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Opelousas - - - Louisiana
S"" At This Ti of Th #ea -
S---- -e e r ...0
...,0 .
o..-: ;;@
* 0 0000 S 0. .21
J. A. Hass, Presidennt. L. T. Castille, Cashier.
J. J. Thompson, Vice-Pres't. Leopold Simon, Ass't Cashier
H. D. Larcade, Jr. Ass't Cash. A. A. Anding, Ass't Cashier
St. Landry State Bank
of Opelousas, La.
Unexcelled facilities for the
handling of your business.
Capital, Surplus and Undivided
Profits $244,333.90.
3%--Paid n Tes Certificates of Desit-3°%o
J. A. laas, Jos. U. leagl, I. I. Ubtenstei n
J J. Thompson, Samuel Haas, inas. F. oaulni
Telephone service, linking together city and country and shore,
is never more appreciated than during the summer months.
While the business man is confined to his desk in the city, the
telephone keeps him in touch with wife and family, though they
may be many miles away, summering at some pleasant resort.
During his own vacation the businessiman relies upon the tele
phone. He is free from care, for he knows that he can be reached
at one by telphone should important matters require his attention.
At the vacation home also, the telephone proves so convenient
in arrainging games and outings with friends and ordering sup
plies from the distant markets.
All this is possible because Bell Telephone service is universal
By the way, have you a telephone?
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company.
Every Bell Telephone is a Long Distance Station.
Before buying your ticket
call on the agent of the Frisco
Lines for routes, rates, and
any other information rfelative
to your journey.
I ~~·
Are You Nervous? .
What makes you nervous? It is the weakness 91 your
womanly constitution, which cannot stand the strain of the
hard work you do. As a. result, you break down, and ruin
your entire nervous system. Don't keep this up! Take
Cardui, the woman's tonic. Cardui is made from purely
.vegetable ingredients. It acts gently on the womanly organs,
and helps them to do their proper work. It relieves pain
and restores health, in a natural manner, by g'ng to the
source of the trouble .ad building up the bodily strength.
UDlI Woman Tonc
Mrs. Grace Forter, of Man, W. Va., took Cardu.L
This is what she says about it: "I was so weak and
nervous, I could not lkar to have anyone near me. I had
fainting spells, and I 4)st flesh every day. The first dose
of Cardui helped me. iNow, I am entirely cured of thef
fainting spells, and I mnnot say enough for Cardui, for I
know it saved my lifer' It is the best tonic for women.
Do you suffer frop any of the pains peculiar to women?
Take Cardui It wll lelp you. Ask your druggist
Writr t: Laies' DeMt., Chaeg Medkia e Co.. Cttaooa. Teom..
-for abcoillaUn u . sad64-pke book,"HaS e TraNat fr Womem" se~fkee. I
Will bear chlset investigation
investment About $4000.
Private Reasin for Selling
For Particulars Write
Opelousas. Louisiana.
U. S. Land Omca at Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Notice is hereby gien that 1,19a
otrnrmmadvte. ta.. wphu,;" n 'oamber 2.
19Ca, made Homestead Entry, No. 01181, for
s9% otswit and swA4 of seA, section 6., asle
of nwt o't section 7 towfishlp 7 s, rmage6 e,
La. Meridian, has iled notice of Intention
to makenfwl five year proof, to establish
claim to tin land above desertbed. before
Clerk of Dist c iet Court, at Opelousas, La,
on the tfth dii of April, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses: Joseph
Renit, of Arnaulvflle, La., . R. No. ..,
Frank Comre, lU. W. Wilkinson, Sr., Jau
lien Noel, all ot Aranfitle,. La.
marlr6-t JOHN F. NUTTALL, Register.
U. S. Land Offie atBaton Rouge; Louisiana
March 1. 1912.
Nottce is hereby given that Jullen Noel,
of Arnandrllle, Louisiana, who. on Nov
ember 2.1 9 6, made Homestead antry, No.
01f5l, for s% of nws and swat of net, sec
tion fi. t'o~ nshlp 7 s, range 6 e. La. Merl
dian, h-s filed notice of Intention to make
final five year l-roof. to estalbl:snl laim to
the land above descrtied, before Clerk of
Distriet Court. at Op.lousas. ILoutsiana, on
the 18th nday of April. 1912
Clailnmait names as witnesre;: Joseph
Renolt, of .'rnounvllte, La., R. Ki No. 1; iI
W. WIlkinsP.... -r.. Joseph wark-. Frank
Courvllle a of Anr audville, Lu.
m. rld-5t J ,HN F. UTT 1 LL,. Resister.
t t1t rOF TA 1111, I A 1'.
LSi 1ATleOF 0eI :II.E. BMN.\I'.
No. -. Probate Docket. Stur eenth Jut !ial
Iistritet 4,lr., Parish or $t . Landry, La .
Whereas, Chas. Delacroix t wife. t n-t.i
Administrators of the above .,imedl estate,
tiles provisional table iu of said stecession.
And whereas, prayer ,f -aid petiti s ha,
been granted by an orues . f court bearlhg
dat' -
Now. therefore, nattreis htere-ly riven to
all partils Interested to make opp.,silos tn
said tableau to file same Il, wt itinle " I,tu
offce, within the time required hby law why
the said tableau should not i,- homtt,logtnted
and confirmed.
apll3-2t Clerk of Court.
U. 8. Land Office at Iaton Rouge, Louisiana
March 1, 112.
Notice is hereby given that Oleus Stelly,
of Arnaudville, Louisiana. who, on Nov
! ember 2. 190, made Homestead Entry. No.
01854, for ns of sw% and nw~4 of seA., see
tion 6. township 7 S, range 6e, Louitsana
Meridian, has filed notice of Intention to
make final five year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, before
Clerk of District Court. at Opelousas,
Loutstiana, on the 18th day of April, 1912.
Claimant tames as witnesses: Joseph
Bennlt, Frank Courvllle, H. W. Wilkinson,
Sr. Jhilen Noel all of Arnaudvtlle. I a.
marld-st JOHN F. NUTTALL. ilegister.
I have taken up a Creole blue mare about
2 years old Branded thus.
She has been roaming around my place in
prairie Rontde, about z years. Owner will
Please come forward, pay costs and take
same away.
,' l.N BI.TRAN 1I,
marl6-it Rnute 2, upelousas.
Money E Loan
on improved farms
and plantations.
TERMS:--F,,r part illur
O)j.'ousmse Jun 3 lyr L.ulst ant
Opelousas will have another
plumbing and tinshop. Mr.
Chas. Borches hasi rented the
building back of Court Square
and will be here io the next 30
days to do all kinds of repairing
as well as placing plumbing con
tracts. apl ?7-1t
. he Appetizing Beefsteak.
In an article on "The Appetiz
ing Beefsteak" in the M ay
Woman's H o me Companion,
Fannie Merritt Farmer, the well
known cooking authority, pre
sents a number of recipes, and
gives the following general ad
vice about steaks:
"The underlying principle
which governs good broiling is
this: One side of the meat must
be quickly seared, the meat must
be quickly turned, and the other
side quickly seared. This pre
vents the escape of any of the
juices. Turn almost constantly
for the first minute of the cook
ing, then the meat must be
cooked on one side, turned, and
cooked on the other, to suit in
dividual taste.
"The best cuts of meat for
broiling are porterhouse, sirloin,
cross-cut of rump-steak, and sec
ond and third cuts from top of
round. Porterhouse and sirloin
cuts, although commanding about
the same price per pound as the
cross-cut of the rump, p r o v e
most expensive on account of
the greater loss in bone and fat.
Round steak is very juicy, but,
having coarser fibre is never as
tender. Neither is the flank
end of a porterhouse very ten
der. For this reason, it is a
good plan to cut it off before
cooking the steak, and use it for
meat cakes (Hamburg steak), or
a small stew, or perhaps a small
beefsteak pie. Cut out the ten
derloin and reserve it to be
cooked for one meal; cut off the
flank and save it to be prepared
for another, then broil the sir
loin for dinner. The bone may
be used to give added richness to
the stock, if the flank end is
utilized for a stew."
Cesnel Proceeetngs.
Opelousas, La., April 18th, 1912.
To the Members of the Board of
Aldermen of the City of
Opelousas, La.
Gentlemen: You, are hereby
notified that there will beameet
ing of the Board this evening,
Thursday 18th, at 4o'lock,
p. m., for the purpose of acting
on petition of citizens relative to
an appropriation for puul.ic
schools and to act on any and all
questions pertainng to same.
M. HALPHEN. Mayor.
Attest: J. B. A. STAGG, City
Received the above notice on
the 18th day of April, 1912, and
on the same day and date I no
tified all the members of the
B yard of Aldermen in person.
C. L. HAYES, Marshal
Opelousas, La., Apr. 18, 1912.
The Board of Aldermen met
pursuant to the above call. Pres
ent, M. Halphen, Mayor, pre
siding; Aldermen Blacksher,
Danei, Dietlein, Loeb and Lar
All the members of the Board
of Aiuermen being present, the
meeting was called to order.
Motion by Mr. Dietlein
That, whereas, the citizens of
the City of Opelousas, La., have
petitioned this Board, asking as
sistance for continuing the grades
of the high school for the full
term; therefore, be it resolved,
That the sum of $945.00 be ap
propriated out of the 1913 License
funds, not otherwise appropri
ated, to continue the grades of
the high schools, as petitioned.
Motion duly seconded and car
Motion by Mr. Danel -
That the sum of $105.00 be ap
propriated out of the 1913 Li
cense funds, not otherwise ap
propriated, to continue the col
ored schools for the full term.
Motion duly seconded and car
Motion by Mr. Danel
That the Mayor and Mr. Lar
cade be appointed a committee
of two, to borrow the sum of
$1050.00 from any bank or indi
vidual, to cover the above appro
priation to continue the public
schools for the full term, and
the Mayor be authorized to issue
a certificate of indebtedness, for
the above amount, against the
1913 License funds, not other
wise appropriated, in favor of
any bank or individual, from
whom the committee will secure
the loan. Motion duly seconded
and carried.
On motion duly seconded and
carried, the meeting of the
Board of Aldermen w as ad
journed subject to call.
Attest: J. B. A. STA City
State of Louisiana,
Parish of St. JLamlry.
Be it known, That on this twenty
seventh (27th) day of the month of
March, in the year of our Lord nine
teen hundred and twelve (19121 before
me, Stanislas Joseph Gosselin,a Notary
Public, duly commissioned, qnaiijed:
and sworn in and for the Parish and:
State first above written, and in the
presence of the witnesses hereinaftet
named personally came and appoared
the persons whose names are hereun.ate
subscribed who severally declared that
availing themselves of the provisions
of Act No.36 of the session of the Legis
lature of the State of Louisiana of IýB
approved June "Jth, 1888, as well at thea .
general laws of the State relativ4std4°
the formation and organization of cor
porations, they have formed and or
ganized, and by these presents do form
themselves and such other persons as
may hereafter become associated with
them into a corporation and body poll
tic in law for the object and purposes
and under the stipulations folly 'ing,.
Article I. The name and style o, thly
corporation is hereby declared to be tha=.::;`
Lawtell iin Company, Limited, and it
shall have and enjoy succession and
existence for a period of ninety-nine
years from the date hereof. It shall
have the power to contract, sue and be
sued, to make a corporate seal and the
same to break or alter at pleasure; to
hold, purchase, lease, rent, sell, mort..
gage, pledge, and hypothecate property
real, personal and mixed; to name,
elect and appoint managers, salesmen
and agents; to make and establi.l by
laws, rules and regulations itr the
man>a'ment of its business and sf:
Article 1I. The domicile of this o-.
poration shall be at -Lawtell in the
Parish of St. Landry, State of Louis
iana, where all citations and other legal
process shall be served upon its Pres..
dent, and in case of his absence upon'
the Vice-President, or in the event of
the absence of both the President and
Vice-President on the Secretary-Treas
Article III. The object and purposes
for which this corporation is organised'4'
and the nature of the businese to be
carried on by it are hereby declared to
be as follows to-wit:
To establish and operate warehouses;
yards and store rooms for handitung
storing, weighing, sampling and shal
tering cotton, cotton seed,corn,rice and
other farm products; to own and oper
ate a cotton gin or gins; to doa genera
brokerage and commission usne i
all farm products; to own and
rice, sugar and syrup mills to m .
facture and sell bricks and ce .~
blocks; to operate wood and il 1rr
yard; to operate a canning plrnt
preserving fruits and vegetiabl, s to
manufacture vinegar pickles,, .Sto-t
buy and sell all necessary raw m -
ials, and to handle all by-pro.deet ot
the things so manufactured; asat to
carry on in connection therewit. .
general mercantile business, and tto ,
any and all things ineidental ant.a ..
mane to the objects and purpose s h
aet forth.
Article IV. The capital staeek of thi
corporation is hereby fixed t the r . s
of twenty thousand doll"ar di.ts~a
into two thousand shares tthe p. .
value of ten dollars each. The ameant
of each share shall be paid ifor o asek
or its equivalent and this eoruetet
shall become a n onces what,
five hundre; shares sa base hbea
subscribed and paid for.
Article v. All the corporame pa
of this corporation shall ~be
board of directors, to be emept .4
five stock holders, and the ma
ment of the business shall be in t i
hands of the board. The members a.
the said h.ard shall be eteest-anuall.
on the second Tuesday of MaBrh "f"
each and every t ear, ao.s eei
the year 1912 The members oei .
board alatt holoees reiti.'tm t. :a so
aessore hove been elected, atual
Any vacancy oeeartng in e bd
sbhall b ed by the raimlitg nsae
bers from mo~r the s holdet. At
al meingof meoekers eaeh s s*.te -
holder.btt be entitled o one vor.r
for each share of stnek owma by i3t
which vote may be .st ptr° or
proxy. The' HBord of Direeteirsra.
have power to roase all wrtaesnd saga.
tattoos for their own goverement 4an t
the proper conduet of tlhe btare
of the corrt.ton .They I.
elect fom their ow nmbar s .s
denft Vice-President and a Seeret~ry
and Treasurer, but however the oesli .
of Secretary and Treaasret r a e
combined into one offie as the bat
may from time to time direet. U$M.L
the election to be held by the
holders on the second
March, 191tas herelneter provie
is had. W. t.. Dejean, J. .- Ei± Dr.
Pant Foster, J ules Joubert and J1 L
Cannon shall constitute the Arsti ,."rI
of Directors with thei sd WT. Q .a
jean as Presdeant, J. 8. gEvans as , Va
President, and Dr. Paul Foster as em
retary-'T resasrer. Three mellbeRt of
the said Board shall constitute a q '~
rum f--r the trannaction of beiss.s..
Article V1. bhe capital stoc. of tIIPe a
eoryoration may be increased at .yS
time itn accordance with the laws of . .a .
'State. This charter may be amu..ed,
altered or changed or :he =orpjatise.L
d solved by a vote of two i-thtirhe
stockholder5 voting by ashare at $
mlelitig convened for that. prpte.
after thirty days' previous aoRie of
eucet meetig as shsll have beetn gi.sw
each stockholder by letter arid ltot pub.
ltea tion in one or more newspaPberpspi
It-hed in the Parish of St. Landry -
Article VII. No stockholder of this
corporatlion shall ne held liable ret say
of the faults, indebtednesr, or eonatra.:
thereof in any farther sua W s I tiw
u.paid balance due the eorocrais aoi
the shares owned by him, nor sheaamp
u-formality in the organiua:ston
the reffect of rendering this eharte salt
or of exposing a shareholder to ai-g
li.bility whatever.
Article VIII. A failure at any Bha
to hold meetings or elect ditrt. . e .or
,flc*re as herein provided, shal;t e..e
work a forfeiture of this Charter or fle
-olve the corporation, but the existif.,
Itearl of directors and ofilers ~ ha l T
c.utlune utntti their suesseorst have
rbeen chosen by election, which elea ton:
shit. be held as soon as possibte.
.1. dice X, At the expirat. o.ji .is
lt'.arter. unless sooner dissolved, its af
lire shall be liquidated by commis.D,
sioners to her r-tted by the euckhbold
ers, and said commissioners are in,-. '
viesttl with full powers to liquidate the
affairs of the corporatIon. Said cor
mIais.lners to be threw in number 0adi
t, be selected or elected in suebch mane.
as the stockholders may designate.
PTh u done and pasned at LUwe"te,
Parish and 'tate aforesaid, on the dy,
month and year first herein above writ
tenl. in the presence of Joe P. C(ormter
and A ,n m Bihm, competent wittneses,
who have signed these presents to,
gether with the eppe.irer, and me,
Notary, after due readigtt of the whole.
W. t'. IEJ.EAN,
J. -. K:VAN,,,
mark i
Witnesses: Jio. P. 'oratier, Amost
S. J. UiOSSELIN, Notary Publi.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of t. Landry.
I hereby certify that the witttu c
foreui.tug is a true ant correct py o
e riginal Act No. 7127' on le sinll of
record in my otffle in Mie IBook No. 14,
pac; -- , of date April 2d, i3M12.
Wirues- my hand and the seal.mde a
otffce at opelousas, La, this t' dy of
A pril, 1912.
(seat) L.A. -ANDOZ,
Ity. Clerk 113th Jad. Distro ot Ia.

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