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For Cut Glass, Silverware,
-Watches, Clocks, Jewelery
Hand Painted China.
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C. A. V uf
tSuccessbo to H. W. Pery & Co.)
SNow Located Opposite Court House
Repairing A Specialty
John W. Clark, Manager.
sept 30 1)ear
S We Fix Your Old One
Or Sell You A New One
(C. A. REYNOLDS, Manager.)
Corner North and Court Street. 'Phone No. 174.
Southern Pacific
y. $6.50 ROUND TRIP
SSpecial Leaves
Lafayette 2:35 P. M. August 5th.
aetn1 on Regular Trains up to and Inludiag
AUGUST 10th.
Fr Fullo a. rmatlon Apply to Your Local Agent, or Write
S biv. Pass. Agt., J.H. R. PARSONS, Gen. Pass. Agt
L J Charles New Orleans
The Peoples State Bank
CAPiTAL STOCK $30,000.
David Roos, President.
Samuel Haas, Vice-President.
Leon S. Haas, 2nd Vice-President.
Lawrence Larcade, Cashier.
N. M. Childs, Ass't Caehier.
David Roos
Samuel Haas
J. A. Haas
Leon S. Haas
Lawrence Larcade_
Ladies! Ladies!!
Toilet Articles
I-.Necessary Household Articles
Such as French Perfumes
:Tooth Powers, Toilet Soaps
s1 Drug Store
Parish Proceeds.
(COhtlihid Eotld gage 4
`'ward, 1165
Ben Andrus,digging ditch
2 ward. . . 1050
Ben Andrus, road and
bridge, work, 2 ward . 17 50
Alb DeValcourt, road and
bridge work, 2 w"-
Alcee Leger ...
o- , f - :& o,1
iike; 2 ward. . 1 40
Chas Savoie, road work,
2 ward. . 112 75
W F Clopton, per diem &
mileage selling ipublic
roads, 4 ward 5 80
S W Dunbar, iper deim &
mileage selling 1public
roads, 4 ward. , S 600
A J Deville, road inapec
tion, 1 ward . . 12 50
M L Swords, attedance
on court 8 days in July
1912 . 40 00
M L Swords, feeding pri
soners, July, 1912. . 98 55
M L Swords, conveying, F
Babineau from Lake
Charles. . 18 20
H A Reid, sheriff, arrest
ing and conveying pris.
from Welsh to Lake
Charles, and etc. . 13 50
Rosemond Williams, at
tending insane in par
ish prison. . 15 00
City of Opelousas, water
and lights, for C House
and jail, June, 1912. . 12 85
City of Opelousas, water
and lights, for C House
and jail July, 1912. 52 95
St Landry Clarion, pub
lishing proceedings and
ordinance,tJuly,:1912. . 30 50
Paul E. Mortiner, Clk.
Sup. Ct. filing t'p't of
appeal, state vs. Fonte
not. . 10 00
J B Sandoz, sundries. . 6 50
F L Sandoz, sundries. . 23 95
H Lastraves, Jr. record'g
Inq. and etc. 2 00
H Bodemuller, books, and
etc, for Clk's office. . 63 85
Western Union TeL Co.,
messages. . . 97
Jos Bordelon, sundries. " 30
The Elect. & Plumb. Co.
repairs on jail sewer. 1260
Cumberland Tel. Co. ser
vice, at Clerk's office 625
E Gonsolin, hauling 51
tons coaL , . 35 70
Perrault Fisher, varnish
ing interior wood work,
furniture, and etc., in
P J room, extra work
included. 64 65
Planters National Bank,
am't paid for freight on
car coal. . 12132
E V Dupleehain, Juror on
IV ' 490
HD ttell, Juror on Inq. 400
A J T Littell, Juror on
Inq. . 400
JPH oselair, Juror on In 400
H L Buttrell, 400
Emar Andrepont, Juror
on Inq. . 200
August Bertrand, Juror
on Inq: . . 210
C B Chachere, Juror on
Inq. 250
A L Andrus, Juror on Inq. 250
On motion of Mr. Dunbar
The committee, on claims re
solved itself into regular session
Sof Police Jury.
Mr. St Cyr in the chair
The committee on claims re
Sported through Chairman Dailey
that they had examined the
claims as above detailed and
Sfound same correct.
SOn motion of Dr. Pavy
The report was accepted and
Mr. Beal offered the following
ordinance and upon being duly
Sread was adopted unaimously,
To amend and reinact Section 3:
and 4 of "An Ordinance Dow
in existence relative to con
structing, maintaining and
repairing of public roads,
Section 1. Be it ordained by
the Police Jury of the parish of
St. Landry in regular session
convened, that hereafter section
3 of above mentioned ordinance
shall remain in full force and ef
fect, and further, that the re
spective Police Jurors of each
and every ward of the parish
shall have the power and author
ity to lease any or all of the roads
in their respective districts by
private contract, without adver
tisment as specified heretofore,
and said contract shall be
by the day, week or month to
private individuals as they may
see fit. Each and every police
juror shall have the authority
and power to purchase the nec
essary tools and implements, such
as road graders, road drags,
plows, etc., for the proper con
struction of roads, and said im
plements shall be owned by the
parish and paid for out of the
respective road . funds. While
having said roads worked by the
day, each.police juror shall have
the authority to employ a road 1
overseer at not more than $150 I1
per day to supervise the working i
of said roads.
Section 2. Be it further or-I
dain ed, etc., that the member or
members of the police jury for!'
eah..a d districts hal have gener1
1suervesot of thepudblic roads]
his or their district -and shall
see~tpit tha tte road contractors':
t W4tm t
contracts. Such member or
members sb, ll have the right to
employ, for assistance in the dis
bharge of their duties as rodL
Supervisors as aforesaid, road in
;pectors who shall have all the
,Qwers of road supervisors and
who shall be paid out of tk.. road
funds of the distr''". for which
thc Wre appointed a salary I
Which shall be fixed by said mem- I
ber or members of such iistricts,
provided that the total amount
paid for said inspectors in any
road district shall not be more
than three days inspection per
quarter for each inspector a sum
not to exceed $2.00 per day.
Section 3. Be it further ordain
ed, etc., that any ordinance or
part of ordinance in conflict
therewith be and the same is
hereby repealed.
Adopted Aug. 6, 1912.
Attest: J. J. HEALEY,
Motion by Dr. Clopton
That the sum of seventy dol
lars be appropriated out of the
4th ward funds to build the sec
ond bridge at Waxia; that a com
mittee be appointed composed of
Messrs. J F Lowrey, B F Van
noy and B S Haw, to superintend
the building of said bridge.
Messrs. St Cyr, Dimmick, Guil
lory, Dailey, Iseringhausen, Pavy
Fisette, Clopton, Dunbar, Wal
ters, Beal, McCaffery, Foster,
and Gournay voting yes. Motion
On motion of Mr. Guillory
The Police Jury adjourned un
til 1:30 o'clock.
The Police Jury met pursuant
to adjournment.
Present: Dr. Clopton, Presi
dent; Messrs. Durio, Guillory,
Dailey, Iseringhausen, Fisette,
Dunbar, Walters, Beal, McCaf
fery, Foster, Dimmick, Gournay
and St Cyr.
Motion by Mr. McCaffery
That a committee composed of
Messrs. Chas. M. Kilpatrick, M.
Mary, and L. Thistletwaite be
appointed to ascertain the. prob
able cost of repairing, the Iron
bridge across Bayou Courtableau
a Washington, and report at
next regular meeting. Motion
On motion duly seconded and
The following names were or
dered placed on the indigent list,
and warrants to the amount of
ten dollars each ordered issued'
to said persons, to-wit:
Harriette Lewis, 2nd ward,
Adam Benoit 6th ward.
Motion by Mr. Dimmick-
That aIl applicants for benefi
ciary scholarship to either ter
Louisiana State Normal, or the
Lafayattee. Industrial Institute,
who are eligibleto appointment
are hereby notified to file their
applications with the Clerk of the
Police Jury prior to the next re
I gular meeting of this body. Mo
tion carrien.
Motion by Mr. Guillory
That the Clerk of the Poiicel
Jury be authorized to notfied Mr.
J F Schell to drain the water now
standing on the Lastrapes road
at once, having failed to comply
with his promise to do so, and
also in conformity with the law
appertaining therto. Motion car
Motion by Mr. Dimmick
Be it resolved that a commit
tee of three be appointed with
full power and authority to have
the steam heater in the parish
jail either repaired or renewed
as may be necessary. Motion
Chair appointed Messrs. Dim
mick, St. Cyr and Durio.
Motion by Mr. Dimmick-
Be it resolved, that Mr. J. T.
St. Cyr be authorized to have the
grass cut and cleaned off the
Court House square. Motion
Motion by Mr. Gournay
That the report of the Com
mittee appointed to confer with
a like Committee from Evange
line to examine the bridge across
Bayou des Cannes at Olibe Man
uel's crossing, be received and
tabled, and Committee discharg
ed. Motion carried.
On motion of Mr. Dailey
The minutes were read a n d
On motion of Mr. Dimmick-
The Police Jury adjourned un
til the first Monday in Septem
ber, being the second day of said
JOS. T. ST. CYR, President pro
Attest: J. J. HEALEY, Clerk.
Notiee of Dissolutlon.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned have dissolved co
partnership in the liquor bsi
ness, run under the name of
Christman & Lewis.
Mr. B. R. Christman assumes
charge of the business, collects
all bills;
Mr. Lewis retires from the
~ ~-·1P~-o~S~ ·~J~T~BeS :
ate" e
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CLEMENT ,SMITH, Agent and Piano Tuner for Dugan Piano Company.
Ring up 57 Opelousas. Or .ddress me Opelousas
F. F
School Board Proceedings.
(Continued from page 4)
dpal of said Bonds then outstanding,
bhich said funds when so set aside
hall be known as the Specific Sinking
uund and shall be applied sacredly and
relusively to the payment of the prin
ipal of said bonds as they mature.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of St. Landry.
Personally came and appeared before
noe, the undersigned authority, C. J.
Phompson, who, being first by me duly
Iworn, deposes and says, that
ie was on the 5th day of Aug., 1912, and
is now Secretary of the Parish Board of
tchool Directors of the Parish of St.
anudryv. La., and that the above and
roregoing isa true and correct copy of
the minutes of the meeting of the said
Board' held on the 6th day of August,
Sworn to and subscribed before
me, on this 6th d Ay of Augnuet 1912.
Notary Public.
Opeloueas, Las Aug. 5th 1912.
rhe Parish Board of Jihopg Directors
o the Parish of St. Isisdry, La., con
venttd in special seeslo..
Present: Hon. OP-. "aly, President;
and Mesar .-J,.Vid e, W. J. Boae
reoan, Dr. A. C. Durlo, R. L. Hawkins, J.
W. LIyman anda qaorum.
Mr. .F. Vidriie offered the follow
lag resolaution and moved its adoption:
Providing for the ienstinceand sale of
School Bonds of School District No. 2,
1st Police Jary Ward of the Parish
of St. andry, La to the amount of
Two Thousand .(! Oo) Dollars, ana
levying a sp eial tax of three (8) mills
per annum on all the property subject
to State taxation within the limits of
said School District No. 2, 1st Police
Jury Ward, fur a period of ten (10)
years, beginning with and including
the year 1912, for the purpose of paying
the principal and interest of said bonds
as samaeshall mature.
Whereas, at a special election duly
and regularly held in School District
No.2.1st Police Jury Wird, bf the Par
ish of St. Landry, La., on the 1st day of
July, 1912, in conformity to a resolution
of this Board ordering said election,
there was submittedto the vote of the
property tax payers entitled to vote in'
said School District No.2, lst Pol ice
Jury Ward, a proposition to levy a
three mill special tax on all of the prop
erty subject to State taxation in said
School District No. ., 1st Potice Jury
Ward of the Parish of St. Landry, La.
for the period of ten years, for the pur
pose of: (a) Giving additional aid to
public schools. (b) Pdrchasing, or con
structing, public school buildings, titles
to which shall vest in the p u bl ri;
or,- constructing public school build
ings and purchasing sites therefor, ti
ties-to which shall yest in the public.
Wheress,'thelevying of said special
tax for said purpose was duly author
ized by a vote of the majority In both
number and amount of votes cast at
said election; and,
Whereas, at said special election,
there was also submitted to the vote. of
the property tax payers entiteid to vote
in said School District No,2, let Police
Jury Ward of the Partsh of at. Landry,
La., a proposition To incur debt and
steue- bonds to the amount of T wo
thousand dollars (2000.,O0) to ran not
longer than ten years from date and to
bear interest not exceeding five p e r
cent per annum payable annually, for
theipurpose Of purchasiug(or cohetraet
ing) public schoo buiatldings, titles to
wlich shall vest in the public; or, con
stracting public school buiiumags and
porehasing sites therefor, titles to
which shalt vest in the pubitc; and,
Whereas, the incurring of said debt
and the issuance of said bondis for said
purpo e was dutly authorized by the
vote of a majority in both rnumber and
amount of Votes bast at sid eloction;
Whereas, said debt has not been in
curred or said bonds issued :
Section 1. Be it reolyed by t he Par
ish Board ol iSchool Directors of tli e
Parish- o.f tt, tandry. La., That the
President and Treasurer of tir is Board:
be and they are here:y author.ed asad
directed to have prenared and to exe
cute in the name of sth Pariih lU-ard if
Directors of the Parish of St. Landry,
La., for and oneb.half of School District
No. ', :st Police Jury Ward of said Par
irh of St. Landry, :1.., ten (10) nego
tiable bonds, numbered from I to 10,
both numbers inclusive, and! in d.tuomi
nations of Tpwo .Hundred (8hatArn) Uol-
lart each,, bearing date uL Sept.tmber
16th, 12ti and matiuring ant beixg due
and payable on Sept. 15:h, 1913, 1914.,
1915,s 190, 1917, 4918, 1919, Jid), iL-i arnt
1922, respectively, or one to ten (i to 1t)
years alter their date, bearing interest
at the ratae of flv percent per aneuttm.
prayable annually on the oth i .vy of
Sepsember iof each and every year un
Sil the paymaent of the princlpat ,sum
thereof, bohrb priniopal and Interest- of
-std bonds so ue payable at the ofilce of
sbhTreasturer of the Parish Board of
Scbool Direetors of the Parish of St.
Landry La., Ini the City of UpeJb~sas.
r a id .ad bondsd shall be known as,
cool DiOtrictNo. 2, 1st Police Jury
W rd Bondsh -
The airest of said bonds shaRil le
reideneed by proper esapon attached
o eaciih and, oth prie I and
States of tht thefh ent rastnshlrdda r of .
weight aid-fininesa. tail boadasnhll sf
be signed by thePresident of this Board
td attested by the- Secretary of this
Board, but said faterest coupons may
be executed by facsimile signatures of
said President and Secretary.
Section 2. Be it frtherresolved, etc.,
chat all of said bonidsu-and all of said
nterest coupons attached thereto shall A
be in substantially the following forms.
No.1. 1 0.0!oa0
Know all men by these presents,
That School District No. 2, let Police
Jury Ward of therParisa.fte Landry,
State of Louislanm, acknowledges itself
tOibe Indebted and for Value received
hereby promises to y.a to bears r the
um of'Two Thousni Doa on the
15th day of September, I ogeth
with interest thereon from date hero
until paid, at the rate 4 aveP.er
cenaum per annus, payabble; annua
on the 15th day of Seeptembe. ot ,i
and every year until 'fidal iaymetnt
hereof, upon the presentatioanf d aset
reander of this boad id rthe interest
coupons attaehed, as they severally be
comae due. ..
Both priancelal a- . iteresl t f this
bond are due and t aable at the oiiee
of the Tresurr r t atbl Parish Ba rd of
School Directors o;i:. the Psh of St.
Landry, Stat g.sy f Loustis, io =gold ooan,
of the Unilted .State l the present
standard of weight andilsleans.
This bond is o oafi sries o bow
of like date, tenor and amount Issued
for the purpose of providing funds to
purchase, or construct public school
buildings, titles to which shall vest in
the pablic; or, coastraeting p b I
school buildings amom urchaing ates
the public, i i School Dstrict No. 2,1t
olice Jury Wardf to t Parish of St.
4indrya.pi ttotf ouisanaand in full
eanforntia. to article22So She. Coaisti
ution of. Louisiana and the Statutes
carrying samel into effect, and is au
thorized snd approved by the vote of
'te majority in both number and
samount of the property S.al payers qual.
ided to vote .the sotvoting at aspeetat
elction duly and regularlyv called and
held in and for said School District No.
, st Police Jury Ward, as provided by
the Constitution and tatustes of Loale
itis hereby oertiied 'and recited that
all aets, conditions and things required
by the Constitation and.Statutes of the
.State of Louisiana, precedenlt to a a d
necessary in isesitag this bond, have
been regularly done and performed;
that the otalt indebtedness of said far
irh Board of School Directors for and
on behalf of said School District No. 2,
:.ta Polie Jury Ward, does not exceed
any constitutionalor statutory limits
tion;and that fall and ample provision
has been mpade, fr- the colleection of a
direct property tax of three pmills on.
the dolar.. i anatalti, on all property
subject to salte taxation within th"
limits of said tSchood.Dbstrict No, -2, tli
Police Jury Ward, which said spelal
-ta Is also authorized and approved by
the vote of the rtajority in both num
ber and amount of the property tax
payers, qualided to vote thereon, vot
inx atepecL.l election duly andu reg
tlarly datead and a het in and for said.
School District No. 2, let f'uiice Jury
Ward, as provided by the Counstituto
and Statutes of Luijisaua, atd tias been
specifically and irrevocably authoriered
and dedicated to the pyymiut of sani
bonds in-principsi aintd tter.e. aus iame
shall tuature.
In testimony whereof, the said .Par-i
ish Board of school Li)re toro uf the
Parish of at. Lanadry, tMate of 1,uais-.
nas, has catmelt this boud to be targted
biy , its President aud attested by. fts
Secretary, and the interest couponw
hereto annexed to be executed by tfc
sfmite signatures of its .resident and
Secretary, this.fith day Septembe, 1912.
U. P. DALY, Presid ot.
Attest: C. J. THHOMPSUN, uupt. and
ex-Ofih4o Secrertay.
No. 1. - : $10
On September 15th, 1912. Schlo~A Dia
trict No. 2, let toltie Jury Ward- of
the Parish o.tt.Landry, state of LoDits
uaa, will pay to bearer $19..9 at the,
'oionf of-the Trcasarerof ,suai oard at
Opeiouas La., being onte year's luter
est 1oul1, SCdlOOi. DiISTRI.IT' No. 2,
let YOLCE JUttY WARD 0t)o I No.
,.ialted iseptember 15th, 1912.
U. t'. DALY, 1'resideut.
C. J. jTIiMSt OUN, tiupt. and ex-Olfocao
Section 3. Ietetfnrther res.lved, etc.
That the proceeds of tile .a.e of the;
bouds iereiu authorized rand direome
to be issued shall be devleoted exflusivel
ly to parchasuting, or acun.rittog pub
1ie schoot buitdmgsi , ti tl l lo Wbatch
shatll vest lit th. - public; or construct
inug public schOol butiugigs and par
Chaustag ites therefor, tite, to which
shalt euta tin e-nputlei.
Seetion 4. Belt rurther resolved ete,
That the Eresinelat of tuis tBoard im
he re by authori5sd and tdirected to
a.usee..hot purbitea ,ertaetorent the
proposed amil o'.aiid uoUde to be made
n:-- anasy dee idviimt ble, and le mway, ]
lt his t.screiIon, receivpre private or
puic tlr for the purchaseh-u ort aid
tot.iles kIt theo mtye tshreo. shall .be
.-IAlki$$'.Onily~.uii~ .sipptuvttii ihervof ijp
F les than par and saeSahel interL t o
l Said bonds shall be audaeired.
i Section 5. Be it frrtherresolved te,
That in accord with the authority :$.
ed in this Board by the vote of thet,:f .
Jority, of the property taxpatWers,q
iel to vote thereon, at aspecial .eeii.e
dui `and, regularly held, a spe teW
i 1thtree oata the-o doadt af'
.seed valuatfrion is her.bi'
the property subject S tate::
in said School Disltrict No. , let k
Juar Ward. of the Parish of St.
State of iL iana, beginning wi.h
inclnding 'the year 1912 and. for ll
sequent years to and includin.
year 1921, for the purpose of pt
0 t e n .erest and p.. qpai Hof tie
he trein authorized o beis aad,
proeeeds of said faxi so to b t
shall besacredly devoted-* ap
to the payment of said interest
[- principal as same shall becomea de.
Seetionl 6. Be i ftrtherresoved.
That as said special taxes asa.
and received by this Board they
s, be applied first to the payment :of
e interest or principal of sidbod~ s
i. ta tinad ay tel5R.* .
Li aside separate and apart from alt e
d funds of the Board sad shallt be tno
e astthe Gentaeral' inking F a , w r
e 14d shalt ;:investe fromtl ;tme
Soeae or dther ecthe
as dayt be .:h1i oried; by law, but >,
S esteat it be made except
dº : ailproved by reaolationt ""or,
n Janw'ery 1ts1, 3and eon the.
t date of each year theteaurs there
. be set aside fro the General Bin
F ate r .te pat es of the pit
.'of e s setd ' 55. t; a den
t Bonds Bothird en o th ! 777
t fIlts when somey it be
r; the ilpeolfic Sinktu- amt
eb apioedsac r a.dadV.
thea myý sat of the p. braed oa
bonds as they ý s >. ý
Soate.- of
61 Per iS t. ?...
La Personallyc Wcae. * SPe
c ite, theo atratRei
aThopeson, who, . ta Beg
as ws on heday
ts. is now Secretary of the
j of school Dieaors of the. .
n. sheminates of the meet. o
of said Board held on the 6th de
id August, 1912.
at 1 Sworn a . r saiaberbirdbeor :e
ad this 6th day of August,191_.
Jeet to ria. n;
at 0.he ýe Dii ALl r
ed C. J. THOMPSON, Scre ary.
, an ore t
SNsTraTTE O1 LO s Turs o tiNE
Ste ro.-. ProbatreCDeteth. e e
a- rete ourt Parisoof St.Iwr; ,
n Whereas. " "aian'
tor tg or taleof the
ty £rs tableau of
oiid etion t latson iof b a '.
f- d o ate;
w rit OU
hst Slceattroa e same iie.n
ry and aonurmed o
T pt Parish prea
le te hooL until 1e Mond
hise or br, 1U, orom the ee
ed eotpi-etion of a tio story Br
Its Itiaotg to be built at r'ert Bare
Catibedniust b$e; acOon d tlae tl*
rd Id. l a arantee that theo ,
by, law D i ets 'ges
is reserved to reject e4? o
of Oalonsas, wa., ug. 7th, 1ta. 1a
ibThe examination of s eppisadU
ahers' ertificate Wit be,
othe. St andry Higyn School at. 4.
ia ýa. .. , w·onAarst 22-224.12:"
wtbesa s otion wts bt Foiflat
cermt and tls $.0 dsireon gade
c.s qus$ed third prade et at e
~jj tocc acwsit.
t1aw r74; mently
the bol requirds of the test o a4 ci
6 w enad wilts tellow vih0 (pyortdi
xe j Kgir -74 . -coaal

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