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An opportunity of a life time extended to the people of Opelousas and- surrondindg country, to purchase hig. grade
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M. WINSBERG -- Opelousas: LaO:
0:M M a mm
Sb1 Supreme Court to
Sustltution elves
smt berep that during
c'ampaign in this par
t lawyers of the
at ed that no pro
Sobtin in Louisiana,
tion of the State
Sor traflic shall be
' ad that prohibitory
b~d "regulating."
0iaIt wa expressed by
i sI jurist.
S ition election in
wasr some talk of
eao.fr.onhere, but the
t" in the parish
that the anti
4eided to submit to
hlarge majority of
~Isay.., and no con
element of
3` ever, have decided
the Pearce law,
Maot46 of 1906, is
Stearranted inter
te commerce"
:ticle 1, section
constitution of
tl is an attempt
S between the
& contended
a of article
ion, in that
authorized to
It intoxicating
ized to pro
or to prohibit
for the sale of
that the "so
set is illegal,
the state con
` gives the
iregulate and
':political sub
.t prohibit the
i contended
section 1211
a that act
mend and
Weak Tea Invites Sleep and
Improves the Complexion.
I advise those who consult me up
on the tired complexion to indulge in
what is called the English beauty
cup. Mr. Gladstone took it each
night of his life, as long as he had
health, and it is the cup which keeps
many an English beauty going. It
is simply tea, but tea made without
the nerve destroying attributes. If
properly made it invites sleep.
You take half.a small coffee spoon
of tea and you scatter it in the bot
tom of a very large cup. The Ger
man coffee cups are the best for this
purpose. Over this you pour as
much. boiling, bubbling water as the
cup will hold.
The saucer is placed on top of the
cup in Chinese fashion. Now comes
the big wadded tea cosey, which
must be thrown over all. It is an
oddly shaped cosey, made to cover
cup and saucer. It stands for five
minutes to steep.
Now comes the scientific part of
the cup: You take three very thin
slices of lemon and you lay them in
a big hot cup. On top of the slices
of lemon you place a big maraschino,
and then on top of all you pour in the
tea, putting it through a strainer.
The result will be a fine, weak, hot,
but healthful cup of tea with just the
right flavor of lemon. You can have
sugar if you want it, and Gladstone's
rule of three big lumps will do you
no harm, for sugar is a great builder
up of the muscles.
By the way, if you are fagged out,
day or night, try eating a little
sugar. A lump of sugar will restore
the stomach and take away that
tired feeling. Sugar is recommended
to women whose cheecks are hollow.
It has a way of building up tissue.
A big cup of tea at night is excel
lent, but the trouble is that most per
sons make it too strong; the weaker
the better. The same is true of caf
fee, which if taken weak enough, and
with plenty of good sugar acts as a
nightcap. Not one person in a thou
sand can make it right, In Paris the
French beauty takes her foaming cup
of whipped chocolate after the the
atre wit a beisci, or; she eips herfe
Ilpatieat Crowed es51 sta Witess the Firs1
Decaplitatl In Tars.
The French Government has re
sumed the use of the guillotine for
I executing prisoners convicted of
capital offenses, and the second pib
lic execution under this methods
took.place at Carpentras Tuesday.
The condemned, a man named
Remy Danverse, who had cruelly shot
an aged farmer and his wife, was
first made aware of his fate by the
yells of the crowd that surrounded
the prison. He came out of the pri
son yard with livid face and startling
eyes, and it was necessary to make
use of force to get him to the guillo
tine and his head in position for the
fall of the blade.
The guillotine was erected on a
public square alongside the prison.
The locality was cordoned with sold
iers, who effectually blocked all the
streets, but an impatient crowd
which had assembled during the night,
demanded that it be given a chance
to witness the decapitation. Some
of the people climbed upon ladders
from which they kept the others in
formed of the details of the proceed
ings, while the windows of the houses
overlooking the square were jammed
with people.--Iberville Sentinel.
St. Mary NSugar Crop.
The stubble crop throughout ISt.
Mary promises to be the heaviest in
many years. If we have no more
severe weather, there will be no end
to the prospects. The seed cane now
being planted, .shows some sign of
damage but not much, with the 'ex
ception of the D 74, which is sound
and in good condition. The planters
are rushing planting operations to
save the seed from further injury.
Franklin Watchman.
An Expert Optician.
Dr. William Bluminberg will be in
Opelousas at the office of Dr. Joseph
P. Saisan, on Thursday, Feb. 13. All
those who think of the welfare of
their eyes and desire pectacles fitted
scientiflally, should reall.I not miss
this opport upity to call 0.. him nd
have their eyes tested.: The doctor
is highly reconmmended by the people
Shipped at 12:20 O'clock,
Arrived a 4:30 same day
In Opelousas, Over O. Gee.
Quickest Route for Shipment of
The Best Liquors
To Opelousas, and all points in St. Landry
Dealers in Choice Liquors and Wines.
TheSazerac Cocktails
(Whiskey, Manhattan, Martini, Tom Gin Vermouth (Prepared
by Thos. H. Handy 4 Co., New Orleans.
Ville Platte, Chataigneir, Eunce, and other points on La. East
& West reached same day of shipment.
Just A Trial Order, and You Are Ours
See F. R. Blakesley
Monuments, Tomb Tops, and all description of
Cuts Inscriptions and Build, Brick`Tombs
Jan sol
Saved A Yaluable Animal.
Opi ouss, Jan. 15, 1909.
To All Whom It Ma concern.
This is to certify athtDr. J. O. Rich
ardson, Veterinary Surgeon, has treated
a valuable animal of mine, Which st one
or more occasions was depaired of; and
by applisftions, medical treatment as
well as surgical operations, has snc
ceeded in bringing her in a eonvales
cent state, ad, with no further compli
cations, wllget well end sound.
I cheerfuly recommend Dr. Richard
sen as a gooa veterinary surgeon, a man
understanding his bustaass.
jan92!-t J. KOSS SANOZ.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby glinthat the E.-partner
ship formerly existig between :-i
ech ai . MODivier. uder ie " rm
namnieoof Mocha Olcver., dealers iaen. gel
merchandise. domifciledt at Leonv e.e haS
been dissolved by .mutual consent, Tilden
Meche retalning thebasiaet aInd assuming
all liabilities and collecting all accounts;
and A. C. Olirer retirtng fom the firm.
Leonville, La.. Jan. 21 190-.t8
trespss Notice. j
I tIag1.I y1 fiaMI t;
TIe EunIo*
Ludng Jew sl
For Diamrnoiid~ zce J~ Is
and rSilverware.. Fiebsies
residence t wn lots for saewe, P € ;
Box 6I,Ewme, La:._ .
Y kale scent to the lte' acs ; t
of St. Landry a7 olteii at
to te ol inth u ob=
64 ArbwD.
ta#hS Use
; '7$;,
For Your Wines and Lior, s,
write or Phone us for .ick
Express Orders at Rock Bot
tom Prices.
Attakas Club Whiskey, 4 full quarts $3.50
Green Seal" " 4.00
Cream of Kentucky " 4 " " 5.00
Murray Hill " 4 " " 5.00
Ezxpress Prepaid
Prices in Bulk Goods furnished on Appli
cations. Write for Price List.
rtl Orer Liquor partnt
tity pf Gemune Toole arly
Prolific Cotton eeed, which we
elfrom a singlesackto acaload
K' r

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