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I beg to announce that I have opened a Refreshment Parlor at my old stand, located on the cornori of Bellevue and Court streets.
In doing so, I wish to say a few words touching the purpose and conduct of the place, so that there might be no misndetanding between myself and the public:
It Is My Intention To Keep Nonntoxiing Driks nly
C t is my intention to keep a class of goods the quality of which there is none superior.
It is my intention to have my place at all times in such condition as to bear inspection from the ost ladies,children or gtlemen, including
in the latter class officers of thd parish and city. It is my intention to make
MY MOTTO. The entire interior of the building hasibeen renovated, cleaned pin ted and and am d cordial invitation is extended to everybody,
T including ladies and children, to pay the place a visit. My specialty is the refreshing, cooling, fulbeverage.
Looks like beer, and it is beer, but not the kind of beer violative of the prohibition laws. It Is the"ind f fbeer drank in all fashionable refreshment parlors.
E A cordial invitation is extended the public to visit the Elk-Prohibition Elk.
A line of domestic and imported cigars, cigarettes and tobaccos will also be kept.
J. Adam Budd & Co., The Elk.
I - ++ ,•., :+.. +. -+,:,•++ _
Treat Fishing Prohibited Until May 15, and
Perch Fishing Until March Ist.
Itferaeur Gets Fifty Per Gent of the Fine
Strlugent Law Probably Due to A Typograph
1cal Error, Bat Must Be Eanforced.
Rod and line fishing of green trout,
sometimes called black bass, is now
prohibited until the 15th day of May.
The lax went into effect on the 1st
The prohibiting the catching of
perch went into effect on the 1st day
of December, and will expire on the
let day of March.
This is the law as interpreted by
the Louisiana Game Commission, as
set forth in the pamphlet issued to
the game wardens throughout the
The section bearing on the subject
reads as follows:
"Sec. 7. Be it further enacted
etc., That it shall be unlawful for any
person to catch or kill black bass,
commonly called green trout, between
the first day of February and the 15th
day of May. Or stripped bass, com
monly called bar-fish, between the
first day of December and the first
day of March. Or catfish, except
spoon bill catfish, and buffalo fish,
between the first day of March and
the first day of May. Or any other
species of fresh water fish between the
first day of DecembeF and the first
day of March."
This is because of what is probably
-a typographical error in the drafting
of the bill passed by the last legisla
ture. An act of 1906 prohibits the
catching or killing in any way of
green trout between February 1 and
May 15. An act passed by the last
session of the legislature was intend
ed to repeal this, but the . law reads
that it is to repeal the "act of 1896."
There isp : act of 1896 ;referring
to fish or ..' e protection. The
game ooommasson, . therefore, is
enforcingrthe original law, as well as
the general fishing law of 1908;
which also prohibits fishing between
the dates mentioned.
.While perch is not mentioned in
the law, that fish is covered by the
general blanket clause which includes
"any other species of fresh water
fish between the first day of Decem
ber and the 1st day of March."
The game warden of this parish is
i~,structed by the generalinstructions
S t by the commission to enforce
ais law, Sad we are told that be will
ao so.
I Thepe.nalty for tBe violati of
a l ee tha $1. s *t0Ore
or had in possession for sale, pur
chased, exchanged, shipped, carried,
transported or attempted to ship,
transport, carry either within or
without the State, or had in posses
sion during the closed season, or be
imprisoned in the parish jail for not
less than ten days nor more
than thirty days, or both fine and im
Under the law any person furnish
ing to the game warden or other of
ficers authorized under the laws of
the State to institute a prosecution
sufficient evidence against any person
or persons or corporation to secure
a convictions of this act shall receive,
in case of conviction, fifty per cent
of the fine collected.
Emery Musical Comedy Com
In an interview with Mr. G. Allan
Powers, advance represeiftative of
Edwin Patterson's popular Musical
Comedy organization, he was asked
the question. "Is your Company worth
while?" "Yes,"the present Company
was organized three years ago by Mr.
Patterson, who, in the past,, twenty
years has made successes of the
Boston Ideal Comic Opera Company;
Andrews' Opera Company, and numer
ous others. The public demand for
musical comedy in the past few years
suggested to Mr. Patterson a com
pact organization of all-star principals,
a small, perfect chorus of pony sing
ing and dancing girls, five comedians,
the Emery Male Quartette and four
comedies; play all cities and towns at
the most popular prices possible. The
plan has met with success for two
years through the North, and this
present season in Texas, in which
state the Company devotes over two
hundred nights, playing Dallas, Fort
Worth, Waco, Austin,. San Antonio,
Houston, and all the most important
towns one, two or three nights stands.
"For the southern tour, Mr. Leo
Adde, comedian, and Mrs. Leo Adds,
(Haysel Coulter), well-known in the
South for their long connection -with
the Olympia Opera Company, have
been engaged."
Opera House Sunday and Monday,
7th and 8th. Reserved seats 75c,
general, admission -50c, children 25c.
Over lalf of sLeislana, Il Area, is Now In the
Prelibtlon Belt
The New Iberia Iberian says:
In last Sunday's issue of the Times
Democrat was published a list of the
"wet" and "dry" parishes of the
state. There was a possible typo
graphical error in starting the list of
'wet" parishes with Acadia. Correct
ing this, and employing the census of
1900, we find 623,375 of the popula
tion of the State of Louisians are
dominated by the policies of the Pro
hibitionists, while 758,250 live ia
districts where licenses are issued
to retailers of liquor.
In the matter of teritory the
"4ry" have prehibited thes
of liceunamin 30,5% qusreails. sit
Ten Thousand Dollars Will Be Expended In
New Orleans to Satiate Taft's Appetite.
New Orleans, Feb' 1.-When
President-elect Taft visits this city
on February 13th he will be the guest
of honor at a ten thousand dollar
dinner. This afternoon at a con
ference of the various commercial
organizations preparations will be
made for his welcome. It is confi
dently expected that at least one bat
tleship for the occasion will remain
throughout the carnival.
Tribute to the Stingy Man.
The following beautiful sentiment
is from the pen of Senator Bob Tay
"I would rather fill my purse with
money and keep its gates ajar to my
happy girls while yet they linger
under my roof than to clutch it with
a miser's hand until all the harp
strings of youth are broken and all
its music forever fled. I would
rather spend my last nickel for a bag
of striped marbles to gladden the
hearts of my barefooted boys than to
deny them their childish pleasures,
and leave them a bag of gold to quar
rel over when I am dead. I abhor
the pitiless hawk that circles in the
air only to swoop down and strangle
the song of the linnet or bury its
talons in the heart of the dove. I
despise the soulless man whose greed
for gold impels him to strangle the
laughter and song of his own family."
Jaenlas froelbmts Brlak Feaud to Coataln
Vero Alcohol thae Ornlary Be1r.
Two keepers of, "soft drinks" in
Jennings were fined $50 and costs by
the Lake Charles City Judge, for sell
ing "wet" goods in "dry" territory.
The beverage, known as "Senoj,"
was found to contain 12 per cent
alcohol, nearly twice as much as is
contained in Bud"ilsei<beer. .The at
tention of the officers was' attrac d
to the places by the hilarity 'of the
crowds emerging ,therefrom, and a
sample was sent to New Orleans for
analysis, with the result that it was
found loaded for bars.
The City Judge, in sentencing the
men, expressed the opiniof that they
lad been deceived by the manufac
turer of the goods, who had guaran
teed that the stuff was within the
'prohibition law, containing less than
the prohibited amount of alcohol.
A Winning u ombination.
The Winnield Conmrade says- that
in that vicinity the farmera are pre
paring to plant potatpp, peaauts and
searcstig . cane. The aram inin to
Married, at the Methodist Church,
Bayou Chicot, on Wednesday, Jan.
27, at 4 p. m., Mr. Dougall H. Thomp
son, son of Dr. E. Thompson of Ville
Platte, and Miss L. Maud Tatman,
daughter of R. W. Tatman, Rev. Win.
Stagg officiating.
Few young couples have been united
under brighter auspices, and few
romances have culminated more
The spacious church had been
transformed by skillful hands into a
veritable bower of beauty. Great
quantities of tastefully arranged
smilax and holly, glowing withicrim
son berries, formed a striking back
ground for the profusion ofcamelias,
the golden hearted jonquils, and.
myriad roses, which in their fresh
loveliness bespoke the spring time
and seemed never to have felt the
breath of winter. The warm, se~tn
day, with its blue skies, -seems;
strangely unlike midwinter. Nat.iNd
put aside her sombre veir and mantle
and smiled on the youth, the hopes'
and happiness of Dougall and' his
Before the appointed hoir the
church was filled with friends and
relatives of the contracting parties,
many from -a distance being in at
Promptly at 4 o'clock, to thestrains
of Mendelssohn's Wedding March,
rendered by. Mrs. A. M. Lyon, an ac
complished musician, the bridal party
entered and advanced -to tle alta ,ai ,
where, beneath a floral arch, the iaw
pressive ceremony was p.rformed.
Mrs. Lyon very sweetly: sang and
played "Oh, Promise Me," wlile con
gratulations were being extended.
The ushers were Messrs. Hy. y -.
lich, Jr., and Eddie Tatman. =The
other attendants of the bridal couple
were Mr. ChesterL A; Thoimpo in -
Miss Adrian Wolff, Mr.-Edwin Thomp
son and Miss Cammie E.iich.
The bride was lovely in an exquisite
princess gown of ivory -satin, with
white kid gloves of elbow length.
She wore the customary wreath of
orange blossoms and veil of illunion
and carried a shower bouquet of
white roses and maiden hair fern.
The groom looked exceptionally hand.
some and elegant in conventional
black. The bridesmaids were charm
ing in dainty costumes of silk, -wlth
bouquets to match, the only differ
euce being that Miss Enlich w¬re
pink'and Miss Wolff blue.
The happy couple left immediately
for their future home in Ville Platte,
where a reception.was tendered them
by the groom's parents. ''oth young
people are very ipopularand haef the
best wishes of a 'host of friendas
"May the newt leaves r~Eval t
beauty of unity.". . :;..
For Safe.
Valuable lot of law books, and one Mathu
schek piano, as good as new. Apply to
Judge EL. T. Lewis. decl9-tf.
Notice of Separation.
My wife, Flavie Hargroder. hving left
my bed and board, notice Is hereby given
that will not be responsible for any debts
contracted by her or for her action in any
Leonvlle, La. ,- Dec. 26,1908.
Taean in By the unadeTrsigned. at Debalil
U lIon's Brige, one dart bay
horse, with two white eet, scar on nose,
about 18t hands high, uninanded.
The owner is hereby notified to come for
ward, prove property, pay costs, and take
ume away. AL6IED DEIVILL.,
dec2 Pule - Pla tie.;
[It ca=-on unllý ed. Has amoney
to lead on improv. farm; property.
=ngtime, easy terms.
m GU. E. -DUPRE.
S " li .tti edt
il proot.
"Simpkina' Lxxtra Early" $1.25
per bushel
'Little riat King Improted," .
very early variety; $1.25 per
"T.ole Improved," $1.00 per
John P. Sav -. : " ant
Whvit f, La.
Morton n. Thompsn
Attoriney t Law
Notary Public
General Practice.
'tmse in Buftilding for ewy ioc t bby .
B. Dubuc r sso Ud tvsteet. O s
The genuine kik*--the kind that
makes an early r-or sale. $25
er to; er shel in smaller
lots. Apply to .i Biennett, Ope
losnes. Janl6-t t
DRl. -A. J. Biri l·Z - '.; JT. $. D Baciu
B(rerieHr & Bercier,
4D ce: -cr. cou a`.$.1 e Rts . Ope Ous
Trep N.otice.
aotices herebr givs that beting and
fniS4. I. AIN.
Plans, Estimates Snc ilcRaons of all
Oonstrctiop . Q. odies: opurh -i
Shoice BOid aryland Whiskies Old EdI
* Thre Feathers Cascade Pure,
Forister Andiver Tip. Fine
Jug Trade A Specialty $2:5
4.00 and 5.00 Per gal.
-See the Most ,nteoedting Citioei
on one of 180 RN PACI
Cuisine U
If you are oldd, see any Agent of the SoaeuA
Ae.our aut fit forin ati ad1
A.hep aCho mp omieal feed for sto.. . t
oron this date Cash dA
Are occarring with alarming freq
none ad ther ilsa no ddging one when it
olher ridtates c proportiontely .
: .... --l: . _ '~ 20is
O t..er. . St a a rates, proportionately, as
IH. &. CoWARDS &
Biss+Opel g.ea l n
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