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THE S . L D O IUN .M 1 ' . .. ,
Opportunity Sale
BENNt T'S For Thirty Days Only
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{ 1_-___t- faRT ITION SALE. I N 'tre_
Young Women
Read what Cardui did for Miss Myria Engler, of
Faribault, Minn. She says: "Let me tell you how muck
good Cardul has done me. As a young girl, I always had
to suffer so much with all kind of pain. Sometimes, I was
so weak that I could hardly stand on my feet. I got a
bottle of Cardul, at the drug store, and as soon as I had
taken a few doses, I began to feel better.
Today, I feel as well as anyone can."
ARDUI Woman Tonk
Are you a woman ? Then you are subject to a large
anumber of troubles and Irregularities, peculiar to women,
which, in time, often lead to more serious trouble.
A tonic is needed to help you over the hard places, to
relieve weakness, headache, and other necesars y pains,
the signs of weak nerves and over-work.
For a tonic, take Cardul, the wommes toic.
You wilt never regret t, fo it will merainly help y..
Ask your druggist about itL He knows He sells t.
Telephone service, linking together city and country and shore,
is never more appreciated than during the summer months.
While the business man is confined to his desk in the city, the
telephone keeps him in touch with wife and family, though they
may be many miles away, summering at some pleasant resort.
During his own vacation the business man relies upon the tele
phone. He is free from care, for he knows that he can be reached
at one by telphone should important matters require his attention.
At the vacation home also, the telephone proves so convenient
in arrainging games and outings with friends and ordering sup
plies from the distant markets.
All this is possible because Bell Telephone service is universal.
By the way, have you a telephone?
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company.
Every Bell Telephone is a Long Distance Station.
Stops BacKache
Sloan's Liniment is a splendid remedy for backache, stiff
Joints, rheumatism, neuralgia and sciatica. You don't need to
rub it in-just laid on lightly it gives comfort and ease at once.
Best for Pain and SWHfrM
Ma. Gao. BUcaAWAx, of Welch, Okla., writes --"I have used your Lin
iment for the pastten years for pain in back and stiffness and find it the best
Liniment I ever tried. I recommend it to anyone for pains of any kind."
is good for sprains, strains, bruises, cramp or soreness of the
muscles, and all affections of the throat and chest.
Got Entire Reief
R. D. BURGOYNE, of Maysville, Ky., RR. r, Box
5, vrites:- "I had severe pains between my shoul
ders; I got a bottle of your Liniment and had'entire
relief at the fifth application."
Reieved Severe Pain in ShMdders
Mi. J. UNDERwoOD, of 2oo Warren Ave.,
Chicago. Ill., writes:-" I am a piano polisher
by occupation, and since last September have
suffered with severe pain in both shouldes.
I could not rest night or day. One of my
friends told me about your Liniment.
Three applications completely cured
me and I will never be without it."
Piaes le., see., esd $1.0
at AU Deslers.
a Sand for slon's free bookan bress.
Dr. Earl S. Sloxa,
.s Boston, Mass.
Stops Pain-Heals Wounds
ROYALINE OIL is a Good Pain Me
dicine as well as:a Gooc Antiseptic. Its j
greater strength gives it Greater Power
Ta Ease Pain, inside or oufsade, man or
best;*lso makes it go forther, and there
fore give Larger Value For The ,Money.
Pleasant, clean, safe 10c,25c, 59c. Money
back if not satisfactory.
Time Mortgages.
Address: C. C. HENSHAW,
New Iberia, La.
aug 17 3no.
LOST.--One certain promis
sory note made by Alcide Thomas
and payable to the order of Nar
cis Lavigne for the sum of One
Hundred Dollars, dated Jan. 15,
1907, and paraphed "Ne Varie
tur" by Adolphe Guillory, No
tary Public. Notice is hereby
given that anyone presenting
same, excepting Narcis Lavigne,
is without right or title to same.
MRS. JIMMIE STEWART, wife, et ale,
A. H. GARLAND, et als.
No.,- Civil Docket, 16th Judicial Dis
trict Court, St. .andry Parish, La.
By virtue of a judgment rendered by the
Hon. B. H. Pavy, Judge of the 16th Judicial
District Court of Louisiana, in and for the
Parish of St. Landry, on the 22nd day of
Niov., A. D. 1912. In the above numOered
end entitled partition pr. ceedings, and
pursuant to a commission to me directed by
the clerk of said Court. I will procced to sell
at public auction, for cash, to the last and
highest bidder, at the principal front door
of the Court House of the Parish of St. Lan
dry, in the City of Oprlousas, La.. on
assturday. ererember 9S, 119,
at 11 o'clock A. M., the property described
as follows, to-wit:
A certain lot of ground with buildings
and improvements thereon, being lot .n.
2 of a map ?led with proces verbal of sale
in tlhe suit or M. I,. Thomipson et al vs.
Virginia Thompson, lutrix. Kecorded in
Conveyance Book J No. 4. page 124. Sald
lot having a front of eighty-five feet by a
depth of one hundred and seventy-two
nov2 -6t M. L. SWORDS. Sheriff.
Get Them At
Jacobs News
Depot Co.
fonstlpati n Will Vaelsh
Balky Livers, and Upset Stom
achs Quickly Put in Prime Con
dition with Hot Springs
Liver Buttons
"The secret of sucess in life
is to keep your bowels open and
keep your mouth shut," said a
great professor.
Any one who suffer from con
stipation, sluggish liver, upset
stomath, headache, dizziness,
nervousness or malaria should go
to any good druggist in Opelou
sas and vicinity this very day
and get a 25-cent box of Hot
Springs Liver Buttons. They are
surely the real blissful, gentle,
sure remedy for constipation.
For free sample write Hot Spings
Chemical Co., Hot Springs, Ark.
Charles T Bienvenu, special
agent in Opelousas.
$1O0 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn that there is
at least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure in
'all its stages, and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh be
ing a 'constitutional disease, re
quires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dol
lars for any case that it fails to
cure. Send for listof testimonials.
Address F. J. Chenney & Co.,
Toleeo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Royaline Cough Syrup
For Cough, Whooping-Congh. Pleas
ant, promPt, safe. Cotain no opiuam.
Makes expectoration eosy. Has good
antiseptic prepertles. Soother aad
hesas the tnatiaed membrae. Frne
for the vote.. Keep it on hand. Z
cets. Money baekg t not ##sttary
Notice is hereby given that I have
filed a petition with the Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelousas, La.,
for a permit to operate a saloon for col
ored people, for the year 1918, same to
be located on the corner of North and
Union streets, in the Blacksher Build
ing, in the city of Opelousas.
dec 143t REMI WALL1OR.
Notice is hereby given that we have
filed with the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opeloneas, La., a
petition for a license or permit to oper
ate a saloon for white people, for the
year 1913, to be located at 108 Bellevue
street, corner of Court.
dec 143t L. B. WYBLE,
Notice is hereby given that we filed
notice with the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelousas, La.,
a petition for a license or permit to
operate a saloon for white people, for
the year 1918, to be located at the corner
of Landry and Market streets, in the
building known as the Lassalle & Des,
marais building.
dec 14 it JOS.F. DaVARGAS.
Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelouses, La.,
for a license or permit to operate a sa
loon for colored people, for the year
1918,in the building on Market street,
formerly occupied by Guidry t Lemelle
as a saloon.
dec 143t M. H. GREEN.
Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelousas. La..
for alicense or permit to operate a s&
loon for colored people, for the year
1913, on David's property, Academy
street, in building known as J. Buddt'
saloon. BENNY GREEN.
dec 14 St
Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelousas, La.,
for a license or permit to operate a sa
loon for colored people, for the year
1918, in Landean Building, No. 220 Lan
dry street.
dec 14 3t BENJ. DONATTO.
Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the Police Jury of St. lan
dry Parish, La., for a license or permit
to operate a saloon for colored people,
for the year 1913, at my same location,
J. J. Mistrot place.
Notice is hereby given that I have'
applied to the Mayor and Council of
Port Barre, La, for a license or permit
to operate a saloon for white people,
for the year 1913, at my present location, 4
dec 14 3t JNO. O. LE BLANC.
Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the Mayor anti Council of 1
Port Barre, La., for a license or permit
to operate a saloon for white people,
for the year 1913, at my present loca
tion. b. SAVANT. dec 14 3t.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Opelousas, La., December 13. 1912.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the Sharehohlers fI
the Opelousas National Bank, for the
election of Directors, will be held at its
banking-house- on Tuesday, January
14th, 1913, between the hours of 10 A. M.
and 4 P. M.
Res eetfully,
dec 14 Cashier.
Notice of Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of The Peoples State Bank or
Opelousas, La.,will be held at its Offiec
on Monday, January 13th, 1913, at 5
o'clock P. M., for the purpose of elect
ing Five Directors to serve for the en
suing year.
dec 14 Caste er.
I hereby give notice that I am going
to apply to the Board of Aldermen .f
the fown of Melville, St. Landry Par
taisb, Louisiana, for a license to o~perte
a saloon for negroes in the bnilding
known as the Capps building near the
corner of Front or Levee Street nod
Church Street in the Town of-Melville
for the year 1918.
nov 30 4t PAUL ARTALL.
Notice is hereby given that I am go
ing to apply to the Police Jury of the
Parish of St. Iandry, La, for a license
or permit to operate asaLoon for white
people at my :present location in the
ntncorporated town of Mrrow, La.,
for the year 19183. 4
dec 7 It ROBT. MORROW.
I hereby give notice that I am going
to apply. to the Pollie Jury of the Par
ish oftSt. Landry, State of Loalsiana,
for a license to operate a saloon for
white people, on my place, at Grand
Prairtie, La., about 15 m.les from Ope
loues, duria the year 198.
nov l-4t
7 T
* Newspaper Plani
Engine, Type, Mailing Machine, ete., brand
new--Some of the type not yet "aidn.'
'esi in perfect ruiimng order, and ag good
as new.
A positive bargain for& one who wa .'an
up-to-date newspaper plant.
LI ae . Wily beST & -:
Apply to,
aUsWine WWRnWGr in W !soO.2 L r a.
unom ml.... R.HIS tR.s'na 4... res..i, &.> ...... rama **ra ...
Each person in the United
States this year will have used
about eighty-seven pounds of
sugar, the per capita consump
tion of this article having in
creased from 80 pounds in 1910,
59 pounds in 1900 and 39.5 pounds
in 1880, according to statistics
gathered by the Bureau of For
eign and Domestic Commerce.
The total sugar consumption this
year will exceed 8,000,000,000
pounds, whereas in 1900 only 4,
500,000,000 pounds were used.
The cost of sugar to the con
sumer this year will approximate
$400,000,000, more than $1,000,
000 a day.
One-fourth of this sugar came
from the United States proper;
another fourth from Hawaii and
Porto Rico, and the remainder
from foreign countries, chiefly
Cuba. A large increase in the
production of beet sugar in this
country this year is noted, 1,
400,000,000 pounds having been
raised, as against 1,000,000,000
in 1910 and less than half that
amount in 1905.
A Pleasant Face.
We pity the man or woman
who always wears a scowl on
their face. If they only knew
how repugnant it is to every
looker-on, and the remarks ex
cited by the vinegary frowns of
such individuals they would, at
least, try to soften the abborent,,
repulsive appearances of their
stolid faces. Their nature must
certainly be devoid of all kiadly
feeling, of all generous sociabil
ity, to manifest such harsh and
cold lines in the features., -Such
people are an abomination to the
happiness of home life, because
their frigid looks and tyranic si
lence crucifies every emotion of
joy or pleasure in the househbold.
How different the pleasant,
smiling face that springs from a
heart warm with love and human
sympathy. Such an one spreads
sunshine and joy wherever he or
she may go. Like a magnate,
their gentle personality draws
people to them, and their influ
ence is 'a blessing to society.
Which face does your mirror re
flect back to you? Does you..
conduct repulse, or does it at
tract the love and esteem of~
others?-Rayne Tribune.
Negroes Again in Fear
- Of Deadly "Ax Man"
Estherwood, La., Dee. 2&.-
Negroes in this section are great-i
ly excited over the expected ap
pearance of the "axman." Alex
Mills, a well-known negro of
West Mermentau, near the new
Jefferson Davis parish line, re
ported to the authorities that he
found a letter sprinkled with
blood at his front door; and In
which was written: "Eat plenty
of chicken, turkey and good
things,- because the time is com
ing when eleven more families
must be killed as a sacriene to
the Lord." The warning was
.stined 'T"he Aunau
Mtany blacks asafra$ togot
-leep at nightfol fWeof e
tition of th. stalled
Bhatoi Rnose, hec. 21.
comutation and three
were made by Gov. ail t
victs in the state pe
Anl undoni were
by the State Board ofa
Miinpse opkia of Ta
fparish, sent up 1t 1090ftir
sears, on the chang
sentenced in lfRt faintma
tesr, was ve idv E lberty..
Grant Wilson of Weist Rllt
ana, wh 1911, was convitet
of ans adtaifrevassee
years, war released, sad J
11chlie om n, wh e sentenced,
Jreeeassidel~~'parishd in 40
tea -] Rai..108
robber and thaen
years had his sentence commxtn
edtosix years, which givesahs
his release.
Let Us Seth.
The thi that goesm the farthest
toad aaking lie·'fle worth
I whils,
That ets tthel east and does the
moast, is just a pleasant sa.
The amile that bubbles from a
hEart that lves its fellow eass
Will drive away the claoud at '.
&goie sand coax tha n again.
Ie1Nt's ýof *orth and od s,
too, with manly kindnesst blent;
Its worth a million dolars, and
it doean't cost a cent.
--Batimone Amerian.

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