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Santa Claus Has Seleced
I-rn I-lAS ON lAND ·
Toy Waggons, Bicycles, Doll Buggies, Velocipedes,
7 ricycles, Irish Mails, Tool Chest, Rocking Horses.
Art Squares, Rugs, Shirt Waist Boxes,
Pictures, Carving Sets, Lap Robes, Clocks
For The Best, Come To Us First.
J. B. Sandoz - Opelousas
Melville Council.
Melville, La., Nov. 7, 1911.
Regulag meeting of the Board
of Aldermrn of the town of Mel
ville, La., held on the above date.
His Honor, the Mayor, L. J.
Williams, presiding and the fol
lowing members were present:
C. B. McNeil, H. S. Joseph, E.
G. Richard and C. W. Stone.
Absent: J. L. LeBlanc.
Minutes of the special meeting
held on Sept. 11, 1911, were read
and amended.
Moved by H. S. Joseph and
seconded by C. W. Stone and
That the minutes of the regu
lar meeting of the- Board of Al
dermen of Sept. 5, 1911, be
amended so as to read,
The clerk then read of a spe
cial election call for the purpose
of taking the sense of the elec
tion to issue 45000.00 of certifi
cates of indebtedness anticipating
the revenues of the said Town of
Melville for a period of time to
liquidate said indebtedness with
out increase of taxes for the pur
pose of continuing the building
of concrete side walks at such
places as will be for the better
Lml Im-- l·l- ---- alII-----I -----l- - C...A . * c
it is to your interest to see me if you need a
Buggy, Wagon, Furniture or Stove. My
l Ct .-,TJ stocks are complete and would be pleased
to show you the goods.
iFRED L. SANDOZ, Opelousas
/D 0 `7
ment of feet travel for the town.
Report of Marshal Lud Darnal
for the month of September was
read and approved as follows:
Fined Cost
Sept. 7, 1911, John
Humphries - -$ 600 $1 00
Sept. 7, 1911, John
Humphries, J r.,
Sept. 7, 1911, Nat
Toliva - - 6 00 100
Sept. 11, 1911, Belle
Greenup - - 6 00 1 00
Sept. 11, 1911, Sally
May - - - 600 100
Sept. 16, 1911, Jet
ter Williams - 250 100
•Sept. 19, 1911, Ar
thur Dceote - 600 100
Total - 28 50 $600
'otal turned over to
treasurer - - - $34 50
Report of Marshal Lud Darnall
for month of October was read
and approved as follows:
.Yined Cost
Oct. 26, 1911, JoFe
Fenner - 4 5 00 41 00
Nov. 7, 1911, Joe
Fenner - - 6 00 100
.. 1·
Total - $1200 $200
Commissions collec
tedonmovin g
pictures shows - $1275
Total turned over to
treasurer - - $25 75
Report of E. J. LeBlanc, Clerk I
and Tax Collector, for the months
of September and October, was
read and approved as follows:
Regular taxes collected
for year 1911 - -$ 95 10
Special t a x es collected
for'year 1911 - - 47 55;
Licenses for 1911 - - 10 00
Total turned over to
treasurer - - -$152 65
The following bills were read
and approved and vouchers or- i
dered in full payment of same:
Bill of E. J. LeBlanc, Clerk
and Tnx Collector, for September 1
and October, as follows':
Two mouths' salary -$ 5 00
Making assessment r o 11 15 001
5 per cent for collecting
$162 65 - - - 7 60
Attending Mayor's Court,
8 trials - - - 800
Total - - -$35 60
Bill of Mashal Lud Darnal for
month of September:
To one months salary -$45 00
To one half' of fines col
lected - - - - 14 25
Boarding prisoners - -2 05
Drayage to Sam Lushite 85
Dill Tomkins, for work on
school house - 1 25
John Viola, for work on
crossings - - - 1 25
CC Johnson, for nail s,
hinges and tacks - 1 40
Oil for office lamp - - 15
Houston Gordon for bury
ing dead cow - - 150
Total - - -$67 70
Moved by H. S. Joseph and
seconded by C. W. Stone that
the bill of the Marshal be ap
proved less $5 40 that amount be
ing paid by order of Mayor, and
that the Mayor's action in paying
this amount be ratified.
Bill of Marshal Lud Darnal for
monto of October:
To one month's salary -$45 00
To one half of fines col
lected - - - - 5 50
Charley Napoli for hauling
off dead horse - - 1 00
Killing one dog - - 50
Drayage to Sam Lushite 10
Total - - -$52 10
Bill of J F Anderson for re
pairing road machine to
one half of cost - -$2 75
Bill of Mrs F M Diffel, for
lumber Ito build style at
school house - - -$5 75
The following petition w as
Melville, La., Nov. 6, 1911.
We, the teachers of the Mel
ville High School, do hereby
present this petition to the town
council of the town of Melville,
asking them to donate a sum of
money sufficient to meet the cost
of oiling the hall floors, including
the assembly hall and stairways
in the high school building.' The
law requires these floors to be
oiled, and as our "indidental
fund" is insufficient to cover this
expense, we are forced to make
this appeal for aid.
H. W. Phipps,
M. G. Britto:n,
A. B. Overton,
W. H. Haw,
E. L. Soffrion,
A. J. Haibe,
H. B. Reese.
Moved by H. S. Joseph and
seconded by C. B. McNeil and
carried, That $1i76 or as h'
thereof as may bep
buy floor dressi9g for
house and that the
thorzed to issUe a
the amount.'
Moved by · C. W. tqe
onded by E. G. Rehard a-
ried, That the resti
5,-1911, fixing the o
treasurer at one htn d lla.
per annum be armende soto
apply for the year 1911 only:
V)aved by H. S. Joeph
seconded by C. W. So~ae ad
carried, That the Mast be i
strutted to have a fluebuilt in
the jail and also buy necessry
lights and wood for heting.
Mouvd by C. B. 1ei d
sco;.1ed by E. . i a
carr-iel! That the. a
town cresu-rer forI the year
be $12.00.
the Mayor appointd the
lowing committee t~ .. 4r: t
budget for the year 1912: ~ S.
Joseph, E. G. ichardand . W.
Moved by H. S. oph tand
seconded by C. ' tone an
carried, That the .aor't a tion
in paying the interet oni note!
k.af be .
heTown ev
tb4 be
$w1 cae*i
t'4 . ate . 1
Shal: b, gt t
rr : t ýt:,' e
{ further ` 4;· ~·i-

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