to be in the presidential race in
1896. Chauncoy Depew is also "in
it," and McKinley and Czar A`
Rood, are not to be forgotten.
I)r. Duson, Specialist; eye, ear,
nose and throat. Hours from 10 to
12 a. m. Office with Dr. I. E.
Shute, Opelousas, La. 17y
B. F. Perley, the veteran gin
wright, of Alexandria, will be in
St. Landry in June, and will do all
work In his line in a first-class
manner. If your gin needs fixing
consult him at once. myl2tf
The anonymous correspondence I
from Bayou Current and Melville,
can not be published until the
writers furnish us with their
names, as an evidence of good
Major E. A. Bufke, it is said, will P
return to Louisiana at an early s
date. A friend of his is now in t1
New Orleans, so it has been an
nounced, sounding public opinion
on the subject.
The Courier-Journal wants Col ,
Breckenridge defeated. It voices
the sentiment of every self-res- s
pecting man in the country. The of
halls of Congress is no fit abode for o0
such a self-confessed libertine and m
hypocrite. at
At the meeting of the Board of se
Commissioners of the Red River, i
Atchafalaya and Bayou Boauf Le
vee District, at Alexandria, on the
2(d inst., a resolution was passed Sl
levying a 10 mill ad valorem, a 5
cent acreage tax, and $60 per mile in
on all railroads in the district. th
The Council at its meeting Mon- zel
day night amended the revenue or- of
dinance so as to allow the free sale b
of fish and game in the town limits ga
-something which should have les
been done long ago. Our townfolk evi
will hail this act of the council sio
with delight as it will increase the
sale of small game which had prac- rin
tically ceased. cat
Posters are out announcing a se- at
rles of races at the Washington lee,
race track, on Sunday, the 27th ing
inst. The entries comprise a large ter
proportion of the finest horses in fric
the parish, and, with good weather ing
some splendid and exciting trot- wh<
ting races may be expected. A gold o11s
medal for amateur bicycle riding jur;
is offered by the club. sigi
One thing which the Legislature exa
should do is to amend the present out
election law regarding the furnish- of v
ing of the ticket paper by the Sec- sion
retary of the State. There is not it b.
a printer in the State outside of pars
the city of New Orleans who would cal
not rejoice in the change. Bretli- as t
r,,n of the press, you are all interes- part
ted in this matte:. Suppose you ex- offic
ert your influence to remedy this in re
monopolistic feature of the law. a vn
With the compliments of Mr. whii
II. Garland Dupre, the CLAtIOx is foun
in receipt of an elaborate invita- chat
tion to attend the Annual Com- char
nlenlemenlt ExereCies of the Tu- ish
lane University Law Dl)epa.rt:ent, of ti
which will take place to-day. It is Cou
with much pleasure we note the W
name of our bright young friend that
in the list of graduates. It is also Boar
with a degree of pride We note the for tl
na mimes of two other St. Landryans CLAI
in the list: Messrs. K. V. Richard at at
and Eraste Vidrine. thor
Win. Lina moved his tonsorial persc
parlor to the new bulldlng recent- prom
ly erected for hin on Landry they
street, adjoining lietiein's jewelry
store, where he is now equipped As
with a complete new outfit, con- ingst
sisting of an eleogant set of barber's colun
furniture and fixtures, and bath the co
tubs, for hot or cold batlhl. lIe in- ing f
vites everybody to call and see there
Iiml in his new quarters, where he town,
and his assistant, Mr. Albert Ri
('hard, will continue to cater to the Op
wants of all in need of their ser- fine c
vices. as his new advertisement of ri
in ancther column, by e
The proposed amendment of the
Circuit Court system is a matter
PS. of supremest importance to the
. people as well as to the members
of the bar. The citizen's right of
appeal to a high court of last re
- sort has always been held to be one
as of the most valuable and sacred
constitutional privileges. So high
ly esteemed was it before the war
that everybody could appeal to the
or five judges of the Supreme Court
on any matter excepting three hun
dred dollars in value. Now, how
n- ever, when the average fortune of
our people is not more than one
m fourth of what it was then, two 1
judges have the absolute right to
pass finally upon all suits involv
ar ing over two thousand dollars ex- I
s. clusive of interest. This has been
one of the chief objections to the
p) resent Circuit Court system. In I
a- theory the appeal was to the judg
ment of the two judges, but prac
tically it was to the judgment of
n one judge, for dissents in that court
e have been rarer than four-leaved 5
clovers. The amendment proposed f
n by the commission does not reme
6 (ly this defect. It provides, it is f
1. true, for three judges, but the max
imum jurisdiction is increased to I
three thousand dollars. This is a
e wrong, radically wrong. Consid- I
erations of economy ought not to C
weigh against the citizen's privi- c
lege of appeal to vindicate his rights
of property or of person. The pro- ii
n position of the bar association of a
New Orleans to limit the maximum
i of jurisdiction to two thousand ti
dollars and give three judges to
the court with the right of appeal fi
1 to the Supreme Court upon ques- $:
tions of law, is far better. This
amendment would not only give
one additional judge to the court, D
I but would bring about consistency di
and uniformity in our system of F
jurisprudence, With such an
amendment properly guarded and re
designed, the Circuit Court system
would be a great reform and con- pi
venience to litigants and to the
bar. Its great advantages consist t3
in its cheapness to litigants and ti]
the opportunity afforded of dispos
ing of appeals twice every year. gt
Another feature is noticeable in ta
which the proposition of the Bar
Association is to be preferred. It au
gives the right of appeal in all co
cases when the amount involved
exceeds $100, while the commission gu
would fix the minimum of juris
diction at $200. Neither the peo- gu
pie or members of the bar would
be satisfied to allow the District
Judges to decide finally and with
out appeal in all controversies up fox
to $200, and this limitation should
not be entertained for a moment, fai
While on this subject we will re- 1
mark that it is strange nobody has for
proposed the adoption of the pro- I
vision which obtains in many of lon
the States, providing a temporary fau
District Judge by election from the
members of the bar, in case of the for
inability or failure of the judge to E
hold a regular term of court. A feit
provision to meet-this emergency S
should be inserted in the constitu- cos
tion by all means, S
---- ---------
ion The Courier in its article last
week-"Borrowing Money to Pay
SSalaries"-outheralds itself in the
Svenomous personal style of its lan
ces guage. It had, more than once,
C5- something to say about the dignity
ole of the editorial profession, but its
for own utterances shows that it has
d no conception of the true dignity
and function of a publicjournal. It I
of seems utterly incapable of discuss
'er ing any public question of a local I
Le character without indulging in of
he fensive epithets and personal allur
ed sions. From the article in question,
5 which is upon the subject of parish
ile finances, a subject which requires C
the serious and candid considera
tion of every right thinking citi
n- zen, we cull at random these out a
)r- of place and abusive phrases: C
tie "brazen audacity," "unmitigated
ts gall," "alleged newspaper," "reck
ve less assertions and insidious but s
Ik even more reprehensible perver- 0
eil sions of truth," "such a concern as ti
he its mouthpiece and defender," the ri
c- ring which is now holding high 1
carnival in St. Landry," "while in- b
dustriously feathering its own nest w
e- at public expense," "the new set of if
at leeches who are just now borrow- w
:h ing money at a healthy rate of in- a]
>e terest to pay the salaries of its G
n friends," "a high handed proceed- ni
tr ing," "the Opelousas politicians ui
t- who edit the CLARION," "the Nich- at
d oils ring and the Nicholls police cl
g jury its tool," "their nefarious de- be
signs," etc., etc. ul
We do not propose to follow the in
,e example of the Courier in dishing m
t out to the reading public a column S1
of vituperation and personal asper- hi
sions. That journal is mistaken if de
t it blindly thinks the people of this be
,f parish do not understand their lo- th
I cal affairs and can not discriminate wl
as to the true motive for its bitter an
- partisan attacks upon the parish go
- officials. Its editorial utterances wC
s in relation thereto are destitute of on
a v, stige of argument or fair statc. tei
ment of fact, but like the one from ne,
which we quote consist of bold, un- tio
founded, 1tot to say malicious, sp(
charges and aspersions against the ac(
character and conduct of the par- cQI
ish officers unbecoming a journal pli
of the age and pretensions of the cor
Courier. thm
We will inform the publishers of I
that paper once for all that the he
Board of Directors are responsible Ch,
for the editorial utterances of the con
CLARION, and that if they desire not
at any time to ascertain the- au- her
thorship of any editorial that ap- wal
pears in its columns and will apply has
personally at this office they will a ft
promptly obtain the information bee
they ask. and
As will be seen by the proceed
ings of the town council, in another A
column, the CI4ARION was awarded of t
the contract to do the town print- Cha
ing for the ensuing year and is the
therefore the official journal of the ari
town, and
Opelousas can now boast of a teae
fine crop of dust. A good shower spaR
of rain would be gladly welcomed boti
by everyone, ever
he The following is a synopsis of the
or business transacted by the court
rsince our last report:
of Saturday, May 5, 1894.
e- D. Roos & Son vs. Hilaire Car
no riere; answer filed.
d Estate of Dr. Louis Debaillion,
h- answer of Mrs. J. H. Parker, and
ar A. R. Fontenot, filed.
e T. R. Carroll vs. Austin Lacombe;
rt appeal dismissed by consent.
n- Dr. E. S. Barry vs. Alfred De
v- lorme; judgment of lower court af
of firmed.
e- D. P. Saizan vs. R. L. Harvey;
o exception taken under advisement.
o Monday, May 7, 1894.
r- D. P. Saizan vs. It. L. Harvey; I
- appeal dismissed on motion of ap
n pellant.
o State vs. Julius James; motion i
n to quash overruled.
- Melisa Bundick vs. Dr. J. H.
Parker; default. ]
ºf State vs. Dr. D. A. Courtney; e
t waives arraignment, pleads not
d guilty, prays for trial byjury, bond t
d fixed at $50. t
State vs. Charlotte Johnson; bond 1
s fixed at $50.
State vs. Paul Besson; Judge ,
o Perrault recused; Laurent Dupre t
s appointed Judge ad hoc. Jurors
Durel Miller, L. M. Courville, C. H.
Gardiner; excused by the court for
cause. 0
s State vs. Osmain Ledoux; carry
ing concealed weapons; bond fixed d
f at $50.
State vs. Same; assault and bat- r4
tery; bond fixed at $75. ii
State vs. W. W. Humble; wil- ai
I fully shooting at, etc.;bond fixed at
$200. L
Tuesday, May 8. cc
Estates of F. S. Fontenot, Cirille vi
Doguet, Sophie Collins, Apoline Vi
drine, D. Duplechain, Onezime B. I
Fontenot; default. D
State vs. Julius James; motion l.
rehearing filed.
Same vs. Wesly Shorten; plea of da
prescription filed.
State vs. Julien Broussard; gull- ni
ty as charged, regommended to di
the mercy of the court. fo
State vs. eulien Broussard; not CI
guilty, plea of prescription main
tained. H
State vs. Simon Johnson; guilty; ar
and recommended to mercy of in
State vs. Wesley Shorten; not
guilty. nip
State vs. Fabius Lafleur; not Me
guilty. CL
State vs. Albert Manuel; guilty. gu
Wednesday, May 9.
State vs. Albert Manuel; motion dr
for new trial overruled. tri
Estate of Jean Bte Lafleur; de- Pr
fault. Ca
Dossmann vs. Fuller; judgment ser
for plaintiff.
Estates of Ilebrard Lafleur, Phi- Pa
lomen Guillory, Celise Lafleur; de- by
. . .,
tne state vs. Jack Bellard; motion
the for severance submitted.
'o to State vs. Olin Young; bond for
A feited; warrant issued for arrest.
ncy State vs. Albert Manuel; $10 and
itu- cost or 10 days,
State vs, Jack Bellard; nolle
prosse as to Elezie Julien.
last State vs. Wm. Antoine et als;
Pay pleads guilty; nollo prosse as to Al
the bert Seymour,
an- State vs, Isaac Brignac; not guil
ice, ty.
ity State vs. Thomas Prud'homme;
its guilty, recommended to mercy of t
las court.
ity State vs. David Lewis; pleads c
It guilty. [
iss- State vs. Jack IPllard, alias sub
cal poena ordered to tisue. c
of- State vs. Olin Young; case refix
lu, ed for May 21. i
Dn, Thursday, May 10. fl
Ish D. Roos & Son vs, I, Carriere; ex- I
res ception filed. I
ra- State vs. Ben Deston; not guilty. is
ti- State vs. Jack Bellard; guilty a
ut and recommended to mercy of a
,s: court. a.
ed C
k- Last Tuesday night, near Scott P4
ut station, in Lafayette parish, a col- di
a'- ored man was found on the side of
as the track unconscious, with his di
he right arm and foot badly mangled. L
h Hoe was taken aboard the east- pc
n- bound passenger train to Lafayette, t1
st where he was turned over to Sher- w;
of iff Broussard. Medical attention ca
v- was given the unfortunate man F(
n- and his wounds dressed by Drs. th
ts Gladu and Trahan, He was recog- Bi
1- nized as Leonard Antoine, who was fr<
Is under bond for his appearance here Ac
1- at the present term of court, on a
,e charge of larceny. His trial had J
e- been fixed for May 15th, and Dep- cit
uty-Sheriff Williams, who was go- op
e ing through Lafayette on an official Mi
g mission, was notified, and wired
n Sheriff Fontenot to send a man for Hii
him. On Thursday the Sheriff str
if deputed Olin Durousseau, who had un
s been requested and authorized by str
- the bondsmen to ascertain his tr
e whereabouts and procure his arrest me
r and deliver him to the Sheriff, to of
i go to Lafayette and bring the beo
s wounded prisoner here. He arrived
f on the evening train and was quar- gol
- terod in the parish jail, and the ton
necessary medical and other atten
tion provided for him. He had not
spoken or eaten anything since the a n
3 accident, and it was believed he da3
could not survive; but after being gen
I placed in jail, it was found that his Dal
condition was not alarming, and ind
that he could speak. bou
t His wife, who was with him, says joy(
he had paid her way from Lake
Charles to Lafayette, intending to and
come on to Opelousas for trial, and Net
not having enough money had told and
her to await him there, he would Ber
walk, She supposes that he must An
have either attempted to ride on Corn
a freight train and fallen off and Mrs
been mangled, or had become tired enal
and laid down near the track and mul
been run over while asleep. Doj(
An entertainment for the benefit H.
of the school, will be given at the
Chataignier public school house on W
the 26th Inst. An interesting and of c
varied program has been prepared form
and the good people of the .neigh- priv;
borhood, who are assisting the ice 1
teacher, Miss Lillie Swayze, will of h
spare no pains to make ita success, cures
both socially and financially. Let but
everybody turn out, enjoy
he E. J. Clements, of Oberlin, was
rt in town several days this week.
Jos. L. Fontenot, of Washington,
favored us with a call Thlrsday.
Dr. W. H. Ray, of Chataignier,
was in town on Wednesday.
n Sebastien Vidrine, of Ville Platte,
id was an appreciated caller on Mon
e; Surveyor Sylvester came down
from Alexandria on professional
e- business Wednesday.
f- Miss Mary Taylor, who has had
charge of the Pearceville public
school, returned home last week.
t* Mr. T. A. Hicks, of Rosa, and Dr.
W. F. Clopton, of Morrow, were in
; town during the week.
Miss Ruby Wallis, of Lafayette,
Sis visiting in town the guest of the
Misses Cliffords.
[. Senator-elect Barousse, of Church
Point, was in town on Tuesday, 1
; circulating among his constituents.
t C. A. Hoy, Secretary and Treas
1 urer of the Opelousas Ice and Bot- I
tling Works, visited Crowley on I
I Wednesday.
Miss Clothilde Hickman, of t
Grant parish, is on a visit to our 1
town the guest of Miss Carrie t
M. Roberi, a prominent citizen
of the Ville Platte neighborhood,
was in town on business on Mon
Yves Vidrine, one of Ville Platte's
representative business men, was
in town on Tuesday. The CLARION t
acknowledges a pleasant call.
Misses Bertha Boudreau and
Lucy Richard, of Washington, in g
company with Mr. Olivier Richard,
visited Opelousas Sunday. t
lion. Gee. Pulford, Messrs. John pi
H. Ilarmanson, Carlton N. Ogden, N
D. R. Mays and Chas. S. Elms, ai
leave on the steamer Trudeau to- u:
day, for Baton Rouge. g;
Don Louis Fontenot, of Chataig
nier, was in town on Tuesday and -
dropped in to see us and arrange -
for the continued visits of the J ]
Miss Viola Gauche, daughter of
lHon. C. T. Gauche, of New Orleans, Tr
arrived here last week and is visit- P
ing with the family of Mr. F. De- 5i
Judge D. Courville, of Chataig
nier, was in town on business on
Monday and gave us a call. The -
CLARION will visit the Judge re
Cashier Skipper, of the St. Lan
dry State Bank, made a business wn
trip to the Crescent city this week.
President Levy ably fulfilled the H
Cashier's duties during his ab- O'C
Phi Our young townsman, Mr. Pierre
Ph- Pavy, who is at present employed
de- by W. W. Duson & Bro, of Crow
ley, came up on Sunday for a few
tion days visit with the "old folks," re
turning on Wednesday.
for- Sheriff Fontenot returned from
and his trip to Baton Rouge on Friday,
after safely landing the two con
olle victs in his charge in the peniten
tiary. He also made his settle
als ment with the State Auditor for
Al- the first quarter of 1894.
T. C. Lewis, the able editor of
uil- the Churchpoint Advocate, was in
town on Saturday and gave us an
ne; appreciated call. We were pleased
of to learn that the Advocate was ac
quiring a permanent foundation,
Ids due to the appreciation of the good r
people of that prosperous neigh
ib- borhood, and wish Brother Lewis
continued prosperity.
ix- The CLARION acknowledges a
most pleasant call on Tuesday,
from Mr. and Mrs. A. Guillette,
,x- Dr. and Mrs. L. Moncla and Mr.
D, P. Lafleur, all pronminent res
ty. idents of Chataignier. We beg to
qty assure them that the enthusiastic n
of and cordial interest manifested by Y
all of them for the welfare of the g
CLARION is fully appreciated, es- c
Ott pecially, the kind words of the la- s1
)I. dies, a
of Hon, T, S. Fontenot, of St. Lan
ui dry, widely known throughout a
d. Louisiana as one of the mostastute tI
;t- political leaders as well as one of
e, the purest public men in the State,
r- was a pleasant caller at the Advo
in cate office yesterday morning. Mr. ls
n Fontenot was loud in his praises of da
8. that sterling democrat Ion. Homer 01
Barousse, the newly elected senator
Ls from that dlstrlet.-Baton Rouge z
e Advocate, May 5th. Mi
a Our handsome young friend Jas. N
d J. Lewis, of St. Landry, is. in the M,
city and will remain over until the i
} opening of the legislative session. tis
I Mr, Lewis i ia candidate for the
position of Sergeant-at-arms of the
rHouse, and will probably make a
Sstrong fight for the place. It is
d understood that Mr. Lewis has a on
strong backing, and being a coun- lol
try boy, his claims will probably an
t meet with favor among a number Po
o3 f members who have or some time co0
e been complaining of the undue evi
proportion of such places being ar
gobbled up by New Orleans.-Ba- j
3 ton Rouge Advocate, in
A delightful party was given by ho]
a number of young ladies on Sun- chi
day night, at the residence of our to
genial young friend, Albert Clary. tio
Dancing, singing and games were tio1
indulged in, refreshments were the
bountifully provided, and all en- bre
joyed a most pleasant evening. wam
Those present were: Misses Mary wit
and Rosa Lavergne, Lena and
Nettle Bodemuller, Maud, Elmire
and Neta Chachere, Lucy Richard in t
Bertha Boudreau, Hermina and old
Anna Deville, Georgina, Emily and tial
Corine Reed, Mrs. M. Lavergne and ma:
Mrs. H. Chachere; Messrs. O. Ri- leaI
ahard, 11, Chachere, E, A. Bode- on
muller, Albert Clary, D. and L. wa3
Dejean, Wm. Lina, Octave Iurio, IM
George Bourdier, Sol. Lavergne, na]
Lee Gil, Theodule Fontenot, Hart mar
H. Sandoz and Felix Chachere. m
We understand that a number nade
of our young townsmen have neaw
formed a club, and will erect a M
private bath house adjoining the ho
ice factory, where an abundance give
of hot or cold water can be pro- on t
cured at a trifling expense. None to
but members will be allowed to
enjoy the bathing privileges. TI
as The first baseball game of the
season was played at Villo Platte
on, last Sunday, and resulted in an ea
sy victory for the Opelousas club by
a score of 27 to 11. This surprised
even the Opelousas boys, not that
e, they expected defeat, but their
a fighting condition was not such as
to inspire confidence. A small
score would have measured full
up to the mark of expectation of
al the most sanguine. But it seems
they unddrestimated their condi
Ld tion.
ic The Chicot Hustlers, the oppos
ing club, are good. players, and,
r. though this is, we think, the third -
.n time they have had their record 1
lowered by the Opelousas boys,
they expected to take advantage of
e, the poor fighting trim of the cham
pions to make them, in turn, taste
a little of the bitter of defeat. But
h now, when "they think of what
', they thunk, they think they thunk
* a lie."
- We congratulate our boys on the
promising start they mnfde, and
n prophecy for them a brilliant sea
son in the baseball arena. The
,f timber is there, and ifthey will on- e
r ly practice we sincerely believe
e they can snatch the championship
belt of Southwester. Louisiana ti
from the unconquered Jennings'. ti
Try it boys. ci
Our boys are loud in their praises w
of the open hospitality of the Ville IC
Platte people. A reception com
mittee awaited the clubs, and upon s]
their arrival they were escorted to ni
the Pucheu hotel, where a dinner P
was served, after which all pro
ceeded to the battle ground and the fo
game was soon in progress.
The pleasing feature of this con- A
test was the friendly spirit which
prevailed between the two clubs.
Not a murmur of dissatisfaction or
an objection to the decision of the Ri
umpires was heard during the r
game. Here is the score:
Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
J Healey 10 0 0 0 st
L Gosselln 1 01 1 0 0 0 0
O Thompson 1 11 0 0 1
L Garland 1 11 0 0 0 0 0 Hi
TMcKinney 0 1 1 0 0
Theoe Littell 1 0 0 1 1 On
FA Voorhies 0 10 1 0 1 1 po
R Wallior 1 0 0 0 1 1
S Desbrest 1 1 1 1
Total 27--1 10 2 2 0 1 3 0 5 an
Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
L Singleton 0 0 1 0 0 Do
A Wolff 0 0 0 0
E Wolfl 0 0 1 1
SThomas 1 0 1 0 at
WTm Clark 1 0 0 the
J J Barnldge 1 0 0 0
AM Newman 1 0 0 1 0 g
H Singleton 0 0 1 0 0
O'Connor 0 1 0 1
Total 11--0 4 0 0 3 2 1 1 0 JOil
Cd umpires-Dr. J. A. lahas, F.J. Deitlein.
Scorers-Dave it. Davis, Geo. Iourdler.
W- Time of game-- hours and 35 minutes.
Tr- Tran,.ers of Real Estate.
From May 4th to 10th, inclu
m sive:
U. S. to Margaret Meahan; pat
n ent, 83 acres near Chicot.
Jules Ludeau to Dr. Jno. A. Haas;
56 acres near Ville Platte, and 8
acres in Ville Platte; Haas assum
ed to pay balance due by Ludeau to
of Lehman, Stern & Co.
[n Miss Ophelia Broussard to Felix
n Norman; 25 arpents near Blue
,d Springs, consideration $500, $100
e- cash, balance credit.
n, Evelina Tate to E. R. Crooker &
d T. Lutz; 30 arpents woodland in
f Tate's cove; $3331 cash.
Shute & Duson have sent us the
a following, which is a copy of a let- s
7, ter received by them a few days N
ago. The writer was evidently
badly in need of soap: t
o "Gentlemen: Whatfor have you
c not sent the sope. his it becawse
v you think my money is not so
gopd as nobody else. Dam you v
-co Whatfor have you not sent the
- sope. please send the sope at once
and oblige you respectful servent. ci
- - P. S. Since writing the
above my wife find the sope under
the counter."
List of Letters. S
Remaining in the Post Office at Opel
lousas, La., for the week ending May 11,
1894, which, if not called for within 1, cl.
days, will be sent to the Dead Letter
Office, Washington, D. C.:
W. H. Bennett, George Douglisse, Jas.
Dent, Mr. Amus Dorsey, Mr J. M. G.
Donato, Miss Alida James, Miss Mary St
Moss, A, Morganen, John Stephins, Jos
ephine White, Mary Williams, Mr. Wm. lei
Winford, Mr. Willam Ware, Mr. John
M. Ware, Mrs. Ida Williams. th
In calling for above please say "adver- hr
tised. MINNIE PULFORD, P. M. to
Amede 'ontenot, who was beat
about the head by two negroes at to
Waxia in the month of March, died th
on Monday. A difference of opin- ph
ion as to the cause of death exists, o
and the coroner has preserved that dt;
portion of the skull showing the me
contusions caused at the time for di(
evidence in the case. The negroes the
are still at large. th
Thusday evening, while out driv- fi.
ing with friends, Mrs. Skipper's '1
horse ran away near the Catholic beO
church. Judge Brooks happening get
to be driving in the opposite direc- ha'
tion, promptly took in the situa- in
tion, and succeeded in intercepting
the fleeing animal. Beyond the
breaking of the harness no damage Al
was done, and the ladies escaped
with a good-sized scare.
On Monday last while engaged per
in taking down the chimney of the Wo
old Wykoff house which was par- wec
tially dimantled, an old colored. 1
man, whose name we failed to side
learn, fell to the floor, the ceiling Dic:
on which he was sitting giving i
way, and was severely injured, ill a
Mr. Martin 1udd and Mrs. Elzi- Mrs
as Dejean, widow of Ernest Roy, A
narried on Thursday evening. The bun
)pelousas Mechanics Band sere- furn
laded the couple at their home pani
lear Opelousas. M
Morgan Lodge No. 317, Brother- is vi
rood of Railroad Trainmen, will Re
ive their fifth annual excursion Miss
n the 27th lnst, from Washingtq, secti
o Thibodaux, bulsh
The Legislature meets Monday. Ing
To the Planters of St. Landry.
When in town look at the Deere's
:h Disc Cultivator, the best in the
Sworld, at A. Hackl's Hardware
d Iliarriage Licenses.
'. From May 4th to 10th, inclusive.
as Martin Budd to Elzina Dejean,
11 widow of Ernest Roy.
Lii Mr. Clement Hebert is having a
of building erected at Leonville, and
fs will open a branch store there
li- shortly.
s- Let the Legislature sit down
(d, "like a thousand of brick" upon the
rd Friday-until-Monday-adjournment
id business.
May 2, 1894.
The social event of last week was
an entertainment given in the Big
Cane hall by the members of the
Baptist church, on Friday night,
for the benefit of their minister;
notwithstanding unpromising
weather, and the ice supply failing "
'- to come, the evening was quite an
1e enjoyable one and resulted in their
eclearing about thirty dollars.
The weather at present affords
a the farmers more encouragement
than they have had this year; and a
crops are progressing satisfactorily, b
s while gardens are making up for
e lost time.
Mr. Leon Hebert, who has been is
1 spending some months at his
o mother's home has returned to
r Palatka, Fla.
Mrs. John O'Quin, left yesterday p`
B for a short stay in Melville. .
Miss Gussie Eilert, went to the
- Atchafalaya yesterday, where she cc
will spend some time with friends.se
A number of friends gathered at hi
Richards to-day to wish Mrs. M. J. h,
Richard a joyous and beneficial
trip to Texas, where she will visit
friends and relatives. R. M.
May 9th. D(
Last Friday night a meeting was hi
started at the Methodist church o0
and is being protracted. The Rev. ceL
Haney, of the Mississippi Confer
ence, and Rev. R. S. Roy, of Simms- pr:
port, have preached some most in- pu
teresting sermons. There have me
been two accessions to the church as
and it is believed that much more
good will follow. ful
Friends and old acquaintances flo
were delighted to greet Mrs. Carrie pr(
Dodez, of Bayou Current, and Mrs.
W. White, of Abbeville, on Sunday car
at the Methodist church, where
they attended Sabbath school dur
ing their childhood.
Miss Ida Bundick's friends re
joice to see her at home again, A
seeming to have been greatly bene- ist
fitted by her trip to the pine woods.
Mr. and Mrs. Fridge, of Baton
Rouge, are at present the guests of
Mrs. L. G. Sloane. and
Miss Minnie Lawrence, of Pine- eral
ville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. C.
W. Ward.
Miss Georgie Fleshman, left on And
Monday to visit relatives at Lafa- a
yette. on e
Mr. S. 0. Andrus and family, o
spent last Saturday and Sunday yet
with relatives near Opelousas. R. M. !j '
100 May 3, 1894.
Drs. Cummings, Brown and Mr.
& Irving entertained quite a large
in crowd on our street corners several
nights last week, giving concerts
as advertisements for their medi
cine. They had very good success,
it- so think they will pay us another
ys visit next fall.
ly Our public school closed on the
twentieth, our teacher Miss Addle
>u Butler is now teaching private r
so A party of five of our citizens,
viz: Mr. P, Payton and wife, Mrs.
Hill and Mathas and Miss Nellie
ie Hill, took a trip to the Crescent
c, ity last week, they spent several
re days, and came home highly de
,r lighted with their visit.
There are two now residences go
ing up in "Celestine's City," Messrs.
Suiter's and Abel's.
We have a new plank walk from
the drug-store to the Methodist
i church.
)r The W. C. T. U's. had a business
meeting Saturday the 21st, and a
'. Gospel meeting on the following
y Sunday night.
"The old Folks" talk about Ce
1 lestine being such a scolder, but
they are so far ahead of me on that
line that an engine would be able
to catch them at the rate of sixty
mile an hour. They have such a W1
t way of criticizing that they forget 1
t to give us any news. I suppose he
that was left for tfhe Melville "IRe- th
porter." Ilowever, they are mis- Yo
taken as to the W. C. T. U. being ha
dead, or that Miss Carter was the be
means of its revival, although she no
r did lend us a helping hand, but as to
they acknowledge to being the Pe
little fish I will not go Into any
further explanation.
The farmers are .very busy this
beautiful weather endeavoring to
get their crops in good order, and
have made quite an improvement
in the appearance of their fields.
May 7, 1894.
Mrs. J. S. Norwood, of Simms-.
port, and Miss Lena Calliham, f
Woodside, were among us last
Mrs. Amelia Morgan, of Wood
side, spent the evening with Mrs.
Dickey last Thursday, fa
Mrs. Lucy Wilson, is lying very
ill at the residence of her mother
Mrs. S. J. C. Gordon.
A house on the Dodez place was
burned last Tuesday, all of the
furniture and clothing of the occu
pants were consumed.
Miss Allie Johnson, of Lecompte,
is visiting the Misses Dickey. O.g
Representatives of a Natchez,
Miss., Company, wore through this
section last week trying to esta- Spe
blish a steam boat line, a la trading
boat, between Natchez and Wash
ington. They claim that they can Ac
Y. excell New Orleans in prices amn
's qualities. Next winter they wil
Fe buy cotton and seed on the bank
re paying market prices.
Mrs..Carrie L. Dodcz, and Mist
Anna Oden, are visiting Mrs. C. W
IIHavard, of Rosa.
Miss Gussie Eilert, one of Big
n, (lne's belle's, is visiting Mrs. Gou"
deau. D.
a Bayou Cuilrent,
e May 5, X894.
On Monday, April 30th, several
of our young people gathered at
Mrs. I. N. Oden's to enjoy ice
t cream and other ice cold refresh
nments with Miss Anna, as it was
her 14th birthday. We wish her
many happy returns of that day.
Miss M. E. Scott, has had quite
a protracted illness, though her
s attending physician, Dr. R. E. Oden,
now pronounces convalesing.
SMrs. L. M. Wilson, widowed
' daughter of Mrs. Margarette E:.
Gordon, has been dangerously ill,
she is attended by Dr. Gordon
Morgan, and at this writing is very
much better, and we hope to soon
see her well again.
Mr. Graham Scott, of Morrow,
was in our neighborhood Monday
and Tuesday on a visit to his
sister, Miss "Mollie," as he had
been informed of her illness.
Miss Allie Johnson, of Lecompte,
is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Carrie L. Dodez, spent a few
(lays at Rosa, visiting her sister,
Mrs. C. W. Havard, she wi accom
panied by Miss Anna Odeq.
The Atchafalaya crops are rather
backward this season, yet with
continued fair weather they will
improve greatly. Mr. H. N. Oden
seems to be further advanced with
his farming thani any other we
have seen.
Dr. M__ anylor, will leave us
next Wt ek for his new location near
Tunica Hills, we will all miss the
Doctor, and are reluctant to see
him go. Yet he carries with hint
our every wish for his future suc
cess and prosperity.
Miss Edith Dickey, has opened' a
private school with a few small
pupils, yet we would like to see her
meet with success in her new field
as Teacuher.
Our river is low, that is not bank
full, and we fool safe f m over
flow, unless the Juno rise comes in
All is peace and quiet-and the
cares of every day life bre ours.
rA BILL will be introduod at the`,mn
tin, session of the Legislature for a filal rb'5
ne- Istraeton for the parish of St. Land5'., -t
idt0. FOR SALE.---I have some
ton LANDS erale lan which I wfl
I sell chep and on reasonable
lof terms._Any one who has a
little money and will work can get a farm
and home, I am at home on Mondays gen
re- elY. GEORi o. iLM S.
To the Public I
011 And Friends of St. Landry Parish
fa- I am agent for one of the best medipdnes
on earth, backed with bankable paper. I
was a living wreck for years and I am now
sound and hoearty from its use. Hundreds
Y, of persons are using this medicine and I am
ay yet to find a person that is not entirely sat.
M. islea. Tho name of the medicine is Root
Tea-Na." Anyone wishing the medicine
can get it through me at Plalsance, La., or
else to Felix Lastranpes. Opelousas, la. Cir
culars sent on apipcation. Address
apl 7-tf PlaLisance, L,
g NOTI'CEI ,<I at will be intro.
ga duced at the next session of the Le 14.
lature to give the Judge of the 1lth Jtt.
'tdiial DisLrict, comlprising the parishos
li- of St. Landry and Acadia, the right to
fix the terms of his court in said parish..
es as ,,in his discretion may seem best
er to provide for the drawing of grand and
petit Juries in said District; to regulate
the trial of cases therein, and the effect
10 of judgments rendered in said District
ie and to repeal all laws on said subject
te matters now in force,
it i
who prescribes foryou understands rfect.
ly well that he cannot be too careul. Thet
more thoroughly lie untdelstn.s the art of
healing the more thoroughly he appreciates
the necessity for caution. It is almost an-.
perfluous to say that the druggist to whom
you take your prescription, should exercise
at least a corresponding degree of care. If
he fals todo this, medical atteudance may
be rendered valueless, You can have as
much confidence in the prescriptions we fill
for you, as you would If you were competent
to fill them yourself and did it. Do you hat.
pen to want anything In the line of fancy
goods, perfumery, etc.? we have it.
SAOIg xsai.,
uaiity ruut .i 1s Lhj.
IHave the exclusive sale of these Celebrated
Glasses in opelouas La frotm the
factory of Kellam &aMoore, the
only complete optical plant
in the South.
..G8., ,TT., a.,L apl7y
Lucius G. Dupre,
Opelousas, - .. La.
Pf1ce with KIsctETH BAILLIO, E5Q.
3pecial attention-given to colle-.
tlon of claims. and investigat.
lng land titles.

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